389-Additive-free Episode 44 Lunch Box Happy

'Ginette-chan!I'm hungry~!'
'Yes. I've prepared lots of lunches for you.

At the end of the morning's competition, the tournament chairperson (Estella) announced a break.
Estella then went straight from the stage to Ginette. Along the way, she removed her blue headband. It is a sign of the desire to eat lunch together regardless of the team. ...... No, they just want to collect food, that's all.

I'm sure you've heard of it.
'Why not?No problem, I'll negotiate directly with the manager.

You son of a b*tc*, how dare you.

'Why not, Yashiro-san? Just let everyone eat it.

With a smiling face, Ginette took out a too huge lunch box and spread it out on the leisure seat.

'This is what we call it. It's a publicity stunt, Yashiro-san.
'Yes. If people who have never touched a bento box from Hidamari-tei before know that this is what a bento box looks like, that it tastes this good, and that cold rice eaten outside is also delicious, then maybe they will order more bento boxes.

I was surprised.
I can't believe Jeannette would say something like that. ......
I thought this guy had stopped thinking at the point of 'it's fine if the people who need it, need it when they need it',......, but he's growing up little by little, isn't he?

I'm sure you're right. Sales at the cafeteria and food stalls have been fairly good, but sales of lunchboxes have been sluggish. Yeah, this could be a good opportunity.

Ginette chuckled in a funny way.
I don't know what's so funny.

'I'm looking forward to seeing my friend Ginette's lunch too.
I'm looking forward to seeing my friend Ginette's bento.' Ginette's bento overturned my stereotype that cold food is not good. I'm really looking forward to seeing what's in it today. Now, let's eat. Ah~n, Jinepu, ah~n.
'Mr. Bekko!I haven't opened the lid yet, but I'd like a food sample of this, too.
'This much, that it is!

A lot of people from other teams are gathering here.
It suddenly became cloudy, and I saw Medora standing behind me. It was blocking out the sunlight like a stray cloud, and was peering curiously at my lunch.

'I see, this is the "lunchbox" that people are talking about. I've seen Magda hide it and eat it a few times, but this is the first time I've seen what's inside.
'I'm sure you'll enjoy the taste.
'You look so confident. I'm looking forward to it.

Medora sits down next to me, looking forward to the opening of the bento. ...... narrow.

'...... Unfortunately, Yashiro is on this team.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
He slid next to Jeannette.

'What is it, Magda? What does it matter what team you're on during break?'
'It's a little bitty, Medora-san.'
'...... is Yashiro.'
''My brother is...''
''He's on the 'Sunny Pavilion Team'!

So it seems.
Well, it's easier to be with these guys than next to Medora. There's better airflow.

'Oh well. I'd be nervous and lose my appetite next to my darling. ......

Ugh ...... I'm losing my appetite right now ......

'Now, Yashiro-san, Ginette. Hurry up and open your lunches. It seems that everyone can't wait any longer.

Bertina, who clearly can't wait, is standing next to Ginette, urging her on.
Yeah, that's the easiest position for her to share. As expected of a mother, she knows her stuff.

'Sirach, Orkio, and Mummies, please join us.

Jin-nette beckoned to the crowd of acquaintances.

'Ginette, may I join you?
'Of course, Ma'am. And you too, Cindy.
'Thank you for your concern. Ginette is just like me when I was young. She's witty and cute.

Oh, that's too bad!
It's a shame that Cindy can't use "Judgment of the Spirits"!
She could definitely turn into a frog!

'Since my Inez seems to be taking care of you, let's have a special meal together.
'Ma, Ma, ...... if Ms. Erin is here, so am I. ...... No, I have a history with the Sunken Pavilion. I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.

'Lunch with Rebeka...... ah, I'm so happy!

In addition, a group of people I didn't even invite have gathered here.
Gerasie, Donis, and Filman......Oh, look at it this way, there's not a single decent nobleman.

'Estella-sama, this Tracy, of course I'm coming with you!
''Nene is also here!
''That's right, manager, please take it easy on me today ......''
''Oh, um... Please don't be so frightened. I won't do anything to you. Right?Right?

Tracy and Nene must have had some deep-seated scars etched in their hearts.
It's a rare breed that Jeannette can't handle. We'll take good care of her.

'Isn't there a hell of a group of people here?
'Uh, yeah. It's a little hard to get close to .......'
'Are you sure you want to be here ......?

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea.
You're scaring the beauty (and the chickens). Get out of the way, you delinquent lords.

'Oh, I made a pretty big leisure sheet, but I'm not sure if it was ...... enough.'

Ukrines let out a chuckle when he saw the leisure seats in a huge traffic jam.
The leisure seat we are using this time is an extra-large rug made by Ukrines (commonly known as a leisure seat), but it can be called a carpet in terms of size.
It's a carpet in size.

'Mmmm~ there are so many lords and guild leaders!
'Lord and guild leader's boobs are my achievement?Then give me a free ticket.
'Huh~?I wonder if he's trying to cover something up~'

Hmm . Masha.
You're misleading me as if it's my fault that this dense group has gathered here.
The lords of the other districts are flocking to us because Estella is pining for these strange people.

'They're all flat-chested maniacs. ...... Oh, I misspoke. They're pining for Estella.'
'How could I have misspoken that!
'Hmm?Shall I explain?First of all, Estella's breasts are ......'
'I don't want them!There are all kinds of dignitaries in the room, keep your mouth shut!

Estella protests, grabbing the small plates and chopsticks that Magda and Loretta are passing around.
You're the one who asked me. ......

'Hey, tiger girl. Give me a small plate too.'
'...... Ah, Ricardo, ............200Rb.'
'Why do I have to pay for it?
'......Lord's Special Price'
'You're treating me wrong!

Ricardo's in the mix, too.
But then again, ......

'If that's the way the system works, so be it. Estella, 200Rb, they say.'
'Take it from Ricardo.
'Hey, don't be silly, Estella!
'BU's are all in this together, so ...... put it all together and give it to Gellarcy.'
'Don't be silly, Obeyashiro!

Don't be stingy, it's only 200Rb.
Huh, they're such impatient lords.

'Impatient ......'
'Don't accuse me of riddles!

It's not a riddle.
Look, Regina's got a 'sure thing' look on her face.

'Well, gentlemen. It's time to open your lunches.

Ginette seemed to have been waiting for everyone to arrive.
She looked around at the faces of the crowd, and then finally at me.

'It's important to be excited when you open your lunch,' she said.

I don't know who told him that, but he said it to me.
He looked strangely happy.
What is it?Are you going to say 'I've become like Yashiro-san' again?You're still too naive.

When the smiling Jeannette puts her hand on her lunchbox, everyone salivates in unison.
The lid of the lunchbox is opened while being watched by many people.

'''Oh, ......'''

A voice of wild admiration leaked out.
The first thing that appeared was a colorful bale of omusubi.

I guess it's because of the landlady's influence that I think of bento as being bale shaped.
Anyway, I inherited this concept from Jeannette. See, you can pack it more tightly than a triangle.


The girls shouted with delight at the colorful vegetables.
Bacon wrapped asparagus, fried lotus root, boiled spinach wrapped in nori, and potato salad with cherry tomatoes. I also made macaroni and put it in there.


The relatively old kids showed their guts to the meat. The inside of the lunch box is brown. This is a punch that young men can't resist.
It is said that a large piece of fried food grabs the stomach of boys everywhere in the world.

Then, mini hamburgers, meatballs, fried eggs, and other standard side dishes appeared one after another, and the voltage on the leisure seat continued to rise.
Finally, the hidden gem of the evening.
A dream lunch box made possible with the full cooperation of the Sea Fishing Guild.

'It's full of fried shrimp!

When Jeannette opened the lid, there was a roar of delight from the kids and others.
The lunch box was filled with fried shrimp.
And they were Masha's carefully selected prawns!
It was a truly splendid fried shrimp that could have been served at a Western-style restaurant that charges about 2,000 yen for a single shrimp.
The fried prawns were the ones that Masha carefully selected.

'Masha provided the ingredients for the fried shrimp, and Nephrite provided the fried chicken. You should all thank her.
'''' Thanks, ''''
''I like ............ no, the shrimp'', ''no, the fried''.

Mixed in with the words of gratitude, I heard the high-pitched fish voice of a lazy man and the flirtatious voice of an Imeiketanuki. ...... Well, let's just ignore it. Neffery didn't hear them, and Masha, who had a good ear, might have heard them, but she pretended not to.

'And now, everyone, please eat!
''''Let's eat! ''''

With Ginette's voice as a signal, each of us reached for our lunches.
The members of the sunlit pavilion, Norma, and the waitresses are serving up side dishes and omusubi on their plates.
Those who can't stand it reach for the nearest thing at hand.

'Uma!What's this, yum!
'Omusubi, there's something mixed in!Yummy!

In addition to the usual salmon flakes, I mixed some other ingredients into the omusubi.
I made my own furikake with takana and baby sardines. If you use sake or miso, you can get various flavors and variations.
At the end, Jeannette was so amused that she made all sorts of furikake.
So, there are many kinds of omusubi.

'Salmon, you're the best!

Yeah. I'm sure you are, Delia.

'Yashiro!Here!What are these greens?Are those our vegetables?
'It's takana.
'Takana, huh?That's what it's become!

Mo Matt gets excited about the takana omusubi.
With such a loud voice, you're appealing, 'This is our vegetable.

'Hey, hey, hey, Yashiro!Is that delicious meat over here the meat of a magical beast that our hunting guild hunted?
'Too bad, Uzse. That's beef stew.'
''Hahahahahaha!Nice try, hunting guild!This is our beef!
'Hey!Yashiro!Let me eat hexenbiest meat!It's more delicious than beef!

Don't fight it, it's only lunch.
Hexenbiest meat is delicious even without any modifications so I don't cook it elaborately.
Even this Shigure-ni is an excellent dish that Ginette and I came up with so that it wouldn't be inferior to hexenbiest meat.

'Here, grilled hexenbiest skewers.
'Delicious!What the hell is this?Is it Bonacon?
'...... No. That's Innopork that Magda hunted.'
'Mr. Use, you have no idea what it tastes like.'
'Hahahaha!You can say that all you want, Use!
'...... says Ricardo, who has a stupid tongue that can't tell the difference between eggplant and meat.
'What kind of mouth is that?
'Ha ha!You've got no shape, Ricardo!
'Oh, shut up, Medora!Shut up and eat!

'...... Then you should shut up and eat, too.'
'Did you say something, Ugly?'
'No!The meat of hexenbiest is delicious!

A group of hunters are having a good time.
I guess Medora is still eating small. There's only a little salad and one diaper on the plate.

'Medora, is that enough for you?Don't be shy.'
'Darling, you're so sweet!I wonder if this is what newlywed life is like. ...... Pop.'
'Ha-ha-ha, Medora~. 'Eat a lot of food' is a common phrase that pig farmers say to their pigs~'
'But if you eat too much, you'll get ...... fat.
'You idiot. I'm not sure what to do, but I'd like to know what you think. Even if you gained 50 kilos, you probably wouldn't even notice it, because you're already too much!
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be fine....... I'm going to go over there and blow a nosebleed!

Medora ran out of the room with several old men around her.
I'm glad I didn't get blown up here.

'Yashiro...... you, don't mess with my mom......'
'Usse. 'Then you'll be responsible for stopping her from contacting me.'
'Don't be absurd!I can't do that even if a hundred people died a hundred times!

I'm not toying with you. I'm just dodging you.

'Yes, Yashiro-san.'
'Hmm?Oh, thank you.'

Jeannette presented me with a selection of side dishes.
There were fried chicken, fried shrimp, mini hamburgers and asparagus bacon. ...... It's heavy.

'I'm sorry. I was trying to keep a good balance, but it seemed like it was going to run out quickly.

The number of fried shrimp, fried chicken and hamburger steak was decreasing rapidly.
The asparagus bacon was also selling better than I had expected.

'Fried shrimp, yum!
'What is this?I've never had this before!
'It's better than the fried shrimp at our restaurant ...... No, no, no, our fried shrimp is as good as yours!

It seems that fried shrimp is giving some people a shock.
That's because it's the highest quality fried shrimp.
I can't eat them often either.

'You guys, those shrimps were caught by our Nikka out at sea!You should eat them with gratitude!

For some reason, Karl is standing there looking all puffed up.
A few men are looking at him like he's on fire.
'Why are you acting so high and mighty?' and 'You're a caterpillar who hasn't lost his stink-horns after getting such a cute wife.

'Oh, Carl. Don't make a fuss because it's embarrassing.
'Because the prawns Nikka caught were so delicious, I wanted to show them off.
'You don't have to brag about it. ...... But if only one person, Carl, thinks it's delicious, I'll be happy. ......'
'Aha!My wife is so cute!I think this fried shrimp tastes like Nikka too!

This caterpillar ...... is going to eat you.
You caterpillar. ...... Alright.

'Guys!I heard this fried shrimp tastes like Nikka!I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not.
'''' I agree! ''''
'Wow, Nikka's good!Nicca, it's so good!
'You're looking good, ma'am.
'It's nice and tight!
'Young mistress, it's so rich!
'The married woman is delicious!
'Waaaah!Stop it!Don't look at Nikka like that!

I'm sorry.
It's because he's flirting in front of the unattractive ...... and the men who devote all their passion to their work and spare no time to indulge in women.
Wow, Nikka's tail is so crispy!Hmph!

'No, Yashiro-san. You can't tease me. ...... giggle.'

But Jeannette looks happy.
Well, it's not malicious. ...... Even if there's no malicious intent, it's sure to be terrible s*xual harassment. ......

'......?I'm not sure what those men are talking about.I'm sure you'll agree.I'm not sure what to make of it.

...... and the super insensitive Nikka herself is not aware of it, so let her take it with a grain of salt.
I've heard that s*xual harassment is out if the person being harassed feels uncomfortable. Yeah. Safe and sound.

'So, let's eat fried chicken.
'Wait a minute, An-chan!

Zudojaa!and Percy barges in front of me.
Don't get upset on the leisure seat. ......

'...... If you spill even a grain of rice, I'll punish you, okay?
'Oh, ............ oh, ...... I didn't spill anything, and no, seriously, ...... you look scary. I'm sorry. ...... I'm really sorry. ......'

Percy, sit up straight in front of me and hang your head.
Okay, okay. Don't freak out around the food.

'So, what's the deal?
'Well, you're not supposed to look at that ...... nefari-san when you eat fried food!
'I'm not going to look at him.
'Are you serious?I don't want you to do anything naughty like that!

Hey, Percy.
Eating fried chicken while looking at a ...... nefarious chicken is like eating pork cutlet in front of a ...... suckling pig.
No, it's like eating roast veal in front of a mother cow.
Anyway, it's hard to eat in front of you, meat!

'Brother, you're gross.
'Woah, woah, woah!Molly, when did you get in there?
'Since you slipped in. Don't bother my sister too much.'
'I'm really sorry, I'm such an idiot.
'Don't call me stupid!And creepy too!
'Then I'll go tell the chickens that my brother said your breast meat is delicious.
'Wait, Molly!I didn't say that!I'm not serious!

The boisterous brother and sister leave.
'Noisy brother' and sister leave, huh?

'But the food at the Sunken Pavilion is still delicious.

Use blurted out such a thing.
Ginette hears this and looks very happy.
He then hurriedly put fried chicken and asparagus bacon on a plate and presented it to Use.

'If you don't mind, you can have this too.
'What?You mean for me?
'Yes, sir. If you're not too hungry.
'Oh, no. I can still eat a lot of food, but I'm sorry about ............ that .......'

The old man is embarrassed to no end.
He sits back down, takes the small plate with both hands, and bows his head in a reserved manner.
Turn to the front and lower your face. ...... What?

'Don't peek at my cleavage!
'Don't do it with you!
'I like big tits with you, don't I!
'You're the only one who's out of control!
'Ginette, what do you think!
'Yashiro-san. Please repent.

Even Use is always glancing at me.

'You're so lame when you're face to face. You're always glancing at me from the corner seat.'
'Wait!Hey, you're being rude!
I don't know.I'm going to put on the Judgment of the Spirits.
'............ is forbidden today.'

That's the same as a confession.

The big-boobed hunter sneaks away, and Lucia sits down in the empty space.
If you're not sure what you're looking for, you can always ask me.

'That's really a wonderful taste, Ginepoo.
'Thank you, sir.
'But it is!Maybe it's because it's cold, but it still tastes a little different from normal food.
'Yes. It tastes good even when it's cold. ...... No, it's seasoned so that it tastes better when it's cold.''
'Mmm!Brilliant, Jinepu!Come marry me in the 35th district!
'No, you can't!I can't give it to you, manager!

'...... What are you going to do about Hammaro?
'Hammaro's place is ...... where I'm going to marry ...... Pop.'
'Ginette is all alone in the 35th district, isn't it?
I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.
It's not easy to be liked so much by another lord, isn't it?
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.The reason why the lords of each district want to gather in the forty-two districts is.

'Miss Tracy, would you like to join us?
'Yes, sir. It's delicious. Hey, Nene .......'
'Yes, it's very good. Mr. Tracy.......'

No, no, no, it's fine.
You can call me by my normal name now. ...... You're persistent, these guys are traumatized.

'Ma'am, isn't it oily?
'No, it's very tasty. Even though it's fried, it's not too greasy. I was just having trouble stopping my chopsticks.
'What a coincidence. I can't stop either.

Bertina smiled at Mahr, who looked satisfied. You always can't stop your chopsticks, Bertina.

I'm sure you'll have a great time.
''No, I'm fine. I'll do it myself.''

I'm sure you'll be fine.
It's not cheating to share a side dish with me!

But still, Ginette is actively promoting her lunchbox.
I don't know what inspired it, but it's a good trend.
Even though it's .......

'Ginette. You should eat a little too.'
'Huh?...... Oh, right. I forgot all about it.'
'd*mn it, .......'

All you do is take care of other people, and you don't even eat a bite.
It's a bad habit of Jeannette's.
The field day continues in the afternoon. If you don't eat well, you'll collapse.

'Here, eat at least this much.

I give Jeannette a small plate of rice and a salad with something that will make her stomach churn.
You don't need to be full, but you do need to replenish your energy.
I'd like to give her a few more helpings, but I'm almost out of ...... leftovers.

'Thank you very much. ...... Hmm. It's kind of nice to have someone share with you, isn't it?

He politely takes it with both hands, stares at it and lets out a smile.
You've been doing this for a long time, you know. Are you aware of that?
Well, you know. Indulge me once in a while.

'Tell me if I'm missing something.
'No. The more I make and serve, the more I get hungry. ......'
'Because we're running out of lunch. I'll buy you something from one of those stalls.'
'Yeah ......'
'If you don't want to eat alone, well, ...... come with me.'
'............ That's a tempting proposition.'

He squeezed the small plate tightly, then narrowed his eyes and relaxed his cheeks.

'I think I'm going to be a bit of a picky eater today.

I hope I don't look like my mother.
I accidentally missed the chance to say something sarcastic about .......
Don't be so happy. You're a child. It's not like you're going to be able to ...... go to the store.

...... I think I'm going to get fat today.
You've got big tits, girl. I'll buy you something delicious. Come here. Let's eat together. ...... giggle.

Wow, if I didn't know you, I'd be a criminal.

I can't do this without saying something like that. Because right now I'm ...... thinking that if I get a smile like that, I'm going to have to pay a little more ...... for it.
I'm not sure what to do. My purse strings are looser than the elastic on my pants after two years of wearing them.

Ginette shakes her shoulders, giggling at her own comment.
--Bertina's eyes sparkled as she stepped in front of me.

'Yashiro-san!I think I'm going to become a foodie too!

'You've always been a glutton, haven't you?

But I wonder.
I don't think it's possible for the mother of a similar mother and daughter to 'not have her pockets hurt by a treat'. ...... It would certainly be a lethal pain.

'Perhaps, Mr. Yashiro,...... I, this is not enough.'
'I'm sure it is!

Bertina is poking at me. I'm not sure what to do.
You'll be able to get a lot more than just a sausage.
...... I didn't bring that much money with me today. ............ Do you want to get together with Ricardo?

I mean, me. How much money do you have on you right now?
I didn't bring that much because I was going to exercise today.
I'm bringing some for the food truck.

I've modified my pants pocket into a double-layered structure and put coins in it so they won't fall out no matter how hard I run or jump.
As I was digging in my butt pocket to check it, ...... something fell out of my pocket with a ...... snap.
It was a small folded bundle of paper, my own handiwork, that I had put in my butt pocket, something that sent a chill down my spine for a moment when I noticed its presence.

'Yashiro-san. Did you see something fall?
'Oh, no!I'm fine!You don't have to pick it up!

Why was I in such a hurry at that moment?
Why did I feel that I didn't want anyone to see it?
Why, of all things, at a time like this ......

Norma and Natalia casually but accurately blocked my attempt to take it back.
Then, as the excited-looking girls peer into the room, the folded product is opened.
The words written on it are.

"Estella sleepover ticket.

--And there are ten of them.


The one who raised such a strange voice was, of course, Estella, and in that instant, each and every one of them made a face as if they had sensed something.

'Is this a gift from Estella-sama?
'Whoa, whoa, whoa, I didn't give her that!
'If it's a gift, you've got the imagination of a ...... toddler.'
'That's because I didn't make it!
'So, is that it?You're giving away the rights to the product to a vendor and giving them permission to sell it?That's a whole lot of money.'
'No, of course not!

Estella, who had begun to be teased at once, walked up to me with a bright red face.

'Why in the world would Yashiro have something like this?Are you really going to sleep with me that many times?
'You idiot!No, you're not!Calm down!

d*mn, that was bad timing!
If it wasn't for the worst timing, the intention of this ticket would have been read correctly, but under the circumstances, it's been completely recognized as a ticket for me to use.

I guess I have no choice but to be honest here - even though I'll miss out on a business opportunity.

'This is for selling to Tracy at a high price!
'Let's buy it at the asking price!
'You're not allowed!What authority do you have to do this kind of business with ......, anyway?Unauthorized!Confiscation!Destroy!
'Oh, Estella-sama!What a waste!

Poor, torn up snuggle tickets.
It's flown up into the air, and Tracy and a few other males reach for the scraps, but...

'That ticket is invalid!

At the call of the merciless lord, the scattered scraps of paper became worthless.
Then, the merciless lord sticks his finger under my nose, his brow furrowed.

'Next time, if you do something stupid like this, I'll imprison you for a few days!

He said such a rude thing and announced the punishment for this case.

'If you treat me to okonomiyaki, ...... this case will be forgiven.
'...... Hey, hey.'
'I can't see any remorse!
'Yes, I'm sorry!

'Muaaah! I decided it would be wise to apologize to Estella, who was venting her embarrassment with anger, and said I was sorry.
I'll at least buy you okonomiyaki while I'm at it.

'Well, Ginnette can join us for okonomiyaki at .......'

When I looked at Jeannette, she looked a little stunned by the sudden commotion and was in a daze.
I'm not sure why he's sitting there, but he's got a piece of a sleepover ticket in his hand.

'...... Hey, Jeannette?

And when I called her name, she slowly turned her head towards me - and when our eyes met, her cheeks puffed out for some reason.

...... Yes. I'm going to go to confession. ......