385-Additive-free Episode 40 Bread-eating Competition ...

The audience is excited.

'''' Cute! ''''

The audience and other adults are being torn to pieces by the sight of young children jumping up and down on the hanging bread.

I'm not sure what to say......................... yawarakawaii!
'Oh, come on!Don't open your mouth!You'll fall out!

Surprised by the softness of the new bread, the church kid opens his mouth to suck on the bread.
His goat-like ears are twitching as he enjoys the smell and taste of the new bread.

'Eat it after the finish line. There's another race coming up.'

The goat girl waves at me and runs off.

I looked towards the finish line, where a bunch of kids who had already gotten their bread and finished the race were crowding around and having a great time.

'I could eat bread like this every day!
'Is this bread?Is it the same food as that hard stuff?
'It's delicious!
'Yummy!I love strawberry jam!
'No thanks!It's anko, anko!This is so good!
'Melon popping!

They forgot all about the ranking and were making a lot of noise.
Seeing the reaction of these kids, adults who have never eaten bread before swallowed their saliva.
'Is it really that good? And.

'Well, the bread we've had so far hasn't been very popular with children, has it?
'Well, not with that blunt bread .......'
'Because it's a staple food. It's on the dinner table. Because my parents told me to. I'm sure it was just something they had to eat for those reasons.
'Those kids look so happy when they eat it.'
'Yes. And since they're asking for more, and taking the initiative to eat, I'm sure their expectations are growing.

I exchange ideas with Natalia as I fix the bread for the next race on the bracket.
There are two courses, one at the start and the other at the finish line, so the kids at the finish line are eating bread next to the adults who are waiting for their turn.
This must be unbearable.

'I'm ready to run!
'Oh, it looks like Hammaro is running.
'Looks like it.

' says Natalia, nodding her head.
'What's the matter?

'Apparently, you couldn't hear me at this distance. Then I, Natalia Owen, will presumptuously take your place. Komon ...... '...... Hammaro?
'No, I'm not asking. I'm not the one who has to do it every time.

What are you looking at me like, 'I've got it all under control'?

'My knight!Which bread do you recommend?

Rebekah's voice comes from the starting point.
She's waving her hands in the air, appealing for more.
What do you mean, "recommend"? ......

'They're all delicious!
'I'm asking you which is the best!

I'm asking you which is the best!' It's impossible to be the best.
We all have our preferences.

'Which do you like best, fruit, cookies, pudding, or Imagawa-yaki?
'Pudding, of course!
'Then go for the cream buns.

They're both custard.
You can't go too far wrong.

Incidentally, I was going to recommend 'fruit → jam buns', 'cookies → melon buns', and 'Imagawa-yaki → anpan'.
I think they will not be too far off.

'When did you have pudding, Rebecca?
'This morning. Jeannette made her eat it.'
'I see. In addition to recruiting her army.'
'Well, something like that.

'I could have done without it, but Ginette wouldn't let me have it,' he said.
'People feel happy when they are eating good food. When you are happy, you can be kind to others.


This time Hammaro called me with a wave of his hands.

'I like cake!

No, I didn't ask you.
I mean, it wasn't even an option. I didn't prepare any bread with whipped cream.

'You should eat melonpan.
'Yeah!............ Hammaro?
'Did you hear me, just now?

Even so, the timing is too late.

'Yashiro-sama seems to be a bread sommelier.
'It's not like that.

...... I just want Hammaro, who is the fastest, to lose time with the hardest to get melon bread.
In comparison to anpan and jam buns, melon buns have a hard surface and the cookie dough peels off easily. This makes it difficult to bite into.
This is because the bread is less flexible than that of anpan.

But I don't think that such a handicap will be enough to hold Hammaro back.
In any case, her younger siblings are too out of the ordinary.
The eldest daughter is normal.

'The eldest daughter is normal!
'What, all of a sudden?Don't say 'normal'!

I didn't say 'where's the eldest daughter', but she reacted firmly, so she must have a lot of self-awareness. That's what makes her Loretta.
As she was doing this, the waiter raised his arms high in the air.
The race is about to begin.

'Get into position, y'all!


At the sound of the bell, the little kid starts running.

'Hammaro ta-aaaan!

At the same time, Lucia begins to run wild.

'I'm going to use my power...'

And at the same time, Gilberta drives a chop into Lucia's midsection.
...... Don't get out of control, guys.

I'm not going to be able to do that.I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before. ...... It's the Drunken Fist of the Pan World!

I'm sure you've heard of it, but I've never heard of it.I'm sure you've seen the movie.I'm not sure if it's real or not.
I'm not sure. I'm sure it's not the only one.

Hammarotan!I'm on my way to help you!
'Against the rules, that is. I wish, I wish Lady Lucia would behave herself.
'Why?I'll aim at the fluttering melonpan from the other side, and the two of us will face each other and drive it into the ground!That way, the pan will have nowhere to run and we can catch it!
'There will be a catastrophe, if we both fail to catch it.
'What do you mean, catastrophe?What will happen?
'I want you to imagine. The two of you face the bread at the same time, and if the bread escapes, ...... you will collide, mouth to mouth.

'I think it's a disaster, I think it's a disaster.
I think it's a disaster.I'm so embarrassed!

Lucia writhes, covering her face with her hands.

'Really? He was aware of it?
'No... It seems that 'embarrassing' doesn't refer to exposing your own s*xuality or lasciviousness.
'What, is there anything more embarrassing than that?
'The point of shame is different for each person. For example, in my case, I am not embarrassed to be completely naked, but I feel embarrassed to be completely naked with only socks.
'I also feel embarrassed when I'm completely naked, as a head waiter!As a girl!

What is it?Is today a contest to expose one's lasciviousness and s*xuality?

'Aww!That's right!

As the kids struggle to catch the fleeing bread, Rebeka is the first to catch it.
You'd think she'd be the first one to put up her bunny ears and head straight for the goal. ......

'Yum!My yeast is good!
'Just hurry up and finish!There are points at stake!

He urges Rebeka to hurry to the goal.
If you don't hurry, you'll never beat Hammaro in a pure running match!

Just when I thought I'd get to the finish line quickly while I was still struggling .........

I'm not sure what to say.Nice catch!

Hammaro took a bite of the melon bread.
That's not good!Rebekah, hurry up!

'Yum!My taste buds and texture have been civilized!

Hammaro, who looked extremely impressed, began to devour the melonpan on the spot.
...... Ah, yes. I'm not sure what to make of it.

In the end, Hammaro and Rebeka, who were so engrossed in the deliciousness of the bread, were easily overtaken by the other kids and finished in the bottom and booby. I guess it's better that they weren't in last place.

'My knight!I'm willing to play at least one more time!
'One entry per person!
'Another round!
'Not now!

When the bread-eating contest is over, the leftover bread is distributed.
I've prepared enough for everyone here, but it looks like ...... is not enough.

'Oka-wari-ja!I'm sorry.

It's not that Rebekah is extreme, but the other kids are getting nervous in anticipation of another round.
It seems that information leaked out from somewhere that 'bread will be served to the participants'.

...... Well, I can imagine where the leak is coming from.
There's a sister there humming 'bread, bread, all you can eat' all the time.

It's not all-you-can-eat.
We've baked a huge amount, but there's a limit to how many we can have.

'All you can eat, have fun!

Hmmm ......, we might have to do something about this.
Rather than thinking 'I want to eat again', I feel disappointed 'It's not all-you-can-eat? I'll be disappointed first.
That's not good.
However, I can't add bread to it. ...... Hmm~............

'Yashiro-sama. I'm sorry to bother you with this, but I'm trying to figure out what bread looks the most like boobs.
'I'm not worried about it!
'In terms of shape, melon pan is ...... but if it's that crumbly, it's not s*xy and ............ annoying.'
You said you were not worried about it.
'I think it's a cream bun in taste!
'You're going to tell me what you want!

'Although I agree with your creamy point a lot!

'Now that the children's section is over, the next section is the one you've been waiting for, the elderly section.
'...... I'm not waiting for you.
'But it will probably shake, right?But it will probably shake.
'Sound!That onomatopoeia doesn't excite me at all!I prefer 'plump' or 'plop'!

And so, the senior citizen's section began, with no expectations at all.
I enjoyed the race with a mixture of old people who usually only sit in the sun, and old people who are still working hard even in their old age.
As I expected, it took a long time to catch the bread, and there were a lot of unexpected big winners, and Jeannette was very excited. He knows a lot of old people, you know.

And an old lady I know also participated in the game. ......

'Well!It's like a different food. Hey, Zelma.
'Mm......, well, yeah.'
'Oh?What's the matter, you're turning away.'
'Mmm......, you have cream on your mouth.'
'Yeah. Where is it?
'Right there. Here, at the edge of your mouth. ...... Yeah, backwards.'
'I don't know. Get it, Zelmar.'
'Gofoo!Go-go-go-go-go!Don't be silly!

You're in too much of a hurry, Zelmar.
And stop flirting. I don't want to see that.

'It seems to be popular with the elderly.'
'Looks like it.

After a few races, all the old men and old women are showing their happy faces.
'I can't eat this crap!Eat rice! It seems that there are no such old people in this city. Bread has always been the staple food in this world.

I thought that people might prefer the familiar hardness of bread and avoid soft bread with little crunch, but it seems that my fears were unfounded.
I am relieved that the new bread will be accepted by people of all ages.
The bread-eating contest uses only sweet breads, but I am sure that round breads and breads that are soft and have the taste and aroma of wheat will also be accepted.

'Yo!Son of a sunny day!
'That's quite a piece of bread you've got there, isn't it?

An angry Frodo and a hunched Bobba arrive, bread in their hands.
Frodo is eating anpan and Bobba is eating jam buns.

'This was Onya's idea too, wasn't it?
'The inventor is a top secret.
'Whoa, whoa, whoa!You can't hide it in this 42nd district.
'That's right. There's always an onsha involved in these things.

After saying whatever they wanted, Bobba and the others joined up with Zelmar.
There they are again, the old folks.

'Well, didn't Orkio join us?
'Orkio is supposed to join us for a special session later.

Orkio is a former member of the Jibaba Five, ...... an old man who moved in with his beloved wife Sirach after living apart from her for a long time, though they're probably still close.
Today, he and his wife are watching the field day together in the honorable seats.

'I thought I'd give some to the people watching.
'You mean this bread?
'That's great!They're going to be stunned!
'Whoa, whoa, whoa!That'll be a sight to behold~'

The old men are laughing.
Next to them, Natalia said, 'Just hurry up and wipe Old Mum's mouth. Don't leave anything to chance, you lousy old man.
Old Mum also looks a bit grumpy. No, it's the usual smile, but ...... you can't notice these subtle changes in mood, can you, Zelmar?

'Old lady, would you like me to wipe your mouth for you?
'Oh, you're Yashiro?I'm sorry.'
'What is it, mmm. Put cream on it like a child?I'll wipe it off for you.'
'No, no, I'll wipe it off myself.
'Hey, wait up, guys!I said I'll wipe it first!I'll wipe!
'''Here you go.'''
'''You guys?

Zelmar's shoulders twitched as he was played by me and the old guys.

''Hm!Here, wipe this off.''
'Yes, yes. Thank you, Zelmar.

Grandma Mum's voice changed slightly.
She sounded a little disappointed.
Well, don't make me have to take care of you, old man. You're not ready for care yet.

'Ugh, you old man. ...... I told you I'd wipe it. ......'
'You're not very manly, are you, Zelmar?
'Aren't you disappointed?
'Oh, shut up!...... Mmm, don't move.'
'Yes, yes.'

With a brusque face, Zelmar presses a hand towel to Old Mum's mouth.
She turns away, but gently wipes her mouth so as not to hurt it.

'10Rb for "I'll wipe my face with that hand towel when I get home"'.
'Well, I'll give you 50Rb to 'smell it'!
'I'll get 8Rb for 'decorating the altar'.
'Don't be so selfish, you!
'May I join you, sir?

Natalia joins in on the Zelmar tussling.
Oh, oh, join in. As much as you want.

'Well... I'll take a bath in the water you've been boiling that hand towel in.
'Wow ...... Zelmal, that's not happening.'
'Onsha......, what about that?'
'I think we've reached the end of the line...'
'I didn't do it!Don't look at me like I'm crazy!

Even if you didn't do it, they'd still think 'he'd do it', you know.
It's a fair assessment of you as a puffed-up mess. Take it as it comes.

'What the hell, Mum?
'That washcloth. I'll wash it and return it.
'You shouldn't believe this nonsense either.

Grandma Mum's laundry skills are top-notch.

I'm sure it'll come back good as new. Good for you, Zelmar?What?You're disappointed?What? Why?Smirk.

'The atmosphere here is unpleasant!I'm going back to the blue team!

I'm going back to the blue team!' Zelmar shuffles his feet back to the blue team's cheering section.
Oh~ oh~ he's so shy. It's not cute at all, even for an old man to be shy.

'Well, me too.
'I think I'll go home.
'See you later, Yashiro.

Frodo and the others followed Zelmar back to the cheering section.
Meanwhile, on the course, Bertha was struggling with the shaking melonpan.

'Oh, well, it's not going to work, is it?

She opened her mouth and tried to bite into the bread. However, the bread hit his face and ran away in the direction of the day after tomorrow.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

I'm not sure what to do.

'Oh, no. I can't.'
'I'll help you!
'That's illegal, old man.'

I seize the old man as he tries to run away.

'Then shouldn't I give you some advice?You may be my enemy, but you're also a member of my team.

I'm not sure I'm still considered an enemy,.......
I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.

'The strategy is ......'.
'There must be something!Please help!I ...... don't want any other man to see that beautiful kissing face of Master Bertha any more.

I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm sick to my stomach.
I want to tell her that no one is watching.

'Now, the strategy!
'Maybe if you smash your face into the melonpan, they'll stick together?See, both surfaces are rough, and you can peel them off like Velcro. You can peel it off afterwards.
'Seriously tape?

The old butler raises his eyebrows quizzically.
Well, I don't know, do I?

'In short, it means that the wrinkles on your face get caught in the unevenness of the melonpan and can't be removed.
'There are no wrinkles on Master Bertha's face!
'No, of course there are!You're all wrinkled up!
'Those are dimples!
'You can't have dimples on your forehead or in the corners of your eyes!

I'm not sure if it's a good idea.
It's like he's going to be at the top of the love blindness ranking.
He's going to overtake Philman and Percy.

I've got it!I got it!Yay!

Seeing Bertha's gutsy pose with the melon bread in her mouth, the old steward collapsed, clutching his heart. Is it a ...... seizure?I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea.I'm really scared.


As Estella's waiter carried the fallen old man to the cheering section, Estella came up to us.

'It's a special slot for the "bread-eating contest".

She shrugged her shoulders with a slightly annoyed look on her face.
You've taken on something troublesome, haven't you?

'Can't we put it in before the youth section later on?
'You want to change the order?
'Yeah. Well, I guess so.

Originally, the 'Youth Section - Purun-Purun Carnival' was scheduled to take place after this, and the Special Session was to follow.
If you want it to be moved up, please contact ......

'Did someone start rioting in the noble seats?'
'Yeah. ...... The children's reaction was too effective, I'm sure.'

Some of the kids were so excited to eat the bread that they wanted to eat it too.
He was calling out to a couple of noblemen to join him, so he's probably one of them. ......

'It's all right, isn't it?

It seems that Estella does not want to suppress the selfishness of the nobles every time. She is willing to compromise where she can.
The ward's field day, especially the bread-eating contest that serves as the unveiling, should be as fun and happy as possible without being rough. It's also my idea, and it's surprisingly hard to wait for the aristocracy. ...... This is why the aristocracy.

'The course for the special slot will be 50 meters, which might be just right.

The youth section - Pointe du Fertival - is 80 meters.
If we do the special section first, which is the same distance as the current old people's section, we don't have to change the start and finish positions, huh?

'Okay. Then let's shut up those nagging people quickly.
'Thanks a lot. There's just too many of them.

There's Gerasie, Mahr, Donnis from District 24, Iver Hagen from District 23, and Sirach.
I guess it's too hard to shut them all up.

It would probably be easier to silence Lucia and Tracy.
...... though Bertina might be upset. She'll be put off.
Well, she's in the special category, so we can handle it. Or rather, go do something about it, Estella.

'Okay, Estella. Go tell that to the players.'
'Okay. Take care of the preparations over here.

Win or lose doesn't matter in the Special Bracket Race.
So I'll set the bread at a height that's easy to get.
This is just a part of the publicity campaign for the new bread that will be released.

If I'm lucky, I'll get a sponsor for the next event and pull in some funds.

'Well, then. I'd like to invite the guests of honor to join us here.

The waiter stood in the middle of the track and announced that the special quota had been moved up.
Estella is explaining to the waiting competitors.
Oh, I knew Bertina and Delia weren't happy. Well, just wait and see. We can eat as much as we want later.
...... If they eat as much as they want, it will be gone in a flash.

As the waiter led the way, the participants gathered from the dignitary's and spectator's seats.
Familiar faces lined up in a row.
Among them, there was a pair of sisters.

'Hey, Hideo. We've been summoned.

Barbara and Teresa.
Estella is probably using them as a trump card to persuade Bertina and the others right now.
I'm sure Bertina and Delia will tolerate '......' as long as Teresa is available.

'Hey, are you sure Aashi and the others are okay here?

Teresa will be participating in the special slot, but Barbara will be participating in the "Youth Section - Shaking!Breast Festival'.

'Teresa will be in this one. You'll be running with her and supporting her.'
'Oh, I'm on it!I'm going to be the best!

'No, I don't care what number you are, it doesn't matter what your score is.

'Teresa. Can you run again?'
'Yes!Eeyusha!Just watch me run, okay?
'Oh, yeah. I'll be watching you.'
'Heh heh~'

With a wave, Teresa heads for the starting position.
Barbara, you know you're just a support, right?Don't use your hands, okay?
Well, I don't care if there's a foul play, I'm a special case.

'Well, let's have the first runner of the special category line up in position.

They lined up the special participants who had gathered here and there.
For now, I've lined up Mael, the sister of the Lord of District 29, who loves strange things, and Donnis, the Lord of District 24, who loves Mael.

'May I have a word with you, Yashippi?I have something to tell you!
'Oh, shut up!I'm not sure what to do.

Donnis is upset to be put in line next to Mahr.
It's not ...... that he's in a hurry to reveal his secret love interest, it's simply that he's standing next to the girl he likes and he's not sure what to do.
See, he started playing with the ends of his hair for no reason.
Donnis. You may not know this, but the hair you're messing with is basically bangs. Why are you messing with the barely there strand on top of my head? You're making the audience nervous. 'If you handle it that roughly, ......'.

'Yo,......, good day.'
'Yes, it is. I'm looking forward to the new bread that Yashippi came up with.'

So, Mahr. That's a top secret. What did you think I was doing? You're a nobleman from another district. ...... Well, you'll notice. It's Ma'ul.

'Hey, DD?'
'Gofoo!...... Keho. 'Hey, what is it?Ma,ma...... Miz Erin?'

I'm not sure what you're talking about.
What did you get a single hair for?
I'm not sure what you mean.
Why don't you at least call him a name?,...... d*mn, the men of this city.

'How many buns does DD want?
'Wah, I, I guess, hmm~............ what about Ms. Erin?'
'Me, well... Anpan, maybe.'
'So, then, ...... the same thing.'

You can't!
There's only one kind of bread hanging on each side!
If we try to get the same bread, we'll have to fight for it!

'Hmm. Then we'll have to cover the same bread at the same time.
'Nah!That's a ............ no-no.'
'Mmmm, yes. I'm so embarrassed.
'Oh, ......!............, ............, ............, pretty!

Oh, my God, my face is so red. I'm writhing in agony. ......
I'm sure you're not imagining an 'accidental cheek kiss', are you?

...... Don't think about it.

'So, I'll take the bread next to it.
'Then it's a race.
'Oh, yeah, ...... that's right.'

He had a strange glint in his eye. ......
This time, you're probably thinking, 'The competition is 'Catch me if you can' or 'Hahaha, wait, wait!

'...... "Wait, wait, wait~" ...... hmmm'.

It's a little too obvious, isn't it?
It's a bit too obvious, isn't it, the lord of this city?

'What kind of bread does Teresa want to eat?'
'I'm ...... fine with anything.'
'Don't be shy. Something about it all looks delicious.'
'Let's see, ...... then, ...... onee-sha,onna no.'
'Aaah!Teresa is so cute!

Teresa is also the first runner.
I don't think so. I'm not eating Barbara, okay?

'Yes, yes, yes!I'm also the first runner of the special category!

And Masha comes in in a trays.
Or rather, she's being carried in.
The one holding the tarai is Delia.

'Since Delia and I were separated from our team, we need to confirm our friendship here.
'd*mn it!I still have to wait!It's good for Masha to be eaten first.

Delia, who had heard only rumors of its sweetness and deliciousness, couldn't wait to eat the bread.
She hadn't been able to eat it during the demonstration, so she was looking forward to the bread-eating contest today.
Her eyes are already glued to the bread.

The support is just that, support, so don't you dare eat any of it.
You know that, right, Delia?Barbara?

'Delia, Barbara, you'll have to wait.
'Ugh~, Yashiro is so mean!
'I know, I know!Aashi is here for Teresa!And if you make Miss Teresa cry, I'll break you!

Where are you going?
I'm scared.

The four runners and two supporters lined up in a line and started running at the signal of the waiter.

'Masha!Get it over with and let me have it!
'Teresa, let's head for the nearest pan!
'Aye!....... Pai!

I can't fix this, Teresa's reply.
You're not going to complain to me as soon as you hit puberty, are you?

The Barbara sisters, who are running hand in hand with Delia, who is carrying a tray, are ahead, leaving the old man behind.
Then, Delia - probably because she wanted to try it herself - changed course toward Anpan.
There, she runs into Barbara and the others, who had said they were heading for the nearest one.

'Barbara!I want to eat this Anpan!Get out of my way!
'I'm sorry, Miss!When it comes to my sister, Aashi can't back down!

The two brothers stared at each other. ...... No, they are not brothers and sisters, but...
I'm not a teacher or a brother.

'Delia-chan, you're the one who eats...'
'Onesha, can I have any bread?

She was saying the right thing.
The leader of the team is fighting while the players are left alone. That's why I told them to be supportive. ......

Delia and Barbara stare at each other in front of Ampang.
But then a third person appeared.

'Daughters. You're already there. ...... retreat.'

It's Donnis, who's got the aura of a lord emanating from his entire body.
You're more dangerous than you were at the ...... "BU" meeting of the lords. If you had given off that aura at that time, Estella and Lucia might have flinched a little.

'What's with this old man?
'I don't know him...'

Wow, those girls are so naive!
It's strange. ...... Delia should have met Donnis at the banquet. ...... I thought she was able to behave properly towards the lord... I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will work for you. What a pity, Delia... I guess...

If you don't back off,......, I'll use all the power I have to crush you!

You're scaring me, that one hair!

I'm not going to start a war over a battle for ...... anpan, okay?

I'm not a fan.If you interfere, I'll blow you up!
'I don't need to let Miss Wazhuwa's hand do it!I'll beat you up myself!

You didn't say "bother", Barbara.
In the event that you're not aware of it, you can find a lot more information about it on the web. ...... I'm sure Bertina will give you a hard time about it later.

I'm sure you'll agree.

'You guys.

Mahr stood in front of them. --With an aura incomparable to Donnis's.
I'm calling it an aura, but I can't see it.You can't really see anything supernatural like that, but ...... you can definitely feel it. ............ I mean, it seems like the space is distorted. ...... If anything, it even seems to be colored. It's a good idea to take a look at your own personal life and the way you live it.

In the event that you've got a lot more than one of these, you'll be able to get a lot more.Right?

"See? What the hell was that?
What was that? What was that?
Didn't it have the destructive power to wipe out a person's life with a single letter?

''I'm sorry. ......''

Delia and Barbara apologized honestly ah!
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

...... Mahr, you're amazing.

I'm glad ...... that the 29th district didn't become a real enemy.

That's right. It's going to take a lot of work to go up against a serious Mahr, and the lord who's facing the brunt of it will probably suffer a lot of damage to his stomach and hair follicles from the stress.

''Come on, apologize to DD.''
''I'm sorry .......''
''I've never seen such a polite Delia, ......''

Estella is astonished by Mahr's power.
I knew the real thing was amazing. Good for you Estella. If you had become a lord 20 years earlier you might have had to deal with those people. You were born in a good time.
You see, the current lords are the idiot Ricardo, the sickly Tracy, and the cowardly Geraci.
Lucia is a troublesome lord, but she's even more of a disappointment, so it's a zero-sum game.

The quality of lords has gone downhill in the last few decades!

'Also, me. I want some Anpan.
''Yes. Here you go.''

I gave it away!
Delia and Barbara have given way to an old lady!

''Dede, dede, dede, Delia gave up her sweet, and Barbara broke her sister's case!What is this, a dream?Magic?A harbinger of natural disaster!

No, it's the current lord's supremacy. If you train, you can do the same thing. ...... The chances of this happening are close to zero, but it's not impossible.

I'm not sure what to do.
''Yes, yes☆ Delia-chan, let's go to the course over there~''
''Gus......!Yeah, ......!

You're crying a bit, those two!
I want to comfort them, something!

''Well, after you.''

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'If you think about it, this is the opposite of sportsmanship, isn't it?
'Then you go complain to Ma'ru.'
'No, I'm scared!

I'm a little worried about the future of the forty-two districts with this kind of lord,.......

Mael opened his mouth elegantly and made a small jump at Anpan.
But miss.
Anpan, poof!

'Oh, that's pretty hard. Go!Yeah!
'.................. plicey'

An old man watching an old woman jump.
You gotta dance, right?What a sight.

'Teresa. Go to the farthest course. The melon bread is crispy, fluffy and delicious.'

Teresa's face lights up at the two onomatopoeic sounds, which seem contradictory for a moment.
I want to check it out. Her face is filled with such curiosity.

'Onesha!Over there!
'Oh ...... Oh, yes, yes!Let's go, Teresa!

Theresa pulls Barbara's hand and starts running.
She's not afraid of running, and she runs without hesitation.

'Delia-chan!I want some bread too!Let's go for the bread over there!

Masha, a good woman who can read the atmosphere.
Avoiding Mahr, who jumps at Anpan, and Donnis, who watches her, she tells him to head for the remaining loaf.

'Masha. The contents of that bread are the custard used in cream puffs, so it's ...... bad, okay?'
'Haha☆ That's very promising.

Masha's tail fin bounces around in Delia's trays.
I know you're excited, but don't let Delia get soaked, okay?

'...... No, wait. Wet gym clothes are also .......'
'Natalia. Bring me a cloth to blindfold me.'
'Then we'll get Miss Tracy's sarashi: ......'
'No, you can't do that!It'll make Yashiro go crazy!

While he was doing this, Masha dexterously caught it!
Then Teresa also got a shaking melon pan.
...... Well, I made it easier for Teresa to get it beforehand. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

'Oh, it's so soft...'

Ma'ul also caught the Anpan with his mouth and looked impressed by its softness.
I also made the rope longer and made it a little harder to shake, to reduce the difficulty.

'Well then, DD, after you.
'What?Oh no, I'm too late!

Donnis, who was completely smitten with Mael, hurriedly took a bite of the jam bun.
Hey, Donnis!Don't bend over!The sunlight is reflecting off of you!

'If you don't hurry up, you won't be able to say, "Wait, wait, wait."'

The moment I warned him, he took the bread in his mouth.
...... What's with the rapid growth? I'm not sure what to make of it.I'm not sure.I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.

'Hmmm ......, wait, wait~'

Muttering in a whisper that Mahr never hears, Donnis runs happily away.
Do it on the beach. And do it secretly where there's no audience.

'...... special slot, that's going to take up a lot of time.'
'Yes, it is. Let's roll it up a bit.

So, Demily of the 40th district, Sister Barbara of the 24th district church, Ibert of the 23rd district lord, and Sirach of the 35th district swallowtail butterfly tribe ran as the second runners.
After some difficulty, Ibert won the race. It was not a very exciting race.

'Come on, next time, next time!
'Can't you be a little more interesting, Oba?We did pretty well, didn't we?
'Don't worry, Demily. You were the brightest of the bunch.
'Don't say that while staring at my scalp!

Well, yes.
If I may make a special note, it's been a while since I've heard ...... Sirach's 'refill ......'.
...... He won't get fat again with the new bread, will he?I'm nervous.

After that, Siraha's husband Orkio and Alvaro from the hunting guild headquarters participated in the competition, all of whom were struck by the taste and texture of the new bread.

Now the rumor of the new bread will spread beyond the Forty-Two Wards.
Spread the word, spread the word. ...... Hmmm.

Then came the final race for the special slot.
At the last minute, trouble came.
...... Estella came to me in the middle of the race and was smiling strangely, so I was caught off guard. ...... So this is what happened.

'Hmmmmmmmmmm!Let's play, Obeyashiro!

Gellarcy pointed at me and declared war on me. ...... Haha. ......