251-Episode 163 Departure Early in the Morning

'Mr. Yashiro. Please eat this in the carriage.'

Early in the morning. Ginette handed me a large basket.

'...... a beef cutlet sandwich?'
'No, no!I'm ...... sorry I got a little ...... carried away yesterday.'

After a night of sleep, Jeannette had finally regained her composure enough to make a normal decision.
The mass-produced beef cutlets were poured into the stomachs of the residents of District 42 as beef cutlet sandwiches. It was truly a process. The beef cutlet sandwiches were sold somewhat aggressively and then sold out.

At times like this, Loretta's advertising power is useful.
If she advertises on the main street, a lot of customers will come to the restaurant.
Loretta's words, which stimulate people's stomachs directly, and the trust and track record that the restaurant has earned so far, will make people go to the restaurant.
Loretta's "rice lipo" is a critical hit to the stomach after work.

'I'm sorry for the inconvenience to Paura-san. ...... I'm sorry for the inconvenience to Paura-san. ......'

I asked Paula to provide me with a cold beer because it had become a fried food festival.
The adult lunches and food courts at the gluttony contest led the food and beverage guilds in the 42nd district to lift the ban on mutual aid.
In other words, we have created a system that allows us to go to other stores and offer our products.
This has made it easier to provide help when there is a shortage of foodstuffs and to plan collaborations.
I heard that this is not common in other wards, but it is in the 42nd ward. So far, things are going well.

However, emergency measures like this do not happen very often.
No wonder Jeannette is nodding her head in agreement. I may have pushed Paula a little too hard. I'll have to make it up to her next time.

So Ginette, feeling more than a little remorseful, has been squirming and embarrassed since a while ago.

The time is early morning.
I'm in the middle of preparing a donation to the church.
But I can't eat this food. I have to leave now.

'The 29th district is far away, so please be careful.
'It's right there, though.'

Unintentionally, your gaze turns to the north.

The twenty-ninth district is located just north of the forty-second district.
It is adjacent to the New Town, and if you shout loudly, your voice might reach it.

However, it is blocked by a high cliff about 30 meters high.

Therefore, to get to the 29th district, you have to go around the outer district.
Only when you reach the 38th district will you finally be at the same height as the other districts.
So, at the very least, you have to go north to the 38th district. It's really troublesome.

'Spirit God ......, please protect Yashiro and everyone else from harm.

Ginette folded her hands in front of her chest and prayed to the spirit god.
She's worried because she'll be away from home this time.

Come to think of it, Magda and Loretta also wanted to come with us, but considering the situation, they didn't insist.

'...... Please don't be reckless.'

He gently admonished me.
Do you think I look like I'm reckless all the time? ............ Well, I'm pretty reckless. But, you know, those times usually come from the other side. No, seriously.

'...... We'll take care of it.'
'Yes, sir. Then you're safe.'

He smiles at you.
...... Don't put too much faith in what I say. You'll get out of tune.

I have no intention of making a scene, though.

'Speaking of which, where did Lucia-san end up staying?
'I told Estella and Gilberta and had her locked up in the lord's mansion. For the sake of the peace of the entire beast race.''
''That's ...... indeed an exaggeration, but...''

What do you mean?
I'm not sure locking them up is enough.
It's not until you put a collar and shackles on him that he'll feel safe.

'...... Yashiro'.

Magda woke up just as we were about to leave.
Normally he would be sleeping a little longer, but maybe he was trying to see me off.

'...... We're going to have Magda's special deluxe okonomiyaki for dinner.
'What's deluxe?
'I played a game with Masha the other day and won a big shrimp.'
'I didn't know you did that. ...... Why did you play?'

'Magda won, so maybe arm wrestling?
I heard Masha has a lot of power, but she's no match for Magda.

'...... s*xy pose showdown'
'You won, then!
'...... overwhelming victory'

The judging results are such that you can only assume that the judges were Umaro.

'......By the way, the judge is Masha.'

'You were just having fun, weren't you?

Masha simply wanted to play with Magda.
The large shrimp is a thank you for that.

'It's ......, so you can count on it.'

Magda says, staring me in the eye.
In short, he's saying, 'I'll be waiting for you with a delicious meal, so come home early.

'All right, then. Well then, you'd better hurry up and come home.

I pat him on the head and he sniffs, '...... mmm'.
Magda seems to be worried about me in her own way.

'......I hear there are a lot of big breasts in BU. Make sure you don't stop off and come back.'
I'm not sure what to say.Where's the information on that?
'Oh, Yashiro. You can't say that in the first time you go there.

Even though I had gotten some very interesting information, I couldn't get the details.
d*mn, now that I've said I'm leaving early, I can't spend any time investigating the area. ............ Magda, you're a schemer.

'I'm off then.
'Yes, sir. Have a safe trip.'
'...... Good luck.'

I leave the store with a big basket hanging from my shoulder.
Ginette and Magda come to the door and see me off.
I've become a bit of a family man. I've got to get into the swing of things here.
We're about to enter the enemy's main camp.

Exhaling a short breath, I headed for the lord's mansion where we were to meet.

'If you don't want hard bread, or if you don't want to ride without Milly, please wait until you're a D-cup before you start being so selfish.
'Breasts have nothing to do with it, Natalia!
'Yes, it does!Don't get carried away just because you're a little big, head waiter!
'They're not a little, they're a lot. Do you understand, milkless child?
''Get along, you guys. ......''

When I arrived at the lord's mansion, there were two sets of the lord and the head waiter in the garden, making an amusing noise.
They are very energetic in the morning, aren't they?

'Oh, Master Yashiro. Good morning, sir. Your milkless children are ready for you.
'Don't talk to me like I'm a homeless child.

Well, I can imagine what happened to them, sadly, without being told.

'There are many selfish people, lords. I think it's great, I want to learn from Natalia's resolute attitude. As head waiter, I'd like to learn from her.
'Gilberta, stop. The more Natalia there is, the harder it will be for me to deal with her.

If only she would shut up and do her job, I would have no complaints. ...... I can't shut up about this guy.

'Hey Yashiro, listen to me. Natalia says this hard bread is her breakfast.She wants us to eat this in the carriage.'
'You should be thankful that you can eat bread. Lady Estella is too extravagant these days.'
'I'm a lord, I should be able to afford to eat well!
'Please get fat, Estella-sama!
'I'm all for a bosom!

...... Are these guys this excited every morning?

'Ginette's got something for you. That should put you in a good mood.'

When I showed her the big basket, Estella approached me at a speed that left an afterimage.
It's not beyond human comprehension, lightly.

'...... beef cutlet, huh?

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.
I'm sure you're not going to want to eat the beef cutlet that you ate so much of yesterday.

'Since you were feeling sorry for yourself in the morning, I'm sure it's just a normal lunch.
'Well done, Yashiro!

Estella grabbed my hand holding the basket with both hands and leaned in closer.
What did you do? How dare you.

'Please don't use breakfast as an excuse to flirt with me.
'No, I didn't mean it like that!

Natalia pointed out and Estella's face instantly boiled.
She took her hands away and distanced herself from me more than necessary.

'However, if the manager has a lunch box, it would be better to leave the bread behind.

With that, Natalia brings out a basket from the carriage.
The crunchy bread clinked in the basket.

'Don't bother to unload it, just leave it. They might eat it on the way.'

'No, sir. Since we're going by carriage, I think it would be wise not to bring anything suspicious.'
'Suspicious things?

What is it?Does bread look like a bomb to you?

'Have you forgotten, anchovy? The source of BU's income.'

Now that you mention it, I finally remember.
Oh, I see.

'So if we bring in a lot of bread, we might get tariffed.
'Yes. Especially when you're being watched like this, you never know what kind of harassment you're going to get.

They're the ones who called us in here to mess with us.
They might even go so far as to check the cargo in our wagons and impose tariffs on us.

'It would be cute if they could just impose tariffs on us, but it would be troublesome if they didn't dare to impose tariffs on us and later made a fuss about 'tax evasion.
'Tax evasion?
'If you buy and sell goods that have passed through the BU but have not been subjected to the BU tariff, it is considered tax evasion and you will be charged a hefty fine.

Estella's explanation sent a chill down my spine.

I ...... once tried to sell spices brought in from outside the city in the 29th district and the surrounding districts.
In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find a great deal of information on the web. ...... ......
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out. Thank goodness no one bought it.
You've been unexpectedly saved by the spirit gods. ...... It's kind of frustrating, d*mn it.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea. I'm not sure what to make of it.

I'm not sure what to do.
As the lord of the city, he must be involved with BU in some way. Her face was tinged with annoyance at BU.

'Anyway, now that everyone is here, let's get going. Lady Lucia, thank you for letting Estella and the rest of us ride with you today. I would like to express my sincere gratitude.

With a condescending attitude, Natalia bowed deeply.
Wow. It's like she's in charge of serving a great man.
...... Yeah, I'm the head waiter at the lord's place.

Lucia also understands this feeling, but her well-formed face is lightly distorted.

'No, head waiter. I don't want any formal relationship with you now. Just be normal.
'Lucia-sama: ......'

Lucia looks broken-hearted, and Natalia looks on.
The forty-second and thirty-fifth districts must have gotten closer in a good way.

'I'm usually completely naked when I'm at home. ......'
'Come on, let's get in the carriage!

I walked between Natalia and Lucia and got into the carriage.
This conversation ends here!Forcibly terminated!
Who said I had to be so normal!

'Hey, anchovy!You'd better behave properly!I'm a lord!

Then I suggest you behave like a lord.
You've only been behaving lasciviously in front of me these days.

'All right, I'll take the top seat.
'You!You're putting my lord down!
'Yashiro, I'm a lord too, you know. How about sitting on the top seat without saying a word?
''Shut up, it's breast order!
''I'm not losing!

The two idiot lords and I rush to the entrance of the narrow carriage and grab each other.
''d*mn, what a bunch of undignified nobles!They're just as bad as the church kids!

I'll sit on the top seat if I have to!
At the far end, facing the direction we're going, by the window!

'What is it, I ask? To Natalia.
'Pull me out.
'Yes, sir, I will.
'I know what I'm doing, I'.

Our clothes are pulled rather tightly.
There's no restraint or restraint.

I'm knocked to the ground and Estella and Lucia are on top of me.
Move!It's too heavy!

'It's really ...... a pity, gentlemen.'
'I think so'.

The two head waiters look down at us as we fall.

'Why isn't your face buried in your boobs when a man and a woman tangle and fall over!
'Is that the point you're lamenting!
''I can't help it. I think it's inevitable. The size of the two lords doesn't allow the phenomenon of 'buried' to happen.
'Shut up, Gilberta!

The lord yells at each head waiter.
This is what happens when you don't discipline people properly.
...... d*mn it, neither of them is decent. There's not a single decent person here.

'If I don't get my act together, I'm going to have a terrible time negotiating with the BU. ......!
'You're the one who screwed up!This is the result, anchovy!
'I can't imagine what's going to happen ...... before we even leave.'

He stood up, brushed the sand off his clothes, and climbed back into the carriage.
Oh, dear. We're finally leaving.

Taking care of the owner of the carriage, we sat down with Lucia in the first place, Estella in the second, and me in that order.
Natalia and Gilberta sat down opposite us, facing the opposite direction. They always sit at the bottom.
Gilberta sits in the lower seat, probably because Lucia is in the upper seat.

'I open and close the doors, I do. As the owner's servant.

There seems to be a kind of pride in that.
The head waiter in this world is not pompous. They're very loyal.

'I'm afraid you've created a teat gap between the top and bottom.
''I'm sorry for taking advantage, I...''
''You don't need to say anything else!

Well, ...... it seems that the kind of 'loyalty' I have in mind is a bit different.

''Even so, you're leaving very early.

I'm not sure if it was necessary to leave so early, no matter how far away the 29th district is.
I thought the call was for this afternoon.

''The word 'afternoon' is really ambiguous. The moment it's past noon, they may be ready to make a fuss about being late or rude.
'In the worst case, they may unilaterally decide to break off negotiations because you were late.
'...... This is childish harassment.'
'Aristocrats ......, that's why.'

Estella shrugs, a hint of self-mockery in her voice.
I wonder how this guy accepts the fact that he is a nobleman.

He seems to think that he won't behave like a lot of other disgusting nobles.
I guess only aristocrats can understand how to deal with aristocrats.

Since they earn money without doing any work, they must be thinking about such nasty things in their spare time. I wish they'd learn from Estella a little.

'Anyway, Yashiro!I'm hungry!Let's eat dinner, let's eat dinner, let's eat dinner!
'...... You're a church kid, aren't you?

When they see Jeannette's face, they chant 'I'm hungry, I'm hungry'.
...... For better or worse, Estella doesn't look like an aristocrat.

'So, let's eat what the manager has to offer.

I've given the basket to Natalia, so she will take the lead in preparing the meal.
There are fried chicken, rice balls mixed with salmon flakes, thick fried eggs, and white fish fritters.
There was no ...... beef cutlet. I'm sure they've refrained from doing that.

'Natalia. You can share it with the others.'

Estella tells her.
She must have grown up a bit to put other people first.
In the past, when Ginette cooked, he would always say 'I'm the one, I'm the one'.

'I'll share, and then you can give me the rest!

Oh, you haven't grown up at all!
You like Jeannette's cooking too much!

'd*mn it, ......, you never grow up, do you?
'What's this got to do with my breasts?
'I'm not talking about your breasts!
'''' '...... of the genie' ''''
'You don't trust everyone!

Everyone but me is pointing straight at me with their arms outstretched.
What, do they think I only talk about my breasts?

That's outrageous!I'm going to talk about my breasts all the time!
'You're always talking about breasts, aren't you ......?
'Ahhh, I wonder if I can find it anywhere!
'Are you talking about breasts?

It's a different world, you idiot.
Anything can happen, you know!

'Speaking of which, aren't there any boob people?
'Of course there aren't!

d*mn it!You're boring. You're all so small!

'Head waiter, you don't have to share the anchovies. Let him graze on the roadside and he'll be fine.

Lucia said rudely.
Natalia, please be careful not to speak out of turn too often.

'Lady Lucia. If you do that, you might actually find a fallen tit. That's the kind of person Yashiro-sama is.''
'You're the rudest person I've ever met, come to think of it!I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

We ate breakfast in a lively atmosphere that did not seem like a dinner with a lord.
Ginette's cooking was as popular as ever, and even Lucia was impressed.
In the 42nd district, "bento" is becoming the norm, but in other districts, there still seems to be a strong preconception that "cold food is not tasty", and Lucia and Gilberta could not hide their surprise at the taste of the bento.

It seems that portable food that doesn't consider preservation is a rare thing in this world.
If the concept of bento becomes widespread, it might bring about a little revolution.

'First of all, I will go to the mansion of the lord of the 29th district in the morning and tell him that I have arrived.

Lucia explains her plans for the rest of the day as she picks at her lunch.
...... You've got grains of rice on your cheeks.

I'm sure you'll be told that you're too early and that you can't be on time, but do your best to ignore it.

That sounds like a warning to me.
I guess it's common knowledge among the aristocrats. What a pain in the ass. ......

'Then, I think I'll leave the carriage and have a little look around the city.
'We'll actually see what's going on in the city and find out how serious the water shortage is.'

Following Lucia's words, Estella added.

'I think the water shortage is paused and the city is quite calm.

It makes sense to actually see it.
There is a big difference between 'probably so' and 'actually so' in persuasiveness.

'By the way, should we take a look at the sluice gate?
'Yes, of course.
'And then we'll have lunch. Since we don't know exactly when 'afternoon' is, it's better to eat when we can.'
'I agree with you, Natalia.

The worst that can happen is that you might be detained from noon until midnight, and if that happens, you'd better eat.
It's a real hassle to have to take precautions every time.

'...... "BU" for dinner, huh?
'Well, don't look so glum, Estella. If you give up on it as such, it's not something you can't eat.
'What is it?Is the food at BU that bad?'

Estella's shoulders slumped openly, and she made no secret of her disappointment.
As a self-proclaimed foodie and a mere fan of Ginette, Estella is a bit picky about the taste of food.
She even appreciated the "cakes" that were on the level of the 41st district's brown sugar bread, but she is a foodie in her own right. Pfft. A foodie (lol).

'Yashiro ......, can you please stop blaming me silently?
'How would you know?
'If you look at me with that grin on your face, I'll know even if I don't want to!

Well, even if I'm a foodie, I'm still Estella.
Just by putting a fried egg on a hamburger, she would have fussed, '...... or a revolution has happened! It's good that she is easy to handle.

And the fact that Estella is so blatantly uncomfortable with it means that the dish has an irredeemable taste.
BU: ...... You have a higher status than the outer districts, but your food is not good. ...... Well, the 41st district and the 40th district both had food that was far below the taste of the Sunshine Pavilion until a while ago.

'Well, ...... you'll understand if you try it. That's why I look like this.

Leaning back in her seat, Estella relaxes as if her soul has slipped away.
It's really childish to know exactly what you like and dislike.

And speaking of childish... ...... How long are you going to have grains of rice on your cheeks, Lucia?

I'm going to try to give them as little opportunity as possible to take advantage of me. Nice, anchovy. Just don't step on the tiger's tail.

It seems that the explanation was made to nail me, 'Don't do anything unnecessary'.
...... If you don't want to give me any room to maneuver, just take that grain of rice out of my hand. ............ d*mn it.

It's not as if you can convince them with a face like that.
I'm not sure what to say.

I can't help it, so I stretch out my arm and remove the grain of rice from her cheek.
Lucia rolls her eyes at the sudden touch on her cheek, but it's better than leaving a grain of rice on her cheek. Be patient.

Then again, I'm the kind of person who takes great care of my food.
Therefore, it is outrageous to throw away grains of rice that you have picked up with your fingers. But there's no way I can just 'ooh' and ahh' over this, so by process of elimination, I throw the grain of rice into my mouth.


As if she had seen a shocking video, Lucia's face turned a shocked color.
The color of the shock ......, rather than turning bright red.

'or ............ or ............... ...'

He pointed at me with a trembling finger, trying to get as far away from me as possible as he pressed his back against the wall of the carriage.

'Or ............ an indirect kiss!
'What's that?

Indirect kissing is the act of bringing something from your mouth to your mouth!
You can't put a little 't' in 'kiss'!It's even more embarrassing!

It's an indirect 'cheek kiss'!

'So it's the other way around, too!

If you'd taken what was on my mouth and put it on Lucia's cheek, you'd still be here!

'I've been defiled!
'You're not a good listener, are you?
'You're a bad person, you know that?You evil man!How dare you commit such an insolent act against my lord?
'I was just trying to be nice!
''Are you saying that you flirted with me out of kindness because I'm not popular?
'No, that's not it!
'I'm a little nervous!Thanks a lot!
'Relax, Lucia!I'm already thanking you!
'Mwah!Don't look at me!Keep your eyes on the other side!

Finally, covering her face with both hands and throwing the plate at me, Lucia turned her back on me.
The cold glare from Estella, who was sitting next to her,......, was cold. ...... I didn't do anything wrong, did I?

'I've got a grain of rice on my cheek, too.
'No, they're huge, ...... Gilberta.'
'Again with the boobs, my friend Yashiro.'
'No, they're big, but!It's not that!
'Yashiro-sama. You're going full throttle again today.
'I don't even mean that!

Natalia, what does 'full throttle' translate to? You don't mean a car or a vehicle?
As usual, I spent the long, long walk to the 29th district feeling uncomfortable as I sighed at the "forced translation magic" that chose words that were easy to understand.