250-Episode 162 Delia's impatience

'Our departure is tomorrow morning. Meet me at Estella's house.'

We'll take Lucia's carriage to the 29th district.
She has prepared a luxurious two-horse carriage for us.

'Does that mean we'll stay at Estella's place today?
'No. I'm thinking of staying at the New Town.

I thought that Estella's mansion was the only place in the 42nd district where a person of Lucia's level of importance could stay, but Lucia herself said that she wanted to stay in New Town.
It is true that there are several lodging facilities in New Town where Umaro and the others used to stay temporarily, but they are a little low grade to accommodate Lucia.
Is such a place enough for you?

'If I could, I would stay at Magu Magu's or Derririn's house and spend the whole night splashing around. ......'
'Estella. The forty-second district is in danger. Get this pervert out of here right now.'
'Well, wait. I'm holding off for now, so let's just overlook this with a warning.

Who are Magu and Delilyn? I told you not to give them funny nicknames.

'If the manager is 'Ginepu', Magdacho is 'Magmag', and Delia-san is 'Delirin', then I'm 'Lorepi', right?

Loretta's eyes sparkled as she imagined her new nickname.
Don't be happy, such an ugly nickname.

'No. You have a more appropriate nickname.
'Huh?What is it?What's that?I'd like to know!

Lucia smiles softly, and Loretta jumps up to her.
I wonder if Lucia's love for the beastman tribe is apparent even when her beastly features aren't showing.
Or is it that, like Ginette, the members of the Sunlit Pavilion are her favorites?
In any case, she seems to have accepted Loretta in a very friendly mood.

Lucia calls out to Loretta with a gentle gaze, as if she were an older sister looking at her younger sister.

'Sister-in-law. I'll take care of you for the night.'
'Loretta!Go home right now and get Hammaro to a safe place!'

She didn't look at him the way she looked at her sister!
They were eyes that were trying to turn her into my sister-in-law!

'Hey, anchovy!Are you trying to ruin my first love?
'Don't be so serious, you're not coming for me!

I think this city urgently needs an ordinance to protect and nurture youth.
There are too many unreasonable perverts in the positions of power, such as lords and guild leaders.

As if her instincts sensed danger, Loretta was hiding behind Ginette's back.
He's a lord and a nobleman, but you can't invite a man like that into your family.
Loretta, it looks like your instincts made the right call. You're right.

'Miss Lucia. Let's take a look at the river. In case we need to talk to the BU.'

Lucia is running at full speed down the perverted path, and Estella offers her honest opinion.
Although she is lightly glared at and frightened for a moment, the lord confronts Lucia with a resolute attitude.

'Hmm. We need to grasp the current situation of the 42nd district and appeal how inhumane the measures taken by the 29th district are. It's inhumane and unacceptable.

Water is a lifeline.
To dam it up is an outrage that could be taken as a declaration of war.

However, the lords and people of the forty-two districts would never want a war, so they would probably just condemn it.

'Hey, hey!

Delia stood up and raised her voice.
She puts her hands on the table and gives us a stern look as she leans forward.

'Can't we appeal to the General Court?Because the guy in the 29th district is doing something wrong, right?

I suppose you're saying that blocking the floodgates is outrageous, and that we should sue them.
But Estella and Lucia did not take kindly to that idea.

'The criteria for judging bad are not clear. We have to be a little more cautious.
'Why the hell not?You're being mean to me, aren't you, District 29?

In simple terms, the actions of BU, including those of the 29th Ward, are just plain mean.
But ......

'A trial is not that simple.
'I mean, come on!If you do something wrong, you get angry!You'll be angry if they do!
'Hmmm ...... that's true, but ......'

Estella is really bad at convincing people with honest sensibilities like Delia.
Estella, who has a habit of slurring her words because she is a lord, and Delia, who is not good at understanding the intentions behind other people's words. It's not easy for these two to converse with each other.

...... Well, we don't have much time.

'Delia, can I have a word?

I'll at least help you convince Delia.

'The thing about being bad is that your perspective changes 180 degrees when you change your position.'
'Is that so?Isn't it true that bad things are bad no matter who sees them?
'For example, I want to touch my tits, no, I want to squeeze them!But Jeannette won't let me touch them.'
'Oh, of course you don't!
'You know what?Jeannette is a horrible person, isn't she?'
'No, that would be Yashiro's fault.'
'I'm with Delia on this one.
'...... without a shadow of a doubt.'
'I can't defend my brother.
'Perish the anchovy.
'I think it's inevitable, in this case, objectively speaking.

...... This is why a world where the majority rules is so poisonous.
This proves Delia's point that 'what is wrong is wrong no matter who sees it'.
It would be better to use a more Delia-like parable.

'Delia. Have you ever had Jeannette's beef cutlet?'
'No?I always eat salmon.'
'What a waste!

The best way to convince Delia would be to let her taste the unreasonableness.
It's going to make you a little uncomfortable, but ...... please bear with me.

'Ginette's beef cutlets are the best you'll ever taste!It's so good, you'll be thanking your lucky stars you were born.
'Huh!You're overreacting. ......

In the background, Jeannette is writhing,......, but I'll ignore her for now.
I'm just exaggerating a bit because it's a parable to persuade Delia.

'So, Delia. From now on, you should stop eating salmon and start eating beef cutlets.'
'Huh?Why not? I'm eating salmon because I like it.'
'Beef cutlet is very good. You'd better eat it!I'm not eating salmon!It's for your own good!
'I like salmon!

And now that the conversation has reached a parallel, the next element is introduced.

'Hey, Estella. Beef cutlet is good, right?

When I asked her about it, Estella understood my intentions and agreed with me with exaggerated hand gestures.

'Of course. It's my favorite food, after all. When I eat Jeannette's beef cutlet, I feel happy. It's that good.'
'E, even Estella-san ...... is praising you too much ............ hehehe'.

Ginette shakes her body, holding her cheeks and mouth with both hands.
She's happy, even her ears are dyed red.

'That's why, Delia. You should eat a beef cutlet instead of a salmon cutlet. I recommend it.'
'That's why I'm ......!
'Delirin, calm down. It's important in life to listen to the opinions of others.

Lucia interrupted Delia's rebuttal.
Magda and Loretta are standing beside her.
They must have understood my intentions. They're going to help me.

'I've never had Ginepu's beef cutlet, but it's quite tasty. If it's made by Ginepoo, it must be worthy of being called a gem.
'......The manager's beef cutlet is one of the best.
'The juices that ooze out of the meat trapped in the crispy batter are intertwined with the sweet and spicy sauce to create a superb taste. The meat tends to become tough when fried, but that's where the head chef of Hidamari-tei, Mr. Manager, comes in.I am convinced that there is no one in this world who does not know how delicious it is!That's how good your beef cutlet is!
'I understand, I... I've never had it, but I can only imagine what my friend Ginette's food tastes like.

Finally, even Gilberta joined in, and they all spoke of the deliciousness of the beef cutlet.
So, here's the deal.

'So, Delia. You're not allowed to eat salmon from today.
'What?Why would you do that?
'Otherwise, you wouldn't eat beef cutlet, would you?I want you to eat what everyone else is saying is delicious, for good. Because this is for your own good.''

'I'm ......!
'I'm the one who thinks you should eat a beef cutlet!

As I say this, I stretch out my arm and raise it.
As if following my lead, the others raise their hands as well.

'You know what?They're saying it out of kindness. It's for your own good.'

This isn't a mean thing to say.
This is not a mean thing to say. I'm saying this with the best of intentions, I promise you.

...... Well, it's mean, though.

Then Estella opens her mouth. I'll leave it to her to finish.

'Delia, this is what a trial is all about. ......, though it's very simplified and extreme.

Estella lets out a chuckle and shrugs her shoulders at the overly obvious flow.
However, with a soft but serious expression, she tells Delia.

'From Delia's point of view, our actions must have seemed mean, right?But we recommended the beef cutlet for Delia's sake. 'It's delicious, you should try it.
'But that doesn't mean you can't have salmon .......'
'That's just one way of doing it. It doesn't prove malice.

'Banning salmon does not negate the good intention of wanting Delia to know how delicious beef cutlets are.
If the point of contention is 'whether or not there is good intention', we are the ones who will win the case.
If the issue is whether the salmon ban is too much, the result may be the opposite.

'The Court of Appeals is not a fair and impartial body.

That's a bold thing to say.
After saying that, Estella glanced at Lucia, but Lucia did not say anything in particular.

'Blocking the floodgates and damming the water is a terrible act. I think it is a disgusting act that can be called bullying or mean. But that doesn't mean you'll win in court.

As for the beef cutlet, if a third party were to see it, they would think, 'Let Delia eat what she wants.
However, at this moment, the atmosphere is such that 'banning Delia's salmon' is unavoidable.
And in a trial, what is decided at the moment is all that matters.
In order to overturn the decision, the case has to be tried again.
After the trial is over, it is not possible to say, "Let's just leave it as it is.

Especially, it is very difficult to overturn a majority decision like the current one.

'Filing a complaint with the General Court would be a clear statement of hostilities. It is not advisable to do so at this stage. First of all, we should listen to them, discuss with them, and carefully formulate a plan. If there is a way to resolve this peacefully, I want to give it top priority. Do you understand?
'............ Yes.'

Delia nods her head in agreement to Estella's persuasion.
She lets out a sigh of relief that she understands.

Maybe she's relieved that she doesn't have to tell the other side of the story that Estella didn't tell her.

'The High Court is not an impartial body,' Estella said.
In other words, 'when a lower-ranking noble or guild leader sues a higher-ranking person, the decision is often unfavorable', I guess.

It's an institution run by nobles.
It is not difficult to imagine that the system is designed to favor the aristocracy.
In fact, it would be strange if it were otherwise.

It would be foolish for us to initiate it.

'Anyway, it is important now to keep calm and have a discussion. And fortunately, they're willing to set up that meeting.

Estella says, with a look that says she doesn't think it's a blessing.

'We'll go talk to them, but you'll have to wait until then.

And with that, we'll end this conversation.
Finally, Estella gave me a 'thank you' look, but if she was grateful, she should have given me one of her cute winks.

'Well, Lucia-san. Look at the river first, then the canals and reservoirs.
'Hmm. I'd like to see the fields, forests, and crops if possible.'
'I'll show you around.
'Please do.

Estella and Lucia exchanged a few words and were about to leave.

'Wait, wait!

Then, Delia runs up to them.

'Can you take me along with you to that discussion?Oh, is it ......?

It seems that she had the will to use honorifics in front of Lucia.
As if to restrain the urge to jump at her, Delia said with a frustrated expression. She looked frustrated, but tried her best.

'I want to get the floodgates open at all costs!It's ......!I don't know what I can do, but I just can't sit still!It's ......!Please, take me with you!It's ......!
'Delia, calm down.

I'm satisfied with the court case, but I can't shake the sense of urgency about the floodgates. So I want to do something about it. I'm filled with such thoughts.

The pupils of Delia's eyes are still dilated, and Estella appeases her.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what's going on in your life.

I'm sure I'm in the wrong place,......, but I guess I'm an exception because I'm a party to it.

I know exactly how Delia feels. But this time, I want you to leave it to us.
'But ......'.
'Don't worry. We'll get the floodgates open for you. I promise.'
'Are you sure ......?
'If you're wrong, you can turn me into a frog.'

Using the word promise, Estella gave Delia a sense of security.
Of course, Delia had no intention of doing that, but it was a very dangerous act.

'The water in the river is important, threatening the economy of the Forty-two districts and the lives of the people living there. The sluice gates that block it must be released at all costs. And that too, with the highest priority.

Placing her hand on Delia's shoulder, Estella declared with a strong yet refreshing smile.

'I'm going to tell you that if you don't open the floodgates, I won't agree to a discussion.
'...... So, yeah. ............ Yeah. Then I believe Estella.

With that, Delia's shoulders finally relaxed.
Even so, the uneasiness is still there.

'But, big brother. Can you open the floodgates so easily?'

Loretta was the one who raised such a question.
She must be the one who wants to restore the river where her younger siblings bathe as soon as possible.

'The 29th district is also suffering from a water shortage, isn't it?If that's the case, I have a feeling they'll be reluctant to open the floodgates. Or rather, if I were the lord of the 29th district, I would be reluctant.
'You're honest, Loretta.

Well, everyone wants to keep their concerns to themselves.
If there is a concern about water shortage, you would want to take safety measures until the concern is resolved.


'The floodgates will open. By the end of the day tomorrow.'

I can assure you of that.
Because this is a common trick of con men.

'Yashiro. Do you have enough certainty to say that?

Estella placed the opening of the floodgates as the first condition. She must have been prepared for the hardship and her eyes are serious.
If there's anything that gives you confidence in opening the floodgates, I'd love to hear it.

'This letter will prove that it will be easy to open the floodgates.

And he holds out the letter that came to Estella.
Everything is written in this letter, their shallow intentions.

'Didn't you think it was strange?This letter.

Estella took the letter and looked at the contents.
Lucia leans in close and reads it silently as well.

'Closing the floodgates because of the water shortage...... is not a strange action, whether it is humane or not, don't you think?

There is no contradiction in the act itself.
There is nothing contradictory about that action itself.

Then why now?

The water shortage has been caused by more than a month of sunshine.
The past few weeks have been particularly bad, with some people in the 42nd district collapsing as a result of the water shortage.

But the ...... floodgates were only closed this morning, just after the heavy rains.

'If this was done out of concern for water shortages, wouldn't it have been strange if it hadn't been before the heavy rains when the water level in the river was falling?
'But now that it's raining, we don't want to run out of water again. ......'
'It's not that, Estella.

Instead of looking at things in terms of results, try to look at things in chronological order, in terms of human psychology.

'The rain came suddenly. There were no signs. Isn't that right?'
'...... Yes, it did.'

Firmly recall and clearly affirm.

'I mean, until the rains came, a lot of people were thinking, 'How long is this water shortage going to last? 'If the sunshine continues, we'll be in danger.

Endless hardships can wear down the human mind and drive us to violence.
It would be understandable if the decision to close the floodgates was made with the understanding that it was inhumane to do so under such difficult circumstances.

However, the floodgates were closed only after heavy rains had fallen and the water level had recovered to some extent.

'Closing the floodgates when the water level has recovered after the heavy rains and the water level is expected to be fine for a while is, no matter how you look at it, odd timing. There are plenty of things we can do before closing the floodgates, even at the risk of attracting blame.

If there are other means, the rule of thumb is to implement the one with the least opposition first.
But District 29 went against the grain.

It took what it considered to be the worst course of action first.

There is no other explanation for this action than provocation.

'...... Yashiro. Are you suggesting that this is a declaration of war?'
'No, I think it's a 'threat' to keep things from getting that serious.

It's a common tactic of unscrupulous collectors.
'You know what will happen to you if you don't do as I say? You know what will happen if you don't listen to me.

'Thanks to the heavy rains, the water storage in District 42 has recovered to a level that will allow us to live for a few days. They probably sealed the floodgates in anticipation of that.'
'I see.'

Lucia caught the end of my words with a grim expression and sent me a supplement.

'Because the person you're blackmailing needs to be 'alive'.

In fact. Until just before the heavy rain, District 42 was quite exhausted.
If the floodgates had been sealed at that time, there was a good chance that ...... one or more people would have died.

If that had been the case, there would have been no gentle means of discussion, and there would have been a dispute ...... involving the General Court, which would have likely resulted in war.

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The 29th district knew that.
That was why they sealed the floodgates at this time and sent a letter.

'If you want us to open the floodgates, come and listen to our side of the story,' that's the message of the letter.

I pointed to the letter in Estella's hand, and her fingers tightened slightly.
As expected, she didn't crush the letter, but her heart must have wanted to do so.

'So, well, the floodgates are open. Tomorrow, I promise.'

I say this with certainty.
The demands of the BU, including the 29th district, are not in that area.

'That sounds fishy.
'Nah, BU's are always like that.

Lucia reacts to Estella's words to me, and Estella lets out a little chuckle.
Perhaps it was because she felt as if she was talking to Lucia, or perhaps she was thinking about the reputation of the BU guys.
With a wry smile on his face, he puts the letter away in his pocket.

'Anyway, we have to understand a trap as a trap and jump into it.
'That's what I mean.

Estella lets out a sigh of surprise.

'Anyway, let's inspect the situation in District 42. What? I'm coming with you. I won't let them do whatever they want.
'Yes, sir. I'm counting on you.

She's just a pervert, but Lucia is strangely reliable at times like this.

'Then, I'll go with Lucia-san to inspect.
'Oh, please wait!

When Estella and the others put their hands on the door to leave, Ginette came out of the kitchen, as if she had been there for some time.
She stops Estella and the others with her hands white and a plate of powdered beef in her hands.

'Um, if you don't mind, please come and have dinner with us. We've prepared a delicious meal and are waiting for you!

In the hands of Ginette, who was holding a beef cutlet that was apparently going to be made into a beef cutlet.
...... How happy was she?

'Yeah. I'll come back when I'm done.
'I'll be back to interrupt you.
'Yes!I'll be waiting for you.'

He bowed deeply, not caring that his hands were covered in powder.
After seeing Ginette like that, Estella and Lucia left the sunlit pavilion.

'Please, you are the head of the river fishing guild, guide us to the river.
'Oh, I'll leave it to you!

Slapping her chest, Delia leaves after Estella and the others, and Gilberta follows her.

After all the guests had disappeared, Ginette turned to us and said with a smile on her face.

'Then I'll go make a delicious meal!

With an expression so sparkling that you'd think she was a reincarnation of the Milky Way, Ginette walked back into the kitchen.
...... Are you going to cook now?We're talking about dinner, right?
It's only mid-morning, remember?

'......Yashiro. Emergency.'

Again, I don't know how long I've been on the move, but Magda comes out of the kitchen, scuttling over to me.

'............ Beef Cutlet Ran'.
'Nyoho~!What's this?

Again, I hear Loretta's voice from the kitchen, apparently having been on the move for some time.

You can find a lot more information on this at .......

'............ There was a group of beef cutlets submerged in the hot oil.'
'We're a cutlet shop? ......'
'......Including those that had been prepped, there were well over twenty of them.'
'Ooh ......'

Ginette's food is delicious.
I always tell people it's good, and other people say it's good too.
But today's praise seems to have gone a little too far.

Ginette's culinary spirit has been engulfed in the fires of ............. He's the kind of guy who gets into things. If you're looking for the best way to get the most out of your time with your family and friends, you're in the right place, Ginette.

I'm not sure what to say.

That 'incantation' was probably humming. Ginette has a unique sense of rhythm. ......

'......Yashiro. Needs to be addressed.'
'I can only offer beef cutlets today.'

What a surprise. ......
Is that what this is?
Is this what you call a 'bush snake'?Or is it 'gourd to pawn'?Or is it the fruit of a lie?

Anyway, I've got to do something.

'Lucia is coming for dinner, so we'll have the whole place to ourselves.

Lucia's true nature must be kept out of sight as much as possible.

'So let's put the second and seventh stores in front of the store and serve beef cutlet sandwiches there.

We can't use bread because of the price, so let's sandwich it between tortillas.
A beef cutlet with shredded cabbage and a generous amount of honey mustard would be something like that.
If you set up a table in front of the restaurant and make it look like a beer garden, it will look pretty good.

'...... Understood. I'll arrange it right away.
'Then I'll mobilize some of my younger siblings!I'm also going to make an announcement on the main street!'Today is the Beef Cutlet Festival'!

The reliable employees split into two groups and started to act.
After watching their backs as they ran out of the restaurant, I got down to my work.

For now, ......

I'm not sure what to do.

No matter how many measures you take, you'll be in the red if they make more than you can handle.