352-Additive-free Episode 7 commonly known as bandits

The prison was set up in the basement of a rather large and ostentatious facility. Inside was a woman in her late teens with long bangs hanging down over her face and a long, thin tail. Was she a Saruman?
She was wearing a tattered, dirty tank top. She had a black hoodie wrapped around her waist, and I guessed that she would wear it during the night raids.
His pants were a pair of torn denim-like pants that seemed to be made only of sturdy material, and the hem of these pants was also torn, exposing everything from the thigh to the right side.

When we came to the front of the jail, the monkey woman glanced at us from behind her hanging bangs, and then looked away.

'Is this the only prison here?

Estella's voice sounded strange, as if she thought she had received an unexpected question.

'No, this is a special place, it's where we keep the suspects of that ...... difficult case.'

Estella says that this facility is a combination of a jail and a detention center, and is called the Forty-two District Jail, commonly known as the 'Jail'.

'It's strange to call it a normal ......, but it's a separate prison where prisoners are held.'
'I see. That's good to know.

There is only one cell in this basement, and there is only one monkey woman in the cell.
There are guards, but they are hidden from the prison, so the monkey woman will be truly alone.

If that is the case, it might be easy to get her to talk.

I glance over at the monkey woman.
Her exposed arms and right leg are both thin. She looks muscular, but that's just because she's too skinny to have muscles floating around.
Poor thing, not enough fat and not enough milk.
She has the potential of a D, but is currently a B. ......

'Still, it's more than Estella, though.
'Do you want to go home?Or do you want me to put you in here?

You don't even know what you're talking about.
Estella looks a little tired. I suggest you eat a lot of sweets and get some rest.

She brushed aside my caring gaze and approached the prison.
She stands in front of the prison, but without touching it, she calls out to the monkey woman inside.

'Isn't it about time you told me your name?

Completely ignored.
Not a single sarcastic word.
She refuses all contact and hugs her knees against the wall, as if she can't see Estella's presence.
...... Triangle sitting, huh.

'...... Huh. That's how it is.

There's nothing you can do about it.

All the while she was observing the monkey woman, but the monkey woman did not move an inch.
The moment Estella turned her back, I thought she would show some kind of reaction. ......

'My lord, ...... may I have a word?

Yap Lock stood in front of Estella, his hands on his chest and his head bowed.
He asks the lord to speak to the monkey woman. He is polite to Estella, or rather he is very formal.

'Don't go too close to the prison.

With that warning, he opens the front of the yap lock.
It's dangerous to approach a cage with criminals in it.
Criminals who have been quiet could suddenly attack you. You don't want to be within their reach. Especially if you're not used to roughhousing, like Yap Lock.

'That ...... lady.'

Yaplock speaks in a calm voice.
Careful, like touching a broken object.

'Can I tell you a story, please?

Still, the monkey woman keeps her mouth shut.

'...... He, have you eaten?

I ask Estella in a whisper so as not to disturb Yap Lock.
The monkey woman is too skinny for me to see.
She's been trapped here for about a day. It's okay for now, but if she doesn't eat anything at this point, the worst could happen.

'I'm feeding you. It's not gluttonous, but it's not terrible, just normal food. ......, but he won't eat any of it.'
'Is there such a thing as a truth serum in this city?
'Well, I've heard of ...... them, but... I don't have one. But Regina has .......'
'No, I don't want it.

If it was common knowledge in this town that such a potion existed, he wouldn't be willing to eat what he was offered.
He's trying to protect someone he's hiding from.
Well, the "someone" is pretty much a target, though.

If that monkey woman is in that situation, ...... we might have to hurry a bit.

'I understand that you are trying to protect someone. I used to be one of them.'

Yap Lock desperately pleads.
He wants to learn from the mistakes he's made in the past, and not let the younger generation make the same mistakes.

'Right now, maybe you're feeling hopeless about your life. You may think that your future is gone. But that's just your imagination. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean your future is gone.

Her words were filled with emotion.
He leaned forward, frustratedly letting out the emotions he wanted to convey but couldn't get them into words.

'You are still young. You can start over now!There are many hard times. But you are not alone. There are people who want to protect you, who will do anything to protect you. Isn't that right?

Faintly, the monkey woman's face looked down.
Seeing this, Yap Lock accelerated his words further.

'I have no intention of charging you with a serious crime. I will forgive all if you reflect on your actions and change your mind and swear to live an honest life. The lord of my district is a very kind man. He's not the kind of person who would deny someone out of hand. You can start over. If you can admit who you are in your own words.

Saroo doesn't move.
Her shoulders stopped rising and falling, and she remained silent as if she wasn't even breathing.

Yap Lock became impatient with the monkey woman who showed no reaction.
Grabbing the prison with both hands, he leaned forward to make his voice heard and shouted.

'You're not supposed to be here!I know you have someone you want to protect!If you don't protect him, who will?It's easy to run away!It's easy to run away! But what will happen to the person left behind when you're gone?Are you going to make them bear the pain that you couldn't bear?It's not grace, it's escape.

They started moving almost simultaneously.
The only difference was that Estella reached Yap Rock faster because she was closer.

The monkey woman suddenly stood up and attacked Yaplock.
She grabbed the body of the white octopus that was attached to the prison, and her arms came at him with a ferocity that made him want to break them.
Just in the nick of time, Estella ripped Yaplock out of her cell, and the monkey woman's hands went flying.

'Just let me tell you, ......!

Extending her cut-through arm from between the bars, the monkey woman repeatedly slammed into the bars in an attempt to capture Yap Lock's body.

'What do you know?Don't talk to me like you know what you're talking about!

The first time I heard her voice, it was a little husky and terrifying.

She glared at Yap Lock with bloodshot eyes and let out a ragged breath through clenched teeth.
After shaking the cell for a minute or so, the monkey woman clucked her tongue and walked back to the wall.

Yaplock sat on the floor, his face pale and frozen.
It was no use, he'd just been hit by a real killer.

'I told you. Don't go near the jail.'
'............ I'm sorry, my lord. My lord.'

Yaplock's jaw quivered.
He was unusually hot. That trembling wasn't just from fear.
It's like the after-effects of a raging emotion welling up inside of him. He's probably going to be very depressed after this. ......

'Yeah ...... I'll follow up on that. I'll tell the waiter to send you some yap rocks. I'll also tell Wuerer to take care of the yap locks.'

Looking down at the slumped Okojie, we have a secret conversation.
When Yaplock stops shaking, we'll have him pull out as soon as possible. Yap Lock shouldn't come here for a while.
I've been thinking about my past, and I just want to do something about it.

At all.

'Yap Lock.'

I squat down and put my hand on Yap Lock's too-slouchy shoulder.

'Don't do something you're not used to. It's not cool.'

But, hey, don't worry, don't worry.

'............ haha. It doesn't go as well as the heroes. ......'
'Of course it does. What?Did you think you were in line with me?
'No, that's not true!I'm still a young man. ......'

No, no, no. You're older than me.

'But well, I got some good information.'
'What, with the ...... exchange we just had?

Yeah, I did.
That monkey b*tc* got so pissed off because it was right on the money.

When people get angry, it's usually when they're insulted or when they've been wronged.

'Do you want to help him?
'Go to ......?
'He's the bandit who messed up your field, remember?If he hadn't ...... been in that field with Tot and Cheryl, who knows what would have happened?

It's just lucky that no one was harmed.

'Would you still want to help someone like that?'

Thinking long and hard, Yap Lock opened his mouth.
With unwavering determination.

'I think. I sense something ...... in her that compelled her to do so. Something similar to the way I used to be before I met you, Hero.

There must be a reason. So I want to help the bandits who attacked my house. ......?
Huh. You're an idiot, you know that?

'...... sweet, isn't it?
'Yeah, you're sweet. And Estella is thin.'
'Yashiro. I'll be standing right behind you, okay?


I'm not sure what to make of that.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll do fine.

'...... can you do it?
'It can't be today,......, but if you give me a week or so.
'A week............, yes. We'll have to wait and see.
'Oh. That's fine.

A week is a generous deadline.
We'll probably get it done a little sooner.
I'll have a plan for that, too.

So, I'll stop the whispering I've been doing to keep the monkey lady from hearing and say it in a clear voice.
Before that, I'll give Estella a sign.
Point your thumb at the prison and tell her to watch.

'Don't be reckless, Yap Lock. What would you do if something happened to you? You have a family, don't you?'
'Yeah, ............ yeah, well. Yes, I do.'
'You have a naughty boy, a young girl, and a beautiful wife who is also a good mother to both of them, right?

Having said all that, he turns his gaze to Estella.
Has there been any change?--And.

Estella then held up two fingers as she casually looked towards the prison.
Number two ...... little girl, huh.

'What's the name of your sister?
'Well, my name is Cheryl.'
'Oh yeah, Cheryl. She's five this year, right?
'I'll be six.
'Wow, you're that big already? You grow up so fast.''
'Thanks to you.
'Then he's at his most adorable now. It's so much fun to watch them grow, isn't it?'
'Yes, it is.'

I glanced at Estella's face and saw the corners of her mouth lifted slightly.
It seems we have achieved a good result.
Then, let's finish the stone.

'So, don't do anything dangerous again. Who's going to protect my little girl when you're gone? 'You won't even be able to feed her well, and of course she'll be sad when you're gone.' 'You may be fine on your own, but the world isn't sweet enough for a little girl to live on her own!
'Ha, ha......, I'm well aware of that. ......'

I blocked Yap Lock's mouth as he tried to speak.
No need to reply.
It's not like I was talking to you.

'Then let's go home. Go home to your family who's waiting for you.'
'Yes, sir. Would you like to come to my home at ......?'

I left the prison at the back of Yap Lock, who didn't quite understand.
I left before he could say anything else.

After leaving the basement, I went to the reception room on the ground level to do some checking.
I sit across from Estella on a rather cheap leather sofa.
I sent Yaplock home. He needs to stay out of it. He'll get more and more emotional and try to plead innocence.

'You're amazing. How did you manage to get so much information out of that stubborn suspect in such a short time?'
'He was just a simple man.'
'Yes, it was. ...... She must be a pure and gentle girl, isn't she?

I said 'simple'. Don't make it sound so good on your own.

'She's trying to protect a little girl, probably around five years old. She didn't respond to the words 'naughty boy' or 'mother.

When you're locked up alone in a prison cell, the only thing you can think about is your loved ones.
In such a situation, when your mind is filled with your loved ones, you can't help but react when the topic comes up.

This is called the cocktail party effect.
Even in a noisy place such as a party hall, we naturally hear words that are relevant to us.
It is the same as when you hear a song you know in the background music of a noisy pub.
The cocktail party effect is more effective when the words are related to you, such as your name, your favorite things, your interests, or things you miss.

This is why it becomes more difficult.
When you have been thinking about something that is important to you and you have been thinking about it for a long time, you cannot ignore it when it is brought up.
There is a difference between no reaction and a slight reaction, no matter how slight.

But it also requires skill on the part of those who put up antennas to detect it.

'How did you notice the change?
'Because I saw her apnea just before.

In the middle of Yap Lock's story, the monkey woman turned her head and fell completely silent.
A preliminary move before the hunt, different from no reaction. It was the reaction of being on the edge of your seat, watching for an opening.

'Because I could compare it to that, I could be sure of even the slightest reaction from her. 'Bingo.'

Then, I focused on the words that the monkey girl had reacted to, and put together a few words to guide her.

'She didn't react as much as she did at first, but she definitely heard you,' he said. Then she scrambled to her knees.

The action of covering the front of the chest, like sitting in a triangle, is a sign of anxiety.
Maybe she was trying to suppress the anxiety in her body by shrinking down.

'It's hard to say what exactly, but ...... she has a little sister she needs to protect - or a girl who may not be related to her by blood. That's what it looked like to me.'
If that's what you saw, you're not far off. However, if your first reaction was to the fact that she was still young, then her gender might be male.
'That's true. But it doesn't matter either way--'
'Oh. He needed to get food or money for the little guy.

If you think about it that way, you can guess that he wanted the popcorn to make the little guy happy.
However, I don't understand why he attacked the raw materials. ............ It may simply be that the raw materials were the first thing that came to mind when he heard the word "popcorn".
If he was attacking vendors as prey, he would have seen the raw materials more often than not. Finished products are bought in stores.
Maybe it's even simpler than that, and he doesn't know what finished popcorn is.
Well, that's not important.

Anyway, the monkey woman was probably aiming at the 'popcorn that young children like' that she heard somewhere.

'I guess those last words worked pretty well ......'.

Estella says apologetically.
The last words--

'Then let's go home. To your family waiting for you.''

A place that the monkey woman could not return to.
A clear and vivid reminder of that.
Sure, you'll be impatient. You may not be able to sleep tonight.

'But that's all for the sake of getting it over with. It's more of an act of kindness, in my opinion.
'Your kindness is hard for the sensible public to understand.'

He said this with a hard smile, and still agreed with my methods.

'If she really has such a young child, we should solve it as soon as possible. I'm worried about her, too.

It's hard to imagine that a child being raised by someone who can only get by by robbing others is learning how to live honestly.
In addition, the monkey woman herself, the worker, is too thin.
A child's physical strength is not worth much. ...... time is not much.

'Huh ......, I hope you trust me and let me tell you the story ......'.
'Don't be absurd. Even Paula and the others had things they couldn't tell us, you know?What can you talk about with someone you've never met before, and who's hostile to you?
'......, right? .................. Oh, I'm pretty bummed about this one, aren't I?
'Which is the ...... case this time?'
'The diet one: ......'

You got Loretta to talk to.
I've got no one....... d*mn it.

'......Yashiro, what can I do for you?'
'......Which one are you talking about?'
'The bandits.'

My mind is wandering all over the place.
Estella's in a real funk, isn't she? Don't let too many things get to you.

'If you give me certain privileges, or...'
'In a week?
'In about a week, yeah.'
'...... What do you want?'
'Hmmm... ......'

I hold out my hand towards Estella.
With my palm facing up, in a 'give me' pose.

'............Eh, money?'
'No. The key to the jail.
'Eh ............, ...... are you serious?'

I stared back at Estella's bewildered face with a big smile on my face.
I'm sure you'll be happy with the results. Mmmmm ............