351-No additives Episode 6 Leaving Yodari-tei

'Okay, six hundred push-ups!
'Wait, Delia-san!It's the first time, so please go a little lighter!
'Hmm, is that so?Then, ......, give me six hundred light push-ups!
'No, you're not!I just realized that's not what I meant!

After finishing the morning donation and returning to the sunny pavilion, Delia began her "simple basic physical fitness". ...... Thank God, I'm not on the victim's side.
I'm not sure what to make of it.

You're beastmen, right?
'But you don't have the same power as Delia-san!
'Besides, we're not in top form right now. ......'
'I'm not that good at exercise. ......'
''You're going to get fat if you keep complaining about it!
'''Don't say you're getting fat'''!

These girls are at an age where even the slightest comment can bother them.
I probably shouldn't be in the room.

''Ginette. Are you sure you don't mind if I leave this to you?''
'Yes, I am. I'm sure you'll all be worried about a lot of things when Yashiro is around.

'People make funny faces and voices when they're training hard. 'N-d-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh! And so on.
It's better if I'm not here.

'Okay, I'll be back in the evening.
'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to kick you out.'
'What? Don't worry about it. I've got things to do.'

I give my regards to Ginette and the other instructors, call out to the three students, and leave the sunlit pavilion.

'Let's go check on Magda for now.

I'm thinking of going to Yap Rock's, but if I'm going to see Magda, I'd better do it before Cantartika starts. I'm not used to working in a restaurant. It would be different in terms of time management.

So, I came to the main street first. ...... I met some unexpected people there. Two of them.

I'm sure you'll agree.I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a fan of your work.
'...... Where did you get this information?It's not even open yet.

It was decided yesterday after the store closed that Magda would start working at Cantalucia today, and now it's not even open yet. ...... He's got some kind of psychic powers, doesn't he?

It's a good thing that Umaro is already too late, but the other person was unexpected.

'Hey, ladybug. Good morning.
'Millie ......, is that a delivery?

Early in the morning, Millie was in Kantartika.
And she's wiping down the table and stuff.

'You know, ...... Magda, I told you, I'm sure you'll be lonely. ............ If it were you, Miry, you'd probably be lonely staying alone. I'm sure you'll be lonely. ...... So I thought I'd stay with you.
'Millie ......'

What a nice girl you are!
Why can't you be my daughter now?
I want to hug her!I want to hug her.

'...... Sir, please don't touch the dancer.'

Just as I was about to hug Millie, a mop handle was thrust at my chin.
It's Magda.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
'...... If you're going to hug me, it should be Magda.'
'Well, ...... are you okay with that?

It was.
I came to give Magda a pep talk.

'Magda. Are you okay?'
'...... It's a slightly different form, but it's Magda, so she's fine.'
'...... And Millie says she can help, too.'
'Is that so?'
'Mm-hmm. I asked the guild leader for a day off.

Even Millie took time off from her work to go to ......

'You're not overworking yourself, are you?
I'm sorry. I'm worried about you, too,......, and the big sisters in the guild are also a little concerned about the dieting of the younger ones,.......

Early morning.
In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site. And then the guild leader and the guild's hag ...... and the big girls sent her off.
Incidentally, Magda said that while she was in Kantartika, she would concentrate on the business of Kantartika and did not participate in the morning donation.

The kids are screaming.
Let them spoil you when they come back to the sunny pavilion, 'Magda-neechan'.

'Come and get me if you need anything. Even if we change workplaces, the relationship between Magda and I will never change.

Magda's tail snapped up!--And stands up straight.
Then he wraps his arms around me and pulls me toward his head.
Okay, okay, okay!I'll pet it, don't pull.

'............ Mwah!
'Really ......, are you okay, Magda?'
'...... Yashiro and Magda are always connected at heart. So I'm fine.'

Magda is beginning to stand on her own, despite being spoiled.
He's really grown up. His mind.
He'll be an adult soon.

'The ...... connection often looks a little obscene.
'You'll have to wait a little longer to become an adult in that direction. See?Hey!

Oh, no. We may have to hurry up and isolate Regina and Natalia.
Oh, so Javier and Umaro are in danger too?
I don't know why there are so many perverts in this city!

...... haha!That's right!

'Magda and Milly ...... and if word gets out that my sisters are helping out in this store, ...... Javier will come, so be very careful!
'...... Don't worry. If the situation arises, I'll summon the Javier killer (Imelda).

That's a relief, but ......


Magda gently places her hand on my chest as my anxiety continues to grow.

'...... Magda is fine. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

He tells me to trust him more.
And me and Jeannette for raising her like that.

'Oh, ...... that's right.'

He's really grown up, hasn't he?
...... Oh, no. I'm going to cry. ............

I lifted my chin lightly to keep the tears from flowing.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.

'...... And if something should happen and the store goes under, Cantalucia will be safe.
'It's not safe, man!
'...... Magda has a sunlit pavilion.'
'That's true, but!Aaaaah, I wonder if I'll be okay!I'm suddenly getting anxious!

This girl, ...... scares me.
Well, I'm sure, maybe, just maybe, Maeve, she'll turn out all right. I want to believe that. Let me believe that. ......

I quickly forgot Magda's words, which were probably a joke, and left Cantalucia.
Magda and the others had to prepare the store, and I was worried about Yap Rock.

We returned to the main road and stepped into the street.
A little further on, past the sunlit pavilion, a path to a corn farm appears in the middle of the road.
It is a sturdy, well-trodden path.

There is no way we could have missed it due to the overgrown grass as we did in the past.
This is where carts carrying large quantities of corn and corn flour frequently come and go.
Since the collaboration with Cantalcica, the recognition of tacos has increased, and the number of bars that sell tacos is increasing. In proportion to this, the consumption of corn flour, the raw material for tortillas, is also increasing.
Yap Lock's customers are no longer limited to sunny-side up restaurants.

Well, I haven't seen you in a while, Yap Lock.
He does business through the peddler's guild and seldom comes to our side.
It seems that Yaplock is busy with the increased demand.
I didn't pay much attention to him, thinking that his lack of news was a sign that he was doing well.
I didn't expect that the first time he came after a long absence would be on such an errand.

'...... Ahhh. Here it is again.

A corner of the cornfield had been ransacked.
There were clear signs that someone without any knowledge of corn harvesting had attempted to rob it.
There were stalks that had been pulled out by the roots and left behind, and shredded corn that had been forcibly cut with knife-like objects.
It's so much easier to get it. ......

When I saw the damage, I felt as if a golden tree had been cut down, and a sense of injustice spread in my heart.
In the meantime, I went to Yap Rock's house, which had been somewhat renovated, to hear his story.
The Yaploks, despite the money they must have made, are not extravagant. The size of the house has not changed that much.
I was told that they had added rooms for their son and daughter, Tot and Cheryl, but other than that, they had only renovated the old floors and roof.

He only spends money on his kids. ......


I walked up to the house and saw Cheryl playing in the yard.

'Hey, Cheryl!

Cheryl came running towards me with her hands in the air.
The toy still looks like dried popcorn. It must be her favorite. ...... It would be worth a fortune if you did it right. ...... It's a luxurious toy.

'Yachiro, how are you?
'Oh. I'm fine. How's Cheryl?
'I'm having fun!

Oh, I see.
I was just asking how you're doing. You need to learn a little more. If we don't, we'll end up on the Loretta track.

'Do you want a yap lock?
'I don't need it anymore, do I?
'Oh, yeah. One is enough. Not your 'Do you need one? I mean, is he home?
'No, I'm not!

Cheryl tells me as she pats my inner thighs with dried popcorn. ...... That thing you're holding is a foodstuff, not a blunt instrument. Remember that.

'Do you know where it went?
'Hmmm... ......'

Cheryl tilts her head and gouges me in the stomach with her crunchy popcorn (which is now a weapon).
Hahaha, Cheryl~. I'm about to get my hands on you~?

'Yes!Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!

Yap Lock is in jail for stealing!
I'm guessing he's not going to ............, he's going to jail for being caught robbing.
Maybe they're interviewing him.
So that means we should go to Estella's place.

'Thanks, Cheryl.
'Yachiro, can I come back?
'Oh. If you're lonely, you should go visit the church. We've got a new playground and lots of friends to have fun with.'
'Yeah!I'll ask him when he's ready to go to church!
'Wait a minute!What kind of conversation did you learn that kind of language?Huh?You're not really being held captive, are you, Yap Lock?
'Sorry, Cheryl!I'm starting to get worried, so don't leave me!
'Yeah!Bye, Yachiro!

No, no.
She's probably just memorizing words from a conversation and copying them without knowing what they mean.
I try to tell myself that, but the anxiety in me is growing.
I'm sure you'll be fine, Yap Lock, but I'm coming to get you!

Even though I knew this would not be the case, I aimed for Estella's mansion at full speed.

'Oh, Hero-sama!It's been a while.
'It's ............, isn't it? I've been thinking about it for a while.
'Yashiro ......, are you alright?'

I went to Estella's house and found Yaplock and Estella in the garden, I knew what I was doing but I felt strangely relieved and lay down on the ground.
...... Oh, I'm dying. My heart hurts so much I'm dying.

'......I want to take Yap Rock down with me. ......'
'Oh, sir!Did I do something to offend you?
'Don't worry. I'm sure it's just a result of the cycle of fate. In short, it's nothing to be concerned about.

You idiot, Estella.
There's a saying, 'The fate of the child goes around to the parent'. ............ Or is it the other way around?

'I've been to your house.'
'Well, thank you again for your time.'
'I met Cheryl in the garden, and she said something that made me uneasy, and I got a little nervous.

'Cheryl is, is it?

'That's also rude ......,' says Yap Lock, bowing his head.
But then he tilts his head.

'I thought my wife, Wuerer, and my son, Tot, were in the house. ......'

...... Oh, by the way, they came over here before I could reach the house!
I'm not sure if I could have gotten accurate information from Uehler if I had gone inside the house!I'm not sure what to do.

'If you're here, let me know in advance at .......'
'I'm sorry, sir!
'No, Yap Lock. You don't have to apologize at all, it's just a matter of taking it out on me.'

Estella has a point. I can't help it. I'm done talking about this.
So don't peek at me with that smirk on your face, Estella.

'So what's Yap Lock doing here?Are you discussing damages?'
'Oh, no. It's not like that, but ...... there's something that's been bothering me a bit.

He said this and looked at Estella.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

'If you're worried about Estella's gouty state, I'm sorry to ...... tell you that.
'If you don't want to talk seriously, go home, Yashiro.'
'Then seriously, Estella's gouge is at a dangerous level: ......'
'Go home!

Estella tries to tighten my neck.
You, with your middle finger, are definitely going to crush my windpipe, aren't you!The destructive power of a joke is beyond me. You know?

'The bandits we caught are keeping quiet.
'Silence, huh?

That's what Natalia said.
That's why you don't know who they are.

'Are you going to let them see you and decide the charges?'
'Not exactly. ...... But still, you know, ......'

Estella looks confused.
Oh, that's sweet.
With that kind of attitude, criminals will gather in the 42nd district. 'They'll get off lightly there.' 'They can do all the crimes they want! You know.

'Well, we can't waste any more time, so if you continue to keep silent, we'll have to impose a suitably heavy punishment.

I wonder if the bandit thinks that's okay.

'Have you told the bandit about this?
'Of course I did. I've tried to convince him many times that keeping quiet would only create a disadvantage for you.
'But he wouldn't tell me anything.
'Frankly, I can't help you.

The bandit seems to be quite stubborn.
The psychology of criminals who remain stubbornly silent can be divided into several patterns.
In the case of Japan, where the law is well established, the accused has the right to be protected by remaining silent, and has the advantage of refraining from saying anything that would be detrimental. If the defendant remains silent and the defense attorney is able to make adequate preparations to turn the situation around, the defendant may be able to win the case. If you want to buy time for that purpose, silence is an effective way.
However, if the defense attorney is not good, it is just a way to buy time. If there is no deep meaning or intention, and you are just keeping silent because you don't know what to do, then silence has no effect.

However, this All Bloom's world is one where punishment is determined by something as vague as "discretion of the nobility". As in the Japanese law, the possibility that silence will produce good results is extremely small.
This is because it is very annoying to be kept silent.
It only gives a bad impression to the aristocrat who is the judge.
But what are the cases in which you should keep silent?

One is a death-defying rebellion that refuses to bow down to the nobility. They are willing to die for their pride.
The other is when you are defending someone.
When a person believes that speaking out will somehow harm someone in particular, he stubbornly keeps his mouth shut.
In either of these cases,......, and to add to the mix, there is the case of a stubborn idiot who doesn't know what to do. But let's leave that out of the equation. If he's just an idiot, it's useless to think about what he's thinking.

So, if you have to choose between being ready to die and being protective of someone, would ............ popcorn be enough to make you think about dying?Probably not.
If he was a bandit pretending to be a proud bandit, he wouldn't have destroyed the field like that. That's not smart. You can see his lack of forethought.

I think it's best if he's protecting someone.

'I wanted to feed popcorn to someone. But that someone is ......, who you don't want to tell even if it kills you.'
'I'm afraid so, too. That's why it's ....... I'm willing to take the time to listen to you. ...... Sweet, huh?

What are you worried about?
It's not the first time you've been naive.
I know all about your naivety.
So I'll affirm it with all my might. You're naive.

'Ah, yes. You're thin!'
'Don't change your adjectives!

I'm sorry.I just did. I got it wrong. Heh.

'But you see, Estella. Your sweetness and thinness are your strengths.'
'Thinness is not an advantage!I'm not thin!Can you please stop that 'I complimented you~' resentful look?

Estella, who is always noisy no matter where she is, makes a long and energetic comment in one breath. You're a pro. Well done.

'I'd like to meet that bandit.
'Oh, you're interested?
'Well, I heard they were after popcorn.

One wrong move and the Sunlit Pavilion, Shop No. 2 and Shop No. 7 could have been ransacked like that cornfield. And if you're unlucky enough to find your sisters there,............, Magda might be able to turn the tables on them, but it's tough on the non-Magda employees.
I would like to have some proof that this is not an organized crime.

'Well, I'll show you around.
'Um, my lord, my hero!

Yap Lock stepped in between us, his small hands reaching out desperately.

'Please let me come with you. I want to see that woman again and hear her story.'

'The woman?

'Okay, but ......, I don't think you can. ......'
'Still, I'd like to try again......'
'Hey . Is this bandit a woman?'
'Yes, but?

A woman. ......
If so, that's a different story.

If you continue to keep silent and displease the lords and nobles while you are in custody, you may be sentenced to the maximum penalty. Anyone who lives in this city knows that, unless they are a newborn child.

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the following web site: .......

If the bandit is a woman, the candidates are narrowed down.
In most cases, it is easier for a man to get food. Unless it's someone like Mikel of the Aphid People, whose stamina is one-third that of a normal person.
The most likely candidate is ...... a child.
If it is a young child, it has no ability to get food, and it makes sense that it would be a target that you would want to protect with your life.

'Don't the bandits have young children?
'How about that ......?'

But Estella looked reluctant.

'She--she didn't tell me anything, so I'm just judging from her appearance--she looks about the same age as us.

I see. ......
No, well, that's not to say there aren't any. ......

'I'm thinking that a sister or brother would be more appropriate.
'I see. That sounds like a good story.

'For the sake of my younger siblings, huh?

'That's why I want to know what she's really thinking. ......'

Yap Lock grasped his small hands and shook them.

'...... I want to know if I'm using the wrong means to protect the powerless.

Yap Lock, who had once been willing to sacrifice himself for his family.
That idea has been repented of,......, but I understand the feeling.

'Let me see him for now.
'Okay, okay. ...... I'm sorry I dragged you out after all.

He sends an apology.
I think Estella was at a standstill and couldn't get out of her own way.
Hmmm ......

'The store is temporarily closed, so I'm free. ...... I'm just killing time.

I'm sure you'll be able to help me out. I'm not sure what to do.

I was about to say that the reward would be expensive, but then I stopped myself.
Probably because I realized that Ginette and Magda were slowly changing. Only now, I couldn't bring myself to play with such platitudes.

'Lead the way, please.

Estella took me to the prison that stood a short distance away from the lord's house.