350-It's because episode 5 is important.

In the middle of the night, the three who collapsed were gathered at the Sunken Pavilion.
It was a forced detention using the authority of the lord.
Abuse of power?Yeah, that's right, but what?

'Oh, that ...... manager .......'
'Hey, hey ...... something, aren't you guys afraid of the atmosphere ......?'
'Well,......, I'm, you know, in my nightie,............, and Yashiro is here,....... '

The floor of the sunlit pavilion has a space in the middle with desks and chairs against the wall and futons for three people laid out there.
It may be a little cold, but you'll have to put up with it for now.

Loretta, Paula, and Nephrite, who are too dizzy to stand up, are lying on the futon surrounded by us.

Magda took care of Loretta, Norma took care of Paula, and Delia took care of Nephrite.
I set up the sunlit pavilion. Estella worked hard to explain the situation to each family.
'Your daughter, we'll be borrowing her for a while.'

And to Natalia...

'For now, I went around to the houses with daughters of the same age as Loretta and her family, but it seems that many of them are on the same kind of diet.

I asked her to find out about the dieting situation in the forty-two districts.
I apologize to the families for barging in suddenly in the middle of the night, but Natalia told me that some parents were worried that their daughters had suddenly stopped eating.
That one needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.

'You guys. Do you know why you were collected?
'Yeah ............ that ......'

Loretta was flustered. Paula and Nephrite just look at each other and don't say anything. They can't say anything.

The three of you look around anxiously.
Lying there, surrounded by familiar faces with fearful expressions, they must feel uneasy.
Me and Norma, Delia and Natalia, Magda and Regina.
Then there was Millie, who had gone to visit Nephrite, and Bertina and Imelda, who had heard what had happened while Natalia was going from house to house.

And standing in the middle of all of them was Ginette, who still hadn't said a word to him.

She seems to be in a very frightening state.
Incidentally, I told Osina to go home, but she is still there, saying, 'I might be able to help.
I'll ignore her for now.


Ginette said calmly, and the three anemic people shook their shoulders.
It's the kind of power that makes even Bertina afraid, Ginette. Even I would feel the pressure of a hole in my stomach from stress if I were to face her.

'I understand your situation. I understand what you've been doing and what you haven't.'

He may be referring to the fact that he was on a diet and not eating.
The three of them, who were all familiar with the situation, shrugged their shoulders and turned their heads like little kids who had been caught playing a prank.

'I'm angry ...... but more than that I'm sad .................. '

At these words, Loretta looks up.
She looks like she's about to cry.

'Until a little over a year ago, we couldn't even eat, but thanks to the hard work and kindness of Yashiro, Estella and so many others, we have become incredibly wealthy. We can always eat a full meal and almost forget about starving. ......'

Guilt spread across the faces of Loretta and the others.
Ginette is angry at them for wasting the meal--not that she's angry at them.

'Would you all have preferred not to eat the meal?

What Jeannette is angry about is--

'Were the efforts that Yashiro-san, Estella-san, and many others have worked so hard to accumulate so far annoying to you?
'No, it's not!
'Yes, it is!I'm very grateful to you too!Neffery too, right?
'Of course I am!I'm so happy and I love you guys so much that I can't even ...... be bothered to ............'.
'Then you all can go to ......'

--choose to give up eating.

'......Do you deny that you live?

Eating is an essential act for living beings to survive.
The human race has overcome hunger and won insatiable appetite through its wisdom and technology.
So we tend to lose sight of it.

So it is easy to lose sight of the importance of being grateful for food.

Ginette was heartbroken every day of her life when she had to discard scrap vegetables because she couldn't use them all.

We are not trying to tell you not to leave food, not to eat anything if you are grateful, not to go on a diet, not to be stupid, not to stop.
I just want to say out loud that you should not waste food. I want you to be grateful.

But that's not what Jeannette is angry about.

'I think that refusing to eat, even when you are aware that you are straining yourself and your body is actually experiencing changes, is the same as refusing to live .......'

Don't try to die to lose weight.

That's what it is.
Even if it's unconscious, we want to stop it.
That's not what beautiful is.
If your waist is thin, if your legs are thin, does that make you beautiful?
The 'beauty' that you want to obtain by worrying about the people around you, endangering your health, and wearing out your life, is a pale face that is dying, a weakness that makes it impossible to stand properly, and skin stuck to the bones that is wildly deficient in vitamins.

''The Sunken Pavilion will be closed until everyone has fully recovered.

Loretta and the others shouted.
The Sunny Pavilion is Ginette's reason for living, her life itself.
Maybe no one cares that the "Open All Year Round" written on the promotional T-shirts is a lie ...... or something like that. Or maybe you've forgotten, or maybe you think that no one would use the "Judgment of the Spirits" for such a thing. Or are they so shocked that they don't care about it in the first place?

That Ginette is taking a break from Sunny Day Pavilion.
She's been keeping the place open even when she's not here. She's taking a break.

That may have made the three of them realize the gravity of the situation.
The three of them had serious expressions on their faces, as if they had done something that could not be undone.

'The closure of the Sunlit Pavilion is my punishment. Please don't worry about it.
'What punishment?I didn't do anything wrong, manager!
'That's right, Jeannette!We just collapsed on our own. ......'
'There's no need for you to take a break from the Sunshine Pavilion ......!
'No. Even though I'm Loretta's employer, I didn't notice anything unusual about her.''
'No,......, that's a secret I'll keep to myself,.......'
'And that's not all.

Ginette nonchalantly announced the decision.
The gap between this and the usual makes me even more anxious.

'I have no authority whatsoever. Nevertheless, it is my selfishness, my selfishness that has led me to punish you. It's ego, it's a gross deviation from order, it's an overreach.
'You're thinking too much, Jeannette!
'Yes, you are!We're the ones who were wronged. ...... Yes, I'm willing to take Ginette's punishment!I, too, have been a bit harsh lately, and I'm sorry about it. ...... So, Jeannette doesn't need to be punished. ......
'No, no. I've already made up my mind.

Paula's persuasion and Nephrite's suggestion will not reach Jeannette now.
She can't accept it.

Because Jeannette has made her own decision.

'I will punish you all. It will be a very painful and difficult punishment.

Loretta, Paula and Nephrite stare at Jeannette with tearful faces, unable to say anything.
To the untrained eye, it seems that these three have already reflected on their actions and understand the gravity of the situation.
But that's just the atmosphere of this place right now and Ginette's words.
'I think I'm in trouble,' 'I think I've done something terrible,' these are just the instantaneous feelings of frustration that have swelled up.

You can't escape the punishment that Ginette is trying to give you with such immediate emotions.
Such immediate remorse will ...... cause you to make the same mistake again. Not just in dieting, but in other situations as well.

You need to teach them something fundamentally important.

You need to realize that when you have a guilty feeling, you know it.
Make sure again that there is someone you don't want to say those guilty feelings to. Isn't that person important to you?Someone who cares enough about you to be angry with you.
At the very least, he should be someone you'd worry about, 'cause you'd worry about him if he knew you were thinking this way.
The very fact that you think that way is already ......

The fact that you think this means that there is someone important to you. Realize that.

'From now on, you're all going to sleep here...'

Someone who cares about you is here with you. Don't forget that.
...... can be surprisingly difficult to find. So let them remind you of that. You'll never forget it again. Thoroughly.

''--I'll have you eat a lot of very delicious food!

Ginette smiles.
The usual, gentle, enveloping smile.
Only, the corners of her eyes are slightly ...... reddened with tears.

I'm sure you'll find it hard to stomach something so heavy, so I'll make you some soup first. Please wait a little while.

After saying that, Jeannette quickly went into the kitchen.
I'll explain it from here.

'From now on, if I'm right, you three swear that you'll listen to Ginette. No defiance, no suspicion.'

With the three of them upright on the futon, at eye level, I crouched down and discussed what might have happened to them.

'At first, I lost almost one kilogram of weight just by skipping meals, and I thought, "This is good. However, after three days, I could not lose any more weight. Then, I thought, "I have to eat less," and I reduced the amount of food I ate even more. I went from eating three meals a day to eating two meals a day, then one meal a day, and in some cases I even fasted. Even so, I only lost a little weight, and when I couldn't hold back or was a little careless and ate a lot, I gained a surprising amount of weight. Then, I couldn't think straight and it became difficult to stand up. The only way to get rid of this dullness was to eat, but since I was gaining weight just by eating a little too much, if I went back to my original diet, I would gain weight in an instant.That's right, I'll just eat what I think will keep me from gaining weight so I can survive the hunger!I'm eating, I'll be fine, I won't collapse!If you work hard just for now, just for a little while, you will be skinny and beautiful. ...... And you have reached your limit. ...... Anyone have any objections?

The three of them all looked away from me neatly, sweat on their foreheads.
It seems that they were right on the money.

'Oh no. If I'd seen you, I would've hit you sooner to stop you.'
'But, but, Yashiro!I knew that fasting wasn't good for you, so I ate at least something nutritious!
'Wow, me too!I skipped some mornings, but I still ate ...... properly!
'By the way, tell me what you were eating and when.'
'Yeah, ...... and ............ don't you get angry?
'I'm angry. I mean, I'm already angry. If you don't want me to get angry anymore, answer honestly.'
'Yes, ............ and ......, and .......... ...I can't sleep when I'm hungry, so I try to eat something before I go to bed that will fill me up. ............'
'What exactly?
'An original dish of walnuts hardened with peanut butter: ......'
'I also ...... eat peanuts, which are light and crunchy, because our sausages are full of fat and make me fat. ...... before going to bed.'
'I also ate a lot of ............ bean sprouts. All over my plate!
'What's the seasoning?'
'Well, I get bored, so I use a variety of ...... miso, soy sauce, ............ strawberry jam, chocolate, etc. ............'

............I see.

''That'll make you fat.

The trio of three amusingly astonished beastmen idiot girls.
Yeah. You're the stupid girl trio until you get better. No rebuttals allowed.

'But, but, but, it's like this, right?

And Loretta turns her palm upward and lightly bends her fingers. It's about the size of a baseball.
...... Eating such a huge lump of peanut butter before going to bed will make you fat.

'Look. First of all, fundamentally, eating sweets at night makes you fat.
'''Why? Why?
''People have a life cycle, you know.

I'm going to explain the existence of calories and the balance between calorie intake and calorie consumption that makes us fat or thin, something that is very common in Japan.
Estella, Natalia, Norma and the others didn't seem to know this and listened to me with admiration.

'So, the human body consumes energy all the time, but it is at night that the consumption is the lowest.

If you want to lose weight, eat a lot in the morning and less in the evening.
However, fasting is not advisable.

You need muscles to burn fat, but if you skip meals, those muscles will lose weight. As a result, fat is not burned and the body becomes fat. That's exactly the kind of thing that will make you gain a lot of weight if you're not careful.

The trio of idiots turned pale.

'Also, the amount of calories you eat has nothing to do with how heavy or crunchy you feel.
'Huh!But you know, eating light food doesn't make you gain weight ......, right?'
'Hmm?What's wrong Paula. Is Loretta's stupidity contagious?'
'Oh, that's terrible, Yashiro!That's too much!
''And you're saying that, Paula, it's terrible enough!

I'll tell you something for the teary-eyed Paula and the others.

''Nuts are rich in oil, so they'll make you fat.
'''So much! Is that so?

Now, I'll let the witness speak.
This is a valuable talk based on actual experience. Everyone listen carefully.

''So, Estella, who ate too many honey-roasted peanuts despite my advice and gained a lot of weight, will tell us about the dangers of nuts.
'Wait a minute, Yashiro!Why would you say something like that?In other words, why does Yashiro know about it?
'I've reported it to you.
'So it was you, Natalia?

Estella was so addicted to honey roasted peanuts that she gobbled them up all the time and couldn't wear a formal dress anymore.
The dress, which was a very prestigious and fancy dress, was a size that would not fit her if she lost her shape. ...... Estella was crying and dieting.

'--Natalia told me an amusing story.
' 'If you rub your belly, the fat around your belly should melt away!Natalia, feel free to rub it with this dry cloth!Don't stop when I cry! .................. hot hot hot!Wait, wait, wait!I'm sorry, I can't do this!I'm sorry, I can't do this! The skin will tear off before the fat does!The burn hurts! You're talking about the incident.
'That's not the name, that's the content!The title alone gives away the entire contents!

Everyone around Estella let out a chuckle at her strange behavior.

'Like I said, you can't be too careful with the nut oil.

'I'm sure there are other ways to convey the threat of nuts!I mean, isn't the threat of nuts a little less obvious now, isn't it?

When I explained to them how much oil comes out when you grind a nut, Loretta and Paula huddled together and started shaking.
They were seriously depressed, thinking that they had been eating such a lump of oil with peanut butter added to it.

'But, but, I'm a vegetable, remember?There's no oil in sprouts, is there?'
'You'll get fat if you gobble up jam in the middle of the night.
'It's not so much ...... as .............'
'Then how much did you use?
'A jar in ............ two days.'
'What?You've eaten that much?Hey, Nepheli-san......'
'Neffery ......, you're spending too much.'
'I wouldn't eat that much either.
'I can't keep my mouth shut. ......'
'Well then, I'm going to have to plug that hole ......'
'Regina, shut up. Or turn to dust.'

Looking at the shocked faces of the others, Nephrite finally realized that he was abnormal.
He must have become numb to it.
He thought that since he had been able to endure so much food, he must be okay with this. It was a combination of my lack of knowledge and my own naivety in continuing to endure painful things. Also, I may not have been able to make a normal judgment due to hunger.
But it's good that you noticed the abnormality. If you don't, it'll be too late, just like ...... Regina. There's nothing you can do about his abnormality.

'Cake is light. But you are aware that you have gained weight from eating too much of it, right?
'U............n. '
'Sugar makes you fat, right?'

The Forty-second District had made rapid progress and was freed from the hunger of poverty.
Work began to rotate, wealth was distributed equally, and the economy began to turn.
As a result, there was a sudden increase in the number of delicious foods that had never existed before. Or rather, I brought them in. I brought it in.

They were cakes and doughnuts, things that would make me fat if I ate too much of them, and yet I couldn't resist eating them.
There is no way that these people, who were starving just a year ago, have any knowledge of proper dieting, and in a sense, it is inevitable that they would simply turn their thoughts to food restriction.

So, I guess this is my job.
Ginette seems to be helping me, so I'll take advantage of that and spread the word.
I'll take advantage of it and spread the word about calories and proper dieting.

'I'll show you the most efficient way to lose weight.
'Are you sure?
'Maybe I can trust Yashiro's methods!
'I'll endure any hardship!

I'll tell you what I'm going to tell the trio of stupid girls who are honestly begging for help.
I'm going to teach them a very easy way to lose weight.

'Eat well and work out as hard as you can. That's it.

If you consume enough calories, you will naturally lose weight.
There is no better diet than that.

' So, Delia. Norma. I'd like you guys to join me as instructors.
'Oh!I'll leave it to you!I'll take advantage of the manager's enthusiasm and take a day off from work to come with you!
'I'll go along with you, too. ...... If you had asked me first, I would have told you what to eat to lose weight and look good.
If you want to pursue beauty, you should ask me too. I'll join you, Yashiro-san.
'Then, please.

These three are healthy and skinny, they're like role models for dieting.
They should be squeezed as hard as they can. ...... They're probably not going to reach those heights overnight, though. I'm not sure what to say. ...... In the meantime, don't die, guys.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before.
''Regina, who is not a fan of going out, volunteered to do so!
''Ah, ah, we've been pushed to a ridiculous state, haven't we?
'Why don't you go to someone more important and find out, yourselves. Maybe we should develop some weird diet pills that make us look obscene, really.

What kind of pills are you planning to make?
Well, I won't let you make it.

'...... Yashiro. Magda will be staying at Paula's house for a while.

It was Loretta who shouted in surprise.

'...... I've already told the manager. The master has also kindly agreed.

'I see. If you want to help out over there, that might be useful.'
'...... Don't cry if you're lonely.'
'Neither should you.'

While the two of us were talking, Loretta interrupted us with a panicked look.

'Wait, please!I'll listen to what the manager says and get well soon!So, Magda, ...... that .......'

Magda is leaving the sunlit pavilion.
The fact that Magda is leaving the sunny pavilion, even if only temporarily, must have caused an inexplicable loneliness in Loretta's heart.
The guilt she feels is immeasurable, especially since she caused the situation.

'...... Loretta hid her troubles from Magda.'
'It's .......'
'......That's why Magda does what she does. I don't consult her.'
'............ Magda Cho......'

Turning her back on Loretta, Magda slowly wags her tail.
She slowly walks away and heads for the door.

'Momo, are you going to go now?Even if it's tomorrow morning, ......!'
'...... I have to work tomorrow, too.'

Loretta's outstretched arm doesn't reach Magda.
Magda's feet never stopped.

The door opens and Magda steps out.

'Magda, hey!

Magda stops at his desperate cry. Finally, he stops.
But she doesn't look back.

'I'm sorry!I didn't want to worry Magda-chou. ...... But I'm a bit of a disappointed girl, so I ended up worrying her. ...... So... I'm sorry, I'm sorry. .........

There are so many things I want to say.
But I can't articulate them well.
My anxious heart is spewed out onto the floor with trembling breaths.

Slowly, slowly, her tail wags once, and Magda, looking away, speaks.

'...... when you're feeling better, Loretta come and get Magda.'

She doesn't look back.
But she will firmly face Loretta's heart and send her her feelings.

'...... Magda is waiting for her while she works.'
'......Yes. Okay, okay. Wait for me. I'm sure I'll come get you soon.'

Loretta's eyes were filled with tears.
Trying not to let Magda see it, she said in a brave and cheerful voice.

'Then let me stay in the same bed with you!Three days and two nights is a must!
'............ I hope.'

Wagging her tail once more, Magda takes a step forward.
She doesn't look back, maybe because she's crying too.
Then, before the door closes, she addresses Paula and Nephrite.

'...... Everyone must get well properly. And Paula: ......'
'Yeah. I'm sorry about the store. I'll leave it to you.'
'............ get well soon, or I'll read through the diary on your pillow.'
'Hey!Magda!Wait!Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Paula tried to stand up, but she was too dizzy to do so and could only stretch out her arms and scream.

'............ Oh no. ...... yuck yuck yuck yuck ......'

What did you write in your diary,......

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

'...... Neffery reads aloud from a collection of his own poems on the back of the bookshelf.'
'How does Magda know about that?I haven't told anyone!

He stretched out his arms against the slamming door, but he couldn't stop Magda from moving.

'......, and so on. I'm sure you now know how terrible it can be to be unable to move your body in an emergency like this. You should never go on an unreasonable diet!
'......'. I'm sure you'll be happy with the results.

Everyone in the room, including Miry, nodded their heads vigorously.
Health is very important, isn't it?

'Thank you for waiting. Here comes the pumpkin potage.

Ginette came back from the kitchen with a bowl of pumpkin soup.
Potatoes and chestnuts are rich in starch and provide a good amount of calories. It would be a good first step for these guys.

'Everyone. In order to lose weight, let's build up our strength first.

You will gain weight at first.
But that weight gain is the energy you need to build a body that won't get fat.
Don't look at the micro, look at the macro!

Listen to the food professionals, because at least you won't gain or lose weight unhealthily.

'I think I'll keep an eye on it this time.

Bertina says in a calm tone, as if she were about to give a lecture.
She looks kind of happy. She looks like she's about to cry.

'I'll leave it to Jeannette.

Jeannette has changed.
Bertina must have felt it too.
She's an educator who's taught the importance of eating to kids who don't eat.
It was Bertina's education that brought up Ginette, wasn't it? It is also an education to entrust it to her.

'So, um, ...... is my meal going to be diet food for a while?'
'...... Don't look like you're about to cry. I'll tell them to make it right.''

After appeasing the wailing Bertina, the night went on.