4-Episode 2 Delicious Smells Floating at Night

The city of Allbloom, which we entered through a huge gate, was so big that it was staggering.
In front of the gate was a square, and from there, a wide road that seemed to have about twelve lanes in each direction extended straight into the back of the city.
In the square, there was a kind of information board with an overall map of the city. ...... I couldn't believe my eyes for a moment.
If the board was accurate, the city would be about the size of Tokyo's 23 wards.
It is as if the twenty-three wards of Tokyo were surrounded by a thick wall of thirty meters in height. It's impossible, isn't it? How much effort, money, and time did you put into this?Or is it just something that can be done quickly and easily by magic?
I thought a city of 10,000 people was the limit for a city with an outer wall. ......

The city of Allbloom is divided into forty-two wards, with a "central ward" in the center of the city. The city is divided into forty-two wards, with a central ward in the center. Incidentally, it seems that I am in Ward 30. From Ward 30 to Ward 42 exist along the outer wall, and there are several gates leading to the outside in each ward.
Speaking of the 30th district, it is said to be ruled by a nobleman called Wishart.
And if you follow this wide road, you can reach the central district. The roads here are so big to carry goods to each district.

The streets are neat and tidy, with brick and stone houses. Although there are some wooden buildings, they are not shabby at all, but rather are designed in such a way that the beauty of the wood grain is reflected in the city.
It is a beautiful city where the word "modern" fits perfectly, where liveliness, relaxation, and playfulness are well harmonized.
I don't know if the 30th district is special or if other districts are at this level, but the cultural level seems to be rather high. I had been underestimating the city because of the bad food and poor clothing, but if I can get used to it, I will be able to live comfortably.

If that's the case, I'll have to exchange the spices for money and secure a place to sleep as soon as possible.
It would be risky to sell off the spices in the 30th district, which are supposed to be sold to the lord of the 30th district. Let's go to the next ward, the 29th. It's going to be a long walk, but if we think of it as a way to get the five million yen, we'll be able to walk more easily.

I headed for the 29th precinct with a skip in my step.

This town is clearly strange.

There's something wrong with this city, to the point where it doesn't matter if there's a beast-faced guy walking around on two legs, or if there's fried weeds for the herbivores, or if you look at the back of a beautiful woman and see a snail. ...... No, the snail woman just said, "Gah! I'm not sure what to say.
But that's not the point!

You can't tell a lie in this town!
Seriously, you can't.

At first I tried to buy some spices at a grocery store in the 29th district.
Then I was told that I needed a guild membership card or a ward resident card to buy and sell in the city. Otherwise, he told me to take it to the guild and ask them to buy it. It is said that all those who want to buy and sell unexpectedly except adventurers and merchants bring them to the guild.
But it's a spice with a history that caused so much trouble at the gate. As soon as you bring it to the guild, you're bound to be arrested.
So I tried to negotiate with them to buy it,......, but there was something wrong with it, anyway.

The owner of the grocery store first asked, 'Where did you get the spices? The grocery store owner first asked, 'Where did you get the spices?

There's also what Norbert said about the Judgment of the Spirits. Deciding that it would be best not to lie, I chose a vague expression to answer.
'I got it from a good merchant,' he said.
The word 'received' includes the sense of stealing. It's not a lie.
I thought this was going to work, but as soon as ...... the shopkeeper turned into a demon and reprimanded me.
'I'm not going to make a deal with a thief!If you don't leave now, I'll turn you in to the vigilante! He said.

I ran out of the store in a fit of rage.
As I ran away, the shopkeeper kept shouting at me from behind, 'f*ck you, you thieving bastard! It seems that I had become a topic of conversation in the 29th district.
I gave up on the deal in the 29th district and headed for another district.

I thought I'd go to the 28th and 27th wards in order, but it seems that this city is organized in a circle with the central ward at the center.
To the right of the 29th ward is the 28th ward, and to the right of that is the 27th ward, but there is quite a distance between the 29th and the 27th wards. Because they are neatly organized, it is necessary to cross the wards to get to the next one.
If that is the case, you can move to a different ward more quickly by going inside the circle.
The outermost is from 30 to 42 wards. The second is from 23 to 29, the next is from 11 to 22, from 6 to 10, from 2 to 5, and the central ward is located in the center.
From the perspective of the 29th ward, the 22nd ward is closer to the inner ward than the 28th ward next to it.

That's why I stepped into the 22nd district.
I'm going to change my mind and get a lot of money as soon as possible. Phew phew phew ......

But the same thing happened there.
Despite my best efforts to slur my words, 'You sneaky bastard!I'll cut off your bad arm! I'll chop off your bad arm!' The shopkeeper, wielding a machete, chased me around.

Deception was not an option.
But if you tell a lie, you'll be in trouble. ......

'Oh my god ......'

You really can't tell a lie in this town. ......

Perhaps it's because of the 'forced translation magic'.
Even if you slur your words, they will be translated into words that are familiar to the other person.
The Japanese words "I", "Ore", "Boku" and "I" are all like "I" in English.
I guess "I got it" will be translated as "I cheated" or "I stole it".
...... is a nasty town.

In the end, I'm left penniless, despite having spices worth five million.
I even tried to convince them that the Japanese yen was the proper currency, but ...... they said that only Reuben coins could be used in this city. I was told to go to the Money Exchange Guild. ......The guild doesn't want to go there right now,......

In addition, rumors have begun to spread that thieves are roaming the streets.
We can't stay in the 22nd district much longer. We decided to leave quickly.

......, but the rumor spread faster than we thought, and by the time we entered the neighboring District 21, which was relatively close, the rumor had already spread. In the event you're not sure what to do, there are a few things you can do.

Too fast. Too fast!
Perhaps there's an established way to transmit such information. Maybe the guild is in on it.
A guild is a kind of union. People in the same industry form a guild, and they exchange information and help each other so that they can benefit each other. In return, there are some obligations imposed on them. For example, dues, rules and regulations.

Anyway, it's getting hard to stay in this neighborhood.
Let's go far away at once. ...... Chuo Ward or ............ No, wait.

I'll take another look around the city.
I'm in the 10th ward. From the 30th district, I've been moving towards the center of the city. ...... The streets are beautiful. It's even more sophisticated than the 30 wards, which I thought were very neat.

If you think that Chuo Ward is the center of this city,............, does the one with fewer numbers have a higher rank?
It may be that the 20th ward has more money than the 30th ward, and the 10th ward has more money than the 20th ward.
There are gas lamps on the streets of Ward 10.
This was not seen in the 22nd district.
There is even a large theater-like building in District 10. The people on the street are dressed in expensive clothes.
My guess is probably correct.
If that's the case, then ......

If you want to escape, the best place to go is ......42, which has a lot of numbers.
If the lower the number, the more noble the people, then the bottom of the world lives in the ward with the highest number.
The district with the highest number in this city is 42. It's right next to the 30th ward on the map.

I turned on my heel and headed back the way I came.
Until things cool down, I'll hide in the bottom of the city.

'There are cliffs ...... and ............, huh!

I returned to the 30th district and walked toward the 42nd district.
The border of the district I reached was a cliff.
I could see a shabby cityscape far below. It was about 20 meters high. About the height of a small building.
I see. The fact that the bottom ward is adjacent to the top 30 wards was bothering me. ...... This means that the people of the 30 wards are safe.
Not many people would be stupid enough to climb this high. It's almost impossible.
But I guess I could climb down.

So now I'm desperately trying to get down the cliff.
The sky was getting dark as I went back and forth between several districts.

I still haven't decided on a place to stay, and I haven't even eaten yet. No, I haven't got the money to begin with.
I must enter the 42nd district at all costs.
I don't have time to go around the perimeter of the city now.
Word of me will have spread, and I don't want my face pointed out.

...... You're in a different world, and suddenly you're Die Hard. ............ You're in a different world, and you're awakening to strange powers or something. I'm not sure what to say.I'm not sure what to make of it.

It seems that there is no such thing as a cheat ability or God-given power.
Well, it does work better than the body of a thirty-six year old. ......

'This is going to be ...... muscle pain the day after tomorrow. ............ Oh, if you're young, it'll come tomorrow. ...... I don't care which.

The fear of descending a cliff the size of a building without a lifeline.
On top of that, I was hungry and tired from all the walking.
I was at the end of my rope.

And then ......

And then, just for a moment, my body slipped off the cliff and I was thrown into the air.

...... Oh, I'm going to die.

It's the first time I've had a premonition of death since I've been here and I'm really sick of it.
God, do you hate me that much?

I was only in the air for a short time. I was halfway down.
And then my body slammed into the ground in a heap. ......


...... bash?

What I heard was the sound of water.
The place where I fell was a swampy area where the air was stagnant and humid.

Did you ...... survive?

When I woke up, I found a lot of water plants stuck in my ears.
Remove the water plants and look around.
Yeah. It's alive.
It smells like a swamp. It seems my senses are functioning normally.
I mean, ...... ah, my clothes are a mess. ...... I'll have to wash them somewhere. I've only got this one dress. ...... d*mn.

The swamp I fell into was about knee-deep and the bottom was filled with soft mud.
That saved my life. It stunk. Well, it's better than dying. It stinks.

When I stood up to get out of the swamp, I saw something move in the ...... swamp.

What is it?

There's something in there. ............

As I stared breathlessly at the swamp ......, a frog poked its head out.
What's that, a frog? ........................... Isn't ......... huge?

The frog was about 80 centimeters long and was wearing clothes for some reason.
Does this mean it's a frogman?There were parrot people.
So it's someone who lives here.
I should say hello to ......, shouldn't I?
I'd be totally suspicious if I just showed up out of nowhere.
No, objectively speaking, the frog is obviously more suspicious, but we should respect our predecessors, right?So, I greet him with a smile and a smile.

'Hey, hey!Nice to meet you.'

I can't help but twitch, but I manage to smile and say hello.
Then the frog croaks at me, 'Kero Kero! The frog croaks at me.
You can't talk?
What is this town?Parrots can talk, but frogs can't?I don't know where to draw the line.

Never mind.
I'm not interested in frog biology.
I ignore the frog and climb out of the swamp.
All the while, the frog stares at me. ...... What the hell is wrong with you?

I climbed out of the swamp, looked around, and ............ went rigid.

There are a lot of frogs ...... in the area.

There are hundreds of frogs standing around the swamp, staring at you.


You screamed.
That scene was mildly traumatic.
Hundreds of slimy, 80-centimeter-long giant frogs were standing on two legs and staring at me.
It was horrifying, seriously!

I left the swamp as if I were running away and kept running.
If I stopped, the frog would catch up with me. I had a feeling.
If I get caught, ...... I'm sure I'll sink to the bottom of the swamp. I'm not kidding!

On the way, I came upon a wide river.
The current seemed calm, but it was dark. I don't know how deep it is.
But I don't have time to go around, or rather, I don't have room in my heart.

The frog was about to chase us.

'Yes, I don't care!Jump in!You can kill two birds with one stone and clean your dirty clothes!

Fearing the darkness and the frogs, I jumped into the river without hesitation and swam as hard as I could. ...... It was rather deep.
I crawled out of the river and started running again without any time to rest.
After that, I just ran and ran, and suddenly I remembered that I was hungry.
That's when I ran out of energy.

I fall down on the unpaved, bare earth road.
I can't do it. I can't move another step.

I look up at the moon, nearly 90% of which is missing.
I felt like even the moon had abandoned me.
...... Oh, that sucks. What is this world?
There is no beauty, no cheat ability, and if you trick the good-natured person who saved you from a dead end into taking your spices, you will be treated like a criminal everywhere. ............ Oh, that's natural. That's natural.

After all, I'm a man who can only get by by deceiving others.
I'm a man who can only get by by deceiving people. I've been forced to stop lying. ...... This is the end of my life, isn't it?

And then ...... there is a faint smell of goodness in the air.
This is a ............ somewhat nostalgic scent.

It's a gentle, warm smell that reminds me of that.

I pulled myself up with the last of my strength and moved my legs in the direction of the smell.

What I arrived at was a shabby building.
The door was closed, but there was a gaping hole, perhaps poorly constructed, and light was leaking from inside.
Next to the wooden door, a tin sign hung a little higher than my head. In the center of the steel plate, there was a hollowed-out shape of a knife and fork.
Is this the ...... diner?

My stomach growled.
The aroma wafting from inside stimulated my stomach.
I can't stand this smell. Let's go in.
...... But I have no money.
But that doesn't mean I can give up.
Then what do you do?

...... Gaia's telling me to eat my way out.

Yeah, that must be it.
With Gaia's encouragement, I pushed open the wooden door of the diner.

The restaurant was dimly lit and empty.
There seemed to be a counter on the right side of the door and a room at the back. It was probably the kitchen.

On the left, there are four round tables for four people.
The store is rather spacious, perhaps due to the low price of the land. I could have doubled the number of tables.
But there was no one there. Not only the customers, but also the shopkeepers. ...... Is it closed already?
The store is deserted and quiet, giving off a somber feeling like a department store after work.

I stepped into the store with trepidation. The floor screeched to a halt.
What the hell is this place?It's so shabby.
Is this some kind of restaurant where you can eat in a haunted house?
The desk is riddled with holes, the chair is rickety. The floor creaks as it should, and it's sticky as hell.
The only lights were a few candles, as if they were cutting back on the cost of oil.

Normally, I would never stop by there, or if I did, I would leave immediately.
But I can't afford it now. I can't turn my back on it.
I'll take it here!
...... Well, I don't have the money to pay for it.

'Is there anyone here?

I call out toward the back of the store.
After a while, a girl emerged from the back.

'Ah!I'm sorry, I didn't see you there!

It was a breathtakingly beautiful girl.
Her large, round eyes and cherry-red lips were as fresh as fruit. Her gently arched cheeks were as white and soft as cotton, and her hair, gathered at the shoulders, was fluffy and gave the impression of being comfortable to the touch.
She is a little too thin, but her arms and legs are long and well-proportioned for her petite body.
However, she had the most powerful weapon on her chest that made all of these favorable factors seem trivial.

Paiots, Kayday!

What are these big tits?I'm not sure what to do.
She was wearing a cheap tunic and a jacket, and was not dressed in a way that emphasized her breasts. In spite of this, as if in rebellion against the natural order, two bulges disproportionate to her petite frame pushed up her modest clothing and made a tremendous statement, "Here I am! I am here!

'Paiots, kaidee!

Who could blame me for saying it out loud?
I've been living for revenge for twenty years now. I've never seen such big tits and I've never talked to such big tits.
The other world is amazing. This is the other world. The other world!

'Oh, you know what?
'No, it's nothing!I was just reminiscing a bit about the old days. ......'
'I see. So, what's that ...... 'pai otsukai de'?

The big-boobed shopkeeper took a bite out of the voice in my mind that I let out.
It was a careless thing to do.
There was no way I could say to her, 'I mean, your tits are so big'!No matter how briskly you say it, you're a pervert. No, it's even more perverted if you say it briskly.
I managed to fool him into thinking that ............?

'Why can't you understand a word I'm saying?

In this city, no matter how muddled the language is, it will be translated into a language the other person can understand.
Why aren't they getting the message?No, I don't want them to understand me. ......

'Oh, it's probably because it's a made-up word that only a few people understand.

The clerk replies with a smile.
It's a made-up word that only a few people understand. ...... Do you mean industry jargon or jargon?

I see. ...... I can use this. ............

'So, what does that ...... 'paiotsukai de' mean?'
'Eh...... ah, ............ it means that...... 'you have a nice smile. '
'Wow, is that so?'

The clerk clasped his hands together and put them to his mouth, smiling happily.

Oh, no!
You'll be able to't tell a lie!
I'm not sure if I'm going to be judged for not telling a big titted woman that she has big tits!

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.
...... What?I'm not sure why.

If you're not sure what you're looking for, you can always ask for help.
And when he looked up, he smiled broadly and said happily.

I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.

............ Oh, oh. You're welcome.

Apparently, he interpreted 'paiots' as 'smile' and 'kaidee' as 'nice'.

'I'll continue to do my best with 'paiatsu kaidey'!
'Uh, yeah. I think it's better not to say too much about that kind of thing~ ......

'Oh, that's right. It's not something you can say for yourself, is it? Then, I'll do my best so that the customers will say, 'You have a big day!
'Yeah, it's probably best not to deal with customers like that too much.
'But the customer did say that, didn't she?'
'Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

I'll never be able to tell her the truth.
I feel like I've scarred this girl's life.
Well, that's okay. It's just for now. We'll never see each other again.

'Anyway, is the store still open?
'Oh, yes!Please wait a moment!

The girl came out from the counter in a hurry, stood in front of me and bowed adorably.

'Welcome!Welcome to the Sunlit Pavilion!

And then she smiled a big smile on her face.
The ...... Sunlit Pavilion is ............ a good name to lose.

'Sorry to bother you at this hour.
'No!We have a huge surplus of ingredients, and we're totally fine!
'No, you shouldn't tell your customers that you have extra .......'
'Oh, I'm sorry. It's nothing. Don't worry about it.'

The look on her face was one of not really understanding.
He must be a weak-minded kid. I won't go into it.

'Then, I'll get ready right away!Please wait at the seat of your choice!

With that, the waitress went behind the counter again.
Is he running the place all by himself?
That means he may look like a loose cannon, but he's actually a solid guy.

I chose the chair that seemed to have the strongest legs in the store and sat down. I'm not sure what to do. ............ I'm wobbly. ...... This is the most decent one.

You'll be able to find a lot more than just a chair. That must be the kitchen.
I could hear the sound of metal clanging against metal.

Do they have a frying pan and a ladle? If so, our cooking skills are rather advanced. The evolution of cooking utensils follows the evolution of food culture.

I sit down and look around the restaurant again.
Although it is old, it has been cleaned well. The stickiness on the floor must have already stuck to the floor. The stains on the walls and the damage on the ceiling tell the history of this restaurant.
The stains on the walls and the damage on the ceiling show the history of this dining room, which has been carefully used for a long time.

...... Somehow, it reminded me of my master's factory.

............... ......... No. I'm feeling a little sentimental. Maybe it's the smell of the food. Maybe it's the smell of this food, similar to the dinner the landlady made, that's tickling my old memories.
There's nothing good about remembering the past.
Instead, now I have to think about how I'm going to ...... sleep tonight and how I'm going to pay for this place.
.................. That's the only way to pay for this place. Dash as fast as you can.
Well, that clerk looked like a douche, so he'll get away with it.


My heart jumped a little when he called out to me while I was making plans to eat and run.
I looked up and saw the waiter standing in front of me.
How long have you been there?

'What, what?

I quelled my racing heart with my energy and replied in a calm manner.
Then the waiter asked me with a big smile on his face.

'Have you decided on your order?

How about ......?

'No, you've already started making something at ......, haven't you?
'Yes, inadvertently. Then, when it was almost finished, I realized, 'Oh, I didn't get your order! And then I realized, 'Oh, I didn't get your order!

Oh, ......, she's a stupid girl.

'............ Then take the one that's almost finished. Make it that one.'
'Are you sure?Thank goodness ...... you're a kind person, aren't you?

Kind ......?
A man who's about to eat his way out of a job is kind?
Haha, that's funny. He's so naive.

The waitress returns to the kitchen and I look at the menu on the wall.

"Stir-fried scraggly vegetables ............20Rb
Baked river fish ............25Rb
Stewed beast meat ............30Rb
Stewed river fish ............30Rb
Black bread ............25Rb
"White bread ............80Rb

What do you mean ...... bread is the most expensive?
Also, the naming is too harsh. I have a hard time understanding why they honestly write "garbage vegetables" every time.
And the word "white bread" has been erased with two thick lines. It must have been removed from the menu. Perhaps no one ordered it, and they stopped stocking it.
Well, if I'm going to buy it here, I'll buy it at the bakery. The bread in the bakery I saw in District 22 was about 70Rb. I guess the bread here is more expensive because of the store's profit.

In any case, I wonder if this store has no intention to do business.
It's terrible.
The clerk who doesn't notice that a customer has come in is one thing, but the fact that the menu is displayed with two lines crossed out is another. It makes you feel disappointed, even if you didn't intend to eat it, and makes you feel a little disappointed, 'Oh, I can't eat this.
The waitress is cute, though. ...... is a bit of an idiot, though.

As I was thinking about this, the idiot waiter came over to me with a plate.

'Here you go, sir. Here are some stir-fried scraps of vegetables.
'Why do you always say "scrap vegetables"?Why don't you just call it stir-fried vegetables?
'But there are some customers who don't like scrap vegetables, so we have to tell them in advance.

That's not even close to being honest.

'Well, please eat. I hope it's to your taste.

The shopkeeper folded his hands behind his back and looked at me embarrassed. ...... Am I going to be seen eating it?
I'm not particularly concerned about it, and I'll take the stir-fried scraggly vegetables to my mouth.

I'm not sure what to say.It's good!

'Is it true!I'm glad.

Because they were scrap vegetables, they were of different sizes, but that gave them a nice accent.
Despite the mixture of carrot stems and scraps of greens, none of them were raw or overcooked. This is evidence that the ingredients are individually stir-fried, taking into consideration their ease of cooking.
As the ingredients are not good, they are cooked with time and effort to make them tasty.
This is a heartfelt cooking method that the proprietress used to use.

'Then, please make yourself at home.

Satisfied with my response, the waiter bowed and went back behind the counter.
I was so hungry that I couldn't stop myself from taking a bite of the food.
The nostalgic taste brought back memories of the past.
The happy face of the proprietress, watching me eat my meal with relish, flashed through my mind.

She is a sincere and good-natured person. And an uncompromising attitude.
That waitress looks just like my parents.

That's why ............ pissed me off.

A good-natured person like that would probably be fooled by someone.
He will not even be angry at being cheated, but instead will go about his business on his own, trying not to bother the people around him. He must be that type.

First of all, in this situation where I was the only one in the restaurant, why did he retreat to the back?
You can clean up after yourself. What makes you think I won't run away? ......

I think you need to be reminded of the reality of this situation.
What happens to sycophants: ......
You should know firsthand that the people who are fooled are the fools.
...... Well, either way, you have no choice but to run away because you have no money.

The plate in front of me was empty. There is not a single piece of greens left.
I'm full, and that should be enough for a run.
But that's not good enough.
If I just run away, the clerk won't notice. The folly of being deceived.
So I'll deceive him more clearly and thoroughly.
He'll believe you and then betray you. Feel the frustration.

I walked up to the counter, propped myself up on my elbow and called out to the kitchen in the back.

'Yes, sir!

At my call, the waiter came out of the kitchen with his footsteps pattering.
With a carefree look on his face.

'I'm sorry, where's the washroom?

'The restroom is outside the store, around the back.
'Is it outside the ...... restaurant?
'There are restrooms inside the diner at .......'

I see. I'd forgotten that.
There's no sewage system in this world. So it's a pumping system. It must be pretty primitive, too.
Surely you can't put something like that in the dining room.

'Well, let me borrow it.
'Yeah, even if it's .......'
'Don't worry, I'll leave my wallet.

With that, I put the empty wallet on the counter.
The clerk shows a relieved expression.
He must have thought that by leaving my wallet, I would not run away without paying. He didn't know it was an empty wallet.
No one opens a man's wallet without permission. ...... This will give you plenty of time to escape.
You can trust me like that and let me betray you ...... completely.

I'm off then.

--Somewhere else, to another district.

With that, I left the store.
I went around the back to check out the restroom just in case. ...... It was a very primitive toilet, just a hole in the dirty floor. No, I wouldn't even call this a toilet. It was more like a latrine or a toilet.
Leaving the stench of the toilet, I left the cafeteria. I left the cafeteria as quickly as I could, trying not to make any noise with my footsteps. ......

When the cafeteria was completely out of sight, I turned around and said just one thing to that good-natured waitress.

'There are far more bad people in the world than there are good people. You've learned your lesson.

The night is deepening, and I decide to stay outdoors.
It's so cold from swimming in the river. ......
I wandered around the 42nd district, looking for a place where I could get out of the rain and wind.