3-Episode 1... Where is this?

The moment you think you're dead, you're somehow rejuvenated by 20 years, and your body is 16 years old.
You look like a child, but your brain is an adult!And tomorrow you'll probably be dead!What?

That's not funny!

That's really not good!
You'll be able to get a lot more than just a pair of shoes.
...... Did I go in the wrong direction?I'm not sure if there was a village if I had gone the other way.
The speed of human walking is about 6 km/h, and when walking more than 10 km, it is about 4 km/h. ...... Take a break and say 5 km/h, right?
The sun was right above us when we started walking, so it was noon, and now the sun has completely set. In early April in Kanto, the sun usually sets around 18:00.
In other words, I walked at a speed of 5 km/h for six hours, so the total distance I traveled was 30 km. You can go from Tokyo to Yokohama. ...... What do you mean there's not even a sign of human habitation in that time?Not even an animal in sight.
What prefecture is this? ......?
You're not in America, are you?
Stop saying Easter Island and Savannah. ......

I guess God is a bit of an idiot.
What's the point of saving a life and then trying to kill it again?
For example, when you are very hungry and 10,000 yen falls on you, you say, "I can eat with this! But there are no shops around.But there are no restaurants around, right?
You'll be able to find a lot of people who are interested in this kind of thing.That's what this is about, right?
I'm not going to lift you up and drop you down.

I'm not sure what to do.
You can't eat the grass here because it's too hard. ......?Of course I tried it once. Of course you did. ...... If you can make it into tempura at least, or ............ no, it's impossible.

'.................. cold'.

It was warm and sunny when the sun was out, but when the ...... sun went down, it suddenly became cold.
The hunger is very strong in my body.
It is said that humans can survive for three days without eating or drinking. ............ But modern people are not that tough.
I feel like I can't survive without a cheap supermarket nearby.

Oh ...... I had some bread ears left in my hiding place. ...... What a waste. ............

'......I wonder why I was eating bread crusts. ............I should have eaten meat or something... ...'

No matter how much money I got, the food I ate with it was never good.
Somehow, I felt like I was eating gravel.
That's why I bought bread crusts and scrap vegetables with coins I found on the street. I know what a man over thirty is doing, but ...... that was all I could eat.

Haha ...... may be the most useful of all the things I've learned.

Oh, ............ I want to eat the landlady's boiled fish. ...... Oh, boiled fish too, but that, fried gori.... I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
Gori is a general term for goby-like freshwater fish, and it can refer to other fish depending on the region. We used to call them "gori" when we saw them.
Although they have an ugly face, they are elegant, refreshing and delicious.
I used to eat fried gori with a squeeze of lemon. ...... It was my master's favorite food and we used to fight over it. ......

Oh man, ...... I'm getting hungrier and hungrier ......

'd*mn it!I can't die in this place!

I stood up, using all the strength I had left in my body.
And then I started running as fast as I could, looking only forward!
I might be going in the wrong direction. Maybe I should go back, maybe I should change direction. ...... All that is just a cop-out!
The first thing I did was decide, "This is it! That's what I decided!
I'm the one who made the decision!
You can't change it.You'll never win if you run!
I believe in me, and I live for me!That's why I'm running!

Under the darkening sky, I kept moving my feet, believing that there was a bright place ahead that would welcome me.
I shouted from the bottom of my stomach, shaking off fatigue, hunger, and fear.
And ......!

And eh!

............ ran out of steam.
Even if you believe in yourself, you can't do it. When you lose, you lose.

All is lost.
I can't move an inch.
My heart, which is contracting violently because I'm running as fast as I can, will probably stop soon.
Good-bye, world.

And with that, I closed my eyelids.
......The next time I open my eyes, I'll be about six years old. ............

Faintly, I feel something. ......
The enveloping warmth, the hard floor, the irregular vibrations: ......

'...... Hmm!

I open my eyelids and sit up.
And there was a strange foreigner in front of me.
...... Oh no. I'm a junior high school graduate and English is too hard for me.


A mysterious foreigner is talking to me, but I have no idea what he's saying.
I can barely tell that it's a question, but ......


d*mn, you can't even understand 'pardon'?
'Eh, what? If you don't understand 'e, what? You can't ask back!
It's like 'you need a can opener to take out this can opener'!

I mean, ......, what the hell is this guy?

I'm going to try to keep my head on straight and keep my cool. Calm down, me.
You can't understand what he's saying anyway. Let's ignore that and gather what information we can.

First, this foreigner.
A man. And he's big. I can't tell for sure because he's sitting, but he's probably a little under six feet tall. He's got long hair tied back in a bun. Is he a band member?However, his hair is damaged and does not seem to be well cared for.
And he's wearing armor. Is he a ...... cosplayer?
I don't watch anime, so I don't know what the character is, but it's very elaborate. It's as if he's really going on an adventure, and he's well made. If it's a cosplay, it would be better to just make it look good and keep the rest light.
And the weapon. A spear.
What about long weapons in cosplay?Isn't it inconvenient to travel by train?
Lastly, where we are now.
It's rattling and vibrating. Looks like it's moving.
There's a lot of stuff on the wooden floor, and the walls and ceiling are covered with cloth. ...... Is this cloth a hood?
If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of light hoofbeats.
Well, it's a carriage. I'm riding in the back of a wagon.
It is a large cart, about three tatami mats in size, with a large hood covering all directions. The cloth on the front and back is partially rolled up, so you can probably see out from there. There are small openings in the front and large openings in the rear.
And a lot of luggage. Apparently, they are transporting this large amount of cargo.

It's a horse-drawn carriage, which means there must be a guard outside.
The only people in the back of the carriage are this cosplay guy and me. ...... There's something in the air that I don't like.

The costumed man looks to be in his late twenties,.......
Yes, people who are trying to take advantage of others often have this kind of smile.
This guy is a tricky one, isn't he?

'****** ****** [email protected]&%$#?

The costumed man continues to talk to me in a language I don't understand.
If you listen carefully, it doesn't sound like English. It's as if the language is unfamiliar to my ears.
...... Is this part of the cosplay?

...... No, because I haven't eaten anything for almost a day now.

The costumed man smiled, made a 'wait a minute' gesture with his hand, and began to go through his luggage.
Then he presented me with a blackish lump.
Is this ............ bread?

I'm not sure what to do.

As he spoke, he poured a golden liquid from a water bottle into a cup and handed it to me. I was given a cup of soup in each hand and something that looked like bread.
Can you give me some ......?
I'm not sure if he got the message or not, but the costumed man made a 'please' gesture with his hand.
Thank you!I'll take it!
Without hesitation, I bit into the bread and gulped down the soup.

Hmm!This is ......?


It's not a good idea to eat it. I'm not sure what to make of it.And what is this?Stone?You're not going to call it bread, are you?I don't know.

It's just food. I stuffed my stomach with something I couldn't even call food.
You swear as much as you can. Because if I don't, I'll slam the stone-like bread on the floor in hatred.
No matter how much I swear, the costumed man smiles at me. It's like he really doesn't understand a word I'm saying.

I've had a bad feeling about this since a while ago.
The look of this man.
The ride of this carriage.
The taste of this shitty bread.
And the scent of earth and air that's been lingering in the air. ......

I don't think so.
I think it's impossible.
But as someone who's already experienced the impossible, I can't get rid of that bad imagination.


The costumed man tapped me on the shoulder, said something, and boldly rolled up part of the top.
The top, which had been fixed to the back of the truck with ropes, was partially removed and the cloth on the sides was rolled up.
It was bright outside and I could smell the scent of morning. Apparently, I had been asleep for half a day.
And the view reflected in the morning sunlight was ......

'......This is another picture-perfect ............'

The wide, brick-paved streets were filled with countless horse-drawn carriages, and a huge wall loomed in our path. Twenty meters ...... is not enough. A massive wall over 30 meters high.
There is another massive gate, about 10 meters high, with a procession of wagons in front of it.
Around the gate are countless armed men with spears at the ready, watching the area.

Beyond the towering walls, even taller spires peeked out, their presence strong under the clear blue sky.

Yes, it was a fantasy world, just as I had pictured it.
If you have not slipped back in time to medieval Europe,............, you are in another world.


As the carriage approached the huge gate, the people gathered there became clearly visible.

'Oh, ...... definitely, this is ............'.

The face of the soldier with the spear was that of a lizard.
In the line of wagons, there's also a guy who looks like a cat. But they're not cats. He wears clothes and walks on two legs and talks. The one he's talking to has a sheep's face.

If I remember correctly, there were no sheep-faced humans in medieval Europe.
So this is a completely different world.


In the event that you are distracted by the unbelievable scenery, the cosplay man - or perhaps this armor isn't cosplay in this situation - will slap me on the back with a proud expression.

I'm not sure what to do.

I'm not sure.I'm sure you'll agree. He seems to be saying.
If you can understand me, I'd love to tell you. You didn't build it, did you?

Eventually, the carriage carrying me slowed down and stopped.

As I was leaning over the back of the cart, the gentleman who was driving the carriage got down from his perch and walked towards me.
...... His face was that of a bird.

'It's a bird. ...... Is it a literary bird?'
'It's not a bird, my guest. I am a parrot man.'
'Oh, that's rude.'
'No, no, no.'

With that, the parrot man bowed reverently.


'Why are you speaking?I can't talk to people in armor over here!Why are you talking to a bird?
'I'm not a bird, my guest. I'm a parrot.'
'No, I heard you just now!
'Ha-ha-ha!You look surprised.'

As I was talking to the parrot, I heard another voice behind me.
I turned around to see a man who wasn't in costume laughing at me.

'So this is your first time in Allbloom, is it? No, it seems you've never even been on a journey before. How could you have survived all this time with such equipment?

The man who suddenly started speaking Japanese looked at my clothes and nodded in admiration.

'Why did you suddenly become fluent in the language?
'That's because. It's because we've come under the influence of the Spirit Church.

I turn to look at the parrot, and it clears its throat and begins to explain.

'Here in Allbloom is the largest city in Galea-Bloom, which has made remarkable progress under the blessings of the Spirit Church. Because of the many different races and species that gather in this city, it is very difficult to communicate with them. Therefore, our precious Spirit God Alvi has applied the [Forced Translation Magic] to the entire city through the power of a miracle.
'[Forced Translation Magic] ......?

Just from the letters, I think I can understand the meaning. ......

'Under the influence of this spell, no matter what kind of person you are talking to, no matter how many words you use, they will be translated into the words that are most familiar to you and transmitted. What is converted are words and letters, and if you apply, you can also know the value of currency and the market price.
'Apply to what?To whom?
'Of course, to the spirit god Alvi!

The parrot flexed its wings dexterously and struck a prayerful pose in front of its chest.
Apply to the Spirit God ......?
I'm going to imitate the parrot and fold my hands in front of my chest and pray in my heart.
Let's see, ...... I want to know how the currency here compares to the Japanese yen--

Suddenly, a translucent board appeared in front of me.
The image appeared as if a television set were turned on in an empty space. When I put my finger close to it, I could touch it. It felt like a touch panel. Oh, I can scroll.
I don't know how the translucent panel appeared, but it floated and stood still in front of me. ...... Is this also due to the power of the spirit god Alvi?

I'm not sure what to make of it, but it's a good idea.

"Rb (Reuben), the currency of Allbloom.
100 Yen = 10 Rb
The average price of a loaf of wheat bread for the average citizen is 20Rb.

-- is displayed.
It's an easy system to understand.

How about it?Isn't it convenient?

The non-costumed man says proudly, again with an air of superiority.
So it's not your achievement. ...... Well, I wouldn't say that even if I could understand the language.

'This place attracts a lot of people. So naturally, merchants gather here. If you don't speak the language, you'll have problems, right?'

I understand what you're saying.
If you don't speak the language, you can't hold a business meeting, and if you hold a business meeting with an interpreter, you don't know what kind of disadvantages you will suffer.
There is no end to the possibility that the interpreter will cheat, that the other party will say, "I didn't hear that," or that there will be a mere miscommunication or an unintended message. ......
However, if all the words and letters are converted into a language that you are familiar with, such problems will be eliminated.
However, the ...... scam will be harder to work. The 'it's your fault for not listening' scam will be harder to use.

'Oh, that's right. I'm sorry I'm late. I'm Oha ...... or better yet ...... Yashiro. Thank you for saving me.
'I'm Norbert. I'm a merchant for the Wishart family, who rule the 30th district.

I'm a merchant for the Wishart family of the thirtieth district. And he's so proud of himself that he's working for them. ......

'Oh, of the Wishart family!This is a great person who helped me.
'Hey!When in trouble, it's mutual!

Ga-ha-ha, Norbert laughs.
Hey. I knew you were vain. He's got that look.
If you're an aristocrat, you must be rich. ...... If you work for them, you must be treated very well. ............ Then, well... ...... a little bit of ............ hmm.
I'm not sure what to say.

'I'd like to give something back,...... but unfortunately I don't have any,...... and if I can get back home, I might be able to give something back, but it's a small thing. ......'
'No, no, no!Please don't worry about it!I was just doing what I had to do!

Norbert's nostrils flared as he said this.
He has the face of a hyena who smells money.
He's convinced that he's going to get his money. ...... Why?I don't have any money on me and I look like just a high school student, but where can I smell money? ............ Oh, right.

I put my hand in my pocket.
A blazer. It's what gives Norbert his confidence.
Norbert's armor is very carefully crafted. If Norbert is a merchant with a noble family, this armor must be quite expensive. And the clothes of this parrot who looks like Norbert's valet.
But if you ask me, it's poorly made. To put it bluntly, it's cheap. The technique is immature.
If this were a luxury item, the average person would be wearing something much more shabby.

And then there's my blazer.
The sewing is solid and the colors are bright. The jacket is bright navy blue and the tie is dark red. The pants are light gray and the shirt is a dazzling white.
Not many noblemen would wear such clothes.
In other words, Norbert sees my clothes and thinks I'm a nobleman or someone related to one.

He kindly took care of me, a stranger who had fallen ill, shared my meal without hesitation, and even carried me into the city. In Norbert's mind, I must have done him a great favor. In terms of money, it was no less than 100,000 Rb. That's a million Japanese yen. That's still cheap.
It may have been a good thing that I was dressed lightly. If a young man like me had fallen down in the middle of the plain without any equipment, it would be normal to think that he had met with an accident. It would make the rescuer more enthusiastic. With a big reward in mind, of course.

Mm-hmm. I see.

The other world isn't so different from the original one.

There are no real good people.
Everyone loves money.

Sounds like a lot of fun, another world.

I ...... might be able to make it in this world. As an impostor, of course.

Mr. Norbert. I'll be paying my initiation tax.'
'Hmm. And his portion as well.'

After saying that, Norbert winked at me and said, 'You don't have any, do you? I'll take it.
I'll 'take' it gratefully.

A parrot walks to the gate and comes back with two soldiers.
They seem to be checking the luggage in the back of the truck.
He said it was an entrance tax, so perhaps there was a tax based on what you brought into the city.
In such a case, high value items such as gold and silver would be taxed heavily. ......

'Mr. Norbert, can I ask you a question?
'What is it?'
'What are the contents of this package?
'Furs, armor, salt, fruit, ...... and most importantly, spices.'
'Spices, sir?
'Oh, yes. Baokri Air's finest. Oh, you know Baokri Air?'
'Yes. It's where the spices come from.'
'Oh, you're familiar with that side of the world? ............, it's possible that he's a southern nobleman. ......... ...'

Norbert is mumbling, but I pretend not to hear him.
I'll pretend I don't hear you. I mean, anyone can understand you when you brag about it like that. You're a simple man, aren't you?
I watched the soldier leave the carriage after he had finished checking the luggage in a familiar manner, and then I spoke to Norbert again.

'Spices are expensive, aren't they? Baocliere's finest spices are exceptionally expensive.
'Hmm. That's exactly what I'm talking about.

Norbert puffed out his nostrils and laughed. He looks like he wants to show off.
He takes out a palm-sized cloth bag from a wooden box hidden carefully behind his back.
It seems to contain spices. It looks like it weighs about 200 grams.

'Bao Kri Air's spices are renowned for their high quality and first-rate quality, but this year's spices are outstanding among them. Usually, it is said that it is as valuable as gold of the same weight, but ...... this one is not like that. It's worth at least twice as much as the same weight of gold!

That's also a top quality product.
Let me do some quick math.
When I saw it in Japan, the market price of gold was 5,000 or so grams ......, rounded down to the nearest 5,000 yen, and 200 grams ...... would be 1 million yen!In addition, at least twice that means ...... two million yen for that small bag!

'So that would be ......200,000 Rb for that bag full?'
'No, no . That's even cheaper at 500,000 Rb.

Five million. ............ I want some. ........................Good.

'Oh, excuse me. Can I go to the bathroom for a minute?
'Toilet?We don't have one here, do we?
'I'll just go in the shadows.
'Oh, be careful. ............ Want me to follow you?
'Don't worry, I'm not a child. Oh, by the way, would you mind keeping an eye on this container?It's very important, and you don't want to drop it.

And with that, I put the cheap wallet I had in my pocket in front of Norbert.
I know what Norbert is thinking. He was worried that I might disappear after I had done him a favor. So I'm going to leave the things I said were important to me. This way, he'll be relieved when I come back.
And it will mean a lot to have this wallet "watched".

'Oh, okay. Well, sometimes it's hard to leave when you're with someone. But you'd better hurry. I'm almost done paying.'
'Yes, sir!I'll be right back.'

Answer clearly and briskly. That's the cardinal rule of fraud.

I get out of the carriage and weave my way between the other carriages, approaching the gate.
I see the back of Norbert's parrot. He seems to be paying taxes to the soldiers.
I run up to it.

'Oh, what's wrong?

The parrot notices me and turns to me.

I approached with a smile and peered at the form the parrot was filling out.

'No, I was just wondering what immigration procedures are like.

He looks over the form rather deliberately, flustered.
It's really converted into Japanese.
The taxes are written for each product and calculated in detail.

'Hey, you. You're in my way!

Perhaps annoyed by my deliberate peeking at the documents, the soldier pushed me hard.
As if he was waiting for me, I fell down and stood up while rubbing my neck.

'Oh, come on,......, that's terrible, pushing me,......' he said.

As I say this, I deliberately drop the five hundred yen coin that I had hidden in my collar.
The coin bounces on the cobblestones with a chirping metallic sound.

'Oh, no!

As I let out these words, I feign panic and pick up the dropped coin and put it in my pocket.
Seeing my series of actions, a soldier raises an eyebrow quizzically.

'Hey. What was that?
'The one you just hid!Get it out.
'Oh, that's not good. If we don't get back soon, Mr. Norbert will be worried. Well then, that's it!

With that, I left the place in a mad dash.

'Wait a minute!

I shook off the soldier's voice and headed back to the carriage.
I glanced behind me to see that the soldiers had seized the parrot instead of me.

As anywhere in the world, counterfeiting coins is a serious offense.
I took a look at the coins circulating in this city that the parrot was paying for. ...... Well, they were poor quality silver coins. It may be pure silver, but the color is dull and the pattern is simple. The manufacturing technology must be immature.
It looked nothing like the Japanese 500 yen.
Dropping a coin of such blatantly different quality, and then behaving so suspiciously. It was natural for him to be suspicious.

And so, the poor parrot was taken prisoner. ...... because of me.

I returned to the carriage and told Norbert that the parrot had been captured.
I returned to the carriage and told Norbert that the parrot had been captured, along with the fact that he might suspect me of carrying counterfeit coins.
Norbert snorted in indignation.

'How dare you accuse me of such a thing!Disrespect to me is disrespect to the Wishart family!I'll never overlook it!

--He's got it in him.

'Well, Mr. Norbert. You should go and protest now!'
'Mm!......But we can't leave the carriage like this: ......'
'Don't worry!I'll take good care of it!
'I see. Then do so. I'll go talk to the soldiers!

Norbert jumped out of the carriage and ran towards the gate.
All that was left in the carriage was me and my numerous belongings. And five million yen worth of spices.
Hmm... I'd like to take off like this, but it seems that this is the only town where I can speak the language, and I definitely don't want to go back to that plain.

Let's take one more step: ......

I couldn't help the smirk on my face as I grabbed the bag of spices.
Five million, five million, la la la la.

A few minutes later, Norbert and the parrot return to the carriage, accompanied by the soldiers.

'Good. There you are. Now if you hadn't disappeared, I would have turned you into a frog!

A frog?
What's he talking about?

Norbert seems to be very excited.
Rather, he's throwing his anger at me without hiding it.

'You'll have to explain it to me!
'Explain?Explain what?'
'Don't play dumb!If you listen to me, you're the cause!
'The cause of ............ what?

Norbert tightens my collar. It's ...... painful. But here, I dare to give him a generous smile.

'I'm not sure what you're talking about.
'You're the one hiding the counterfeit coins, aren't you!That's why I was suspected!
'I don't have any counterfeit coins...'
'Don't lie to me!I'll turn you into a frog!

Another frog?
What's that, some kind of proverb?
But for now, ......

'Do you have any proof?

At this point, Norbert's power finally weakened.
I straighten my collar and smile at Norbert as if to provoke him.

'It's proof that I have counterfeit coins.
'Hmm. I do.'

Norbert smiles triumphantly, as if he's been waiting for me to say it.
And what he took out was the wallet I had entrusted him with.

'This must belong to you, right?

He then unceremoniously threw the contents of the wallet into the air.

A thousand-yen bill and a ten thousand-yen bill, plus a few coins here and there,......, for a total of ten thousand two hundred and eighty-six yen.
...... Shabby. I've been working until recently, so I don't know if my ...... high school student's wallet is like this.

What do you think?I've never seen these coins before!I'm a merchant, I can assure you!I'm a merchant and I can assure you that there are no coins like this in circulation anywhere!
'Absolutely, sir?
'Hmph!Don't underestimate me!I'm a merchant!I know and have handled coins from all over the world!
'Then let's make a bet.
'A bet?
'If this coin is in circulation somewhere, please pay my entry tax.
'And if it's not in circulation, then what?
'Toads or whatever you want.
'Don't forget that word, will you?
'You too, Mr. Norbert.

Norbert smiles with absolute confidence.
But the winner was soon decided.

Just as I had done earlier when I checked the rates here, I asked Alvi, the Spirit God, to give me the ratio of the currencies.

"100 Yen = 10 Rb

It's clearly displayed on the screen.

'Stupid ......'.

Norbert opens his mouth wide.
Well, it doesn't matter if you don't know. It's money from another world.

At any rate, I can enter the city now. Norbert's buying.
That's nice. A treat. Great.

'You, if this isn't counterfeit, why did you do that confusing thing?
'I don't know if it's confusing. I just picked up the coins I dropped in a hurry, okay?I value my money. Is there something wrong with that?
'You're the one who misunderstood me. It's not my fault. Am I wrong?'

Since it seems that you can't hear a word I'm going to leave quickly.

'Well, I'll leave you here. Thanks for giving me a lift. And the introductory tax, too.

With a wave of his hand, he leaves the carriage.
Then a furious voice came from behind him.

'Wait a minute, you!

Norbert came at me with a thud, almost breaking the cobblestones.
It would be unbearable if he tightened his collar again, so this time I confronted him from a moderate distance.
As I fluttered away from the approaching arm, Norbert gave up trying to catch me and spoke.

'Where did you put my spices?
'Spices?Oh, that's been stolen by the wrong people.'
'What about ........................?'

Norbert made a foolish face, as if he couldn't understand a word I was saying.
But then, as if remembering his anger, Norbert's face turned bright red.

'You, you promised to protect the spices!
'No, I didn't, that's a promise.
'You're lying to me!
'I'm not lying. I didn't make any such promise.

Norbert's body began to shake as he firmly stated.

'f*ck you ......, I'll turn you into a .................. frog!

I'll turn you into a frog!' Norbert shouted, pointing at me.

''Judgment of the Spirits!

The voice echoed across the sky, and a pale light enveloped my body.
What the hell is this?'Judgment of the Spirits'?

This man lied to me!Turn me into a frog!
'Wait, I didn't tell a lie!
'Then I request to see the Conversation Record of that conversation!

As Norbert said this, a semi-transparent panel appeared in front of him.

'How dare you accuse me of such a thing!Disrespect to me is disrespect to the Wishart family!I won't let you get away with it!
So, Mr. Norbert. You should go and protest now!
Mr. Norbert....... But we can't leave the carriage here like this. ......
Don't worry!I'll take good care of it!
I'll take care of it! Then do so. I'll go talk to the soldiers!

What the hell is this?
This is a detailed and accurate record of the conversation that took place.
I didn't know that such a record could be kept ...... and that it could be referred to so easily ............
So much for ......

You can't tell a lie in this town, can you?

'Hahahaha!How about that!Take a good look!'

Norbert pointed at the translucent panel as if he were triumphant.
'I'll take a good look! That's the part.

'You've made a clear promise!You promised to protect the spices!
'............ Huh?...... 'protect' the spices?

My heart is still racing, but I've figured out what Norbert is doing and what he's trying to say.
You can't retreat here. We can't let him get to us. We can't let him get to us.
Push back, talk back, beat back.

Just stay calm.

Stay calm.
Look comfortable.

I'm a first-rate con artist.

'Is there something wrong with my eyes?I don't see 'protect' anywhere in there. ......'
'What?You're an idiot!In this flow, 'looking at the luggage' means 'protecting the luggage from being stolen', right?
''No~?I don't think so.
'...... What?
'Keep an eye on' is just 'keep an eye on'. It's nothing more, nothing less. ...... Did you just make up your mind again?
'No. ......'

At my words, Norbert wobbled on his feet as if he were dizzy.

'Nah, then ...... what were you ............ doing?'
'Exactly what it says here. I've been watching you.
'Well, if you were watching, why was it stolen?
'I've only been watching you.
'What about ............?
'I also saw the spices being put away in the pockets of the wicked.

The expression disappeared from Norbert's face.
And the pale light that had enveloped my body also disappeared.
It seems that the "Judgment of the Spirits" has ended. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

I'm going to go now. If you still have a problem with it, you can tell it to the spirit god who allowed me to do it.

This time, with one hand raised, I sashayed away.

...... though my heart was racing.
What the hell is that?
What is the "Judgment of the Spirits"?
You want a frog?I'm not sure what to make of that.
You've got to be kidding me.
And Conversation Records!
You can't do that!You should've told me that first!
You could have turned me into a frog!

A con man who lies so carelessly is a third-rate one.

Real people don't tell lies out of thin air.
They choose words that are not lies, but are also not true.
The word "watch" is a good example. It is up to the other party to mistake "watch" for "protect. We are not responsible for that.

And one more thing.

"The bad guy stole it.

This phrase.
Bad people who steal quickly leave the scene when the job is done well.
--It's the assumption that gets them off the hook.

I'll take out the finest spices from my pocket.

The bad guys who steal have been right in front of you all along.
That's not a lie.

Well, if I had to argue who's to blame, I wouldn't hesitate to say.

It's the fools who are fooled.

Thus, I entered a town where strange and troublesome magic was applied by the power of an incomprehensible person called the Spirit God.
I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but I'm sure you've heard of it.