466-Episode 268 "Look, this is Tolbeck's technology."

'You really built that thing. ......'

I mutter, half in admiration, half in dismay.
The guys from Torbeck Construction really finished the public bathhouse.
One house for each gender. It's not so small that I'm tempted to count them as "buildings".
It's a very splendid public bathhouse.
With its large chimney, it really looks like a public bathhouse.
It is said that a chimney of that size is necessary because the boiler uses a very strong fire to heat the water.
And to keep the smoke from affecting the lumberjack guild's branch, the nearby fields, and the nearby forests, the chimney was placed much higher than the roof of Imelda's house.

It sounds like a lot of work to clean that thing. ......

Next to me, all the members of the sunny pavilion and Bertina, who came to see the new facility in the neighborhood, are looking up at the huge chimney with similar faces and wide open mouths.

'Um, won't the thirty or twenty-nine wards complain if it's too high?

Perhaps it's because of the precedent set by the BU, which came back to bite us just for setting off fireworks, but Ginette shows a worried expression.
But it's okay.
Even though the chimney is high, it's not more than ten meters high.
The wall that borders the 42nd district is a 30 meter high cliff.
It won't reach that level at all.

It's more like.

'How could they build such a big chimney?
'I have an acquaintance who is a skilled mason.
'Oh, he's a pro at making flush toilets.
'Haha. He thanked me saying that he's been very busy with all the requests for flush toilets.

The indoor flush toilet was a project that not only the upper class but also every family with a little money to spare considered and implemented.
The demand must have been considerable.

'That's why they accepted the chimney at a price that was almost an investment.
'I see. You must be a dominatrix like Umaro.'
'No, I'm not, and neither is he!

I don't understand why he would take on such a troublesome job that he's never done before at such a low price.

'Theron did a great job on the boiler pot, so be sure to give him a pat on the back later.

Estella appears out of nowhere and says something strange.

'Why would I do that?You should be the one to tell her how much I appreciate her.
'Of course you'd be happier to be recognized by a hero than me, Theron.
'Hmm. Are you still sticking to the 'hot water' pun?
'No, I'm not!It was never my intention to do so in the first place!

The people involved in the project are gathering around the "Nishi-no-yu" with a lot of noise.
Onlookers who were not involved in the project were also there to see the new giant structure.
That chimney is a spectacular sight.

'I'd like to write on that chimney, "Sunshine Pavilion, this way".
'I'm sure everyone would be surprised if I did.

Ginette said with a laugh, as if she had imagined it.
The publicity effect would be great, wouldn't it?

'Then why don't you put up an ad for Torbek's construction company?

Estella looks back at Umaro and says.
Oh, he's looking away from me. I get nervous when people look at me.

'Umaro's place is well known enough without advertising. Do you want any more customers?'
'No, no, if that's the case, isn't the Sunlit Pavilion the most famous?
'We don't get any job offers from other districts. Right?
'Did you forget, Yashiro?You guys are going to the 35th district to make rice cakes at the beginning of the year.
'...... That's not a request. It's an aristocrat's tyranny.

Ahh... I'm going on a business trip soon.

'You're all staying together again, aren't you?
'I'm going to show the people of District 35 how to make real rice cakes!
'...... Magda will win fans and bring them to District 42.'
'It's too far, Magda!It's too much to ask you to commute to the sunlit pavilion!
'...... even though the lord is taking the initiative to go there?
'He's a disappointing person, so you can't compare him to ordinary people!
'Yes, Loretta......, I understand that you're familiar with Lucia-san, but she's the lord of another ward, so don't say things like that too loudly, okay?'

Estella waryly warned, but Lucia would be fine.
If Loretta tells her to do something, she'll take it in stride. Even if she doesn't have any animal features, she seems to like the beastman race.

'...... is that an ad for Torbeck Construction Company?

I'm not sure if he's thinking about the words he should carve into it or not, but his eyes are serious.

''Hah, Magda is a real angel! --Torbeck Engineering.
'That's not advertising our company at all!
'Then, I'll be presumptuous and come up with a plan too!'If this face rings a bell, it's Torbeck's construction store!
'Which face?You're going to draw a face?Can you see it, at that height?

Wanted criminal. ......
That's about as far as Loretta would go.
I'll leave Magda for the punchline.

'What kind of advertising slogans do you think Ginette should use?'
'Well, ......, "Torbeck Construction Company not only has the technology, but also designs with the user's feelings in mind, so it is wonderfully comfortable to use for many years to come. This is probably due to your personality and dedication to your work, as well as the solid tradition and technology that has been passed down through the generations. ......'
'The chimney will turn black!
'Are you going to write a lot of words on it, Mr. Manager? You probably won't be able to read it.
'......'hehe, sorry. I just couldn't sum it up in one word.
'No. I was very happy that the manager thought so much of me. I'm glad I've been working so diligently!

Ginette polishes the kitchen of the Sunlit Pavilion every day and uses it carefully.
This is probably due to his gratitude and respect for the carpenters who built the kitchen, which still remains unchanged and will remain unchanged for a long time to come.

'--and tell that to the manager.
'You really haven't made any progress, have you?

You should at least get used to Jeannette.
You already know that Jeannette would never do anything to you.
She's the rare one who keeps a reasonable distance from you. You should be rehabilitating yourself.

'What do you have in mind Estella?'Flat? or something?'
'Mr. Yashiro, that's Estella's advertisement.
'Okay, Umaro. Can I talk to you two for a minute?
'Ahhhh, ummmm, I can't be alone with you!

Umaro flees from Estella's cursed evil eye.
If you are stared at by it you will be cursed to be flat-chested for generations to come.

'Magda, do you have anything for me?

I saved the best for last, Estella.
You took the best part. That's the best position to be in!

Estella, who gave Magda the talk, Ginette, who looked at Magda smilingly, and Umaro, who couldn't hide his excited and expectant expression, must all be thinking.
'Oh, Magda is going to make a joke after this.
Loretta, for example, said plainly, 'Come on, say something funny!I'm waiting! I'm waiting for you!' She looked excited.

Magda speaks quietly under the gaze of all these people.
He points to the towering chimney, moving his fingertips as if he were writing letters on it.

'...... "Behold, this is the technology of Torbeck Engineering."'

Everyone is speechless.
Inscribing such words on the chimney would be the result of letting people know the high level of technology of Torbek Engineering without question.
I have never seen a building like this anywhere else.
A towering chimney.
The imposing exterior.
Inside, the bathhouse is a functional and sophisticated design that has been calculated to the utmost limit in terms of flow and ease of use.
There is not a single person in this city who can look at this and say, 'It's not much.

Everyone must admire it at first sight, saying 'Wow ......'.

On the chimney, the symbol of the place, you can say, 'Behold, the technology of Torbeck Engineering.
That's the best advertisement.

'Very nice, Magda!That's so cool!
'...... Next to that, there's 'The sunny pavilion renovated by Torbek's construction company is over there.
'I'm on it!I've ridden for free on the fame of Torbek Corporation!

You lifted him up, and then you made a joke out of it at the end.
Hey, Magda. How kind of you to be so nice to Umaro.
Is this a reward for building such an amazing bathhouse for Umaro?

I'll bet he's overjoyed.
I'm sure he'll get one of the biggest 'haaaan, Magda-tan's a real angel! will come.

--And when I looked into Umaro's face...

'...... Ugh, ...... gosh!

You're crying so hard!

'Oh, come on, Umaro. I'm just kidding, okay?I'm not really going to write anything about advertising, am I?If I do, you know what?Are you okay?

I don't know what he really thought, but Umaro's eyes turned bright red.
I was a little surprised and comforted him.

'Yes,......, I know that the promotion is a joke,......, but ...... ......'.

I wiped my tears roughly with my sleeve and forced a big smile on my face.

'I'm so happy that Magda told me that,...... and that she thought so!

Well, it's the kind of complaint that only comes out if you truly trust them, right?

'...... Everyone here knows the greatness of Umaro's and Torbeck's carpenters.
'Yes, Mr. Umaro. We are always grateful to you.
'Even in the church, Umaro-san's hamsters have been helping us a lot by doing repairs in various places.
'Oh, yes!My house is comfortable too!You are the best, Torbek!

'Thank you ......, thank you ......, thank you all ......'.

Umaro tries to hold back his tears and keep a smile on his face.
It's a big mistake and makes a funny face.
But there was no one to laugh at it.

This guy ......
I guess he was really trapped.

He's been on the edge of his seat ...... since he was playing in the river during the heat wave, and probably even before that.
I've been feeling a little uncomfortable, but I didn't ...... notice it.
I'm also curious about the outside notoriety that Lucia brought to the table.

'...... Oumalo'.

I was about to call out to him, but Magda stood in front of Oumalo before I could.
Then, in his usual calm voice, he spoke softly.

'...... I was a little curious. But Umaro is a professional, so I just watched him.

Magda had noticed something wrong with Umaro and was quietly watching him.
He was watching to see how it happened so as not to make things worse.
By the way, somewhere before, Magda had shown signs of concern for Umaro.
So Magda was watching Umaro more closely than I was.

'...... Magda is an amateur, so he doesn't know much about technology. However, as a customer of Umaro's work, I can give my opinion. The kitchen, the bathroom, the toilet, and the roof of the courtyard are all made by Umaro. They are also sturdy, well sanded to prevent Magda from getting hurt, and very gentle to the touch.

Now that you mention it, Magda's living space seems to be protected by Umaro.

'...... Even if royalty, nobility, and the whole world denied Oumalo and Torbeck Engineering--'

Magda tells Umaro with certainty.

'Magda can proudly declare that Torbeck Engineering is the best in the world.

Umaro will be more than happy with the accolades and fame sent to him by his superiors.
'It's great to hear from real customers.

'...... Stick it!

Covering his face with his hands, Umaro cries aloud.
No one laughed, of course, and everyone agreed with Magda's words.

'Magda, you said it well.
'...... Magda speaks for everyone.

Well, what a quiet spokesman.

And so we waited in that place.
We waited for Umaro to stop crying. And that he'd stop crying and tell us everything.

'That's very thoughtful, for Estella.
'It doesn't make me happy to hear you say that with your nose in the air.

Estella in her bathing suit passes in front of me.
Her legs are as beautiful as ever.

'Yo, beautiful legs!
'Shut up!
'Slender all around.
'......, shut up.'

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
A knife is no more allowed in the bathtub than a towel is for washing up.

So we are now at the newly established "Nishi no Yu" in the 42nd district.
Here is the bathhouse: ......

It's huge!
Ah, now I'm thinking, 'I should've made a hot tub too! I'm thinking!d*mn it!

'Guys, this is a special exception for a trial run and inspection. After tomorrow, you are not allowed to wear swimsuits or enter the baths with members of the opposite s*x.

Estella nailed the members of the 'bathhouse test run investigation team' present here.
The people here are the ones who worked hard to build this bathhouse.
That is to say, the carpenters, lumberjacks, metalworkers' guild, river fishermen's guild, and the like.

I was shown the inside of both the men's and women's bathhouses before the water was poured, and the atmosphere changes when the water is poured.
A warm space surrounded by steam.
And the smell of hot water.
And the echoing voices.
Viva public bathhouse!
It's a big bathhouse!

Viva the women's bath!

We're in a "women's bath" now!
Even in our bathing suits, we're in the company of beautiful women!

'I'm glad I'm alive!
'If you keep talking like that, I'm going to pick you up.
'I'm sorry, I'll keep quiet!
'Yashiro apologizes honestly!
'Do you want to stay in the women's bath so badly?
'You're too desperate, big brother. ......'
'...... It's Yashiro.
'It's a buzzing ......'
'Ooooh, Umaro's sinking!Pull it up, Becco!'
'I know what I'm doing, that I do!

The situation of being in the women's bath seems to have shaken the needle of Umaro's nervousness, and he's so nervous that I'm worried.
It's okay. We're all in swimsuits. No one is using the bath yet.

Carpenters, maidens from the hardware guild, old men from the river fishing guild, and lumberjacks entered the men's bath to conduct a "trial run survey".
They are exercising their right of first refusal in the name of investigation.
They are probably taking a big bath right now to get rid of their fatigue.
Swimsuits are not allowed over there.
You see, if you wear a bathing suit first, some people might feel embarrassed the next time they go in naked, right?That's why they don't allow swimsuits.

I'm not sure what to say.
I'm not sure what I'm going to do.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.
If you're going to stick with me, you should stick with me.

'Actually, I should ask Yashiro and Umaro to join me in the men's bath, but there are some circumstances.

When Umaro started crying on the street in front of the bathhouse, we took him to the NTA, a place where we gather when we need to do something.
However, he seemed to have accumulated a lot and did not come back to life.
Just when I was thinking, "Well, I guess I can't do it today, since I have to do a trial run of the bathhouse later ......," Estella came up with a crazy idea, "Well, let's listen to what they have to say while taking a bath.

By twisting the rules in various ways, we ended up in this situation as a special exception.
That's why there are many familiar faces participating in the test run survey team.
The members of the Sunlit Pavilion, Estella and Natalia, Imelda, Delia, and Norma.
And then there's Bertina, who was very worried when she saw Umaro crying.

Bathing with Bertina: ......!

Lucky time, which will probably never happen in my life!
I'm glad I'm alive!

I'm glad to be alive! It's a good thing I'm not the only one.
'...... I know. I'll be a good boy.

I'm not going to let a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like this pass me by!
I'll live a healthy life today!

And Becko and Omero are in here to help ease Umaro's tension.
He's taking a half bath in the tub because he's afraid of Delia.
He was washing his toys, just now.

'And ......'.

Estella leaned in close, careful not to let her voice echo.

'There's also the matter of Jeannette, you know.

By my carelessness, I'm bathing with Jeannette through the wall.
This seemed to embarrass her, and every once in a while the embarrassment would come back and she would writhe in agony.
I wish she would just forget about it.

So, if we give them this opportunity to experience "all together", the feelings of "I'm the only one" or "I'm doing something that others are not doing" will disappear.
We even played in the river.
It was just a change of location from the river to the bath, and the soaking from water to hot water.

There is a bit of tension, but no one is that embarrassed.
...... Maybe it's because everyone understands that being shy here will make them even more embarrassed.

Occasionally, when you make eye contact with Jeannette, she turns her face away in embarrassment.
I'd be grateful if that shyness would disappear after today.

'Estella-sama, I understand that you're happy to be bathing with Yashiro-sama, but you're getting a little too close.
'Huh?I'm not happy about it!It's not like that!It's just a little secret talk!
'It looked like you were flirting with me.Hey, Sister.'
'Yes, it does. Let's step back a little more, shall we, both of you?

It seems that skin-to-skin contact in bathrooms is still a little .......

I've swum in the river with a few people on my back.
Is skin-to-skin contact okay in the river?

'Oh, but I don't mean to blame you. But from Estella's point of view, I thought it would be better to be a little more considerate.
'Thank you for your consideration, Sister. I'll be careful from now on.
'Oh, thank goodness. You won't get angry.'
'Hmm. As long as Mr. Yashiro doesn't look down his nose at me, that is.'
'Wow, you're really going to get angry. You're going to keep getting angry.
'How long are you going to stretch out your nose, ......?

When it's this warm, even the bridge of your nose will expand.
I hope you can tolerate it.

'So, have you calmed down, Oumalo?
'Uh, yeah, well, ...... is .......'
'I don't know, speak up!
'Ugh, you're annoying!Don't look at me!
'...... Why are you even nervous about me, you ...... son of a b*tc*?

No, anyone would be nervous about Norma in a black bikini.
And wet and moist, warm and dusty, her pale pink bosom is so s*xy that if it were a ...... buffet, I'd eat it up.

'...... Oumalo'.
'Magda Tan......'

'...... And Magda in a swimsuit?'
'Seriously, angel!

You're looking good.
As usual, you are.

'...... You don't have to take it easy. But Yashiro and everyone is worried about you.
'...... Magda-tan.'
'......I was trying to trust Umaro and leave him alone. I'm sure they all do.

That's right.
I'm sure many of us noticed that Umaro didn't feel right.
They just didn't realize that he was being pushed to this point, so they didn't step in because they had faith that he would be okay.

But I didn't think that through.
Umaro is a human being. No matter how good his skills are, he's still just a human being who can get his heart broken and break in a heartbeat.

I had done to Umaro what I have always thought to the people of this town who have excessive expectations of me.

Don't have such high expectations.

He can do whatever he wants.
He's the one.
I've been making such assumptions somewhere in my mind.

'......, but I can't stop asking now that I've seen him.

You can't look at that Umaro and think, 'He'll take care of it himself.
I'm sure it's the same for everyone.

'......Umaro is always watching over Magda, supporting her, helping her.
'Mag......da, Tan'.
'......Magda is worried about Oumalo. Let ...... Magda save Oumalo.'

There was a choppy sound of water.
The area was so quiet that such a small sound could be heard clearly.
Everyone gulped and stared at Umaro without speaking.

'...... guffaw'.

Umaro sips his nose, then breaks his face--

'Thank you. Actually, I'm pretty much at my limit.

--He shed a large tear.
His face was smiling, but the tears spilling out on their own were evidence that his heart had reached its limit.

'I know this is a shameful story, but will you listen to me?

The smile on his face was so weak that none of us could reply.
I felt that what we should say to Umaro now was neither 'Oh, I'll listen' nor 'Talk to me'.

On behalf of those of us who were silent, Magda said quietly.

'...... of course'.

............ Yeah.
I'm sure I can speak for everyone here.
But you know what?

You've got something more to say, words to say!

'Ha-ha. Thank you, Magda.'

Umaro, who had been looking directly at Magda's face, seemed to have been touched by something, and some of the pain had disappeared from his smile.

It seemed to have started gradually after the "banquet" held in District 42.
While soaking in a large bath, Umaro began to talk in whispers.

'We had to move Ma'ru's mansion to coincide with the birth of New Road. As a result, Mr. Ma'ul asked me to repair his water mill. He said that he had seen a rowing waterwheel in the river of District 42 and asked us to repair it.

I know the story of how Umaro and his friends used a technique called 'hikiage' to move the museum.
I know the story of how Umaro and his friends used a technique called 'hiki-ka' to move the house, but has she gone all the way to the river?
Do you have free time?

'So, the repair of the waterwheel was completed without delay, and Ma'ru was very happy about it.
'Did you make something for the plus one?
'I built a small foot-operated waterwheel near the waterwheel. He said he was going to use it to pump water into the canal since the museum was far away from the river.

You can use a waterwheel for that purpose, and you don't need to pump water up the river, you can just dig a canal at that distance.
He must have wanted the waterwheel for some reason.
He must have been very happy with it.

'So, I was told that the storehouse of the lord of the 29th district is getting old and will be repaired soon. Ma'ru said that he would personally intercede with the lord.

Mahrul has realized the usefulness of Torbek's engineering store and has started to surround it, hasn't he?
They're the same carpenters who built Torukeru No.1, New Road and the playground equipment.
I guess they wanted to get a bigger pipe and tried to give me a job.

But I waited and waited and waited, but never heard from them, so I asked them about it when I met them at the ward sports festival. I asked him what had happened to that story.

When I asked, Ma'ru said.
'What?Weren't you the ones who repaired the warehouse? And.

'We've already finished repairing the storehouse.

If Ma'ru had said he'd talk to us, he would've done it.
And he did it directly to Gerasie, the lord of the 29th district and his own brother.

Was Gellarcy so repulsed by his sister that he deliberately hired another carpenter?
No, there's no point in doing something so tricky now.
More importantly, it's time for him to meet Mahrul and hone his skills as a lord.
He said he'd do it himself.
I don't think he's going to damage his relationship with Ma'ru with such a petty rebellion.

'But that's just the way it is,' he said.

After that, it seems that Mahrul asked Umaro to do some work for him.
But he never received a single request from Gerasie.

'Then, similar things started to happen elsewhere.

A job introduced by someone who was acquainted with Umaro was finished before he knew it.
This happened several times in a row.

And Umaro thought.

He thought, 'Some construction company is interfering in our work and taking it away from us.

'I knew immediately what it was. It sounds arrogant to say that we were supposed to do the ...... work, but it was always the same construction company that actually did the work that the people at the other end said they wanted us to do. --It was always the same contractor, Norton Construction.

The work that was about to be done by Trubek's contractor was snatched up by Norton's contractor.

'Once or twice, I thought it might happen, but it went on like this. ...... So I went to protest to the master of Norton Engineering.

I'm sure you've heard of Donovan Norton, a man of the Latter Day Saints.
He was a stern-looking man with a strong body that made me think he was in a hunting guild, and he was much older than Umaro.

I'm not going to lie, by that time we were pretty much at our limits,......, not financially, but because we were being raided and robbed of jobs by noblemen, guild leaders, and, in layman's terms, "top customers. So, I took my people and went to talk to them.

Umaro is a mild-mannered man who smiles all year round in front of us, but he is also a stern man who yelled at Gusuya for cheating when we first met.
In particular, he hates crookedness.

If Norton Construction Company was actually cheating and stealing the work of Torbeck Construction Company, he would not have allowed them to cheat, even in a full-scale conflict.
...... If, in fact, Norton Engineering was cheating, you know.

'It was like buying and selling, and they got so pissed off that they showed me everything, including the books and everything. They told me to look into it until I was satisfied. ...... and '
'And you found no trace of wrongdoing in ......?

Umaro nodded in anguish at Estella's words.
He seemed to be a little relieved to hear her say something that he would have found difficult to say.

But the look of anguish on Umaro's face was so somber that it made it hard to breathe, and I could clearly feel his regret.

Umaro is not regretting that he could not expose the fraud.
He's not angry at the people who hid it so well and kept it a secret.
He's not shocked to be confronted with the fact that there really was no cheating, and that he was just outplayed.

He just can't forgive them.
He can't forgive himself for suspecting an innocent man.
He can't forgive himself for his actions, for his shallowness, for going in with the absolute certainty that it was a fraud.

'I was told when Norton Engineering's innocence was proven ......'.

'I think you've gotten a little carried away lately, haven't you?

'I couldn't even hear a sound. I just bowed my head and ran home. ......'

Is that what happened to you?
I didn't notice him at all.

The story spread quickly among the guild of carpenters, and the name of Torbek's engineering store was heavily stained.
They were said to be 'egotists who thought that it was natural for them to get the work and that it was impossible for others to take it', and 'rogues who would come to destroy the workplaces if others got good jobs'.

Umaro and the others just accepted such slander in silence.

'Then, as usual, there were no more stories about us being offered the job, and we often heard later that some other construction company had done the work. ......'
'And it was all Norton Construction Company?
'No. ......'

Umaro is answering Estella's question in a normal way.
He's been lying face down for a long time, so he doesn't have to look at her.

That's how badly he's been hurt.

'After we made a fuss, Norton Engineering lost work. ...... After that, it wasn't a particular engineering company that took the work, but various engineering companies.

I'm not sure what to make of that.

'Because of you, we got a bad reputation and lost work!What are you going to do about it?

That's what they said.
Umaro then handed over most of the work he had received in the 40th district to Norton Construction.
He explained the situation to the client and the union, and got their approval.

...... Ah, so that's why guys like Yambold and Goozja at headquarters were available.
I thought it was a bit over the top to have all of them there.
Was there a reason for that?

And the heat wave.
On that day when they were playing in the river, Umaro received a crazy story.
No, he was slammed.

'I've been sued by the General Court.

Business obstruction.
By making it difficult for them to conduct a lavish investigation, they've ruined Norton Engineering's credibility and cost them jobs.
Not only that, but the extreme decrease in work must have been due to Trubek's covert operations behind the scenes.
That's what they assumed, and they sued me.

If he had taken the case, he would have been able to clear his name, but Umaro avoided the fight.
He felt that he had caused trouble by his actions.
He paid the settlement price so that he would not cause further damage or bring more bad publicity to Norton Engineering.

In effect, a declaration of defeat.

It was as if he had admitted that everything Norton Engineering had said was correct.
And the bad reputation of Torbeck Engineering spread to every corner of the district at once.

The only way to regain the trust of the public was to work diligently and start from scratch.

Umaro thought so and told the carpenters to do the same.
That's why, from the time of the heavy snowfall until today, these guys have been insatiable for work.
Not for the money, but to start over in the 42nd district, where their skills and spirit would be duly appreciated, and to gain trust once again.

In fact,......, the mere mention of our name could cause trouble for Estella, the 42nd Ward and Yashiro,......, but this is the only way for me. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you can do it. ...... The only thing you can do is to be a carpenter, so no matter what, you have to get your credibility ............ up again so that our carpenters can eat. ...... So, ............!

A man's tears fall into the hot water.
Well, that's it. It could be a drop of water that fell from the ceiling, and I'll pretend I didn't see it.

'I'm sorry I couldn't talk to you at ....... I trust you all, but I'm still a little scared. ......Because I've been treated so well by people who recognize my ...... skills. I've been treated so well by people who recognize my ...... skills. ...... But if I can't do my job well with a bad reputation, I'm worthless to them. ......'

'Oh, no.'

Umaro's words stop at the sound of my voice.

No, it's gone. I really did.
I've been careless.
I should've asked Millie to get me some bamboo.
I could've made a squirt gun with the bamboo.
If I'd had a squirt gun, I could've poured hot water into her whining mouth to shut her up.
Too bad. Such a pity.

So I'm going to use the hand tub and pour a lot of hot water over Umaro's head.

'Wa......?What's that?

Umaro shakes his wet face and finally looks up.

'...... ah'.

I've been listening to you.
The faces of those who listened to you, what they look like now.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has a problem with this.

Look at them.
Ginette looks like she's about to cry, even Loretta's eyebrows are furrowed, and Magda has a half-lidded expression on her face.
Don't take the smiles away from the staff of the sunny pavilion, you weeping fox!
You'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of them.

'...... Yashiro-san, that face'.

'......Sorry, sir.'

As I stared back silently, Umaro bowed deeply.
I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I'm sure you have.

...... I don't care what I look like.
You just smile like an idiot.

You've made such a great bath.
You should be proud.

There's nothing for you to worry about.
Because this whole mess that's been bothering you...

'Umaro. It's gaslighting.'

--It's gaslighting...' It's all a ruse against Torbek's construction company, set up by some idiot.