374-29th episode without additivesFirst race, footrace

'Please do your best!

Ginette cheers loudly with her hands on either side of her mouth.
On the track, the under twelve runners are now running the 80 meters.

'I did it!We're on different teams, but my sister is the best!
'...... Your siblings were the only ones in this race.'

The speed of the Hewitt family is unparalleled, so we try to have the hamsters compete with other hamsters assigned to each team. Otherwise, the hamsters would monopolize the first place.

'It's so cool to see them running so hard.

Unusually excited, Jeannette pulls my sleeve and points to the track, saying, 'Look, look, look.
I guess he gets excited when he sees sports too.

Earlier in the day, a bunch of little kids from the church and other districts participated in the "running race (under-seven division, 25-meter run)", and it took a while, but the race ended successfully.
It took a while, but the race was successfully completed. The whole hall was gobsmacked by the sight of them running little by little with their tiny feet.

Unfortunately, Teresa couldn't join the race yet, but instead Cheryl joined in with great energy and took first place.
Yap Rock danced a little dance that could have been the joyous dance of Nepheli's parents. ...... I wonder if each race has its own traditional dance?

The next race will be the final race in the Under Twelve division (80 meters).
From the white team, Rebeka will participate. The white team's performance has not been so good so far, so we hope that they will get the first place somehow.
Totto also participated in the competition, but his efforts were in vain and he ended up in third place. The sons of hunters and lumberjacks are too fast for the ...... thing.

You can't do that. At least you get points even if the competition is just a bunch of kids playing around. The points are small, but the difference in the initial error level often has repercussions later on. We cannot be too careful.

'Rebecca~!Keep up the good work~!

Sophie is cheering, holding out a handkerchief made by herself.
...... You're an idol chaser, aren't you?

I'm sorry.Is this it?I got this from Mr. Assunto. He said it would be a good advertisement to write the name of the factory on these things and distribute them to the relevant places.

In other words, it's a copy of the promotional T-shirts we used to have at the sunny-side up pavilion.
Oh, no, that's not right. In his case, it's a derivative of the 'advertising method using fans' that I taught him during last year's heat wave.

'At ......, you didn't write about the factory, but you wrote the name of Rebecca.
'When it comes to koji factories, it's Riveka!I've never had anything else to write about!

The hand towel with the words "Rebeka☆Lovely~" written in sparkling letters looked like an idol's live goods.
At any rate, if I were to receive one of these from a business partner, I would throw it into the trash with no bounds.

'Rebeka is fast, so she'll be the first!Yashiro-san, please support her so much that her throat will pop out!
'I'm not going to jump out of my skin.

You'd feel bad if I jumped out of my skin.

But Rebekah's best is a yellow light. ......

'Hammaro taaaaaan!I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.
'I think you're getting too excited, Lucia-sama......'

'In three seconds, I'll use my power, I'll use my mind like a demon--zero.
'Dof!............ Gi,Gilberta ...... should at least countdown aloud... ...I didn't know how long it had been, three seconds ......'.
'Three seconds passed as I was speaking.

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at .......

You can ignore the blue and yellow groups as they are just normal children. ...... Hammaro. ......

'I wish Hammaro would have clashed with the other Ham kids. ......'
'As a matter of fact,......, there is a limit to the number of my younger siblings who can participate in each event.
'There are so many of us. It's a pity for those siblings who want to participate but can't. ......'
'......The red team came here to make sure they get points.'

The Reds purposely avoided the Hammers in a race full of Hammers, and put Hammaro in the last race.
Since the race was just a trial run, they didn't get many points.
However, the first place got 10 points, the second place got 8 points, the third place got 5 points, and the last place got 2 points.
There is a higher probability of getting more points by abandoning one race full of hamsters, where you do not know how many places you will get, and taking the first place without fail.

If all the racers are hamsters, the worst that can happen is that you come in last place.
It's better to be sure of 10 points .......
This is a great way to make sure you get the most out of your vacation.
I'm sure that Delia would not have made such a detailed calculation.

I'm not sure what to say.It's not often you get to see such a big stage!

Hammaro looks a little nervous.
If you're nervous and go out with a bang, you've got a chance to win. ...... He's strong in the real world, or rather, he'll do exactly what he's told to do.

'I'm sorry to say this, but ...... it's a little difficult to beat my brother.
'Don't worry. You don't have to be the best, but working hard is a great thing.
'It's hard that ...... covering fire is prohibited.

The team is in a defeated mood.
It seems that Magda is not allowed to shoot down Hammaro from the outside, so it can't be helped.

'What are you talking about!Rebecca will win!Because she's that cute!
'That's right!Don't talk like you're giving up before you even try!Loretta!You're a member of the Sisterhood, aren't you!We're going to support you together!''

Sophie and Barbara seemed to believe in Rebeka's victory, probably because they didn't know Hammaro's speed.

'Hero!You can win, right!

Even if you say so, ............

'Do something about it!You're one of us!

Do something. ...... Well, I'll do what I can.
There's no guarantee it'll work, though.

'Rebecca......, you hear me?'

I whispered to Rebeka as she took her starting position, unbeknownst to the rest of the group.
Rebeka is a genius among the rabbit people with a good ear. No distance is too great for her to miss any whispers.

'We're all convinced you'll win. So whatever happens, don't worry about it, just run towards the goal. Can you do that, pretty captain?

And with that, Rebekah thrusts a V-sign at me.
Good. Okay, next is ......

'All hands on deck. I'll give you a secret plan.

Call the white players together and tell them the plan.

'This is just a plan. This is not sabotage.'

After such a preamble...

'Hammaro may be on the enemy team today, but he's usually one of us. So let's cheer him on as much as we can. Everyone loves Hammaro, right?
'What?Are you saying that you'll give up cheering for Rebeka to cheer for the enemy?Isn't that a pity for Rebeka?

Naturally, Sophie objected.
She was so engrossed in cheering for Rebeka that she wasn't paying attention to us, so she must not have heard the whisper earlier. So...

'That's right. You're right. So, I'll stop saying 'good luck' and just call you by name. I'll just call you by your name as a fellow member of the same ward that I get along with on a daily basis.
'Oh, ...... I see.'
'...... I understand.'
'Huh?What do you mean?

Loretta didn't seem to get it, but Magda gave her an earful and she seemed to get the point.

'Aashi will never support the enemy!
'Of course I don't either!I'm only going to support Rebeka's ...... Rebeka!
'Then that's fine. I'll do what I want on my own.''
''I guess so. Hammaro-san often helps out at the Sunken Pavilion, and he's always happy to cheer us on.

With complete goodwill, even Ginette has agreed to join the mission.
Now let's see if ...... will work. ......

And then the bell of doom rang...

'Get into position. ......'


I'm not sure what to make of that.

'''' Hammaro ooohhh! ''''
'...... Hammaro Oh~'

It worked!
It took a huge, huge number of hits!

'Oh, hey!What are you doing?Don't stop!Run, Hammaro!

It seems that Delia's instructions had the opposite effect on Hammaro.

'Yes, go, Rebekah!
'...... Run through it like the wind.'
'I'm going to smash it!
'What?Oh, good luck to you too, Rebekah!

While Hammaro stopped at the starting point and stared blankly, Rebeka crossed the finish line in first place.

'Huh!Just like in the picture, you're late!

As the second and third runners crossed the halfway point of the course, Hammaro finally started to run ...... and finished in second place.
You're ...... too fast. It's a good idea to give him a 1000 meter handicap.
Thank goodness he didn't have to fight for it.

'You, anchovy!You're not fair!
'No, no. We're just trying to support our good friend Hammaro. Right, Jeannette?
'Yes, sir. We're very good friends.''
'Geez ......, you even used Ginepoo ............!

That's Lucia.
She knew what I was after and how I did it in an instant.
She also knew that Jeannette didn't have the slightest ill will towards me. That's why she can't say anything.

'You ...... don't care what happens to me and Hammarotan's marriage!
'I'd rather destroy it aggressively, you pervert.'
'Hmph!After all, the race is only a low-score exercise!We're going to dominate the rest of the competition and win the championship for the Red Team!
'And if we don't win, we'll be judged by the spirits.
'You idiot!In the opening announcement, Estella declared the rule that 'the judgment of the spirits' must not be applied to anything said here today!

'We will win! Such comments are necessary to boost morale, so let's all tolerate such comments, a gentleman's agreement has been made.
Of course, I know all about it.

'But you're not a resident of the ward.
'But you're not a resident of the ward, and it's highly likely that you will be in the near future!
'Um, Lucia-san, please don't ...... do that, it's rather serious ......'.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to use the site, please do not hesitate to contact us.
This is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment.

'And Yashiro. Don't be too blatant in your sabotage.'
'No, we're genuinely rooting for .......'
'How many people do you think are here that can be fooled by that?

...... Well, the only one who genuinely believes me is Ginette.

'You have to understand how well known you are.

Estella nails him with those words and heads back to the blue camp.
There's such a thing as a ploy to win.
As long as it's not against the rules.

...... Well, it may not be good sportsmanship, but...

'Oh well. I'll take it seriously.
'Shall I cast 'Spirit Judgment' on that statement?Anchovy.
'Just go back to your camp.

I get rid of the idiot lord and start preparing for the next program.

Next up is the 200-meter run for the under-15s.
I thought 100 meters would be fine for the age group, but the distance is longer than in Japanese elementary schools because there are many beastmen.
Even if they are not beastmen, the kids in this town have a lot of physical strength. Many of them said that 200 meters would be enough.
...... Well, to its detriment, the over-15 race I'm participating in is now 800 meters long. It's not a race distance, 800. It's a long distance. It's a lap of the track.I'm not an athlete.

There's a lot of overachievers in the 42nd. I suppose it can't be helped.

'...... victory to my team.'

Magda leaves her position in high spirits.
Red Moya is banned, but I'm sure Magda can handle it.
The hamsters stick to the same race, so they are not much of a threat, but there is no guarantee that they will win. The sisters who work as vendors at the second and seventh stores of the Sunlit Pavilion will compete, but the winner will be the luck of the hour.
Also, some apprentices from Mo-Mat's place are supposed to participate in the tournament, but ...... they're a long shot.

'My knights!Look at this!First prize commemorative medal!
'Oh, good job.'
'You looked great, Rebekah.

Rebeka came back with the medal hanging from her neck.
She looked happy to be praised by me and Jeannette.

This medal, which Norma had worked so hard to make, was presented to all the first-place winners as a souvenir.
She had heard me talking about how I had wanted one of these when I was in elementary school, and had worked over night to make it for me.
'Children like such things, you know. Wouldn't they be happy with that? He said.
How much do you love kids and events?

'On location, yo. ......'


The race has begun, and the cheering from the spectators and the cheering section of each team goes off.
I look next to me and see ......

'Akagumi~!Keep up the good work!

Millie was shouting at the top of her lungs.

'Millie?Aren't you going to join us?
'Yeah, ......, ladybug, Miry, you're fifteen, right?
'You're imagining things!
'No, you're not!I'm already an adult this year, right?

What a surprise: ......
Miry turns 15: ......
She's going to join the over-15 adults in the race.

'Miri looks better running a race than running a race!
'Milly, you're an adult now!

I don't accept it!
I'll never accept it!
I'll never accept it! Miri is still an object that should be protected by the Youth Protection Law or something!

'You should tell her, ladybug. I'm not going to do it.
'............ Eh?Oh, yes, that's right.'
'Jeannette, you forgot for a moment, didn't you?Millie is an adult.
'No, that's not true. ............ Just a little.'
'That's awful, even Jeannette-san!

You can't help it, Millie.

'Well, I was looking at Rebeka, so I was thinking ......'.
I'm not sure if you've seen this before.

I'm an adult! I don't know if it's the same thing with Miri's 'Miri, I'm an adult now' ......

'It's the same!
'No, they're not!You're a socially responsible adult!Right, Roreta?
'It's okay!Miriri-chou can still be accepted as a minor!
'It's not like it's acceptable!

I'm sure you've heard of it.
You're right, there's no way such a cute creature is an adult.
I was about to kidnap her to my army's position when she was snatched away in a flash.

'Don't get involved with Miry, enemy!Pfft!

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
You know, ......

I'm not sure what to say. If it had been Mo-Mat instead of me, you would have been happy!
I'm not happy about it!I'm not pleased!
'............Oh wow, ......'
'No, no, no, the lord of the 35th district!You know what kind of man Yashiro is, don't you?I'm not sure if you can take me seriously.
'............ no. ...... as much as the half-fish from Ma-tan's place, no.'

Lucia frowned as she walked back to the center of the Red Team's position.
So, Mo-Mat is in the same category as Calvin.

'Don't laugh at me, Yashiro!It's your fault!

Even among the beastmen, Lucia doesn't show much interest in men.
The only man Lucia has ever been attracted to is Hammaro.
On the contrary, she seems to like Ginette, and although she's a beast-feature fanatic, I guess she likes 'cute' things more than that.

So he feels physiological disgust even for Mormat and Calvin, who have strong animal features.

'Physiological disgust.
'Shut up, Yashiro!

Mormat is strangely damaged.
He likes big tits, but he's dented by the fact that Lucia, a B-cup girl, hates him. ......

I'm not sure what to make of that.
I'm not going to let you get away with it.
'Shut up, white team!Cheer us on!

The blue team is yelling at us.
That Estella guy, he's interfering with something that has nothing to do with us. ......

'Because we're talking about boobs now!
'What about it?

That's why I told you not to interfere if you have nothing to do with it. ...... That knife flies well. I'll shut up.

'Because ...... Mo Mat will look at you like, "Shut up, people who have nothing to do with boobs."'

'I didn't!
'Back me up, hero!

Now my own troops are angry with me.
Barbara grabbed my head in both hands and held it facing the truck.
Ouch, ouch, ouch!
I told you, you need to learn to control your strength!

I looked at the truck and saw my sisters standing at the starting line.
They were a little older than me, between the ages of ten and twelve.
They didn't go 'Hahaha! like the younger sisters, but with a slightly more relaxed atmosphere.

''The Hewitt family's fundamental strength.
'''I'll show you!
''No, you're all Hewitt family.

However, since the oldest is Loretta,......, it's honestly true that even when she grows up.

'Good luck to you!
'''' Yes!''''

The whole sister replies to Jeannette's cheers.
...... You can't tell them apart by their names, you know.

'I'll be happy no matter who wins.
'No, no, no. You should cheer for the white team.
'But we also have a sister who was a vendor at the second store until last week, you know, from the blue group. The sister from the yellow group was here last month, and the sister from the red group was here when we were cleaning the kitchen.
'What, you can tell Ginette ...... apart?'
'Yes, I can. I can't recognize all of them, but I can recognize those who have worked with me at the Sunlit Pavilion.

Wow, ......
They all look the same to me. ......
I've heard that some of them have their own fans.
I wonder if some of the customers can tell the sisters apart. ......

'The older you get, the easier it is to recognize the characteristics of each of them, so it's relatively easy to tell the sisters of this age apart.
'Yes, that's true. And you, Loretta-san, can easily be found among your sisters.
''That's true!After all, she's the eldest!

That's true, you have a point.
Each of us has our own personality, and our tone of voice is quite different.
Their hairstyles are different, and their faces may be different, too.

However, if you show me a list and ask me, "Who are you? I'm confident that I wouldn't be able to tell.
It's like a list of classmates drawn by a manga artist who can't draw well. In the story, I can tell who they are from the flow of the story, but when it comes to ...... goods, I can't help you.

'...... error'.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
It's like an old man not being able to recognize the members of a large idol group!
...... Who's an old man?I'm sorry.

'Get in position, yo. ......'


And while we're talking about that, the race begins.
In the lead is the sister of the red team. The white team is second.
...... fast.

The race is decided in no time. ...... But then the sister of the red team falls before the goal.


Ginette leaned forward, letting out a yelp.
The younger sister got up quickly and crossed the finish line, but in their race, a moment's loss can be fatal. The red sister came in last.

'I'm going to treat my injury!

As soon as she said that, Ginette jumped out of her position and ran to her injured sister.
............ Too late!
I feel even slower after watching my sisters race.

Oh, God.

I'm going to go with you.

He ran quickly past Ginette and headed for his sister.

'You've come to help me?That's great.

Regina walks in from the first aid tent with a medicine chest.
...... Run.

'Sister, are you okay?
'Yeah. I'm fine!Just spit on it and you'll be fine.'

My sister smiles brightly.
But the scraped knee is sore and squishy.

'I'll disinfect it and put a bandage on it.
'I'll be fine, okay?I get hurt like this a lot at home.'
'But still. Just make sure you take care of it and make Ginette and Regina feel better.
'The manager and the apothecary?

My sister smiled as she looked at the two faces in turn.

'It kind of tickles to be cared for, doesn't it?

She shakes her shoulders happily with her cheeks dyed lightly.
This kind of gesture is a little like Loretta's, isn't it?

'Thank you, big brother.
'...... Tell that to the two of them.'

I'm tending to my sister because I happen to be closest to her, but Regina is the one who brought the medicine and Ginette is the one who's most worried about her. I'm just along for the ride.

'You're really good at this, aren't you?

Regina let out a sound of admiration when she saw what I was doing.

'You're the best at touching underage girls' feet!
'Didn't you think of any other expression?
'Hey, you're a technician!
'I'm going to spray you with disinfectant!

And then you'll be cleansed!

After I finished disinfecting, Ginette applied the medicine and Regina dexterously wrapped the bandages.
It may seem a bit exaggerated, but she decided that if I was going to be running around in the dusty field after this, I'd better guard myself well.
He wrapped it in a way that did not interfere with the bending and stretching of his knees. I'm impressed by that.

'Ehehe ......, I think I was happier than taking the first place!

I'm not sure if she felt pampered after being treated, but she hugged Jeannette and rubbed her head.
You look like you're having fun, that attraction. How long is the wait?

The race was well underway while I was patching up in the truck.
After watching Regina hurriedly return to the first aid tent, or rather the shade, we too left the scene.

'Oh, wait a minute!

We were about to cross the track, but Estella's waiter stopped us.

The race is about to start, so please wait until it's over.

We looked and saw that the riders were already in position.
They said not to cross the course until the race was over.

'Get into position, okay? ......'


I watch the race from inside the track alongside Jeannette.

'It's really impressive, from the inside.

This is the first time for Ginette, who hasn't competed in any events today. This is the first time for Ginette, who hasn't participated in any competition yet today, to see the race from the inside of the track.

'It kind of makes my heart pound.
'What?Which one?
'I thought you were going to say .......'

He pinched the back of my outstretched hand and gently scolded me.
Because that's no longer pretending to say 'say'.

'I never thought I'd be participating in a competition like this ......'.

I press my crossed hands to my chest to control my speeding heart.
...... I'm sinking. I'm buried.

'I'm in the mood to work as hard as I can today. ...... Well, I'm not very good at exercise.'

Really, Ginette is very excited today.
Her cheeks are lightly flushed and she is smiling happily.
It's really rare. ......

I'm glad to see such a face, I thought.

'I should have included the ...... 'boob pedometer race' in my program.

I wanted to see Jeannette doing her best,......," he said, muddying the waters with such jokes.

Well, what can I say... ......
I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea to keep an eye on Ginette for the rest of the day. ......

'...... Yashiro. Manager.'

Magda called out to me as I sat in the truck watching the race.
It looks like this next race will be the last one for the under fifteens.

'...... always win'.
'Oh. I'm counting on you.'
'...... I'm on it.'
'I'll be rooting for you.'

After exchanging a few words, Magda returned to the waiting line.
Ginette smiled at her awkward backward figure.

'You're nervous, aren't you?
'Looks like it. That's unusual.
'I think Magda-san is quite shy, don't you?
'Is that so?
'Yes. You always try not to let your nervousness show. You seem to be a little nervous every morning before opening the store.

I didn't think so.
If that's the case, then I've been completely fooled. ............ He doesn't show much of that in front of me, though.

He finally said that and gave me his best smile ever.
He seemed satisfied to see my surprised face when I found out about Magda's unexpected side. Each of us has a side to us that we don't know, yet.

Maybe I have a face I show only to Magda, or a gesture I show only to Loretta. I'm just not aware of it.

I'm sure you've got a few of those. I'm not sure.

And so, the last race is about to begin. ......

I'm not sure what to say.

Molly was in the blue group.
She's the sister of the 40th Ward Sugar Factory's actual CEO, NEET and stalker, MacTanuki Percy. ...... Why are you participating in this?

'Molly!For the sake of my brother's future, please take the first prize and contribute to the blue group!
'...... Brother, shut up. ............ I'm so embarrassed.'

Oh, ...... Percy must have asked you to do that, I bet.

'What do you mean, for the future?Mr. Percy?
'Neneh, neneh, neferi-san!That's, that's, that's it!It's a good idea to keep the relationship with the forty-two districts in good shape, or something like that!Yes!
I see. Then I should win and raise Estella's sensitivity.
(I'm not the lord, I'm ...... for you! ...... That's right, isn't it? I'm not sure what to say.

...... Hateress.

'You're a badass .......'

Umaro is also looking at you dryly.
Of all the people who know Percy, all but Nepheleigh are probably disgusted by his badassery.

'Hmm. Mr. Percy, you're putting a lot of effort into cheering for Molly.

Ah, there was another person here who wasn't disgusted.

'Molly-san is fast, isn't she?

In the end, we couldn't go back to the cheering section because the preparations for the next race had started, so we had to watch the last race from inside the truck.

'Well... The physical abilities of the beastman race are extreme.

Nephrite and the others weren't very physically strong.
On the other hand, there are people like Magda and Delia.
What do you think of ......?

'On your marks, ......'.


The bell rang, and the players began to run in unison.

Magda is running through the field like a gust of wind.
Even without the Red Moya, Magda's physical abilities are top class in District 42.

'How fast?

Surprisingly, Molly was able to keep up with Magda's speed.
She seemed to be slightly behind, and was chasing Magda at a frightening speed, about 50 centimeters behind her.
The unexpectedly strong opponent sent a chill down her spine.

'Magda, go!

Magda's speed jumped up for a moment.
Then he cut the goal tape.

'...... Ho!

I exhaled with a strange sense of relief.
Then I realized that I had been holding my breath.
It's called sweating your hands. ...... Haha, my hands are really sweating.

'............ haha ...... I was so nervous.'

Next to her, Jeannette slumped and sat down.
I was reminded once again that when you are shown a game this tense, you can't help but put a lot of effort into watching it.

'Haha...... haha............ is still too fast......, Magda! ............ haha...... haha......'

Next to the finish line, Molly is breathing on her shoulder with her hands on her knees.
She seems to have overexerted herself and is breathing heavily.

'Are you okay, Molly?
'Yes. ............ something like ...... or ......... ......... haha ...... haha.'

Ginette called out with a worried look on her face, as she was too exhausted.
She looks like she's about to collapse.

'You're a ...... good sister, Molly, going all out for such a neat guy.'
'Yashiro-san, Percy-san is not a NEET ......'.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

'For my brother's ......, or rather ............'

In the event that you've got a lot of money, you'll be able to use it to pay for a lot of things.
Oh, ...... you look like a sports girl. You look so sparkly.

'If I don't keep a close eye on you, you'll definitely go off the rails,......, brother.'

I see.
She's really a good sister, this one.


When Molly is breathing, Magda will come to us.
With a victory medal hanging from her neck.

'...... Victory is mine.'
'You did well.'

'...... Did you see the manager, too?
'Yes, I was surprised that both of you were so fast.'
'...... naturally.'

Magda then hugged Molly's shoulders with a proud, expressionless face.

'...... I've been training secretly. Molly, Magda's apprentice.'
'You've been doing that?
'...... When you're Magda's age, other districts ask you to teach them.'

When did you ......
'You mean like Magda's sprint course?

'I'm the one who asked him. My brother heard about the ward field day and he's been excited about it.
'...... I gave him some tips on how to run fast and breathe in between jobs.'
'Big brother, you're definitely going to cause trouble for the people of the 42nd ward, especially the team with the chickens, so I, your younger sister, have to be a force to be reckoned with, even if just a little. ......'

I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I'm so impressed with the way you've mastered the Magda method of running over the past few days, Molly.
...... Also, you don't call Nephrite by his first name, do you? I think she calls him 'Mr. Nepheli' when she's face to face. ............ I think she's got some sort of beef with him, Molly.

And a chicken comes running from the other side. Like she's about to fly.
That's why your lunge is so scary when you look right at it, Neffely!

'Great, great!You're so fast, Molly!I'm so impressed!
'But you're number two on .......'
'No, you're not!You're good enough!You were really cool!
'Oh, ......, thank you .......'

Nepheli squeals and hugs Molly.
Molly doesn't know what to do, and her little body is being shaken as she is.
She was embarrassed, but looked a little happy.

I lost my parents when I was little, and I was alone with my idiot brother.
He must be hungry for this kind of warmth.

'd*mn it!Molly, I want you for a sister!

Somehow, a raccoon dog collapsed in the distance, blowing a bloody nose.
Okay, let's leave it alone. No, let's bury him.

'Natalia!You're too smart for me...'
'Yes, sir. I'll bury it.'
'Um, Molly, ...... your brother is ......'
'Oh, it's okay. Please leave me alone.'

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...... Nepheli, you're such a sinner, aren't you?

I'm sure you'll agree. The blue team doesn't have any standout players, but they're well balanced. You can't lose!'

As I hugged Molly, Nephrite thrust a declaration of war at me.
And just as I'm about to do that, I feel my torsos shake and--

'If you win,......, Yashiro will give you a ............ reward,......, right? Isn't that right?

There are still rumors about that. ......
It was included in the opening statement that there is no rule that the winner can get any one they like as a wife or son-in-law,......, but the reward seems to persist.

'Well, only the winning team will know that.
'Hmm ...... I see. I'll have to make sure they win!Let's go, Molly!
'Oh, yes. ...... Excuse me!

Molly, with Nepheli's arm around her, bows to us as she leaves.
I wonder why she was raised by her brother to be such a good girl. Counter-teacher.

'...... antagonist'.
'Mr. Magda. I'm sorry.'
'You look like ......, Yashiro.'
'Yashiro-san doesn't ...... do that, does he?
'Magda, can you ...... read my mind?'
'Yashiro-san. ...... already.'

No, because.
My brother is buried in the ground as filth. It's the moon and filth, those siblings.

'Then we'll go back too.
'...... Next is the manager and Yashiro's turn.
'Oh, yeah, that's ............ a pain in the ass.'

I have to win because I'm afraid of a lot of things that might happen later. ...... I simply don't like exercise.

I don't know about running and sweating.
If I could, I'd rather just sit in the cheering section and give instructions instead of participating in the competition.

'...... Yashiro is the spearhead of the white team.
'What, you're the best?
'...... The back of the line tends to attract people who are good at running.'

There's a good chance that the confident ones are entered in the back.
The first race is a wait-and-see. That's what they're doing.
Then you'll have a better chance of winning if you come out here.

'Then I'll make a splash.

The last race of the day is the over 15. Adult division.

'Don't do anything you don't want to do, you little sunshine!

Zelmar is shouting loudly from his seat.
...... He's not going to join us, is he?

In order to keep things moving along quickly, there is not much time between each event.
The first race of the over-15 race will begin immediately.

'Yashiro-san. Please do your best.'
'Yeah!Jump up and cheer for me!
'If I do that, I'll be too busy watching my brother to run!Mr. Manager, I'll try to cheer without moving.

Loretta, who came from the cheering section to the waiting line, said something unnecessary.
If she hadn't said anything, Jeannette would have never noticed. ......!

I have no choice but to stand at the starting line.
I don't know if it's going to do any good, but I'm going to stretch out my leg muscles.

'Hmm. I never thought I'd get the chance to beat you so soon.

Estella comes in front of me.
'What, ......, are you in the first race?

'I thought you would enter the first race, where you tend to take a wait-and-see attitude, so I dared you to enter here. It looks like I was right.'
'It was Magda who made me enter, though.

Right, Estella. ......
Yeah. No more first place for me.

'But I'm glad it was you.'
'Huh. Is that a statement based on your hubris that you can beat me?'
'No. You don't shake, so I don't need to look at you from the front.'
'I'll cut your Achilles' heel!

You, what are you doing to someone who's about to run ......

'What? So Yashiro is the first race after all.'
'Looks like my prediction was right.

I turned around and saw Delia and Norma.
'You're in bloomers and you're bouncing!

'Burun-burun with bloomers!
'What are you talking about, Yashiro?
'...... It's just a seizure.'

What the hell?
I was going to watch Norma and Delia race from a special seat!

'My stomach hurts!I'm giving up!
'Just get into position!
'No!Let me go, Estella!I'm definitely in last place!
'Yashiro, you're disappointed to lose, aren't you?But I'm not going to let you get away with it!
'No, ...... you can't see me from behind, so I'm arguing with you. ......'

Oh, shit!Oh, shit!
I can't have this misery!
It's not fair that I'm the only one who can't enjoy it.
It's not fair that I'm the only one who can't enjoy it!

It's not fair that I'm the only one who can't enjoy it! That is, if you can keep up with our speed.

It's impossible to keep up with these guys.
They'll be as small as peas in a pod as soon as they start.

...... If this happens...

'......If you hump me, I'll burn it into my retinas and never forget it. ......I'll never forget it!
'What kind of threat is that?
'Ba, idiot, Yashiro ......, don't look at that ......!
'I'm worried about ...... Yashiro being behind me. ......'

They all turn to me and cover their asses with their hands behind their backs.

That's why I wanted to see it from behind!
d*mn. ...... If that's true, I'd rather be in a special seat than in the next lane. ............ Special seat?
Where are the special seats?
That's obvious. Right in front.

That means .................. that's it!

'...... I'm gonna be first.'

I'm gonna be the first--

'You guys!Give it your all!'
'Oh!Of course I will!I'll show you my full speed!
'I don't know what it is, but you seem to be up for it.
'Yashiro ....... I don't know what it is, but it looks like you're up for it.

And so, urged on by the management staff of Estella's house, we took our positions.
In front of us, a long stretch of track.

Diagonally in front of us is Norma ......'s ass in a crouching start position.

'Oh, .......'
'Stay focused!

Delia is behind me.
Estella is far ahead.

Okay, let's focus.
With a sense of anticipation for the long battle to come, I wait for my moment.
I hear the sound of my heart beating, ticking, ticking .......
A faint sense of excitement.
A pleasant sense of tension.
And then, finally, the moment arrives...

'Get into position, ......'.


At the sound of the bell, the players start running in unison!
Except for ...... me!

'Yeah, yeah, yeah!
'Hey, Yashiro-san!What are you doing?Run!

I ignore all the noise from my own players.
And I stare and stare.
It's a great way to make sure you don't end up in a situation where you can't get out of it.

Nice bounce!
I'm not sure what to say.I'm not sure what to say.You're going to lose!

I'm a bit of an idiot, Loretta.
There's no way you can beat those three anyway.

They're really fast.
They run through 800 meters like they're running 50 meters. No, they're faster than that.
They're running down the second straightaway in no time.

At this point Estella is starting to pull away, but Norma and then Delia make it around the last bend.
And that's the last straight!


If I look back here, I'll see two beautiful women with big tits running towards me right in front of me in a last spurt!With all my might!And shake it big time!

I've got a special seat!

I'm not sure if there is such a thing as a special seat!No, there isn't!
Delia and Norma are both running desperately, trying not to give away the win. What a defenseless bounce!Excellent!

And whether it's stamina or guts, Delia overtakes Norma in the last five meters and crosses the finish line in first place.

'Yes!I'm the first!
'd*mn!I got away!
'Well!I'm off!

With the two of them looking very surprised, I started to run the long, long 800 meters.
I didn't abandon the race. I just made a big mistake.
It's hard to know when to start.

In the race, even the last place gets points.
I'll make sure to get those points.
But I was sharing a little happy time with the men in the hall, because we were the members who could never win no matter how hard we tried.
It seems that Estella crossed the finish line just as I was approaching the first curve, and I was confirmed to be in last place.

But I don't care.

I'm running with my heart full of happiness.

See, my footsteps are light, aren't they?

And so, I crossed the finish line with ease, running the 800 meters in the time of a normal, average high school boy, with all eyes on me.
Yeah. It was a disappointing result, but I never gave up and worked hard until the end.
It's nice to sweat hard, isn't it?


At the goal line, Ginette and Bertina greeted me.
I thought they were going to praise me for fighting so hard despite coming in last place. ......

''Please repent.''
''Wait!Wait, wait, wait!You ran properly!I didn't skimp at all!Look at the sweat!This beautiful sweat of youth!

My brain and heart are now filled with the raging boobs I just saw.
It's just like the time of puberty, and in a broader sense, it's youth.

'The sweat of youth is an irreplaceable and beautiful crystal, isn't it!

No matter how much I plead, I can't reach the ears of Ginette and Bertina, who have my arms tightly bound. It won't touch their hearts.
Why not?
I did what I said I'd do, with a flourish!Everyone was looking at me at the end!
And I was the best!You had a better seat than anyone else in the venue, and you were the happiest person in the room, enjoying that explosion!
If you think I'm lying, you can try the "Judgment of the Spirits" on me!If you think I'm lying, you can try the "Spirit Judgment"! I'm sure the Spirit God will agree with me!
I was undoubtedly the best at that moment!

--My claim was completely ignored, and I was made to repent at the church's branch office that Umaro had built in the middle of the ground.
Why are you making this? ...... Did you think I was going to do something?Yeah, that's what I thought!What?

Ginette, who had been keeping up with my repentance, didn't make it to the race, but was entered in the last race, where she ran with the overzealous Medora and Natalia Gilberta, the head waiter duo, and came in a steady last place.

But from a different perspective, Ginette, you were the best!

Well, I was on foot for the last 600 meters or so.
You were greeted with warm cheers, ...... unlike my time. ...... Keh.