375-Additional 30th episode team game tactics

What the hell is this?

The first event, the footrace, was quite exciting.
Libeka and Magda won the first prize, and the Ham kids fought well against their strongest opponents (Ham kids), and even though they came in second and third, the results were not that bad.

I guess it was because Ginette was so happy throughout the race, praising each of the runners after they finished, that I had the illusion that I was doing reasonably well.
The team seemed to be in a good mood, and I thought that maybe I was doing pretty well.I was thinking, "This is it.

But then ......

I'm not sure what to say.

As Loretta says with her mouth hanging open, our white team is currently at the bottom of the pile.

The scores of each team were posted on the large scoring board that Umaro had worked so hard to build. ......

Blue team: 629 points
Yellow team: 569 points
White team 375 points
Red team 427 points

The result was horrible.

Servants of the Cremona family leaving after posting the scores.
This time, since the lord's family fully cooperated in the management of the sports festival, all the miscellaneous work was done by the waiters and guards. ......

In the event that you've got any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.
'You're a bad listener, Yashiro.'

I'm not convinced. Estella hears my mutterings and comes over to protest.

'If you want, you should take a look at the ranking list of the race. There is not a single mistake in the calculations.

She sends over the ranking list that the waiters have been keeping.
There were four divisions of the race: the under twelve division, the under fifteen division, and the over fifteen division, including the under seven division, with twenty entrants in each division.
First place received 10 points, second place 8 points, third place 5 points, and even the last place received 2 points.

A quick look over the standings showed that ...... was correct. It seems that the calculation is correct.
The blue group, currently in the lead, has taken first place in twenty-nine of the eighty races.
In addition to the hunting guild, the dairy guild, which runs a farm on the outskirts of the east side of the city, has been doing quite well. It's no wonder they're so good at dealing with animals.

The yellow team, which was in second place, had the fewest number of first places (nineteen), but the fewest last places (seven), and they earned points by taking the second and third places in every race.
The yellow team is mainly made up of people from the hardware guild and people who set up stores on the main street, but there is a surprisingly large number of beastmen. Beastmen waitresses are very popular, especially Paula.

The third group, the Reds, have won the first place twenty-five times, second only to the Blues, but they have won the last place thirty-eight times, the most.
In the event that you've got a lot of time and energy, you'll be able to use it to your advantage. I'm not a fan.

And although the white team is currently in last place,......

'The number of first places won seven times ......'.

They were overwhelmingly lacking in scoring power.
In a dead heat with the first place, they came in a close second!--There were a few moments when I was in a dead heat with the first place, but I came in second!
There were several occasions when I was in a dead heat with the first place and came in a close second!

This is because ......

'It's because Inez and Deborah are not participating!

Both Inez and Deborah refused to enter the race!

'I'll do my best for my lord! You were saying that!
'I didn't say that!
'I recommend you refer to the Conversation Record!

I don't care about the fine phrasing!
I'm sure there were statements like that!
And yet, these guys didn't run!

'They didn't run and they didn't shake!
'That's why!


'I can't participate in something I know I'll be looked at in such a disreputable way.
'The same goes for me. There was a dangerous person, so I had to wait and see what would happen this time.''

You idiot!
That's part of the field day!It's a field day!

d*mn. ...... A pawn that is useless at a critical moment is nothing but a burden.
...... What kind of retaliation should I give my lord? ............

'I believe your bottom line was the subject of a point deduction, wasn't it?Mr. Yashiro?'

Sophie stands behind me with a cold, deadly look on her face.
Hey, hey, hey, Sister there. Didn't you ever learn that you shouldn't carry a blunt object when standing behind someone?Well, they don't teach that, do they? You don't need to be taught that. You don't need to be taught that, you just need to have a common sense understanding of it, right?

But you all did a great job, didn't you?

In order to dispel the unsettling atmosphere that had begun to drift in, Ginette wore a smile.
But, ......, 'hard work'...

'You don't get more points for effort. ......'
'You can't say that until you've achieved something, anchovy!
'That's right!You've only scored two points!

You only scored two points!' barked the useless members of the Ageha tribe, who finished second and third.

'Shut up, you single-digit scorers: ......'
'You're in single digits too!
'Then we're all in this together.
'I don't want to be lumped in with you!

In the end, due to a strange combination of factors, all of the guys who were aiming for first place ended up being unsuccessful.

'...... But a miracle also happened.

I'm not sure what to make of that.

'The ...... manager has scored a point.'
I'm sure you will.I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.
'...... If I'm not good, that thing will be the bottom of the next race.
'That's not true!It was the last race.

Well, sure. If it wasn't the last race, he could have been passed by all the riders in the next race.

While Medora, Gilberta, and Natalia were in a dead heat in the final race, Ginette slowly rounded the track, almost on foot.
At the end of the race, it turned into a contest to see how you could catch a glimpse of her boobs swinging wildly without being noticed.

'...... Oh, by the way, Carl was watching a lot, wasn't he?
'No, that's not true!I've decided to stick with Nikka!
I've decided to stick with Nikka!' 'Mo-Mat-san was glancing at it.
'What the hell are you talking about, Loretta?No, I'm not!No, I'm not, Ginette!I'm not like that at all!
'Both of you pyrotechnicians were looking right at me!
'Wait, wait, wait!We're not ......!
'That's right!We're not ...... like that!

I mean, come on, they're all ......

'Don't you guys think it's disrespectful to Jeannette?

I'm disgusted, and I'm giving him a hard time. And then, as if it were natural, Sophie gave me a cold stare.

'Weren't you the one who was looking at it the most?

You idiot, Sophie.
What the hell are you talking about?

That's why I'm here.

'Huh?Yes, yes.
'Thank you very much!
'Please repent!

You should be expressing your heartfelt gratitude because you were staring at me!

'It's disgusting that you were actually watching me and you're covering it up!
'You're the worst when you're watching me, big brother!
'Oh no,......, my neck is a little sore .......'
'You're too caught up in the bobbing up and down!
'So, who won the last race?
'Didn't you see anything but the tits!
'...... As expected of Yashiro. A man who never shakes.
'Oh my god!Please repent!
'You guys. Can you guys play that kind of nonsense in your own camp?

Estella orders the white team members gathered in front of the scoreboard to disperse.
d*mn it. I was going to secretly change the '3' to a '5' or something.

We gave up our places to the other teams who had come to check the scores, and headed back to our own positions.

'But only the white team scored 300 points. ......'
'It makes me sad to see.'
'...... flat. The gap to the top is 254 points. It's still possible to make up for it. ...... Besides, we have a trump card.'

Magda put her hand on Loretta's shoulder and said firmly.

'......Yashiro can't get up for nothing even if he falls, and the manager is just shaking even though he hasn't fallen. ......'
'I'm not shaking!
'...... And then there's Magda, the 'cute, dependable, and strongest team leader'.'

The battle has just begun.
I'm not going to whine about a score difference of this magnitude.
I'm not sure what to make of that.

'...... By the way, Loretta is here too.
I'm not a fan.I'm going to be active too!

Regardless of whether Loretta is going to play an active role or not, it is true that the gap between the two teams has widened considerably. But it's not too late to be pessimistic.

The number of entries in the race was set high and the number of points was set low so that many people could participate.
This was to persuade the people that the sports festival was for everyone to enjoy.

However, this is not the case from here.

This is a fierce battle where selected teams compete against each other.
The score will jump up dramatically.

In the next race, all the teams will work together to get a high score!
The next race is a bonus event where you can earn a lot of points in the early stages of the race.

'What's the next race?
'It's called "Eye of the Typhoon".

Ines answers Mokoka's question.
Inez has memorized the program perfectly, despite what he says. It's as if it's an occupational hazard.
And Mokoka doesn't even seem to want to remember. ...... Is this the difference between a new waiter and a head waiter?

I'm not sure what to make of that.

Deborah says, staring at me.
Please stop. You're talking about people like they're the cause of the trouble. I like to watch from the sidelines or pull strings behind the scenes.

'I don't know if there's such a thing as a typhoon in this world. ......'

In Allbloom, the weather is almost the same as in autumn all year round, and it is doubtful that there are any typhoons. As for the "eye of the typhoon" mentioned above, it is possible that the "forced translation magic" just translated a similar word as such.

However, the conclusion is that there are typhoons.

'It's not observed every year, but it's a natural phenomenon that occurs quite often.
'It's a phenomenon where the atmosphere becomes unstable and huge clouds swirl around and cause storms, and it's considered to be quite dangerous.

That's what Inez and Deborah told me.
It seems that they are aware of typhoons. In a world without meteorological satellites, how can they know that the eye of the typhoon is swirling around them? ...... It's not something you can see with your eyes.

The eye of the typhoon is not something you can see with your eyes. ...... It could be so swirling that you can see it with your eyes.
I'm not surprised by anything that happens in this world.

'If there is a typhoon, it's easy to talk about. In short, it's a race like that 'whirlpool'.

I have explained and demonstrated this to the people in District 42 beforehand, but the people I've recruited to help me on short notice don't understand what it is.
So, I'll give them a brief explanation.

The eye of the typhoon is a competition in which five people hold a 2.5 meter straight bamboo and stand in a horizontal line.
There are five teams of five people. A total of twenty-five people compete in a relay format.

The course is 200 meters long with a 100-meter round trip.
There are two pylons on the course, and the competitors circle the first pylon with the eye of the typhoon in their hands, make a U-turn at the second pylon, and circle the first pylon again to return to the starting point.
When they return to the starting point, only the riders on both sides of the pylon hold the bamboo and let it pass under the legs of the waiting riders. The waiting players have to jump over the bamboo coming from the front.
When the player reaches the end of the line, he passes the bamboo over the head of his own player and hands it to the first player to pass the baton.

This is repeated five times.

'So the outermost player has to be fast.

Ines makes this observation.
If the pylons are circled while holding the stick, the outermost runner will run the longest distance. Hence, we come to the view of Innes.
Well, every team probably has that in mind.
...... must have stopped thinking at that point.
There are not many competitions where experience is as important as in this one.

In the eye of the typhoon, the person in the center is the one who matters the most.

We tend to focus on the flashy ones with the largest range of action, but it is the ones in the center that we should really focus on.

'After all, if this athlete doesn't stand firm, the diameter of the lap will be too large.

The momentum of the outside runner who is running at full speed will pull the center runner down, which will cause the center of the circle to blur and the circle to become larger. In other words, you will have to run extra.

'The basic tactic of the "eye of the typhoon" is to keep the center of the circle small by stepping on the spot!

If the center of the circle is not shaken, the outermost player only needs to run 2.5 x 2 x 3.14 = 15.7 meters, the radius of which is the length of the bamboo, but if the player in the center is pulled back one meter, the distance will be 3.5 x 2 x 3.14 = 21.98 meters, which is about six meters extra.
If U-turns are included, the number of turns is 3, and there are 5 teams, the loss is simply calculated as "6 x 3 x 5" = 90 meters. If you think of this as a handicap equivalent to running a 100-meter race, you will understand how big it is.

'The one who is fast blasts the outermost part of the field and the one who can endure the power defends the center. That's the basis of this game.

It's also important that the waiting players don't get caught in the bamboo. ...... I'm worried about the gynets,......

'Mokoka. What is the score of the "Eye of the Typhoon"?'
'I don't know!

...... You spoiled waiter.

'...... Ines.'
'The first place is 50 points, the second place is 30 points, the third place is 15 points, and the last place is 0 points.'
'--that's the way a waiter should be. Learn from them.
'That's impossible, sir!I believe that a waiter's ability is proportional to the size of his tits. The head waiter of District Forty-two, the head waiter of District Twenty-nine, and our general's head waiter, Cindy, all have big tits!

Well, it's true that Cindy had big tits, too. I was not interested in ......, so I did not mention it.
No, that's not what I meant.

I'm not going to go into a lot of detail, but I'll give you a few things to think about.
'But the head waiter of District 27 is not very reliable because he doesn't have tits.
'Mm......, you've lost the argument.
'I can hear you, Mr. Obayashi!

The voice of Nene, the unreliable head waiter, came from the blue group in the distance.
Apparently, she can hear me just fine.

'Whoa!Did you hear me all the way over there?

'Big brother, strategy meetings are done quietly. ......!...... It would be troublesome if they even heard of a winning strategy.'

Mokoka is surprised, and Loretta asks for self-reflection. ...... Loretta, that's fine.

I'm going to beckon the players to come over.
The basic strategy of the "eye of the typhoon" can be spread to some extent. In fact, I'd rather it spread.
If you can, you can also say, "Oh no!I've accidentally spread it! It would be better if it spreads like this.
Because ......

'Based on that "basic strategy", I'm going to teach you a winning strategy for kicking those people to the curb. All of you, do not show your voices or emotions. Listen quietly and silently at ......'.

I then gave the players the winning strategy for the "eye of the typhoon".

As the players lined up at the entrance gate, I clenched my fists and raised my voice.

'Now, the twenty-five selected "Typhoon Eyes"!Let's go get the victory!
'But first, I hate that name!
'That's right!We'll be the 'Typhoon Members' anyway!
'No, that's too difficult to say, so it's not good.
Let's enjoy the race...'

I sent a message to the members lining up in the waiting line, but it didn't raise their morale.
It's hard for a bunch of people to get together, isn't it?

'Yashiro-san! Are you sure this is the right order?

Umaro looks uneasy at the random order in which we came.
I'm sure he doesn't understand, but he hasn't seen the entry sheet. ......
The entry sheet for the "Eye of the Typhoon" only had columns for the names of the twenty-five contestants. In other words, there was room for any number of changes to be made later as to who would run first.
I don't know if the other teams were aware of this, but if they were, they could change the order of the players and the order in which they played, depending on the situation, to give their team an advantage.

Then came Estella, the leader of the pack who seemed to have a keen eye for such things.
She wore the air of first place.

'Yashiro. I'm going to let the blue team win again this time and extend our lead.

He's always poking me.
I guess he genuinely likes to compete. Right up until the day of the event, he was fretting over the details of the event, but on the day of the event, he seems to be enjoying himself more than anyone else.

Well, I guess that's how much pressure they have to bear on a daily basis, which is not commensurate with their age.
She looks her age when she is enjoying the field day like this.
Really, he must be under a lot of pressure because he has been working on several large projects at the same time recently. ...... He doesn't whine too much, you know.
If these events give you a break, that's the best.

But I'm not going to take it easy on him.

'Don't you dare bark at me for losing so badly?
'Hmph. You're the one who came in dead last in the race, aren't you?
'Dantotsu is Jeannette. She was slower than me.'
'I'm talking about attitude and motivation towards sports,' I said.
'No one can beat the passion that's boiling in my chest!
'You're boiling hot in your chest, aren't you?

When you see boobs going wild, your heart goes wild too.
Isn't that natural?

'But I was careless, wasn't I?

Estella says lazily.

'You were very loud for you, weren't you?
'Yes, yes. I heard it too.
'Yashiro. Thanks for the hint!

Paula from the yellow team and Delia from the red team appeared, peeking out from behind.

'I guess I was too busy explaining to the members who weren't at the demonstration, but it was an uncharacteristic mistake for ...... you.'
'But you're right, I guess. The center must be strong.
'After Yashiro told us, we changed our formation. We're even stronger now!Prepare yourselves, Yashiro!

And after listening to me, they reorganized the team based on the 'basic strategy' that they think is the winning strategy.

'Hmm, that's a handicap.

...... ...... Huh, you guys are so easy.

In the event that you've got any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

'By the way, as you can see, we'd like to have Masha join us this time. ......'

We have Masha on our team.
She doesn't even fit in the tank and is currently being held by Nikka, a member of the guild.
She is wearing gym clothes on top, although she couldn't wear bloomers.

...... I think you're getting less exposed!

I'm not sure what to say, but I think it's a good idea.

I'm sure you'll agree.

As a mermaid, Masha can't run or jump, of course.

'Masha has a hard time participating in other competitions, so I want to get her involved somehow.

Masha is involved in the construction of a new port, which is currently underway. I'm sure they'd like to get him involved if they could.
Even more so with Estella and Delia.

'Can we just hold on to the bamboo and not run in the eye of the typhoon?

One of the rules of the Eye of the Typhoon is that all five players must have a firm grip on the bamboo. Therefore, even if one person who is fast runs alone with the bamboo, it is a violation of the rule.
If all five runners do not return to the starting point with the bamboo in their hands, the team is disqualified.

However, there is no rule that says 'everyone must have their feet on the ground.

'Can you please allow Masha to participate?

Masha makes a sweet gesture with a cat-like voice as Nikka holds her in her arms.
Estella shrugged her shoulders, Delia puckered her cheeks, and Norma and Paula wore their usual expressions, showing no particular discomfort.
In short, they look like, 'This mermaid really likes land events.

Because everyone knows Masha's character, there is an air of 'Well, it's okay, isn't it? Because everyone knows Masha's character, an atmosphere of 'well, it's okay' is spreading.
Masha is not disliked by anyone in particular, in fact she is well liked, and no one would disrespect her.

'I don't mind. I'm fine with it. I'm the team leader of the blue team, and the chairman of the tournament committee.
'I'm good too. I mean, Masha. Don't bother Yashiro too much, okay?'
'I'm not bothering him. Hey~, Yashiro-kun.
We don't mind either. Hey, Norma?
'It's not like we're at a disadvantage here. It's fine. It's a good idea. Masha has taken care of me in many ways.
'Haha~☆ Thanks Paula and Norma~ I love you all so much!
'Hmph!Don't let out a sullen voice, you sea fisherman!It's not going to happen if you try to cajole my darling with such a transparent pretense!Hey, darling!
I'm sure you'll agree.This is the first time I've seen someone who is so bad at pretending to be something they're not. ...... I got hit by a stray bullet because I was in the vicinity. ......'

--In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.
...... or rather, "my request" was accepted.

I'm not sure what to do. ...... Now we can win.

You can win now.

The waiter in charge of the proceedings shouted, and the competitors began to move from the entrance gate to the track.
The racers line up behind the white line in front of the track where the pylons are placed.

'Alright. Then line up in the order I'm about to tell you!Magda.
'...... Mmm. The first race is--'

Following Magda's instructions, the white racers begin to line up.
It seems that the order of the teams had been decided in advance, and they are lining up smoothly.

I can feel their eyes glancing at me from here and there.
Oh, they're paying attention.

But well, if you want to see it, feel free.
After all, we've got the ...... "Eye of the Typhoon" winning strategy hidden away.
At best, use the information you've stolen to your advantage. ...... Hmm.

Soon, there are five rows of five people per team.

I'm at the end of the white team, in the middle of the anchor line.
The anchors of the white team are, from the center, Magda, Masha, me, Ginette, and Loretta.
Masha is currently being carried on her back by Magda. She is happily looking at the cat ears swaying in front of her, and when she picks them up, Magda gives her a good spanking.

Looking at the arrangement of the other teams, it seemed that they had thought it through.

The main players of each team are spread out, as there are five of them running at the same time.
The fast guys like Estella, Natalia, Paula and Norma are in the outermost positions where they can make the longest runs.
And Delia and Medora, the strongest players, are standing by to guard the center of the field. Delia and Medora are the anchors or ...... for now.
That could change during the race. That's the uncertainty. ...... Well, the Reds and Yellows don't have the sharpness of Estella or Natalia.
Norma?Hahaha. If he was a man who could judge strategy and warfare calmly, he would have been tied up by now. ...... I don't know why our eyes met. I'll look away. Yeah, yeah. Don't take out your smoking pipe in the middle of a competition. Take it seriously, take it seriously.

And as for the blue team with the sharp guy, ......, the center side of the anchor is useless.
...... Well, I don't think they can win against the hunting guilds, but they're not as good as our Magda, Medora or Delia.

'Blue team, you're so plain!
'Shut up, Yashiro!

Barking Usset.
But it quickly calms down under Medora's glare.
Pfft, he's scared.

The blue group seems to be taken over by the hunting guild and those with bad looks.

'...... What's with those ugly, evil-looking people?
'...... Those are the cowherds. I've had a run-in with them on the main street before.

Oh, ............, I think that's happened before.
I think the cowherd let a rampaging bull escape and Magda killed it.I think that was the first time I saw "Red Moya".

'Even if it's ......, you look too bad.
'According to my siblings, the cowherd doesn't get along well with the hunting guild because they are competing for the meat market. They look down on the hunting guild of the same team.''
'Is that so?Since we're on the same team, it would be more fun to get along with them. ......'
'I think that would be difficult, manager. The cowherd people look like they're not going to be beaten only by the hunting guild. Hey~, Yashiro!
'...... No, Masha. You can't do that with a face like that.

You're on the same team, but there's discord. If you're on the same team, is there any discord? ...... If so, tickling them might disrupt their leadership. ...... Good.

'Hey, Inez, Deborah!The first group of the blue group is the 'non-hunting guild', so you can treat them as you see fit~''
'''What the hell, Golla?

All the cowherds in the blue group stood up at once.
Oh, that's scary.
But at the same time, the hunting guild members of the blue group let out a 'pfft' as if they were making fun of us.
That was the decisive moment.

'Hey, you're laughing at us, hunting!The Blue Team's current lead is largely due to us cowherds!Do you understand that?
'Huh?It's the hunting guild's achievement no matter how you look at it!
'Oh, come on!Are you going to do it?
'You're good, get out in the open!
'Why don't you stop it, guys!

Estella, the team leader, stands up and blackmails the burly old men.
Then, she glared at them like a demon.

'I'm sorry. I didn't expect it to get this complicated. ...... I just wanted to play with the shadowy one a bit.'
'It's called "pale", pfft!
I'm not sure what to say.You're good!
'Yes, sir.'

A quiet voice says, and Natalia stands up.
She then glares at the raging hunting guild and the cowherd in an intonationless voice.

'Gentlemen. Let me ask you something. Will you shut up?...... Shall I silence them?'

The men who had started to make noise again sat down quietly at Natalia's glare.
Spine tingling.
That's great, Natalia.

'Yashiro ......, next time I'll disqualify you for obstruction, okay?
'Okay, okay. ...... I didn't know there were so many feuding people in District 42.'
'There are, of course. There are more, you know.

I feel like I just heard a bad pretense.
I hope you won't be sent to make up for them ...... in the future, I pray you won't.

Hey, spirit god, nice to meet you!

...... That's it.

--I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with that.
All right, then. You guys go ahead and smash each other.

'What the hell ......, I made you promise to cooperate with me. ......'
'Well, well, the blue team is winning now, so consider it a handicap.'
'...... You've imposed a handicap that's going to drag on and on after this...'

I'm not sure what to say.
It must have been a real pain in the ass to get them on the same team.
But I guess one of them didn't want to turn it down either. Because if they didn't participate, they might think that they weren't invited or not needed.
Wow, ...... is a pain in the ass. Thank goodness I'm in the west.

'Yashiro, ...... you owe me one.'
I'm sorry.I'm sure you'll be happy with the results.

'I owe you more than you owe me, don't I?
'No, it's me, isn't it?
'No, no, no, no!Do you want me to tell you how much I've been running around for you for three days and three nights?
'Miss Estella. I'd like to start the race soon, so please tell me the 'I want to stay with you for three days and nights' story later.
'Can you please stop distorting with malicious intent?

The leader of the blue group turns red. Purple .

'Darling. I want to sleep over at .......'
'Come on, starters!Start the race now!

Medora started talking about dead bodies, which made me shudder.
Let's get this race underway!

'Okay, first runners, take your positions.

At the signal from the waiter, the first five runners of each team stand at the starting line.
The rest of the runners squat down and wait.

'Everyone!Please do your best!

Ginette shouted next to me.
I'm glad you're having fun.

...... Well...

The other teams are Estella and Natalia in the blue team, Paula, Norma and Medora in the yellow team, and Delia in the red team.
These are the ones who will be leading this team of twenty-five people. ...... Can you notice that?
You'll find out how to break the spell of my "basic tactics" and get around the pylon the fastest.

I'll give you a hint.
The rules state that 'the rider with the bamboo circles the pylon on the course'.
Now, notice that.
Find out what the rules say and what they don't say.

'And now!Get in position, okay?


The bell rang loudly and the first runners began to run at once.