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The bell rings loudly, and the first runners of each team start running at once.

The first runners of the white team are, from the left, Deborah, Sister A, Sister B, Sister C, and Ines.
The emphasis is on speed. We will show our orthodox running in front of the other teams first.

'...... Mmm. Good.'
'It's true!We're off to a good start, aren't we, my team?

The sight of a total of twenty competitors running at once was quite powerful and well worth watching.
Cheers went up from all over the place, and the cheering became even more passionate.

'Mr. Yashiro!What's wrong with the rest of the white team?

The situation changed as soon as the game started.
As Jeannette said, the other three teams except the white team began to break ranks. ...... just as I had intended.

As I read it, the first runners of the other three teams were forced to struggle because of the importance of the later information about the "power in the center".
In other words, the speed of the runners varied because of the inclusion of a player who emphasized strength.
The player on the center side, whose strength is his greatest advantage and whose legs are not so fast because of his bulging muscles, is literally pulling the legs of the player on the outside, who is in the position where the fastest player should be.
No matter how fast the outer players run, they cannot split the bamboo-connected team.
Then, of course, they would have to match the speed of the slowest player, and the fastest player would be killed!

'Oh no!

Estella stood up, and at about the same time Norma and Paula stood up as well.

'Crap!'So the reason why Yashiro was having a loud strategy meeting was to cause this situation, huh?
'This isn't good, ......!There's nothing we can do about it!I don't care if it's in pieces, just go for it!

In spite of Paula's cheers, the first runners of the yellow team could not increase their speed.
Not only the yellow team, but also the red team and the blue team are the same. In all the teams, the outer runners were ahead of the rest, and the line was skewed.

In such a situation, the white team, with its sister team of the same speed in the center, ran straight ahead in a horizontal line, riding on the speed of the course.

'Hahahahaha!That's good!Go!
'You're number one!Not bad, head waiter and my sister!
'...... is keeping up with her sisters' speed without killing them too much. Well done.

It's not top speed, but it doesn't kill my sister's speed that much.
Inez and Deborah are doing well. ...... You could have gotten a few more points if you had participated in the race.

'Good luck to you!

Next to me, Ginette waved widely and bounced her shoulders.
The waiting athlete has to stay in a crouch, so he can't jump. ...... Well, the rest of the team is on their feet, but Ginette, trying to follow the rules, remains crouched.
The other teams are standing up without a care in the world.
But her breasts are still swaying.
Even with such restricted movement, they bounce as if they don't know the word "restraint. Good, keep it up.

'...... Yashiro, concentrate.
'Look, you're doing a beautiful turn, so explain to me what's so great about it!
'You have to be careful, manager~!
I'm not sure what to say....... What?Yashiro-san!Oh my god!

The ginette stopped swaying and I looked back to see that the first runner had completed his turn and was about to make a second revolution.
Deborah stepped on her heels and held on tightly with her body at an angle, while Inez steered her in a magnificent circle.
The sisters in between only needed to move forward as they were led, and the rotation was really smooth.

I don't know how they were able to divide their roles so precisely just by listening to the explanation. That's beyond my imagination.
Aside from Deborah's unshakable posture, Inez's running style is exquisite. She took her sister's thrust into consideration and guided her very well.
I guess that's the nature of a "head waiter".

'That's good, Inez!You've exceeded my expectations!

The moment I praised her, she fell.
Zja-ja!With a flourish. In a big way.

'What are you doing?
'Kyu, you're praising me too soon!

He got angry, but quickly stood up and regained his position.
Soon after, the first runners returned to the waiting line. My sister left the bamboo, and Deborah and Inez lowered their bamboos and rushed forward.
The squatting runners jump over them.

Inez is staring at me the whole time.
Inez is staring at me. ......

I'm not going to praise you anymore.
'You're thinking backwards!

Inez shouts this as she passes by, and adds a few more words when she comes back.

'Please praise me on a regular basis!

Now the bamboo passes over the heads of the crouching runners and is passed on to the second runner.
The first runner finishes the race and lines up behind the anchor, us.

'I'll get used to it by the end of the day.

No, no, no, no.
You don't have to get used to it, and why should I praise you unconditionally?

'............ I'm doing my best too, though. Phew!'

And Deborah's puffed up diagonally behind me.
What kind of rivalry is this? It's not like the 23rd district is inferior to the 29th district or anything.

'Well then, why don't you both work hard so that Yashiro-kun will praise you at every opportunity?Right, Yashiro-kun?
'You ......'.

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time and money.
What's in it for you guys if I'm praising you?

'All right.
'Let's get it over with.

I got it!
Why are you going along with this?To this incomprehensible wave?
Oh, you mean... Is it the BU kid's unique 'I've been told that, so I guess it's better that way~' kind of thing?

'Hey, hey, Yashiro-kun!

Masha called me, looking very happy.

'I've just summarized the story, so please praise me regularly too.
'Wow, you've got great tits.
'Well, I'll look forward to your compliments.

I just complimented you.
I'm sure you were raving about them. ...... d*mn.

'...... Yashiro. .................. please.'
'Can you please stop with the 'praise' recklessness?

It's very difficult, Magda.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll do fine.


Ginette pulls on my sleeve.

'I don't think you need to force it, but please praise her as much as you can.

So why are you being so reckless with me?

'Because people work harder when they are praised.
'Then, why don't you praise her, Jeannette?
'No, it has to be Mr. Yashiro.'

Why? ......

'Because Yashiro-san is special.'

Ginette smiled. A small smile appeared on Ginette's face.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.
You can't say that. And then I'm going to 'roll, roll, roll' backwards. ...... d*mn it.

'I'm not very good at complimenting people, so don't get your hopes up.
'Mm-hmm. It's a good thing that the Judgment of the Spirits is not allowed today.

I'm not lying.
Why are you laughing? And...

''Ah!Big brother, that's not good!

At Loretta's cry, my gaze turned forward.
I saw that the second runner of the white team was disrupting the line.

You can find a lot of people who are looking for the best way to get the most out of their life.

'...... tens of pieces'.
'Oh, ...... is it still too much for Mokoka?

I was hoping that the power of the serving staff would be enough to overcome the rampaging Barbara, even though I was hoping for a hundredth of the thinness of the poor gold leaf.

'Center!Don't shake!
'You're the one who should be moving forward, not outward!

On the outside of the eye of the typhoon, you need to run as if you were heading slightly inward, not forward.
Otherwise, the centrifugal force will pull you outward. The balance of the beastmen would be thrown off by even the slightest distraction, especially if they were like a mass of raging power.

'Aah!I've been overtaken by the yellow team!
'...... The red team is closing in.'
'Too bad, darling.'

Medora stands up--it's huge. ...... It's really huge when you squat down to look at it. What are you, a saurus? --He says proudly.

'I know everything about you, darling!Aah!
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who can see what you're thinking.

After the joke, Medora lifted the corner of her mouth and put on a slightly hunter-like belligerent expression.

'You did a trick with the entry sheet, didn't you?You're so clever, darling.
'We know exactly what we're doing. We can change the order on the way. You know, Norma.
'It's only natural to be suspicious of what Yashiro does .......'

Paula and Norma look triumphantly at Medora from the yellow team.
And also from the red team.

'I've noticed that too!

Delia stretches out her arms to show off. A show of hands.

'After all, I'm the brainy team leader of the Red Team!

Yeah. That's what Lucia had in mind.
The entry sheet was written and submitted before we entered, so it's not surprising that she gave us some advice then.
Lucia's a smart girl with sensitive tits.

In addition, Medora is also a very sharp person, even though she has an image of being a mass of muscles. Magda told me that she can think dozens of times faster than a normal person in battle.
It's a tricky thing to make enemies with.

At .......
When you turn your gaze to the blue group, Estella is smiling with a meaningful expression.
Hey, hey. I guess you can see right through me.

'Because we saw the first runner and immediately reorganized. We have a thick layer of players, so it's good for us in times like this.
'We've changed our team too, the red team!We'll be strong for sure!

Seeing the unevenness of the first runners, and at the same time witnessing the stable running of the white team, the teams changed their lineups while waiting and took immediate action.
The more stable runners overtook the white team with ease.

'As long as you don't break the requirement that each of the twenty-five entrants run once, you can change the order and position of the runners. ...... You always leave a way out of things like this, don't you?

Estella stood up and gave Natalia a look.
The blue team seems to be reorganizing their team after the second race.

I've left this mechanism in place as insurance in case my ruse is discovered and the White team is forced into a corner.
I'm surprised that all the teams have realized this and prepared a plan ......, but it's also an inconspicuous trap.

'I think it's a little early, but ...... I got the gist of it. I'll give you a shot.

The blue team is currently at the bottom of the standings because of the conflict between the hunting guild and the cattlemen, but they are planning to make a comeback in the next round.
At the same time, they are trying to wake up the hunting and cattle breeding guilds that are causing discord.

'I'll go next time. Natalia, join us.'
'Yes, sir.'

Hearing Estella's words, Natalia moved to the front of the line in a crouched position.
Hey, what's going on, Natalia? That's kind of cute, slouching over there.
If I had a creature like that, I might want to keep it.

Hey!The bamboo is too expensive!
'Shut up!I made it low, didn't I?

Mokoka and Barbara came back with the bamboo.
The young men of the farming guild, who had been caught in the middle, crawled away. That's what you get for being pushed around by two powerful beastmen.

'It's too low this time!
'What?High or low!

Mokoka gives Barbara a hard time for her lack of consideration for the jumpers and climbers.
We're having discord, too.
Barbara doesn't understand no matter how many times I tell her, and Mokoka is far too short on words.
That's because they're incompatible.

'Noooooo!I've been overtaken!I'm finally at the bottom!

After the turnaround, the bamboo was so low that Mo-Mat hit his head and lost a lot of time, and while he was doing whatever he could, he was overtaken by the blue team.

'You, get a grip, aphid!
'I'll give it right back to you, you monkey!

The two were arguing with each other.
Loretta and Ginette are watching the situation with wary eyes.
I mean, Mokoka, you look just like him, don't you?It's just that he's dead.

'Oh, that ...... Yashiro-san ......!

Finally, Ginette turned to me and said, 'We have to do something about you two.
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...... Good.

'Well done, you two!

I give a big thumbs up to Mokoka and Barbara, who are still arguing with each other while clutching their bamboos.
I knew that if I paired the two of them together, they would be able to get to the bottom of the pile "without being obtrusive".
I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of people who'll be able to help you out.
In this sense, the blue team's trump card was the arrival of a chance after a pinch. In that sense, it was fortuitous that we were able to pull out Estella and Natalia, the trump card of the blue team.

What scared me this time was Estella and Natalia of the blue team. Delia of the red team. And Norma and Medora of the yellow team.

If they functioned well, as Inez and the others said, we would have lost due to the "natural performance difference".
However, we can go into the second half with our trump cards intact.

Now, I'm going to show you three levels of surprise!

'All right, go!Pretty captain!
'Yes!Leave it to me!
'I'll run like hell to make Rebekah shine!

Don't worry. I told her the plan.
I'm sure Sophie will do well to 'make Rebekah shine'!

'Nikka, Carl!Take care of Tot!
'You're in good hands!
'Watch it right there, Dazo!
'Good luck, Tot-san!
'Yes, sir!I'm off!

A nervous Tot grasps the bamboo as Ginette sends him off.
From the center, Sophie, Nikka, Totto, Carl, and Rebeka, in that order, the white team is pushing hard from the tail.

'I see. I'm sure you've got a fast bunny, a swallowtail butterfly that can fly, and a light-weight Okogyo kid, so you're all about speed, right, darling?

From the waiting line of the yellow group, Medora sent me such an analysis.
Well, if you only look at it from the outside, it would look like that.
But Sophie's character is not like that.

--This is where the essence of the White Team's "Eye of the Typhoon" comes in!

The yellow team, the red team, and the blue team, in that order, turn around the turnaround pylon, and the riders come back toward us.
On the other hand, the White Team, facing the other teams, finally reaches the first pylon, the turning point.
And then--

'Rebecca, flap your wings!...... Nooooooooooooooo!

Sophie swung the bamboo stick that the four of them were holding onto.
One big spin.
It's a full swing around the pylon.


By swinging the bamboo stick as if it were a hammer throw, the time loss of athletes with different stride lengths running at a sluggish pace is greatly reduced.
This should be no problem, since the rule is to "hold the bamboo and circle the pylon. It doesn't say anything about 'run' anywhere.

'Land with a bang!
'Are you all right, Totsu-kun?
'Yes, sir!
'Then we'll run again!

Totto, supported by the two swallowtailed butterflies who were used to jumping as well as the light-weight Rebeka, landed safely and began to run.

Suddenly, the other three teams stopped to watch the wild performance in front of their eyes.
Wasn't that amazing?

'Noooooo!That's right!That rabbit sister could open the iron door of the 24th District Church with one hand!
'So that's why you chose a light-weight player, huh?

Delia and Norma bite their teeth as they realize what I'm after.

'Paula!I'm going to change the formation for a bit!
'Yes, Medora!If you can do something like that, so can we!
'Alright!I'll do the same!Omero, change your position!

The enemy teams on both sides switch sides in a hurry.

Yes. This can be a real problem if they take advantage of it.
It's easy for Delia and Medora to copy this move.
That's why the white team needed to play 'fall from first place' in order to catch them off guard for a moment.
Let the audience think, 'These guys are going to do it! and then, 'This is our chance!Now is the time! And then - 'What?How is that possible? That's it!
Oh, he's in such a hurry.

Before passing the baton, you have to jump through the bamboo, and you can't do those actions when you are not in line. The rule book clearly states that the players in the waiting line must jump through the bamboo.

The yellow team, which was about to anchor Norma and Medora, is in a panic to rearrange the line.
At any rate, the yellow team is now in first place. The third runner is almost there. Or rather, they are pausing a little, realizing that their own line is not yet finished.
The same goes for the red team.

The blue team is unable to regroup because Estella and Natalia, who could be the commanders, are currently running.
The fourth runner is next. The blue team will not be able to regroup because they cannot run twice.

While the yellow and red teams are stalling, the blue and white teams are closing the distance.

'I'm counting on you, Norma, Paula!
'I'll leave it to you!
I'll come back first!

In the end, the fourth runner led by Paula and Norma departed, leaving only Medora, the back boss of the yellow group.

The old men from the hardware guild were lined up next to Medora, as if they were having trouble organizing and had to be put off.

'Run like hell, master!

The red team, consisting of Omero and the overly energetic kids from the church, was the fourth runner.
The anchors are Delia, two old men from the river fishing guild, and two old men from the lumberjack guild.
Imelda is ............ not going to participate in a competition like this where she is buried under other people, right?What?

'Don't let them get past you, cowherd!
You're gonna get it!I'll get you!

In the blue team, the fourth runner took off while shouts of abuse flew around.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on. ...... I guess your lack of education is affecting your vocabulary. I'm sorry to hear that.

'Well, I'm off!
'Please wish me luck!
'Oh, ......, I'm so anxious, .......'
'Me too ......'
'I'm a big selection!I'm a big selection! ......

Receiving the long bamboo baton, the fourth runner of the white team also starts running.
From the center side, it's Kabriele, Markus, Moormat, Umaro, and Yamboldo.

'You've done it, Yashiro. ......'

Wiping the sweat from her chin, Estella returns to the waiting line.
With Natalia as the pivot, Estella was spinning beautifully as she dashed as fast as she could in the open air, which would have made her sweat.

'One bizarre move after another ......'.
'But we're following the rules, right?

You're the ones who approved it.
'As long as you have the bamboo, you don't have to run.

'But it seems that only the third runner was able to use that strategy. The fourth runners of the white team were all big men. It's not like they can swing that weight around. ......'

Estella's eyes widened when she said that much.


And the bamboo that the stout man was holding on to was swung around.
By the combination play of the first pyrotechnician and the current movers.

'They're good at throwing heavy furniture. They can swing even such difficult-to-balance objects without a care in the world.
'That's right, isn't it?

Estella, who knew of Kabriel and the others' identity but had forgotten about it, scratched her hair in frustration.
This is the second level of surprise.
'I never thought I'd be swinging a big guy like that around'.

Incidentally, the members of the fourth runner are Kabriele and Markus with 'Boys who wouldn't be in any trouble even if they were blown up'.
Incidentally, I selected Yamboldo because Cabriele said, "I'd like to have a heavier weight at the end, because I'd feel uneasy if the farthest part is light. At first, I was going to use Goozja, but he said that she might slip out.
A stopper. In fact, when Umaro was about to blow up, Yangboldo, who had a strong grip on the bamboo and was holding it firmly, caught him with his body.

'You're doing a great job, Yashiro......'
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The fire in Delia's and Medora's eyes as they witnessed the powerfully large swing.
And at the same time, the big men who had been incorporated into the same team as the two began to shake and shake.

'Omero-san, you're late!
'No, I'm in charge of the heavy lifting, the running is ......!
'Omero, you're too slow!
'Yes!I'll run like hell!

Delia's thirst flared as Omero was dragged by the church kids.
I'm not sure what to do. ...... in exchange for his life.
He's running for his soul right now.

And the red team finishes passing the baton.

'Sorry, Medora-san!I've been overtaken!
'But it's still too close to call!I believe you guys can make it back!

The yellow team has also completed their jumps and passes, and the anchors are running.

'Too late, cowherd!Hurry up!
'I'm going full speed!

The anchors of the blue team, Use and his teammates, pass the baton to the other team while cursing each other.

'Sorry, bro!I couldn't let you pass me!

Cabriele apologizes as he lowers the bamboo.
So, I praise him while jumping on the bamboo.

'Hey, I caught up with you this far. You've done well!

I'll leave the rest to you...

To Magda and Loretta!

'All right, Ginette, Masha, hold on to the bamboo!


As soon as Ginette and I received the bamboo, Masha and I clung to it with both hands as if we were hugging it.
As soon as we received the bamboo, we clung to it as if we were holding on to it with both hands. Holding the bamboo above our heads, the two girls who boast the most agile legs in ...... the 42nd district of the Sunlit Pavilion launched.

'Go!Magda, Loretta!
'...... ditto--'
'--I understand!

It's so fast!


Ginette screams, Masha cheers.
And I--I tightened my bladder to keep from chickening out.

It's scarier than a roller coaster!

I thought I was going straight ahead at a tremendous speed, but then I suddenly spun around. Every time it spun, Ginette would scream 'Aah! and Masha's 'ouch! and my bladder squeaks. I'm not sure what the situation is.

I don't even have time to slowly check what's going on, but I'm like, 'What? You're kidding me! I heard Delia's and Medora's voices, so I must have caught up or overtaken them.

It seems that the third level of surprise was successfully triggered, and I was able to lure them in.
From a distance, I heard the following line.

'If we don't do something, we'll lose!
'Master, please calm down!

The voices of Delia and the old man from the river fishing guild.

'You guys, don't just run around!If you can't go fast enough, don't hold on to the bamboo!I'll chase you down as fast as I can!
'''' No, no, no, no!You can't, it's too scary! ''''

The voices of Medora and the old men of the hardware guild.


I'm not sure what to do.I'm going to imitate the White Team too!
'You guys, hold on to the bamboo tight!

I heard such a disturbing voice. ......

Gosh. ........................... ......... Oh!

There was a swinging sound that seemed to break through a thick wall of air,'''' Then I heard several wild voices ............ and disappeared.

'...... Yashiro, everyone, get down.'

Magda's voice made us close our eyelids and take our hands away.
When we realized that the ground was right there and that we had landed quietly on our backs, we quickly got up and prepared for the moment to come.

Magda and Loretta went to the back of the waiting line with the bamboo and came back.
They put the bamboo on the starting line and--

'Go for it!

The bell is rung loudly, and the White Team is assured of another come-from-behind victory.

It may seem like a roundabout way to go, but without this step, the Yellow Team with Medora and Norma and the Red Team with Delia and the Woodcutter's Guild could have caught up with them.

One more thing, the most important factor this time was to make a strong impression of the secret technique of "swinging the bamboo" so that people would not notice the real trump card of "holding on to the bamboo and having it carry us".
In this city, there are many people who can easily carry three adults and run like an idiot on it. If they knew that, this competition itself would be meaningless.
This is a backdoor trick, so to speak, for the first time only. If there's a next time, they'll probably ban both of them.

And in order to keep them from finding out about all of this, we had to play with them by giving them a taste of heaven and earth in a short period of time.
Well, let's just resign ourselves to the inevitable unfortunate accidents that have occurred because of this. ...... Rest in peace, old men.

By the way.
In the event that you have any questions concerning where by and how to use the web site, you can call us at the web site. The second place went to the blue team, and the goal was reached by the red and yellow teams in that order.