377-Additive-free Episode 32 gears that don't engage

...... d*mn...

'...... Gentlemen. The victory was just the beginning of a counterattack. The real battle is just beginning.'

Team leader Magda gave him a pep talk. ......A pep talk, huh?
Anyway, this victory is the first step towards a comeback, that's for sure.

It's .......

...... These two.

They won the game, but they can't forgive their team for dragging them down.
And it's not because of themselves ......, but because of you! but in a bad way.

'Oh, um, ...... Yashiro-san.'

Oh, yes, yes.
You're worried, Jeannette.
But, well, don't worry about it so much.

'Mokoka, Barbara. That was part of the plan. That's part of the reason we won so handily in the first place. Don't worry about it.
''No, he needs to be reminded of that!

Mokoka and Barbara are pointing at each other and bickering.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

You'll be able to get a lot more than that.
A woman smiling elegantly, hiding behind a parasol that was a gift from Estella,......, Mahr.
It's not worth it if Mokoka doesn't make a real contribution.

The two beastmen clash in an obvious way, and the atmosphere in the white camp is rough.

Magda is ...... slumped over with her arms crossed. What's with the relaxed attitude?Oh, he looked at me. It's a pose of throwing the whole thing to me and saying 'take care of it'.

In the midst of this, Sophie, burning with her mission as a sister, jumps into the middle of it.

'Both of you. So much for fighting. The spirit gods say, "Conflict wears out the human heart and ...... the glorious future."''
''That's so annoying!
''Huhu...... Rebecca......!
''Holy shit!Don't you dare torment my sister!

He sank without a fight. ...... You're weak, you know.
I'm not sure what to do.


A sharp but calm voice came into the white camp.
I turned to see Natalia standing there with a cool expression on her face.

'That was a stunning victory. You defied our expectations with your remarkable tactics, and you fought like a typhoon.

In a voice that showed no emotion, he said something that could be taken as encouragement, sarcasm, or bitterness.

'You won in a way that the rules might be changed if there is a next time.
'It probably will. But since this is our first attempt, Estella-sama said that she wanted to emphasize energy rather than perfection. For my part, I think this is the right thing to do. It's just that--'

I look at the two bickering people.

'Sports lead people to a state of excitement. Sometimes it goes too far. ......'

The fact that he's coming all the way out here right now to say that ......
He cares about you, Natalia or Estella. Or both of them.
In short, he has come to offer what he thinks is the best advice for the two of them in their quarrel while making small talk.
Well, it's just too much to take in, this situation.
You've got a hunter and a cowherd fighting too, and you're looking out for us, thank you very much.

'And now for the next competition--we're going to send you two to the competition ......'.
'That's enough, Natalia Owen.'

Inez and Deborah step in between me and Natalia.
What's ...... that?

'This is a White Team matter from here on out.'
'I appreciate the advice, but that's our domain.
'............ This is District Forty-two, right?
'If you insist on saying that, Mokoka-san is a resident of District 29.
'Besides, I've heard that Barbara-san is still a resident of District 41.

What's with the unsettling atmosphere?
Is this another new spark?

'............ I'm the BU's number one beauty, aren't I?
'Unfortunately, Natalia's fever is now coming to an end.
'Yes, it is. It's only a passing fad.'
'I see. So the boom has passed and I've gone from being just an idol to a ...... legend.

''Po, I'm positive. ......''

It's not that disturbing, is it?
It's just the same old Natalia. Yeah.

''It seems that the meddlesome head waiter is here, so I'll return to my army.
'Oh. Sorry to bother you.'
'No, sir. I was just thinking about the significance of this field day and how best to act.

The ward field day should be a fun event that brings the people together. --Estella must have thought of that.
That's what Natalia is following.
That's why they shouldn't have a falling out and end up fighting over the field day.

But don't worry.
It's just a situation where we started a small fire for our own reasons.

To show that there's no need to worry, I silently point to the dignitary's seat.
There's Mahr at the other end of the table, ...... and I'm sure Natalia will understand.

'Are you talking about the guest of honor seat ............, where head waiter Cindy's boobs are surprisingly large?
'No!A little more to the side!
'Side tits, right?
I'm sure you'll agree. It's not that!What's with that crisp face like 'I know everything'?I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I've been so impressed with your work. It's a shame. Oh, that's too bad.

And so, Natalia returns to the blue camp.

Well, we'll settle our quarrels within the White Clan within the White Clan.

'Oh, Yashiro-san, ...... what the heck is ...... that?

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what I'm talking about.

'In short, Mokoka and Barbara are fine.

It's not that they're okay, it's that they make you okay. ......

'Ugh, I don't want to respond.
'I have a suggestion.
'I don't like what you're calling me, so I'm going to reject it.'
'Why don't you let those two participate in the next competition?

Inez doesn't seem to have an ear for the subject.
My protests were easily ignored.

'I know what you're thinking from the exchange we just had.

Deborah, following Inez, seemed to understand the situation.
She came to the same conclusion that Natalia had tried to reach.

'Well then, Inez, Deborah. Can you take care of Mokoka?'
'Okay, sir.'
'Let's have a little talk.'

The two head waiters walked noiselessly forward.
Then, they suddenly stopped and looked back at me.

''It's about time, sir.
''What's that?
''Please praise me.
''I'm proud to say that I've been rather helpful, aren't I?

...... Wow, are you seriously going to praise me on a regular basis?

'They're a very thoughtful bunch of waiters...'
'It's a bit of an afterthought, isn't it?
'I can't feel any emotion'.

Of course not. They're just making it up as they go along.

'But ......, well, that's all right.
'That's a fair start.'

With a cool look on their faces, they both turned away, skipping lightly as they walked away.
You're so easy to understand, both of you!
What, are BU kids like that?Are they all like that?

'Mm-hmm, you're happy about that.
'I don't know, .......'

To me, they look like patients who have developed some serious illnesses because of their involvement in the 42nd district. ......
Well, even if it's rotten, it's the head waiter. I think it's safe to leave it to him.
...... If the head waiter goes rotten, there will be a lot of trouble, but if he goes rotten in his own district, he can do as he likes. It's none of my business. Yeah, I don't know. Let's just keep it to ourselves.

So, I'm in charge of appeasing Barbara.

'Hey, Barbara. Don't fight too much.'
'It's his fault, isn't it!
'Neither of us is at fault. It's a sport, there's always a winner and a loser.

''But if it was just Aashi, we would have definitely won!

If it was just you, you would have been disqualified for breaking the rules in the first place.
But that kind of logic doesn't apply to this guy, so ......

'Can I show such a scary face to Teresa?
'Ugh ......!
'Doesn't Teresa want to see you laughing and having fun more than she wants to see you win by a landslide?Hey, Jeannette.'
'Yes, sir. I think so too. I think it's wonderful to see someone who can always keep a smile on their face, even in the tough world of competition. I hope that you will be such a wonderful person, too. For Teresa's sake, too.
'U......Uh.................. okay, yo... ...'

Well, you don't understand, but this should calm you down a bit.
To control him, you need Teresa. There's no other word that works better.

...... so can you please stop looking at me like 'Yashiro-san, you said it well'?I just put the idiot Barbara on it.

'And besides, Barbara.

Since I had a conveniently clear example in front of me, I'll make use of it too.

'Don't get too excited or you'll end up like that, okay?

I point towards the yellow group and make Barbara head that way.
In the yellow group, Medora was being scolded by Paula and Norma as she was forced to sit on the ground.

'Medora-san!Are you feeling sorry for yourself?
'Not only did you win or lose, but you could have been injured!
'I'm sorry, .......'

And when I looked to the other side, I saw Delia sitting upright in front of Bertina, half crying.

'Miss Delia. You need to learn to use a little 'force'.'
'...... Sorry, sir.'

A rare scene unfolding on both sides of the white team.
Take a good look.

That's a bad example.

'You don't want to be scolded in front of Teresa, do you?
'Oh, oh, ...... I'll be careful, man. ......'

Barbara has been scolded many times by Bertina. I'm sure you're well aware of the pain of being scolded.

Currently, Teresa is observing the sports event in the first aid tent next to the tournament headquarters.
Regina is with her, so she is not worried.
The church matrons are waiting for her.

Barbara looks toward the tent.
Regina notices her and says something to Teresa, who waves her hands in the air happily.

'Ahaha ...... Teresa cute ............ and,cute'.

Barbara's expression instantly melted. It's not loose anymore, it's liquid, your facial muscles. It's like a water balloon, isn't it?

Teresa's eyes can now dimly see the colors and contours of the world.
However, she has not recovered to the point where she can detect the direction of Barbara's gaze from this distance.
It seems that Regina is taking care of Teresa in many ways.
She's got a good point. I guess she's still a medical professional.

I raise my right hand in respect to Regina, who is unusually diligent in performing her duties.
Then, Regina squeezed her boobs and swung her right arm toward you as if using the reaction.
It's not like throwing a kiss, it's 'throwing boobs'.
'Hey, hey, pass!Boobie purse! I didn't mean to do that!
But thank you!I'll keep it safe!

I'll keep it in a safe place! '...... He does this as soon as I praise him a little.

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

'It tickles me when people praise me. I'm just hiding my embarrassment.

I see. No comment on the confiscation of her 'air boobs'?

'When you're complimented, ...... you get ticklish'?

Barbara tilted her head, as if Ginette's words had caught her off guard.
Well, I'm sure you'll get carried away and grow up the moment you get a compliment. You probably won't even feel the tickle, though.

I looked over and saw Ines and Deborah standing between Mokoka and saying something to each other.
Mokoka is shaking her head 'hmmm'.
Whether he understands it or not, it's the words of a senior waiter who is far ahead of you, and I'm sure there are many things that interest him. ...... Whether you understand it or not is another story.

'Barbara. You can participate in the next race, right?Well, if you're tired, I'll send someone else to .......'
'Don't worry!Aarushi's power is limitless!I'll show Teresa how cool you are!

and let him join in as a matter of course.
He'll say he'll join even if he's down, and it's easy to get him on board.

'Well, go to the entrance gate.'
'Yeah!I'll smash the enemy this time, so watch me there, hero!

With his right hand raised high in the air, Barbara ran to the entrance gate.
...... It's a gorgeous entrance gate, by the way. A forty-two district street gate on a scale of one tenth of a meter rises there.
Well, it's only about a tenth.
It's so elaborate, right down to the smallest detail.

Even the place where the entrance tax is collected has been recreated, so the young hamsters and the city kids are crowding around to play gatekeeper.
You have to pay a toll at this gate to participate in the competition?That's crazy, my lord.

'Hey, we could've made a lot of money if we took the money for real.
'If you do that, there will be people who can't participate.

Ginette giggles and shakes her shoulders at my joke.
If she were in the corporate world, she would be popular with her male bosses.
It will be an oasis for the lonely old men who are treated as nothing at home.

'By the way, what was the next competition again?I think it was, uh, .......'
'...... Big Ball Rolling.'

Magda was standing behind us.
Jeannette's shoulders jumped. And then she jumps.
So, you know, you're supposed to give off the right kind of vibe. ......


Loretta told me to look at the first aid tent.

"Whoever owns the big one, hurry up and get together. You'll be rolled by a beautiful girl. Pssst!

--He was making a gesture.
Okay, I'll ignore it.
I mean, that's a weirdly well-conveyed gesture, isn't it?
Thank goodness Theresa, the one closest to me, can't see clearly yet!
Get away from me, Regina!You're infected!

'Yashiro-san, ...... what's that thing?'
'Don't look. You'll get sores in your eyes.

Even harmful books are quarantined in this world.

...... Ah, Bertina is headed for the first aid tent.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you can do to help.
...... Ahh, I'm being made to sit on my ass.

Dr. Bertina, you're very busy today.

'So, Yashiro-san. What kind of competition is the 'big ball rolling'?
'You roll a big ball around the pylon on the other side and come back.
'So the rules are like the eye of the typhoon. There are a lot of pylons on .......'

The lane where the big ball is rolled is lined with three pylons at intervals.

'The length of the course changes depending on your age.
'Age...... Oh, that's right.'

Ginette claps her hands in agreement as she watches the riders line up at the entrance gate.
He must have remembered some of the rules he had glanced at.
Magda and Loretta added their own explanations of the competition.

'...... ball rolling will be done in a relay format, with each team consisting of four teams of 'younger,' 'older,' and 'mature.
'The younger and older teams will go around the first pylon in front of them, the younger teams will go around the second pylon, and the older teams will go around the third pylon at the farthest point and come back!The distances are 30 meters, 50 meters, and 400 meters respectively.

...... Yeah. The distances are 30, 50 and 400 meters respectively.
You can roll a big ball 400 meters. ...... You're an idiot.
But in this city where many people are proud of their physical strength, this is just right.

'...... This is more of a social event, so the score is lower.
'However, it is also a battle that cannot be lost!
'Then, let's all cheer as hard as we can.

This time, we, the members of the Sunlit Pavilion, will not participate in the competition.
There is no upper limit to the number of participants in each team. It's not a game where having a lot of people is an advantage, and the number of children and elderly people varies by region.

'By the way,' I added.

'The young and the old are allowed to mix if the number of contestants is not equal. You can have an old man on the young team, or if all the old people in the area are dying, you can have a bunch of kids running. They're both weak in the legs and feet, so they're similar.'
'I feel your expression is malicious, Mr. Kometsky.
'You should treat the elderly with respect and the young with love, Mr. Koretski.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's worth it.
I'm not sure what to make of this, but I think it's a good idea. ...... Why is Deborah even calling me a "comet"?I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on. ......

I'm not sure what to say.
'What?What do you mean?
'You're entering too, Mr. Kometski.
'Huh?I didn't hear that!

Two thin arms tightly bound me and dragged me backwards.
d*mn it, these guys are so strong for nothing!They're not even beastmen, what kind of training are they doing?

'There is a rule that each generation must have at least three members. Currently, only two members of the older team, Mokoka and Barbara, have entered the competition.
'So, why me?
You are the only one who can be close to both of them, and who can be strict with both of them without favoring one over the other, Kometsuki-sama.
'That's why ......!
'Please give up.
'I've just been in a competition!
'You weren't running, Mr. Koretski.

Without saying a word, I was kidnapped to the entrance gate.
...... Why did Deborah say "Mr. Cometsky" more often than me?I'm not sure if it's the same thing.
Is that what you think?I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.I don't need that.

In the middle of being taken away, Cheryl waved her hand and said, 'Yachiro~' among the participants waiting in front of the entrance gate. and Cheryl was waving at them.
She's going to be in the younger group, isn't she?
As I was thinking about this, we arrived at the entrance gate in no time.

When they were thrown into the gate, Barbara said, 'Hey, hero!This way, this way! This way, this way!' He greeted me with a big wave. ...... You could have turned me away.

'Hey, Hero!Do you know this old lady?You know this old lady? She's so sweet!

The one who introduced me was old lady Mum.

'I see her almost every day.
'Mm-hmm. I see.

Grandma Mum's daily routine is to drink tea at the sunny pavilion.
As long as I don't leave the pavilion, there's a high probability that we'll see each other.

But I didn't know that Barbara and Grandma Mum were acquaintances.
They have a similar range of activities, so they must know each other.

'Theresa fell down on the road before, remember?She patched me up. This old lady, the passerby!
'Passing through, Barbara.'

What a mispronunciation!
You're turning Mum into a dangerous old woman.

'And then she gave Teresa candy. He's a good guy!
'Then you'd better watch how you talk to her.
'Well!I can't believe Yashiro-chan said that to me. I'm sure you'll live long enough to see .......'

Old Mum begins to grin at me, as if she were looking at something rare.
What the hell. It's as if I'm an unpredictable character with no common sense. I'm pretty respectful, you know?
I even measured her cup count to make sure I wasn't being rude. Equally. No unfairness.
I just don't have it memorized in my brain because it doesn't particularly interest me.

'She's kind, smells good, and looks like my mom.
'Oh my god. You're my mother. I'm not that young.'
'No, you're not. You're more like a great-grandmother.'
'...... Yashiro-chan. Why did I keep you away from your second cousin?Isn't my grandmother enough?

Oh, ...... Grandma Mum's dark aura ......

'I'm still only one year older than Zelmar, you know?
'Oh, so you're one year younger.'
'............ up,' she said.
'You're higher than that healthy old dying man?
'Who's dying, kid?

The old man's voice came from the blue group.
Your body may be healthy, but your soul must be on the verge of wearing out. You've lived a healthy life until today, so don't be greedy until you reach the end of your life.

'Well, they say that you should look for a wife even if she's older than you, so it must be convenient for someone, right?
'Gosh, gosh, gosh, gosh!

I'm sure the old man is still going to live. He's got a lot to live for.

'And besides.

Without mentioning Zelmar, Grandma Mum turned the conversation back to the subject at hand.
This old lady is pretty clever, isn't she? Especially when it comes to her own love life. Well, I'm not interested in her at all.

'Isn't there someone more suitable to be your mother, Barbara?

With a smile that could best be described as cheerful, Grandma Mum shifted her gaze.
Ahead of her, there was an ocotillo running toward her with a small bag hanging from its side.

'Cheryl~, Barbara~!

Waving and running towards us with a big smile on her face was Yap Lock's wife, Wuerer.

'Mrs. ......'

Barbara's expression became a little tense when she saw Wuerer.
Nervous. You can almost feel the emotion.

'Hah, hah...... sorry about that. I'm sorry that the milling process took so long. ......'

I had to rush to work. Wuerer's shoulders were heaving up and down.
She hugged Cheryl, who jumped into her chest, and smiled calmly, saying, 'Oh, my God. She's a working mother.

'Cheryl, I had a great time running the race!Look!

Cheryl proudly shows off the commemorative medal she won.

'Oh my. I wish I could have seen that. Sorry I'm late.'
'No problem!I'll run again, so watch me!
'Yeah, I'll be cheering you on the whole way.

She pats her daughter on the head.
Barbara looked at Wuerer with a complicated expression.

'Barbara, you won the first prize, too. You know?'

Grandma Mumm's words made Barbara look shocked.
Then she looked away awkwardly and closed her mouth as if she couldn't find what she wanted to say.

'Oh, is that so?That's great, Barbara!
'No, well, ...... Aarushi, the only thing I have going for me is my physical strength. ......'
'That's not true!You should be more proud. I'm very happy. Hey, let me see your medal.
'Oh, ......, this is ......, just in case.'
'Oh my!We're matching, Cheryl.'

...... Ah, I see. That's how it is.

'So how does old lady Mum know about this?What's the status of these guys?'
'Hmmm. ......'

Realizing that I was onto something, Grandma Mum twisted her lines in a happy manner.

'I've been consulting with Wuerer-chan.'
'She used to work for us.
'Oh, really?

In addition, the ...... world is a small place, or maybe it's not so small.

'Barbara-chan, when Sheryl-chan spoils her mother like that, she takes Teresa-chan out with her.

So that Teresa, who doesn't know her mother's warmth, won't be envious. I guess that's what she meant, but ...... I'm sure Barbara is jealous too. You can see it in her expression now.

I've been wondering if there's anything I can do to help you, you know?
'What's with that "hey~"?

I don't like the way you say it, as if you're throwing everything at me. Yeah, I really don't like it.
He stood in line with Grandma Mum, who looked like a good old man, and looked at Wuerer and the others.

'Oh, that's right. I know I'm late, but here.

Wuerer holds out two small bags. One for Sheryl and one for Barbara.

'What ...... are these?
'It's a good luck charm.
'Yay!A talisman!

Sheryl happily took it, and Uerah forcefully handed it to a hesitant Barbara.

'It contains the best popcorn kernels we've picked today. I'm sure you'll be happy with the results. ...... I thought of it together with her.

Needless to say, that person is Yap Rock, who is currently stretching his arms and legs in the white team camp.
I guess we both thought about it. So that Cheryl, Tot and Barbara can do their best.

'It's like a real family.

My words were met with an urgent look from Grandma Mum, and Barbara let out an indifferent sound, while Wuerer chuckled.

The smile Wuerer gave me was a true testament to the fact that 'we already consider you family'.
It's .......

'Don't be silly, hero!Your husband and wife are very nice people, and they don't deserve ...... bad parents like Aarushi and the others, though Teresa is a nice girl.

Barbara overreacted.
Wuerer looked at her with a sad expression on his face.

'You're such an idiot. You're such an idiot, Barbara.'
'Who's the idiot!

'No, you are!' the majority of the people present in the room said. in their minds. Barbara's stupidity is well known due to her liveliness.
Well, enough of that.

'You know, Barbara. There's a saying. 'Even a badly made girl is pretty with big tits.
'Nice try, Yashiro. 'The worse the girl, the prettier she is.'

Is that right?
Isn't that a phrase only used in the 42nd district?

'Whether you're qualified or not, don't make decisions on your own as a hired hand.
'But, but!Because of Aashi, the cornfield was ruined. ...... Even now, it's not back to normal at all. ...... Because of that, the husband and wife work from early in the morning to midnight every day. ......Even today, they really wanted to come from the beginning, but they let Aash and the others go ahead of them. ......!
'What the ......?

I was a little impressed with Barbara as she rattled off a bunch of crap.
I guess he had a sense of guilt too.
Then it's okay.

'You're doing your duty, aren't you?
'No, I'm not!I'm not even useful at all yet. ......!
'Then, take a look at that thing.

He thrusts his index finger in front of Barbara's eyes to silence her, and then slides his finger down.
At the other end of the line, Wuerer, his pure white face dyed red, holds his cheeks with a small hand and stares at Barbara with eyes as if his tear glands are about to break down.
Oh, I see. You're that happy?

'If that looks like a face you don't like, you should go get some eye drops from Regina.
'No, no, ......, ......!
'Barbara-san .......'
'I'm ............ here.'

Wuerer rushed over and squeezed Barbara's hand, and said in a tearful voice.

'I'm so happy. I can't believe you thought of me like that. ......'
'No, because of ...... Aarushi's fault. ......'
'No. You're sorry and you apologized. And you work with me every day. There's nothing wrong with you.'
'Besides, I ...... am so glad that we all have Barbara and Teresa in our home. Every day is lively and very fun.

Her knees were shaking, her chin was wagging, and she stood there as if Barbara had been tied up.
And then she looks at me as if to ask for help.
...... Don't you dare run away, you coward.

'Barbara. I've got some good news for you.'
'What, what?
'I'll tell you something if you promise to do exactly what I say in the big ball roll after this.
'I'll give you my word, just tell me now!

I promise, okay?
Don't betray me, okay?

When I gave him a lightly threatening look, Barbara's forehead broke out in a bead of sweat.
That's right. Listen with that level of tension.
Tension has the magical power to give credence to the words of others.

'Just for now.
'......, what is it?
'Right now, at this moment, if you say what you want right now, there's a pretty good chance it will come true.
'No, that's not possible ......!
'If you don't think so, then keep your mouth shut. It's up to you whether you want to make good use of the information you've got or let it go to waste.

With Wuerer holding her hand the entire time, Barbara couldn't move a step from her spot.
She can't move a finger, she's in a state of limbo.
But the urge to say something is making Barbara's lips pucker.
One more push, then.

'Okay, Wuerer. It's time for the players to come in, so go back to your seats and go to .......'
'Wait for me!

'Just a moment' and 'just a few more' are very effective when forcing people to make a decision.
They create a 'compulsion' to take a step forward.

And once one has taken the first step, one is surprisingly able to walk.

'What is it, Barbara?

Wuerer, a short man, looks up at Barbara from below.
Steady and gentle.

'Oh, ......, that .............'

Barbara, having cut off her own escape, still struggles to say what she wants, getting stuck in places.

'Aaah, Aarushi is such a ...... helpless guy, so ...... it's fine,...... but... It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has a problem with this.I'm sure you'll be able to understand.

Barbara used the proper honorific.
She sincerely asked for her wish.
Bertina, I'm impressed. Your lessons are helping.

I'll do it.
'Are you sure?
'But there's one condition.
'On the ...... condition?

Barbara's cheeks twitched.
He's probably fantasizing about the worst possible route, like 'you can leave instead'.
He's such a pain in the ass.
You can tell from Wuerer's face what he's going to say.

'If you'd like to join me in thinking of me as your mother, fine.
'...... Huh ............?'

A shameful voice leaked out, and Barbara's whole body lost strength.

'a,......Arshi is also good,......?

The answer to Barbara's question was quite simple and straightforward.

'You're very welcome, Barbara.

Barbara jumped into Wuerer's chest with both arms outstretched.
The 'san' was changed to 'chan', as Wuerer would have wanted.
Uehler stretches as tall as he can and wraps the big Barbara around him.

'......Kachan, you smell good......'
'Mm-hmm. Really?'
'............ Yeah.'

Oh, they're crying, both of them.
Barbara must've been overworked.
I hope she'll be a little more flexible now.

And then old lady Mum patted me on the back, though I couldn't understand what she meant. What's wrong?I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out........

'Aah, Aashi!I'm going to go tell Teresa!Teresa, you're gonna love this!
'Hey, a**h*le monkey. I told you we're going in. Not now.
'Shut up, hero!We're not in the middle of anything!I'll kick your ass!

Hey, weren't you supposed to listen to me?I'll turn you into a frog, you f*cking monkey. ......

'Barbara, are you going to be Sheryl's sister?

She pulled Barbara's gym uniform, and Sheryl's sparkling eyes urged her to answer with only one choice.

'Oh, ...... uh, ...... Aashi, okay?'
'Daikan Gai!

Barbara instantly squeezed Sheryl and squatted down.

I'm not sure what to say.You're Aashi's sister from today!

It's ......, we're about to enter...

'Hey, Barbara!

Grandma Mum calls out to the crouching Barbara.

'You've got to show your new mother what you're made of.
'Oh, yeah!That's right!

Standing up quickly, Barbara clenches her fists and says to me.

'Hero!We're going to win this thing, the Big Ball Roll!
'Don't tell me. You do your best.'
'Yeah!I'll do my best!

Barbara's eyes were filled with a glowing fire.
If he's this motivated, he might be able to make it.
At any rate, it's up to Barbara and Mokoka to win this competition.