378-Additive-free 33rd episode engagement

'All players, please enter.

Estella's waiter motions for them to enter.

'Alright, let's go, Cheryl!Baa-san!Ka-chan!
'What?Huh?Me too?What?

For some reason, even Wueller was being taken away by Barbara.
Well, you don't have to participate in the competition, just watch him from the side.
It's your fault for making him too happy. Yeah.


'MOKOKA. Can you do it?'
'I'll leave it to you.

Mokoka was being told something by Inez and Deborah.
The face looks slightly different than before.
...... I hope it doesn't spin out of control.

'Well, don't overdo it.
'I know, sir!I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

That's what Inez and the others said to you.
Good. Just don't overdo it and spin away.
Really, don't get carried away!
...... Mm, I'm worried.

I'll give you a little support.

'Hey, Barbara.
'What's up, hero?

He moved into the track and lined up beside Barbara in the waiting line with Mokoka.
When they look at each other, both of their faces tense up for a moment.

'The three of us are the older players.
'Oh, yeah.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.
Mokoka, on the other hand, looked ...... rather calm.

'Barbara. You promised to follow my instructions a while ago, didn't you?
'Yes. I remember that.

He seemed to be aware of the fact that he was being pampered by Wuerer thanks to that 'promise', and he seemed to be willing to keep his 'promise'. He does not seem to be reluctant.
However, I'd like to strengthen that compulsion just a little more.

'You're not going to be the lying sister who breaks her promise in front of her new mother and cute little sister, are you?
'Of course not!Aarushi is not a liar, mom, Cheryl!

I'm not a liar, mom!
Barbara loves her sister. She wouldn't want the ignominious title of 'lying sissy'.
Okay, okay.

'Then you'll follow Mokoka's instructions for this race.
'Huh!Aashi is following the Hero's orders. ......!
''My orders are to follow Mokoka's orders.''

Barbara glanced at Mokoka and wrinkled her brow.
Ignoring that look of disapproval, I confirm with Mokoka.

'Can you do it, Mokoka?'
'Yes, sir!I'll leave it to you!

Mokoka slaps his not-so-thick chest.
I'm sure you'll do fine, Assistant Manager. ...... Well, there's only two waiters in that building.

Now, ...... let's see if this will work.
My gaze naturally turns to the dignitary's table. The parasol is twirling. ...... You look so cool. One day I'll come back for my change. Remember that, old man.

'All right, first runners, please take your positions!

At the signal of the organizing committee, the first runners of each team and the kids of the younger teams gather in front of the big ball.
It's only 30 meters. But it's 30 meters while rolling a big ball that's bigger than your body. I'd say that's a pretty long distance.
We won't know what the result will be until we try. There's a lot of anxiety about this field day.
It's a simple rule, so I don't think it's going to be that crazy. ...... What do you think?

'In position, ready!


With the high-pitched sound of bells, the kids start running.

'''' Hahahaha! ''''

'Guys, roll the big ball!

Estella's shout goes up from the blue camp.
Those kids from the blue team, they were running as fast as they could. They're the best, aren't they? The big ball didn't move at all.

Go back!Let's roll the big ball, guys!
'''' Yes! ''''

The blue team lost a lot of money.
As for the other teams, the yellow team, with its many quiet kids, rolled the big ball cautiously and moved forward.

'Yes, yes!Take your time!
'The key is control!Take it easy!

Paula and Norma cheered from the cheering section.
That place is so solid, really. They don't stand out at all, but they keep a good position.

As for the Red Team, perhaps it's because the kids from the church are the main team, but the team's worm and momentum are well-balanced and the race is going well. They are currently in first place.

'Everyone!Keep up the good work!

Bertina's cheers fly. From the first aid tent.
...... Oh~ oh~, Regina's still being made to sit up. Be scolded, be scolded. It's good medicine sometimes.

And my white team...

'Duh! Baa~!
''No, run!

The son of a farmer's guild member, born just last year, was making some adults swoon.
The big ball hasn't moved at all. Not even a millimeter!Not even the Blue Guild is moving properly!
What kind of kid is that?

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on....... So that's the reckless old man.
It is said to be the gnu people, but what did the gnu look like? ...... Anyway, the newborn child has two small, round horns on its head. ...... Are those horns?

I'm not sure.
'Oh, come on, Yashiro!You're a one-year-old kid.
'Then why did you let him play?

Mormat, who's in the cheering section, says in defense of his own guild members.
This is not the time to be talking like that!


and a gnu kid asks a nearby kid of about four years old to hold him.
The four-year-old kid was an avian beast with a beak, who took the gnu kid in his arms without hesitation and started to run with the other dumb kids, rolling a big ball.

'If it weren't for the gnu kid, everything would have been fine!
'Don't be like that, Yashiro!Aren't you cute?

You don't get points for being cute!

No matter what, Mo-Matt wants to protect his people.
You better take care of your team's overall victory before your people!

The race continued in a staggered and dangerous fashion: ...... and the yellow, red, blue and white teams turned on the pylons in that order.
Oddly enough, it's the exact opposite of the order of the eye of the typhoon.

'You guys should run properly!
'Please let me go!

I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I'm sure it's a good idea. I'm not sure if this is a good idea.I'm not sure.
And then there are the kids who often show up at the sunlit pavilion and join in here and there.
They run around all year round, and they're wasting a lot of energy, so you can expect them to do reasonably well.

'All right, listen up, kids!

Mokoka called out to these enthusiastic kids.
He was planning to start the race from the second runner.

'We can't expect you to have delicate control or lean running, so after the U-turn, just run as fast as you can and come back.
'Are you sure you want to give it your all?
'Of course it's fine!We're going to take care of you!

He put his hand on Barbara's shoulder and said with a face full of confidence.
We'll take the full force of these kids. ...... Well, I'm sure these two will be fine. I'm not going to do it, though.

'All right, let's take it easy, hero!
'Don't mix me up.

You guys are on your own. What if I get hurt or kicked out?
I'm more sensitive than these kids.

After giving such a strategy, the first runner of the white team is coming back.


At the 15-meter mark of the turnaround, the four teams were almost side by side.
The blue team was slightly behind.
Also, the kid holding the baby of the Nuer tribe didn't touch the big ball at all, but he seemed to be enjoying himself, so I didn't mind.

Then, the big ball was handed to the second runner of each team.

'All right!Go ahead and give it your all!
''''' Oh! '''''

And the kids of the white and yellow teams start running at once.

'Hey, you guys!

I'm not sure why, but the kids in the yellow group responded to Mokoka's words and ran as fast as they could.

'''' all-out! ''''
I'm not talking about you guys.You have to be in control!

In the next lane, Paula throws her voice at the kids in a panic. ...... is pathetic. The yellow kids ran over the turn pylon, and then over the turn pylon for the older kids, and on and on and on.

'Come back here!

Paula's shout was riding on the wind, and finally the kids of the yellow class heard it.
Far away, they made a big U-turn and the yellow kids came back.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. It's a very messy ball control, but it's better than going out of control like the yellow team.

'All right, you guys!I'm not sure what to say.Heads!

and Delia is forcing others to do what she's not good at.
However, the relatively honorable beast girls of the church were leading the river fishing guild apprentices well, and the race was proceeding without any trouble.
What's with the river fishing kids? Are they too old to show off for their older sisters?What a bunch of pussies. If you mess with any of the girls in the ...... church, Omero will wash you.Remember that.

Meanwhile, the kids in the blue group who were late to the party--

'Here. Why don't we just punch him as hard as we can, send him flying, and chase him as fast as we can with no hands?
'That's smart!
Let's do that!

He made a very childish plan.

'With all my might!
'No holds barred!
'Let's see what you can do!
'Yes!''...... bang!
'''Noooooooooo!It flew so fast!''

--As most of us expected, we had to run after the big ball that was moving away from us over the turn pylon.
You're a kid if you can't imagine that, right? The big ball doesn't turn automatically.

Fortunately, the big ball was made by Norma and had a thin, light, yet strong wire in its frame, so it didn't break. The leather of the hexenbiest that covers the surface is also highly elastic and resistant to shocks, so it did not rip or tear.
...... is a useless, high-performance ball. There is no other use for it.

That's why the lowest scoring and booby teams from the red and white teams are coming back to fight for the top spot.

'Hey, everyone!Keep up the good work!

The third runner of the red team, a team of women from the flower arrangement guild led by Millie.
...... What?I'm not sure if the other big girls are on the mature team. ......

I'm not sure what to say. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll do fine.
'No, you're not!You're going to get ...... pissed off.'

I'm not sure what to do. But ............ young?
No, it's fine, but... .............................. ...... young, huh?

I'm not sure.If you come back first, I'll feed you a children's lunch at the sunny pavilion!
'''' Seriously? ''''

As the still-younger sisters of the red group raised their voices, the speed of the kids of the red group increased.
It seems that those kids are the sons of these young ladies.
And these still young ladies are ...... apparently a bit angry. I've got a ...... stab in my eye. ...... Please don't look at me.

The reds have overtaken the whites and are now running alone.
That's when Mokoka made his move.

'Hey, you kids!Is that the extent of your seriousness?You can't be serious about something like that!The belly button is making tea!

Holy shit, belly button!It's more than just boiling!
And the kids took advantage of Mokoka's provocation.

''We haven't really started yet, have we?
''Then come at me with a bang!Let's have a match with me!
'''Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

The kid from the white group is rushing forward at a high speed.
In the blink of an eye, he surpassed the red group and took the lead.
As if caught up, the red team also speeds up, and two big balls are coming toward us with a cloud of dust.

'Yeah,......a,......this,............stops? I'm not sure what to do.

Millie looks pale and takes two or three steps back.
The young ladies who are the parents of the children are also sweating cold.

'Hey, you guys!Slow down a little!

The young ladies shouted, but there were only a few meters left. We can't stop now!

'I don't care what you do!Just keep driving into it!

On the other hand, the white team encouraged the kids even more, and the big balls of both teams plunged into the waiting line.

''Yes, it's here! That's it!

There were two kinds of voices.
The screams of the still-young women, and the energy of Mokoka and Barbara, who had firmly caught the big ball.

I said...

'Millie, are you okay?
I'm not sure what to say. Thanks a lot. Ladybug.

I kept Millie out of the path of the dangerous ball and protected her by turning my back to it, just in case.
No, you see.
I know she's more powerful than me, but she's still Millie.

'Hehehe ...... protected me...'

You're smiling at me like this.
I'll help her.

'Okay, Millie!Let's get the red team away from here while we can!
'Hold on!Milly, Red Team!

We tried to roll a big ball for the white team, but Miry noticed it before we started and ran to the red team.
d*mn, I missed getting her.

'Come on, let's go, hero!
'Yashippi, you don't have to touch the ball, just follow us as fast as you can!

Before you know it, Mokoka and Barbara are running at a ridiculous speed.
Wait, wait, wait!
You want me to follow this?
A big ball is no handicap at all!

'Hey, monkey!Push me right in the middle of the big ball!
'I'm trying!
'It's crooked!

Because Barbara's hand is slightly off-center, the white ball is gradually bending to the right.
Mokoka is supporting it and correcting its course.
But that would have killed Mokoka's speed.
But if Barbara goes solo, the big ball will surely lose control.
This is going to be a tricky maneuver. What do we do, Mokoka?

'Change the direction of your hand!Don't point your fingers up, point them down and push the big ball!
'What's the big deal?

Mokoka instructed, attempting to minimize the burden on herself.
But Barbara fights her.

'Are you turning into a "lying sister"?
'......!I got it!

He successfully silenced Barbara and carried out his orders.
It's a little rough, but I think it's passable.

Following Mokoka's instructions, Barbara flips her wrist and points her finger downward.
If you push like a sumo wrestler, you will get more power, but your fingertips will be caught in the rotation of the big ball, making it difficult to control.
On the other hand, when you point your fingers downward, your fingers are not caught in the rotation of the big ball and you can control the ball easily.

The difference was obvious: the wobbly trajectory of the big ball became straight.
The difference seemed to be apparent to Barbara as well, and she let out an impressed 'Wow ......'.

But how did you know all this, Mokoka? How to control the big ball?
Did Inez and the others put you up to this?

I glanced over at the cheering section and saw Inez and Deborah standing there proudly, so I gave them a thumbs up.
I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results. ...... They're cheap, those guys.

'Where the hell is it?
'My arms are down!
'Even if you say so, it's no use!I'm the only one pushing it!
'Are you already exhausted?You're a pathetic sister, aren't you!
'What?Aashi is not weak at all!

The axis of Barbara's body had begun to waver slightly, but her back straightened.
Thanks to this, the big ball is no longer shaking, and it moves forward rapidly with increased momentum.
When the ball wobbled a little, Mokoka moved to the left and right to correct the trajectory.

You've got it under control, haven't you? The ball, Barbara.
Okay, if you can do this much, you'll be fine without me.
So I'm slowing down~............ no good, I've reached my limit. They're going too fast for me. ...... I can't keep up with them. ...... It won't matter if one of them retires. Hold my thoughts in your heart and run the rest of the way by yourselves.

'Yashippi!It's too late!

...... d*mn it. I was going to fade out secretly, but Mokoka noticed.

'Please come forward more!

What the hell, Mokoka. Are you trying to control me too?Cheeky. Who's going to let you control me any way you want? I mean, can you go any faster? !I'm at my limit!
I'll wait around here. You guys go on your own and turn around. We'll meet up with you later.

'...... It's no use. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

She leaned forward and pulled down the collar of her gym uniform. Instantly, a glimpse of her magnificent cleavage appeared!

'Sorry, a little more detail!

I couldn't help but catch up with you!
What's that?
Where did you learn that technique?

'Hero ......, you're so boring...'
'Shut up!The cleavage, lower and side breasts have infinite power!

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's had to deal with this.

'It's as good as it gets, Master Regina.'
I'm not sure what to say.I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.

Is it just me, or are all his students perverts?
But you did a good job this time, Regina!

'Hey, don't just stand there, get ready to turn!
'How do you do a turn?

You can't expect Barbara to take it easy or adjust her strength.
Now, how are you going to do it, Mokoka?

'You monkey, move a little to the right and go forward as fast as you can!Palm Pippi, hold the top of the big ball in the center so it doesn't bounce around!

And the 400-meter pylon looms.

'All power to you, monkey!
'Oh, yeah!

Barbara pushes the big ball at full speed.
The momentum is pushing it up, and I'm desperately trying to hold it back.
And Mokoka--

'Bend over, you bastard!

He walks around to the front of the large ball and applies rotation with his hand on the opposite side of the ball.
The big ball turns around the pylon in a small arc, scraping the ground.

'And then the monkey is in the middle!The palm tree is away from you, and you're going to run as fast as you can until you die!
'You've got to be kidding me!

At Mokoka's command, Barbara and I speed up at the same time.

Yes. Just like Mokoka said.

We, the third runners, are ...... No, the white team in this race is run by Mokoka.
He understands the situation, acts on his own, and moves others to his will.
That's what's expected of a top-notch waiter.

And that's what Mokoka has been lacking so far.

And more to the point, it's the reason why I went to all this trouble to get Mokoka and Varvara fired up.
Mahrul had asked me to teach him what Mokoka lacked and what he needed to serve in a way that even Mokoka could understand.

"Mokoka. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

I'm sure you'll be able to understand that.
They all have that 'you guessed it' look on their faces.

'Hey, aphids!Are you sure you want to go all out?

'It's not a problem, just run along without thinking about anything else!
'But there are old ladies and mothers in the waiting line, you know!If you run into them at this speed, you'll end up ......!
'Don't you want to give those precious people a moment of victory?
'It's too dangerous!

For a moment, the big ball slowed down, and in that moment, Mokoka revealed an emotion that she had never shown before.

'Trust me, sir!

Hearing her voice, I naturally lifted the corners of my mouth.
Half in admiration, half in dismay.

Mokoka had just tried to change. But he's too straightforward.
He still doesn't have the poison required of a head waiter.
I'll help you with that.

I'm sure Inez and Deborah's headmistresses had something to do with it, but he made an effort to come out of his shell. So, here's your reward.

'Ah, I've lost this one.

I speed up to death, line up next to Barbara, and give her the most condescending look I can.

'If you can't even keep your word, you're a loser sister who can't even get the best!
'......,' you say?

I wanted to make a smarter decision, but my heart rate was already near the limit. There's no air circulating in my brain.
The only way to get through this is with momentum.

'If you're like this, my sister's not much better, is she?

It was a cheap provocation, but it would be more effective against the idiot Barbara if it was as simple as this.

'............ f*ck you!

Don!...... and Barbara speeds up at once.

'Aarushi is not a loser or a liar!And Teresa is ...... so much cuter than Cheryl!

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
You, don't exceed human intelligence!Oh, shit!You're a beastman too, aren't you?You're a beastman, aren't you? The kind that's confident in its speed!

You'd better keep your word, aphid!Make sure you protect Grandma Mum and Grandpa!
'That's a stupid question.

The goal is getting closer and closer, and the anchor team, the 'mature' team, is closing in.
No, we're closing in on the old lady.

'Let me stop them, Aashi, with all my might!
'All right, now's the time!Yashippee!Squeeze those swaying tits beside me!
'No, that's a crime!

Knowing what Mokoka was trying to say, I tackled Barbara to the ground.
Suddenly, Barbara was hit from the side and fell to the ground, along with my body.
In short, you're asking me to stop Barbara's movement because you can't stop her if she comes at you with everything she's got.
This idiot is probably not very good at adjusting things like slowing down or stopping the big ball before the goal.
It's best to let him go all out until the very last second and then force him out.

I understand ......, but I don't think you can just 'squeeze'.

............ And why am I surrounded?
And why am I surrounded? Hey, can you answer me, Estella, Natalia, Norma, Delia, Magda, and whoa, even Medora is here? Thank goodness my oxygen-deprived brain isn't making hasty decisions.

'...... What the hell is ...... that, hero?
'It's Mokoka's operation.'

I'm a mess from the damage of the fall and the reckless running.
I squared my jaw and told him to check the rest with his own eyes.

'Oh!That's a hell of a lot of damage!

As I twisted my aching body to look at the course, I saw a group of wrinkled neighbors led by Grandma Mumm of the white team rolling a big ball in unison.
The gap between the yellow and blue teams, who stumbled at the second runner, and the red team, who had a big accident at the baton handover to the third runner, was obvious, and this lead would not be reduced unless all the old men and women of the white team fell down.
The old man's cold water is mutual for all teams. ...... Well, we won.

'Oh, ...... d*mn it.

You fall to the ground again and lie down on the ground in the shape of a man, without hesitation.
It was a very tedious mission, Mahr's request.
But, well...

I don't know.
I'm not in a bad mood.

Is it the sweat of youth?
I feel fine.
Or maybe it's because I'm convinced that Mokoka's voice when she told me to trust myself was exactly that of a waiter?

It doesn't matter.
Anyway, this race is yours.
It's not worth it if I don't get first place after all this trouble.

Oxygen is slowly returning to my brain.

Jeannette is cheering for Grandma Mum at the top of her lungs.
The white team is getting very excited.
Barbara, who was lying next to me, gets up, jumps, and runs off.

Oh, I see.

I'm sure he won. All right.

Unfortunately, I don't have the energy left to get up.
...... I'm gonna throw up.
Can't you just take your heart out for a second?

The sky is blue, the wind is nice...
I'm not sure what to do.

I'm sure you can't rub it in, but ...... you could have at least rubbed it in the crunch. ...... It was a shame, really. I'm sorry.