373-start an additive-free 28-episode athletic meet

''...... Oath!''

Magda, line up!

Under the clear blue skies of Natalia's weather forecast, each team leader stood in front of all the players, arms outstretched high, and took the oath.

'We, the players,' he said.
'We, the players, will fight fairly and squarely in accordance with sportsmanship.
'that we will fight fair and square
'I swear by ...... .................., except for Yashiro.
'Yashiro swears it too!

Magda's mischievous glare made Estella glare at me.
It was as if I'd made her say it. ............ Well, I did.

'Hey, hey. I swear. I swear.

He waved his hand to indicate that I should just get on with it.

The ward field day has finally begun.
We are now at the third pledge of the program.
The first is the entrance of the athletes and the second is the opening declaration. The opening declaration was made by Estella, but it was rather bland.
Apparently, Estella was more enthusiastic as the team leader of the blue team than as the chairman of the tournament committee.
Just before the tournament started, she said, 'Oh no ...... I should be a fair tournament chair, but I'm going to favor the blue team. I guess he's the type of guy who can't hold two jobs. For better or worse, she's straightforward. Come to think of it, she's got a straight bosom, too.

'Yashiro, I'll stab you.'

Estella walks past me on her way back to the fighters, leaving ominous words in her wake.
I thought we were supposed to fight fair. Assassination is the highest form of cowardice.

After the opening statement and the pledge, the players are supposed to leave and return to their seats.
The plaza is so big that it could be used for a soccer court, but it is better to keep the sports meeting small and lively.
Therefore, it was made simple with only an 800-meter track.
At first, I thought that a compact 400-meter track would be fine, but considering the power of the Beastmen, I thought that it would be too small, and on the other hand, a 1,200-meter track would put off athletes like Jeannette who are not good at sports.
So, the 800-meter track was chosen as a compromise.
It is a little wider and more luxurious than a field day at an elementary or junior high school.

'...... This is where we, the white team, will be camped for the rest of the day. It's an impenetrable area where the enemy team is not allowed to take even a single step.

Magda said, as she dug her toes into the border with the next team. On the other side, Loretta is drawing the same line. ...... kids.

'But the air is safe!

And Loretta thrusts her arm repeatedly into the red team's position next to her.
...... You're a kid, yeah.

Around the main 800-meter track, there are cheering sections for each team.
The cheering section for the athletes is outside the straight section of the 800-meter track. Facing the track, from the right, the blue team, the yellow team, the white team, and the red team take their positions.
Opposite to the cheering section, on the other side of the straight track, are the committee seats, the dignitary seats and the first-aid tent.
In the case of track events, the goal is in front of the dignitary's seat. In track events, the goal line is in front of the dignitary's seat, and the dignitary's seat is a special seat. It would be a shame for Demilly and Ricardo to sit there like they own the place.

'Hey, Ricardo!That's the seat of honor.
'I'm a guest of honor!I'm the guest of honor!Don't move your hands to the side and tell me to move!

I didn't invite him, but he came to observe with an air of importance.
He must've really wanted to join. Do it in your ward. It's a ward field day. I'd appreciate it if you took Medora and Osina away right now and brought them back.

The curved part of the track is a dangerous place where athletes often fall.
Well, I don't think such an accident will happen.
So we don't have seats on the outside of the curve.

However, there is a food store at a little distance.
The curve is a good position to buy food there and stand and watch.

There are many territorial people who do not participate as players because of age or injury.
There are many people who prefer to cheer rather than participate.
Some cannot take time off from work, and some come to watch only in their free time.
For such people, there are general seats available.

At a glance, it looks like a small event hall.

Delicious smells are wafting from here and there.
The stall where Bertina is currently eating okonomiyaki with a smile is a stall run by the Sunshine Pavilion, and next to it is a stall selling Cantaloucica's monster frankfurters. Ohhhhh, Bertina is biting into an oversized frankfurter.
And there's a store selling alcohol and a stall for lemons. Right now, Bertina is eating a lemon pie that has been modified to be eaten standing up.

...... Funny. You should be looking around the stall, but Bertina keeps following you out of the corner of your eye.
It's like that translucent amoeba thing that appears in front of you when you're tired.

'Oh my God, Sister ......, you eat so much in the morning.
'The alcohol stalls are skipping exactly where they should be.

I'm not sure if she's trying to conquer all the stalls or not, but she's been flying high all morning.
...... It looks like she's going to achieve this before the competition starts,...... all the stalls (except the alcohol stall).

'Ugh ...... I can't stand the smell of this. I'm getting hungry. ...... I'd like to try some of the hexenbiest franks!

'...... so I'll get fat.'
'Honyou!The word that everyone has been so careful to avoid these days!I'm not fat!I've been doing Delia's exercises every day since then!I'm not afraid to eat a hexenbiest flank!
''The sweet idea of ...... and a careless bite are all in the meat of my belly ......''
I'm not sure what to do.I'm not sure what to do.
'............ And then he says he doesn't want to eat with Magda.
'I'm still mad at you!In fact, I've been mad at you for a long time!I'll apologize as many times as you want, so please forgive me!

Magda, who seems to have a deep-seated anger still smoldering in her heart, is toying with Loretta.
Yeah, yeah. I'm sure it's been sublimated to the point where it can be used as a joke, in their minds.

'But well, don't eat before you run. I can see you crouching in the middle of the course saying, 'Ugh ......, my stomach hurts.
'Huh?I'm not going to do it.I'm not going to do it, I'm going to make a mistake like a stupid child!
'...... Loretta. Magda will give you a treat.
'Don't get your hopes up for a funny scene like that!I'm not doing it!
'Hey, you guys!

Before Magda and Loretta's amused fussing, Barbara comes in with a scary face.

'The rest of the team is having a strategy meeting or something!If we don't take it seriously, we'll lose!Give me a plan!

Barbara doesn't seem to want to think for herself.
Well, I'm sure the plan he came up with doesn't even have the appearance of a plan.
He might even say something like, 'Go in with a bang and win with a bang! He might even say something like that.

'By the way, what kind of strategy do you think is best, Barbara-san?
'Aashi?Let's see. ...... 'Go hard and win! '!
'There's no specifics!I was so stupid to ask!

That's right, Loretta.
If you don't know what you're talking about, you'll never catch up with me or Magda.
You should avoid wasting your time.

'...... Magda, on behalf of the idiot Barbara, will give you a strategy to win the White Team.
'Who's the idiot, team leader?
'Barbara-san, are you unaware of this?

Loretta casually spits out a terrible venom.
I mean, Barbara is surprisingly straightforward, isn't she? She calls me 'team leader' even when she's angry. She does what she's told. ...... Magda told everyone to '...... call Magda team leader today'.
Well, most of us call him 'Magda' as usual.

The team leader has a great plan for us.

'...... The winning strategy for the white team is .................. "Don't let the enemy defeat you"'.
'Oh, wow!That's great!You'll never lose with that strategy!Nice work, team leader!
'Oh, before Magda-chou's usual smug face full of the feeling of 'I told you so' came out, the idiot Barbara-san took the bait with glee, so it didn't turn out the way Magda-chou intended, and Magda-chou looks a little unhappy!
'Hmm?Is he grumpy?Isn't he the usual unsociable one? Huh?

Whether it was because Magda had opened up to them, or because the people around them had improved their skills, the employees of the Sunlit Pavilion were now able to read Magda's expression quite accurately.
Loretta's done it.
Though Barbara doesn't seem to know the difference. Oh, she's starting to wag her tail. That's the signal for a bad mood, you know.

'Ha-ha-ha, Magda's all the rage. You look happy wagging your tail like that.'
'What are you talking about, Mormat? That's a cute tail movement when you're in a bad mood!When you're having fun, your tail will stand up even brighter and cuter!

You're a good boy, Umaro. It's annoying that he uses the word 'cute' in every sentence, but it's not like he's only been staring at Magda for the past year and a half.
He's graduated from being a pervert who obsessively chases after one little girl to a ......

'You've become a great stalker, haven't you?
'I'm not a stalker!This is pure adoration!
'You're a stalker after all ...... like Percy.'
'I don't want you to be like that!
'What is such a thing, seriously?

A man in raccoon make-up is shouting in the distance, but you're probably a cheerleader for the blue team in the east district, right?Don't look at me. I'll ignore you thoroughly today.

'Sorry, sorry . Umaro 'is' pure love, right?'
'Yes!I don't talk about love with an unclean heart.'
'Hey, you guys, choose your words!I'm also very pure!

Yes. Ignore ignore ignore.
'Umaro doesn't touch Magda because he wants to take care of her, but Percy can't touch Nephele because he's just a badass.

'Umaro, don't be like Percy☆'
'Of course I will!
'......... I thought Umaro was a bit better than that, but ...... I guess Yashiro's not that great. ...... infectious.'

What is it, Mormat?
You want to be an enemy too?
Good, I'm going to crush you. ...... In a completely different vector than a field day. Physically, and economically.

'Come on, guys!We're going to use the best strategy Magda came up with and give the victory to Magda!
'I understand your enthusiasm, Umaro, but look at me and say it.
'No, Yashiro-san. There are a lot of women over there. ......'

Umaro raised his fist and barked in the direction of no one.
You should be used to Ginette and Loretta by now.

'...... Well, I've got a plan in mind.
'You have a plan?

He's admitted it.

Magda seems to want to win as a team leader.
His ears perked up and he spoke of a new strategy.

'...... If we let Yashiro participate in the competition naked, many of the girls won't be able to keep their eyes open properly.
'Honya!You can't do that, you can't do that, you can't do that!Please repent, Yashiro-san!
I'm not sure why I'm here.

Ginette puffed out her cheeks at me, embarrassed to the hilt.
Tell that to the person who came up with the idea!
I mean, who would do such a plan!

'At ......, I'll get the manager to ...... instead.'
'Hmm. Let me know the details.'
'I'm not doing it!Not again!

Well, Magda wouldn't let Jeannette do that, and I'm just kidding.
I'm just kidding. So, ...... you look like you're expecting a little something, and I'm going to make sure that Morgatt gets a good cry. ...... Absolutely.

I'm not sure what to say. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... I think we should have a strategy meeting. ...... You know, I'm not really sure if I'm facing that way right now. There are people who are not familiar with ......'.

I'm not going to turn my head in that direction right now.
You'd better get used to it. ......

It's a good thing that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

I said, winking at the reassuring people behind me.

'Hey, guys...'
'You're talking about the wrong people. I came here to accompany you because you wanted to invite Master Gerasie as a guest of honor.
''It's the same for me. I came with my lord as a token of friendship between the 23rd and 42nd districts, so I didn't expect such a development.
I like this kind of thing~ Thank you for mixing me in, Yashiro-kun*.
'Guild leader, you can't spoil this guy. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.
I'm not sure what to say.I'm busy training to be a pyrotechnician!
'What are you talking about, rookie? This is a favor from the man who introduced us to fireworks. It's a manly thing to do, isn't it?
'That's right!And I'm really excited about this kind of thing, unexpectedly.
'Mm!It burns!I'm going to win a lot of firsts!
'Haha ......, my sister is so enthusiastic ......, so cute!
I'm not sure what's going on here, but the boss told me to do it, so I'm going to do my best to help!

A line of beautiful women plus a few old men.
I've been working hard yesterday to gather up all the resources I could!

In order from my side, Inez, the head waiter of the 29th district, Deborah, the head waiter of the 23rd district, Masha, the guild leader of the sea fishing guild, Nikka, the former Sirach guardian who was forced to join by Masha's order, Carl, the former Sirach guardian who was forced to join by his wife (to be) Nikka, Carl's boss and the first fireworks master.

'I, Bertha, also rushed to support you, Yashiro-sama ...... No, my ha-z-ba-n-d.'
I'm not sure what to make of that.
'Long pants!Somebody get me some long pants!I'll be there.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ......
It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has the ability to do this.
To be honest, Riveka's physical ability is not that high, but it was necessary to carry Sophie out, so we included her in the team for now.

'With these members, we have a chance to win!
''Please wait, Ko...... Oba-san.''

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm going to try.I'm not sure if you've seen this before.
I'm not sure what to do.It's a bad omen.

'What's that, E...... Ines?
'...... What did you just misspell?'

I'm sorry.
I guess we're even now.

'Totally ......,' exhaled the E-cup Ines, protesting once again.

'I don't remember agreeing to participate.
'Neither did I. I don't remember agreeing to participate in such an event without the Lord. ......'

Deborah agrees with Inez.
They both look deeply annoyed.
......Hey, is it okay to say something like that?

'So you want to bring the lord back?Right now.''
''What's more, my lord is looking forward to it!

I've heard from Mahr that he really liked the party in District 42.
Gerasie and the old man from the 23rd district, whose name was apparently Ibert Hagen, were also very interested in the new and unusual events held in the 42nd district!
If District Forty-two starts something, there might be a profit to be made from it.
Such thoughts have been imprinted in their brains by the trouble with the BU.
In particular, the two districts of 23 and 29, which can benefit from the new distribution channels created by the new road in District 42, are sensitive to the movements of District 42.
I took advantage of that and dragged out two of the other wards' head waiters!

In the end, when your master is curious about what we do, you can't escape the free labor of helping us white team!
...... Don't tell me you're going to be a helper for another team. Or rather, they're careful not to let you know.
They are straightforward people, for better or worse, and they will assume that the choices presented to them are the only ones.
You're BU kids, aren't you?

'So, since the lord has his own agenda, you can be a part of the white team and earn as many points as you can.
'However, you can't just leave Gerasie-sama alone. ......'
'The lord can watch the game from his seat of honor over there, so he doesn't need any help, right?Even if something happens, Ma'ru's head waiter Cindy is also there, and she can take care of him while she's there.
'There's a problem, sir!It's my job to take care of Master Gerasie!
'You're really into ...... that thing, aren't you ...... in love with it?

Oh, that's not true.
You can see it in your face, you know. Normally you have a cool face.
If I showed Gerasie the deep furrow between your eyes, she'd probably cry.

'Well, won't the lord be happy if the people of his district are very active here?
'Isn't that right?'
'I suppose so. After all, you can 'sell your debt to me', right?

Inez looks towards the dignitary's table with a difficult look on her face.
Gerrardsy was sitting a little farther away from Ricardo and the others, staring at him.

'...... Indeed, Master Gerrard, you have often said that.
'I want to be of service to Lord Obeyashiro'?
'......'I want to make that poor bastard as hungry as a grasshopper.' ......
'......That bastard.'

You, too, are not '...... and'.
Who's a grasshopper?

'In the museum, they call you the "woodpecker".
'I didn't really need that information.
'I sometimes call them that, too.'
'Oh, what?Are you into hurting people's hearts?It sounds like a douche, but if you ask me...'

I'm not sure how much of this is a gag. ......
...... I'm sure it's not a joke.
It's like looking at Natalia when you first met her.
There's just something about her that's so sharp. She seems to hurt everyone who touches her.

'Her breasts are so round...'
'I'm going to gouge you, aren't I?

The eye?
It's the eyes, isn't it, the target!

'Well, in a tournament like this, it's unlikely that we'll be disadvantaged, and if we can sell you a favor for something like this, it might be an advantage for our 29th district. If you don't want to stop ...... me, I'll lend you a hand.

Somehow, Inez seemed to have convinced herself.

At midnight last night, she said, "I'm holding an unusual event in the 42nd district, and you can come as a guest. It's not hard to see why he would be bent out of shape.
Gellersey said something like, '...... Well, I knew there was something behind it,' and quietly retreated to the guest seat, so there was no problem. No diplomacy or anything like that.
However, even if the lord had approved it, he would not have taken it seriously unless Inez herself agreed to it.
I managed to get Inez to shake her head. For now, this is a relief.

After all, he's still the head waiter.
As long as there is no hostility, he will respect us, honor us, and maintain harmony with us. Just as Natalia was.

'Well, good day to you, Inez.
'Yes, thank you, "Kometski".'
'Wow, ......, no respect at all.'
'Yeah, ...... that's not it. There must have been some other way to respect him.

Well, I don't care what anyone calls me now.
And Deborah's name is .......

'Nice to meet you too, Deborah.
'That was a very rude invitation to Miss Ibert.

I sent a similar invitation to Ibert, the lord of the 23rd district, as I did to Gerasie's.
I thought that old man would have no problem with it.

'Was he angry?
'No, he was half-amused and half-laughing at the end.'

I can see it in his eyes.
Next to Donnis, he was the smartest guy I ever met. He was also much older than Gerasie and more relaxed. He must have a lot of time on his hands.

'As expected of the lord of the 23rd district, he has a big capacity.

In response to the obvious flattery, Deborah stared at me with a blank expression.
Then, her mouth relaxes in a smirk.

'It's fine if you know...'

Easy to understand!
It's very easy to understand!
Is it really that great to be praised by the master you serve?

Gilberta, Nene and Cindy too.

So let's give her a ride and ask for her cooperation.

'Oh no~, as expected of the generous lord of the 23rd district. I'm sure he would have gladly agreed to the head waiter's participation.
'Of course. He even kindly told me that I'm always busy with my work, and that I should take a break from it by playing silly games like this once in a while.
'That's great!Lord of District 23, you're very considerate.
'That's right!
'Well then, I'll have to participate in the competition with all my might so as to live up to the name of the proud lord of the 23rd district.
'I'll dedicate victory to my team with my own hands!
'I can rely on the 23rd district to be my ally.
'Of course they are, of course they are!You can rely on them!
'When you're the head waiter of the 23rd district, I bet your tits shake like crazy.
'They do, as you can see!
'Excuse me, Deborah, from the side. As your head waiter, I have some advice for you. Don't do anything rude.'

I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.
...... Tsk!

'I thought I could enjoy shaking my tits without anyone noticing!

When I turned around, Masha, Nikka, Sophie, Magda and Loretta were staring at me with some kind of affordable blunt instrument in their hands.

'I was in a state of mind to see who was quicker, Desuyo!
'If you've got a ...... mouth full of obscenities and a head full of ...... uselessness, I'll smash it, okay?

The eyes of Nikka and Sophie are especially scary.
They still think I'm a dangerous person. ......
It's because I made a bad first impression.
So it's Lucia and BU's fault.

'I'm the victim, aren't I ......?
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.
'Hahahaha, Masha. s*xual harassment is only valid if the other party doesn't like it.
'I like your positive attitude a lot, Yashiro-kun!

In other words, if all human beings are good friends, there is no such thing as s*xual harassment in this world.

I guess this kind of thing is called 'love and peace'. It's a noble spirit.

'Okay!Let's make 'Love & Peace' the slogan of the white team!
'The 'love' part is definitely obscene!
'Again?I'll turn it into mace rust!
'No, but...' I think it's a good phrase, 'love and peace'.

Ginette intervened, and somehow Nikka and Sophie managed to calm down.
...... This is a difficult team to control, isn't it?

'Hey, sis!We need to work together and win a lot!V (peace) sign for victory!
'Oh, I love my ...... motivated sister ......!

It seems that love and peace has been established between the rabbit sisters,......, but your love is also very distorted, Sophie.

'Hey, hero ......'.

Barbara pokes me in the back. With a gouge.
...... Do you know the word "go easy"?It hurts like hell.

'With a team like this, can we really win?'
'Oh. At least we're much, much stronger than the white team we had yesterday.'
'Is that so~......?

Barbara looks over at the white team's helpers quizzically.

''''' Respectfully,'''''

I'm sure you've heard of them.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I don't want to be a part of this.

'......, but the lack of unity is a problem.
'Indeed. You can't deny that there is a sense of crowds. ...... It's not a problem that can be solved by improvisation. ......'

The individual skills of the team of helpers are amazing, but they certainly lack unity. No, it's not that there is little, it's that there is almost none.
The only ones who are cooperative are Masha, Rebeka, and the pyrotechnicians Kabriel and Markus.
Mokoka is loyal to Merle, for better or worse.

Well, let's increase our unity for a moment.

'Barbara. These two head waiters are stronger than you.'
'Really?These skinny girls are stronger than Aashi?'

Since she had started to eat properly in the past few days, Barbara's body had become slightly plumper and firmer than when they had met in the prison.
Norma had said that her muscles were leaned out for speed, but Inez and Deborah looked thinner. Inez, in particular, has a slim body like a young lady of the deep.
But ......

'This is the result of toned muscles. The quality of the muscles is much better than yours.'

These are the same muscles as Natalia and Gilberta.
Thin muscles that are modest enough to hide behind the Lord and yet functional enough to react quickly to whatever happens to him.
I suspect the density is different.

'A top-notch head waiter is a top-notch person who can do anything he wants to do. These two are top-notch. I guarantee it.

Because Natalia praised them before.
In comparison, Inez is a step ahead of her, but Deborah is no slouch. But Deborah is not so bad, as Natalia also said.
But Deborah is no slouch either.
...... Well, under certain conditions, you can't be trusted at all. I'm sure you've heard of it, but I've never heard of it.

When I was looking for a 'helper to win' in a small amount of time, these two were the first people that came to mind. That's how much I trust these guys.'
'Is that so? ...... Well, if the heroes say so, I'll believe Aashi too.

I thought I could get Inez because the lord was easy to deal with, and Deborah because she was so obedient when I hooked her at a previous banquet that I was hoping to ...... get her.

And I was sure that I could draw Mokoka in if I asked Mahrul, and I was going to draw Sophie and Rebeka in when they said they were coming to watch the ward field day during the bread tasting.

We were lucky that Masha, who had heard about the field day, came to our house.
Thanks to Masha, Nikka and Karl, and Kabril and Markus, who followed Karl, became our allies.
If they had gone to Delia, we would have had a hard time.
The two pyrotechnicians, as well as Nikka and Karl, had the physical ability to serve as soldiers protecting Sirach.

With these helpers, Magda and Loretta, depending on how they did, they should be able to get to a pretty good place.

When I turned around to give a word of encouragement to these reliable friends...

'Hey, don't look at me!
'Same to you, Ines!

...... The two head waiters were embarrassed.

'...... What are you embarrassed about?
'Te, embarrassed, etc. ......!'Oh, it's because you praise people out of character!
'I didn't expect you to be so reliant on me,......,' he said.

They seemed to have been surprised by the unexpected praise, probably thinking that only bad words would come out of my mouth.
So, you were honestly happy and a little bit pleased, and then I turned around at the right moment, and you felt strangely embarrassed, didn't you?
I understand. There are times like that, when you're like, "What should I do with this atmosphere? I know.

It's okay that the head waiter's mood has improved a bit, but ...... why is someone in a bad mood?

You'll be able to get a lot more than that.

Oh, ...... your child is throwing a tiresome tantrum: ......

'How dare you disrespect Rebekah ............ Yashiro-san ...... Be careful on the road at night...' ...'

Yeah . You're a pain in the ass in a different way.
The idiot's sister will be in a better mood when Rebekah is in a better mood.

Then she pats Magda's head, which she'll have to do later, and goes to ......

'Rebekah. There's something important ...... that I haven't told you yet, something that only you can do, something that will determine whether or not this team can win.'
'Huh?What is it?What's the important role that only I can play?Come on, tell me.'
'I'd like you to be the 'pretty captain' of the white team at ......!
"Cute captain"?What kind of position is that?
'It's a very difficult and challenging role, to raise the morale of the white team with Rebeka's cuteness, and to charm even the enemy to reduce their strength.
'Leave it to me!I'm going to carry out that big task with flying colors!

Yes, sir. Here we go.
And, 'Aha!My sister, the pretty captain! And my sister is in a better mood.

At .......
It's the ...... that sulks when it comes to such things.

'And Magda'.
'............ Jii~'

I see you, I see you ......

'It's already becoming common knowledge that Magda is cute.'
'...... Are you bored?'
'No, no. It's not that. ...... Magda is the team leader today.'
'...... Yes, the 'cute' team leader.'
'No, Magda is not a 'pretty' team leader.'

Magda's eyes widened and an inarticulate 'whimper' escaped her mouth.
But don't be hasty.
Listen to my words to the end.

'Magda is the 'cute, reliable, and strongest team leader'!
'...... or 'pretty, dependable, strongest team leader' ......?
'This time, Rebeka has been appointed as the 'cute captain'. With that, I'm going to gather my sisters and form the 'Cute Squad'.'
'......Ribeka is the captain of that 'Cute Squad'. ......'
'Yes. And the leader of the white team, which also includes the "cute squad," is the "cute, reliable, and strongest team leader," Magda, you!
I'm not sure what to make of that.

I'm not sure what to say. --and stands straight up.

'Your cuteness is different from the cuteness of Rebeka, her sister, Teresa and Cheryl.

The cuteness of Rebekah and her sisters is, let's say, childish cuteness. It's the kind Javier can catch. The kind Imelda would hit with an axe the moment she caught it.

Magda used to be in this realm, but recently she has stepped out of it and is gaining fans with her idol-like cuteness.
There are many people who see Magda not as a 'cute kid' but as a 'cute girl'.
Even though ...... is a different kind of "cute" than Jeannette and the others, though.
Well, that's it in a nutshell.

It's a fine line between 'not a child anymore, but still an object of protection'.

'...... Yes. Magda is already a grown woman.

I don't mean to say ......, but let's just say that.
Magda puts her hand on Rebeka's shoulder, brushing her hair up with a 'whoosh ......'.

'......Ribeca is 'cute' and will play a big role. '......Ribeca is 'pretty'.'

That's two generous statements from the winner.

'Hmm!Leave it to me! Magda gazes contentedly at Rebeka's back as she jumps up and down.
He looks at her with a kind of 'I'll leave it to you, junior' look.

'...... Today's Magda is in an important position that requires more than just being cute.
'Yeah, I'm a team leader.'
'............But she's still very cute.

It seems that no matter how important the position is, 'cute' is not compromised.
He rubs his head and urges me to give him an ear massage.
Hey, hey. Cute, cute, cute.

'Haaaaaa ...... Magda-tan, the rightful owner of 'cute', who is not shaken at all by the appearance of the backward!I'm not sure what to say.

I'm not sure what to make of it.
You're a pain in the ass fox.

'Sis!I'll use my cuteness to bring the championship to the white team!
'...... Everyone, follow Magda.'

And now that they're in a good mood, it's time for Loretta.

'Yes, yes, sir!
'Good luck!
'It's normal!No, it's less than normal!

I mean, it's a lot of work to lift each one.
Why don't you just be normal? Just be normal.

'I believe in you!
'It's full of uselessness!That's what I said to the head waiter just now!
'You're so cute!
'It's just an expression!I heard it just now!
''Seriously angelic...''
'I didn't say that!I mean, that's Umaro's!
'Is that a swear word?

Oh, God.
He's at a difficult age.
Heh, heh. I guess originality is all that matters. ...... d*mn it.


When you call out her name, Loretta slumps down and takes a stance.
...... You're ready to take a shot at me, aren't you?

'I'm looking forward to it.
I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.

When I patted her on the forehead, she held it and gave me a cheerful reply.
Loretta is fast, so you can count on her. She's not going to lose to Delia or even Norma.

'Make a big splash where you can shine.
'It's a ............ 'cute showdown' where you can shine!

...... She's just a little bit of an idiot, isn't she?
Oh, that's too bad. Oh, clunkers.

'Nicca and Carl, please.
'Hmm!I'll do my best. I don't like to lose.
'I'll do my best for Nikka, too!

These two are willing to cooperate, even if they don't talk.
I understand that from the wedding and everything.

'Masha and Mokoka, please take care of the old man and the others.
'Yes~☆ I can't run, though~'
'I know what you mean!
'Leave it to me, bro!
'I'm very motivated!

It's a good thing I've always been cooperative around here.

'......, and Bertha, please be quiet.
'If that's what you want...'

Don't wander around too much. It's bad for morale.

And when I thought I had finished talking to him, Barbara poked me in the back. I'll give you another goo and ...... tell you it hurts!

'Hey, hero!Say something to Aashi!
'...... You're not going to get any morale boost from me saying something.'
'Just say something!I don't think so.

I don't think so. ...... Unlike you, Teresa has a sense of decency.

'Show Teresa how cool she is. Your sister's the best.'
'Oh!I'm on it!

...... Well, let's send a word to the rest of the beastmen.
I turn around and tell Mo-Mat and Umaro.

'Try your best to die. If you can't, die.
'Yashiro, you are ......'.

'We don't need any more encouragement. ......'

Mormat and Oumalo look exhausted.
They've only just begun.


' said Ginette, who was watching us from a distance.
She covered her mouth and shook her shoulders.

When our eyes met, she gave me an apologetic smile.

'Yashiro is going to be a great father,' she said.
'...... Don't say something that won't bring you luck.

I told you I hate kids.
It's too creepy.

And if it's my kid, then it's my wife's tits and I'm the enemy, right?
That's war, isn't it?

'My wife's tits are mine.
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

You can find a lot more information on the web.
You may have imagined me monopolizing your boobs.
I don't have a specific partner, you know.
No need to worry about that.

'If you're going to marry Mr. Yashiro, you'll have to be quite fond of children.

He walked up to me and poked me on the bridge of my nose.

'You have to take care of your own child and such a big child together.

And giggles.
I don't think Jeannette realizes this. ......

It's a double-edged tactic that could come back to haunt you. ......

'Then it's no problem if I beg for boobs every day!
'Please repent'.

...... Tsk.
If I hadn't said that, it would have been a weird atmosphere.
It's just that there's someone on the other side who's strangely uptight. ............ Oh, I can see through Medora. Ignore him, ignore him!
I'm not sure what to do.Ignore him, ignore him!

'Anyway, let's unite our hearts and bring victory to them.
'That's right!That's a good point, big brother!
'You guys!Let's unite like the hero said and make a show for Aashi!
'If we're going to make a show, let's make one for Rebekah!
'I'll work as hard as I can!
'Since you're joining us, you'll have to do well as head waiter.
'The first one to get the credit wins, right?
'Hey, hey, Yashiro-kun~☆ Is there a competition I can participate in?
'Oh, that's right.
'Mr. Turnip!I heard there's a big ball rolling event!
'Hahaha!That sounds like a great game to throw!
'Oh, um, everyone, please unite ...... your ...... minds...'
'Oh, oh, isn't this bad, ......?
'So it's all falling apart......'

Things started to go wrong around Barbara, and Jeannette was on edge. Mormat and Oumalo are also dumbfounded.

'......Yashiro. The team of helpers is not very cohesive. You have to put them together somehow.
'I can't help it. ......'

If it's the team leader's order, so be it.
I chanted the magic words to unite the minds of the mishmash of helpers who were saying whatever they wanted and whose minds were wandering all over the place.

'Your bloomers are so s*xy!

In an instant, everyone's hearts were united.

Inez, Sophie, Nikka and Karl looked at me with a deadly stare, Deborah and Rebecca showed a bit of embarrassment, Masha and Mokoka let out a 'I can't help it' kind of giggle, and Kabriele, Markus and Mormat couldn't help but look at my dazzling thighs... In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Oh my god, bloomers!
That's awesome!

'Oh my god, Yashiro-san......'
'My brother ......'
'......Yashiro, so it can't be helped.'

The members of the sunlit pavilion looked at me with troubled, dumbfounded faces--

'Please repent.
'Repent, sir.
'...... should be repentant.

These words were uttered simultaneously.

...... or. Umaro, come mix with us. I'm not sure if it's because there are a lot of girls I don't know very well,.......