372-Before the opening ceremony of the 27th episode wi...

It's a beautiful day!

Natalia's prediction came true, and it's a beautiful sunny day.
The sun has been shining brightly since this morning.

'Teresa, you've improved a lot.

Ginette's cheeks relax as she watches Teresa frolicking in her special seat.
Teresa's eyes are recovering well and she can now feel the light well.
She is now able to see the outlines of objects and can recognize people without hearing their voices, Bertina tells us happily.

'That's right, Yashiro-san: ......'

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a little nervous about this.

'This dress ...... is very comfortable and easy to move in, but ............ my legs are a bit ... ...'

The thighs of Jeannette, which are rubbing together, are dazzlingly white and reflect the light diffusely.
I'm not sure what to say.
I'm sure you've heard of it.
That means her lower body is...


It's so bright!Senpai, you're really shining!

The white short-sleeved shirt is soft and wrinkled, and the dark blue bloomers accentuate her white, finely textured thighs.
Oh no!It looks so good on you!
Why don't we make this the uniform of the Sunlit Pavilion?

I'm not sure what to do.
'...... White Team, we're almost there.'

Loretta and Magda are wearing dark blue bloomers as they run towards us.
There are two colors!'......Because I couldn't get rid of either of them!I'm sorry.

It's a good thing I planned the field day after all.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
There were bloomers, headbands, and gym clothes everywhere!
It's so cute to see girls wearing headbands at field day. I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to wrap it up in a stylish way and try to make it look as good as possible,.............

I'm not sure what to say. Come here for a minute.'
'What?What is it?'

Loretta, full of energy, put a white headband on her forehead and tied it tightly. 'First! or 'Pass! or 'Pass!' on her headband.
It may be more spirited, but ...... a girl looks better when tied at the position of a headband.
So I take the liberty of untying the headband, moving it up a bit, and re-tying it.

'Here. It's prettier this way.
'Oh, really?Isn't it cute?

She grabbed the headband I had tied and flipped it over. He grabbed the headband I tied for him, touched it, and then said, 'Heehee~' with a tight smile.
The cuteness is overwritten by stupidity.

'...... Yashiro. Magda hasn't tied it yet.'

Magda holds out the bowl in her hand.
I think he just asked Jeannette to tie it for him later. ......

'...... Magda is the team leader, so it should have special pretty specifications.'

Even if you say it is desirable, ......
I think I'll go with Loretta. I've been thinking about this for a while,.......

'...... matching with Loretta, or work in progress is not allowed'.

I was told ahead of time that I could not.
You'll be able to get a lot more than just a pair of shoes.
...... can't be helped.

I wrapped a headband around Magda's head and tied it into a tight knot once. When you do this, make sure that the length of the excess cord is different on each side.
Fold the longer piece of string several times in a spiral pattern so that it retains a certain length. Fold the longer string several times like a spiral so that it maintains a certain length, like a thick-boiled egg, not a three-folded futon. Make it look like a snake, not a self.
Then, bring the center of the folded cord to overlap the knot, and fasten the middle of the folded cord with the shorter cord. At this point, fold the shorter string in half lengthwise to make it look better.
Tuck the remainder of the shorter part under the knot.

'There you go. The ribbon knot is complete.

The image is like a kelp roll of oden, but if you make it with hachimaki, it looks like a pretty ribbon.
Especially when it is on the head of a little girl like Magda, the cuteness is doubled.

'Oh, dear!Magda, you're so cute!
'Wow!It's lovely.

Loretta and Ginette squealed with admiration at the result.
And finally, Magda...

'...... This is exactly the way to tie a headband for a team leader. It's no exaggeration to say that the white team has already won at this point.

--I'm sure you'll like it.

'That ...... Yashiro-san'.

Ginette came up to me and gently untied the headband that was already wrapped around my head.
She then gently offers you the untied headband.

'...... me too if you can. ......'

It was a request.
I think it would be cute enough to tie a butterfly knot at the base of the ponytail, but ...... I'm sure they're expecting a Magda-quality result.
Not at all. ......

I'm not sure what to do with it, but I'm sure it'll be fine. The trick is not to crush the string so that the triangle knot looks nice.
Then, adjust the triangles so that they are in the right place, and tie it in the way you would a standard girl's roll. ......

'Here, the cat ear knot is ready.
'It's a kitten!The manager's head has grown cat ears!

The triangular knot peeking out from between her chestnut-colored hair looks like cat ears.
It's difficult to adjust the position, but it's very easy to make.

'It's a little disappointing that you can't see it yourself.

Despite this, Ginette looks happy.
She touches the cat-ear knot on the top of her head.

Magda stares at the cat-ear knot.
I thought he would complain about the knot being prettier than his own, but ......

'...... matching'.

I hugged Jeannette tightly around the waist.
Her tail stood up with a 'ping! He was happy. She was happy.

'Yes. We're matching, aren't we, Magda?

Both of them are shaking their bodies happily, and shaking their lovely arranged bowls.

'Huh!I'm not sure if I'm the only one with a normal knot.
'Don't worry, Loretta. Normal is your identity!
'I don't want that kind of identity!......Uh, but it's the knot that my brother said was cute. ............ Ahhhh, I'm torn!

After a few minutes of writhing around in her head, Loretta seemed to have decided to join in with the standard girl's wrap.

'Yashiro-san. Ginette.'

Bertina walked over to me.
...... She's dressed as usual.

'Oh, Ginette. That's a lovely knot. Is that Yashiro's?'
'Yes. He tied it for me. ...... Oh, no. He tied it for me.

I'll try to rephrase it in a way that includes the nuance that I didn't do it willingly, but that Jeannette urged me to do it.
That kind of 'I did something wrong' feeling must be ticklish and fun.
The mother and daughter are smiling at each other with similar faces.

'Aren't you going to join us, Sister?
'I'm not much of an athlete. Besides, that ...... outfit is a bit ......'.

Apparently, bloomers were not allowed.
They'd look great on you!

'Besides, I had to keep an eye on the kids in the stands.

And I have to watch the kids in the stands,' Bertina said, blaming it on the kids and refusing to wear bloomers.
They look perfect on her!
I can do cheer and babysit in bloomers too!

I'm sure you'll find a lot of people who'd like to know more about this. ............ But when we were playing in the river, she wore a bathing suit. ...... I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

I'm sure you'll agree that it's a great idea. If you want to join in, just jump in. It's fun to get together and make some noise, and I'm sure the kids would love to jump and run with Bertina.

He points to the spectator stands where there are young children who seem to have difficulty participating in the competition.
The kids were jumping up and down as they looked at the ground where preparations for the field day were taking place. They think they are participating in the event.
Their faces are all over the place, looking very happy.


Bertina burst out laughing at the excited kids.

'That's right. Well, if you get the chance.

With that, she went back to the cheering section to stop the kids who were trying to walk out to the ground with unsteady steps.
It's true that you may need a chaperone. But it doesn't have to be Bertina. It could be the matron's aunts.

So!Please!Get Bertina!My bloomers!Hey!

'Aren't you looking at the sisters with an evil eye, Yashiro?
'No, Yashiro. Don't look at the sisters like that!You'll get angry.

'No Yokoshima, Yashiro!

The leaders of each group gather around me as I remind them that I'm going to twist this absurd fate of theirs.
Estella from the blue group, Paula from the yellow group, and Delia from the red group.
Of course, they're all in gym clothes. In other words, bloomers!

'You guys look even cuter today.
'What's wrong, Yashiro?I'm not sure what to do.
'Oh, you're cute?I see. ...... hehe'

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a jerk.
I love it!I want to be pinched!I want to be caught in it!

At ......, Delia probably doesn't understand the meaning of "wicked.
She must think it's the one without the vertical stripes.

'Ah!Loretta is tying her headband in a cute knot!

Paula spotted it and shouted.
The attention of Estella and the others is focused on Loretta, and she shows a proud expression.
However, in the next moment, their eyes are caught by Ginette and Magda who are standing behind her.

'Ginette, what's wrong with that?It's so cute!
'Hey Magda!I like that!Tell me how you did it, too!

The leaders of each group crowded around Ginette and Magda, ignoring Loretta.
Loretta, pouting.

'Please don't ignore me!Mine's a cute knot, too!
'Really, it's a cute knot, isn't it, Loretta?

Nephrite walks up to Loretta, who is waving her arms in protest.

'I think I'll try to copy Loretta.Magda's and Jeannette's are a little too cute.'
'That's right!This is just the right amount of cute, isn't it?

It may have been meant as a consolation, but 'too cute' is an understandable emotion.
The character and the cuteness need to be properly matched. Gap and imbalance are often mistaken for each other, but it is necessary to recognize that they are completely different things.

If Ginette wears a s*xy, revealing outfit, it's a gap, but if Medora wears a fluttery, fluffy Lolita dress full of frills, it's an imbalance...... or even a visual weapon.
The two are completely different.

The two are completely different. ......

I'm not sure what to say.
Not too thin, not too thick. Maybe a little thin. It would be nice if they were a bit more plump, but in Nepheli's case, the outline of the legs is beautiful and well balanced. In addition, the inseam is also long, and she really has a model figure,............, even though her face is that of a chicken.

I'm sure you'll agree....... Oh, Yashiro!What are you looking at?What's your name?

I'm not sure.And then he pokes his tongue out and covers his thighs with his hands.
I don't know about that, but the beak to mouth thing is a shocking image. I see it every once in a while, but I never seem to get used to it, my heart.

It seems that the team leaders of each group have just gathered.

I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I'm sure you have.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

'Phew ......, the weather is nice today, so it's shaking more than usual.'
'It doesn't matter what the weather is like!Don't try to force me to shake, Natalia!

I'm sure you'll find that your style of agitating the Lord is still evident today. ......
He's the perfect waiter if he'd just shut up.

'Preparations will be completed shortly. The opening ceremony will begin at the scheduled time.

The field day starts at ten.
For the 42nd district, where getting up at five or six is the norm, it's a leisurely schedule.
Too much cramming could lead to accidents.

Incidentally, Natalia wears her headband in a loop around her neck. It's like a loose tie. That's how she'll look until the show.
Not a few people are wearing a headband like Natalia's around their necks.
It is the best way to wear a headband when you are in the moment.
Or perhaps they simply feel uncomfortable because they are not used to wearing something around their heads.

Norma is one of them.

'Natalia~. The scoring board is up!

Norma comes from a distance, announcing the completion of her work, wearing ...... dark blue bloomers!
In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

'Excuse me!Is it possible to extend the time in this store?

'Relax, Yashiro,......, I don't know how much you're trying to get for me,......, but it's not a store.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
I'm not sure what you're looking for, but I'm sure you'll be able to find it.
It's not like you're a student, but it looks great on you.I just want to nominate you!

'I really like bloomers!They're healthy!It's healthy!
'I don't think so. ...... Especially when I look at your loose face.'

Norma is a little embarrassed to light a cigarette, although her tone is a little angry.
He is blowing smoke at a faster pace than usual.

Including this embarrassment, bloomers are wonderful!
I feel like I want to take a close look at everyone in their bloomers and document every detail of each one of them!

'Da-ling!Look at my gym clothes!
'Come on!Let's get into the swing of things for the show!

You looked away as soon as you could.
I'd rather look directly at the sun through a telescope than look directly at that thing!
What, will it blind me?Hahahahaha. It's better than having your ...... eyes blown out, head and all.

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the site, you can contact us at the following URL: .......
Of course, as soon as it was decided to provide them, I made sure to mention that 'your performance will be lower than running in bloomers because the movement of your legs will be inhibited'!Because if I didn't say so, everyone would have worn long pants!

This is just for the consideration of adult women and elderly people who can't expect to set records and don't want to go ...... with bare legs, that's all!It's a good thing that long pants are no longer a thing in this world!
It's a good thing that long pants are no longer a thing in this world! Everyone should live in mini-skirts or bloomers!


It's a good idea. ......

'Yashiro-san. Your face is loosening up.

Ginette's fingers came up from next to me and lightly pinched my cheek.
That's not good. My facial muscles have been loosening ever since.

I'm so glad we planned this field day.

'What the hell!Just when we're about to start the serious game of our lives, don't you dare show your disheveled face, anchovy!

Zang!Lucia stomped on the dirt ground, sending up a cloud of dust, and stood in front of me.
She is wearing dark red bloomers and a white gym uniform, and her beautiful blue hair is in a ponytail as she stares at me.
You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them. And yet, this is ...... honestly adorable!

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and the best way to get in touch with your loved ones, please do not hesitate to contact us.
And above all, ......

I'm not sure what to say.

Very beautiful legs!
I didn't know he had such a good figure!
I didn't notice it because she always wears long skirts, but this length without heels is pretty impressive!

What?Oh, don't be silly!What are you looking at, servant?Insolent!Impurities!Hazardous materials!Waste!

Who's the waste?

I'm not sure what you're talking about, but I'm pretty sure it's the ...... thing!Oh, a, ...... that, and I'll do this, anchovies!

What's wrong with you? What's the matter with you? You've been writing and practicing the anchovy series every day.
Don't forget at the last moment.

I'm uncomfortable!Let's go, Gilberta.
'Yes, I will. And I'll show you, casually, my special outfit for this day, I'll show my friend Yashiro. And I'll show it to my friend Yashiro, along with my boldly exposed thighs.

And with that, Gilberta leaves, showing off her toned, brown thighs.
I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I've been so impressed with your work.
It's like a dog taking a liking to you. ......

Well, it's cute. It suits you.

'You're ...... rotten to the core, hero.'

When I turned around, I was met with a look of utter contempt.
From Barbara, who was supposed to be on my side.

Today's Barbara seems to be in high spirits, with her headband tied so tightly around her forehead that her skull almost screams.
Her annoying bangs have been trimmed as part of the "Street of Beauty" project in District 41, and thanks to the good food and shelter she's been provided at Yap Rock's place, she has good skin and a good amount of flesh, and is turning into a beautiful girl with only a bad mouth and personality.

...... It's kind of frustrating. You're a barbara.

'Barbara-san, those bloomers are two sides of the same coin!

Oh. I'm also stupid.
Those flaps are called seam allowance. They're on every piece of clothing.

'Let's put it back on!
'In the changing room, sir!And you, Yashiro-san, do your penance!

Doing her best to stop Barbara from undressing, Ginette pulled Barbara's arm and walked her to the changing room.
'...... You're doing penance again, me.

'...... Yashiro. Magda is going to help the manager ............ by parading around the grounds and showing off this cute little knot.'
'Name, you're fading too fast. ...... Well, you can do whatever you want.'
'Well, then, I'm coming too!I'm going to show off my natural cuteness!
'......Natural............ Ah, "normal".'
'Why are you rephrasing, Magda?It's fine to be natural!

And with that, Ginette and Barbara, Magda and Loretta left me.

A corner at the edge of the ground.
A corner of the ground at the end of the field, assigned to the white team's position, becomes a little quiet.


'Oh, ......, ladybug.'

A voice that sounded like an angel's whisper came riding on the wind.
I turned around and saw Millie.
Embarrassed, she pulled out the hem of her gym uniform to hide her bloomers.
As a result, the majority of her bloomers are hidden, and a tiny little triangle is peeking out between her thighs, just faintly peeking out.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one.
I'm not sure what to say.It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.

I don't know.
I'm not sure what to do.

'Obscene pharmacist, destroy!
'You're getting a lot of flak. I'm really proud of myself.

The green-haired pharmacist who quietly approached from behind Millie took off her usual black costume and wore a gym uniform today.
But he's a little different from the rest of us.
He's wearing a long-sleeved jacket, as if he doesn't like the sunlight very much.
Yeah. They have long sleeves too. The kind that zippers up the front. The kind you can wear like a blouson. It comes in two colors, navy blue and dark red to match the bloomers.

Underneath the long-sleeved jacket, Regina is wearing dark blue bloomers.
The jacket, of course, is not meant to be tucked into the pants, so like Milly, the hem hangs down to cover much of the dark blue bloomers.
I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with that.Is that the best?
What? Are you the best?

'Regina. We're friends, right?
I've been with you for quite a while, and you've told me at the worst time imaginable.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'd like to know what you think.
What an unpleasant handshake. If it weren't for the bloomers, I'd have kicked her.

'Oh, ...... the sunlight is so hot,...... I think I'm about to reach my limit.
'We haven't even finished setting up yet?

Regina is going to be in charge of first aid under the tent, so she won't collapse. ...... You should at least take care of yourself, pharmacist. Seriously.

I don't know. Did you want something from me?
'I've enjoyed seeing you in your bloomers, so I'll listen to you! Yeah.

I didn't say that.
...... Well, I'm not denying it, but...

......?It's a headband. ......'

I thought you wanted Millie to be tied up pretty too.

'Oh, does it hit the antennae?'
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you can do it.

If you wrap it around your forehead, you can avoid the sense of touch.
But that's not Millie's image.
It's only Delia, Barbara, and other girls with serious intentions that tie it tightly around their forehead. Girls like Millie should prioritize cuteness. It's just so cute!

So what should I do? ...... Oh, I see.

'But that's going to be out of alignment. ......'
'No problem. I'll use this.'

I've brought some patches to keep the headband from slipping off, in case someone might need them.
These are the hairpins that I use to decorate Millie's hair.

'If you fix both sides with these, ...... they won't fall off, will they?
'Oh dear, ......!Thank you, ladybug!

Millie jumped up and down on the spot, as if to make sure it wouldn't fall off.
She seemed to be happy that her headband didn't slip off, and jumped again and again.
Every time she does, her antennae sway cutely. ...... When she jumps, her gym uniform lifts up and her bloomers are visible, hidden, visible, hidden, visible. ......

'I'll bring them back!
'My desires are bottomless, aren't they, Millie, hurry up and run'.
'Yeah, well, I'm going to show it to everyone, okay?

'Oh, ...... takeout is ......'.
I'm not sure if you're really going to take it home with you or not.

'Of course not, you idiot!A girl that cute, that cute, that cute, that cute, that cute, that cute, that happy?You'll take it home with you, right?
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

......, I thought to myself, reminds me of a certain person.
I'm sure you've heard of it.

'Well, I haven't seen Imelda.
'If it's the woodcutter lady, she's posing over there, isn't she?

Regina pointed to the middle of the field, where Imelda was standing.
Standing alone in the middle of the venue, she struck a s*xy pose that showed off her proportions.

...... What's that guy doing?

I'm not sure.I'm not sure what to do.

'You were admiring my beauty, weren't you?
'No, I was just glancing at you.
'You were so beautiful that you forgot to look at the time, weren't you?
'No, that's why ......'
'Give it up, yourself. The woodcutter girl has actually been posing there for quite a while, waiting for me to notice her. I've been posing there for quite a while now, waiting for you to notice me. I've been messing around with the Lord of the Thirty-fifth District and Millie and the others behind me.

I'm sorry, but I can't ...... imagine what that's like. ............ I'm starting to feel sorry for you.
It's not my fault at all. It's not my fault at all.

'That's Imelda. You look good no matter what you wear.'
'Isn't that right?I knew it!

...... is not worthy of praise, this one.

However, Imelda has a really feminine style with a lot of body.
The proportions are such that you can honestly say they are wonderful, not in the direction of eroticism, but in the sense of artistic beauty.
She looks like Venus de Milo or something like that.

Imelda wearing the same gym uniform as the others instead of the usual glittering dress is very rare and unusual.
...... Well, I guess I left it unnoticed for more than ten minutes.

It is easy to think that a young lady is not suitable for active dress,......, but she wore armor when she went outside the city gate, and she is also good at such dress.

It's a perfect beauty that can be cooked or baked, that's me.
'Oh, rubbing and stroking is so ...... woodcutter's daughter, so s*xy.
'I didn't say that, did I?
'...... No. You did say that, didn't you?
'I didn't say that, Yashiro-san!You can't say, "Oh, is that so?" with a straight face like that! I've been in the forty-two districts for a long time.

He's been in the 42nd district for a long time.
His jokes are starting to resemble Loretta's. When I first met her, she was a self-important, high-handed girl.


Imelda coughs and points at me.
Provocatively, proudly, with her chest out.

''And swaying.''
''You should be ashamed of your breathlessness in such a place, both of you!

You're right, it's embarrassing to wear the same dress as Regina.
It's as if I'm the epitome of obscenity. I'll behave myself.

'All right. I'll behave myself.'
'I'm a despicable pig!I'm a filthy pig!
'That's not 'self-restraint', that's 'self-mockery'!...... It's not exactly the same as 'self-mockery', is it?
I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not.

Again, thrusting her finger at me, Imelda declared with a winning smile. Imelda smiles triumphantly and declares.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's had a bit of trouble with the lumberjack guild. So, it's your fault that the team has split up. ...... You should regret it as much as you can. You'll be able to find a lot of people who are willing to help you out. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this. ...... I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

Who would cry over a team split at a field day?

'...... Do you want to eat lunch in teams?
'No, I won't let you!I'm not going to let you do that. I'm going to get the manager's lunch no matter what!

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
...... There are a lot of people who've seen me requesting fried chicken and fried shrimp. I may have screwed up.

Well, Jeannette had prepared a lot of food before dawn in anticipation of that.

'Anyway, be prepared!...... I'm not going to go easy on you.''
''...... Are you going to shake me as hard as you can?''
''Voice!Please don't line them up!

Imelda brushed her blonde hair up, spreading it like a glittering diffused light. That's all it takes to make a picture, this guy is amazing.

'I'm going to win and I'm going to get it. ......'

...... Okay, I'll pretend I didn't hear that.

I'm sorry.
They're all so pissed off over a field day. ......

'You're a real tough bastard~'

Regina said in a strangely cheerful voice, staring at Imelda's back.

'We all know that's impossible. ......'

Then, her eyes, which are as green as her hair, turn towards you.

'Even so, you should at least have some kind of reward for putting all your effort into such a rumor that has no roots,......,' she said in a silent appeal.

I know what I'm talking about.
Don't put it into words every time. You won't be able to pretend you didn't notice.
Every one of them is strangely excited, ...... even though I was planning to pass it off as ignorance of all of them.

'...... Well, at least a prize for effort,' he said.

I can't do much, and I don't intend to.

'Well, if that's the case...'

Crossing her fingers, Regina flips her wrist and stretches her arm and back muscles.
She does some stretching that doesn't suit her, and turns her hot gaze on you in an uncharacteristic way.

I'm not sure what to make of that.

It's not like .............

'............ I'm going to win this thing.

In my own camp, which is now empty, I mutter to myself.
We'll win and end the field day. It's the most peaceful and the least messy. I was sure of it.

'I'm going to win!

I spit out the same words again and tie my headband tightly around my forehead.

Ahhh, this is so unlike ....... Me neither.

Soon after, the opening ceremony began.