162-Episode 141 Where to Go

It wasn't long after our foolishness had ceased that something strange happened.

'You're losing after all,.......'

With such a small ...... but clearly audible voice, dissatisfied voices began to leak out from the audience of District 41.

'What's going on?
'Get a grip, hunting guild!
'Isn't there a problem if we just leave everything to them?
'We even had our store taken!
It's a scam!
'Now the forty-first district is bankrupt!
'What are you going to do, lord?

It was as if the resentment that had been building up until now had exploded. The shouting became a huge swell that filled the hall.
Curses were mercilessly hurled at the stage and the hunting guild and Ricardo standing in front of it.

'It's a shame I left you in charge!

That one word spoke volumes about the system of District 41.

Ricardo had managed to run District 41 with the hunting guild as his main force.
As a result, the relationship with the hunting guild had inevitably grown stronger, and while the rest of the realm understood this to a certain extent, they were still dissatisfied.
Up until now, the economy had barely been running thanks to the hunting guild.
The management of the Ricardo had managed to keep the economy running, albeit poorly.

But for the first time, it came to a visible halt.
The delicate balance of the relationship that we had managed to maintain collapsed without a trace.

Even though it was the only way, for the people who had been despised, put off, and neglected, this situation could be described as 'Look at me, I don't care what you say! That's what the situation is like.
The dissatisfaction that had been simmering in their minds burst out at once here, helped by the fact that they had become a group.

'I don't know anything about this!You guys have to take responsibility!
'That's right!The lord and the hunting guild should make up for the damage we'll suffer!
'Yes, yes!

Shoes and trash are thrown into the hall.

'You should quit being a lord!

Someone said something irresponsible, and the air in the hall instantly became tense.
The members of the hunting guild quietly snapped.

'Dissolve the hunting guild, too!

The lords, who had nothing to do but vent their resentment, spat out nothing but dirty words.

Medora moves and stands in a position to protect Ricardo.
He then barks to the audience.

'If you have a problem with me, tell me your name first!

The loud voice, like a thunderbolt, causes the audience to stop shouting for a moment.

'Don't hide in the crowd and bark!We're not going to run and hide!We have nothing to be ashamed of!Let's have a fair and honest discussion!

Medora puts her hands on her hips and glares at the audience.
The members of the hunting guild stand on either side of her.
Gustave, Alvaro, Drino, Isak, Webro. The rest of the guilds, all of whom looked like they had a lot of strength, were standing around, glaring at the spectators.

'H...... Hen!Is it violence after all?
'...... what?

Medora reacts to the unknown words that came from somewhere. A blue streak appears on her forehead.

'That's how you intimidate and threaten us!You've been silencing our opinions!
'Yes, that's right!What you've been doing is intimidation!

Medora's muscles bulged a full size.

'...... Let him say it. ............'

That's not good.
If Medora keeps up her rampage, she'll kill the people in the audience.
No wonder the population of District 41 was cut in half today alone.

The members of the hunting guild, who should be trying to stop him, are even more pissed than Medora.
No, usually the hunting guild members were the ones who lost their temper, and Medora was the one who stopped them.
Considering Medora's character, that's more likely. Medora, for better or worse, has a tendency to think of herself as being different from others.
That's why he doesn't get upset or angry over a few things. But on the other hand, when he is angry, he does not listen to what others say. There is a tendency to overlook one's own faults.

A person who is loyal to his own righteousness will be unstoppable when it turns to destruction.

'If you have a problem, come forward one by one!I'll deal with you in person!

That's blackmail, Medora.
You're impossible for humans to deal with.

When she looked at Estella, her expression was tense and she was frozen.
Her thoughts couldn't keep up with the situation and she was lost in the atmosphere.

Estella's eyes wandered over to look at me.
She looks like she's about to cry and doesn't know what to do .......

Is this kind of bleak atmosphere difficult for you? ......

I'm not sure what to say.

Someone in the 41st precinct would say something like that.
They got scared of Medora and changed the subject.

With one simple word, he trampled on a game that had been settled with the consent of the person in charge and the contestants.

'That's right!That's a foul loss for District Forty-two, isn't it!
'Good!Tell him more!
'Foul play, foul play!

The shout from District Forty-One rekindled.

'Wait a minute!The fight just now, both sides were satisfied with ......'
'We're not convinced!
'But if you had won, wouldn't you have said something like this?
'Shut up!If it's invalid, it's invalid!Start over.'
'No, it's not invalid enough!It's a foul loss!
'Then isn't District 41 the winner?
'Yes!We've won!

They say whatever they want.
And they get excited.
I guess they want to shout out their victory and make it a fact.

Estella runs out and pleads hard.

'Hold on!Can you please just listen to me?
'Shut up, you coward!
'I don't want to listen to people who foul up!

Oh, ...... cowards, huh.

'That's enough of that!

Medora shouts.
It's like having a Japanese drum beaten in my ear.

'We fought a fair fight, a fight that both sides agreed to!No one can accuse us of anything!Both of you are members of my guild!I'm the one who's in charge, and I can assure you that there's no wrongdoing!
'Then the hunting guild loses, too!
'What about ......?

Estella frowned at the outrageous argument.

'That's right, that's right!District Forty-two, District Forty-one, and the Hunting Guild are falsely defeated as well!
'So we won then!
'That means you guys should all listen to us!
'Then vacate the lord's mansion!Don't live in that big house, you incompetent!
'Let's fire the entire hunting guild and start a new hunting guild of our own!
'Whoa!I like that!I'm in!
'You have no right to complain about foul-mouthed losers!

........................ Hmm. That's right.
But, ...... that's as good as it gets. ............
I'm sure Estella has her own agenda. .................. Oh, if only Estella would just throw it all in my face... ............... I'd make it all go away. ............

I don't understand what they're talking about. With that look on her face, she asked me for ...... help.

I smiled ...... and the corners of my mouth lifted up involuntarily.

I look around.

Ginette was watching the proceedings with a worried look on her face.
When she realized that I was looking at her, she looked at me with eyes that looked as if they were about to burst into tears.

On the other side are the ...... others.
They were all looking at ...... me as if it was some kind of habit.

They were looking at ...... me with troubled faces, as if they didn't know what to do.
Those countless eyes were really asking me to 'do something'.

Yeah. Good.

This is my job.

'Ah, ......'.

I took a step forward and Ginette let out a short cry.
She bent her right hand, looking as if she was trying to grab me, but she couldn't and her hand stopped halfway.

She looks like she's about to cry and purses her lips tightly together.

It's okay, you.
You don't have to ...... say anything.

Well, just leave it to me. ......

I'll do it. The Yashiro Theater ...... is on stage.

'Hey!He's coming out!He's foul!

'How dare you waltz in here?
'Hey, you!I heard you did something sneaky in the fourth round!I know you did, I know you did!

Ignoring all the voices of the idiots hurling at me, I tell Estella and Medora.

'Get everyone back. Make this place wide open.'
'...... Darling, what are you going to do?'
'Just do what ...... I tell you.'

I'm not answering your questions.
It's not your place anymore.

No one but me is allowed to enter from here on out.

Our special guest is ............. ......

'Ricardo. You stay here.'

With his back to the audience, Ricardo remained silent.
The tense expression on his face made it difficult to tell whether he was angry or confused.

Estella and the members of the hunting guild moved away, creating a large space.
Standing in the middle of it, I stood on my knees facing the audience of District 41, who continued to spew abuse.
I just shut up and listen to the useless noise. Meaningless noise is not even worth listening to.

Enough ......20 minutes ............ I was going to stay like that for ten hours... ...Surprisingly quickly, the noise in the auditorium ceased.
No one was stupid enough to jump in.
What the hell, guys?
You're pretty well-behaved.

'Hey. That green one there.
'Hey, what, me?
'Oh, yeah. Our eyes met a few times, didn't they?
'Yeah, no, .......'
'Didn't you say, "Victory doesn't suit cowards"?
'Oh, did I?No,...... did I say that,......?'

While the idiots were screaming, I looked each of them in the eye in turn.
I would stare back into the eyes of the person making the statement without blinking.
In doing so, he feels like he's been pulled back from being one of the many to being an individual.
The words that he spits out with such force gradually fade away and become a dead end.

If you just show them, "I'm watching you," they will become speechless.

Deprived of their anonymity in the crowd, they are losers who can only curl their pipes in the stinking back alleys of the cesspool.
There is no need to be afraid of a crowd of such people.

And they make an example out of the crowd.
They point and talk to each other.

Now, I've got this green, chameleon-faced guy.

'You didn't tell him?
'No. ...... Oh, remember, hey ......, hehe, hey, I'm just excited .......'
'............ I see. 'You don't remember if you said it or not?'

I ask, straightening my arm and pointing at the chameleon man.


The chameleon man jumps backwards, causing all those around him to fall over in a heap.
'Judgment of the Spirits' is the strongest magic to frighten these guys.

'What about it?You don't remember if you said it or not?Answer me.'
'Hey, why me?You all said it!
'Oh, ......, that's right. But you said it too, didn't you?
'It's not just me!
'I know, ...... I'm not going to let anyone in here get away with it.'

Then, slowly licking his gaze around the whole ......

'I'm going to talk to you in order. I'll listen to you in turn. ...... force you.'

The auditorium buzzed.
Clearly, fear was in the air.
Ricardo, who is always so naive, has never had to hunt down his own people. The fact that there are so many fools who think they can say anything is proof of that.
I will teach them a lesson.

I'm going to teach them a lesson. ...... Anyone who disobeys me will suffer to the bitter end. ............

'Well, I'll give you a fair hearing. But it's annoying when people talk all at once. ...... If yes, sit down. If no, get up. All right?I'm gonna ask you a question.

Seeing that no one was saying anything, I took that as an affirmation and threw a question to the idiots in District 41.

'Are you dissatisfied with the result of this game?

If you're unhappy, sit down.
If you're not dissatisfied, get up and leave the seats right now. ...... It's for your own good.

'So ............ all say yes.'

As a result, no one stood up.
That's the natural result.
In such a situation, human beings are forced to sympathize with those around them.
When confronted by the strong, the weak unconsciously try to work together with the weak. Since they cannot win by force, they will try to resist by numbers.
Now, these idiots are unable to act selfishly due to peer pressure.

If you are the only one who says "no" and leaves the room while everyone else says "yes," the target of attack will be changed to you from that moment.
A person who disturbs the harmony is likely to be envied by the stiffs who cannot get out of the harmony.

So, no one can stand up. No one can speak up for themselves.

'Then let's assume everyone says yes and move on. ......'

I point my finger at the audience. It's the Judgment of the Spirits.

'You've been briefed by the lord, right?And you agreed to these rules. That's why you're here now: ......, right?'

If anyone disagreed with this tournament, the lord was supposed to persuade them.
And who would come to watch the final game with excitement if they were against it?

The people here were in favor of the rules of this tournament.
At least until the ...... results came out.

'It's a ............ great 'lie' to agree with the rules and then go against them, isn't it?

Roughly ......

The faint sound of gasping for air seemed too loud.
Those in the audience ...... pointing their fingers at me are looking ............ pale.

'Shouldn't you guys be ............ frogs for telling an obvious 'big lie'?
'ugh ............ ohhhhh!

Someone screams and runs for the exit.
The fear is contagious, and the audience is filled with screaming.

'Can you get away from the ...... 'Spirit's' oh ......!
'Wait a minute!

It was Ricardo who stopped me.

'I apologize for the outbursts of my people!It's all my fault!So please don't ...... do that to them!

He grabbed my arm with both hands, raised his eyebrows, and pleaded with me desperately.
The fear that had covered the seats eased, and the air trembled slightly.
The people are confused by their lord's actions. Should they hate him or admire him? ......

'Please, I don't care what they do to me,............, please!

So that's what you're going to do. ...... After all, you're just like Estella. ......... ...I can't help it. ............ This time, it's special, okay?

I'm not sure what to do.

The air, which had been easing, became tense again.
Ricardo, too, looks like a pigeon that has been hit by a peashooter.

'What kind of face is that?Did you think you'd get a kind word from me?
'...... Oh, no, ............'

He shook off Ricardo's arm and roughly grabbed Ricardo's hair.

'My lord!

Ricardo lets out a short scream, and a concerned voice comes from the audience.
It's ...... too late.

You don't even know how to ask someone for something, do you?
'......O,Oba......Yashiro............them...' ...'
'What the hell?
'.................. Okay.'

Shaking off my hand that grabbed his hair, Ricardo dropped to his knees on the ground.

'Please ...... this way.'

At the sight of him, the lords let out a gasp.
As if they were looking at something unbelievable,......, all of them have anxious eyes.

What are you pretending to be worried about now? ...... You made this happen, didn't you?

'Ricardo, ......, you're really useless. Useless. Incompetent. You're not cut out for this. You're not fit to be a lord, you know.'

Ricardo's finger sinks into the soil on the ground.

'You're the only one with a hunting guild policy, you can't come up with any alternatives, you can't leave any results, you take the game based on your baseless and half-baked confidence and pride, and you lose spectacularly. ...... Do we need you?

I heard Ricardo grit his teeth.
As he turned his body toward Ricardo, the audience came up behind him.
I don't have to look behind me to see the faces of the people there looking at me.
I can feel a lot of energy.

'The winner of the tournament can give orders to the losing district, right?

Well, it's the lord's job to give official orders.
Well, let me give you an analogy.
If I were the lord, I'd do this.

'You're fired as lord.

I heard a lot of people gasp in unison.
For a moment, there was a deafening ringing in his ears, as if the air pressure had changed.

Ricardo did not look up.

Looking down on him with all my might, I began to give Ricardo a bad name.

'Don't you think you can get away with anything just because you're young?How long have you been a lord?Have you achieved anything?
'Are you taunting my father?

I look down at Ricardo, who looks up at me from right in front of me.
I get as close as I can and intimidate him.

'Taunt?I am. What have you been doing, your father?I don't know how many decades you've been a lord, but the result of your ...... hard work is that filthy town, isn't it?You're just incompetent.
'...... you ......!
'You're not?So let me ask you, why was this venue built?Why was the street in front of it built?Who's responsible for the bustle of the main street?It's all me, right?

With the help of the people I've built up, the forty-first district has been reformed according to my plan.

'What you idiots and your son couldn't do in decades, I, a stranger who's been in this city for less than a year, made you do it in just a few weeks!Isn't that right?

It was made by the carpenters of the various districts, including Torbeck Engineering.
But it was me who made it.
I made them build it for me.

'What about flood control?What about food self-sufficiency?What about the economic base?Did you get any of those things fixed?I did. I'm the outsider!All of it, in this short period of time!

These words might have sounded harsh to the people of District 42.
When I looked at them, all of them looked like they were about to cry.

...... Don't look at me like that.

I turned away from the 42nd district and turned to the 41st district.
Even these guys would cooperate if you gave them a purpose, and their eyes were full of life. During the construction period, this neighborhood was in full swing.
Seeing the city changing, the people of this city had hope for the future.

But there's a little stubbornness that's stuck in my heart like a thorn that won't come out. ......

As long as it's there, they can't change.
They can't change as long as that thing is still there. ...... All they can do is do what they've been given and live an easy life with no responsibility.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you need to do to get it.
He says after the fact that he 'always thought so'.

This disposition cannot be dispelled by a little thing.
The only way to correct these people who can only see what suits them, and don't even want to see it, is to take away their place in .......

Now, let's get to work.

'Ricardo. You're not fit to be a lord, so carry a pickaxe and participate in the construction of the city gates of District 42.

I tell the lord to do manual labor.
Did that upset him? ......

'You've got to be kidding!

The lords complained.
In spite of the repression of fear I had given them, they turned on me again.

'...... Who are you talking to?

I mutter quietly, in the lowest voice possible.

'You haven't forgotten, have you?I can turn you all into frogs, remember?'

An air of disapproval flows through the audience.

'You know the rules of this tournament, right?The winning district gets to tell the losing district what to do. ...... If I were a lord ............... ...I'll make all of these wards belong to the Forty-Two Wards.''

At the same time as Ricardo's voice, the audience erupted.

'Hey, you ...... demanded that the city gates be set up ...... and that you wouldn't complain about it .......'
'Who told you that?You just assumed it yourself, didn't you?
'............ What, huh?'

I turn my head away from the stunned Ricardo.
As if to show that you're not worth giving a d*mn about.

'At any rate, all of you should leave.

Startled and angry. A mixture of shouting and screaming.
They're a nasty lot.

'Because if this place becomes District 42, where are you going to live?I don't want to be in District 42. You can't act of your own free will, you don't bear any responsibility, and yet you're the only ones who complain, and you're only loud when you're in numbers.

The noise is getting quieter and quieter.
Then, let's finish it.

'But, well, if you're going to cry and get down on your knees at ~~~~~~~~~~, then ............'.

I grin and say with the most evil smile on my face.

'I can keep you as livestock, can't I?

That one word seems to have snapped the people out of it.

'Hey, you!Don't get carried away!
'You're a stranger!Don't stand there!
'What do you know?
'This is our town!We're not giving it to you!
'What's with the cattle, man?
'Get rid of you, you stranger!
'Get out of my city!

Then you should have worked harder from the beginning ...... 'for the city you love'.

'Oh, shut up, ...... you frogs already.'

He stretches out his arm and points at the crowd.
No matter how much you're yelling, this pose will make anyone pale and choke on their words.
Especially those who have something to hide.

But ......
There are those who don't.

For example, those who have ...... something to protect, you know.


Ricardo stood up and landed a heavy blow to my jaw.
My brain shakes lightly and I fall to the ground.

d*mn ......, that hurt ............

'You're right, you're right!The rules of the tournament were just a misunderstanding on my part, and I can't refuse to do what you say. You're also right that the city was dying because I was naive and incompetent!But that doesn't mean that this town is so light that it can be entrusted to you to take care of!This town is my, our, home!It's an important place that we must protect with our lives!I can't give it to you!

Ricardo's awake.
If you'd said that earlier, you wouldn't have gotten us into this mess.
You know, ...... people are much more stupid than you think.
If you don't tell them, they won't understand anything.

There are people who won't understand even if you tell them. ...... It's not that convenient to just show them how hard you're working and they'll understand.
If you don't expose your true feelings, even if they're lame or miserable, and put them into words,......, there's no way people will follow you.

I will!I, Ricardo Siegenthaler, will renege on my promise of this tournament!This tournament is nothing!It's null and void!No, no, no!I'm telling you, none of my people are lying!I'm the only one who's lying!I'm the only one lying!

....... You're hot.
It makes my back itch.

Don't look at me so straight in the eye.

'Hey, you devil!What are you doing to my lord?I'll kill you myself!
'I'll do it myself!
I'll do it!' 'You touch my lord and I'll kill you!

The cries coming out of the audience were all from the heart, and ...... were so easy to understand that ......

'...... you.'

Ricardo looked surprised and stupid.

'Are you defending me?I'm ...... doing fine, and I can't even ...... do anything about the city.'
'Of course you can!
'You're the reason we've been following you!
'It has to be you!
'You protected us just now!
'That's right!The only lord of the 41st district is Master Ricardo!
'Tell that to the demon over there!It's not your place.''
'............ You ...............! ...!'

Ricardo chokes on his tears.
They really are a bunch of simpletons.
You're saying the exact opposite of what you said before.
How many times are you guys going to flip it around?

If you hadn't done that, I'd have been the one who got beaten up.

If you have a common enemy,...... the more you hate that enemy,...... the more people will unite.
Sadly, the quickest way to develop friendships is to speak ill of someone you know in common,......, and people whose animosity is directed in the same direction will naturally be able to work hand in hand.

You should be grateful for ...... such a perfect villain, because there are not many.

'......,' he said.

He stood up, holding his aching jaw.

As soon as you do, you'll get a deadly stare from the 41st district.
Heh, good eye.

'I'm not the lord, nor am I the acting lord. I'm just a facilitator.

I've put together a service for you, and I'll make sure the Forty-Two districts have a good time.

'A formal request from us will be sent directly from the acting lord at a later date.

I guess you didn't get my message.
Then ......

'At best, expect warmth, you losers.

I'll give you a big shove.
Once the ground of the 41st district is solidified, these people will unite to confront the 42nd district.

But what will actually be brought about is Estella's idea of a 'joint development plan'.
A meaningful plan with benefits for both sides.
You'll probably be disappointed. Just when they thought they were going to fight back, they're presented with a proposal that has tremendous benefits for them.

And they'll think.

'Oh, this acting lord has silenced that devilish man.

This will raise Estella's stock in the 41st district.
These people had a habit of subconsciously looking down on the 42nd district.
It was necessary to beat them down once and for all and build up the relationship again.
Otherwise, there would be no cooperation. You can't build a good relationship.

If one person hates me, and everything else works out, ...... it's a good thing.

In the end, if the haters disappear from this town, all will be well. ......

'I want you to wait a minute!

Suddenly, Estella raised her voice.
When she turned around, ............ Estella was crying.
Her eyes were bright red, she was biting her lip, and her fists were clenched tightly.

'...... I'm pathetic.'

He muttered, slowly ...... coming up to stand next to me.

'Even at a time like this, I'm ...... hiding ............ from you. ...... this role to you ............'

She turns her head, her shoulders shaking, and Estella says in a strangled voice.

'I've already ............ decided.'

And ......

'......I won't let you carry it all on your shoulders anymore.'

She stares at me with eyes filled with strong will.

Soo ......, taking a deep breath, Estella spoke to everyone in the hall.

'I am ............ Estella Creamona!I'm the acting lord of the 42nd district.

The air bubbled with excitement.
The people in District 42 are the most surprised. ............ No, it's me.
Estella has just revealed her true identity.

She said.

'My father, the current lord, has been ...... away from the administration for a long time due to illness. ............ It's been nearly two years now... ...'

He speaks in a gruff, unhurried voice.
With one decision in mind,............, this guy, no way.

'There's no way he's coming back!So I'm exercising my authority as acting lord and officially declaring it here and now!

Spreading out her arms, Estella declared in a clear, high-pitched voice.

'Today, at this time, I, Estella Cremona, take office as the Lord of the Forty-second District!My words are the words of all the people of the Forty-two Wards!I want you to listen to them with all your heart!

Estella has become Lord.

'What Yasharo said on ...... will not come to pass. I will not let that happen. I want to build a mutually beneficial relationship between the 40th, 41st, and 42nd wards, like we did in organizing this tournament. I am convinced that if the three districts work together, life will become easier, more exciting, more fun, and more wonderful!

Estella made an impassioned speech with her fists in the air.
For her first speech as a lord, she's doing pretty well.

'Ricardo, Demilioji. Please, I need your help.'
'Hmm......, we lost anyway, and we have no right to disobey.......'
'That's not what I'm saying, Ricardo!

Stepping out and clenching her fists, Estella closed in on Ricardo.
Ricardo retreated from the body. Apparently, he was pressured by Estella's spirit.
Like a fish out of water, Estella conveys her vision to Ricardo and everyone present.

'We need to build a relationship on a higher level, without winning or losing, up or down!We need to put aside our petty jealousies and suspicions and connect on a deeper level!
'But you can't do that overnight at .......'
You can do it!We've touched so many people's hearts through this tournament.We just need to keep doing it!You want to make the city a better place and the people a better place, don't you?
'Oh, of course.
'Then we should stop bickering, stop checking each other out, and create a more friendly and meaningful relationship!Otherwise, it would be a waste!

Ricardo was completely overwhelmed by Estella's conviction.
Isn't it possible that your diplomatic skills have improved?I'm sure you'll be able to get your opinion accepted in its entirety, this way.

The three of us can discuss the details again. To make the future brighter.
'.................. You've changed, haven't you?
'I was changed by ...... one ...... clumsy man.'

Estella's gaze ...... turned to me, and I turned my head away and left.

I'd rather not be in this place right now.

'Yashiro ......!
'If that's what my lord says, then I guess my ambitions end here.'

He raises one hand and says in a frivolous voice.

'Well then, you'd better be grateful to our good-natured lord and live an honest life, losers.

That's it.
That's it. ......

Slowly, I head for the exit.
Once I'm in that corridor, my work is done.

You guys take care of the rest. There's nothing more I can do.

When I was about to step into the passage that leads to the outside underneath the bleachers,......, I heard the sound of footsteps.
Then he grabbed ............ my hand tightly.
A small, slightly cold ...... trembling hand ...... with slender fingers was restrained and forceful.

When I turned around,......


There was Jeannette, breathing on her shoulder.

She grabbed my hand as I was leaving the venue and stopped me,......, but no words came out, or perhaps only a trembling breath escaped from her thinly opened mouth,..........


What the heck,......, I wanted to say something to him,............, but my heart was in pain, and I couldn't say a word either.

We just stared at each other in silence.
I'm sure I have a ...... horrible expression on my face, just like Jeannette does now.

Hey, Jeannette,......

Please don't look at me like that. ............

Or else ......

I'm hesitant to leave this city without you.