163-Episode 142 In 42 wards, a week after the conventi...

'It's become quite lively, hasn't it?

Estella looked somewhat satisfied at the cheerful voice coming from outside the window.

One week after the gluttony contest.
The city had changed dramatically.
Specifically, the number of people coming and going had nearly tripled.

'The three districts have decided to work together to build the gates and maintain the streets of District Forty-two. It should be completed in another three weeks.'
'You're rushing us so much. Don't want to cause any problems later on with the rush work.
'We'll be fine. The shortening of the construction period is the result of the concentration of skilled workers.

Trubec Construction Company and the other carpenters who helped build the venue for the gluttony contest were all mobilized again this time.
Trubek is at the top of the carpenters' union.
So Umaro has become the leader of the carpenters in this area. But only until the city gates and roads are built.

'It's going to be a great gate. After all, it's a gate that leads to the deepest part of the outer forest. It has to be very strong.'
'Even if the gate is great, your vigilantes won't be able to protect it. Can't you talk to Use and ask him to send some people from the hunting guild?
'Hmm. I'll take care of that.

Somewhat proudly, Estella pulls out a piece of parchment.

'I've asked Medora and Javier to send a gatekeeper. In return, they promised to study the introductory tax.
'Have you even negotiated such a deal yet?

Estella, who usually takes the backseat, is being very thorough in her preparations.

'I'm a lord, you know.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
This guy has changed. It's clear, from that moment on.
After the fifth game of the tournament, from that declaration of the lord, clearly.

'Do you have any regrets?

At that moment, there were many who knew Estella was the lord.
Although there was no great panic, after that, things would not be the same as before. It is inevitable that there will be changes in the way we treat each other and the way we are seen.
Will he be able to endure the changes?

'Haha. Well, I said it on the spur of the moment, that's for sure. ............ But it was something I had to do at some point. I don't regret it.'
'I see.'
'Well, a few people complained to me afterwards.'

'Well, it was a lot of work,' Estella says, letting out a chuckle.

'Norma, Delia, Paula, Nepheli......, and even Millie got mad at me for not telling her.
'You say you feel like you've been lied to?'

Shaking her head slightly, Estella smiled embarrassedly.

'If you had told me earlier, I could have helped you more with .......'

How happy those words were for Estella, who had been keeping it all to herself until now.
I don't need to ask that when I see this guy with a big grin on his face.

'Jeannette was surprised, too.
'Haha, I guess it's .......'
''I'm surprised that Estella-san was a lord,'' he said.
''Surprise Kokimaro' is a lie, right?

I didn't say that's what Jeannette said, did I?
It's an image.
It's a fiction based on testimony, yes.

'I've met her a few times as an acting lord.'
''I didn't notice you at all!I'm a surprised Kokimaro!
'No, that's why!
'Magda was also surprised. ...... '...... Surprise Kokimaro''
'Eh, what?Is 'Bikkuri Kokimaro' popular in the sunny pavilion?

Well, it was Estella's declaration as lord that shocked so many people. ......
I was more concerned about what Estella's parents would think.

I had just asked Natalia about this point: ......
'The current lord ...... excuse me ...... the previous lord is currently away from the city due to his worsening illness. He has decided to stay in a place with a mild climate to recuperate and wait for his recovery.' The timing was just right.
It was not possible to be a lord if your life is in danger if you don't leave the city during periods of extreme heat and heavy snowfall. It seems that he had remained in the position of lord only out of parental concern for Estella, but now that Estella has made up her mind, he is going to devote himself to full-scale treatment.

If you concentrate on recuperation and not on the administration of the district, I'm sure you'll recover before too long,' Natalia said, and it might be a kind of filial piety to put her in a stress-free environment.

That's why the lord's mansion is now Estella's, and she doesn't complain about pimps like me coming and going as if they were her own.
Although Estella had always been quite friendly to me, she had to check me at the gate and so on.
I'm grateful for the new face pass. It's really easy.
I'm not so sure about the lack of security awareness, though. ...... Scammers have face passes... ......

'Yes, yes. The main street in District 41 will remain as it is, with restaurants and accommodation-related stores. They've also decided to keep some of the food courts and continue opening stores in the forty and forty-two districts.
'Then we'll have to decide which stores to open there.
'Yeah. We'll have another meeting.

Recently, Estella has been working very hard.
And yet, she no longer complains as much as she used to.
Natalia told me that even when she can't show up at the Sunken Pavilion, she's able to get through it with her energy.

'Aren't you working a little too hard?
'You should be taking it easy where you can. If you're too tense all the time, you'll just snap out of it one day.

You can easily break a thread or anything if it's too taut.
You need to give yourself some leeway.

'Yes, thank you. ...... But I'm in the mood to work as hard as I can.'

Estella's expression darkens.
Then her serious eyes look at me.

'I'm not going to let that happen to you again.

'That thing' - that must mean the mess after the tournament.
The one where I became the bad guy and focused the attention of District 41, which was on the verge of splitting internally, on a single point.

This guy seems to feel guilty about that.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it. ...... I realized ...... that I was not strong enough. It ............ really worked. ......'

Estella's expression clouded with self-mockery, rage, and sadness .......

'Yashiro. I promise you. I'll never let you do that again.

Again, I say the same thing.

'Never again will I let you carry the burden alone.

After he said that, ...... his mouth twitched slightly.

'I'll get stronger. So I need your help again. I know it sounds contradictory, but I still want you to help me in many ways. From now on, always.

It's unpretentious and unpretentious, but it's not open either.
There was an honest smile on her face. Not a smiling face, but a smiling, gentle smile.

The calm atmosphere that was different from Estella's previous self-righteousness made me a little upset.
Estella has grown so much that I wonder if people can change in such a short period of time.
I feel that way.

She doesn't need me anymore.
I have nothing to teach her.

There's a word for the right person in the right place.

So he should just move on by himself and not think about me anymore.
It's time for him to do that.

'Where there's sunshine, there's always shade behind it.

It's best if I'm alone in the mud and everything else is fine.
In the end, happiness for everyone is only an ideal. ...... Even in a world that seems peaceful, there are 'backers' who are working hard to keep that peace.

In the world, there are necessary evils, you know. And I'm a perfect fit for such a villain. So don't worry so much about it. ......'
'I don't like it.

Estella interrupts my attempt to make light of the situation.
Then, with a serious expression that could not be deceived, she said clearly.

'I don't want to see you get hurt.

He put his hand on his chest, looked straight at me with a clear voice as if he were making a speech, and said the words. He turned his clear, unpretentious, unpretentious, unpretentious, clear eyes to me.

I like you.

............ What?

After ruminating a few times in my head, ...... I finally started to think .......

Is this ...... a so-called ............ confession ...... or...? ...?

'No, um, Estella ......'.
'You're one of our most important citizens.
'And ......?'

Estella said with a puffed out and composed expression.

'I'm trying to be a kind-hearted lord who loves his people.

It's a ...... thing, you know.

I'm not sure what you're talking about.
'Hmm ......'.

After a short laugh, Estella did not speak.
............ Hey, what is it?
What's with that meaningful smile?
What's with the quiet atmosphere?

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on. ......

In the event that you've got a lot of time, you'll be able to take a look at the most effective way to get the most out of your time. It's the first big stage I'll be standing on as lord.

The unveiling ceremony ...... will be completed in about three weeks, or so you said.
I'd say the beginning of next month. ......

'Well, when the mood strikes'.

Until then, if I'm still in town, ......

'Then I'll prepare a special seat for you. I'll have a beautiful girl with big tits on either side of you.
'I'll be happy to attend!

Well, I'll have to see to it that the city gates and roads are completed. I've worked so hard for it.
I'll stay until the unveiling ceremony.

'Imelda and Medora, is that okay?
'Sorry. I'm going to have a stomachache and be sick that day. I might not be able to attend.

Imelda, but not Medora!Don't put her in the big-breasted category.

After that, we talked about revitalizing civilian exchanges and strengthening cooperation in public works with the 40th and 41st districts, and were told that the three districts had agreed to build closer ties thereafter. After a bit of chatting, ...... I left the lord's mansion.

Natalia, who saw me off at the gate, said to me with an unusually serious face.

'Lady Estella has changed a lot. It's all thanks to Master Yashiro.

Now that Estella had become a lord, Natalia no longer called Estella 'Miss'.
She wondered why this change made her feel a little sad.

'Of course not. You're buying too much.'
'No, I'm not. You are influencing the people around you. I'm also aware that thanks to Yashiro-sama, I've been able to change.'
'How have I changed?
'I used to aspire only to be faithful to my duties, but after meeting Master Yashiro, ......'

At this point, Natalia ruffles her hair, puts the little finger of her other hand in her mouth, and twists her body into an 'S' shape.

'I've discovered my 'adult' self.
'I'm really sorry. If it's my fault, I'm really sorry, can you go back to normal?

I can't stand it when he blames me for his clunkiness.

'I can't sleep unless you give me a good morning and good night kiss.
'So you've been having sleepless nights for a while now, that's tough.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.
...... I still don't know which is his real face.

I'm not sure what to make of it. And for the better.

He's going to say it's because of me.

'I believe that you meant what you said earlier.

The ............ thing you just said?

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that you like about me.
'Don't compliment me too much. I'm not used to being complimented, so I'm going to have a stomach ache.

I had a stomach ache right after I ate a fancy meal once.
I learned then not to do anything I'm not used to.

'.................. You pig!
'Don't you dare embarrass me!

You're so extreme, as usual!

'I never thought I'd be able to joke with someone like this.
'I also never imagined that I would meet someone who could joke around like this.

Just as I was about to leave, Natalia took a step toward me and said

'I like you, too. As a ...... person.'

Gently, she stroked my hair.
That was the only action that really stirred my heart.
I felt embarrassed, itchy, and ...... frustrated all at once.

'Well, please take care on your way home.

Natalia takes two steps back and bows her head deeply.
d*mn ......, you're back to being a maidservant in an instant. I don't know how to react to that.

'See you at .......'

When she said this bluntly, Natalia smiled softly and bailed.

'Then I will go to Estella-sama and tell her, "Pfft, I've overwritten the thrill.
'Hey, stop it!Don't do it!Don't fill the house with bleakness!

I'm not sure if she's a good maid or a bad one.

Give my regards to Estella and I'll be on my way.

The street runs from the city gate on the west side of the 42nd district, past the church and the sunlit pavilion, and intersects the main street in front of the lord's mansion. It is said that it connects to the forty-first and forty-second districts.
In order to facilitate the flow of people and goods, they decided to build a large road between the three districts.

It seems that the city will develop rapidly now.

The city gate of District 42 leads to the deepest part of the outer forest, so only those who are confident in their skills can use it.
On the other hand, the city gate of District 41 is facing a different direction than the gate of District 42, so even beginners can use it with relative ease. It can even be used by a non-combatant handsome guy like me.

By dividing the users according to their skill level, we can eliminate the competition for profit.

Even so, the income from the city gates of the 41st district will decrease, but it will be more profitable as an intermediate city, a center of logistics, and a lodging town for the users of the city gates.
The economic effects of the gluttony contest were clearly visible in the numbers, and District Forty-one, led by Ricardo, was no longer opposed to the gates of District Forty-two at all.

On the contrary, they're sending more and more people to finish it as soon as possible. Of course, they're construction workers. The people of District 41, with their unnecessarily high average muscle ratio, are suited for hard work.

As a side note, the two members of the hunting guild who caused the bug incident in Cantarchica seem to have developed a passion for Paula and are willingly participating in the construction of the city gate for the purpose of commuting to Cantarchica.
They look like the representatives of some Torbek construction company.
Although Paula seems to think that they are just 'more regular customers'. ......


While I was thinking about this, I met Umaro on the road under maintenance.

Okay, through.

'Wait!I want you to wait a minute, Yashiro-san!

As I pass by, Umaro walks around in front of me, blocking my way.
What the hell. You should be working.

The hamsters are hard at work on the road.
Away from his command, Oumalo peers into my face.

Don't look so hard.
You're only allowed to do that if you're a pretty girl with big tits.

'I'll do my best!
'Oh?Road construction?Oh, good luck. Do your best and die hard.
'That last one, the meaning has changed!It's not ......, I'll do my best!
'So, ...... what?
'I'll do my best!

I look back into Umaro's eyes as he stares at me.
He was hot and bothered, and there were flames burning in his eyes.

'Well, good luck.
'Yes, sir!

Umaro replied clearly, and went back to his work.

'Come on!We don't have much time!By the time the city gates are finished, the city roads will be finished too!
'''' Yes, sir! ''''

I left the place, listening to the cheerful voices of the hamsters.

As I walked along the road under construction, I saw the Sunlit Pavilion.
The road in front of the store has been widened, and the atmosphere has changed slightly.

The trees in the forest seen from the garden, which at first looked quite rustic, now look more like a "stylish store with greenery".

When I opened the door and entered the sunlit pavilion...

'Welcome back, Yashiro-san.

Ginette greets me with a smile.

'I'll make you some tea now. Would you like some coffee?
'Coffee, then.
'Yes, please. Please sit there and wait a moment.

He turned on his heel and danced his way to the kitchen.
Just before he entered the kitchen, he looked back at me again and said

'I'll make you a nice cup of coffee.

-saying something like that.

He is no longer overly reluctant to be alone, as he was before the tournament.
In fact, she's a little more relaxed than before.

I don't know what Ginette felt or thought at that tournament.
But I do know one thing for sure.

Jeannette has grown a year since that tournament. Definitely.

So I'm sure it's coming soon. Jeannette's wish will come true.

When the sunlit pavilion will be back to its former glory.