161-Episode 140 Game 5 Love's Foolish Eating Power

Since they could not win a single game by the fourth round, the 40th district was determined to be eliminated.

'Well, I tried as hard as I could...'

Laughing, Javier scratched his head.
No, you haven't eaten a single piece. You're Imelda,' he said to the apple. and some other pitiful remarks.

In the fourth round, Ward 40 and Ward 41 were in the same rank, but Ward 40 was defeated, and as a result of discussion, it was decided that Ward 40 would be in charge of cooking in the fifth round.

'I'm running out of things to show off. At least cook, right?It's okay, right?Please.'

It was Javier's best attempt at a cry-off. I guess he wanted to protect his right in front of Demilly at all costs.

So, the fifth round was a battle between the 41st and 42nd districts in the 40th district.

'It's finally the final battle, isn't it?

I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I'm sure you have.
...... What's the appeal? You've been watching me. All right, all right.

'Is it good?
'Of course it is. It's an apple from the 42nd district.Of course it's good.'

He flopped down on an apple cut into eighths and said with satisfaction.

I've taken your concern to heart.
That was the intention of the conversation, but it seems to have been conveyed properly.
Estella nodded her head in satisfaction and raised her voice to the audience with a flick of her hand.

'The fifth round is an all-out battle!Everyone, let's cheer as hard as we can!

At Estella's words, everyone in the room shouted in unison.
It seemed that the final match would be a real all-out battle, including cheering.

Even from the space in District 41, a deadly atmosphere was wafting.
Ricardo seems to have left the VIP room and is watching the game in the waiting area of District 41.

I wonder if it was a waste of time, the VIP room.

'...... Yashiro'.

Magda is coming to my side.
He's about to play a game, but as usual, his face is calm and emotionless.
His ears are twitching, though.

'Are you nervous?
'...... moderately.'

I put my hand on his head and rubbed his ears.
Normally, he would have gone 'mmm' immediately, but he didn't, probably because he was nervous.
Perhaps it was my imagination, but I felt that her ears were a little firmer than usual.

'...... Magda will definitely win.

Magda must have known how dangerous that statement was.
I have no intention of using the Judgment of the Spirits for this statement. No, but it is still dangerous.

Magda is trying to push herself that hard to win.

It would be too much for Magda now to say, 'It's okay to lose.
But I can't tell him to 'win' either.
There aren't many words I can say to her.

So I've decided to say something like this.

'I'm counting on you.
'...... Hmm. I'm on it.

Do your best.
If that doesn't work, ...... I'll take care of it.

I'd appreciate it if you could win.

--Boom, boom, boom, boom!

The bell rings for standby.
Cry or laugh, it's the last game.

'...... I'm off then.'
'Yeah!Go on!'
'Magda-san!Please do your best!
'I'm sure Magda-chan can win!
'We'll all be watching you here!
'...... reassuring.'

Magda slowly looked over at us all and gave a small nod.

'...... Magda's place is here.'

Then she looked up and fixed her eyes firmly on the road ahead.

'......I will protect you.

...... A place to stay, huh?

It's the most important thing to Magda.
It's what I've always wanted.

For that, one can be strong. Magda says she'll fight for what's important to her with such strength.
Then we should support her. To the bitter end.

As Magda walked onto the stage, the people of District 42 cheered her on, and the people of District 41 cheered as well.

The athlete from the other side makes his way to the stage.

He has gray hair and a thin body. ...... No, that's because he has tight muscles. Supple but strong, that's the kind of flesh I'm talking about.

'Alvaro is coming out.

Suddenly, Use walked up behind me with his arms folded.
He was from the hunting guild, so he must have known about that player. ......

'You, were you there?'
'Yes, I was!I've been here all morning, yesterday and today!I even ate an apple just now!

I couldn't see him at all.
Maybe his brain is rejecting him?Maybe it's got an ooze canceller, my brain.

'What's he like?
'He's strong. If we were to decide on the top five in the hunting guild right now, he's good enough to make a run for it. He's a cocky young guy.

The man called Alvaro looked to be in his teens,......, about 14 or 15.
By the way, Use is an old man by all accounts. Don't be jealous, old man.

Don't be so pushy. You're the one with the strongest odor of aging, aren't you?
'I'm not happy!Besides, it's not that bad!

Use is barking desperately, but I don't have time to talk about whether or not he has old-age smell.
Let's just get to the point.

'So, how much do you eat?
'I don't know. He doesn't look like a man who eats. ...... Does he eat that much?

Unlike Gustave, Alvaro doesn't seem to be a big eater.

No,......, it's not that simple with Ricardo. ......, Medora might have given him some ideas.

'I think there's some kind of secret ......'.
'The secret is that ...... Alvaro can transform.'

What is that?That's kind of cool!

'Red?Or blue because he's cool!
'I have no idea what you're talking about, but there's a ...... battle mode ...... well, he's like my mom.'
'Medora ...... even transforms ......'.

The image of Medora transforming into a giant hexenbiest comes to mind.
It's beyond the realm of humanity.

'You saw it too, didn't you?You saw the ears popping out of my mom's head!
'Oh, that ability that does no one any good. I wish it was obsolete.'

So that guy Alvaro can make ears pop out of his head if he puts his mind to it. ............ What's the value of a guy's chemo ears?

I'm not sure what to do.I'm not sure what to do.

Ginette called me, and for some reason, Use replied in a very excited tone.
When did you become 'Mr. Yashiro'?

'No, you're even more (glimpse) energetic today.

Use's gaze is honest.
Do you want me to charge you for it?

...... No, I'll go broke.

'Use, you're looking too much.
'Ba!I'm not looking at you! (glancing)'

You're looking at it all the time.

'Ha, ha, ha, he's got a weird way of saying things!Then, I'll do this!

He thrusts his hands and feet forward at the same time, and Use jerkily moves away.
I wanted to get more information about the hunting guild,......, but it seems that when Jeannette is around, he becomes a "monster with a glimpse of cleavage.

I'm not sure what to say.What do you want from me?'
'Yes!Let's cheer together!

Did you come all the way here to say something like that?

'I'll give you lots of support so that you can do your best, Magda-san.
'Ah, ...... that's right.'

Just as Magda considers the sunlit pavilion to be her home, Ginette also considers Magda to be like family.
I'm sure she'll be very enthusiastic in her support, too.

'...... Let's cheer them on, as much as we can.

They nodded to each other and turned their gaze to the stage.

Magda and Alvaro had already taken their seats.

A long iron skewer of meat, like a shish-kabob, was placed in front of them.

'Meat again. ......'
'Both the hunting guild and the lumberjack guild tend to eat outside in the forest. It's only natural that a dish that can be made by simply roasting meat would be developed.

Estella talks about such knowledge with a smug face.
Come to think of it, dishes like grilled meat have not developed much in the 42nd district.
It's mostly sausages and hamburgers.

That's because most of the meat from Hexenbiests is consumed in District Forty and District Forty-One. The only meat that comes to District Forty-two is scraps and cheap minced meat.''
'Assunto, you used to blatantly discriminate against us.
'In any case, it was too expensive to buy hexenbiest meat.

As a result, processed products such as sausages were developed.

'Big brother!That meat looks really delicious!I can eat three of them in one sitting!
'That's normal. ...... three.'

I wish you'd say ten or a hundred at least.
Well, one is enough for me.

'I'm sure Magda-chou will eat a lot more!
'That's right. I'm sure he'll eat a lot.
'After all, it's the final battle. ...... I'm sure the other guy will eat a lot too.'

We won't know where the game will go until it starts.
Those of us on the outside can only watch and believe. ............ And then...


The bell rings to start the game.

'''' Go, Magda! ''''
'''' Don't lose, Alvaro! ''''

Both of them bite into the meat skewer at the same time, receiving enthusiastic cheers.

'Mogu mogu ...... da ze'.

It's normal!
Speed, so normal!

'It looks like you're eating very well. ......'
'Magda-san, you're usually a small eater.'

That's right.
If Magda didn't use 'red moya', she would only eat as much as a child.

'Are you alright, Yashiro?
'I'm fine.

We have a secret weapon.

'Didn't Loretta use her own words to get me to say yes?I'll be able to cheer you up with the best of them.
'Huh?Oh, did I do something?

The second round, in which Loretta lost by foul play.
Ricardo and Demilly admitted as much.

I'm sure you've heard of it.

In other words, ......

'I've been waiting for you, that I have!

At my call, Bekko comes carrying a huge box on his back.
Estella and Loretta open up a space and Becko takes his place next to me.

'What's this all about?

Estella looks at the large wooden box that Becko is carrying and gives me a quizzical look.

'This is Umaro's special 'One by one, they come out'!
'No, even if you tell me the name, it's .......'
'If you buy it now, you'll get another one just like it!
'Yeah, I don't want ...... it, what's this?

Estella didn't seem to bite.
If you're a girl, you should light up your shopping spirit.

'Aaah!Magda-chou's hand stopped!
'What?I'm only on my second plate!
'Your opponent is just on his third plate.

Alvaro is not a particularly big eater, but ...... Magda in her normal state is indeed a heavy burden.
But with ...... this 'one fish at a time'!

'I'm all set, that I am!If I can help you here, that the nightmare of that day will be rewarded, that it will!Now, let's make a big show of it, that we will!

When Bekko pulled the lever attached to "One by One," he heard a disgusting sound from inside the box that made his hair stand on end.


It's the sound of wings.
It was the ...... wings of a giant bee.

And a hexenbiest jumped out of the box.
A giant bee the size of my palm.

'Yashiro!What's that?

Estella's expression twitched as she saw the bee fly out of the box.
Similarly, Ginette and Loretta's faces were tense.

'That's right!That's the bumblebee that almost killed Becko when he was attacked before!

There's nothing to worry about, Estella!I've got it all under control!

'Magda has already been exposed to the decoy enju!

The bumblebee has a habit of rushing towards the decoy enju without looking at anything else.
It's unlikely to cause any damage to the audience!

'Oh, the Enju bee is on Magda!

As if to prove the point, the unleashed bumblebee flew in a straight line towards Magda.

'Magda, look out ............'

Just as Jeannette was about to speak up.

Magda's right arm emitted a red, fuzzy aura, and the next moment, 'Pow! and the Enju-bachi exploded.
We couldn't see it, but it seemed to have been a decapitation blow.
...... Let's not play rock-paper-scissors with Magda.

'............' is not, it seems, right?

I'm not going to play rock-paper-scissors with Magda.
But that's not what we should focus on!


Estella pointed to Magda, whose hands had completely stopped moving, and something happened to her.

'Another one!

She gobbled up the rest of the skewers on her plate.

'You're making Magda starve by making her use the power of 'Red Moya'!
'Ah!Even if you use your animal traits, it's not a foul as long as you eat!

'Yes,' Ricardo said!
If this is a foul, then 'Change the Stomach' in the second round is also a foul!

'Hey, Cora, Obeyashiro!

But then Ricardo came in from the next space.

'That's a foul, isn't it?

And while he was yelling at me, the second one, let's go.

'Ah, Kora!Don't use it while I'm saying it!
''It's not a foul to use the beast feature, is it?
'I won't complain if she uses it on her own, but if you want to help from the outside, that's a different story!

You're always tweaking the rules to suit your needs.

'Then let's have a meeting of the lords. Let's discuss it for about three hours.
'Then the game will be over!And don't casually release the third one!

You're a man who cares about the details. ......

'All right. I'll be careful next time.'
'There's no next time!And don't let the fourth one out!

He glanced at Magda.
I've eaten all six dishes and the seventh one is on its way.

There are thirty bumblebees in "One by One".
I don't think Alvaro or anyone else can eat more than 30 plates at the rate he's going.
You got ...... me, this game.

It's a good thing I'm not the only one.Touch that lever even one more time!
'What the heck!I thought it was a good plan!

I raised my voice and kicked down 'They're coming out one by one' as if taking it out on him.
It was at an 'exquisite' angle.

And then, as it fell to the ground, it made a cracking sound.
With the sound, a long, thin wooden stick flew through the air.
It was a lever.

'Oh, no, it's broken...'
'You!You did that on purpose, didn't you?
'Hey, hey, do you think you could kick it down in anger and successfully destroy the lever?

'Do you think? I'm just asking, not lying. By the way, I can!I did it on purpose!

'd*mn it!What's going on here?
'Well?Well, will the lid stay open?
'What the hell?

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.

The inside of the "One by One" is divided into thirty small rooms, and each room contains one Enju-bachi.
The doors of all the rooms are interlocked, and the doors open in order from the upper left. When one door opens, all the other doors are locked, and when you pass through a door leading to the outside, which can be pushed open from the inside, the next room is unlocked.

It may be easier to understand if you think of it as a program.
If you pass through 'B' after passing through 'A', 'A' becomes active, and so on.

Well, in short, the thirty bumblebees stored in this box are released one by one.
As the bumblebee is a dangerous bee that can harm humans, and because of its terrifyingly high fertility, it has been designated as a hexenbiest to be exterminated in the 42nd district.

So Magda is not at all to blame for the extermination of the Enju-bee.
If there is any blame to be placed, it should be on me for bringing it all the way from the mountains to this place and using it for my own desires.

'Call it off!This match is null and void!

Ricardo is doing exactly what I imagined.
So I give him the counterargument I've prepared.

'What, you. Every time you're about to lose, you're going to pretend it never happened?You're a coward.
'...... what?'

I say with a big smile on my face as if to incite the anger in Ricardo's face.

I'm sure you'll agree.In the event that you've got a lot more than one of these, you're going to be able to get a lot more than one of these. It's like saying, 'I'm going to foul you if you don't reveal your move first.

The trump card is supposed to be kept hidden.

'When things don't go your way, you throw a tantrum and make a fuss about 'no', 'cheating' and 'this is not acceptable'. ...... Do you really think that's acceptable?
'Drino's "Change the Stomach" and what you're doing are completely different!
'It must be a deception, though. If I had known that he could use such a technique, I would have taken appropriate countermeasures.

I don't know how to contain four stomachs, but I'll say it now.

'If you call this match invalid, then Drino is disqualified from the second round. Also, the forty wards that served us such inedible food as hot chicken is also a foul, isn't it?Well, let's call the second and third games, and the fifth game as well, invalid. That way, we'll be the only ones with two wins, and District 42 will be the winner.
'How can such a crazy theory be accepted?
'Then just sit back and watch the game.
'You ......!

Just when Ricardo reached out to grab me by the chest.

'Hold on a minute, my lord!

A man's voice came from above the stage.
It was Alvaro of the 41st district.

'I don't mind!Let's keep this game going!
'But ......!

Ricardo was about to argue with Alvaro, when Alvaro smirked at him.
A ferocious grin, like a beast that has found its prey.

'In return, ...... I'll let you get serious too.

'Huh! And just as you think you've got it in you, pure white smoke rises from Alvaro's body.
No, that's not smoke. It's a fighting ...... aura.
A white aura.

It's just like Magda's Red Moya,......

'There you go!

Alvaro flicked his finger vigorously, and what looked like a pure white vacuum wave was generated.
The vacuum wave ran through the space with tremendous speed, blowing away the Enju-bachi that was flying towards Magda with a single blow.

'Aaah!I'm starving!

shouted Alvaro, and he ate the spit of meat on his plate in one bite.

That's when I finally noticed it.
Alvaro's face had changed.
On top of his head were tiger ears, and from the nose down was also shaped like a tiger.
However, the main difference between him and Magda is that his fur is pure white. ......

'Alvaro of the Byakko people will accept any challenge, no matter the circumstances!

Bya...... Byakko people............ Magda's people, huh?

He quickly turned around and glared at Ursse.

'What?I don't know if I've ever said that before.
I'm not listening to you, you idiot!

I'm going to give the Usset a hard time later for his insolence!

'Come on!Just let loose with the bumblebee!I'm faster than Magda, so I'll shoot them all down!
'...... Mmm. Alvaro's "flying claws" are accurate and unmatched. ...... The simple trajectory of the enjubachi is unlikely to miss. ...... It will be intercepted before it reaches Magda... ......... troubled'

Magda and Alvaro sitting apart.
The bumblebees are flying towards Magda because 'they come out one by one'. It obediently follows the same trajectory.
And Alvaro can attack them from a distance.
With a nasty trick called the flying claw.

I can't use my 'white swooshing thing' unless I'm in practice, but with a hexenbiest, I can use my power!

What's with the "white stuff"?Is this a clone of Magda?
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

'Yashiro, that's not good. ......'

Estella whispered to Ricardo, who was standing nearby, so that he wouldn't hear.

'Look at the number of plates you two have.'

When I looked at the plates as I was told, Magda had thirteen and Alvaro had six.
Magda's record was two plates before she used the Red Moya.
Alvaro had just killed one Enju-bachi and added one more, so he had six cards. ......

That means there are eighteen Enju-bachi left.
If we don't do something, we'll be turned around. ......

'Okay, Ricardo!Let's call off this game and start all over again!

'You idiot!The moment you're at a disadvantage, don't talk so nice!

How selfish of him!

'Magda can't fly her aura like Alvaro. ...... That means'
'Magda can't defeat Enjuvachi anymore: ...... Does that mean she can't use Red Moya: ......'

Without the Red Moya, Magda can only eat two of them. ...... No matter how, she can't win. ......

'Yashiro-san!I have an idea.

Umaro rushes to Magda's rescue.

'The use of the Enju Bachi is now as good as approved by both sides. This means it's legal, doesn't it?

He was not talking to me, but to Ricardo.

'Hmph!You've come this far, you can do whatever you want!
'You've got my word.

Umaro grinned and chuckled.
Was ...... Umaro such a character?

'You've been poisoned by ...... something, haven't you?
I'm sure it's Yashiro!You don't know that?

No, no, no.
I have nothing to do with it.

While he was doing this, Alvaro used his flying claws to fight off the bumblebees and ate the same number of meat skewers. Plates are piled up on Alvaro's table.

'One at a time, that white tiger will take them all!Then ......'

In Umaro's glittering eyes, I realize his true intentions.

'Can you ...... do it?
'Of course I can!
'Well, ......'.

Magda might be in a bit of danger, though. ......
I looked at him, and he nodded clearly, as if he understood what we were thinking.

All right,......, if that's all you got,............

I'm not sure what to say.I'm not sure what to do.

Just to be safe, I'm going to turn down the part that might suffer the most damage.

'Keep cooking the meat!

And to Umaro, I give the go-ahead.

'All right!Let's do it!
'Aye aye!

Umaro taps the bottom of the collapsed "One by One" several times, and suddenly the box is completely destroyed. The box collapsed in a crisp and funny way, like the set of a comedy show, and the dozen or so bumblebees trapped inside flew out all at once.

Magda......, don't hurt yourself!

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I've seen it before.

I'm not sure what to do.You can't shoot a flying claw in rapid succession!You've got to be kidding me!

Alvaro flies his claws in a panic.
He was able to intercept a few of them, but not all of them.
Magda dodged the flying claws and flew to Magda, but Magda made sure to kill them all.
Then they ate the same number of skewers of meat as the bumblebees they had killed.
The plates pile up.

As expected, it was the cooks of the forty districts who screamed during these few minutes.

'Yashiro-san, all the Enju-bachi have been wiped out!
'How many plates are there?

Looking at Magda's table, there were twenty plates piled up.
And Alvaro's was ...... nineteen.


Even Alvaro's onslaught could not catch up with Magda.
This is a win......

'Another one, please!

Even though Enjubachi is gone, Alvaro asks for another round.

'If you think you've won, you're naive!I can still eat!
'What ......?

This is impossible in a city where the Judgment of the Spirits exists, but I hoped he was bluffing.
But ......

'I'll have another one!

Alvaro ate the entire plate and demanded another.
He's not bluffing, is he?

'Oh, um, Yashiro-san, the number of ...... plates is .......'

Ginette muttered with a blue face.
The number of plates piled up on the table were both lined up ...... with twenty.

Oh no,...... Magda is at her limit. He could have eaten one more plate. ............

'...... another one'.

In his usual flat voice, Magda asks for another plate.
He puts on a cool face, but ......

'Hey, hey, Yashiro!Is Magda's stomach going to reset after she uses that red stuff and she'll be able to eat again?'

Delia asks that question hopefully, but ...... it's not.
When Magda uses the Red Moya, she goes into Berserker mode, which is a state of starvation, and then she regains her composure by becoming "full".
The fact that Magda is calm at the moment means that Magda must be full.

There is no way he can eat even one more bite.

Nevertheless, Magda bit into the newly prepared lump of meat, which was full of juice and seemed to have a heavy impact on his stomach.

'Magda!Don't push yourself too hard!

I was the most surprised at myself for saying such words.
But I couldn't help it.
Because I could clearly see that Magda was straining herself.

'Here's another one!

Alvaro's still going to make it. ...... This is unwinnable. But it's good.

That's right. I don't care if we lose!
If you do, I'll find some reason to help you build the city gate.
I'll get it done no matter how long it takes.

So it doesn't matter if you lose now. ......

'...... I'll do it.

Magda muttered, her mouth still on the meat, her head still down.
None of us said a word, but we listened to Magda's voice.

'...... Magda will do whatever it takes ............ to not lose ......'.

With a gulp, he bit into the flesh.
I can feel his enthusiasm for devouring it, I can feel his seriousness.
However, the speed of his eating does not increase. No matter how hard you chew, the meat is not going down your throat.
My body is already refusing to eat.

'...... Magda wins ............. For the 42nd ward, ............ for the sunlit pavilion, ............ for the manager, Loretta and ...... for everyone who comes to the store,.................. and ......'

'...... for Yashiro.'

He stuffed his mouth with meat and his cheeks were puffed up.
He chewed and chewed and chewed, but he couldn't swallow properly because of the '...... Ugh' of nausea.

Magda has reached her limit.
Alvaro, on the other hand, piled up more plates.

We should let him abstain.
If she pushes herself any harder, she'll collapse like Bertina before her.
I can't let Magda go through that kind of pain.
Ginette will be worried about her. ...... I'll be worried about ............


Jeannette shouts.
The sound of grief echoed through the hall.

Tears welled up in her eyes, and she tried her best to squeeze out a few words.
Jeannette must be trying to stop Magda.
I know the feeling. ...... I'll stop him too. ............

'Good luck with that!


'Yes, sir!Magda!I'll do my best to beat the imitator!

Hey, hey, hey. ......

'Magda!If you win, I'll be so proud of you!I'll give you my heartfelt praise!

No, no, no, what are you talking about? ......

'Magda!If you win here, you're my Magda!

Are you ...... insane?

'Magda!We've got your back!
'We'll show you the guts of the beastmen!
'Oh, ......!Please do your best!
'Let's see what you can do, Cantartica's rival, the Sunken Pavilion!
'Magda, if you win, I'll make you a sweet omelet with my eggs!
'Mr. Magda!If you win, I will carve a statue to honor you, that I will!
'Come on, Magda!Let's show them that the 42nd district branch of the hunting guild is no match for the headquarters!
'Magda-san!Give this victory to me!I'll honor you for it!

All of the people from the forty-two wards in the hall said to Magda, 'Hang in there.
You've already done more than enough.

'...... Magda will not be defeated by .............'

Backed by the cheering crowd, Magda finishes her twenty-second plate.

'...... refill'.

You're still doing this? ......
Magda's eyes were distorted with pain, but she hadn't given up on winning.

'Good luck!

I can't do it.
I can't force others to work so hard, to struggle so much, to suffer so much. ......

That's because I didn't trust others.
Humans are weak.
They want to run away from hard things right away.

There is no way you can ...... force others to suffer at the last moment and expect ...... results.
It is uncertain and unrealistic.

People can't work for someone else.
No matter what you say, it's all for your own good.

Human beings are supposed to be creatures who can only be serious for themselves. ......

If you believe in other people,......, there will always be a time when you will be disappointed,......, and there will be a time when you will regret that it wasn't supposed to be like this.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
I don't want to be disappointed by such foolishness anymore.
I'm tired of being disappointed and I'm tired of being disappointed.

Painful, isn't it?
Painful, isn't it?
Just stop.

Besides, even if you say you can't lose, when you lose, you lose.
If your opponent's bad, you can't win against them even if you stand on your head.
There are times when mentalism alone won't help.

'Aah!I've been outdone by another plate!

Look at ...... the difference in size, experience, age, gender, race...... there are plenty of things that can't be helped.

I'm not sure what to do.I'm going to attack Magda and get repulsed by her with the red moya.
'Are you stupid?You're not going to get hurt much!
'But Estella-san, look at Magda-tan!

At Umaro's words, I followed suit and looked at Magda.

'Look at Magda's eyes!Those eyes are ...... Magda wants to win!

Magda's eyes were wet with tears, but they were glowing brightly.
She seemed to be trying to silence her body and brain, which refused to ...... eat, with her will alone, refusing to give up.

Even so, the reality of ...... reality is harsh, and ............ common sense dictates that.... ...

'...... reality............ common sense......?'

I don't know what you're talking about.
You're a fraud. ......

You're a fraud, covering up reality with lies and subverting common sense. ............

It's a scammer's job to make you forget the painful reality and show you the sweet dreams.


I was shouting when I came to my senses.
Oh, this is a bad idea.
You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of these in the marketplace.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing. ...... I don't care.
I'm sure you'll agree.

It's so easy to fool the human brain that it might as well have been made to be fooled.
Even a dish prepared by a novice chef will taste good if it is served at a top-class restaurant, and a fake medicine is just a nutritional supplement, but it will cure your illness just because it is given by a doctor. If you feel scared, you will see ghostly things, and if people keep telling you that you look good, you will feel confident even if your face is not so good.

It's no problem to scam such a pure and pure brain.

'If you can win, ......!

While I'm saying that, Alvaro asks for another plate.
The gap has widened to two plates.
There is hardly any sand left in the hourglass.
Five minutes left: ......

I'm going back through all my memories.
Remember ...... what words to say to Magda ...... what words to say to Magda's brain that will make her feel full and powerful ...... ...... to 'remember' it.
Don't think about it.
The new words you make up here and now won't reach Magda's deep psyche.

Even if you tell him to 'hang in there,' he can't.
Even if he is told to 'hold on,' he can't.

There must be words that can be conveyed because it's me and Magda, not anyone else.
In the time we've spent together so far, I've found the words Magda is really looking for, words that can make her brain go wild. ............

And what I arrived at were words that no one else could imitate, that only I could say to him.

If Magda could win ......

'I'll blow your nose!

Magda's ears perked up.
Her eyes, which had been wet with tears, shone brightly and her tears instantly dried.

Then, he took the meat skewer in his hand, ...... and ate it in one bite. It was a full meal.

'...... another bite'.

The sand in the hourglass is falling.
Two more minutes.

'......I also demand a snuggle and a lullaby.'

While we were waiting for the skewers, Magda sent us an extra order.
Hmmm ...... is it a sign that your brain is getting carried away ......

'All right!I'll even add an old story!
'...... deal, done.'

As soon as a new skewer of meat was placed in front of him, Magda snatched it up and bit into it, opening her mouth in a way that was unimaginable for her small body.
He tosses the naked skewer and piles up the plates. They line up!

'I'll have another one!
'...... refill'.

Only a minute left.

At the same time, a new skewer is placed,
While Alvaro held the skewer in both hands and bit into it, Magda grabbed a handful of meat and stuffed it into her mouth.

Then, with thirty seconds left, ......

'...... refill'.

He passed Alvaro.
But Alvaro's meat is nearly finished too.

Just when it looked like the score would be tied .........

'...... Come on!

Magda shouted.
His face, which had always been expressionless, was filled with impatience, anger, and confidence.

With ten seconds to go, a new spit of meat was placed in front of Magda.

'Oh, I'll have another one!

Alvaro, who was following behind, hurriedly asked for another, but ...... it was too late!

'Magda!I'm going to add the letters Ginette and River!
'Huh!Oh, um, .................. uh, ......... ...Yes!I'll put them on for you!

'Kah! Magda's eyes widened.

The grains of sand are falling down like a stream, and ...... just before all the sand finishes falling, ......

'...... Another one!

Magda demanded the next spit of meat.



Magda tilted her head in disapproval, as if she did not understand the meaning of the ringing of the bell.
But Magda was the only one who didn't understand the meaning.

For proof, see ......

'Great job, Magda!
'Well done, Magda!
'Magda!You did great!

We went on stage and rushed towards Magda, the audience cheering like the earth was shaking.

'............?...... What's next?'

Magda was puzzled.
Patting her on the head, I show her the plate on the table.

Magda's table has twenty-six fully-eaten plates, while Alvaro's table has twenty-five.

'...... Did you win?

Magda's puzzled look was somehow unbearably cute. ......

'I won!I'm not sure what to say.You're the best!
'Yes!Magda is the best!

She lifted her small body.
It was as if it was on a high horse.
Ginette stood next to her and watched.

A faint ...... smile appeared on Magda's face.

'Alright!Let's get Magda up in the air!
''''Oh! ''''

Everyone gathered around and threw Magda's body down with a plop.

'Woohoo!Woohoo! Magda's body flies through the air with each cheerful shout.
In the midst of all this, Magda is ......

'......Ugh, I'm going to throw up......'
'Stop raising your arms!Stop immediately!

He was almost exposed to the reverse rain. ...... Well, it's torture to lift a man after he's eaten his fill, don't you think?

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

'...... Magda, I have something to say to everyone.

The people here, and the people in the audience. All of them were cheering for Magda.
I don't understand why you want to say 'thank you'.
So I led Magda to the middle of the stage and made her stand facing the audience.

I knew that Magda was going to say something, and the audience gradually stopped talking.
At ......, a hush fell over the audience.
In the silence, Magda muttered a single word in her usual flat but clear voice.

'...... Respect me.

You can hear the applause and laughter from the audience.
...... That's what this guy said after such a tense, last-minute battle?
This guy could be a big deal in the future.


Magda looks back at me amidst a huge swell of laughter.
He looked me right in the eye and gave me the V sign.

'......I kept my promise.'
'Yeah. You're the best, Magda.'

I put my hand on his head and fondled his ear.

'...... Mwah!'

Magda's nerves had eased.
That's right, the game is over.
All five games, all of them.

And with a record of three wins and two losses, ......

The gluttony contest ended with the forty-two districts winning.