133-Episode 116 Roaring Thunder

'What are you pretending to be dead for?

We were at the mansion of Ambrose Demilly, the lord of District 40, when a gorilla with a hoarse voice burst in.
--I thought it was a gorilla, but it was headed straight for me!
Pretend you're dead!I'm dead!I'm super dead!

'Don't do anything stupid!Come on, get up!'

He thrusts his hand into my side and easily picks me up.
He lifted me up and threw me down, and before I knew it, I was on my feet.
What kind of muscle power do you have,...... forklift?

I'm sure you'll agree.Pretending to be dead. ...... Are you a bear?

I've heard of bears pretending to be dead. ............ What?I've heard that one before!
As I recall, if you look directly at it, your eyesight will fail. ............

'The gorilla people 'Medora of the Roaring Thunder'!
I'm sure you've heard of it.

No, ...... it's not. The ferrets I know aren't this chubby.
They're more slender and cute!

'What the hell is wrong with you youngsters?What is it with young people these days!

Medora shouted in a thunderous voice worthy of the name 'Roaring Thunder'.

'You don't even bother to greet me!Don't you have any sense of decency?
'No, if you're talking about that, what about you who stormed into the lord's house while he was visiting without permission?
'Who are you calling 'you' to?I'm going to eat you!
'You're scaring me!
'In an erotic way!
'I'm more scared!

What the heck, this thing is ...... out of this world in every way.
It's big!It's just too big!

'Too big, .......'
'Don't talk about tits to a lady you've never met before!
'I'm not talking about my tits, who's the lady, here?
'Are you saying my tits aren't big?I'm a G-cup!
'I didn't want to hear that information.

You're just like Norma!They're totally different.
No, they're huge!I don't want to hear that information!

It's not like you're looking at me in a pornographic way.You're embarrassing me!
'Is this coming from the guy who said he was going to eat it in an erotic way?
'Come on, Yashiro. You'd better stop biting Medora Rossel, the head of the hunting guild who's said to make even crying children faint. I'm getting chills watching you.

Stuart Javier, guild leader of the lumberjack guild, a hot bearded father with ripped muscles, pops his hand on my shoulder. I almost dislocated ...... myself with that 'pop'. ...... Don't your muscles know any discretion?

'You brought me here?'
'I'm sorry. I just couldn't stop it.'
'What's the muscle for?
'Muscles for my daughter.

'Don't look so crisp!

'Ambrose. Sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.
'No, it's fine. It was a bit of a surprise, but ...... the timing was actually good.'

Demilly seemed to welcome the visit of this rude gorilla ...... who seemed to be a ferret but didn't admit it ...... for the time being.

'Estella or'.

Estella stepped forward, with Demilly's permission.
Then she bowed to Medora.

'I am the acting lord of the 42nd district. My name is Estella Creamona. Please make my acquaintance.
'Hmm ......, you can greet people properly, can't you?

Medora says with a big attitude, folding her big arms in front of her big chest.

'Hey!I'm not sure what to make of it.

...... This kind of woman is a pain in the ...... ass!

'Hey, Yashiro. I'm not sure what to do. It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.
'I'm not that unprincipled!

'No, but, Oba-kun. That bouquet of flowers is for the woman whose big tits are bouncing around in my mansion, isn't it?''
'Oh my god, Demilly!What an unnecessary thing to ......!
'What?You want to send me a bouquet of flowers?
''You've got me hooked!
''Good luck.''

Bald and bearded with thumbs up.
...... These guys are trying to use me to ease Medora's anger, aren't they?My eyes are telling me so.

...... I'm picturing a villainous wrestler hitting a round girl with a bouquet of flowers as soon as she gets it.

'Kozo, what's your name?'

Kozo is ......

'Obayashiro. I work at a diner in District 42. Also, I sometimes act as a kind of advisor to Estella.'
'I'm Medora Rossel. I'm the guild leader of the hunting guild.

He can be quite intimidating when faced with him.
No wonder ...... bears pretend to be dead and lose their eyesight when you look directly at them.
This thing is emitting a huge amount of aura from its entire body. ...... You're not a real fighter, are you?

You can find a lot more information on this topic at ....... You may be right, Demilly and the others are right.
If you're a brainiac like Usae, you could be in danger of getting your hand blown off at any moment.
If you think of it as an investment to talk calmly, the price of this bouquet is a small price to pay.

'I've said a lot of rude things. To tell you the truth, I've been wanting to see you for a few days now. That's why I've been running around. Anyway, it's good to see you. I wanna talk to you. Will you accept this as a token of my friendship?'

I made a big show of being friendly so he wouldn't hit me as soon as I gave it to him.
Don't hit me. ...... Don't hit me. ...... Don't ever hit me. ............ This is not a flag!I'm serious!


Sniffing, Medora snatched the bouquet from him. I braced myself for a ...... beating.

'I've never had a bouquet of flowers before. It's like that, isn't it?Young men give them to young women, don't they?
'Well, there are some guys like that. But I didn't copy them, did I?
'So you're not copying anyone, but your own thoughts. ...... Hmm!Well, okay. I'll take it. I'll take it, but let me make this clear!

I'll take it. ...... It's huge. I thought a light truck had rammed into it. ......
I'm not sure what to make of it.

I'm a responsible person, and I'm this old. I can't be your wife.'
'What about ..................?
'But I can ............ make you 'the best of me' .......'

What is he talking about ......?


Estella softly approached me, giving me an earful from behind.

'Although it has been somewhat relaxed in the 42nd district, a bouquet of flowers is originally an item that is used for ...... marriage proposals, except for gifts to relatives and superiors.'

I'm sure you'll agree.I'm sure you'll agree.

'Yah!No, no, no!No, no, no, no!This is a sign of respect!It's a sign of respect, it's a sign that we should get along!
'No, no, no!You don't have to keep saying that!Let's get along ......!

It sounds like a different meaning!

'Seriously,......, that Medora is embarrassed,......'
'Mmm...... I'm not very close to you, but it's not my style,...... what can I say......'
''It's like I'm having a nightmare............''
''Shut up, you two old guys!

Medora bared her fangs at Javier and Demilly.
It's amazing that Medora would win a two-on-one fight.

Demilly doesn't seem to have much contact with him, but Javier seems to be very close.

'So there's a connection between the guilds?

The lumberjacks' guild and the hunters' guild are a little similar in nature.

Both of them are all over the city and their base of operations is outside the city walls.
In addition, Medora may be the number one ............ for the fact that they are all stout.

'I and Medora debuted in our respective guilds at the same time. Well, there was a bit of an uproar at the time.
'Oh, I remember that, too. I was studying geopolitics, and there was a lot of excitement at the time about the appearance of two extraordinary monsters.
'Hmm!It's not that I'm special. It's just that the men around me were cowards!

No, no, no. Anyone would look like a coward with Medora.
I'm sure he'd freak out if he saw you at night.

'Since I've become famous, there have been some powerful men who have tried to challenge me, but ...... none of them have been much of a challenge.

There are a lot of daredevils in the world,.......

'...... Well, ...... you're the first person to ever send me a bouquet of flowers.'

Medora's cheeks flushed red as she popped ............ her ...... goosebumps.
Maybe I'm the most daredevil of them all. ......?

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what you need to do.
'That's right. He's so reckless when he doesn't feel like it. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten into a fight with him. ...... I'm a peace-loving woodcutter, after all.
I don't know.It's not like you're a peace-loving muscle!
It has nothing to do with muscle!

Javier and Medora seem to be on good terms after all.
According to him, they often met each other outside the outer wall and gradually deepened their friendship. They've known each other since long before Javier came to District 40.

'Because of that, he made an absurd demand to see the lord.
'That's not absurd!
'...... That's what I'm calling 'reckless'.

Even Javier seems to be a little fed up with the loud voice coming out of his big frame. Medora is very excited.

'Wait, please. Miss Rossel!'

Estella says to Medora in a dignified voice.
Her eyebrows are furrowed, and I can see that she's trying to muster up the courage not to lose.

'We have no intention of invading District 41. That's a misunderstanding!

However, Medora frowned and snorted, and began to refute Estella's words.

'Invading isn't just about military force!Whether it's the economy or trade, they're trying to threaten our peaceful life, so it's not wrong to say that we've been attacked!
''That's also a misunderstanding!It is true that the installation of the city gates may have some negative effects. However, we are not trying to take away the interests of District 41!Please send a letter to ...... to explain this!
'Don't make me laugh!

Medora blew away Estella's efforts to express her position with a single blackmail.
After her eardrums screamed from the explosion, ...... silence fell in the room.

'Did you give a proper explanation?By letter?'
'............ Yes.'

In the quiet room, Medora asks Estella in a questioning tone.
Estella manages to look forward and accepts his words head on.

'Properly, here are our objectives and prospects, and detailed data regarding them. I apologize for any inconvenience I may cause in the future, and I am prepared to take measures to compensate for it if necessary.
'Hoh ......'

Medora gazes at Estella with narrowed eyes as she pleads her case.

'Ricardo...... excuse me............, Lord Siegenthaler also said that he received the letter, and I am sure that our sincerity has been conveyed! I'm sure he'll understand!
'Don't be stupid!

The air vibrated, shaking Estella's hair as if a gust of wind had blown.
Estella shrugs her shoulders. Due to the difference in size, she looks so unreliable that she looks like she's about to fly off.

'The fact that you're only talking about such an important matter in a letter is proof that you're not sincere!
'............ eh'.

Estella chokes up at Medora's words.

'Do you think that you won't feel uneasy or dissatisfied before a big change that will change the cycle of your life that you've been leading up to now?Do you really think that you don't have anything to ask or say?
'...... No, ............ it's ......'.

The volume of his voice has calmed down, but the power in his words has increased.
Medora continued to speak, as if she were stabbing her opponent with every word.

'You are a lord, moreover. You should know that the number of lives you are carrying is not ten or twenty, even if you are acting as a lord, you are doing the work of a lord!
'What is it?

Unable to say anything back, Estella took a half step back.
Her body is trying to escape.

'Ricardo is like a son to me. I've known him since he was a dumbass. He's a reasonable man. I can vouch for that!He's not a sourpuss who hates people for no reason!

After taking a glance at Estella standing there, Medora turned her gaze to Demilly.

'Ricardo has come to make sense, hasn't he?
'Yes, I did. The day before yesterday, along with explaining about the toll tax, I came to bow to you in case I might cause any trouble.
'What, ...... Ricardo?Is that true, Oji-sama?
'Yes, sir. It's the proper procedure.

He makes an appointment, meets with you, and comes to explain the new system in person. ......
d*mn, Ricardo, you've been laying the groundwork for this in the few days you've had us waiting. ...... You didn't just take the time to harass us.

He's thinking ahead.
It may be our fault for not having thought of that. ...... The more you lag behind, the worse it will look.

If you're in the market for a new pair of shoes or boots, you're going to want to take a look at these.I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

Once again, Medora looks Estella straight in the eye.
Estella was looking down and clenching her ...... fists.

'What you neglected to do was the one thing a lord shouldn't skimp on.

A small gasp escaped from Estella's mouth.
Medora changed her tone and spoke to Estella in a slightly calmer manner.

'I heard you're dressed like that because you're a woman and can be licked.
'...... That's not what I meant. ......'
'It's not because you're a woman that they lick you. Look at me. I'm a guild leader like any woman. No one's going to talk down to me. It doesn't matter if you're a man or a woman.

No, it's not right to talk about you and Estella in the same breath. The conditions are too different.
It's outrageous to say that because I did it, you should do it too.

'The reason you're being lambasted is because you're half-hearted.
'You use lord and mere woman when it suits you. That kind of half-hearted thinking is why you get licked!

I found myself shouting.
I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've.
I'm not sure what to say.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

It's not fair to equate Estella, who was forced to be the daughter of a lord whether she wanted to be or not, with an ordinary person who was not a guild leader at the time and had no responsibilities and could do anything she wanted. You know that, don't you?

Medora narrowed her eyes at me as I intervened.

'Are you saying that you're allowed to be lenient if the situation is different?
'It's not indulgence. It's a restriction.
'It's not?
'Not at all.
'You're not a kid. ......, is there anything you can't do if you want to?
'So you can live the same life again on the condition that you never die?

Medora fell silent.

'A person who can do something reckless without regard for his life is strong. They have no weaknesses.

I know that very well, as I've been reckless with my life.

'The reason Estella hesitates and worries is not because she's a woman. It's not because he's weak!And it's not because she's naive or half-hearted!

I take a big step.
I'm going to take a shot at Medora, who's at least a foot bigger than me. I close the distance. I put my face close to his and stare at him at close range.

'On his back are the lives, happiness, and peace of the people. Don't put me in the company of a light-weight person like you!

Is that all you got?
But there's more. You won't get away with this.

'You said that, right?I've known Ricardo since he was a kid, and he's not a sourpuss who hates people for no reason.'
'Oh, yeah. I did. So what?
'So you're not a sourpuss, is that why you're on ......?

Why don't you say the word you just abbreviated?
Well, you don't have to say it because I know it.

Ricardo's not a sourpuss, he's a ...............

--You did something wrong, didn't you?I bet you did.

'How much do you know about Estella?
'Tell me. How much do you know?'

'...... I don't know . Nothing.'
'I don't know anything about Ricardo either. But I know a lot about Estella.'

That's right. I know Estella well enough to know that you know Ricardo. You may have lost in time, but I've been through a lot of rough patches with this guy. Do you have one?Have you and Ricardo ever gone up against an organization bigger than you?Have you and Ricardo ever faced a desperate disaster that could destroy an entire city?

'Estella is not a stupid person who justifies herself for her own sake. Ricardo's attitude, which I saw with my own eyes, is clearly his fault!It's the work of a sourpuss who has no respect for his opponent!I'm not going to let you argue with a guy who wasn't even there!

I'm not going to let you contradict me. You've talked a lot of sense, you old b*tc*.
But what do you think?
You're the same as me after all.
You're a narrow-minded tree who can only believe what you see.

'Medora. You're quite confident in your own eyes. Because you are, aren't you?You've seen Ricardo since he was a child, you've seen what he's like, you've crushed his opinions, you've imposed your own and even reprimanded him. You can't go this far with a careless mind, can you?
'I don't know what you're trying to say, but I'm a woman who's made it this far with just this arm. I don't run and I don't hide. I assure you that I am responsible for everything I say, everything I do.

Then ......

'You're the one who's not making sense.
'You'll have to explain to me what you mean.

This is a long story.
I stepped away from Medora and took some distance.
The tension in the air eases just a little.

Estella's eyes meet mine. ...... Don't look at me like that.
You're not wrong. I know I am.
So I'm going to prove you right.

'Was it you who sent the members of the hunting guild to the 42nd district?Or was it Ricardo?'
'That was me. But before that. Be respectful to the lords of the other districts. Who would call you that?
'I'll consider it if you prove to me that Ricardo is worthy of my respect.
'What did you say about our guys at ............?
'They're here to inspect the city gates, right?And as a result, they put pressure on Use Damare and the others.'

This is something we need to get straight.
Otherwise, this story will never end.

'Oh, yes. As a result of the inspection, it was determined that the city gates of District Forty-two posed a threat to District Forty-one. That's why we had to wait for that Use kid.

That Use is a boy. ......

'May I ask what your criteria are?'
'Because Trubek was involved. No matter how you look at it, that was a gate being built by District Forty and District Forty-two, to the exclusion of District Forty-one. The profits generated by the gates would be shared between the two sides, and the 41st district in between would be exploited. Even an idiot could predict this.
'That's it!
'............ Yeah.'

I'm sure you wanted to tell me differently, but I'll let you keep your mouth shut for now.
That's not what I meant. There are people who won't be convinced by a good argument.
He's the kind of guy who doesn't care what others say once he's convinced he's right.

'That's why he put pressure on Use to stop the construction of the gate ......'.
'Even if it wasn't stopped, I would have been willing to help if there was a chance to discuss it properly.
'Do you want to be a frog?
'...... What do you mean?'

Medora's reaction to this: ...... I knew it.
This guy's personality is probably as plain as day, no strings attached.
That's why it bothered me. I don't know why he did what he did......, but his reaction now makes sense.

'You had no intention of discussing it. You wanted to destroy the forty-two districts with your bragging power. Isn't that right?'
'Don't be so judgmental!When did I ever do such a thing?If you're talking about force, you're the one who did it!You're the one who's expanding your army. ......

'Where did you get that information ......?'

That's right.
This guy's story, ...... and Ricardo's too, ...... is completely missing an important part.

'I'll tell you straight out so you won't get blindsided. Why did you target the cakes in the 42nd district?

They never mention anything about obstructing the business of restaurants in the 42nd district that serve cakes.
It's as if they don't know.

'...... What are you talking about, then?
'Conversation Record'.

I opened the Conversation Record, showed him the relevant part of the conversation, and explained in detail about the three cases of business obstruction that had occurred in the 42nd district.
Of course, there is no evidence in the Conversation Record that the Hunting Guild was involved. What's more, the latter two cases are not from the hunting guild but from the racketeers' guild.
But ......

If you think my story is horseshit, you can cast "Judgment of the Spirits" on me. In exchange, I want you to gather all your guild members in one place. Every last one of them, every single one of them. And from among them, I'll name two men. I want to see if any of their conversations match this one in the Conversation Record.

The Conversation Records of those who were there at that time and place contain a clear record of their conversations. Conversations that would not have been recorded if you had not been there are not recorded in the Conversation Records of unrelated people.
You can't just say, 'This isn't what I said,' you know?You'd be a frog.

'What do you say?Do you want to try it now?

Medora shut up with a grim face.
It was the only thing he could do.

Given the circumstances, Medora didn't know about the incident. Ricardo's bastard didn't say a word about the cake either.
If he didn't like the cake, he would have said a word or two about it. But there was no such thing.

Probably, this was a low-level person who came to inspect the 42nd district and caused a commotion on his own.
It was neither the order of the guild leader Medora nor the order of the lord Ricardo.

Probably, Ricardo told Medora about the situation in District 42, and Medora ordered his men to inspect it. The truth of the matter is that the subordinate who came to inspect the situation harassed me, saying, "You're too cocky for the 42nd district," and I got back at him, so he got stubborn and asked the ragtag group to do the job. ...... Well, I'd have to ask him about the details. I'm sure he's not far off.

I'll take advantage of him.

'He's the one you've been letting tell you what to do, isn't he?To destroy the Forty-Two districts.'

Medora doesn't talk.
He knows that now is not the time for denial.

'Oh, hey. Yashiro. It's not right for me to interfere, but Medora's not the kind of guy who'd go behind your back like that. ......'
'Enough with the imaginary stuff!It's the speculation that leads to conflicts. We've shown you the evidence of actual events. Then, isn't it your turn to show us the evidence that you are innocent?

Javier's words didn't let him finish.
I know more than enough in this short time to know that Medora would never use such a trick.
But, you know, Medora has a bad habit of only talking about things in the world she sees.
That's why he reprimanded Estella so harshly.

What will you do when you find out that what you see is not the whole world, Medora?

'How can you defend Ricardo's actions when you didn't even see them? Of course you know about your subordinate's blunder that you didn't see, don't you?Or what?...... 'What I didn't see is none of my business'?

You come on strong and get hit back.
This is going to be tough.

Now, what are you going to do?
Talk back?

Well, if he's good, he'll put it on hold.
The rule of thumb is to take it home, get the facts, and then figure out what to do. That's the only way to avoid widening the wound.

If that happens, I'll give you a big reprimand.

You're so proud of your eyes, you can't even see that much.

At least, you won't be able to justify Ricardo's actions.
Estella is not the only one to blame.
I'll put that in your brain.

'Say something. You've been ranting and raving until now. Don't you think it makes sense to express your own views here?'

I'll give him back the exact words he's been using.
That seemed to do the trick. ...... Medora slowly looked up.
Then he glared at me.
He takes one step closer and then stops right in front of me.
The distance between me and Medora is less than a meter. I can reach her with my arm.

............ get hit?
I don't care. Then you're just that kind of person.
Words from a man like that carry no weight.
Estella's heart will be a little lighter.
Then that's okay. ......

'Oba Yashiro!

Medora says in a voice that sounds like an explosion.

'I'm sorry!

Then he gets down on his knees with such force that you'd think he was going to punch through the floor.

'There's no lie in your words. I could feel it. And to the extent that you were really pissed off, I was rude to your daughter ......, the acting lord of the 42nd district. I'm sorry!

It's too .................. graceful .......

'I'll make sure those idiots of mine are dealt with. But any misbehavior by my men is my misbehavior!I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be rewarded in some way!

...... Honestly, I didn't think it would come to this.
It was on my list of options, but I had ruled it out first.

I knew from the moment he unilaterally defended Ricardo that he was a bigot who would never bend.
...... Apparently, I need to correct that thinking.

'Sir Estella Creamona!
'Yes, yes!Oh, no, please don't, Miss Rossel. I'm still a deputy.'
'Then, Estella!Let me call you that as a sign of affection.'
'Well, that is, of course, .......'

Medora, whose huge body was stretched out on the floor, now rises up vigorously.
...... I thought she was going to smash through the ceiling this time.

'Give me some time. I'll go talk to Ricardo again, this time properly. Then I want you to meet me again.'
'Yes, yes. Of course.
'Javier, and ...... Baldy!
'I wonder if you'd be so kind as to pay your respects to the Lord of the Fortieth Ward, Ms. Rossel?
'Ah, Demilly. You guys need to take some more time. I want to have a discussion we can all agree on.'

Medora looked refreshed, as if a curse had fallen upon her.
The aura of unhappiness that had been plastered on her face since she first came here was nowhere to be seen.

'And, Oba Yashiro!
''What the hell?

Don't yell at me. ...... You're scaring me.

You're the first person who's ever spoken so openly to me. You've got a lot of nerve.'
'I don't feel like I'm being complimented.
'I'm complimenting you, ............, ............... I'm not feeling complimented.

'I'm complimenting you.

'Yashiro ............ no, darling.'
'Why did you rephrase that!Who's the darling?
'You deserve to be my first, you do!
'I'm not happy!
'I'm not happy!
''Yashiro is .......''
''This is a lawless place. ......''
''Shut up, you two old men!

It was a miscalculation that the strange gorilla had taken a liking to me, but ...... I felt like I had finally made a start.

Watch me, Ricardo.
I'm going to turn this thing upside down.

At the very least, you can practice your 'I'm sorry'!