134-Episode 117 spoiled

Anyway, let's talk about it another day.
That was the end of our discussion, and we broke up for the day.

On the way back, Demilly provided us with a carriage, so it was easy for us.
It was not that I was being stingy and asking Demilly for money.
Demilly gave Estella a ride home in his carriage. By indulging her like this, he is implying that the 42nd district is in a position to be protected by the 40th district and that he has no intention of antagonizing them. This can also be said to be a consideration between the lords.
The economic disparity between the 40 districts was so great that Demilly was able to maintain his dignity by generously providing a carriage.
Estella was also showing respect to her partner.
She even took care of them in an aristocratic way.

'I'm glad. It's going to be okay.'
'Yes ......, I guess so.

In the carriage on the way back, Estella looked relieved, but also somewhat thoughtful.
If you suffer heavy damage to your mind, it can drag on for a certain amount of time afterwards and make you feel like you want to go to bed today. ......

'We'll have another three-way meeting on another day. This time, we need to plan our strategy better.
'Yeah, ...... I guess so.'
'As for the 41st district, Medora said she would take care of it, so we should be fine if we leave it to her.
'Yeah, ...... I guess so.'

...... Broken Raydio.

Estella looked blankly out the window, her face melancholy the whole time.
Well, I guess she has some thoughts.
To be honest, I've been hit with a lot of pain this time.

'Do you want to drop by the sunny pavilion?
'E.................., no, not today.
'Maybe some pudding will take the edge off.'
'Yeah, ...... might do that. But no.'

'Oh, you're through!

'The pudding is full of milk, so if you keep eating it, your boobs might get bigger!After all, it's pudding!It's a plump, plump pudding!
'...... Yashiro really likes boobs, doesn't he?

Who are you?

The Estella I know is not this kind of office worker who's starting to get tired of life!

'Hey, Estella.'
'Don't worry too much about it.

The short sound uttered was in no way a sign of 'understanding'.

'Think positive. You know your faults, and you've been promised this next one. That's a pretty good deal, don't you think?

Once you know your faults, you can make up for them.
You've been kind enough to let me know. That means he's given you a chance to start over. You could have broken off the relationship without saying a word.
But if he let you know not to do that, then you can repent and show him a new you from this moment on. You can walk on your own feet to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.
Medora and the others are saying that they will see to it that you do.

We'll set up another meeting.

That's the biggest concession they've given us.
If we get results there, things will change. The stagnation will be broken and a new relationship will be established.

At a time like this, we can't just sit around with a blank look on our faces.

'Estella. The only thing you should be down about is your boobs.'
'...... yes ............ yes.'

No, that's not good.

Then again, Estella turned her gaze out the window in silence.
Let's leave her alone for now. That's what I thought, and I turned my gaze out the window too.

The scenery flowing by was a large street with a wide view.
It was the main street of the forty-first district.
But it was still deserted. It looked ...... bleak.

Maybe I need to walk around this city once.

'Hey, gentlemen.

He opened a small window in the carriage and called out to the man who was driving the carriage.
He shifts his body slightly and turns his head toward you. He is an old man with well-tanned wheat-colored skin, and he is wearing a straw hat. From his smiling face, I could clearly see that he was a good person.
The fact that such a person was in his service showed how virtuous Demilly was.

'What is the specialty of the 41st district?
'Is it a dish?That's right, .............'

The old man traced his beard with his finger and thought for a few seconds, then crumpled up his face and said with a smile.

'I guess it's meat. The meat of the magical beasts hunted by the hunting guild is roasted and eaten. It's just too good to resist. It'll make you drink more.

'Is that cooking?'
'No, no. Sometimes it's better to leave things as they are.
'That's true, too. Thank you.
'No, thank you.'

He closes the small window and sits deep in his seat.
The speciality is meat .......

But I can't smell the aroma of roasting meat. You're on the main street, though.
If it's a specialty, they should be cooking it all over the street.

Little by little, I began to understand ...... the city of the 41st district.

Not long after that, the carriage entered the 42nd district.
We stopped in front of the lord's mansion and got off the carriage. We thanked the lord and saw the carriage off.

'Well then, Yashiro. I'll be going now. Have a safe journey home.'

I could only reply, 'Oh, yes.
He seemed to be in a very bad way.

After all, this time I only made him admit that he was also at fault.
As for our fault, I just 'avoided mentioning it where there was no need to apologize'.

It was to Ricardo that Estella was rude, and while Medora and Demilly may complain about it, there is no need for her to apologize.
But I do apologize for the trouble I've caused. ......

The fact that Estella couldn't care for Ricardo is Estella and Ricardo's story, and no matter how much you say you loved her like a parent, you don't have to apologize to Medora, a stranger.
That's why I twisted the direction of the story this time.

If I had apologized to Medora at that moment, Estella would have been burdened with a burden she didn't have to bear. Every time something happened, she would have to make a point to Medora, and so on.
No matter how close you are to each other, no matter how much you are like family, you should be able to separate what should be separated.
So I didn't let Estella apologize.

...... Perhaps that became a burden to her.
I thought about this as I watched Estella's back as she trudged into the building.
Apologies, when uttered, can lighten the heart somewhat. It can fool your mind for a moment. You can only fool your mind for a limited time, though.

'Well, I'm sure Estella has a few things she wants to think about on her own. ............'

I said it myself just now.
No matter how close you are, you have to separate the parts that need to be separated.
This is not my place to interfere.
The things that happened between Estella and Ricardo in the past.
As the acting lord, I dealt with the lords of other districts and the head of a large guild that covers all the districts. Negotiations. Dialogue.

That's a part I don't know about.
I'm an outsider and I'm not supposed to step in.

So I should stay out of it and watch.
That's what I thought. ......

The next thing I knew, my body was stepping out towards the lord's mansion.

I know it's better to leave it alone for now.
But if you ask me, 'Can I just leave him like this? then the answer is no.

No matter how much you say it's better to leave it alone, I've come to the conclusion that I don't want to leave it alone.
My body was moving on its own.

There are two maids standing at the gate. ...... Can you stop them?I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm going to have to. ...... Can I come in?
It's a good idea to take a look at the website to see if there is anything you can do to help. ...... Automatic doors?

What a lax security system. I'm not sure if this is a good idea for a lord's mansion!

'Master Yashiro'.

Just as I was thinking that, the last line of defense of the mansion, Natalia, appeared.

'...... Mm, come on through!
'You're a face passer!
'All of us maids know Master Yashiro very well.

Natalia bowed reverently. ...... The atmosphere is somehow different from what you see outside.
Is that it?

'I was just about to go to Yashiro-sama when the young lady came back with a thoughtful look on her face.

I don't want Estella to have to rely on me every time something happens to her. ...... Well, I'll give her a hand this time. I was planning on it.

I was going to.

I turned on my heel and Natalia started to walk towards me.
As I followed her, the maids I passed in the hallway stopped and all bowed deeply. ...... It's a little disheartening to see them looking so high and mighty.

'Master Yashiro'.

Natalia pauses in front of a room. I've never been in this room before.

'This is your daughter's bedroom.

Have you become depressed?

'The young lady is not here at the moment, so you can kunk and kank all you want.
'You don't need to do anything else!

What are you doing taking her to a place where she's not present!

'This is the door to the costume room. The underwear is in the chest at the back, especially the second and third rows from the top are selected with s*xy items that tickle men's fancy. ......'
'Can you take me to Estella's place!
'Huh!I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will make your life easier.I'm sure you're not the only one who's a little upset.
I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.I'm not going to do that!

I've been trying to get Yashiro-sama to get motivated, and I've done my best to come up with a solution. ......

You don't have to think about anything else. ......

'...... A sudden call like this is a rare occurrence.'
'Hmm?You mean Demilly?'
'Yes. I knew I should have accompanied her. ...... I can't believe the young lady came back with such a face. ......'

I'm sure this guy had a lot on his mind in his own way.
As the head maid, Natalia could not always be so close to Estella.
Especially when she goes to familiar places like this one, she often gives priority to her duties. Demilly is always friendly.
Also, because of his position as acting lord, he doesn't like to walk around with too many companions.
Certainly, if a person like the Deputy Prime Minister were to go on an inspection tour of a neighboring city with the same level of security as that of the President, it would be an embarrassment.

I'm sure Estella is taking good care of herself.


Because Natalia knows this, she is also holding back her desire to be by her side.
She looks at me with a serious expression and bows her head deeply.

'Please take care of your daughter.
'Oh, ......, I'll leave it to you.

As for me, I've come this far with the intention of causing some trouble and doing something about it. I don't need to be told.

With a bow, Natalia gently opens the door.

'Your reward is whatever you want from the chest in the back. ......'
'Don't you dare open the door to the dressing room!

We're leaving, just like that, make a U-turn!
I'm in serious mode.

After lightly chastising the idiot Natalia, I made my way to the office.
Apparently this is Estella's workroom.

After knocking twice, Natalia slowly opened the door.
I thought I didn't have to wait for an answer, but ...... Natalia must have some special authority. It was proof of Estella's trust in her.

'Ma'am. You have a visitor.'
'What?A guest............ ah.'

Estella was sitting behind her office desk, which was piled high with papers.
When she spotted me, her expression clouded slightly.
You can see the complex waves of emotions.

'Then, please take care of the rest.

I'm sure she would have liked to have been there, but Natalia read the situation and left the room.
...... I'll have to report the results to you later.

So, I'll do my best to report a good result.

'Estella. It's been a while.'
'What's that, didn't you go back to ......?
'I forgot to tell you something important.'
'Heh, ...... let's hear it.'

With a weak smile, Estella leaned back in her chair.
I could feel her sluggishness, as if she was mentally exhausted.

'You look tired.
'...... Yeah, I guess. Yeah. I'm a little tired.'

Estella exhales, then puts her weight on the armrest and rests her cheek against it.
Her cheeks are squashed and she has a sulky look on her face.

'...... Medora's right, you know.

'It's really ...... disgusting how right you were.

I think Medora is right in that you have not been reasonable with Ricardo.

'Do you remember what Ricardo said?
'I have a tendency to forget unpleasant things easily.
'Hmm ......, that's very Yashiro.'

He laughed, then leaned back again.
The chair creaks and Estella's body sinks. Her red hair sways softly.

''You said, "Forget about the favor I've been giving you," right?I've been thinking about it,......, and I know I've been treated well. I just took it for granted that ...... I was being treated well.

I wonder if the thought of this has damaged me to this extent.
Indeed, it is easy to lose sight of the value of the kindness we receive from others.
I'm sure everyone has had the experience of appreciating their mother's kindness ...... for the first time after starting to live alone, but that is exactly what happened. The benefits that you have been enjoying as a matter of course are actually very gratifying, and the other person has gone to a lot of trouble for them.
If I were a mother, I would get up early in the morning before anyone else, prepare food, wake up my family when it's time, give them the clothes I've washed beforehand, and clean up after I see them off. ......
If asked to do something, they would refuse to do it in no time, but they do it every day as a matter of course.
However, the people who receive them often don't recognize them as a matter of course.

'I was benefiting from it, but all I did was complain and complain ......'.

We are all prone to making the same mistakes.
No one can reflect on their own circumstances,...... especially while they are blessed.

'Originally, I was uncomfortable with the 41st Ward. ...... No, no, no. ...... I hated the 41st Ward. My father was being bullied by Ricardo's father, in my young eyes.

But that's only one side of what Estella saw.
It's not untrue, but it's not the only truth.

'That's why I hated Ricardo's father. And naturally, I disliked his son, Ricardo.

Without trying to dress it up or make it up, Estella says the word 'hate' honestly. There was a gracefulness in her admission of her own faults.

'Well, Ricardo has that personality of his. I can say that even if it hadn't been for his father, we never would have been able to get along.

Estella says with a slight self-mocking smile.
Well, Estella and Ricardo are likely to choose the exact opposite path and means even if their goals are the same.

I'm sure I'm the reason why things have gotten so complicated when I could have just said 'I hate you'. ......

You can find a lot more information on the web. She then begins to speak as if she has made up her mind.

'When Ricardo's father......, the previous lord of the 41st district, died, I didn't attend the funeral because my father...... said I didn't have to. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.So I didn't attend the funeral.

If your father says you don't have to go to the funeral, you probably won't want to go to the funeral. But how would it look to the people around you? ......

'Also, I didn't attend the unveiling party when the new lord took office.
'I didn't know they had an unveiling party.
'Well, it's just a way to say hello to the new lord without all the formalities. ......'

It's probably a way to carry on the relationship that the previous lord had.
If Estella's father, who is also the lord, is in attendance, it may not be a problem. ......

It's not too late for you to be aware of this when you're told. ...... That's right, if you keep doing it over and over again, you'll become uncomfortable. ......'

Yes, even trivial things can be considered disrespectful if they continue too long.
In fact, Estella is not a lord, nor is she officially the next lord. If she gets married, her husband will become the lord, and Estella herself will not necessarily succeed to the lordship.
That's about the extent of her position. ...... If you think about it, participation in events is not essential. ...... But.

'Medora is right. ...... I used to be the acting lord and a woman at the same time. I was halfway there. ......'

Daughter of a lord.
I'm not even sure if I'm going to be a lord or not.
The fact that she was tolerated because of this is no longer the case since she has been appointed as a temporary lord after the lord fell ill.

'When I built the city gates in the 42nd district, I didn't take anything that had happened before into consideration. While I had benefited a lot from the project, I had not said anything that I should have said in the first place, such as the fact that the direction of the gate is different from that of the 41st district, so we would not be competing for users. ...... In addition, they tried to get away with only a letter ............'.

The benefits that the 42nd district has received so far--

Estella told me that one of the benefits the 42nd district has received so far is a branch of the hunting guild.
It seems that Estella's father asked the previous lord of District 41 to set up a branch of the hunting guild in order to defeat the demonic beasts that blundered into District 42. The situation is that District 42 is asking for it to be placed there.
The people in the branch are treated as residents of District 42.
However, they are using the city gate in District 41 with the money of the headquarters of District 41.
In spite of this, the prey hunted by Use and the others from the branch is credited to the profits of District 42.
It is as if they are stealing the profits of District 41.

The forty-two wards began to build city gates in their own wards while ignoring this.
If Estella had taken over the role of the lord, she would have had to discuss the promises and rules made by her father with Ricardo, the current lord of District 41, at that time.
But Estella was in the position of acting. That's why Ricardo overlooked the situation as it was without pursuing it.

However, it was Estella, as the agent, who pushed forward the city gate plan.
If that's the case, then there's a line of reasoning that should be followed, and how about continuing to take a privileged position?

'I've been reminded of that. I've been reminded of how ignorant and irresponsible I've been. ............ It may be too late to realize it now, but ......'
'No, you don't.'

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.
It may sound a little roundabout, but I think she can understand now.

'A lot of people can't even realize it. The more you realize it, the more you're one step ahead.
'...... made me realize that.'
'But there's still something you can do to help.

This is not poor consolation.
Awareness seems easy, but it is quite difficult.

There are many people in the world, and we think we live as a part of them.
But we are always alone. There are only a number of one-on-one relationships with the people around us.
The idea of 'because everyone else is doing it' or 'because everyone else says so' or 'because everyone else is with me' is very dangerous.

How would you feel if someone you have never met before blended into your circle of friends of ten years and became equally familiar with you?
The reason may be obvious to a third party, but the person concerned will not notice it. In many cases, they are confused, wondering why they are the only one being treated coldly.

You're so caught up in the idea that you're the only one, that you can't see what's going on around you.

Human relationships are always one-on-one. We are supposed to deepen our friendship with each other and "build up" our bond.
If you don't realize this and act like everyone else, friction is bound to occur. Because there is no bond to build.

Estella has neglected to do so, and has only one foot in the world of the lords.
It may be unavoidable considering the situation in District 42.
The other districts also understand this, so they tolerate us without being too harsh. Even Ricardo.

But it's not just yesterday that the lord of District 42 fell.
More than a year has already passed.
The period of time when you can say, "It can't be helped" has long since passed. And yet, the 42nd district still has no answer and is still taking advantage of the generosity of those around it.
This is a problem that Estella's father, the current lord, must settle properly. If he can't come back, he must formally entrust his position to someone else, not as a substitute.
If she can't even do that, then Estella, who is currently acting in her place, has to make that decision.

That's probably what Medora meant when she said she was halfway there.

'I'm stuck, honestly ............ I'm too ignorant of my own shortcomings ......'.

I'm tired.
As if to express these words with her body, Estella slumped back in her chair.
Maybe it's because I'm here that she's not crying.

Maybe it's because I'm here.
The ...... excuse is a half-hearted one. I'm not going to go into the lord's affairs.

...... I have a responsibility too.
I'm also responsible for the reason Estella is in such a funk.

'You seem to be in a very bad way.
'Haha ............ indeed.'

She covers her eyes with one arm, raises her chin and looks up at the ceiling.

'...... It's tough to be confronted with your own inadequacies.'

I guess it's because I saw his face.
I'm not trying to be cool.
I'm not trying to be a hero, but ............ I've been saying things like.

'I'll take care of it.

I walked past the office desk and right next to Estella.
It was a rude act that would normally be impossible. Beyond the desk is Estella's territory. Stepping into it could be called a declaration of war.
But I'm stepping in.

I'm special to you, aren't I?

As if to ask that question.
I stand right in front of her and look down at Estella.

'...... What?............ What?

She puts her hand on the armrest on one side and leans forward.
Sandwiched between me and the backrest, Estella has nowhere to run.

'Cho......Yashiro............ close,yo......'

I keep my eyes on the door.
Don't worry, they won't come in. Natalia has entrusted me with her.

'What you lack in strength, I make up for. If you're tired, I'll support you. If you need to cry, ...... I'll be there for you.'
'You're short sighted, impulsive, and in plain English, a bit of an idiot.'
'That's why!I'll lend you my ...... wisdom.'

No matter how hard I try, it's impossible for him to become a great lord in a few days or weeks.
If he can't do it on his own, then ...... someone else will have to help him.

'If something bothers you, talk to me. If you're confused about something, ask me for advice. If there's something you want to accomplish, don't hesitate to turn to me.
'............, but if you get spoiled there again, ......'
'What are you talking about?

You're really hard-headed.
Why do you take it as a spoilage? ......
Why do you think the process is so important? ......

What's important is the outcome that makes us happy.

'A lord is only a lord if he can use his talented people.

A man of my stature is willing to put in the extra time and effort, you know?
You should be proud of your ability to make a man as big as me think that much, acting lord.

'You can change your point of view as much as you want. You can quibble all you want. If someone says something, give them the best ending to shut them up.

You don't have to listen to what they have to say, and you don't have to be foolish enough to go along with them.
If they say, 'You're cheating,' say back, 'I'm just being smart.
If they say, 'You're selfish,' laugh at them and say, 'It's the result of charisma.
If they call you a coward, say, 'That's the best compliment I can give you. Every great man who has left his mark on history has a cowardly side. As for whether they are 'cowards' or 'schemers,' the people of the future will argue about it on their own. Let them say what they want.

Apparently, being called 'pervert' by a beautiful girl by a beautiful girl is said to be a 'reward' in some areas. You just have to keep that kind of spirit.

'You've got me. You don't have Demilly or Ricardo, you have the best brains.
'...... Would you say that yourself?
'Of course I would. Who do you think I am?
'...... Oba Yashiro. You're the ...... oddball of the 42nd district.'

Those who are called oddballs and heretics may be the great geniuses who were never understood.

'You can count on me, Estella.
'............ yes'.
'I think I can handle most things, except for breast problems.'
'............ Why do you always have to say so many words, you know?

Finally, Estella spoke up.
Yes, that's fine. All you have to do is keep a cool smile in your eyes like that.

Your eyes glitter and reflect light.
A transparent film will form on the surface of the retina, and it will begin to moisten.

'Hey ...... and .................., sorry'.

He spins his chair around and turns his back to me.
He rolls over and holds his face.
...... Go ahead and jump in, you know, be honest at times like this.

'Thank you for ............ and ....... It's a little bit confusing because of the suddenness of everything, but ............ I'm going to try to sort out my feelings overnight today and ...... tomorrow... I'll be fine tomorrow. ......... I'll be fine tomorrow. ............ So... ...I'm sorry about today.

If you jump into my chest, you may feel that something as the acting lord will be broken.
The needle that was swinging unsteadily would tilt heavily towards the woman.
This is Estella's non-negotiable line.
There's no way I'm stepping in this line.

'Well, tomorrow. Come have dinner with me at the Sunlit Pavilion.'
'...... Yeah. Sure.'

I slap the backrest and head for the exit.

'Oh, yeah.'

I stop in front of the door and leave a last word.

'Good work.

An arm stretches out from the top of the backrest and gives me a small wave.
'Thank you,' he says.

I'm doing the same thing as Ricardo, but the message I receive is so different.

When I left the office, Natalia was there, bowing deeply to me.
Don't do that. It's not my style.

'We'll take you to the .................. gate, sir.

Natalia started to say something, but didn't say anything.
Maybe it was about the current lord, she thought somehow.
He has been ill for over a year and has not been seen in public. He has been ill for over a year and has not been seen in public. ...... It will probably be difficult for him to return as lord.

But it's not your place to tell me that.
Natalia is well aware of this.
No need to mention it, no need to pry. It's a very comfortable environment for me.

At the gate, she bowed to me once more and I left the lord's house.

I walked a little further, and suddenly the words fell out of my mouth.

'...... I wonder...'

I never thought I'd say that to Estella, asking her to rely on me.
I never thought that such a day would come.
I thought that lords with power were just for us to use as we please. ......
I chose to actively protect him.

I was supposed to use him, but I found myself reaching out to him. ......

'I've got enough of those guys on the internet ......'.

I really ............ don't know what I'm doing.
You're going to have to get out of the 42nd district and get involved in a dispute with a neighboring district,.............

In the world of stories, the heroes and heroes are the ones who come from other worlds.
However, in reality, things don't work out that way.
I came from another world and I'm just an impostor. I'm not a hero at all, I'm just a bad guy.

I'm not a hero, I'm just a bad guy. ...... How can I help people? ............

I'm not a hero.

As I walked along, thinking, I seemed to have come back to the sunlit pavilion.
In front of the store, Jeannette was waving at me.

'.................. ah'

...... Oh, ...... jeez.
What the hell is this feeling? ............

Look at the sunlit pavilion.
When I saw Jeannette's smiling face waving at me in front of it, I ...... was sure it was because I had been out to the 40th district. ............ I was relieved, I was relieved.
'Oh, I'm back,' I thought to myself. ......

'Thank you for your hard work.
'Oh, ...... you're back.
'Welcome back'.

Such a casual remark was unspeakably ............ soothing.

'Jeannette ...... sorry.'
'What?What is it?'

I turned my head away from Ginette and walked into the sunlit pavilion as if to flee.

'............ embarrassing'.
'Huh?Did I do something wrong?I'm not sure.

I went straight through the dining room, past the kitchen, and through the courtyard and stairs with my big toe.
I hope no one saw ...... this slack, loose face. ......

Oh, shit. ............
I'm totally spoiled too.

I can't say the same about Estella. ...... Holy shit.