146-Episode 127 Omnibus Contest 42 District Representa...

Today was a very pleasant day with clear blue skies from this morning and very comfortable temperature and humidity.

'Yes, yes. I guess it's because you're good at what you do.
'Hey, hey. Don't give me too much credit. You're embarrassing me.'
'...... If Yashiro's behavior was good, I'd be called a saint.

These are the grateful words of Estella, the head of the selection committee for the first 42nd district's gluttony contest.
Who's a saint? You fake milk habitual criminal.

'Yashiro-san~!Estella~!We're ready to go!

In the special kitchen set up in the central plaza of the 42nd district, where the preliminary round is to be held, Ginette gives a signal with a big wave of her hand.
In addition to Ginette, people from the restaurants in the 42nd district are busily moving around behind the kitchen.

They have to keep cooking for the gluttony.
Today might be the hardest day for them.

'Magda and Sister Bertina, Delia and Umaro won't be participating because they've been selected as players.
'If we let them participate, some of the cooks will die.

No one has ever cooked for a gluttony contest before.
The cooks of the three districts are supposed to prepare dishes for the gluttony contest.
This was also a preliminary exercise for that.

During the meeting with the lords alone, Ricardo brought up a suggestion.

"If there is a delay in the cooking and the players are kept waiting, the ward in charge of the cooking should be penalized.

Pacing is important in gluttony.
If you wait too long, you'll get bloated.
This is an additional rule to prevent the disadvantaged districts from using the cooks to do so.
Besides, it is not good if the game is lost due to untimely cooking.

'After all, this has turned into a rather large tournament, hasn't it?
'It's a district-wide event with the participation of the entire territory.

Incidentally, all stores in District 42 are closed for the day.
In order not to leave a bad taste in their mouths, they have asked their lords to take the blame.
No one complained, though.

Oh, you're allowed to go back to work in case of emergency, no need to apply.
There may be many emergencies, such as a chicken escaping or a cow giving birth.
You are free to do as you please.


When I was almost finished setting up the venue, Magda came to me with the members who had already decided to participate.

'...... Magda and the others want to join us.'
'You're a murderer!
'You mustn't use harsh words, Yashiro-san. '...... Juru.'
'Don't you dare let out a noise!

If these guys participate, there will be a lot of deaths from the cooks, the food in the forty-two districts will be depleted, and the big tits will decrease drastically due to lack of nutrition.
We can't allow that!

It's not like that. We just want to get used to the atmosphere of the game.
'What are you talking about like a player?
'We're players!Yashiro-san chose us.
'Surely, it's better to have them experience it at least once than to do it on the spot.
'Hmmm ......, that's true .......'

We heard a strange voice in the distance, and then Ginette came running towards us at a great speed.

'Ah, ah, ah, ............, people are going to die.

I'm seriously freaked out. His eyes are so serious.

'It's okay, Jeannette. We're just enjoying the atmosphere,......, right? Let's keep it to an eighth of an ounce.
'Two portions, please!
'...... You'll starve to death, won't you?
'There's no one in this world who will starve to death after eating more than one serving of food.

Ginette's earnest plea was heeded, and Bertina was allowed to participate on the condition that she would eat no more than two portions, and Magda would not eat any "red moya". As for Delia, as long as you don't serve her sweets, she'll eat a little more than normal.

'Oh, what about ...... me?Are there any restrictions?
'No Magda'.
'That's just mentally painful!It doesn't matter how much you eat!
'Then ......'.

I put my mouth close to Magda's cat ears and secretly spout a certain line.
Magda nods in agreement with my intentions. Then ......

'...... Magda doesn't like people who eat too much.
'I'm the kind of person who can fill up on two grains of rice!
'...... Hey, Yashiro. It is good that it is easy to handle, but ...... it is not suitable for the selection of the gluttony competition, isn't it?

I had no choice but to let Magda say, '...... in moderation today.

'Can we overcome ............ that ordeal in real time ...... the food the sisters eat?'

He's got a very serious look on his face.

No, it's true that Bertina eats at a level that would make a wanker's mum cry. This time, she said she would stop at halfway. ............ I wonder how many servings Bertina's halfway stomach would be in the end. ......

And then, Natalia, who was organizing the participants and spectators, comes over.

'Yashiro-sama, Ojou-sama, and many others.
'Who are the others?
'But I can understand your respect for them by addressing them as 'sama', so why not?

Bertina soothes an angry Delia.
Umaro wants to argue, but there are so many beautiful women that he can't say anything.

'The seating is fine, no major disruptions.
'Yes. Good.'
'The seats designed by Mr. Yashiro are easy to see from any seat, so I guess it was difficult for people to complain.

I had handed Umaro several design drawings for this setup.
The spectator seats were set up in a fan shape around a long horizontal table that would serve as the stage for the gluttony, in a staircase-like structure that rose from the front row to the back.
No matter where you are seated, you will never be out of sight.

After the potluck, Umaro seemed to have been working on this setup until late at night.

'You haven't slept enough, have you?
'No, I slept. If you assemble it to some extent, you can do it quickly in the morning.

The assembled special set.
It's really like a TV show. ...... Should I have worn my sunglasses and all back?'Did you get a haircut? And say.

'But there's one problem.
'What's the problem?'
'There are more people than we expected to attend, and we don't have enough seats.

Natalia said that more than forty people had expressed interest in attending.
We were expecting at most a dozen or so people to show up, but ...... we may have ignited a fire at the briefing for the people.

'Apparently, there are many people who want to try the special menu that will be served this time.
'Ah, ...... I see.'

It's not that I'm confident in my gluttony, but I want to try a new menu that I rarely get to eat.
There are a lot of people who want to participate in the commemoration.
...... That's a problem.

I'm not sure what to do, Yashiro.You can't have enough money to pay for all of that.

I'm not sure if that's a good idea, but it's a good idea. I don't want more people to think, 'Well, I'm in! I don't want more people to think that.
It's inevitable.

I'll have to cut them off.

I went to the special kitchen and talked to the owner of Lemon and the other cake stores.
First, we have to qualify for the competition.
The food, the cakes!

'Each of you go back to your store and bake a cake as soon as possible. I'll keep feeding it to you until there are ten participants!
'Um, but ......, won't I lose my lunch for the adults if I do that?
'Don't worry!The cake is a separate meal!

However, if you fill up the other stomach first, the pressure on the main stomach won't be half as great!

'Then, how about this?

Estella comes up with a modification to my idea.

'Let's divide the participants into two groups and let them choose which way they want to go. There were a lot of women, and if they can eat a variety of cakes, I think some of them might prefer that.
'But that would mean that the 'me and mine' people would have to go to .......'
'I'll leave that to you.'

Natalia puffed out her chest and showed a crisp expression.

'Anyone wishing to participate after this will have to defeat ...... me first.'
'Let's just close it normally.'
'Yes, that's right. I'm sure you'll understand.
'What are you going to do if someone gets hurt?
'...... That kind of provocation should be avoided because Norma and the others will be amused by it.'
'It's an all-out attack, me. It's a good thing I did it for the best of reasons and it backfired. ...... I'm sad, Yashiro, please comfort me ASAP.
'From what angle are you going to spoil me?I'm not sure what to do.

So, without having to think too much, the problem was solved in the simplest and easiest way.
One word, 'I'm already on deadline,' and it's over. Yes, people can understand each other if they talk.

As Estella had predicted, we divided the event into the cake category and the lunch category for adults, and we ended up with 27 people for the cake and 18 people for the lunch for adults.
It's hard to make lunch for adults. In the actual event, I only need to make enough for three people, so I don't need to practice this hard.

'Eighteen dishes at one time? ...... How many times will the flag of our restaurant appear?
'I hope you get four rounds.

With that kind of fun on our side, the selection committee for the gluttony contest began.

'Whoa!This is amazing!It's amazing!Nepheli, you're shoveling in the Mont Blanc with unrivaled ferocity!Who could have predicted that he would slurp up the characteristic thin cream of Mont Blanc like a noodle?I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.

'No,......, it would be physically impossible.'
'What are you talking about, big brother!Cakes are every girl's dream!There's nothing impossible about dream food!
'No, it's ...... physically ...... well, okay.'

...... This guy is strangely adept at it.

In the beginning, the contestants seemed to be groping, but the long time limit of forty-five minutes worked wonders, encouraging a good sense of rivalry.

'Oh, no. Paula's hands have completely stopped!It seems that his bravado was only at the beginning.
'Don't be annoying, Loretta!We're about to make a comeback, so shut up and watch!
'I can't shut up, I'm a live person!I can't shut up!
'You'll have to remember that later!

Because of Loretta's encouragement of the participants, everyone was starting to get upset. The women were devouring the cake as if they were pouring out their resentment, worries, and other negative emotions that they had accumulated in their bodies. And some males.

'Gah ......, my mouth is so sweet!
'I think I might be on the verge ......'.

There are extremely few yaplocks on Mo Mat compared to other female players.
...... Why did she join the cake one ............

'Yap Lock commented before the game, "As someone who works with caramel popcorn, I thought it was only natural to enter the sweet one."'
'That's a big misinterpretation. And he's making corn, not caramel popcorn.'
'Mo Mat is a ...... well, perhaps he just wanted to be surrounded by young women.I'm Erowani.'
'No, you're not!I'm sure you'll agree with me.

The girls on either side of Mo Mat shifted their chairs to get away from Mo Mat.
Pfft, that's not fair.

'I have a sweet tooth like this!
'Then you should eat more economically.
'...... No, two is enough. ...... I guess you shouldn't eat too much at once.

The crocodile plops down on the desk, letting out a pathetic whine.
This guy is no good. He lacks the guts that are most important for an athlete.

'Well, well, well, Mr. Mormat, I guess I'm going to have to retire. But he doesn't leave his seat, he just wants to be surrounded by young girls. I'm Erowani.
I told you that's not true!And don't move away from the girls on either side of you!

Mormat followed, and Yap Lock gave up.
The sight of Cheryl running up to him and biting into the leftover cake made me smile.

'Big brother ......, Yap Lock's daughter is only five years old, so please stop looking at her with such disreputable eyes ......'.
'You've got some nerve, don't you, Loretta?

Do you want a taste of that?A real erotic look from me?

'One minute, Master Yashiro.'

Natalia, the watchmaker, gives the signal.
The bell rang loudly in time.

'I will not be defeated!I'm not going to lose! ...... Moooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
'What? I'm not going to lose either!...... churun!

The bell rings one minute before the end of the race, and the players make their final spurt.
But there was no more room in their already swollen bellies. ...... In the end, the cake category ended with Nepheli's victory.

'It was a great battle!The winner, Nepheli, showed us a new way to eat cake. He showed us a new way to eat cake, a way worthy of a champion. It's a far cry from the girl from some tavern who skipped her job as a cook and joined the tournament because of the cake.
You're talking about me, aren't you, Loretta?

Paula, who was down from eating too much, woke up and bared her fangs.
I don't know if these two are close or not.

'That was a lot of eating, Nephrite.

That's what Estella said after the game was over.
It's true that he ate a lot more than the others, but I can't deny that the others were too ordinary.

First of all, Delia eats far more sweets than me.


The winner, Nephrite, comes running up to the live seat.

'Hehehe, I won.
'Oh, well, I'd better get going. Mr. Nefari, please play the game.
'Yes, yes. Good luck.'

Since Loretta was going to participate in the adult lunch division, she passed the baton to Nepheli.

Nepheli sits next to me, and Estella and Nepheli are on either side of me.
With me between them, Estella calls out to Nepheli.

'How was it, how do you feel about it?

'Well, it only tasted good at the beginning, and the second half was just painful. ...... I don't want to see Mont Blanc again for a while.

Nepheli rubs his stomach and lets out a chuckle. He really looks like he's in pain.

'It's a long time, forty-five minutes.
'That's the point.

Rather than a fight that can be decided in an instant, a fight that takes time and involves psychological warfare is more interesting to watch. It also creates drama.
The current battle proved this point.
The participants seemed to be getting excited and the audience was shouting a lot.

People are moved by people who are serious.

A first-rate swindler is not necessarily a better talker than anyone else.
A really good swindler is a good mind actor.

--'I'm ...... the first person I've ever felt this comfortable with. ...... I'm having so much fun right now.'
--'What the hell are you doing?If you don't start now, you'll never be able to change!
--'There's a hungry little boy in my house ......'
--'I really want to support your dream. Let's grab your dream together!

The use of joy, sorrow, anger, and emotions to move others to do what you want has been used for a long time.
Humans have a habit of trying to identify with those who are close to them.

It is fun to be with people who say that they enjoy spending time with you.
When someone seriously scolds you for your inadequacy, you feel angry at yourself for not responding to them.
Crying it out is one of the simplest and most popular scam tactics. It's easy to make people feel sorry for you.
Our paths are different, but our futures are the same. It is fun to spend time with such friends. For that time, ...... people pay money, and later regret that it was a scam! And then regret it.

All of these methods are often used in pyramid schemes and painting schemes.

The suspension bridge theory of love, for example, shows how easy it is to mislead people by synchronizing their emotions.

If you spend a long time emotionally rooting for the contestants, people's hearts will naturally overlap and become one. By aiming at the same goal, individual existence is integrated into a larger will.
...... sounds like a shady religious figure, but ......

That's it. It's like a cultural festival.
We prepare together, stay at school until midnight, stay up all night, go shopping, etc. We share a special feeling by doing unusual activities. What awaits them afterwards is a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that is hard to obtain, and those who have experienced it have gone on to have best friends or lovers.
In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, please contact us at .......
As you can see from the above, the people who can work hard to prepare for the festival are the ones who can be fulfilled.

And this contest is the perfect place to create such a sense of unity.

Stores from the forty and forty-two districts are lined up in the forty-first district, and people from the three districts are jammed together. It is a heterogeneous space. A serious game is held there.
The rule is that the losing district must unconditionally accept the winning district's request.

With such favorable conditions, and by doing preparatory work, even if it is forced, as we are doing now, the people of the 41st district, who have become entrenched in a trivial sense of selection, will become a little more unified.

Eliminating the extreme disparity is the quickest way to eliminate conflict.
Of course, it is impossible for everyone to be equal, and if that were the case, there would be no competition and development would stop. That's not my point. What I fear is that the extreme disparity will create the lowest of the lowest who will not have the energy to climb up.

When there is nothing left to lose, people will show no hesitation in taking.
We need to take action before that happens.

Well, eating good food and making a lot of noise is a good way to get rid of your daily frustrations.
Cheer loudly, be happy if he wins, and be disappointed if he loses.
And at the end of the day, if you hear the words, 'This tournament was the best,' the people sweating in the 41st district will feel rewarded.

'Forty-five minutes. Quite dramatic, wasn't it?
'It was pretty dramatic, though, wasn't it?
'That's why the audience is so moved by it.

And now he's saying to Neffery, 'Well done! Good job! and 'Good job!
Hmm, who is it?Who's the one who just said, 'Don't look at Nepheli-chan in an erotic way! Who just said that?Is there anyone other than Percy who's so peculiar? ......

I'm not sure what to do. The adult lunch section is ready.

Natalia reports in.
Natalia's position is that of a director, balancing the whole thing.

'Ginette!Is everything alright over there?
'Yes, yes!I'll do my best!

The kitchen was full of enthusiasm.

'Well, Mr. Yashiro, the commentator. Is there anyone you're interested in?'

Nepheli, for his part, is quickly becoming a real-life commentator.
He must really like this kind of thing. I wonder if he's an aspiring actress.

'Well, let's see how long Bertina and Magda can hold out.
'...... Don't worry.'
'Mm-hmm. I'll be fine. I'll hold out for a quarter of an ounce.
'That's two portions, Sister!

Magda is okay, but ...... Bertina, if you love Ginette, you should listen to me. If you're not, you're not going to know what's going to happen to Ginette's life. ...... sounds like a kidnapper's line, doesn't it?

I'm not the only one.I'm here too!I'm a very popular player!
I'm sure you are, but what do you think, Yashiro?

He waved his hand to show his presence, and Nepheli dutifully picked up his words.
I don't know what I think. ......

'Well, it's normal, right?
'Yeah. I think it's normal too.
'Those two are saying some terrible things!I'm not normal!

I'm not normal!' Loretta replied in a normal way.
I don't get the impression that he's a glutton.
Well, he's more of a show-off than the others, and has the guts to take reckless risks.

'Well, let's keep an eye on how long it takes Loretta to throw up after eating.
'I'm not going to throw up!I don't take food for granted!

No, I don't think that's the point, is it?

'Now, finally, the new specialty of the 42nd district, the lunch for adults, has been brought in front of each player!

The audience shouted, 'Oh! from the audience.
It seems that the level of expectation is quite high.
The markings of the restaurants stuck into the meatballs are eye-catching.

'Come to think of it, the inventor of the idea, YODAMARI-TEI, doesn't have an emblem or a mark for his restaurant, does he?What did you do with it?'

Nephrite asked in a tone of voice like an announcer.
I can't help but wonder where he learns to do that, but since he asked, I'll answer.

'Our specifications are much easier to understand. Here, look at the lunch for adults that Jeannette just brought in.
'Let's see, ......?That's right, I get it!

That seemed to be a genuine surprise.
As Nepheli gazed, and as the eyes of the audience, intrigued by Nepheli's words, focused on him, the flag of the Sunlit Pavilion stood.

On the flag, which does not have the store's emblem, the word "Yojimaritei" is written in large letters across the flag.
The colors are black and white with strong brush strokes as if drawn with a brush, but the result is quite impressive.
Although familiar in Japan, "signboards with store names" are not so common in the world over here. This will be quite conspicuous.

Incidentally, these flags - as well as the flag of the children's lunch - are made by me carving a piece of wood into a stamp. If you soak it with ink and press it on a piece of paper, it becomes a flag.

'Oh, I think I want that flag ......'.

Nephrite's casual muttering is what we're after.
You want a flag?Then buy it and eat it!
If you want to buy one, go to the food court in District 41 or any of the stores in District 42.

The menu includes hamburgers, fried shrimp, hexenbiest sausages, meatballs, ...... salad, and many more.

Announcer Neffery looks over the materials and gives his impressions.

'Fried shrimp is Yashiro's idea, right?
'It's something that's eaten in my hometown. I didn't come up with it.'
'I've never had them.

Of course not.
I just recently taught it to a restaurant that serves shrimp.
After all, bread is a luxury food in this city. The idea of using bread crumbs is unheard of.
But bread crumbs can be used even for hard black bread. The batter was a little tough, but the shrimp turned out to be firm and crunchy. It was delicious.

'What do you serve from the Sunda-mari-tei?
'From us, it's grilled salmon and Napolitan.'
'That red pasta.'
'What?There's more than just meat sauce and tomato sauce in the pasta at the Sunlit Pavilion!
'I taught it to Jeannette last night, and we're going to show it off for the first time today.
'Wow, I wish I could have eaten that!

The fashionable girl, Nepheli, is very fond of pasta.
She must have wanted to eat the latest pasta before anyone else. She looks very disappointed.
...... So, did she also sip on the Mont Blanc?Is that too much to ask?

I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but I'm sure you've heard of it. I'm sure you'll agree that it's a great idea.
We couldn't drop the grilled salmon because of what happened with Delia. We are the only ones who deal in salmon. Delia has always been a good friend of mine, and I wanted to help her improve the status of river fish.

'Yashiro...... hard. I ...... am getting hungry.'

Nepheli, who had eaten a lot of cake and looked distressed, rumbled when he saw the adults' lunch.
It's funny you guys have separate stomachs.

'We're ready, sir.

With a signal from Natalia, it was time to begin the adult lunch category of the gluttony competition.
The bell rang loudly, and the participants began to bite into the food in front of them.
...... Bertina finished her first plate before anyone else.
Ginette's complexion is turning pale.
If you eat three plates, I'll force you to quit.

'There are a lot of players showing off their amazing eating skills. They're all fired up!

The fists are clenched, and Nephrite's play-by-play is enthusiastic.
The audience cheered, and the competition became very exciting.
There were those who flew at a light pace, those who kept their own pace, and those who were too conscious of the other competitors and got carried away. ......

There is one thing that all the competitors have in common.

'Oh, man!Seriously!

They all look delicious.
I also tasted it, and I can confidently recommend it as a high standard dish.

'As the person who invented it, I can't lose!

Loretta is fighting hard with a strange pride.
Best of all, she's eating it like it's good. Good point.

If there's an extra slot, I'll put him in. It might be a good advertisement if we put him in at the turn of the cuisine of District 42.

Hey, Yashiro. Imelda's participating too.''
'...... I wonder what she's doing, she's not allowed to participate in the gluttony contest due to her position.'

Among the participants was Imelda, who was eating elegantly while holding her blonde hair with one hand.
His position makes it difficult for him to represent the 42nd district,......, but his family members are influential figures in the 40th district. I'm sure I've told him that I won't select him to represent the 42nd district because I don't want him to be suspected of any shady dealings or manipulations. ...... Well, at least the selection committee is good.

'You're not going to win at all, are you?

Imelda gobbled up the sausage, which she had cut into small pieces to fit in her tiny mouth, with great grace.
'Oh, that's quite something,' she said, holding her mouth in her hands and rolling her eyes. ...... It looks like she's just eating a normal meal.

'I don't think you need to pay any attention to it.

I'm with Estella on this one.
Let's just leave her alone and leave her when she's full.

'Also, Regina is joining us.
'Where is she?

Someone more surprising than Imelda has come out.
Estella and I stare at where Nephrite is pointing.

'I can't ...... eat if people are watching me ......'.

Regina ducked under the table to avoid the gaze of the crowd and didn't touch her food at all.
...... What the hell is he doing out here? No, seriously.

...... forced them to.
'You can still go, okay?
'I would like to discuss the significance of experiencing ...... forty-five minutes.'
'What the heck, I'm not done yet!
However, those who ...... eat three plates of food before the others have even started the second plate should be asked to leave.
I think it's enough for you guys to do it on the spot.

After that, Umaro also finished one plate and retired, saying, 'I'm moderate today.
Well, this is what Umaro looks like when he is not under the influence of magda. He should be awakened, that's all.

The selection committee will continue with the rest of the team.
Let's see what kind of drama ...... will be created in the next forty-five minutes!

It's been forty-three minutes at .......

'I can't eat anymore.
'That was delicious.
'Let's go eat again.
'Can I have this flag?No, my son is... ......'

All of them stopped eating as soon as their stomachs were full.
This is just a normal lunch!This is no time to be talking about how delicious it is to eat outdoors!

'If this is the case, we shouldn't have let Bertina and the others retire.
'Then the top three would have eaten well, and the cooks could have practiced.

The cooks showed a relaxed expression.
Because after twenty minutes, there were hardly any more orders.
At any rate, Loretta is still eating, but ...... well, it's not something to be seen.

'Cantalcica's sausages are great when you're ...... hungry, but when you're full, they're awful and sticky like ...... the sign girl.... ...'
'Hey, Loretta!You're talking about me, right?

I'm barely eating.
That's the level.

'Maybe it was a failure as a selection committee.'
'It's not a failure, it's a complete failure.

I stand corrected on Estella's naive assessment.
There's no way we can choose who will fill the other two spots.

'Well, you don't have to declare it in advance, so you can just wait and see what happens.
'Well, even if I don't win ...... in the top three, I'm going to use Umaro to decide.

It doesn't matter if it's Loretta, Nepheli or Paula.

'Well, this time, .......'
'Well, I've found out that it's good for adult lunches, so that's good.
'That was a flashy advertisement, ......'

In the end, it turned out to be the unveiling of the new menu for the 42nd district.
Oh well.

The bell rings loudly, and the forty-five minutes of fierce fighting comes to an end.
...... It was a very slow battle.
I hope you will think about how to pace yourself so that you don't have to do this in the real fight.

I'm not sure what to say.I've eaten the most!

The winner was Loretta, who had eaten six dishes, a record that was great by normal standards, but not so great in terms of gluttony.
Hmmm ......, that's what I thought.
Whenever Loretta is involved, it's like this: ......

'It's normal.
'It's terrible!I've worked so hard!

The other two slots will be selected based on the situation.