331-Episode 243 Destroy the majority vote.

'Come on. Let's start the majority vote.

With my voice, an unpleasant atmosphere spreads throughout the room.
Tension and disgust.
A nice mix of tension and disgust, each one wary of the other.

'Can someone clear the desks, please?And get a desk for me, please. Here, I'm the chairman.'

The silver-haired, E-cup head waiter, with a scornful expression on his face, motioned to the waiters.
They quickly rushed over to clean up the overturned tables, dirty cloths, and spilled drinks, and replaced them with clean ones.

And it was the head waiter himself who brought the table in front of me.

'Thank you. What's your name?'
'I'm not obliged to answer .......'
'You have a right to ask, don't you?'

Sharp eyes stared at me in silence.

'Let's take a majority vote, shall we?Should I tell you my name or not?'
'Please don't be foolish. A majority vote is a sacred ritual.

What are you talking about?
It's just a tool to fool each other.

'............ Inez.'

'Master Yashiro'.

Immediately after I saw Ines off, Natalia and Gilberta quietly approached me.

'It's Natalia.'
'I know, but...?
'Gilberta, I am.'
'That's why I know you!

What are you competing with me for?

'I understand your desire to memorize the name of a woman with large breasts, but'
'It's not like that!
''Deborah, the head waiter of the 23rd district, by the way.
'So, I'm not collecting names of big tits or anything!

Unexpectedly, I even got the name of the brown D-cup head waiter.
I didn't mean to get it.

'I just wanted to know how the majority vote feels.

The voice of the people.
This majority rule by the lords. I was wondering what the others thought.
Suppose, here, I convinced the lords to accept my terms.
In that case, if the people around me had the feeling that 'majority rule is stupid', there was a possibility that the lords would be displeased with me, and the lords would surrender.
It is also possible that the lord will not accept our conditions, even if he has to.

Inez said. 'Majority rule is a sacred ritual'.
If that's the way the people feel about majority rule, there will be an atmosphere of 'if it's decided by majority vote, then it can't be helped'.

If the people's consciousness is toward 'nonsense', I was thinking of leading them to the direction of 'for the people', 'what the people want', 'only you lords can lead the people', but if not, it is easy to talk.
If the people accept majority rule as sacred, then all you have to do is to seduce the lord.
All you have to do is to confront them with a tangible gain or loss. No need to appeal to the heart. It's a very dry business.

This one's easy to do.

'Well, are we ready to go?

Thanks to the work of Inez and the others, the conference room was back to normal.
Now, let's start with a quick check.

'Just to confirm, based on the majority vote we just took, the people who can't participate in the majority vote this time are Donnis, Tracy, and Gerrardy, correct?

Donnis sniffed, but the others did not open their mouths.
Gerrardsy is staring at me with a scary look on his face.
Don't be so sullen. I'll make sure you get your turn.

You still have a lot of dancing to do.

'Hey, you guys. Think of me as a BU.'

He turned to the other lords, who had said nothing.
The four lords of districts 23, 25, 26, and 28.
If you think it's someone else's problem, you'll be trapped.

'I've been chosen as the chairman by a fair method...'

The lord of District 23 wrinkled his brow in an obvious manner.

''Are you guys sure the four of you are enough?

He spread out his arms like a demon king.
With a fearless smile on his face.

'You can beat me with four people. ...... Do you really think so?

Four against one.
If it were a majority vote, you'd have an absolute advantage.
But I'm the chairman. I'm not in a position to cast a vote.

The one who controls the place.

'I'm going to ask you one more time, think it over. ............ Are you sure the four of you are okay with this?

With a gulp, the Lord of District 28 swallowed his spit.
Isn't it possible that even the small victories he was trying to secure are in jeopardy?He must be under such duress.

'Without the old-timer Donis, the tantrum princess Tracy ...... and the current leader Gerasie, who is in charge of the ............ 'really' only four of us, Are you sure?

He speaks with emphasis in places.
No particular meaning.
Perhaps, if the four of us agree, there will be no problem.
But the unidentified confidence of a mysterious man with an unintelligible thought process is frightening anyway.
And now, without Gerasie and Donis, who had always kept the place in check, there was nothing left for them to do.

There is no one among them who can say with confidence that they can win a four-on-one match.
Even the lords of the 23rd district slur their words at the last moment.

Another stubborn old man on the level of Donnis would've been a problem, though.

The Lord of District 25 shakes his body restlessly and begins to glance at the Donnis next to him.
All right, I've got him.

'No response means it's okay. Let's start the majority vote.
'Oh, ......!

When the lord of the 25th district turned his head to the side, I summarized the conversation. And then, unintentionally, the Lord of District 25 shouted out.
When you can't make up your mind, and you're suddenly shut down, you can't help but let out a squeak.
This is especially true if you are an indecisive man like the lord of the 25th district, who cannot say what he wants to say clearly.

'...... What is it?Do you have an opinion?'

But I don't miss those short words. I never let it go.
The fact that he had raised his voice prevented the Lord of the 25th district from ignoring it.
You can't say 'it's nothing' when all eyes are on you.
If he said such a thing, he would be told, 'If you don't have an opinion, you should leave. If you don't have an opinion, you should leave, and we'll have an odd number. He must have a sense of crisis to that extent. I want to believe that .......

'Oh, no, .......'
'If you don't have any particular opinions, there are currently four of us, an even number, and the other one is ...... in District 25.'
'No, wait!'

I hurriedly interrupted my words.
Good, good, good. He seemed to be aware of the danger. It's not like he's that much of an idiot.

'There is ...... an opinion. Just, ...... wait a minute.'

The lord of the 25th district raised and lowered his shoulders with a stern face.
You may want to hide the fact that you are taking a deep breath, or you may want to repeat the breath with a very thin breath. ...... It's obvious.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand. ...... ...... Excuse me.

As soon as he began to speak, his voice turned upside down, and the lord of the 25th district said no, and then drank some water.
After taking a breath, he opened his mouth again.
He spoke slowly, confirming one word at a time.

'Now that the chairman has changed, I think it might be a good idea to start all over again. ...... I think it might be a good idea to start all over again. ...... I think it might be a good idea to start all over again. ...... I think it might be a good idea to start all over again.

In the end, in order not to blame myself, I asked the people around me to agree.
It's no different than the young man who came to Mahr's office for an interview. As soon as they start talking in their own words, they are eager to pretend that they are not responsible. And then they follow suit, right?

'So you're saying that we should reorder the process so that all the lords can participate in the majority vote, instead of referring to individuals like Donnis and Tracy and discussing and deciding whether they can be trusted or not?
'Yes, that's right. We don't have time for this either. We don't want to take up any more of your time with off-topic stuff,......, guys.

You got away with a bit at the end, you lunkhead.
You're just too lazy to do anything about it because you don't want to get in trouble again if you start questioning the credibility of each and every one of them.

'As for me, I was thinking of having each of you stand up in front of me and tell me what kind of relationship you have with me, what kind of conversations you've had, and so on, and then only those I can trust will be allowed to participate.
'This is taking too long!And ...... your talk is annoying.

That's a lot of talk for a commoner.

'A lousy lord.
What did you say?Say it again!
'A cowardly monster...
'You've changed!
'Don't get pissed. That's the kind of man he is.

Next to him, Donnis is admonishing the Lord of District 25.
I just told him to say it again with a little twist.
You know what?When a popular product is re-released, there's usually an extra arrangement added. The cost is reduced under the excuse of 'due to popular demand, we've made it possible for more customers to enjoy it'.
I'm just taking advantage of it. I didn't do anything to get angry. No, you didn't.

'Donnis. Are you okay with that?'

Why are you asking me? You're the chairman. Decide for yourself.'
'Don't be so sure, I'm new at this. Hey, Gellarcy?
'Don't talk to me. It makes me uncomfortable.'
'Well, ...... Sallacy.'
'It's Tracy!That's very rude!

No, I can't help it, the image of Sarashi is ......
And then, for a moment, Gellarcy had a faint reaction like, 'You mean me? I didn't miss Gerrardsy's faint reaction of 'is that me? He twitched. Pfft.

However, none of my acquaintances have given me any advice. ...... Well, I've created an atmosphere of suspicion when I give advice. Of course.

So, Yashiro, who's in trouble, takes a majority vote with a bit of a throwaway, 'I don't know what's going on ......' attitude.
Then, wonder of wonders, ......, Yashiro's wish will come true.


Because all the people here are 'superior' to me.
That's what they think, whether it's true or not.
The superior people who can afford it won't be alarmed by the inferior people's throwaway behavior.
When the guard is down, the human mind is caught off guard.

Let me make this clear.
No matter what the situation, no matter how many times you have been deceived, no matter how suspicious you are, you will let your guard down as soon as you find the slightest margin.
Those who have sworn to never be deceived again immediately after being scammed are more likely to fall for the scam.
When you see a celebrity who falls for a variety show over and over again, you may wonder, 'Why do they fall for it? You may wonder, 'Why do they fall for it? But that is the nature of human beings.

Humans cannot endure the tension of vigilance for very long.
One hour at most. However, if a person remains tense for an hour, he will be exhausted both mentally and physically. We cannot even think normally.
Normally, tension is broken after only a few dozen minutes.

It is triggered by a mistake, a weakened face, or a troubled look on the face of a person you have been watching out for.

So, when I make this face and set a trap--

So, if you think it's okay to do as the lord of the 25th district said, raise your hand.

--That's how they fell for it.

There were four people who raised their hands.
All but Donnis, Tracy, and Gerrardsy, 'the three who are currently unable to participate in the majority vote', raised their hands.

'I'm going to ask you guys a question too, what do you think?

'I'll ask Donnis and the others,

'I agree with the idea that we need to start over.

Gerrardsy quietly raised his hand.
Tracy raised her hand, followed by Donnis, who did not.

'Abstain. I'm not going to participate until I'm eligible again.'

He's a stubborn old man.

'So, six yes votes and one abstention. ......'

I turned around and smiled at Estella and the others.

'We'll have a majority vote with the nine 'lords' present!
'What do you mean!
'You're talking about the wrong thing!

The BU's stood up and started screaming.
Tracy is in a panic, and Gerrardsy looks like he's on the verge of facial art.
Donnis is sitting there with a look of '...... I see what you mean' on his face.

'You can't let the lords of the outer districts participate in the BU's sacred majority rule!
'No, no, no. You guys decided unanimously that all the lords should participate.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to.

I'm not sure what you mean by "re-partitioning", you mean that instead of referring to individuals like Donnis and Tracy and discussing whether or not they can be trusted one by one, you want to have all the lords participate in a majority vote?
It's a good idea. We don't have time for this either. We don't want to take up any more of your time with off-topic stuff,......, guys.

You can find a lot more information on the web at the link below.

You can find a lot of people who are looking for the best way to get the most out of their lives.
'No, ...... that's not what I meant by .............'
'Did you answer?
'I answered .................., but'
'Next, look here.'

In the event that you've got any questions, you'll be able to contact me at any time.

It's a bit of a pain in the ass, so if you think it's okay to do what the 25th district lord said, raise your hand.

So the majority vote was taken as the chairman said, and the motion was approved by a majority vote. What room for objection is there in ...... this, the BU members?

No one could argue with Lucia's words.
That's impressive. That's quite an attitude to have in front of seven lords.
I'm glad you're on our side for once. Your mere presence makes it easier for me to set the pace.

The words of an upstanding person add credibility to the story.

'Well, don't think so deeply. Even if I made a proposal that was disadvantageous to you, you could reject it by seven to two.
'But ......'

Gellarcy glanced at Donnis.
Donnis, who had just chosen to abstain. It's not as if he's feeling the pain of being the only one to act differently.
It is precisely because of Donnis that Gerrardsy is concerned.
'He might betray us.
And of course, Tracy.

'You know. Even if Donnis and Tracy betray us, it's still five to four. It's not a pathetic situation to be in. But if ...... you betray us, it'll be four against five.'
'Who the ...... hell is that?.................. Hey. Get on with it.

'Who's going to betray us,' ...... he almost said, realizing that he felt the same way about Donnis and Tracy. Gellarcy stopped speaking, clicked his tongue hatefully, and turned away.

And when Gerasie stopped speaking, it became difficult for the others to speak up.
If I say anything, I'll be taken in by Obayashi. Or they'd say something unnecessary.
No one likes to have their belly probed when it doesn't hurt.
It's better to keep quiet and not poke a snake out of a bush. --He's probably thinking.

It's safer, safer, safer, safer to let the majority decide.
That's what a person who understands common sense would think.

'Well then, let's get started. Let's have a fair and pleasant majority vote.

With everyone in the room paying attention, I announce in a high-pitched voice.
It would be uplifting if we could get some applause going here, but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be anyone in this place with that kind of flair.

'Estella, Lucia. Are you aware of the sanctions from BU?'
'...... Well, yeah.'
'Me too. I've been reading a long list of them in a very large letter that was sent to me without my permission.'

The details of the sanctions against the 42nd and 35th districts have already been announced in the letter.
I'm not going to go into the details, but a considerable amount of money is being demanded from Ward 35, and an even more unbelievable amount of money is being demanded from Ward 42.

This is an amount that cannot be taken lightly.
Probably, they are trying to make the issue of the talks to be 'reduction' by imposing an exorbitant amount of compensation.
They are planning to end the talks with only a few concessions while threatening that the compensation will increase and the sanctions will become more severe the more they protest.
This is a common practice of Japanese lawyers. It's a way to find a compromise.

But such concessions won't suffice in this case.
We're not at fault at all.
If we drink this stuff, we'll be called out on it every time.

We will fight them tooth and nail.
Estella and I are in agreement on that.

'Before the majority vote, Estella and Lucia, if you have anything to say, you can say it.
'There is no time for that in a BU majority vote!

Gerasie retorts, but is quickly silenced.

'I'm the chairman. Keep your mouth shut. If you can't, you can leave the room.'
'...... Tsk.'
'If you have a problem with that, tell it to the person who elected me as chairman. There are seven of us, including you, so it could be anyone. Give him a big complaint.'
'.................., if you're going to do it, do it quickly.

If you want to get the upper hand, don't go against the leader.
If I declare that I'm abandoning the majority vote, you won't even be able to take a majority vote, okay?
I don't think you understand.

Perhaps because of my response to Guerraxi, no one came out to defend him. No follow-up. I guess that means we can move on.

'Okay, Estella first.

My table in the center of the conference room, facing the seven lords of BU.
I stepped back from it and Estella took my place.
I say what I want to say to the Seven Lords.

'If you want this to go peacefully, you must realize that you must withdraw from this matter as soon as possible.

The room buzzes.

'We have no intention of wasting any more time, nor of overlooking your reckless and shameless provocations. In the future, if you continue to spew out more delusions, each of us will have to prepare ourselves for the disappearance of this foolish organization that barely survives on vague and thin connections.
'What do you think you're doing?

Estella responded in a quiet voice to Gerasie who stood up.

'What, sir?
'How dare you talk to me like that!Isn't that too rude!

Then, with a small hateful smile, he spits out a sarcastic remark.

'So you're aware that the insolence you showed to us at the beginning of the meeting was rude. Then, did you do it on purpose?What do you mean by rude?
'You ......!

Oh, yes.
Estella was like this, wasn't she?
She used to swear at me like this all the time in the beginning.
It brings back memories, somehow.

But a good looking gentleman like me who has a lot of time on his hands and a little guy like Gerasie who's too busy with the immediate future can't afford to let that kind of sarcasm go.

'Don't get carried away!Don't think that a lord of the outer districts can compete with us, the lords of BU!You're too arrogant!

In particular, those who are aware that they themselves are being defeated are quick to get pissed off like this.

'I see. ......'

In the event that you've got a lot more than one, you'll be able to get a lot more.

'I'll take that as a declaration of war. --I'll have no mercy on you.'

With that, Estella gives up her seat to Lucia.
There is still more to be said, but she seems to be stepping back.

I just told her to say, "Don't regret selling your fight to me," in a gerarcy tone.
Estella must've been very upset.
She put a lot of thought into the lines I gave her.

Lucia then stands in front of the Seven Lords.
I told her to be concise, to look up and provoke--

'I won't say anything bad. I suggest you apologize quickly.'

--That's too concise. It's brilliant in a way. In a way, it's brilliant. You've managed to piss me off in such a short time.

'Nonsense!It's a waste of time!Mr. Speaker, let's have a majority vote!

Gerasie, who had no tolerance for stirring, reached her limit and started screaming.
Donnis looks at Gerasie with a bitter face. It's obvious he's dragging his feet, this guy.

'Don't you want to hear it?
'I don't care!
'You're going to decide without a majority vote?
'I don't want another farce!I'm sure that's what everyone is thinking!Right?

Gerasie called out to the surrounding lords, but there was not a single reply.

'Look at that. That's our consensus.'

Gerrard, who interpreted the silence as he saw fit, stood tall.
Then I'll keep my mouth shut.
Donnis and Tracy turned away when they saw what you did.
That the other lords are going to stay out of this.
That they were going to put all the blame on Guerraxi if something went wrong.

'I had something more important to tell you. ...... I'm sorry, Miss Lucia.'
'Oh. Something you'll wish you'd listened to.'

Estella and Lucia's conversation is interrupted by the sound of Geraci punching the table.
I think Gerasie's blood vessels are about to break, so we'll move on to majority rule.

...... Oh, no. Poor thing.

'So, those of you who think that we should impose sanctions and demand compensation for this incident, raise your hands.

At my words, five lords raise their hands.
All five except Donnis and Tracy.

Tracy, however, lifts her hand to the halfway point and seems to be pondering whether to raise it or not.

'Tracy. Which one are you, that one?Make it clear.'
'I know ......, I know .............'
'Why don't you think about what's in your best interest?'

When I said that, ...... Tracy raised her hand with a look of surprise on her face.
The vote was now six in favor.

'Hmm!I knew you'd turn, Donis Donati!If you're going to take such a stand, even though it's obvious, we should consider redistributing or eliminating the tolls and bean tax revenue!
'That's a bit premature, potty-mouth boy. I didn't say I was against it.
'Are you going to abstain again?If you're not going to participate seriously, you might as well walk away from this right now!
'That's for the chairman to decide, not you, isn't it?Hmm?
'.................., you old bastard.'

Gerasie spat hatefully.
'It's Donnis who doesn't ...... go through that abuse lightly, isn't it?

'But the idea of removing the tax revenue is interesting. Let's see what we can do. I'll do whatever you want me to do.

Soybean profits are a big part of BU. If we make an enemy of Donnis, the very survival of BU is at stake.
Donnis is right. You were too hasty, Gellarcy. You don't pick a fight with no chance of winning, that one hair.

Maybe he's onto us.
He knows I've been waiting for this ...... outcome.
I've been waiting with baited breath for the sanctions to be passed by a majority.

'A majority, or ......'.

Gerrardsy looked pleased when I expressed my disappointment in plain English.
If it was Loretta, she would be cute and worth tinkering with. ...... If it was Geraci, she would just be pathetic.

I'm not sure what to do.
'I suppose we have no choice.'
'Ah. You ruined an opportunity with your own hands, you can't complain about it later.

The faces of the lords who were basking in the afterglow of their victory became tense.
The air, which had been on the verge of loosening, became tense again.

'So, let's immediately start making arrangements for it to go into effect tomorrow.
'I'd like to start construction right away as well.

Estella and Lucia called their respective waiters and began to write something on the paper that was presented to them.
I have a few words of advice for the Seven Lords who are biting their tongues, unable to comprehend the situation.

'I tried to warn them, you know. They're risking their lives for this meeting, and they're not joking or drunk. But ...... you guys won't listen to me. I can't help it, can I?

In the event you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find out more about it here.
And then, in a clerical voice that shows no emotion whatsoever, they give notice.

In the event you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site. The contents are available at ...... Oh, I'm not allowed to talk about it?I'll let you know in writing later. Oh, that's okay. We don't intend to ask you to do anything.
'How dare you. We're on our own. You just don't have to worry about it.

The room was buzzing.
Not only the lord, but also the soldiers guarding the room and the head waiter, who had to remain calm, gulped.

'Then let's go home. Jashiro.
'Hmm. Negotiations have broken down. It's a shame, ......, but it can't be helped.'

It was Gerrardy, after all, who gave the go-ahead.
He stood up and stopped Estella and Lucia, who had left their seats to leave.
You have no choice but to call them off, don't you, when you're being pressured like that by your fellow lords from both sides.

You can feel it even though you're not talking.
'You didn't let them talk, so take the blame' is the sentiment.

'What do you mean by retaliation?
'Can I talk to you at ............?'
'I said talk!

With her engine running, Estella was alive.
'What?Do you think you're in a position to give orders?' You're in a position to give orders? ...... scary~. I don't want to make an enemy!

I'm not sure what to say.

It was Donnis who spoke up.
Only Donnis, who didn't raise his hand in favor of the majority vote earlier, has the right to speak now.
Donnis is a tough one. He knows exactly what he's doing.
If it's such an obvious trap, he'll see through it and take precautions.

'I don't think what you two are saying is desperation or shallow rhetoric. Hopefully, you'll tell us what you mean by retaliation.

Donnis offers an apology.
But the apology is for Gellarcy's rudeness.
In other words, Donnis apologized on behalf of Guerraxi, and Guerraxi took the blame. Donnis suffered no damage.
She's like an old lady who apologizes, 'I'm sorry, my idiot, ......'. 'It's not my fault, but I'll apologize on this idiot's behalf.

Gerasie's face turned red when Donnis said that.
But there's no way he can argue with that.
All the blame goes to Gellarcy.

'Then let's talk.
'With all due respect to DD.

Estella and Lucia stand in front of the Seven Lords with an attitude of 'I'll talk to you'.
Then, holding the bundle of documents they had just signed here, they told them the contents of the documents.

'This is a permission slip to the relevant authorities.
'If you send this, retaliation will take place and it will never stop again.

That's what I call a go signal.

There's a bunch of them waiting for that permit. Especially, the corporate bastards of District 42 are waiting for it.

'If any unjust sanctions are applied to District 42, ......'

Estella says with a serious expression as she catches the gaze of the seven lords.
Without a single joke or mercy, she said firmly.

''I'm going to break down the cliff and build a passage to the 30th district.

The ones who raised their voices were District Twenty-Three and Gerasie.

District 30 had the largest city gates in Allbloom.
People who entered the city from there would have to pass through District Twenty-three or District Twenty-nine to enter the city. Most people pass through the BU once to get to the outer wards below the cliffs, such as District Forty-two.
We'll take it from there.

'It's going to be a financial hardship for us. I'm going to build a road with no toll, to keep some logistics in place. I'm sure some of it will flow in.'
'Do you really think you can get away with such an absurd idea?

The one who was shouting with blue streaks was the lord of District 23.
The toll tax, which has been almost monopolized until now, will be dispersed. It may not be a fatal blow, but it will be a blow.
In addition, because of the trouble that Gerasie's idiot had with Donnis, there is a possibility that there will be talk of revising the toll tax and the legume concession.
I can't even imagine what kind of disadvantages a negative outcome here could create.

'You're the one who pushed through the recklessness, aren't you?Did the fireworks stop the rain from falling?...... If any of you really believe that, can you declare it here and now?I'm sure you've heard of it.

'I swear by the Spirit God' is a threat with a slightly stronger tone than 'I'll turn you into a frog if you lie'. It means, "Since it can't be a lie, you won't refuse the 'judgment of the spirits', will you?That's what it means.

Of course. Nobody's talking.
Everyone knows it's impossible.
It's just a question of 'prove it' with a roundabout pressure, in accordance with an abominable custom among the nobility.

'The hunting and lumberjack guilds would be more profitable if they could export without paying tolls. I talked to them about it, and they were all for it.
'No, that's not ...... allowed.'

Gerrardsy says in a mumble.
You're being very reluctant. That's how good a toll tax can be.

But that's not all. We're prepared to retaliate.

'If you attempt any mischief in the 35th district, we'll impose a tax on everything landed in our ports. Taxes will be imposed on goods exported, and taxes will be imposed on goods entering the BU. I wonder how the peddlers guild will react?
'You can't do this, sir, you can't do that!

The lord of the 25th district stood up with a pale face.
As if caught in the moment, the lord of District 26 also stood up.

'Or does processed food have nothing to do with it?They're processed after they're landed!
'We're also going to charge a large tax when we move to District 36. The production will naturally drop drastically.
'Stupid ......!What are you going to do about exporting to the Central District?It's not only the people in the outer districts that need processed seafood!
'I don't care. My district is only forced to take such measures to make up for the unfair losses inflicted on us. The rest is for each district's lord to consider.

If the ports of the 35th district are rendered unusable, it will be a considerable blow to the neighboring 25th district and the 26th district that relies on the distribution of processed marine products.
The lords of District 25 would have no time to worry about Donnis' face, and the lords of District 26 would be dealt a blow so severe that they would not be able to remain opportunistic.

However, if the 35th district imposed restrictions on the port, the other port, the 37th district, would be enriched.
And also the 27 wards adjacent to the 37 wards.

'As far as I'm concerned, I'm rather happy about it.

Tracy said with ease.
It's a chance to take away all the benefits that District 25 has gained so far.
Come on, Tracey. Work for your own good. All right?Think only of your own interests.

''But if it's a port in the 37th district ......, will the materials be gathered in the 36th district, where the processing industry is well-established, and will the distribution to our 26th district be secured .........? ...'

The lord of the 26th district mumbled out the pattern of the simulation in his brain.
He seems to be unaware that he is talking to himself, as if getting older makes various things less coherent.
Donnis is older than me, but he's a slovenly old man.

'Oh, that's right. I'll build a port in the forty-second district as well.

The faces of the lords of the 26th district and Tracy, who had been rejoicing, tightened.
Just when they thought they could take advantage of the benefits of the port, a check comes from the day after tomorrow. It's no wonder they stopped thinking.

'We've obtained permission from the Sea Fishing Guild, and with the full cooperation of the Woodcutter's Guild and the Hunting Guild, we've decided to build a port in District 42. We've also surveyed the waterways, and we expect to be up and running by the end of the year at the earliest.
'Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute, Estella-sama!

Tracy runs up to Estella as if to plead.

'Port to ...... forty-two districts?'
'Yes, it is.'
'............Seriously, sir?'
'Of course.'
'And, but!If another route to the 30th district is created, and not only the lumberjacks and hunting guilds, but even the sea fishing guilds choose to take the route through the 42nd district, ............'

The distribution route, which used to be a large detour due to the cliffs, will start to go around only the lower half of All Bloom.
The income of the twenty-seven districts that existed at the end of the detour route will be drastically reduced.
This is because it is more profitable to sell foodstuffs and materials gathered in the Forty-second Ward to peddlers from the outside than to send them to the outer districts.

'The distribution of foodstuffs will be stagnant in the districts north of the Forty District. If that were to happen, ......'
'Miss Tracy.'

Estella put a gentle hand on Tracy's shoulder as she turned pale from imagining the horrible future.
Tracy looks a little relieved at that.
She would never have imagined that her next words would be something like this.

'I don't know about that.

The words that completely threw her off.
The smile on Estella's face clearly says, 'Because you are the enemy, aren't you? It's written on her face.
This is very hard on Tracy.

Of course, Tracy is not the only one who is troubled by the destruction of the distribution network.

It's not only Tracy who suffers from the messed up distribution network, of course, but also District 26, District 23, and District 29.
District 28, which had been a transit point for meat and lumber distribution thanks to District 27, might also be affected to some extent.

In other words, if the 42nd and 35th districts were to be sanctioned, it would be the BU that would lose out.
Of course, this is a double-edged sword for the 42nd and 35th wards as well.
The 35th district will lose a lot of profit from the port, and the 42nd district is in danger of being seen as hostile by the 30th district and all other districts.


But that's okay, because even if that happens, we'll destroy BU, we've concluded.
In this chicken race, BU will undoubtedly be the first to raise its voice.
Let them cut the bones and crush the heart.
That's how it works.

'It's not just a threat, sir. If you want, you can have a look at this document.

Estella and Lucia put the bundle of papers in their hands on the table.
It's a genuine permit for the construction and the introduction of the new system.
Once this is issued, everything that Estella and Lucia have just said will come true. I put my lord's signature on it right here and now. There is no lie.

'If I die, it's not ......, is it?'
'Yes, it is. I'll die after I've seen you all die.'

Estella and Lucia are serious.
That's how determined they are.

The BU's who had been relying on distribution are starting to get nervous.
But there are those who are smiling in the midst of it all.

For example, ...... Donis.

'If we don't get any more tolls than before, we won't be able to return the profits from the beans to the BUs.
'Aha!You're betraying me, Donis Donati!

Gerrardsy sweats strangely.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
If Donnis abandons him here, and the soybean profits are lost, BU will truly collapse.

However, taking one look at Gelercy's face, Donis snorted.

'Hmph!I don't even want to hear the word 'betray' from you. You're the one who planned to get rid of me and Ms. McCurry, and you're the one who even said that we should review our mutual interests!You're the one who planned to get rid of me and Ms. McCurry, and you're the one who even said you'd review our mutual interests! How dare you treat us like traitors now?
'...... gghh'

He bit his lip and lowered his gaze.
It seems I've been completely outdone. I can't argue with that.

'Well, calm down, Mr. Erin.'

The lord of the 23rd district calls out to the depressed Gelercy.

'Isn't that good? Impose sanctions.
'But ......!
'If a port is built in District Forty-two, a new distribution system will be created from there. The passage from the 30th district, which takes away our toll tax, will bring in distribution from the sea.
'...... ah'
'Then it is possible to think of it as plus or minus zero .......'
'............I see.'

The blood comes back to Gerrardsy's face, but only faintly.
The possibility that a loophole that takes away profits will create new profits. It's a good thing you're the lord of the 23rd district to realize that.
If you can think that far ahead, you're ...... up to snuff.
You're finally ready to be my opponent. Gerrardsey is a failure. At best, you should listen to the other lords around you and find your place.

'You're annoying.
'Oh, it's not nice.

Estella and Lucia muttered 'inaudibly' as they watched the noisy lords.
Haha. Even though I'm making you do it,......, you guys actually like this kind of thing, don't you?

The conference room is in an uproar as Estella and Lucia fight back.
Each of them must be reconfirming their respective positions.

The 23rd and 29th districts will suffer losses if a new passage connecting the 30th and 42nd districts is built, but if a port is built in the 42nd district, the profits will be even.
No, if you take into account the seafood, lumber, and meat from the hunting guild, the profit might go up.

District 24. In Donis, if the distribution is hit hard, the rule of 'sharing the profit of beans in return for allocating the toll tax' in BU will be broken, so you can produce as much soybeans as you want in your own district and increase your profit.

These three districts will benefit from the sanctions imposed on the 42nd and 35th districts.

On the contrary, the 25 and 26 districts cannot offend the 35 districts because of their economic structure that is quite dependent on the 35 districts' ports. If the port in District 35 is banned, it will be a matter of life and death.
Even if a port is built in District 42, it can maintain its function as the main port as long as the port in District 35 remains intact.
Therefore, these two districts do not want to impose sanctions on the 35th district.

More interesting is the 27th district. In Tracy's district, if the 35th district bans the port, the 37th district's port nearby will be revitalized, and the benefits will be greater.
However, we don't want to impose sanctions on District 42 because if it builds a port and creates a path to District 30, it will be kicked out of the distribution network.

Similarly, District 28, which lives off the distribution from the outer districts below the cliff, can be said to share the same fate as District 27.

Now, it's time to go.

I'll clap my hands loudly to get everyone's attention.
Thinking time is over. Have you thought this through?

'Majority rules.'

The air freezes.
There are a few of us who still don't fully understand the situation, so I kindly explain it to them.

'It has been decided by the majority vote that 'sanctions will be imposed'. So, the next step is to decide where to impose the sanction.

There was a buzz in the room.
A nervous voice with a hint of anticipation leaks out.

Everyone has a definite answer.
They're just waiting. Waiting for their preferred option to be stated.

'I'll go in order: ......'

I say slowly, and present the first option.

'Those who think that sanctions should be imposed on both the 35th and 42nd districts.

Gerasie, Donnis, and the Lord of District 23 raise their hands.

'Then those who think that only the 35th district should be sanctioned'.

Estella raises her hand first, followed a little later by Tracy and the lords of the 28th district.

'Those who think that sanctions should be imposed only on the 42nd district'.

The lords of the 25th and 26th wards raise their hands, and finally, Lucia raises her hand in a dignified manner.


I don't know who that voice belonged to.
But what the voice meant must have been the feelings of all seven lords.

I'll write it down on a piece of paper for you to understand.

Three votes for both the 35th and 42nd districts.
Three votes for the 35th district only.
Three votes for Ward 42 only.

'.................. equal vote ......'

Gerrardsy's voice trailed off as he witnessed a phenomenon that should never have occurred in majority rule.
His words may also express the feelings of all Seven Lords.

What do we do now?
The sacred majority rule has collapsed.