330-The leader of the 242nd Episode.

Gellarcy's position has clearly changed.
His forehead is sweating, as if he can no longer afford it.
The BU has the advantage of being in a pack.
This is what it's like to be thrown out of the pack.

'I never thought this would happen...'

I muttered to myself, and Gerasie glared at me with devilish eyes.

'How can a majority vote be rejected?

I say in a dumbfounded tone.
Is that a bit obvious?

Gerrasi is now under suspicion from the other lords.
I think he's plotting something to draw me here.
Or, to put it more colloquially, he's trying to outdo us and make a profit on his own.

If a person who is winning (or is thought to be winning) by himself decides on his own, without listening to our opinions, 'Well, let's have a majority vote', we would be tempted to oppose him.
In fact, you can't help but think that they're just trying to get things done in a convenient way.

That's what you've set up.

It's easy to stir up an organization from the inside.
Especially with superficial alliances that are only in it for their own benefit.

One word can destroy all trust.
And now I have that "one word" hidden.
A modified version of the gimmick I once used to carry a knife in my sleeve. In it.

The power of words is great, but the power of the written word is exceptionally destructive.
I'll get to that a little later, though.

'...... If you can't get a majority vote, then you can't get rid of me. Then I guess I'll stay a little longer.'

Slowly, he looked at the faces of the lords from one end to the other.
Even when their eyes met, no one said anything back.
Zero objections means it's okay for me to stay here.

'Well, I guess I can't help it now that I'm here. Let's get along.'

There was a guy who let out an annoyed breath at my light words.
Maybe he really wants me to disappear.
But if he kicked me out of here, he might do something behind my back while I was here. That's what's going on in his mind.

So, he expresses his displeasure with a casualness that only a "good lord" would notice. Just for a moment.
It's not going to work,' he said.

There were two lords who chuckled at that one thing.
Was that District 28 and District 25? A few steps down from Donnis. Too honest.

Well, when it comes to honesty, Gerrardsey's no slouch either.

'What do we do now, Gellarcy?We can't have a majority anymore.'
'Whose fault do you think it is ......?

'If anyone is responsible, it's you, the untrustworthy one,' said Gerasie, biting her teeth.

'Do you want to take a majority vote on 'Do you want to take a majority vote'?

The irony is that it would be the fairest thing to do.

But in the end, no majority vote was taken.
For a few moments, a heavy and uncomfortable silence prevails.
Each of us thinks of something, but we are unable to say anything.

It seems that they have a lot to say, but are unable to say anything because they don't know how the situation will turn out.
Gerrardsy also won't open his mouth.
The disaster will not go away if we stay on the defensive.

'But I was surprised at the welcome, I thought I was being shunned. Thank you for accepting me.

I look around at the lords and say, 'I don't want to lose you.
You don't want to lose money, so you don't do anything wrong.
You don't want to be responsible, so you don't take the initiative.
The lords who have been caught up in such thoughts are tight-lipped with stern faces.
Their uncontrollable anger is naturally directed at Gerasie.

Gellarcy vs. the BU.
Such is the composition, but it's not enough.
We need to break up the people who are still trying to stay in the pack, and break up the BU.
In order to get a truly fair majority vote.

For that, I'll give you one more push.

'I thought I was going to be turned away.
'What?That's right!'

Gerasie turns back towards Tracy's seat with a look of realization on her face.

'What about the customs house!Were they properly monitored!Why was this man allowed to enter the twenty-nine districts in the first place?

He did his best to deflect the blame away from himself.
Anyone but himself is fine. That's what she's thinking.

'Ms. McCurry!Most of the people from the outer wards must pass through your twenty-seven wards to enter the BU. Have you been keeping a proper lookout?
''Don't listen to me, Mr. Erlin!Are you trying to pin your fault on others?

'Non?What's wrong with me?In the first place, didn't you have a good relationship with the Forty-Two Wards?I had guards standing guard, but didn't you have a favor to ask?
'Don't be so rude, Erin!

Tracy stood up and shouted loudly, living up to her name as the tantrum princess.
She looks like she's going to grab you if you leave her alone.

So she turns her attention to Lucia.
To get her to scratch a little more.

And Lucia understands my request with just a glance.
I'm impressed.

'Estella and I met up this morning in the 35th district and came here together, didn't we?

This only proves that Estella didn't go through the 27th district, which is completely off topic from the question of which district Obeyashiro entered from. ...... In this rough atmosphere, no one cares about such details. I'm not sure.
I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but I'm sure you're aware of it. ............ You're in for a treat, Donnis.

'If you're from District 35, you've probably passed through District 25's customs house.

Tracy says, glaring at Gerrardsy.
As if to prove his own innocence and denounce Geraci's disrespect.

It was the Lord of the 25th district who panicked.

'Wait, please!The guards in our district have intensified their surveillance and have even checked each and every face!There's no way we could have missed them!
'But isn't it District 25 that is adjacent to District 35?

Seeing this as an opportunity to clear his name, Tracy went on the offensive.
As I told you in my letter, I'm acting in the best interest of my district.
Good, Tracy.

Your pursuit will bring Donnis into this.

'You could've gotten in from the other districts with a short detour, even though they're adjacent!That's right!Didn't Donati-san just recently make friends with District Forty-two?
'So what is it?Hmm?
'So, so, so!If you're saying that I've given you a pass, then it's not my 25th district, but my 24th district that's suspicious, isn't it?

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site. He turns his entire body away.
He's sweating like crazy. Are you that afraid of that single hair?

'How long are we going to keep arguing about this nonsense?

The one who slammed the table and raised his voice was the lord of the 23rd district.
He seemed to have exploded from pent up stress.

'If it's Ms. Erling who invited that person, it's impossible to stop her at the barrier.
'Yes, you're right!I've told the soldiers that there's no need to check the carriages of not only the Erins but also the lords of BU. If that's the point they're trying to make, then there's nothing we can do about it!

The lord of the 25th district did his best to take advantage of the words of the lord of the 23rd district.
The one who is at fault is Ma'ru, who misused the carriage of the Erin family, and by extension, Gerasie, who overlooked it.

'It doesn't matter.

With two large claps of his hands, the Lord of District 28 opens his mouth.
He is a pale, long-haired man who looks like a gloomy medium.

'Let's have a majority vote as originally planned, and let's end this as planned.

He says in a thin voice.
Gerrardsy is suspicious, but he seems to be the type of man who wants to achieve a guaranteed success first.
Rather than fighting among himself, he wants to quickly collect fines from the 42nd and 35th districts by a harmonious majority vote. This may have been his intention.

At first glance, he seems firm and cautious, but if you look at him in a different way, you can see that he is inflexible and foolish.
He does not take big chances. Small but sure wins.
It's a way of fighting not to lose.
But it's a way of life that sometimes risks missing the only way out and falling into poverty.

Even though the twenty-eight districts are adjacent to the outer districts due to the cliffs, they are not directly accessible, and the beans they are in charge of are small compared to soybeans.
Rather than being assertive and self-assertive, it's probably more profitable for him to stay in the BU and be protected.

And one more person.
The one who's been silent ever since is the lord of District 26.
He's a small man with gray hair, but he's probably younger than Donnis. He looks to be in his mid-fifties.

'What do you think?

The lord of District 28 speaks to the quiet lord of District 26.
He doesn't want anything to do with Donnis and Tracy, who are irritated, and the Lord of District 23 is in a bad mood, and Gerasie is suspicious. And the Lord of District 25 would be too scared of Donnis to speak out. So naturally, we have to turn to the Lord of District 26.
He's a safe guy, the Lord of District 28.

And what was the reply of the quiet old man who was asked to talk to him?

'Hmm. It might be better to take a majority vote or ...... not to take a majority vote.

He left it at that.
That's opportunism.
The twenty-sixth district is adjacent to the thirty-sixth district, whose main industry is the processing of marine products, and the distribution from there is the main source of income.
The beans in charge are cocoa. The beans in charge are cacao, which is also used by some, but its consumption is not large. It may be slightly lower than red beans. Sugar is expensive. Chocolate and cocoa are not so easy to produce.

It does not have the same distribution as the top-ranked 23 wards in terms of toll tax, it is not adjacent to the 35 wards, the home of marine products, and it survives on distribution from the 36 wards, which benefit from the 35 wards.

In short, we are in the middle of the road, for better or worse.
We prefer to maintain the status quo and do not want to make waves. That must be the true intention of the 26th district.

'If that's what you're going to do, then I'm not going to argue with you.

That seems to be their stance.

'Then we'll do as we originally planned. Hey!Let's go with that!

The lord of District 28 appealed.
They want a win no matter what.

Now we know the nature of all the lords.
They generally match what Mael told me beforehand.

The lord of the 23rd district, who has enough dignity and power to dismiss Gerasie's evil plan as a farce due to the largest toll revenue.
Donis the single-haired, the oldest and most important figure in the BU, who has huge profits from soybeans.
The cowardly Lord of District 25, who is afraid of Donis.
The opportunistic Lord of District Twenty-six, who wants to maintain the status quo.
Tracy, the youngest of the bunch, is feared to explode in anger.
The Lord of District 28, who doesn't play the big game, but instead focuses on the small profits at hand.
And then there's Gerasie, the irreverent man who is on the verge of losing all of his credibility.

All of these people are about to accept the 28th District Lord's proposal to take a majority vote for the time being.
Gerrardsy seems to be unhappy, but he seems to be willing to accept the proposal.

'Then let's have a majority vote...'
'Hey, that majority vote...'

I interrupt Gellarcy's statement.
Annoyed eyes glare at me. Multiple.
Oh, yeah. Glare. Hate me.

The more you hate me, the more you divide yourselves.

'Will Donnis and Tracy be joining us?
'...... What's that supposed to mean, Yashpi...... Obayashi.'

Tracy and Donis react to my words.
'Don't try to say 'yasippi' for a second, Donis.

'No, what. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a little skeptical.
I'm not going to let you get away with this, Obayashira. ...... No, Obayashira.

Tracy was about to say "sir" too, but managed to stop herself. You're right. I think it's best not to use 'sir' here, for a number of reasons.

'It's long been customary for the seven lords of BU to take a majority vote.

Tracy says so, but I wonder what the others think.

'But two less people means more profit. Of course, that's not going to help the doubters.
'What do you want, Obayashi?Why are you scheming to get rid of us?'
'I'm not scheming. It's just a genuine question.

Donnis is being plainly hostile.
So he turns his gaze to the opportunistic Lord of District 26, as if to brush it off.

'What do you think?Can you trust those two as your friends?'
'Whether or not you can ............ is a matter for each individual to decide.
'So, what about 'you'?
'............It's hard to say. Maybe you can, maybe you can't.'
'What the hell does that mean?
'What the hell does that mean?' 'I don't like the sound of 'not'.

Tracy and Donnis, the tantrum princesses, stand up.
But the Lord of District 26 is unmoved, saying that everything is for the individual to decide.

This is where the Lord of District 28 comes into play.
You'll tell me once and for all, won't you? For your own protection.

'What about you?Mr. 28th district.'
'Don't you dare get carried away!

I was talking to the Lord of the 28th District and Gellar's biting me.
He has no discipline.

'I'm the one facilitating the meeting now!Outsiders are not to interfere!'
'Shouldn't you be interrupting?
'...... Hey!

I'll be kind enough to tell you that your tone is different.
Gerrard finally realizes that his methods are being exposed, and with that, Gerrard becomes speechless.
In the face of such unreliability, the lord of the 23rd district let out another sigh. I'm not sure what to say. Was he the one who was leaking sighs over and over again just now? He's probably impatient.

And the lord of the 28th district also felt uneasy when he saw that Gerasie was not doing well.

'I don't trust ......,' he said.

Finally, he stood up and began to speak his mind.

'Everything he says and does is beyond my understanding. If you're not careful, he could bite your throat out!Therefore, I would like to ask those who are closely related to him to refrain from participating.

If there are five of us, our opinions will be heard and our profits will increase.
If you think that way, you can even bite the two troublesome lords, Donnis and the tantrum princess.
If they only care about their own districts, they'll accept the proposal. Normally.

If Gellarcy takes the majority vote on this, Donnis and Tracy will be removed from the majority vote if their interests are paramount. Then the remaining five will judge us. Normally, that would be .......

But this time it's us.
It's not normal, it's us.
...... Oh, no. I'm normal.
It's just that Estella is uncharacteristically flat and Lucia is an unbelievable pervert.
I'm perfectly normal.
But not 'normal', 'not normal', that's all.

Donnis expresses his displeasure. And Tracy.
But the Lord of District 28 wants to bring it to a majority vote at all costs. Or rather, he wants to hurry up and win.
The Lord of District 25 will want to get away from the scary Donnis as soon as possible.
And the impatient Lords of District 23 will also want to end this farce as soon as possible.
The opportunistic Lords of District 26 will take the side of the many.

If you vote to remove Donnis and Tracy, it will pass.
Then you can hunt us down with five of your convenience.
So, you know.
You know what you have to do ......, don't you?

Gellarcy's eyes meet mine.
He smiles and raises the corners of his mouth.

In an instant, a deep crease is etched into Gellarcy's brow.
He's got a sense. I'm dangerous if I'm left on my own.

'We'll take a majority vote!

There's no other way for you to escape.
If we continue to discuss this without a majority vote, ...... your credibility will slowly erode.
But if you make a decision here and now and force a majority vote--

Your credibility will be gone in an instant.
By my hand, that is.
But you don't need to know that. Just go ahead and take the majority vote.

Here, let me give you a push.

'Don't name names. It's not very nice.'
'Shut up!
'No, but Donnis and Tracy have a reputation to uphold.
'I said, shut up!

He glared at me, and with that glare, Gellarcy took a majority vote.

'All those who think that a person who is suspected of being in league with this person and cannot be trusted should not be allowed to participate in the majority vote, raise your hands!

Five people raise their hands, except for Donnis and Tracy.
Tracy clicks her tongue at the sight of the five arms raised, and Donnis lets out an angry breath.

And ...... I giggle.

'Majority rule is never ......, is it?

Unreasonable anger is a slippery, viscous, unpleasant thing.
I dare to smile at Donnis, whose anger is so thick that it distorts the air.

'I'm sorry, Donnis.
'...... you. ......!

Donnis, in a fit of rage, retreats from the table and closes in on me.
I'm approaching Donnis with more speed than Donnis.


When we approach an angry opponent at a higher speed than that, we unconsciously move our hands forward. This is a phenomenon brought about by reflex, and it is very difficult to prevent consciously.
When we are in a state of excitement due to anger, our thoughts become more aggressive than normal.
Even if we do not intend to do so, we have at least the feeling of 'I want to kick your ass'.
When we are moving with such feelings, our brain judges that we are in an 'attack position'.

If, in the midst of such attack resistance, an enemy comes at you from the other side, and at a high speed, your body will react in defense.
That is the arm that is unconsciously thrust out.
It is not a hand that is thrust out to hit. It is an arm extended to avoid collision, to avoid invading one's personal space.
But if the recipient plays a little...


It's easy to make it look like you've been pushed.

Then he wobbles and crashes ...... into the table where Geraci is sitting, and slides a folded piece of paper he has hidden in his sleeve across the floor, making it look like it has 'rolled off Geraci's table'.
A single magic word that instantly shatters trust and amplifies suspicion.
The piece of paper on which it was written slid across the floor and landed right in front of Tracy.

'Is this ......?'
'Oh, no!'

He rushes up from his impossible position and grabs the piece of paper just before Tracy picks it up.
...... is a well-calculated performance. It's a precise performance with every tenth of a second. It requires exquisite pauses.

'What did you just hide?

Tracy's cold voice chides me.
She seems suitably pissed off at me. Forgetting her tone of voice, she directs her anger at me.

'It's nothing. It's nothing to be concerned about.

He hides the piece of paper in his hand behind his back to keep it away from Tracy. The piece of paper is confiscated by Donnis, of course, since he is behind her.

I'm not sure what to do.I'm not sure what to do.

Considering the difference in size between you and Donis, you turn around and jump at him. But Donnis is bigger than me, so if he raises his hand above his head, I won't be able to reach him.
My hand cuts through the air and Donnis unfolds a folded piece of paper.
And the words written on it are revealed to the world.

"I'm ready.

It's written clearly in my handwriting.
Inconspicuously written on a small piece of paper, it's a mere scrawl, clearly a message of some kind.

'What's this?
'...... It's just graffiti.'

I'm a very honest man today.
And yet, Donnis is giving me the benefit of the doubt.

The more honest you are, the more suspicious you are. That's the way it is in real life.
When you want people to believe you, it helps to tell a few lies, but for now, I'll just tell the truth.

'That has nothing to do with this meeting, it's just a doodle I wrote in my room. It's not a message to anyone.'
'Do you think ...... we'll believe it?

They won't believe it.
I mean, if anyone believes it, they're either really stupid or they're a gynet.

'............ can't be helped.'

He scratched his head in annoyance, then spread his arms.

'You can play "Judgment of the Spirits". It's graffiti.'

He looks at Donnis and waits for him, but Donnis just crumples the piece of paper in his hand and slams it on the floor.

We talked about this in front of the church after the feast.
Donnis was told something similar by Gerasie.

'So you want Tracy to play?
'No, thank you.'

I turned and asked, but Tracy turned away with her arms crossed.
She looked very unhappy.


The mysterious message inadvertently spilled onto the floor as I fell.
Judging from the anger of Donnis and Tracy, you can tell it's not addressed to these two.
If it was for Estella or Lucia, there was no need to write a letter. It can be done with a whisper.

So who is it addressed to? ......

The "smart lords" who had a good sense of humor seemed to get the idea.
Naturally, the eyes of everyone in the conference room gathered in one place.

'...... What the hell?

Gerrardsy was dismayed by the gathering stares.
If Donnis and Tracy are excluded, you're the only one who's suspicious.
You're the only one who thinks they're connected behind the scenes. That's why I'm going in.

That's why I'll move immediately.

'That's not a message for Gellarcy.

I'm going to protect Gerrardsey from the stares that are gathering.
Gellarcy, protected by my back, mutters in a hateful voice.

'...... You. If you don't believe me, you can go to .......
If you don't believe me, you can call the judgment of the spirits!

It's called Tendon.
It's a familiar variety of the same thing repeated twice.
However, my tendon is ...... a little annoying.

'What the hell is this?You all look as if you can't trust Gerrardsey because he's connected to me behind the scenes.

I'll put into words the inner thoughts of the lords present.
Then, the words will pass from the eardrums of the lords to their brains, and the 'close feelings' they had will be overwritten by my words. It's so close, it doesn't even feel right.

"I don't trust Gellarcy because he's connected to me (Obayashi).

It's only when these words become common knowledge among those present that a certain decision comes into play.

'Huh~. So, you know, ......'.

Estella is smiling at my innocent performance.
Lucia is holding her temples and shaking her head.
What the hell, cheer me up.

I went to a lot of trouble to prepare this.

That piece of paper might have made sense if I'd given it to you now.
Do you remember what it said?

"We're ready.

I'll take care of the rest.

'So the majority vote we just had, that we shouldn't allow anyone we don't trust to participate in the majority vote who we suspect is working with Obayashi, applies to the Gerrards?
'What ......?

I'm sorry.Gerasie's chair collapsed with a loud thud.
You can't see his face because he's dressed as if he's protecting his back, but you can sense that he's in a great hurry.

'No, no!That was referring to these two people, not ...... me!
'I see. So you have no problem dropping other people into your trap, but you make an exception for yourself, is that it?

He turns his body forward, bends his back, twists his waist, and turns his face back.
His gaze met Gerasie's, who had a face like that of a young man, and he jumped back as quickly as he could.


Gerasie flailed his arms around, trying to catch me.
But I was faster.

'Too bad, Pupu.
'I'll knock you out!

Gellarthy tries to grab me, but Donnis and Tracy prevent it.

'You're the one who started this, aren't you?'

Tracy says coldly,

'Isn't that what Obeyashiro said? It's unacceptable for you to exclude us by doing something similar, but not admit it to yourself.

Donnis is tangling with a theory.
You can't argue with that.

You can't argue with that.
"You're suspicious too!
"I'm the only one who's safe!

There's no way you can reason like a child.
That's why I made them take a majority vote without naming names.
So that you would fall into that category.


Gellarcy, blocked by Donnis and Tracy, is like a lion in a cage.
He can't hurt me.
So let me get this straight.

'Trust is hard to build, but it can be broken in an instant.Think about the weight of the word 'trust' again.'
'I don't want to be told by you!

Gerasie pushes Tracy away and tries to grab me. But if I push Tracey away...

'What are you doing to Tracey?

Nene explodes in anger.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that the ...... head waiter in this city has a very high specification.
It's like watching a movie. ............ Except for Nene.

'Miss Tracy!
'...... It's okay. No big deal.'
'Sorry .......'
'...... Yes.'

Tracy was pushed and fell, but did not seem to be hurt.
But there must have been a lot of lumps.
No one would have thought that the meeting of the lords of BU, which had been carried out by majority vote and according to plan, would turn out to be so rough.
Who was in the middle of it, me?No, it was Gerasie.

'Erin, ...... let me make this very clear.

Standing up, Tracy unleashed the full force of her temper tantrum and declared firmly.

'I don't trust you!
'Neither do I.'

And Donnis joins in.

I don't trust you! That's not very gentlemanly.'
'You ...... against me, the facilitator. ......'

Donnis is in full force.
As for this old man, he seems to be stronger than his butler.

And so the silence falls again.

As expected, even the lord of the 23rd district couldn't say anything.
The situation has changed so much that he's lost sight of where the truth lies.
I'm sure the others don't know what's going on. I guess they've gotten used to being left to their own devices.

It's a problem.

With Natalia and Gilberta as my guards, I'm invincible.
I'll explain the current situation to all the lords of BU in plain English.

'The majority vote in BU is absolute, and it has just been decided by the majority vote that we should not allow any untrustworthy person who is suspected of being in league with this person (Obayashi) to participate in the majority vote. Therefore, Donnis, Tracy, and Gerrardsy are not allowed to participate in the majority vote.
'It's ......!


He shouts loudly to silence Gerrardsy, who is trying to argue with him.
It's not your turn to speak yet. You misjudged the timing of your exit and went out first, or are you a pissant?

'If you can't participate in the majority vote, then you can't be the facilitator. Facilitating is part of majority rule, isn't it?
'That's a crock!
'Then how can you have a majority vote without a facilitator?'
'You can't, can you?It's a set, that's what it is.

You can't participate in majority rule no matter what you do.
Unless you turn the status quo upside down.

'Or do you, the untrustworthy one, want to stand in front of everyone and be the facilitator?

I don't think the rest of us would let you do that.
Gerrardsy bit his lip in frustration, as if he understood.

'And there's another problem, we're down to four participants.

With Donnis, Tracy, and Gerrardsy out, the number of lords who could participate in the majority vote became four, an even number.

'You can't have a majority vote with an even number, can you?

We were talking about this in front of the church after the feast.
Donis had made it clear that the rule was that you could not have a majority vote with an even number of people.

'So one more person has to be left out to make it three.
'Nonsense!Three people?That's less than a majority of the BU!You can't call that a consensus of the BU!

Gerrardsy showed his obsession with the number of people who were less than a majority.
Earlier, he had been trying to force a vote with a smaller number of people, but now he was worried that he would be left out.

'Then let's do this. Estella, you're in. As the defendant's representative.'
'Nonsense!How dare you include an outsider in the majority vote of the sacred 'BU' ......!'
'So we can't have a majority vote and there will never be a result, so no sanction for us, right?
'That's not the same thing as this!
'Then what are you going to do?You can't decide anything if you don't like it.You're really irresponsible, aren't you?

At the word irresponsible, Gerasie's eyes widened to their limits.
It must have been a shock similar to an angry outburst.
The whites of his eyes turned bright red, and his face began to tremble.
The reddening face resembled that of a red devil.

'If Estella is going in, then I'm going in too.

Lucia said as if it was natural.

'Then it'll be an even number, won't it?
'Then why don't you add Tracy McCurry?
'Then it makes sense for me to join!
'Makes sense?You're not making sense, are you?Gerasie Erin.'

Gerasie couldn't say anything back to Lucia's words.
Lucia really has a lot of guts, doesn't she? I'm sure he's the only one who could win in a face-to-face fight with Donnis, isn't he?

'Ah, we're getting nowhere.

He raises his hands and turns his back on the Gerrards. You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.

'If you don't count these three, you seem to be the most talkative.
'You're rude. You should know your place.

The Lord of District 23 and his head waiter, a brown beauty, shoot out a murderous intent.


The head waiter's fury increases.
It seems he was right.

'What are you trying to say? You've been stirring things up.

Annoyed and disgusted, but unable to think of a way to end the situation, the Lord of District 23 turned to me. He seems to be ready to listen.

'In order to restore the stagnant council, we first need a reliable chairman. Do you have any objections to that?'
'...... Are you suggesting that I do that?
'No. The chair should be the one who has the most trust of the people. Do you have any objections to that?

I look around the room, but no one raises an objection.
Rather, the consciousness is moving on to the next.

That is, who is the person most trusted by the most people in the room?...... and .

'Since I can't take the majority vote - I don't have any authority or right to do that - I'm going to go the other way.
'Reverse ......, you say?'

The 23rd district lord and the other lords are interested in my idea.
It's simple.

'I don't want to hear any arguments. Instead, those of you who disagree, give us your opinions. If there are no objections, the decision is unanimous. How about ......?'

It's my initiative, but everyone has an equal opportunity to object.
That seems like a fair proposal, doesn't it?
In reality, I ask, 'Who has an objection? there are not many people who can raise their hands.
Even if you have an opposing opinion, you will not be able to raise a counter opinion if no one else raises an opinion.

This is also a kind of bandwagon effect.

'...... No dissenting opinions, huh? So everyone agrees, no complaints?If so, say so. ......3,......2,......1,done. The motion passes unanimously.

We'll just clap our hands and say it passed unanimously.
Now you must, at all costs, choose the person who has the trust of the greatest number of people here as chairman.
Disagree and you're a frog.

'So, Mr. Chairman...'
'Wait, Obeyashira.'

Donnis calls me in a low voice.
It's not angry, but it's bewildering and frustrating.

'How are you going to decide who is the most trusted person in this group?No way, is it a majority vote there?'

There's a chance I could be chosen. That's what you're thinking.
Then you can participate even if you can't vote for the majority. I can tell that's what you're thinking.

But no.

'The person who has the trust of the greatest number of people in this room has already been decided.

Everyone's eyes are darting left and right around the conference room.
Who is it?Is it me?That guy?
In the midst of these busy eyes, I begin my explanation.

'There are quite a few people in this room, including the head waiter and the soldiers.
'Don't tell me you're including them!
'Don't be in a hurry, peeing Gerasie.
'Who's peeing?

Shut up and listen, you insufferable bastard.

'There are a lot of people here, but this is only a gathering place for the lords of BU, and these are their guards. They have no right to participate in the talks. And there's no way they can participate in a majority vote where they have equal decision-making power.

If that were allowed to stand, it would result in the lord's opinion being suppressed entirely.
Only the seven lords of BU have valid votes.

'There's only one person that all seven of them said they trusted.

As I say this, I call up the Conversation Record.
Then I bring up the corresponding page.

"......, you have no objection. So, once again, those of you who think you can trust what he says, today and here, raise your hands!

I'm pretty sure the majority of BU's vote is absolute, right?If that's the case, then the three lords who didn't raise their hands can be trusted with what I have to say, right?
"You're being persistent.

The air in the place became quiet.

This is the majority vote that was just taken.
It was done in this place, with these members.
The result had already been decided there.

In the silence, I declare with a big smile.

'I, Obayashi, who is trusted by all seven of you, will be the facilitator and chairman this time. Anyone who has a problem with that, come forward - I'll turn you into a frog right now.

Naturally, there was no one to argue.