208-Later, Tan 36 approaches other ward lords

'Yashiro . Can you take a look at this for me?'
'Oh, ......, that's a new fake pie. It's two tenths of a millimeter thicker than the last one.'
'What are you looking at?What I want you to look at is this document ............ how can you tell, it's on my clothes!

You idiot. I know that much!
What I don't understand is why you're still planting fake pies.

'I was in the 35th district today. At Lucia's call, the lords of the 35th to 42nd districts gathered together.'
'You've just returned?'
'Yes, I am. I wanted to let you know right away.'
''They didn't find out?''
'I'm not talking about the fake pie!

The sun had completely hidden its face and the room was lit by the soft glow of the lantern flame.
I'm now in the small reception room that I was shown into when I first visited the lord's mansion.
It's probably time for dinner to be served at the Sunlit Pavilion. ...... Sorry, I've been away again.

'You're the one who asked for a parade from District 35 on the day of Wendy's wedding, aren't you?I've been trying to get permission for that.
'Oh!You got the permission?

I want to take a carriage from Wendy's house to the church in the forty-second district and have it move in a lively parade-like manner. That's what I was talking to Estella and Lucia about.
It would not be a private affair, but a public announcement.

I told them that marriage between humans and insects was a normal thing, and that it was such a wonderful thing.

It is difficult to reform the consciousness that has been ingrained deep in our minds.
So you have to paint over it. Overwrite.
Paint over the idea that interracial marriage is normal, that it's nothing to worry about, that it's a normal thing.
By doing so, some of them will be saved.
Fortunately, there's no one in this town who's bloodthirsty.
I don't know about the nobles.
There aren't any madams who say, 'You must have the right bloodline to be my boy's wife! I can't say there aren't madams like that.
Leaving such exceptions aside for the moment, let us ordinary people enjoy our lives in a more relaxed and carefree manner!--That's what I'm going to do.

'Thanks to Lucia's persuasion, the lords of the 34th to 39th districts have readily agreed.
'People in power are weak against their superiors.
'That's the kind of society the nobles live in.

She let out a self-mocking chuckle and loosened her neck as if she was having trouble breathing.
Estella really doesn't look like a noble except for her blood. In a good way.

'I'm glad you're the lord of this place.

I thought so honestly.
For example, if the lords of the 42nd district were Lucia or Ricardo, ...... I might not have stayed in this town this long.

The existence of the sunlit pavilion is also a big factor, but ......

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I've been able to do a lot of things with you.
'What's with you all of a sudden?It's not like Yashiro to be so honest,............, isn't there something more to it?
'I was just encouraging you to work hard, even planting fake pies.
'The fake pie has nothing to do with this!

Estella barked, hiding the foreign object in her chest.
d*mn it.
Who do you think you're showing your fake breasts to in the first place? Whose opinion do you care about?

'Is there anyone among the lords who would favor you based on the size of your breasts?
'You're the only person I know who thinks like that.
'Then don't bother with it!
'I have pride too!

Get rid of that false pride!

'If you want to impress me with your breasts, just throw out your raw breasts. If you want to make a statement with your breasts, throw out your raw breasts, and even I will think, 'Oh, wow!
'...... If you go to the council of lords looking like that, you'll be plucked out immediately.
'Plucking...... eh,tsk......'
'It's a war if they pick you up there!

This is the later "Chick-Pick War".

...... No. This is something that should not be left in history.
Yeah. War is not good, after all.

'It's ...... unusually honest,' I thought, and then I saw this: ......'
That's what I'm talking about. This is the honest me, isn't it?
'I don't want you to only be honest about your breasts!
'I like your ass too.
'...... I'll pick it out.'

Estella's eyes are serious, so I hold her nipples in my clothes for now.
At the same time, Estella pressed her temples and let out a long breath.

What the hell, you tried to pick it up.

'...... Anyway, look at the materials. We need to decide on a route for the parade.'
'Can we use the main street?
'It's going to be difficult.'
'Because there are so many people. We can't just shut it down, can we?'
'Oh, ............ what a mess.'

Like in Shakespeare's play, I hold my head over my head and look up to the sky.
The lords of this city don't know what they're doing.

'It's because there are so many people that we use the main street.

Why do we have to choose the less crowded streets?
Publicity is to be shown to people.
It is only by publicizing that it becomes an opportunity to paint over the deep-rooted discrimination and victim consciousness.
The bigger the publicity, the more people see it, the more effective it will be.
If the majority of people think, 'Do you still care about that? the atmosphere of the city itself will change.

'Besides, using the boulevards is good for the lords of the districts.
'Is that so?

Perhaps the lords are thinking, 'We'll allow you to use our streets.
But you should think this way.
'Please come through our boulevard.

'If we have a parade, people will gather to watch, right?If people come, there will be business there.
'You mean the people who set up store on the main street make a profit?In our case, it's Cantalucia.
'You can't watch the parade if you're in a store.
'Then you can't make a profit.

You're a very bad judge of character.

'See, don't you remember?There was a parade down a long road, and a lot of people came to watch it.
'A procession?
'The people who came to see the procession were having a good time with food in their hands, right?
'Ah!A festival!

It's a festival of light to show gratitude to the spirit gods that used to be held in the forty-two districts.

'So Yashiro wants us to set up food stalls in the main streets of each district, just like at the festival.
'The boulevards will be lined with stores, so we'll set up our stalls so that they face each other.

It's like creating a small road at both ends of a main street, sandwiched between existing stores and stalls.
In Japan as well, places that hold fairs across a large roadway use such a method.
If you leave a little space between the stalls, you can watch the parade from between them.
You can also set up a wide space for spectators.

'The mere fact that the parade will pass by is not enough to keep people coming before and after it passes by. Don't you think that's a waste of time when people come here?
'...... Indeed. The parade is the only thing that keeps me there. ......'
'Those who really want to see it might get there early to get a spot. ...... But then, if you have content that they can enjoy, they're more likely to drop money, right?
'Eat something delicious while you wait. ...... Yeah. That's a good idea. That's good. It's good for profits and good for the spectators. Two birds with one stone.'
'And a portion of those profits will go right into the lords' pockets.
'...... doesn't sound like a good idea, does it?
'But it is, isn't it?
'Isn't it common knowledge that if you do occasional business on the main street, you will be charged a certain amount of tax?
'See, you're lining your own pockets.
'It's order, that's what it is!...... Be careful how you say that.

Well, being able to pay your taxes properly is proof that you're a decent businessman. It's necessary, isn't it?

'Convince the lord along those lines and get him to allow you to pass through the main street at any cost.
'I can talk him into it.
'Oh, wait!Some of the lords of the other districts are difficult people, so ...... Yashiro will definitely get into trouble.

Thank you for your tremendous trust.
I'd rather go wake them up, trouble?

'If you can, it would be nice if you could decorate the main street in a big way to create an 'extraordinary' feeling.
'Unusual feeling'?
'When exposed to an unusual atmosphere, ............ people tend to loosen their purse strings.'
'It's true ...... that sometimes you scare me, I do. You're so knowledgeable and accurate. ......'

I feel like I've been told something rude.
This kind of thing should be common knowledge. I'm just reiterating what everyone has experienced and is familiar with.

'If Yashiro had been a saint with a volunteer spirit, this world would have been a better place to live.
'Ha-ha-ha!What are you talking about, Usagi?

I'm a volunteer?
Not at all.
In the first place, a world in which the majority of people think that they should be treated well by someone else cannot be a "wonderful world.

--I was going to say something like that, but...
For some reason, Estella froze with a bright red face.

I'm not sure why Estella froze with a red face.

No, I didn't say 'chan'.

'Bo, I'm as cute as a bunny,' ............, 'Yashiro, you're acting strange today!

You're the one who's weird.
When did I say you were cute?

I'm flattered by the compliment, though!Look, rabbit apples are cute. ............ What?I don't think it was meant to be like a rabbit apple, like "I'm going to eat you." .................. Wow!I'm not sure what to make of it.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... Although there is not a trace of elegance.

I'm not sure what you're talking about, but I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out. ...... There's still a lot of depth to this other world.

'Relax. It's like a play on words in my hometown. I'm not going to eat you or make you smooth and floppy.
'A play on words?How is that a play on words?'
'That's you, .............'

...... What's with the play on words?
I'm not sure what you're talking about.
What's the origin of the word?
Oh, shit!I wish I had the internet so I could look it up!

d*mn it!I'm so confused!
'This is the one!

There is a kind of unpleasantness ...... that seems to be stuck in my chest, sticking and clinging to me.
In order to get rid of the unpleasantness that is accumulating around there, I try to rub my breasts with both hands. I wonder if rubbing them will bring them out?

'It's bothering me, isn't it, Yashiro!You're not horny, are you?
'Yeah, d*mn it!I'm almost out of here!
'Where are you going to get it from?I don't care how much I squeeze your breasts, nothing will come out!

I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to stop trying to remember where the rabbit came from. ...... I think it was a nursery rhyme or something. ............ Oh!That's right!I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.I'm sure you'll agree.

I'm not sure.I feel so refreshed!
'You're relieved!It's too late for that, isn't it, Yashiro?

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I think it's a good idea. It's Estella. Estella is an unfortunate girl and she often makes incomprehensible misunderstandings. It's not the first time. Okay, let's just let it go.

'Hey, Estella. Can we get back to the point instead of doing something stupid?
'I'm pretty sure you're the one who's been acting like an idiot.

What are you talking about?
You suddenly said, 'I'm as cute as a bunny!Oh no!I'm going to get eaten!' That's how it started.
If you blame everything on others, you will become a narrow-minded person and your boobs will shrink as a result of your small-mindedness.

'So, what were we talking about?
'You're talking about your boobs shrinking.'
'I wasn't talking about that, and my breasts aren't going to shrink!They'll only grow!

You said it like a man.
If they don't grow, I won't be able to complain even if I'm turned into a frog.

'Weren't we talking about setting up stores on the main streets of each district and decorating them to create an extraordinary atmosphere?
'Oh, yeah, that's right. That's what I was talking about.
'But it sounds difficult to explain. The lords of the districts have never seen a festival stall before.

I can explain what it is and what effect it can have. It is possible to explain, but seeing is believing,......, and it will be difficult to explain verbally.

'So you see, Estella... I've got a great idea...'
'Wow, ...... you have a face that smells of money in plain sight. ............ What are you going to make me do now?'

The understanding Estella quickly gave up and prepared to listen to me.
That's good, Estella. I'm sure your honesty will bring you great benefits in time.

'Would you please speak to the lords of the districts so that we can have a demonstration?'
'Demonstration?You're actually going to set up a stall?

That's right.
Seeing is believing.
If you actually show it to them, it will be more convincing than anything else.

'But what about the exhibitors?Don't tell me that all the people in the forty-two districts are going to go around to each district?Besides, it takes time to set up a store. ...... How many days will it take to visit all 35 wards? ............'
'I don't think we need to set up a full-scale stall. If you set up one or two stalls and tell them that the rest will be lined up in a row, they can imagine it, can't they?
'Even if it's just one or two stalls, it's still going to be a ...... large group with large carriages to carry the stalls and materials, carpenters to assemble them on site, and of course vendors and cooks,' he said.
'What are you talking about? There are 'good things' in the 42nd district.
'Good things'?

You don't have to carry or assemble the materials for the stall, you can carry the materials along with you, and you can go and start selling right away. ......

'Ah!Sunshine Pavilion No. 2 and No. 7!

That's right.
That's right. There are two stalls of the Sunlit Pavilion.
If we load up those stalls with different dishes and pull them out, we can open a restaurant with just the members of the Sun Goddess Pavilion.
If we make popcorn and okonomiyaki on the spot and show them, we can expect to get quite a few customers. After all, at one time it was the mainstay of the Sun Goddess Pavilion.

'............ means that'.

She reacted as if she had come up with something unpleasant.

'You want me to go to the lords of each district and ask for permission to sell on the main street ......?
'...... 'Yeah! It's not ...... an innocent face and another reckless request. ............ We just had a meeting today and finally got their approval to sell outside the main street. I've just had a meeting with them today and they finally agreed to do it ......'.
'Hey. They'll jump on it if they know it'll benefit them. The aristocrats are all nasty people who are sensitive to the smell of money, right?
'...... I'm an aristocrat too, you know?

I know you're not stingy with your money.
I know you're not mean about money, you're only mean about the 'error' on your chest. 'I'm a little fuller' or 'I'm a little lower, so my cup must have gone up! Or .

'I'll send a letter anyway, but ............ you won't necessarily get a response right away. I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but I'm sure you've heard of it.

I have negotiated with the 40th and 41st districts so far, and most of the time it has been a win-win situation.
That's why they responded quickly and it was relatively easy to meet with them.
This time, however, it was a one-sided request from me, asking to be allowed to pass by the road.
For the other party, it may be treated as a second or third request.

'Hmmm ...... is there a more efficient way to get them to comply with your request ......'.
'Don't do anything too crazy, okay?If you're not careful, you'll lose the parade itself.

I don't mean to do anything crazy, but ...... the right way is not going to get us anywhere. ............

'Yashiro-sama, Estella-sama. May I have a word with you?'

Following the sound of knocking, Natalia enters the room.

'Natalia, ...... I'm your master, but ...... why do you have to go first, Yashiro?'
'In order of breasts.'
'In order of size, of course!
'By the way, Yashiro-sama, may I have a word with you?
'Please don't ignore me!It's quite vain to experience loneliness through conversations like this!

He left Estella alone and listened to Natalia's story.
...... At all. When Estella opens her mouth, all she does is talk about her breasts.
Yeah. I guess I'll just go through it.

'To tell you the truth, there is someone here who would like to meet you, Master Yashiro.
Why would a guest of Yashiro come to my house?

That's true, but it's also time.
It's night.
There's no one worth .................. visiting me at this hour.

'May I invite you in?
'No, send him away.
'I can't do that, sir. It's diplomatic.

............ Oh. No way.

'I'm here to keep my word, I'm... My friend Yashiro.'
'...... I knew it was you, Gilberta.'

I thought your promise was to come stay with us sometime.
That's strange. ...... I said 'invite'. ......

'If he's coming at this time, he must be planning to stay the night.

Estella, too, analyzed the situation with some dismay.
...... Well... ............ I'm sure you've got the proper permissions this time. ......... I'm not sure if he'll give you permission,................

'Hmm?Wait, ............ could it be?'

If I'm a good judge of character, ............ this could be our chance.

'Estella. Maybe we're on to something.'
'Huh?Gilberta's coming to stay with us, huh?'
'Yeah. Gilberta brought someone with her.'
'Yeah,............, no, no way,......, no matter how much you want to,.......'

Estella was on the verge of saying something, but when her eyes met mine, she stopped talking.
I'm sure you'll agree.You know what?
You think so too, don't you?
You're probably thinking, 'There's no way he's going to send Gilberta to me alone.

'So, Lucia. I have a favor to ask you.
'I don't have the right to do what you're asking, do I?

I threw my voice over the door, and as expected, Lucia ...... came into the room with a look of obviousness.
I knew you were following me,.......

'Yashiro...... I thought you were somewhat of an insane thinker,............, but it seems I'm in the minority here now. I think I'm in the minority here. ............ The idea of a lord staying out overnight on a whim is way beyond my comprehension. ......... ... hahaha'.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but it's a good idea.

In the event that things go according to my plan, the districts will make a lot of money, people will have a happy time, humans and insects will have a deeper bond, and Gilberta will be very happy. ...... I have an idea.
'I don't think you can trust such a good story. ............'
'In addition, Gilberta and I might be able to go on a walking date together.
'Tell me more, anchovy!Come on!

Yeah. I got a bite.

'Yashiro ............, I'm still scared of you.'

What are you talking about, Estella?
...... It's the thought process of the people in this town that scares me.

In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.
Lucia, who I had caught on a date with Gilberta, was quite motivated and seemed to have high hopes for me. I'm sure she'll go out of her way to get permission to sell the food.

And so it was!
A few days later, we decided to take a day off from the store and go on a tour with all the employees.