33-Episode 31 Absolute Rest

'Don't worry about it anymore.

On the second floor of the sunlit pavilion. Regina came out of Magda's room and wiped the sweat from her forehead.

'You had a deep wound on your stomach, but I've given you some hemostatic and painkillers, so you'll be fine soon.

Regina seemed to have been involved in medicine as well as pharmacology, so she helped me with the wound.
All the while, I was being driven out of the room.

'I can't let you see Magda's naked body, no matter how unconscious she is.

Estella, who had come into the room with Regina's help, said this as she wiped her hands.
The three of us talking face to face in the narrow hallway is cramped. ...... I'd like to go into my room now?

'But that was a surprise.

Estella pats me on the shoulder with a slightly happy, slightly mean smile.

'I didn't expect you to be so upset when you heard Magda was hurt.

When I received the news from Use, I was running with nothing but a medicine chest in my hand.
I didn't know where to go, but I had a feeling that if I went to the city gate, I would see Magda, so I ran.
If I had Regina's medicine, I could heal my wounds. That's what I thought.
If you think about it calmly, there is nothing an amateur can do when he rushes to a badly injured person with a medicine chest. ...... I guess I was really upset at that time.

It was probably my fault that Use's face was so pale.
When I saw Use's desperate expression, my impatience got transmitted to him. Maybe.

'I'm very glad to know that you also care for your roommate.

I don't like the way you're smirking at me.
Don't look at me like that. It's hard to say ...... right now.

In the end, Estella, who was chasing me, seized me and told me over and over again to calm down, and my head finally began to think. ...... 'I should be more calm and take appropriate measures', I thought.

Regina, who had rushed to the scene, offered to leave the matter to me, and I accompanied Use to the city gates.
Magda was lying in a pool of blood in the vigilante's quarters inside the gate.
On a cot in a wooden box covered with a blanket.

'I had a lot of trouble with the big-boobed lady after she saw the blood.

When Jeannette saw Magda covered in blood, she went into a half-crazed frenzy and rushed to Magda, pushing aside the vigilantes who were trying to stop her.
He grabbed Magda and called her name over and over again, even though his clothes were dirty.

'That'll be the end of you if you're not careful, so you'd better be careful in the future.

Shaking the injured man violently is counterproductive.
It's better not to move him until the bleeding stops.

I pulled him away somewhat forcefully, and with my persuasion, Ginette managed to regain her composure.
Seeing the distraught Jeannette, I was able to keep my cool. That's why I was able to talk to her calmly.

'...... I heard that Jeannette's grandfather had collapsed, coughing up a lot of blood.

Suddenly Estella started talking about it.

'It seems that Jeannette coughed up blood while she was out running errands, and then lost consciousness. That's why she might have been upset when she saw the ...... amount of blood.

That's why I thought .......
At that time, Jeannette was muttering, 'You didn't vomit blood,......, thank God.
I didn't know what was good about it at the time, but ...... I guess he thinks that coughing up a lot of blood leads to death. If he didn't vomit blood, he might be able to survive. These words came out of that thought.

'But you should keep an eye on her for a while. Ginette is a little unstable right now.'

Estella's gaze turned to the door.
On the other side of the door, there was Magda, who was hurt, and Ginette, who was watching over her.

Did they come out together to say that?

'Well, I guess so. The sorrow of losing a loved one, even if you think you've forgotten it,......, will suddenly come back to you.

I'm not sure what to do.
...... I see.
I'm the same way. ......

When I heard that Magda had been injured, my mind went blank.
I knew I had to get there as soon as I could.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that, but I'm going to be able to do it.

I didn't want to lose my people.

I didn't want to lose them in time like I did that time. ......

'Come on, let's see your face. I'm asleep now, so be quiet.'

Regina slowly opens the door and asks me to enter.
On the other side of the door, I see Ginette sitting beside the bed.
She is looking into Magda's sleeping face, her hands folded in a desperate prayer.

'What can I do?What should I do for Magda when she wakes up?
'We've done everything we can. All you can do is wait for your strength to recover over time.
'...... I see.'

At times like this, I feel ashamed that I can't do anything.

'Don't look at me like that. You'll never heal if you keep that sullen look on your face in front of the injured. All you have to do is stay by the cat's side, comfort her when she's in pain, and put her to bed when she's in pain. There's not much you can do, even if you say you'll take care of her. There's no need to blame yourself for that.

He patted me on the head.

'Really, you're like a big kid, aren't you?

I felt a strange sense of security as he stroked my hair with his crumpled hands.

'You ...... are a good guy.'
'Nyonyou!You mean, you want me to marry you?
'Why would you do that?

Before I could get into it, Estella raised her voice.
I mean, be quiet, you guys.

Leaving the two noisy people behind, I walked into Magda's room.
When I got to the bed, Ginette looked up and looked at me. Her expression is fragile, as if she's about to disappear.

'Don't worry. You'll feel better soon.'
'............ Yes.'

I thought about stroking Jeannette's head, but ...... if I touched her now, she'd crumble like sand. ............ I turned my gaze to Magda. I turned my gaze to Magda.

I'll have to figure out a way to get Jeannette's energy back. ......

'...... Yashiro-san'.

A faint, mosquito-like voice called out to me.

'............ Magda, I'm going to be fine ......, aren't I?

I have no medical knowledge.
But I'm sure Magda will recover. She has to.
So, hopefully, I assure you.

'Of course.'
'............ so ......, right?'

It seemed as if the anxiety weighing on Jeannette's mind had lightened just a little. It was as if the air had changed a little.
Let's change the air here, even if it's forceful.

'Jeannette. Suppose the God who controls the soul appears here and says something like this.

Jeannette looked up at me, unsure of how to react to my sudden start of a parable.
Unperturbed, I continued.
I spread my arms, imitated a pompous god, and lowered my voice a little.

''I am the one who leads the souls of humans to the heavens. If you can tell me what I'm thinking right now, I'll help you Magda.
'Are you sure?

Ginette stood up abruptly and closed in on me.
I pulled my body back, but Ginette's momentum didn't stop, and I fell on my butt after bending my spine too far.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... No, it's just a little game, okay?

What would you say to make sure Magda is saved?'
'......Is that what God thinks ............?'

He puts a finger to his chin and begins to think hard.
'...... So, it's a game, right?

'I'm sure that's what God is thinking. 'Bless the people who suffer' .......'

The God in his brain must be a noble one.
But God is not that good-natured, nor is he full of compassion.
And they don't work for the convenience of humans.
God is not a servant of man.

Besides, the god who leads human souls to the heavens is the Grim Reaper.
The Reaper has set his sights on Magda. In order to avoid it, we have to think about ...... it.
Ginette's answer was not enough.

'Hmm, I don't think so.'

Regina and Estella were standing behind me on the floor.
Regina is looking at Jeannette with a slightly mocking, mean smile on her face.

'But God is merciful, and ......'.
'Suppose, if you really think so, you wouldn't be so mean as to show up and say, "I'll help you if you solve the riddle.I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on, but I'm not sure you can.
'............Yes, that's true, but ......'

That's what I'm talking about.
Nice KY.
The only person who can deny the weak Jeannette in this situation is you who has never had a friend. Even I'm a little hesitant to admit that she's dented.
But it's good to let her know that.

'Regina. I'm glad you're such a dork.'
'Are you trying to pick a fight with me, or what?
'I'm complimenting you. Hey!Nice insensitivity.
'I'm not complimenting you at all!

My feelings don't reach you.
The mental wall that Bocce has built is very thick and high.

'How about this?

After thinking for a while, Estella raises her hand.

''It is impossible for a mortal to decipher the will of God.
'So you're abandoning the idea?

'Because it's impossible to give a definite solution to this problem. Only you know what you were thinking!

Estella says in frustration.
It's not a game of guessing God's thoughts. ......

'I don't care if you know what I'm thinking or not.
'But, but if you don't know what God is thinking, ...... Magda will ............'.

Ginette mutters, looking as if she's about to cry, her voice scratchy with tears.
No, no, no, no!It's not true, you know!
Metaphor!A game!
I'm not going to be able to find out the answer, but it's not going to help Magda!

'......Yashiro. Do you enjoy making little Ginette cry!
'Is it my fault?
'If it's not, then tell me the answer right now and put Jeannette at ease!
'............ Estella, you can honestly say 'I give up', right?
'Hmm,......, it's kind of frustrating to lose to you.

You've lost so many battles in a row.

'Well, okay. The answer ...... is that I don't know what God thinks either.'
'What's ...... the answer, 'I don't know'?
'......So, Magda, you're ......'
'Oh, God!Calm down!Listen to me when I say this.

I don't know why they're getting so worked up over a game like this.
It's a rather major game that we hear a lot about in Japan.

'This problem is not about 'guessing God's thoughts', but about 'how to help Magda without fail'.
'Definitely, help. ...... Sure, you said that.'
'It's all right if you answer the quiz correctly, but it's also all right if you answer incorrectly and Magda is saved. In other words--'

I hold up my forefinger and pause long enough to say the answer.

''You're going to take Magda's soul with you, aren't you?

Ginette gasps and turns her gaze to Magda.
'Well, hear me out.

'If the god of ...... souls thinks that you're going to take Magda's soul, then you've answered the quiz correctly, and Magda will be spared... ...'
'On the other hand, if the god wasn't thinking 'I'm going to take the cat's daughter's soul', then he would have answered the ...... quiz incorrectly, but he wouldn't have taken the cat's daughter's soul, which means he would be saved.
'Well, that's the way it is.

In Japan, this game is played in The Lion and the Traveller.
There is no way to know what other people are thinking. Then, it is useless to think about it.
The key is how to push through your requirements. That's the important thing.

'...... So, ...... Magda can ............ help you?

Ginette looks around at us, a little confused.
It's confusing because you're confusing the game with reality.

I started the game to change my sinking mood, but ...... it seems to have had a little too much of an effect on Ginette.
I tried to soothe her by telling her that Magda would be saved either way. ...... Well, my plans were a bit thrown off, but I'll say what I wanted to say.

'Magda will be fine. So don't worry about it.'
'............ Yes, sir.'

I nodded, and the tears began to fall.
But Ginette's face was filled with a gentle smile.

At that moment.


Magda raised her body.
With a startled expression, she looked around the room with wide, round eyes.
And when he finds us frozen in one place, he stares at us ~~~~.

'Ma ............ Magda-san is ......!
'You seem to have noticed.
I'm not sure if it's a good time for God to be here.

The relief on everyone's face was palpable.
Their voices were also filled with joy.
In an instant, the air in the room became light and a peaceful atmosphere enveloped us.

The feeling of joy that spread in the blink of an eye left me ...... speechless.

I was just ............ relieved.
Thank goodness.
I'm so glad it's not too late. ......

'Mr. Magda. How are you feeling?Does the wound hurt?'

Immediately, Jeannette ran over to Magda and tried to touch her body ...... but...


Suddenly Magda let out a strange cry, slipped through Jeannette's arms, and jumped off the bed.
She lowered her upper body, put her arms on the floor, and stared at us with alert eyes.
It's a threatening pose for a cat.

'Hey, what's going on here, ......?
'I don't know,......, but there's something wrong with you.

You're Estella in trouble, but you don't know what's going on.

Now open a dictionary and explain this situation to me in plain English!

'Ah, let's run!

By the time Regina raised her voice, Magda was already on the move.
She slipped past us and headed straight for the exit of the room.

'Hold on, Magda!

Estella quickly reached out her arm and grabbed Magda's shirt.

'Great!Just hold her down and lay her down ......?

Before I could finish, Magda took off the shirt she was wearing.
I guess it was because he had just treated his wound.
Magda wasn't wearing anything under her shirt.
He was completely naked.

'Yashiro!Don't look!
'Hey!This is not the time for that!
'Oh no!He's running away!
'Magda-san!Don't run yet!You'll hurt yourself!
'Ginette, don't be so carefree!

I don't know what it was, but Magda got away.
He was on the lookout for us. ...... He looked at us as if we were enemies.

According to Regina's analysis, a beastman is a being that combines the power of a beast with the intelligence of a human, and is usually in a balanced state.
But when they suffer a life-threatening injury like this one, the beast part of them may come out more to sustain life,......, she said.

So what does that mean?
Magda is a wild tiger cub now?
Did he forget about us and run off to find someplace safe? ......

'It can't be like this. We can't stay like this. Everyone, we need to split up and search!

Estella instructed.
If she said that before I did, then I might be in a panic right now.
I need to calm down.

'Regina stay here. When we get Magda, be ready to take care of the wound if it's open!
'Yes, sir!
'Ginette, you go check on the church!
'Yes, sir!

That was a good move.
If we send a panicked Jeannette towards the main street, she might cause some trouble. Even if she doesn't, she might get into trouble.
It would be better to let Jeannette head toward the church, where she knows many people.

'We'll go look at the main street.
'But Yashiro, make sure you wear a blindfold so you don't see Magda's naked body!
'I can't!

He's pretty upset too, isn't he?

'Anyone who finds Magda, go home immediately!The rest of you, return to the Sunken Pavilion periodically to check on the situation!
'Yes, I understand!

I gave the final orders, and we left the Sunken Pavilion.
Considering Magda's quickness, it's going to be hard to catch up with her. ......

But how can you run around the 42nd district looking for a little guy like that? ......
You can't do that with no hints.
I ran to a nearby store to gather information on whether or not Magda had been seen.
Magda had killed a bull in this street before, so he was probably known to some extent.

'Have you seen Magda?
'Oh, is that the girl from the bull fight?

As I exchanged such conversations with some of them, I got some useful information.

'That girl was heading towards the back streets at a very fast pace. She was heading towards the workshop street, where the weapon shops are.

The main street is lined with stores. Most of them are restaurants, clothing shops, and food stores. In other words, there are stores that are closely related to the lives of ordinary citizens and stores that target people who come from other places.
The further you go from the main street, the more specialized the stores become.
There are shops that sell hardware, armor, armor protection, cloth, thread, bones of monsters, and other materials.
These stores are clustered together in the same line.

It is said that Magda ran into a street lined with armor shops.
Maybe he's worried about being unarmed. ......

I hurried into the street.

I could hear the sound of metal hitting metal here and there.
The smell of oil and metal filled the air.
On both sides of this rather dimly lit street, workshops and stores lined the street.
Surprisingly, there were many women in the street. I was expecting a more masculine image. There were girls carrying large hammers, and men clutching small pliers that looked out of proportion to their huge bodies.

I thought it would be easier to find them if they were full of macho males. ......

We don't have much time.
Of course Magda is in a dangerous situation, but she's in a very vulnerable state.
If some lowlife finds him, he's in trouble.
We don't have time to search for him blindly.

'Excuse me!

I called out to a beautiful fox-like woman who was puffing on a cigarette in front of a workshop where shields were apparently being made.

'Have you seen Magda? But people in this area do not understand.
Even if you explain that she is a small tiger, about twelve years old ......, it is doubtful that they will understand.
The only thing we can do is to tell them about its characteristics, which are more impressive and which they will definitely recognize if they see it, and collect information about its sighting.

'Hey, didn't you see a little girl in a skirt running towards us?

The fox sister let out a strange voice and opened her mouth wide.
'd*mn, don't you know!

''I'm sorry to have disturbed you!If you see her, let me know right away!

That's all I said, and I ran through the streets.
I was annoyed at the thought that some old man might have seen Magda's naked body, so I only approached the women I saw.

'I'm looking for a little girl in a skirt!
'Where's the little girl in a skirt?
'Has anyone seen a little girl in a skirt!

No matter how much I asked, I couldn't get any sightings. Every time, they just let out a strange voice.

'd*mn ......, where are you Magda ............'

I'm starting to get out of breath from running around.
In times like this, you need to replenish your energy with sugar. ............

Before we left the sunny pavilion, we brought a bag of honey popcorn to help us recover.
This will help you regain some of your strength. ........................ ...... That's it!

I shouted loud enough for the whole street to hear.

'Magda!I'll give you some honey popcorn when I get out!This time it's sweet, with more honey!

Open the bag of honey popcorn and wave it around so that the sweet aroma spreads throughout the area.
...... If you fall for this, ............
Suddenly, something fell from the roof of the hardware store onto my back.


It was Magda.
Magda is on my back, arms outstretched, trying to rob me of my honey popcorn.

'Wait!I'll do it!I'll do it!Put your clothes on first!'

It seems Magda can't understand you now.
It's no use.

I stretch my arm as far as it will go and pull the honey popcorn away from Magda.
When Magda leans down to take it, I grab her by the neck and capture her.

'Don't be rash!I'll give you popcorn!

When I gave Magda a bag of honey popcorn, she instantly became quiet.
He stuck his hand in the bag and chewed the popcorn to the limit of his mouth.
...... How much do you love it?

'Take this opportunity ......'.

I take off my jacket and slip it over Magda.
Then I carried Magda, who was wearing a shirt that was too big for her, and headed for the sunlit pavilion.
On the way back, Magda was so absorbed in her honey popcorn that she had become completely quiet.

'Magda!Thank God, ......, you're safe.'

Seeing Magda's face, Jeannette let out a sigh of relief.
Estella hadn't come back yet, but if they waited, she would eventually.

'I fed her with popcorn.
'Feeding her is ...... terrible, Yashiro-san.'

Ginette was blaming him, but her face looked very happy.

After eating the popcorn, Magda suddenly became quiet.
Rather, she seemed to have grown quite attached to me.
He clung to my waist for a long time, refusing to leave.

'She's kind of cute, like a kitten.

When Jeannette reached out her hand, Magda's shoulders shook and she hid behind my back.
However, she still smiled at Jeannette the whole time, and eventually seemed to let her guard down.
She accepts him and lets him pat her on the head.

Then, Regina took a look at the wound and gave it a quick examination.

'When your injuries are completely healed, the balance between beast and human will return to normal, and your temporarily confused memory will return.

As a result of the diagnosis, Regina made such a guess.
In other words, the kitten state will continue until the wounds heal.

'Well, it's not like it's going to get out of control, so ...... shouldn't be a problem for a while.

Hunting will be suspended for the time being, and you won't be able to help out in the store, but ...... well, that can't be helped.

'Um, Yashiro. There's one thing that's troubling me.
'What is it?'

With a troubled look on her face, Jeannette quickly presents a piece of clothing.
It was Magda's, and it was ripped to shreds.

'It hurts when it touches the wound, or it tears when I dress it.

It seems that she tore it when she was trying to dress herself after Regina's examination.

'I tried with a larger one, but ......'.

The next thing he presented was a familiar piece of Ginette's personal clothing.
It too was in disrepair.

'She doesn't seem to like my clothes either. ......'
'Wow,......, that's terrible.
'I don't care if it's torn, it's just a matter of repairing it. ......'

Then he glanced at Magda.
Magda is currently wearing one of my clothes.

'It looks like it needs to be as big as Yashiro's.'

Because it will touch the wound,......, Jeannette explained, but ...... probably not.
Magda would occasionally pull on the collar and bury her face in it, sniffing it 'softly'.
...... Apparently, my scent is soothing.

But who can say that to Jeannette?

'Well, if you're going to wear my clothes, we'll have to live with that for a while.
'I'm sorry, sir. I'm sorry, but I have valuable clothes at .......'
'No problem. Oh, then, if you have some free time, could you make me some new clothes?'
'Yes!I'd be happy to.'

Ginette crumpled up the torn garment and smiled happily.
Ginette was more than happy to be of use to someone else.
It would be nice if she could forget about the helplessness of not being able to do anything for Magda by making my clothes.


Magda, wearing a bulky shirt, stumbled toward me with her hands raised.
Then, when he was just a few steps away from me, he stumbled.

'........................ nyaaahhh... ...'
'Oh, my God!

You're like a child.
No, he's a kid. ......
Magda was more of a quiet, unruly child.
Now she's a complete spoiled brat.

'Good, good.
'...... meow.'

I take her in my arms, and Magda closes her eyes and leans back against me as if she's relieved.

'I think we should ask Yashiro-san to take care of Magda-san.
'...... Seriously?
'You're just like a cute little sister, aren't you?

Ginette stroked Magda's hair as she said this.
My sister ............ is my sister ......

I'm not sure if I'll be able to take care of her for a while.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.


Estella came rushing into the room.

'Hey, hey, Estella. Be a little quieter. ......'
'What the hell did you do?

Estella closes in on me and gives me a sharp look.
I don't know what she means, and I get flustered.

'There's been a rumor on Hardware Street!There was a rumor on Hardware Street that a strange man was running around saying, 'Where's the little girl with the baggy pants? I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.

What about ........................?

'And he gave her sweets and took her away!

.................. Ah. ~I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you. ............

'Parents with young daughters were shaking with fear!What are you going to do about it?
'What are we going to do? ............'

For now, I think I'll just stay away from Hardware Street for a while. ............

When we are working hard at something, we don't see what is going on around us.
When we are desperate, we will do things that may seem strange to others.

But can we blame them for that?
That's how hard you've been working!
I'm even proud of myself for being able to work so hard for someone else!

But then, on a billboard on the main street.

"If a stranger offers you candy, don't go with him!Don't follow him!

When I saw a poster with a sentence that I'm used to seeing in Japan -- ......, I felt a bit sorry for myself.