32-Episode 30 Peace of Mind

'I've had a terrible time.'

The day after my visit to Regina's store.
I found Estella at the church I was donating to and immediately made a complaint.
I could have used a little more advance information.
At the very least, I would have liked to have been told that Regina was a rare freak.

'But it looks like you got the medicine. You're doing well.'

Well, not well.
My mind has been worn down to the bone to get this drug.
'On the receiving end?Or offensive?Which? It took a lot of effort to convince Regina, who was heated up with incomprehensible words such as 'passive or aggressive?', that I was an exemplary person who had common sense and did not deviate from the standard. I wish I could get a special allowance. I mean, 'Which one? I'm not.

I let out a sigh as I leaned against the fence along the church grounds.
Estella and I are both out in the churchyard.
We can't talk calmly in the common room because of the kids.

Currently, Ginette and Bertina are preparing a meal in the church kitchen.
It seems that Regina's medicine had worked on Bertina, and she had fully recovered yesterday evening.
'Is there any food left that I couldn't eat this morning? --I thought about hitting him with a gouge when he showed up at the sunlit pavilion with a big smile on his face. I was wondering if he was still eating. ...... Why don't you give him a day off to rest his stomach?
I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that Ginette was very relieved to see Bertina eating so well.

'Didn't the sisters say something?I'm sure you've heard the rumors about Regina Englind and her ...... rejection.'
'I don't think so.
'Is that so?

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.
...... Most importantly, right after that, he complained to me, 'It doesn't taste good! He complained to me, ......

'As more and more people use the drug, I'm sure the bad publicity will start to disappear.
'I hope it does.

There's no shortage of people who get hurt or sick.
Magda is the most likely to get injured.

Oh, yeah.
Magda came back in the evening yesterday, but there was some ground subsidence in the forest, so she went out again after eating.
It seems that while the vigilantes were repairing the landslide, he was sent out to guard the area to prevent hexenbiests from attacking. The hunting guild is more experienced in dealing with hexenbiests in the forest than the vigilantes.
Upon hearing Magda's story, Ginette hurriedly prepared a large amount of lunch and brought it to Magda. Magda would go hungry if she used the power of the Tigers. Well, it's not like we're hunting, so I don't think there would be any problem if we devoured the beasts we killed. ...... Ginette must have wanted to help Magda.

That is why Magda is not here now. According to the schedule, he should be back around the time the morning bell rings.
Incidentally, the first bell is called the "waking bell," the next the "morning bell," and then the "noon bell" and the "end bell" in that order. The last bell is said to mean the end of the day. ...... It rings at sixteen o'clock, though.

'But it was an amazing feat to convince Regina Englind to make the potion. She's been a bit of a misanthrope lately.'

Not a little.
She was very wary of me.

'But I was also worried that she might become mentally unstable if she's alone all the time.

That's too bad. It's already too late.
After all, the disease had progressed to the point where he was having friendly conversations with invisible customers.

'He's a little eccentric, but he's not a bad guy, is he?
'He was very odd and demented.
'That's a terrible thing to say to a woman.'

Oh, come on.
I was about to be drugged with a powerful energy booster.
This was Jeannette's crisis, too. If you're being a little harsh, it can't be helped.

'Oh, by the way...'

I remembered a very important story here, so I'll tell it to you.

'I've told him to charge you for the medicine.
'...... You're being very careful, aren't you?
'Of course you are. Why should I pay for it? You made me go, so you'll have to pay.'

It's obvious that the Church doesn't have any money, and it would be wise to force Estella to pay for it.

'So, I told her to come here today.
'This early in the morning?
'This is the only time you'll be here for sure, right?You've been kind of busy lately.'
'Well, ...... certainly takes up a bit of my time in the afternoon.'

Estella's expression clouded.
She has a somber expression that makes me imagine that she is dealing with some troublesome people.
You will find a lot of things that you can do. ...... This is not good. I've heard that sighing is a way to get rid of happiness.
What is happiness for Estella?

I don't really know what makes him happy, what makes him happy. I don't know, but I can tell you that he would be happy if his breasts got bigger. That's the extent of his complex, isn't it?
That means that when he sighs, the possibility of getting bigger breasts escapes him. ...... So, that's ............

'Estella. If you sigh, your boobs will get smaller.'
'I'm not inflating them with air!

She grabbed me by the chest as hard as she could.
Whoa, your face is scary!
Close, close, close!
That's way beyond the distance a maiden should be allowed to approach. Have some shyness, okay?
I was just wondering if you'd smile. I was just wondering if you'd laugh.


And then I heard a strange voice from behind me.

Leaning against the fence, I turned my head to look behind me, and Estella peered over my shoulder.

Standing there was Regina, her eyes wide with astonishment.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
It's your brain that's in disarray!

What the hell is he doing emitting poisonous radio waves in front of a holy church on such a clear morning?

'Hello, Regina. Good morning.

Estella calls out to Regina with a smile that doesn't show a hint of hostility. Probably, she is still at the stage where she doesn't know how to treat her, and is still exploring.

'--You are unnecessarily refreshing.
'Shut up. Can you please keep your confidences to yourself?

No. I couldn't help but hear the sub-voice in my voice.
Hey, can you let go of my collar?
I feel like you've been pressing me for a long time.

'Myself............, I see............, I'm an uke, aren't I?
'uke'?What's that?Do you know what that is?

Hey, stop it, Estella. Excessive information is poison for your brain cells.

'Don't tell me, after yesterday, you two were alone in this place until dawn?

What's the word that follows that 'in'?What the hell?No, you don't have to say!I mean, don't tell me!I don't even want to hear it!

'Yashiro ......, what the hell is she talking about?
'Don't ask me. I don't want to explain. The only thing is, she thinks you're a man.'
'Me?Ha, no way.'
'Don't smile so briskly, it's even more misleading.
'Because I've met her before, remember?
'So she must have met you before and judged you as a man.
'Oh no, you're not Yashiro.

Otherwise, why is the terminally ill patient there squirming?Can you explain?
Just get away from me. You're too close to my face. You're making me nervous.

'You have a great expression. ...... Beautiful woman and wild man ............ There you go. ......'

Don't use funny symbols to describe me.
And who's a wannabe?

I'm not sure what to do.

Just as I was starting to get a mysterious migraine, Jeannette came out of the church.
She's running toward me, flipping her fluttering apron.

'Your meal is ready~!
'I didn't expect you to attack me sideways!

Ginette cowers at Regina's strange voice.

'......No, but if that's the case, the attacker and the receiver will be reversed ......?It's not as if this beautiful woman is his girlfriend,......, because he said he didn't have a girlfriend,.............'
'Oh, um, ...... Yashiro-san. Who is this person?
'I'm a pharmacist who can't cure the disease I'm suffering from.'
'Ha, ha...... disease?'
'The bottom of the middle who interrupts a beautiful couple ............, but Reito is curious about the bottom of the middle .......'
I'm not sure what to say.

I don't know what to say. ......

'The way the conversation is going, it seems that people think I'm a man after all. ......'
'Unfortunately, yes. And they think you're having an affair with me.
'What?I'm not sure what to do.I can't have that kind of misunderstanding!It's disgraceful!

If you're disgraceful, tell it to my alleged boyfriend before you tell it to my alleged man who's dating a man.

'Hey there, pretty lady!
'What?Is it me?

Ginette shrugs as Regina locks on to her.
It's a high level of alert.

'The love between these two is real. ...... I'm sorry, but I'm giving up on that beautiful woman. ......'
'What, what?Oh, love is ...... eh?
'Calm down, Jeannette. If you take it seriously, you'll get infected, so cover your ears for a bit.

I explained the facts to the flailing Regina. I explained the facts to the out of control Regina. ............ But Regina's ears, immersed in her delusional world, seemed to be completely corrupted, and ...... my words didn't seem to reach her eardrums. My words didn't seem to reach her eardrums.

I explained to Ginette that she thought Estella was a man, and that Estella and Ginette were in love, and that she and I were in a love triangle.

'I'm ...... afraid that ...... Mr. Yashiro and Estella are competing for me.

--I'm sorry,......, but you're not the one who's competing with me, in Regina's setting. I'm not going to get into that, though.

So I've decided to keep my mouth shut about Regina's illness.
...... There is nothing worth mentioning. As long as it doesn't harm us in any way, we'll let you do whatever you want. ......

'By the way, Regina. Have you made your preparations?'
'No, "Huh? No, not the ...... I explained to you yesterday. The new way of doing business.'
'Ah, ah, ah!Oh, yeah!It's okay. I've prepared everything!

I didn't call you here today just to pay you.
I've been thinking about how to get Regina's medicine into the 42nd district, and yesterday I told Regina how to do it.
...... This guy must have really prepared well. ............

I'm not sure what you're referring to when you say 'new way of doing business'.

As I expected, Estella immediately took a bite.
She's one of the ones who wanted to spread Regina's medicine somehow. Well, it's only natural.

'Regina smells fishy.
'That's terrible, me!

It's true.

'But his medicine is useful. Bertina's recovery proves it.'
'What, you're embarrassing me. Praise doesn't get you anywhere, does it?

Shut up. You don't have to react every time.

'People get anxious when they encounter the unknown. The unfamiliar is perceived as an object of awe.

The symbol of that awe is this all-black, witch-like Regina.
She looks fishy, speaks in a strange way, uses ingredients I've never seen before, and the store has an eerie atmosphere.
--No one would go to such a place to buy medicine.
No one would go to such a place to buy medicine, especially medicine that could be deadly, from such a fishy place. No one.

But if you know who you're dealing with and can determine what it is, all your worries will disappear.
Then, it will only be a matter of time before Regina's medicine takes root in the 42nd district.
After all, the medicines of the Pharmacists Guild created by Regina are reasonably priced and easy on the pockets of the common people.

It was generally recognized that the medicines of the Apothecary's Guild were valuable items that belonged to large merchants and nobles.
There were no medicines available at the Sunken Pavilion either.

'If Regina's medicine becomes more familiar, people will feel a sense of security even if the raw materials themselves are not well known. After all, a sense of security is essential for medicine.

In Japan, there were many medicines that contained ingredients such as "daidaiou extract" or "ibuprofen" that people had heard of but had never seen before or did not know what they were.
If you are told that a product contains coenzyme Q10, you will think that it is good for your skin because you have 'learned' it. I have not actually witnessed the effects of coenzyme Q10 on my skin. It's just what I've heard.
But it is what we know that gives us peace of mind. People are reassured when an ingredient they are familiar with is in the product, and they put their full trust in a drug from a company they have seen before.

'Therefore, even if the medicine is made by such a foul-smelling pharmacist, as long as it is familiar, it will be trusted.
'Don't you think you're being too harsh?

Ignoring Regina's protests, I continued.

'You feel anxious because you encounter the unknown. Then you should shut out the unknown.
'I understand the logic, but what do you actually want me to do?
'I'll give you the specifics. Regina.
'Here you go.'

I held out my hand and Regina held out a medicine chest.
I opened the lid and saw that it was filled with various kinds of medicines.

'It's a huge variety,' she said.
'Intestines, antipyretics, antiseptics, antiseptics, tranquilizers, ...... and many more.'
'It's amazing ......, I've never seen so many medicines before.'

Ginette looks into the medicine chest and rolls her eyes.
The medicine chest in the hunting guild was empty except for a few wound medicines. It probably didn't contain anything like fever reducers or cold remedies.

'Just keep one of these in the house and you'll be able to handle most problems.'
That's right. It should be enough to deal with illnesses and injuries that occur in normal life, not to mention serious injuries that could kill you or incurable diseases.
'But it would be impossible to have this in every home.
'Isn't that right ......?

Estella and Ginette's expressions clouded when they saw how well stocked the medicine chest was.
That's why ......

'I'm sure no family can afford to buy so many medicines.
'I have no idea how many gold coins it would take to buy all these medicines.

Medicine in this world is expensive.
That's common sense.

'By the way, do you have any idea how much it would cost to order this much medicine from the Apothecary Guild?
'I don't know. ...... I've never bought this much before, so ...... I'm just guessing, but I think it would be enough to keep me busy for a few years.'

I see. That's a lot of money that the average person can't afford.

'Are you trying to sell this gorgeous set at a discount to compete with the Medicine Men's Guild?

Estella asks, looking at the medicines one by one.
Regina, being the diligent person that she is, hand-wrote the name of the medicine, its effects and dosage on each of the medicine bags.

'Well, I guess you could say it's cheap.
'I'll learn from you.
'If you can afford it, I'd like to have one for my house. I'm afraid of ...... disease.'

Ginette's eyes suddenly took on a lonely hue.
By the way, this guy lost his grandfather. ...... Was he sick? If so, I'm sure he couldn't afford medicine. ......

'So, how much is it?

Ginette's big eyes look at me, their sadness gone.
I was a little nervous, perhaps because I had become sentimental in my own imagination.
And then, uncharacteristically, I thought about how I wanted to ...... make her happy.

I'll answer the question, imagining the joy in Ginette's eyes as she stares at me.

'It's free.
'He says the money needed to get this medicine chest is zero.'
'Ke, but, no such ...... thing, indeed, that's ......'.

Ginette's gaze shifts from me to Regina.
As if she sensed this, Regina smiled and proudly declared.

'You can have it for free, I don't mind at all!

I was trying to get her to look pleased, but perhaps the shock was too much for her. ...... Ginette's face froze in a blank stare.

This is a great way to make sure that you don't end up being a victim of any kind of fraud.

I'm not sure what to make of that.
...... You know...

It's the end of the world.
'But if that's the case, how come such a gorgeous set is free .................. and fake?'
'You're a handsome man with a bad ear.'

This time, Regina raises her eyebrows.
...... I wonder if they even understand the word 'handsome'.

'The medicines in here are all genuine, first class!
'Then why are you giving them away for free?
'No one said anything about giving them away.

Estella's expression hardens and her gaze turns to me.
Her eyes look as if she's reached the limit of her thoughts and wants an answer.
I have no choice. I'll explain it to her.

'This is, this is a "leftover medicine".

It's one of the ways they sell medicine in Japan.

'As I said before, it's free to 'get' this set. However, if you use any of the medicines in this set, you will be charged for that medicine.

If you use 10Rb of cold medicine from the medicine box, you will be asked to pay 10Rb at the time of settlement.

'Every month, or every week if the medicine is used frequently, Regina will visit you periodically to check the usage of the medicine. At that time, she receives payment for the missing medicines and replenishes them with new ones.
'So if I don't use it, I won't have to pay for it forever?
'Oh. If you don't use the medicine and it has passed its expiration date, Regina will dispose of it and replace it with a new one.
'Wouldn't that be too much of a burden on the Pharmacists Guild?
'No, it wouldn't.'

Regina answered Estella's question in a light tone.

'In any case, we have a lot of stock lying around in our store, so the difference is whether we keep it here or leave it at someone else's place.

Still, you don't seem to be convinced, so I'll give you some additional information.

'You never know when you'll need medicine. It's easier to use medicine if it's always ready than to rush out to buy it when you need it, right?That 'ease of use' is the aim of this medicine. It is easy to use and can be relied on in an emergency. If such an image is created, the stench and uneasiness that people have about the Pharmacists Guild will be dispelled. They will come to think of it as a medicine they can trust and use.

After all, the stench of the Pharmacists Guild is largely due to Regina's outfit, her way of speaking, the unfamiliarity of the raw materials and the unique atmosphere of the store.
So, if that's the case, just cover them all up.
You don't see Regina, you don't see the ingredients, you don't go to the store, and you get to use the potion that works.

'At first, I'll put medicine chests in the church and the Sunken Pavilion.
'Even in my house?

'Oh . The more monitors, the better.'

For the time being, we'll be providing medicine from these two locations.
Anyone who wants medicine should come to the church or the Sunken Pavilion. We'll sell them there for them. It's called outsourcing.
We'll ask Regina to come and check the stock frequently and replenish the medicine as needed.

If Regina gets used to the medicines from the Pharmacists Guild, she will eventually be able to go around to each household and sell them.

As a starting point, we can place medicine chests in the church and the Sunken Pavilion.

'...... is amazing.'

Ginette let out a few words.
At the same time that everyone's eyes were focused on Ginette, Ginette lifted her face from its prone position.

'It's amazing, Yashiro-san!

It was a radiant smile that seemed to blow away the thick rain clouds that covered the sky.

'If you come to my home, you can help people in need, right?This is a very great thing!

Ginette's eyes sparkled as if the needle of her emotions had swung over.

'There are many people who are suffering from lack of medicine. There are many people whose lives could be saved if they had ...... medicines. ............ We can give a small hand to such people before it is too late. It is a great relief to know that there are ...... medicines that can help such people before it is too late. I am sure that Regina's medicine will save many people. I'm sure everyone will be grateful to you, Regina!

Ginette approached Regina. Regina is being pushed slightly.

'Oh, thanks a lot. I hope you've been promoting this medicine so that you can do so.
'Yes!Leave it to me!

Ginette took Regina's hand and shook it.
Ginnette can't stop a little when she's on fire.

'You really amaze me every time, Yashiro.

Crossing her arms, Estella comes to stand next to me with a complicated expression, half-amused, but also impressed.

'I'd like to see the inside of your head once.
'The entrance fee is expensive.
'I wonder where you get that idea, ......'.

The admiration on Estella's face faded, and her dismay deepened.
However, she immediately returns to her serious expression and gives him a searching look.

'But you're too quiet for Yashiro, or rather, I can't see any benefit for ...... you.'
'Seeing people's happy faces is what makes me happiest.
'How dare you lie to me in a churchyard with an unconcerned face?

The Judgment of the Spirits can't judge how I feel about it.
Then it doesn't matter if I tell a lie.

'Maybe it's .......'

Estella suddenly starts to squirm.
'The ...... toilet?

'Because I asked you to?She wants to spread the Pharmacists Guild's medicine throughout the Forty-Two Wards. ...... So, I guess you did your best ............?'
'........................ Asou.'

The squirming stops.
Is it too late for ......?Didn't you get there in time?

'So you got excited because Regina was cute?
I'm not sure what to make of it. Only the most perverted would be able to work hard for her.
'For example, Yashiro?
'Who's a pervert?

I don't feel like giving up my efforts just because Regina asked me to.

'Then,............, because Ginette-chan will be happy?'
'She's usually happy no matter what you do.'

In that sense, it may be difficult to please Jeannette.
If you think of ...... as the thing that would make him most happy at the right moment, he would be happy with anything, and it would be hard to decide on the best thing.
I don't know what Jeannette likes best.

You can't be sure that he's really turned to charity,.............
'Why do you have to be so self-contained?You might be right, right?
'That's not the only thing. I can assure you.

Well, no.

'I can't see any merit in you.
'I'm sure there are advantages, but the most obvious one is...'
'Easy to see?
'Medicine chests only in churches and sunlit pavilions.'
'You'll charge a margin?
'Increasing the price will worsen the customers' impression of the product.
'Then what?'

I give Estella, who is starting to get frustrated, a straightforward solution.

'People gather in the cafeteria for the medicine.
'What the hell is that ..................?
'When people gather, some of them will order something. If they come to buy medicine frequently, they may become acquainted. Before that, the name recognition of the sunny pavilion will go up.

'............ advertising?'

We have medicine, something that everyone needs.
People who have never even come to the cafeteria before will come here for the medicine.
Also, if the word spreads that 'medicine can be found at the Sunlit Pavilion', the name 'Sunlit Pavilion' will become a household name.

The person who buys the medicine pays for it, and the Sunshine Pavilion just keeps Regina's medicine. It won't hurt your pocket.
If you can advertise effectively for free, this is a benefit no matter how you look at it.

'In exchange for providing a place, we've become a sponsor of the Pharmacists Guild,' said Yodari-tei.
'............ Yashiro, are you...'

Is that great?
It's okay to praise.

'You're really good at seeing the far corners of things, aren't you?
'Just give me a compliment.
'You're wonderfully impatient, Yashiro.
'I'm not complimenting you, am I?

Well, that's why I'm going to leave the medicine for a while and see how it goes.
It won't take effect that quickly.

''Jeannette, everyone!Let's eat quickly!

Bertina came out of the church and called us.
She's completely revived, and her complexion is even more radiant than before.
If the effects of the medicine spread little by little like this, people will naturally accept it.
If something happens that uses the drug on a larger scale, the awareness of the drug will explode.

While I was thinking about this, I came across ............

'Oh, my God!
'Oh, that's the hunting guild's ......'

Estella leans over the fence and looks down the street.
Running towards her was the representative of the hunting guild, Use Damare.

'Magda is badly injured!

I knew the gods of this world were shit.
...... Who the hell would want a big deal like that?

If anything happens to Magda, ...... I'm gonna kick your ass!

I grabbed Regina's medicine chest and ran out of the church.