446-No additives, episode 101. It's hard to make someo...

'Oh, my brother is spitting out some kind of evil miasma from his mouth!
'...... This is a dark side unbecoming of a Grand Prix winner. He should be made to smile again.
'Well, um, Yashiro-san, let's celebrate with everyone when you get home!Hey!
'Bururofuaaaaaaaaaaaaa ......!
'It's so thick!The miasma is getting thicker!
'...... Manager, one more word!
'Oh, um, I've noticed how cute Yashiro-san is before!
'Ginette-chan, ...... I'm sorry, everything is so counterproductive, it's kind of funny to watch.'

She's got a little scowl on her face and she's shaking her shoulders.
The vibrations will make your breasts fall off!

'...... What's that in your eyes?What are you thinking about, hmm?
'' ''Probably 'that vibration will scatter the flesh of your chest''' '' ''I bet'''
''I know what Yashiro is thinking, Magda, Natalia, Regina!

Estella's cries echoed in the dimming sky.
It's almost night.
The kids in the church must be getting ready to go home.

'Speaking of which, what happened to Miss Genki Musume?
'Ugh, the grand prize went to an instructor from the 41st district of .............'
'There's a student who's been coming to my place to learn gymnastics, and he's the one who's going to open a store on the lovely Yan Avenue. He's always cheerful and has a big smile, so it makes sense.
'I have a sparkling smile too!
'Because Loretta falls while laughing, six times is too many falls.
'Really, in Loretta's case, she's not 'Miss Genki Musume', she's 'Miss Chutzpah' or 'Miss Spinning Girl'.
'That's terrible, Miss Paula!Just because you got a semi-miss!
'What!Paula is a semi-miss?
'Hmmm!That's right, that's right!Well, I'm second, but I'm still happy!

Her tail is wagging.
She seems to be quite happy.

'Paula was very good at appealing, wasn't she? She knew exactly what all the judges ordered at the same time. She was right about everything. It was amazing.
'No, Mr. Neffely!What the judges gave high marks to was the tail that wagged every time you said 'correct'!That's not fair!It's not fair! It's not fair for a girl who expresses her joy in a defenseless way!
You can't help it!...... It moves on its own.'

Yeah, I can see that.
If a girl wags her tail happily just because you praise her a little, you'd say, 'She's so cute! I'd be like.

'Mr. Paula is just a little bit old-fashioned.
'Your main fan base isn't old carpenters, either!
'It's a poo!Next time, I'll enter a contest sponsored by Torbeck Construction!
'I'm sure they can see through your cunning, you know!

Loretta tries to take the plaque, but Paula defends it, and the exchange is repeated.
It's a joke.
Loretta can be so selfish in front of Paula.
She's like a sister who envies her sister's achievements.

I don't have the energy to envy the physical strength of Loretta and her friends, who are already exhausted and running around.
I'm idly looking at them, idly thinking about random things, and idly not thinking about them.

'Hey, are we still going to play "Miss Aoi-yan" after this?Let's go home.
'Don't worry. It shouldn't take that long.'
'What, the anchovy doesn't know how to judge 'Miss Aishinyan'?You've been sitting in the officials' seats all day with a pompous look on your face.

I was made to sit there.
And perhaps, this black-hearted lord deliberately kept it from me because he thought that I might find out something if he told me the judging method for Miss Aishwaryan in advance.

'Everyone in this hall has the right to vote for Miss Aoi-yan,' he said.
'Voting rights ......?
'Every woman in the room today is eligible to vote.'

I see.
So that's why they showed the various divisions of the beauty pageant on stage from the preliminary round.
The seven judges didn't choose her, but I'll vote for her. She's the "Miss Aoi-yan. --So that's how it's decided.
It's fair in a way. ...... Well, since it's held in the 41st district, it's only natural that there are many people from the 41st district in the audience, so the women from the 41st district might have an advantage.

And if that's the way of judging, there's no chance for me to be a judge, right?I don't have a chance to be a judge, do I?Then why am I here at ......, then? And you didn't tell me because you were afraid that I would find out what Estella was up to. Estella. ......

'So, yes. I've got ballots for everyone.'
'Very well prepared.'
'If someone flies in and you find out about the ballots, you might get the idea.
'I stand corrected at ....... You're very prepared.'

You've got a nasty personality.

'Are you an incarnation of the spirit god ......?'
'What the ......?Does that mean you're ...... like a goddess ......?
'You're so mean.
'Maybe you should correct your ...... spirit god sense somewhere.

It's not my perception that needs to be corrected, it's the nasty spirit god's nature that makes me feel that way.
'I can't change myself, so change your way of thinking, huh? ......?You're a very selfish woman.

'Mr. Paula, do you want to let yourself in?
'No, I wouldn't do that!I'm going to ...... put it in someone else!

He was so pissed off that he tried to ...... put it in himself.
I'm sure you're a little nervous about the semi-missing part.

'...... Loretta. How do you write 'Magda'?'
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.In a way, I envy Magda's toughness like that, though!
'Hey, fox blacksmith.
'Hmm?What is it, Regina?
'How many cups did I give myself?
'Why are you trying to write the number of cups on the ballot?
'What?You can't do that!
'You should try to behave in a way that matches your current appearance!
'No, it's this gap that makes me horny, isn't it?
'No!I knew I shouldn't have let him out of the ward!
'May I have a word with you, Miss Estella?
'What, Natalia?
'It's spelled with an 'N', an 'A', and a 'T': .......'
'Why are they trying to get me to vote?Don't you think the head waiter usually votes for the master?
'No, I thought it would be rude for someone other than the lord of the 41st district to vote for Estella-sama. The memory of the two of us is .......''
'In order to erase that memory, I'd like you to vote for me all the time!

Oh my god,......, it's really lively.

It's not as loud as here, but you can hear the joyful voices here and there.
As if remembering the day, 'That girl was so cute', 'What was her name again? I've become a fan of that girl, haven't I?' Looking at the audience laughing and talking, I can be sure that this event was a great success.

'Jinetto-san, who are you with?
'Well, yes. I'll go with Yashiro-san.
'Wait, Jeannette!The target of the vote is 'the women who were in this hall today'. I'm not included.
'But I'm the grand prize winner, aren't I?
'Too bad, it doesn't matter if you won or not. That's the rule.'
'Well, I'm sorry to hear that .......'
'Mr. Estella. Could I have another ballot, please?'
'Hey, wait, Becco!What are you doing crumpling up the ballot paper?You can't be ......!
'I didn't realize you weren't eligible for .......'

Why are you trying to vote for me?
You should vote for Norma!You're a fan, right?

'In any case, I have to go home as soon as the contest is over, that I do.
'Hey, Becko!There's going to be a party today at the sunny pavilion.If you want, you can stay until morning.
'No, no, I've got something I want to do...'
'I see, I see, you want to stay here that badly?All right, stay!Stay here until your creative juices run dry!

You, what are you trying to make?
No, no, no, no, no, don't say it, don't say it!...... If he gets wind of it and bites, we're in trouble. ......

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out how to get the best out of it.I'd love to have one!

I figured it out!
And you've got it!
Wow, Jeannette, you're just weirdly perceptive at times like this.I'm serious!

'Beccoo,......, I'm not going home today,.......'
'Ya, Mr. Yashiro,......, it's a bit harsh for a girl to make such a statement, that it is.
'I'm not a girl, me. What's wrong with that?Do you want to be kneaded in the brain?

'I'm gonna make you say "paiyoen", okay?

'I've got a problem with ......, who should I put in ............'.

When Ginette heard that I wasn't eligible, she began to seriously worry.
What is it that bothers you so much?I mean, there are plenty of other options out there.

'Who are you going to vote for, Yashiro-san?


There was a kind of tension that was hard to describe, spreading throughout the area.

Ginette, come on......
Don't ask me that, it's hard to answer.

And don't stare so hard, Everyday.
It's just a contest, it's just a vote.
My vote's not worth much. It's a dead vote anyway, that's how light it is.

'It's a secret.
'No way, darling, for me?
'Estella, is it possible to abstain from voting on this?

There are a couple of people who might get into trouble with their own imaginations if you keep it a secret.

'Write it down over there and get it out quickly!

If I stay here, they'll make assumptions based on the movement of my pen.
Keep your distance from them,...... and be careful not to whisper, because there are some guys with good ears,............. Now, whose name shall I write? Who's name shall I write?

............ Huh.
What are you seriously worried about, I am.

It's just a game, just an event for today.
You can write it with a light heart.

Just write down the names of whoever comes to mind.

Well, I'm just expressing my gratitude.

I was strangely nervous when I put my ballot into the ballot box.
I tried to avoid being recognized by my handwriting, and I also tried to avoid being recognized by my stroke count.
...... I'm pretty much on the defensive.
You don't have to be so careful,.......

I'm not sure what to say.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before.
When I approached her...

'I counted the number of strokes by the sound of the brush, did you write 'sunlit pavilion'?

--This is the kind of scary guy you can't underestimate, this town!
That's awesome, man. I made it sound just like that, man!
Good thing I did!

'It's a ...... secret.'
'Mmm, no, it's not. .......

It's because of ...... people like you.
I'm sure you're not going to be translating that meticulously, are you?I don't need that kind of fine tuning.
The spirit gods really have a nasty personality.

'Guys, it's almost time. Hurry up and vote.'
'Oh, wait!I'm a little torn between self-esteem and ethics right now!
'Why don't you just write your own name, Loretta?
'I know you say so, but Paula, ......!
'It doesn't matter if you get one more vote, in your case.
''That's a terrible thing to say, Paula!There's a chance you could come in a close second!
'Come on, we're running out of time!Write, write, write!
'Oh, dear, don't rush me!Oh, my God!I'll write to the manager.
'What?No, it's too good for me!Then give it to Magda at ......!
'...... Magda wrote 'manager' too.'

As a sign of their gratitude, both Magda and Loretta seemed to have finally written Ginette's name on their ballots.

'After all, the manager is the one who has to be there at the Sunlit Pavilion, so a vote for him is the best!
'...... Manager is Magda's goal. This vote is also a vote for your future self.
'No such ...... thing as me .............'

Ginette glances at me.
It's ............ what it is.

'...... and, vote, I'm off.'
'Oh, wait, Mr. Manager!I'm coming with you.
'...... Magda too.'

Loretta and Magda follow Jeannette to the voting booth.
Magda stops in front of me and glances up at me.

'......The consensus of the Sunlit Pavilion'.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm not going to say anything.
...... Don't be so judgmental. I'm sorry.

In the event that you've got a lot of time, you may want to take a look at the following.

'This is an important competition hosted by Ricardo-sama. Not even a single mistake will be tolerated!
'''' Ha!

It's still a hot and humid vertical society.
But those servants are just as good as Estella's waiters.
The butler must be a good leader because he's old enough.
Even though he's a fool at the top.

Then, the ballots sorted by the sorting team are counted by the measuring team.
The figures that seem to play the role of the letter "æ­£" are drawn one after another. ......, the vote counting process is finally over.

The butler wrote down the results of the voting on a piece of paper.
The butler's eyelids widened slightly when he heard the results. It must have been someone unexpected.

Then, when the sky was completely dark, the grand prix of today's most honorable "Miss Asukemiyan" was announced.

The chairman of the judging committee, Ricardo, stood in the center of the stage holding a piece of paper he had received from his butler, still dressed in women's clothing. ...... Pupupupupu!

I'm not sure what to say.It's the middle of the sacred closing ceremony!

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
Why don't you go to work tomorrow dressed like that?It suits you. It's not pretty, though!

'This is ....... So, today, I'm going to announce the grand prix for the most shining Miss Asuwaiyan in this venue.

It seemed that Ricardo was going to announce the final prize, even though he had previously left it to the women on the steering committee.
Riccardo's low voice melted and disappeared in the blowing wind. Everyone was waiting nervously for his next words.

'The winner of the prestigious Miss Aoi-yan Grand Prix is--'

Slowly, after an impatient pause, Ricardo read out the name of the Grand Prix winner.

'District Forty-two--Sister Bertina!

To ......?


An unreliable voice leaked out next to me.
The owner of the voice was, of all people, that Sister Bertina herself.

'Huh?Oh, um, I didn't enter anywhere, did I?
'Doesn't matter. The condition for voting is 'women who were present in this hall today'. Many of those present chose you for the Grand Prix. This is the result of fair judging.
'No, no, but ......'

Bertina looks at me as if to ask for help.
I told you at the beginning, didn't I?
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

...... I didn't really think that would happen, though.

'What should I do?
'Since you've got it, you should take it.
'But,......, you have all worked hard for this day, and I feel bad that I, who have done nothing, should accept it,.......'
'But Sister. Many of you here have chosen me.Isn't it also a pity to wear it on your sleeve?
'Wearing it on your sleeve, ......?

Ginette pointed out, and Bertina looked annoyed.

'But ...... it's not an award that I should be receiving. ......'

This is not embarrassment, is it?
If she was just confused because she was unsure of herself, you could give her a push and say, 'Have confidence,' but not ...... Bertina.
No one cares about that, but I guess she's obsessed with it.
There is only one way to shut Bertina up.

'Ricardo. What's the prize?
'A hundred kilograms of hexenbiest meat.

Bertina's ears perked up.
If it was at the sunny pavilion, she would probably accept it as if she had just flipped her hand and said, 'Well, I'll take it,' but it seems that she can't make up her mind easily in a big tournament.

If that's the case, let's try strategy number two to make him make up his mind.

'I want to eat the Hexenbiest meat that Jeannette cooked...'
'Huh?Oh, that's right. I want to cook a lot of hexenbiest meat too!
'Yes, yes!I want to eat it too!
'...... Magda, I'm rather fond of Hexenbiest meat.

Bertina blurted out in response to such deliberate begging.

'Giggle. That's true. I'm sure it's delicious, Ginette's cooking.

She shook her shoulders, laughed a little, and wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes.
The gesture was enough to make a few men fall to the ground, as if they had forgotten how to breathe.
This is a satisfying grand prix.

'Then, I'm sorry to be so presumptuous, but I'll take the ...... with all due respect.

The beautiful elf smiled with tear-stained eyes, and the audience applauded in celebration.

Magda was joking about this,.......
I think Bertina should be inducted into the Hall of Fame sooner rather than later.
Her good looks, as if she's been favored by the spirit gods, is now a cheat.
It's as reckless as beating Medora in an arm-wrestle.

'So, can I get a word from Miss Lovely?
'Huh?Well, yes, at .............'

Instead of going up on the stage, Bertina stood up straight and spoke to everyone present in a clear, clear voice.

'I think it's very beautiful and wonderful that you are all working together to achieve something. Don't be concerned about winning or losing, but praise, respect, and honor each other, and find the beauty in each of you. In this way, you may meet friends who share your aspirations. You may meet a rival who is irreplaceable. I hope that this place, this place, will be blessed with a variety of encounters and opportunities.

He finished his speech without a hitch and gave the following words with a smile on his face.

'The smiles on your faces today were very beautiful.

A place where beautiful smiles gather and are born.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if this street could become such a place?

The audience broke into applause, and the honor of the first "Miss Asukewyan" was bestowed upon her.
Next, the runner-up for "Miss Asukudaiyan" was announced, and as expected, it was Osina.

It seems that the men of District 41 like mature, patient, and kind women.
The muscle-bound men who work dangerously with their bodies alone seem to have a hunger for healing and pampering.

I wonder if I could make a fortune by opening an ear-piercing cafe.

With that little ambition in mind, the frenzied beauty pageant came to an end.

'''''Tadaimae, sunny side up~! '''''

I'm not sure what to say.
I'm tired. ...... I'm seriously tired today.

Compared to the previous events, today's was the most tiring, even though I didn't do anything.
I guess mental damage is hard to tolerate.

'Okay, everyone!What do you want to eat?
'No, get some rest, Ginette. ......'
'Yes, sir. Yashiro-san and the others should be resting.'

No, you too ......
Yeah, that's enough.
You're a strange creature that recovers HP by cooking, aren't you?

'Anyway, I'm going to give Becko some dangerous food that won't wake her up for about six months after she takes a bite.
'Please don't do this, Mr. Yashiro!It's too dangerous even if you're joking, that it is!

It's not a joke, you know?
If I wanted to, I could go bury it in the swamp.

'It's okay, that it is. I would never give it away to anyone without Mr. Yashiro's permission, that I wouldn't. This is a complete hobby, that it is, and it can't be sold for money, that it can't be sold as a product.
'Oh, I see. ...... I'm sorry.

Ginette nodded her head.
I hope she'll give up now.

'It's not a product ............!Yes, Mr. Yashiro!I think this is where the Garbage Collection Guild comes in!
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

The most dangerous one at the moment, Jeannette, is being sent away to the kitchen.
It would be best to keep him completely isolated from Becco for a while.

'But I'm glad I didn't ask for a bigger shelf.

Loretta, who had been talking about winning all the awards and displaying all the trophies, finally seems to have seen the reality.

'A shelf with two plaques is enough.
'I'm not going to display mine.

One is enough for me!

'Why not?
'...... fellow's achievement is the achievement of everyone at the sunny pavilion.'
'There's no such thing as 'Yashiroko-chan' in this store!

Who would display such an abominable shield!
I'll put it in the stove tomorrow.

'Yashiro. I'll give you my plaque too if you put it in the hearth.
'No, you can keep yours on display, you quasi-'Miss Stylish', pfft.
'Oh, thank you very much, Yashiroko-chan!

...... Konnichiwa.

'Oh, but I wanted one too. I don't want to be extravagant about a plaque at this point. I don't care if it's a participation award or something else.

'It can't be helped. We weren't chosen, you know.
'Let's try again next time, okay?Mr. Roreta.
'Mmm. ......'

The winners of the plaque were Estella, the runner-up Miss Stylish, Norma, the runner-up Miss Good Cook, Paula, the runner-up Miss Genki, Masha, the runner-up Miss Muscle, and Magda, the runner-up Miss Cute. And only Bertina, "Miss Lovely".

Bertina went home with the kids from the church, and Barbara went home after putting Teresa to bed. Wendy who went home with Theron.
These people won't be attending the party at the sunny pavilion.

The people here who didn't get the gift are Jeannette, Loretta, Natalia, Millie, Delia, Regina, and Nephrite.
Well, there's no need to leave out Magda and the others just because they got it. ......

I'm not sure what you're talking about.I don't know.
'But it was still good~...... I wanted a proof that 'I was cute today'.'
'I see. Well, I'll give you this.

It's not insurance, but ......
In case one of us doesn't get anything, I've prepared a few things that might come in handy.
I took out a small souvenir from the leather bag I had hidden on the floor and handed it to him.

'Big brother ......, what's this?
'It's the entry prize for the Miss Contest Sunlit Pavilion Cup.

It's a commemorative pin badge the size of a 500 yen coin, with the motif of a winged sun.
It expresses the warmth of the sun and the infinite possibilities of spreading wings into the future.

'It's a small beauty contest where I'm the head of the judging committee.
'Did I get this when my brother was the head of the judging committee?Whoa!I got it!I'm so happy!

He grasped the small souvenir in both hands and raised it high, exaggeratingly looking up to the sky.
It's a small prize, too small to display.

'Wait a minute, big brother!This one says 'Grand Prix' on it!

I don't know, did they make some kind of detailed category and make everyone the grand prize?
But at most, it's just a childish award for 'hard work' or 'beautiful handwriting' or something like that.

'I got the grand prix from my brother!He chose me!I'm so happy!

It's ......, so don't get too excited.
It's so modest that I'm starting to feel a little embarrassed.

'Oh, well, I thought it would be bad if I didn't get anything from .......'
I'm not sure what to make of that.
'Miri's, too?
'Yeah, just in case. But it's really not a big deal. ......'

Even Delia and Milly were excited, throwing up their hands as if Loretta had been infected.
Is that enough to make you banzai?

'Well, here's a souvenir for you...'

She was about to take out a pin from her leather bag, when 'Shh! He grabbed me by the hem of my dress. Strongly.


I turned around and saw Magda staring up at me.
In the opposite hand from the one grabbing my clothes, he was holding the shield of 'miscute'.


Don't even think about throwing it away. For the sake of this trivial pin.

...... d*mn it.
I'm sorry Delia and Milly, but I'm going to have to put this off for a bit.

'This is, you know, a beauty contest hosted by me, so it has nothing to do with the 41st district's beauty contest.'
'So, whether or not you've won any awards over there doesn't affect the judging here in any way.'
'How can our Magda be left out of the awards?

There's a bit of a difference in treatment between her and Loretta,......, but you can't blame her if she looks like she's about to cry.
He kneels down and reverently attaches the pin to Magda's cape.
The hole is ...... small enough that you can cover it up later. It's a small hole.

'Miss Billboard Girl' Grand Prix. Congratulations.'

She traces her finger over the pin badge attached to herself, reads the words, and twitches her tail.

'...... Mwah.'

I'm glad you're satisfied.

'Yashiro is too soft on Magda, isn't he?
'chuckle. That's what's so great about you, isn't it, ladybug?

'Well, I guess so.

Magda placed the shield on the table and began to spin it around.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.Keep it on display, okay?

I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results. No, the pinnacle of the sign girl world.

Well, I'm glad you're having fun.

'Yashiro!What about me?
'Hey, Delia.'
'Yeah, ........ I want you to wear it like Magda ......, okay?'

Delia, ...... where did you learn to use such a mocking look?
I'm not sure if anyone taught you that during your preparation for the beauty pageant,......, but it's dangerous, beauty pageant. I think I'm going to discontinue it next year.

'Then I'll present you with the grand prize badge.
'Aha!That tickles me.'

You're the one who asked for it.
I guess I'll have to wear it on everyone at ...... after this, huh?

'I'm gonna make a hole.


'Delia is 'Miss Reliable Sister''.
'What?Not strong or muscular?Can you give me something like that?
'You've been taking good care of the kids, right?I'm counting on you, too.'
'I see!I'll be able to rely on you more and more!

I thought Delia might like that kind of language, but I guess I didn't miss it anyway.
I'll have to add the 'cute' factor next time.

'Okay, Milly.
'Mmmm!...... hehehe, it's kind of hot, isn't it?

I'm not sure what to do.
I'm sure you'll agree that Miri is 'cute' even with her garter belt showing.

'Millie is the 'Miss Forest Fairy'.
'Haha. Hmm. 'Miri, I love the forest.
'Let's go to the forest together again.'

...... It may have been a little too easy, but once the image was fixed, there was no way to change it.
I'm relieved that you're happy with it.

'Deriya-san, let me show you.
'Oh!Mine's so cute!

and she and Delia began to play together.
Even though they are about twice as big as each other, they seem to have the same mental age. Their smiles are very similar.

'Mmmmm!Do you have one for me too?
'Oh. I don't want to get a hole in my clothes, so can you take them off?
'All right, then.
'Norma, stop!You've been a little too disappointing lately.

Once again, Loretta stopped me.
I had no choice but to poke holes in her expensive clothes.

'Norma is 'Miss Healing''.
'Yes, healing ......!It's also surprisingly ...... healing when you're with me, isn't it?
'It's calming to be next to Norma.'
'So...... you're right,............,' he said.

You probably thought you'd be called 'Miss Marshmallow' or 'Miss Soft Tits' anyway.
I came up with this award because I thought that if I really got a hecon, I would be ....... No such flirting this time.

'You thought you'd be called "Miss Marshmallow" or "Miss Soft Tits", didn't you?
'If you prefer that, I'll change it.
'No!I like this one.I'll take good care of it.

I'm glad you like it.

'Yes, yes!

Paula looked more nervous than she did at the Miss Genki Girls pageant.
Just take it easy.

'It's just that Paula's award was a little too close to the other one.

'What?With the energetic girl?'
'Oh. 'Miss Fluffy Tail.'
'You're not wearing it!

Because I'm pretty sure the tail got the highest score in the judging!

'Oh, ...... Yashiro likes tails too much.'

That's because it's so fluffy.

It's Paula's trademark. When it's swinging cheerfully, I feel relieved that Paula is doing well today.
'Don't look too closely at her unconscious movements. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's a fan of your trademark. ......

As she grasped the pin, Paula's tail began to sway, reminiscent of the Yosakoi festival in Kochi.
Oh~, she's happy, happy, happy.

'I've been waiting for you. I've been waiting for .......'

Nepheli's tongue peeks out.
'I wanted to award you Miss 80s, but ...... you wouldn't understand.

'Nepheli is 'Miss Fashionable Girl'.
'Awarded for being fashionable!That's great!I'm so happy!

The most fashion conscious person around me is Nephrite.
Even the anklet I gave Norma as an example of a product, she got it before I knew it and wore it.

'If a man's selfish fantasy of what he wants a girl to be like were to materialize, he would end up like Nephrite.
'Huh?Does that mean that ...... is the ideal girl?
'In general terms.

She works hard, cares for her family and friends, is always there for you when you need her, yet is sensitive to fashion, pretty things, and trends, and can easily understand changes in emotions.
Her gestures and anger are like those of an impish girl in the Showa era, but without malice, making her look cute.
It's a rare thing to be able to make a live-action version of an anime heroine. ...... if only her face wasn't a chicken.

I'm not sure what to say. I'll take good care of this!

Nepheli, running at full speed.
But he won't run away. I know, I want to eat.

'Next is .......'
'That's me!

It's just like Imelda to come in before you call her.
It's hard to tell, because Imelda will be praised in many places. ......

'Imelda is "Miss Elegance".
'That's a glamorous award for a wannabe.'
'I honestly think it's great that you're strong enough to act tough no matter how weak you are. But don't push yourself too hard.'
'To ............'

Although she seems to be holding Javier down and making a lot of noise at every event, it still seems that the thought of her mother still occupies a large part of Imelda's heart. She even dressed up as her mother for Halloween.
And yet, she has the strength not to show any loneliness, which worries me sometimes.
So I wanted to at least acknowledge her strength.

'............ I'll come back later to give you my impressions.

Imelda bites her back teeth and steps backward with a downcast look.
No, I don't think it's anything to cry about. ......

'Well, next is Regina.
'Wait a minute. I haven't taken off all my clothes yet.'
'Who told you to take off your clothes?
'Gaia told me to take them off.'
'Oh, you're so s*xy, Gaia.'

I mean, what's Gaia? Who's Gaia?

'Well, what about me?I hope I don't get in.
'Unfortunately, I'm not going to tell you ........ You'll have to check for yourself.
'What the hell?Is it really [self-imposed]?I don't know...'

While saying this, I read the words engraved on the pin badge I was wearing.

'Let's see, ...... "Miss Charity"?...... What?Are you sure you're not making a mistake?Isn't this the manager's or sister's pin?
'No, it's yours.

Regina, who seems far from compassionate.

'We've been saved by you many times. And it was almost free. There was a time when it was really free.'
'No, that's because ...... they don't say, "We can't give you medicine if you don't have any money," when you're sick.
'I never complained about it, and even when I was all alone, I always made medicine. To help others.

'No, come on, it's ......'.
'I think you deserve it, don't you?'Miss Charity.'

She squeezes the pin, shuts her mouth, and gives me a hard slap on the shoulder.

'Oh, my God!What's wrong with you?Are you serious, you!I can't stand you, really!

Pfft!He turned away and walked to the far end of the floor.
He's not even good at embarrassment, is he?

'...... Thanks a lot.

That's all he said to me.
You're welcome.

'Masha is 'Miss Scallop'.
'Mmm!I'll cry if you're not joking.

I'm kidding.

'Yes, please. 'Miss Blue Ocean.'
'Wow!That's kind of cool~'

Land-loving sea creatures.
Of all the sea creatures I know, Masha is the most beautiful. I have no hesitation in awarding Masha the 'Miss Blue Ocean' title.
And isn't it nice to have the word "ocean" in there?It's like I'm being recognized as the ocean.


It's a beautiful melody with a light hum, and I'm glad I made it, even though it was just an insurance policy.

'Yes. I'm willing to eat Estella-sama's portion as well.'
'Don't be so selfish!You know that, don't you, Jashiro?

I know.
I can't give Natalia the title of 'Miss Petanko'.

'What do you think?
'Why are you asking me these questions?
'Just a hunch.
'I see. Then feel free to give me a possible one: ...... 'Miss Desire Outlet'?'
'Oh, what?You want 'Miss Regina'?'

A distant comment came in. Thank you very much.

'With so many good things about you, it's hard to imagine what other people will praise about you.

He's talking big, but he's worried about what other people will think of him.
Even if she is absolutely confident and proud of her work, she is not so confident when it comes to herself as a woman.
That's why I'm gagging when I say that I'm confident.
I'm thinking ....... It's Natalia. ...... The truth is in the bushes.

'I'm sure it's either boobs, ass, or raw legs.'
'Nice try. The correct answer is this.'

He hands her the pin.
It was hard to make a hole in Natalia's silk dress, as expected.

'...... "Miss Pampering"?'
'It's a skill Natalia has developed by leaps and bounds over the past year.'
'So ...... is it?'

Natalia muttered coolly.
But her ears are turning red at an alarming rate.
She was embarrassed that he had pointed out that she was spoiling him.

'If you don't put one on Naa-tan, I'll yell.

And I had to joke about it to make him feel better.
Hmm. I'm rather fond of Natalia's naivete.
Sure. I'll put it on.

'Then I'll put it on.
'Don't let me poke your tits in the middle of the night.'
'Heh, heh.'
'Please don't smirk at .............'
'I'm not, though, am I?......hmm'
'............ God. You're mean, you know that?'

A bright red Natalia leaves quietly, in contrast to when she came out.
Her cheeks are slightly pink and her eyelids are closed in an attempt to look cool, yes, it's quite cute.

'So, next is Estella, the Miss Petanko...'

'I'll cry, okay?'
'Not an attack?
'If I really cried, I think it would be the best attack on you, don't you think?
'I don't know about that one.'

Just because Estella cried doesn't mean ......
Hey, hey, hey. I'll do it right.

'Hey. Congratulations on the Grand Prix.

Since she was the lord of the 42nd district, she could have been 'Miss 42nd District' and no one would have complained, but Estella probably wouldn't have been happy with that.
If she was evaluated as a lord, she would probably be upset. Estella would.
So I decided to give her a more familiar, common, unremarkable name for the award.

''Miss ......, the hard worker?
'As a supplementary prize, I'll give you a ticket to the Sunlit Pavilion for a foot massage.
'Haha. I'm going to have to decline that.

During her duties, Estella continues to make efforts that no one can see.
She secretly bears her hardships.
She doesn't even show her pain until she's about to collapse.

That's why I call her "Miss Hard Worker", with a message not to work too hard.

'I'm not trying too hard.
'Then you don't want it?
'No, thanks. I'll take it. Thanks for the .......'

Estella smiles at me with an uncharacteristically gentle smile.
You have a girlish face.

'By the way, there's also a 'Miss Petanko' pin badge at .......'
'I don't want that one.

She flatly refused.

'Oh, no, no, no, big brother!

Loretta ran up to me and said, 'Dada dada! Loretta ran up to me and gave me the pin badge.
I thought she wanted me to wear it, but ......

'It's mine!It's not 'Miss Normal'!
'...... What?Did you want 'Miss Normal'?'
'No, I didn't!I was just happy that my brother made it seriously!

No, that's why I made it just in case you were seriously screwed up. ......

'Then I'll put it on you, come here.
'Yes, sir!
'Loretta. Congratulations on winning the 'Miss Mood Maker' Grand Prix.'
'Yes, sir!I'm going to work harder and harder to make the Sunken Pavilion a bright and fun place!

Loretta's a little teary-eyed.
...... I'm glad you're happy.

I'll give you Bertina's "Miss Smile", Barbara's "Miss Straight Line", and Teresa's "Miss Polite" at a later date.
I've prepared "Miss Corn" for Cheryl.

...... Wendy?I'm sure you'll be fine with "Miss Theron".

'By the way, do you want Umaro and Bekko too?
'No, thank you!
'I'll pass, that I will.

I'll send 'Miss Forty-two Wards' to Mormat, who has already left, to harass him later.

'Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your patience!Now, let's eat!

Ginette brought out a sumptuous meal and the "Miss Contest Party in the Sunlight Pavilion" began.

The launch was a lot of fun, Ginette was busy moving around, Magda and Loretta were also moving around, and the night went by in a flash.

Delia carried the drunken Norma out, and silence fell over the sunlit pavilion.

'Thank you for your hard work.

Ginette was standing there with a tray of tea on her head, smiling.

'You're more tired than I am, aren't you?
'No, I'm not. I'm well enough to teach you how to make a fluffy egg omelet right now.'
'...... I'll see you later.'
'Well, I'm looking forward to that day.'

Heavy, heavy!
The anticipation is too heavy!

'Shall we sit down?

Ginette puts a cup of tea in front of me and smiles softly as she waits for me to take my usual seat.
Then she smiles softly and sits down opposite me.
It's business as usual, but today Ginette is more dressed up than usual. It's a different look.

'It's refreshing, this scenery.
'Huh?Oh, that's right.

Ginette looks down at her own clothes again.

Even such a gesture looks gorgeous.

'I'll have to keep these clothes until next year, won't I?
'No, no, no. If you're going to wear it again next year, you should buy a new one.
'But it would be a shame to wear it only once. ......'
'Then wear it as many times as you want.'
'Mm-hmm. It's a bit much to stand in a store wearing such a cute dress.

There are plenty of options.
I'll give you one of them.
Just one of the many options.

'Do you want to get dressed up and go out with me sometime?
'Yes, ......'.

Dress differently, go to a different place, do something different.
It may sound like a date when you say it like that, but it's not something so awkward, it's just proof that you can make as many opportunities as you want to wear fashionable clothes.

'............ Yes. By all means.'

I received a reply in a small voice.
Now that you've got a reply, you've got to make some kind of plan, right?
Now, ...... where should we go?

.................. Hmm, I'm torn.

'............'Oh, by the way!

Ginette suddenly starts talking in a high-pitched voice that sounds like it's coming from around the whorl.
Oh, hey. You should talk about something!
Yeah, communication is conversation!

Everyone was happy, right? The Miss Contest Sunlit Pavilion Cup.'
'Ah~, well, it's nice to get something for free, isn't it?
'It's not just that, everyone. I'm sure.

Ginette clutched the steamy teacup and peered at the surface of the tea.
Ginette's smile is wavering in the teacup.

'You are really good at making people smile, aren't you? Yashiro-san.
'I didn't make it with that intention. It's more like a ...... hand game. I had some time on my hands.

While the girls were scrambling about clothes, makeup, and hairstyles, I had relatively little time.
The girls who always came to eat cakes had also stopped coming, perhaps because they were aware of the Miss Contest.
In other words, I had no time and no choice. Besides, I didn't want anyone to feel depressed and depressed. If I had the time, materials, skills and motivation, I would have made it, of course.

'It's just a way to pass the time. It's just something they were overly happy about.

I put down the teacup and cover my mouth with my hands.
I could see the arc of his lips hidden by his fingertips.

...... What the hell are you laughing at?

'You're not very good at lying like that, are you?

I'm not lying.

'Magda and Loretta are simple. Give them a prize, and they'll work a whole lot harder tomorrow. They'll work 1.5 times harder.'
'Yes, sir. Both of you have already gone to bed, saying you'll do your best tomorrow morning.'

Magda and Loretta are probably sleeping in the same bed right now.
They're back to normal. There's no sign of the rift they had during the dieting incident.

'Isn't that what Delia and the others did?If you praise them enough, they'll help you out when you need it. In other words, this is an investment.
'Mm-hmm. I see.'

And don't give me that 'you're not' look.

I don't know what's so funny.

'If I were on the judging panel, I'd give Ms. Yashiro the 'Miss Compassionate' award.
I don't want 'Miss'.

Also, I don't know anything about compassion.

'Oh, by the way... I haven't given Ginette a pin yet, have I?
'Do you have one for me?
'How could I not have ......?
'I'm glad. I was thinking I'd be a little sad if I didn't.'

That's the face you make when you're sure there's no way.
But he didn't say, 'Don't you have one for me? But it's Ginette who doesn't say, 'Don't you have one for me? Loretta would have said 'I want it! I bet Loretta would be screaming 'I want it!

'All right, Jeannette. Could you stand up for a second?'
'Yes, sir.

We have a small award ceremony, just the two of us.

'Actually, I was thinking of awarding you Miss Sunlit Pavilion.

Magda and Loretta would have no objection to that.
But for the same reason as Estella, I'm sure Ginette wouldn't be happy about it.

'But I thought you wouldn't want to monopolize the sunlit pavilion.
'That's true. I think it's a place for everyone now.

After saying that, she giggled and held her mouth.

'What's so funny?
'No, sir. I just thought, 'Yashiro-san can see everything.

Hmm. ...... I know.

The number one in the sunny pavilion. I'm sure Jeannette won't be happy about that, even if it is that limited.
He doesn't want to be ranked higher or lower.
He's the kind of guy who'd be sad to see someone else lose before he'd be happy to be first.

All together.
Equally important.
That's what Jeannette likes.

'So, Jeannette.'

We face each other, look at each other for a moment, and after I've got Ginette's smile squarely to myself, I attach a commemorative pin to her cape.
A commemorative pin in the shape of a feathered sun.

'Can I see what it says, please?
'No. ......'

Ginette picks up the pin on her cape and reads the words engraved on it.
I'll give you my compliments on that as well.

'Ginette. Congratulations on winning the 'Miss Sun Smile' Grand Prix.

There was a short breathing sound.


I called out her name, and she turned to me--

'Oh, oh, ......'.

In an instant, her face turned bright red.

'Oh, hey. Jeannette ......?'
'Oh, yeah, um!

She flapped her hands, stroked her hair for no reason, and turned away.

'Thank you,......, sir.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.

No, you don't have to be so shy. ....... I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that your smile is rather complimentary.
I think I've said a few times that the Sunlit Pavilion needs Jeannette's smile.
There is no reason to be embarrassed by a compliment on your smile now,.......

The reason why I am so embarrassed about being complimented on my smile now is because ...... it was the first time I was complimented on my smile ...... after I met Yashiro.

That was right after we met. I'm sure you're referring to the words I unintentionally said right after we met.

"Piot Kaidee.

...... Well, we can't tell the truth now, can we?
He was very happy, and it seems that the words sometimes cheer him up. ......

If you find out that it means "big boobs! If you find out that it means "big boobs", ............ you may not be able to repent.
If I had told the truth earlier, it would not have been so serious. ............ Yeah. Let's take it to the grave.

'So, the ...... fact that you have evaluated my smile again ...... like this is a good thing,...... and if it's not, that's fine. But if you are ...... wrong, that's fine, but if you are ...... right, what should I say .........? ...'

'Haha ......', inhale to push the constricted trachea open, and hold your throat to regulate your breathing. It doesn't look like you're succeeding .......
Slowly turn around and gently look up at me.
Tears are forming in both of her eyes, reflecting the light and making it hard for her to breathe.
Her wet eyelashes tremble slightly, and her moist eyes look at me.

And then--

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.

--It's not easy to answer such a question.
What do you mean?
Do you want me to say 'I like you'?Do you think you can say that?You can't. If you say that to a red-faced, beady-eyed Jeannette in a quiet space alone with her in the middle of the night like this, ............ I'll die.

So you say 'no'?
There's no reason to hurt her by lying to her.

There's no way to tell. ......

'......, so ......, isn't that the Grand Prix?

I'm sorry.
This is the limit!

I did the best I could, okay?

That's enough, already!

'So ............ is it?

There was a quiet, little whisper, as if a fire had gone out, followed by a long silence.

...... Huh?
I'm not sure if I've made the right choice.

At the very moment when such anxiety was overwhelming.

'...... I did it!

I heard an uncharacteristically childish murmur.
I barely missed it, it was that small.

'I'll treasure it forever!

Ginette looked up quickly, still blushing, but with her usual dazzling smile.

'It doesn't have to be forever.
'No, no. It's a lifelong treasure. I'll pass it on to my children.'
'That's too grand!It doesn't cost that much!

Only treasures with a market value of tens of millions of yen should be handed down. ......ke............?
Children and grandchildren?

What's that?

Ginette: ......

I'm not sure what to do.

I was suddenly reminded of a conversation I had with Bertina.
It was a trivial, unimportant conversation while watching a beauty pageant. ......

Oh no!My heart hurts. ......!

I'm sorry.

I'm not going to tell you that I'm struggling with a mysterious heartache in my heart, but I don't even know that I'm smiling at you, Ginette said.

'Most of my smiles are made by Yashiro-san.

Oh, I see.
Please, stop chasing me. ......

'After all, Yashiro is a genius at making people smile.

I thought you said you were good at it, not that you were a genius.


With a gentle smile, as always.
You look down modestly, but your eyes look straight at me.
As if it were nothing, as if it were a matter of course, pretending to be casual.

I love that about you, Yashiro.

He said something outrageous.

No, no, no.
No, no, no, no.
'I love it' is a word that kids often use, and the more they grow up, the less they use it, so to speak, in a childish way - like, let's see, trying to go beyond 'tremendously' to 'tremendously', 'devilishly', 'gigantes', 'mammoth'. In other words, it's not the kind of word a grown man would use seriously.
That's right. There is no such thing as a literal meaning of the word 'like', it is just a simple enlargement of the word 'like' with a light meaning of 'favorable', 'likable', 'kind of nice', 'good'.
It is the same psychology as that of a niece pining for a relative, even an uncle who gives her a lot of allowance. That's when the word 'love' is used.
Besides, you know, Barbara said it to me too, 'I love you'. But that didn't bother you at all, did it?
It's a word that came out because he recognized that I was someone who could bring about a convenient result for him, in other words, it's the same as saying that I'm worth using. ...... That's what pissed me off about Barbara's guy ......

--In the event that you've got any questions regarding where by and how to use the web site, you can call us at the web site.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at ....... ............ and honest feelings. ......'

Yeah, yeah.
Okay, okay.
You want to nail down that there's no deeper meaning, yeah, I know. I know, I know. ...... Please don't be embarrassed and waddle around with a red face when we're alone. Embarrassment is contagious.

'...... tomorrow'.

Yes, tomorrow.
No matter what today is, tomorrow will come.
Everyday life repeats itself.
Days of the norm.
Time as usual.

It's those ordinary days that make events exciting.
It's good that things don't change.
It gives you a sense of security.

So just do what you always do.
Don't dress up, don't act cool, just be yourself.

With the same voice as usual.

'I'll teach you how to make a fluffy egg omelet.'

I'll give you a little gift.


If you do that, you'll get the same dazzling smile as always, just like the sun.