99-behind-the-scenes joke

'Good day, ladies and gentlemen. It's another beautiful day, isn't it?

Imelda walks into the store with sparkling eyes.

'Manager, tea and Mont Blanc!
'Yes, sir!Yes, thank you.

Ginette is a little flustered because she's been ordered before she can say 'Welcome'.
The restaurant, which had been crowded with a good number of customers, was momentarily covered in silence. Well, that's surprising, isn't it?
He strolled into the restaurant, came to the far end table where I was sitting, and sat down at the seat directly in front of me. ...... Hey, why are you sitting here?

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.
It's ...... close. And it's kind of annoying.

'What's ...... that?
'What?What do you mean?'

It's like he's doing it on purpose.
You look like you're saying, 'I have something to ask you! You look like you've got something to ask me.
...... Oh dear.

'You look happy. Did something good happen to you?'
'You know what I mean!Well, what can I do? I can't help it, I'm overflowing with emotion!

What's overflowing is hotness and annoyance.

I can't help it!Specially!I'll tell you why I'm in a good mood, Mr. Yashiro!It's ......!
I'm not sure if that's it. Umaro has lost a lot of weight. Don't patronize him, poor guy.

I don't want him falling asleep when I want to work him.


The expression fell from Imelda's face, as if she'd hit the nail on the head.
Well, that's what I thought.

After the sewage construction of the forty districts was finished, we were about to build the city gates of the forty-second district, when Imelda said, 'Finish the branch of the Woodcutter's Guild first! It seems that Imelda appealed directly to Umaro.
Umaro was in the process of building a sugar factory at my request, and he refused the request, saying that he had to take his turn, but ...... this lady intervened, making the most of her money and power.
In the end, Umaro gave top priority to the construction of the lumberjack guild's residential part - although it was only Imelda's residence and the dormitory for Imelda's maids - as soon as possible.
Of course, it was of the highest quality, without compromise.

When Umaro arrived here last night, he was crispy and dried out.


Imelda remained silent.
Her lips pouted in boredom as she stared at the floor.
'Oh, I'm so embarrassed.

Imelda turned around and walked out of the sunlit pavilion.

'Um, Imelda?Where are you going?

Without answering the call of Ginette, who came with Mont Blanc and tea, Imelda went out. And then the door was quietly closed.
............ You don't have to be so depressed. ......

'Yashiro-san, did you say something?'
'No,...... I said something,...... I didn't let him say anything,......'

Should I go after him?
Just as I was thinking about this, the door of the sunlit pavilion was thrown open with great force, and an extremely bright voice echoed through the restaurant.

'Good day, everyone. It's another beautiful day!Ah, manager, tea and Mont Blanc!
'Are we starting over?

This guy is mentally strong. ......

'Um, Yashiro-san......, what should I do with the Mont Blanc and tea......?
'Give me two of each and charge me for both.'

After that, Imelda sat in front of me with a happy face, giving me a long list of information that I already knew.
She told me that the bedroom had the best sunshine and that the garden was full of birds. She went on and on with information that could have been posted on ~~~~~~~.
The point is.
Imelda is in a very happy mood.

'You know, Imelda, ......'.
'What, you want me to invite you to my new house?You should know your place!I don't understand how you thought you could be a part of this historic moment in my life, my first time living alone.
'No, ...... you see, .......'
'But ......, well, if Yashiro-san wants to ~~~~, I'll be more than happy to invite him!It's special.

You'd better stop pushing for specials because you sound like a fraud.

'The lords of the forty and forty-two districts, as well as various nobles, are invited to a standing dinner party. Then, I performed a magnificent dance. I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot more information on this on the web.

'Why do I have to be introduced to these aristocrats? ......'

No, it's too much work.

'Why don't you start the party after the lumberjack guild branch is completed. You've only built a house.
'It's fine. I'm sure Umaro will have it finished soon.
'Idiot!Don't monopolize Umaro any more!He has to build the city gate now!It's because you screwed up the construction of the residence that the construction has been delayed!We can't delay it any longer. The rest of the branch's facilities can wait!
'Don't you think it's unbalanced to only have residences!
''That's why I was planning to build a branch of the Lumberjack Guild after the city gate was finished!

You forcibly twisted that plan!

''There's nothing for you to do if you move in before the city gate is built!

Imelda's cheeks puffed up as she glared at me. Imelda's cheeks puff out as she glares at me.

'While I'm gone, you guys are doing something fun!I wish I could have had a part in the cake!

...... Don't be squeamish about that.

It's Mont Blanc.'
'Well, how beautiful. ............ Mr. Bekko!Isn't Mr. Bekko here?
'No, he's not here today. He's busy making candles for his birthday.

The custom of celebrating birthdays spread quickly in the 42nd district, and every store that sold cakes created a 'birthday cake'. Each of these cakes has its own individuality, and the result is interesting.
However, all of them have one thing in common: they put small candles for the number of ages on the birthday cake.
This is probably because of the impression of Ginette's birthday.

So, Becko is very busy now.

'Then you can't eat this Mont Blanc!
'Eat it!
'Isn't it going to run out?
'You can have it made later, if you want a food sample!

This guy hates it when beautiful things disappear.
...... He has a difficult personality.

'So, I'll have ............ it.'

Imelda took her seat, grabbed her fork and faced the Mont Blanc.
Oh, they really prepared two servings.

'Haaaaaaaa............, you were born to eat Mont Blanc, weren't you?
'Yes, probably not.

I'm not sure what to make of it.
After taking a bite, Imelda couldn't stop herself from gobbling up the Mont Blanc.
I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it again. ...... You eat a lot, really.

I'm sure you'll like it....... munching...... this next...... munching...... something. I'm sure you'll be happy with the results. ...... zzzzzzo............ pfft...... I'll definitely help you with your moxie! I'm sure you'll agree.
'Don't talk while eating. ......'
'Moxie Moxie ...... Moxie Moxie ............'
'Don't make weird noises while eating: ......'

The next step is just to build a city gate and rebuild the street from the gate to the main road. There's no need for us to be involved, I guess.

'By the way, today we're going to talk to the ......, what's her name, ......, the red-haired ......... ...Oh, yes, is there any Turpella here?
'It's Estella!

I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I'm so excited about this.
...... At all.

'Don't be so rough with her, Tsurupera.
'Estella!Can you please not get on top of me too!
'Not at all. It's tea time and you're making too much noise. ...... Why don't you calm down a bit, Espeta?
'So, don't make loud noises in the store. 'Tsurupeta.'
'My name is completely gone!It's just a swear word, isn't it?

He's a lively fellow today.

'Well, if people manage to make time to come to the store for a break after a long absence, ......'

With the design of the gate and the construction period, Estella has been busy running around again these days.
She also has to decide how to operate the gate after it is completed.
Once the gates are completed, we will need soldiers to check who is passing through and to chase away the magical beasts outside the gates.
The Lord's vigilante group will be in charge of this task, but they are a bit short on manpower.
That's why we are recruiting from other districts as well.
It's an opportunity for young people who have run out of jobs. I'm sure we'll have enough soon.

'Oh, it's Mont Blanc. I like ......, but I think I'll have apple pie today.
'Eat your food, eat your food.

This guy is a ...... child for skipping lunch to eat cake.

'Eh~!I want to eat cake!

Estella twisted her body with her mouth agape.
No, no, no, no!
Just as I was thinking that she was really acting like a child at ......, I heard this conversation from inside the restaurant.

'Hey!Eat it all!
'I don't want any more!

I looked over and saw a mother and a young boy eating the grilled salmon set meal. Or rather, the mother seemed to be struggling to feed the boy's leftovers.

'Um, ...... was that a bit much?'
'Oh, no, no. I'm so grateful that you gave me so much. ...... Come on, don't be selfish and eat it all!
'Hey!I'll eat the cake!
'If you can eat cake, you should eat food!It's a waste of money!
'No!I don't want any!
'Huh. ............'

'I don't want it anymore.' That one word made Jeannette's expression cloudy.
...... Want me to hit you, kid?

I'm sure the only reason you're here is because Imelda is eating a delicious Mont Blanc and you want to eat it too. Cake looks better than rice.
But you know, I hate people who put sweets before food!
Those who eat sweets before dinner and say 'I can't eat rice' should be sentenced to never be able to eat white rice again.

'Well, if it's ......, would you like to put it in your lunch box and take it home?
'Yes, but the amount of ...... is only this much. ......'

The boy's leftover food consisted of half of the rice, a quarter of the salmon, and two more bites of the vegetables.
He could have eaten it if he forced himself to eat it.
You left too much rice, you little brat. The basic rule is to eat in triangles... side dish, rice, and soup!You're not getting the education you need!

I'm sure you've heard of this ............ ......

'...... ah'

Suddenly, a very ............ nostalgic memory came back to me.

I was taken in by the master and the proprietor when I was five years old, and my memories of them are still vivid,......, so it's almost like I don't have any real memories of my parents. ...But I clearly remembered that I was depressed at the age of five.
In my own childish way, I was hurt by my parents' disappearance, and my kind uncle and his wife were concerned about me.
There were times when I annoyed them by saying that I didn't want to eat the food prepared by the landlady.

That's when ......
Yes, just like this kid, I have been selfish. ............ Wow, it's so embarrassing to remember ...... I was under the illusion that my parents were gone and that I was an unwanted child. ...... I was selfish because I wanted ...... to be told that I was special. Just like this kid, he left his food and asked for a piece of cake. ......

That's when the ...... landlady told me ..................

'Hey, kid.

I stood behind the kid and looked down from a high place at the kid's cocky face.
The kid shows a slightly frightened expression.

'Hey, come to the kitchen.
'Ya, Yashiro-san!Don't bully me, okay?

What do you think I am?
And if you want to bully me, I'll take you out in the open.
I won't allow outsiders in the kitchen unless there's something wrong. Hygiene control is a mission as important as life for those who handle food.

'Ginette, bring me two new aprons.
'Yes, ma'am. I'm home.'
'Hey, old lady ............, and mom. I need you to come with me.'
'Huh?Ah, yes. ......'

Ginette brought aprons for the old lady and the kid to wear, and took them to the kitchen. As soon as they entered, they were made to wash their hands, clean their nails with a brush, and finally sprayed with alcohol before being allowed to enter the kitchen. Naturally, their shoes were also sterilized.

'Don't touch anything that's around here.

I nailed them just in case, and took them to a place where they could see the workbench.

Now let's play .......

I put the leftover food from the kids on the cutting board.
Vegetables and salmon fillets.
Mix it with miso, sugar, and soy sauce and pound it with a knife. It's like chan-chan-yaki.
Then fry it gently in a frying pan. The water is blown off and the "seeds" with concentrated flavor are made.
After that, I make the "thing" that all kids love.

Do you remember this?
When I was very young, when I couldn't eat rice by any means, I asked someone to make a rice ball out of the leftover white rice in my bowl, and I was able to eat it .......

Children are simple, and if it looks interesting, they will be interested in it and eat it.
In many cases, a child's "full stomach" is simply "bored". This is evidenced by the fact that they will say 'I'm hungry' right after the meal.

'Onigiri, onigiri, what should I put in it?


While singing such a song, I pick up the leftover rice and make a bite-sized rice ball.
This kind of simple song can be very attractive to kids.
...... I still remember the out-of-tune original song the landlady used to sing.

A witty ginette brought out a new flat plate.
I put a bite-sized rice ball on it.
Then the kid's eyes sparkled as if he couldn't take it anymore.

'You can eat it when you go back over there and sit on the chair.

Hurrying is also effective.

He took his time, sang a song or something, and turned everything the kid had left into rice balls. I've added some seasonings such as miso,......, but this time it's just for service.

'Come on, let's go back!Oh, give me back my apron.
'Yes!Hurry up!Quickly!

As soon as he left the kitchen, the kid took off his apron and pushed it to Jeannette. Then he sat down on the chair with lightning speed and waited for the rice balls to appear with an excited expression on his face.
...... You're an easy kid to understand.

I'm sure you'll have a great time.
I'm going to eat it!

The kid took a bite of the 'chan chan yaki mock rice ball'.


He flapped his legs and popped it into his mouth.
At this rate, he should be able to finish it.
The kid's interest seemed to have completely shifted to an interesting dish that appeared later than the Mont Blanc, which he had never seen before.

'Yashiro!Can you serve me some of that?
'Me too!

Did your interest shift too?Kids. ......

'Yashiro, you're amazing. You understand your child's feelings very well. ...... Really, it's amazing.

I'm not sure why I'm crying a little bit, said Jeannette.
...... Why the teary eyes?

'You're kind of ............ like an old man.'
'Who smells like an old man!
'Oh, no, sir!My grandfather has a bit of a ...... resemblance.

I feel like I've been told something like that before.
Am I really that old-fashioned?

'Where do you come up with these things?
'Oh, this is ......'.

I've never told anyone anything about myself. ............ Well, that's okay.

'It's something the landlady did for me.
'The proprietress?
'Well, ............ her mother.'

My mother is still the landlady.

'I see. ...... She's a wonderful mother, isn't she?
'Well, ...... maybe so.'

d*mn it.
You're a little ............ happy to be praised by others, why?

'I ate it!
'Oh!You're doing great, you little shit!
'Is that a compliment?
'You're complimenting me a lot. Hey, kid?

Estella tilts her head.
I don't know why she's reacting like that, but I'm inclined to tilt my head back.

'I really apologize for the inconvenience.

The old lady bows her head while carefully returning the folded apron.

'No, sir. I've made some new discoveries too. Please don't worry about it.

Ginette bowed back.

She refused the old lady's offer to pay for the extra rice balls and paid for the grilled salmon set meal for two.
The old lady bowed again and again, and the kid waved cheerfully and left the restaurant.

'I'm glad. I'm glad you're happy. Thanks to Mr. Yashiro.'
'But well, maybe it's a bit much for a kid.
'Yes, you're right. ...... Sometimes, there are children who leave a little bit of food behind.

Unlike Japan, where people are bored with food, it is basically impossible to leave food uneaten in this city.
After all, this is the poorest district in the world. This is a city where the standard of living was such that you could suck on the bones of a rib for three days and three nights.

But the fact that there are leftovers suggests that the quantity of food is simply too large.

'Customers' leftovers can't be reused, so ...... it's a bit of a waste, isn't it?

'If you mix it with compost, it may eventually become fertilizer, but ...... there is a limit to that, too.

It is not possible to use them for other customers, so the only thing you can do is to compile them as food waste and use them as compost. You can feed it to the pigs,......, but each guild makes its own food for livestock.

The only way to use them is to mix them in with Umaro's food.
'I don't want them to be mixed in!

Umaro arrived at the Sunlit Pavilion at an extremely good time.
It's so good timing that he might as well have been standing outside.

'Don't eavesdrop on my trade secrets, you prick.
'It's not a trade secret!It's just a conspiracy!

Ginette leads an angry Umaro to his seat.
After a while, the place is filled with familiar faces.

If Umaro has arrived, then it's ...... already that time.

'...... I'm back.
'We sold out again today!

Magda and Loretta walked in together.
These two were in charge of the mobile sales of the second and seventh stores of the Sun Moon Pavilion.
After lunch, the number of customers is still low, so they go to the mobile shops at that time.
They were carrying the "Afternoon Menu," which was available in limited quantities after lunch.
The popcorn is a new flavor, caramel popcorn.
A limited number of egg sandwiches with egg salad are available every day.
These tacos have been selling well, as they are used to fill the stomach until dinner.

'Magda-tan!Good work on the road!
'...... Umaro too.'
I'm not sure what to say.I'm so tired now!

And Umaro will come to have lunch just as Magda is coming back.
...... He's a pro, isn't he?You're right on time.

This slack-jawed fox is a famous architect in his own right. ...... He's got fans. ............ What?


I'm sure you'll agree.

'What's the matter, Yashiro-san?
'...... I see. That's right. ............ Why didn't I notice this before? ............'

The people here are all familiar with each other.
It's like we're friends.

If you're one of us, you should be able to help us ....... ............?You know?

'Scary, scary, scary, scary, scary!I'm scared, Yashiro-san!
'Oh ...... I have a bad feeling about this, that face of Yashiro's ......'
'It's evil.'
'...... the face when you are planning something'
'It's evil brother mode.'
'Is that so?I think he looks like he's having a great time.
''''' Are you a knothole? '''''
'It's terrible, folks!

I've come up with an ingenious solution to the problem that's been occurring at the sunlit pavilion lately.
It's simple, really.
It's simple, but it requires a pull to make it happen.

And I've got so many good friends.

Hey, guys.

I turn my gaze to my friends who are there.
With a big smile on my face.

'We're ............ 'friends', aren't we?
''''' Scary! '''''

Everyone except Jeannette turned pale. '...... Excuse me .

'Yes, sir. We're very good friends. Mr. Yashiro.'
'Isn't that right?'

I'll take Ginette's words with a big smile as representing the opinions of the people here.

Now, let's get down to business. ......