100-The Power of Episode 85

Yesterday, there was a kid who couldn't finish his set meal.
There are two reasons.

One is simply the quantity.
It's the kind of food Umaro and the other carpenters can eat and be satisfied. It's too heavy for kids. Of course, the amount of food can be adjusted, but there is a limit.

Another thing is the lack of flamboyance.
At the moment, this place is pretty cool. To put it in JK's style, 'Isn't this really bad? Yeah.
They have cakes, pasta, okonomiyaki, and ............ what the hell is this place? It's a diner.
It's a diner. And it's got food samples and stuff.
A child is like a curiosity walking around in clothes. Consciousness goes elsewhere quickly, and then appetite is shut out.
All the kid likes to do is play and eat snacks. Eating and sleeping are a hassle. Do you remember?When you were a child, you wanted to go out and play early, but you were annoyed when you were told to eat first. Didn't white rice or your mother's home-cooked food look very unappetizing at such times?
It wasn't until I was a little older that I found enjoyment in food.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is only when you grow up that you realize the value of home cooking.
There are probably a few kids who feel happy when they eat salmon fillets with white rice.
It is more fun to look at food samples or to eat cake.

In other words, food is 'boring' for kids.

So, I'm going to make a special menu for kids.

I'm making a presentation to the familiar faces gathered in the sunlit pavilion.
Yesterday and today, I ran around the forty-two wards to set up an appointment, and after the restaurant was closed, I forced my familiar friends to gather there.

'What is a children's menu, after all?

Estella, who had given up thinking for herself, asked me while propping her elbows on the table.
It's because you're always looking for answers in places like ...... that you can't grow milk.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who can't wait to get started. It was very tasty and I loved it. ......

I'm sure it's a memorable taste for Jeannette,......, but it's a little bitter, old man. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who's a bit of a jerk.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, please contact us at .......
'So I can't refer to that. Has anyone else come up with anything else?

Loretta cuts off Imelda's long-winded bragging.
Nice, Loretta!

'What kind of food did you eat as a child, Loretta?
'What ............?

Estella casually asked, and Loretta's face grew pale.

'Or ...... if you chew on the grass by the riverside for a long time like this, ...... you will feel something like, "Is it sweet? I've been chewing on the grass by the river for a ............ long time, and it's kind of ...... of sweet.
'Okay, Loretta!I'm sorry!It's totally my fault!I'll treat you to a cake next time, so please shut up!I can't see tomorrow through my tears!
'No, but the grass is so good that it's like a paradise on earth.
'That's enough, Loretta!Don't say a word!I'll buy you three cakes!

As you can see, you never know where the mines may be, so don't poke at other people's past without a second thought.
You've learned a good lesson, Estella.

'Oh, um... What about you, Natalia?Do you have a favorite food from your childhood?'

Here Jeannette successfully changes the subject. Nice pass to Natalia who is following Estella.

'When I was a little girl, or rather when ...... you were a little girl, I couldn't help but enjoy the various ways in which the innocent little girl, who didn't know anything yet, did this and that.
'Hey, shut that guy up!
'No, I'd rather hear the details!What did you do to little me?

d*mn it!
I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's had to deal with this. ...... I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's had to deal with this. ...... I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who's had to deal with this.

I'm not sure what to say.
Do you notice anything about that?Hmm?You don't?Well, you're a very disappointing girl, aren't you?

Oh, I'm sure Umaro has met the 'Lord's daughter' many times. ......

'Hiya! ...... ...... I'm not sure what to say. ......'

Yeah. It's as if they can't see what's going on around them.
If I don't tell them about this ......, they'll probably never notice.
Well, it doesn't really matter.

'What do you think it is, Delia?

I'm not sure what to make of that. I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I've been smiling for a while. ...... Oh, I see. He's a fan of Delia's, isn't he?

I'm sure you've heard of it.That's the only way to go.
'What, what?I want to hear it!
'It's salmon roe!

Yeah, Delia ......, that's not a kid's meal, that's a kid's meal, salmon.

'Oh, come on, Delia. It's not like that, is it?Think about the foods that kids like.

Masha, who forced herself to join in, puffs Delia's bear ears.

'Oh, no!You can't do that, can you, Masha?
'Mmmmmm... Delia is so cute~'
'Yes!It's so cute!It's super cute!

Oh, ......, shut up.

'Then, then, do you understand Masha?A kid's meal?
'It's easy to figure out with a little thought!

Holding up her index finger and waving it from side to side, making the water in the tank sip and sip, Masha begins her deduction with the air of a great detective.

In the event that you've got any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
'Ah ......'
'...... ah'
'............ ah'

Those who were present let out their own voices.
All of them seemed to have thought of something, and all of their gazes turned to me at once.

'Everyone, got it?
'''''''''' boobs''''''''''
'......', hey!

You can't offer something like that as a product!
I'm not sure what to do with it.

It's a good thing that the manager of this store has a great one.

Ginette crouches down to hug her breasts as all eyes are on her.
The tips of her ears are bright red.

'I see!That's right!
'No, Yashiro-san!No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
'If it's on the menu, can I order it with my employee discount?
'It won't be on the menu!Oh, God!Please repent!

I'm not the one who said that, but ...... is unreasonable.
Well, God is always unreasonable. I suppose it's the same for the followers of that god.
Ahhh, what a nasty world we live in.

'So, ......, what's the right answer after all?

Estella asks, a little impatiently.
It's already night. I don't think it's a good idea to drag this out too long. I have a favor to ask.

That's why I stuck my chest out and looked around at the faces of the group again.

'I'm going to make a children's lunch at the Sunshine Pavilion.

When it comes to food for children, it's got to be children's lunch, no matter what!
It's a dream food where you can eat all the good stuff.
But you can't put toys on them in this world. ...... Toys will come soon.
But in addition to that, I've thought of some other "centripetal force" that the kids might bite on.

But first, let me explain the contents.

'Pilaf, hamburger steak, pasta, fried shrimp and orange juice. All of these things are served on one plate.
'Wow, that sounds delicious!

Delia licked her lips.
Goozuya, who witnessed the scene up close, said, 'What?That's too s*xy! She died in agony, clutching her breasts. ...... Oh, it looks like she's alive. He's lying on the floor twitching. If he's alive, good!Let's ignore it.

'Unfortunately, due to expenses, children's lunches are limited to kids.
'Why the hell not?
'So, it's a cost thing!

Put up all the things that kids would like. If you serve this kind of food to adults, you won't be able to sell anything else. The children's lunch is just to attract customers. The profit is not that big.
If a child asks for a meal, the parents will come to the restaurant. They use the child as an excuse to make a profit from the parents.

'Hey, how old is a child?How about in your twenties?
'Of course not!If you're an adult, you're out!
'......Hmmm...... Magda is still a minor.'
'Oh, over twelve is out too.'
'...... even though she's underage!

If we allow Magda, we'll be in the red. I'll draw the line at under Magda.

'If you're over ten, you can eat the same food as adults. Children's lunches are limited to ten years old.
'Oh, no, it's too juicy!
'Hey, pick out that black maid over there!

It may have been a mistake to call Natalia. ...... I digress.

'So, I've got a favor to ask of you ......, my 'good friends'. ......'
'Here it comes...... Goozuya, I'll try not to make eye contact with you.'
'Natalia, we're with you.'
'Yes, ma'am.
'Delia, what are you going to do?
'I'm on Yashiro's side.
'Oh no!You're such a maiden!
'What?You idiot!It's not like that!I'll shatter your ribs if you say anything funny, you bastard!

No, it's scary. Delia ...... is giving off a squeaky-clean vibe, but ......
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

'I'm going to make a prototype for now, can you wait a moment?
'Um, Yashiro-san. Do you need any help?'

Jeannette lifted her head from her chair, but he stopped her with his hand.

'I'm fine. I've already prepared it in the evening. All that's left is to heat it up.'
'Oh, so that's why you were working in the evening, is it? I'll be waiting for you.
'In the meantime, why don't you sample the new popcorn flavor?
'At ......, now delighted Delia. Help me out.'
'What?I want to be the eater!
'...... with a little extra for the girl who helps me.'
'Yes!I'll help you!

Now that I have the sugar, I can make caramel popcorn, but the taste is not consistent. The amount of caramel in the mixture was uneven. In order to practice, we asked everyone to taste the popcorn, which will be very useful for our future publicity activities.
Well, I hope that people will say, "It was delicious! That's all we need. It is important to hear this kind of information several times here and there.
Information is not so memorable if you hear it only once. However, if you hear something once and hear it again in another place, your brain will misunderstand it and say, 'Hey, I've heard this before ......, is it important? The brain misinterprets the information.
The more important the information, the more it is stored in the brain, and the more it is stored in the brain,......, the more people feel a sense of familiarity with what they know.

I'm sure you'll agree.

That's why you have to taste it and talk about it a lot.
By the way, the reason I excluded Bertina this time is because ...... she only eats and does not publicize. She almost never leaves the church.
Also, ...... I'm not going to make a huge loss on the tasting.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're doing.
I'm not going to be able to make a big loss on the tasting.
A small hamburger steak that looks like something you could put on a kid's forehead, potato salad, and fried shrimp. And fried shrimp.
Shrimps, crabs, octopus, and squid are not commonly eaten in this world. Assunto told me that they are only eaten by some people in certain areas. That's why the catch is so small and not available on the market. ......
But we have Masha. If you ask her to catch a little more, she will catch a lot of fish for you.
Since there is no one to compete with, they are almost always sold to the sunny pavilion. We are very fortunate because we do okonomiyaki.
That's how I came up with the idea of fried shrimp. The bread, which is too hard to be used as a weapon, can be made into breadcrumbs that give it a nice crunchy flavor. It is a crunchy, or rather, a crunchy new texture. It's a subtle taste that I like a little.

So, about the food.
At first I thought an omelet would be a good idea, but ...... thinly baked eggs are difficult to make, and if there is a rush of orders, it will be a burden.
So I decided on shrimp pilaf, which I could make in bulk. If you have butter and consomme, you can make it quickly in a frying pan. The kids will eat it anyway. There is no need to pursue the real taste. A mere pilaf will do.

Besides, the "thing" won't look good without pilaf.

So, I'm going to serve the food on my special children's plate (in the shape of a food cart) that I made up quickly last night.
Speaking of food stalls, our stores No. 2 and No. 7 are the only ones in this 42nd district. In particular, the second store, which sells popcorn, is very popular with children. If you serve it on a plate shaped like that, the kids in this district will cry with joy. Hmmm, not so easy, kids.

Meat and veggies in a well-balanced, visually pleasing and festive way.
I'll never let you have leftovers again.
...... Ginette looked sad when she saw the kids' leftovers. He doesn't have to look like that. You can always just smile like an idiot, that's all that matters to him.

'Hmm......, but that doesn't mean anything.

I'm talking to myself in the kitchen with no one but me.
I don't know why I'm talking to myself, but I am.

'Come on, it's ready. Taste it, taste it.

It's simple, if you don't like talking to yourself, you don't have to be alone. Isn't that a clear and simple solution?

I returned to the cafeteria with my children's lunch.
And there was...

It's a different taste from ............ honey popcorn. ...... This is the taste of happiness.

--Bertina was there.

'...... Why are you here?'
'I smelled a very nice scent coming from this direction.'
'Is that a dog?No, even a dog would be surprised!

What kind of sense of smell does this guy have?

'Pori pori pori ...... Yashiro-san. It's terrible. Don't tell me you're eating this delicious food. ......PolyPoly......'

There's nothing I can say to this guy. I've learned my lesson.
It's a waste of time and effort.
...... You can do whatever you want.

'Giggle,' said Ginette, looking at me with a happy smile.

'You're like a father and son.

...... What, I'm the parent?
This elf is definitely living triple digits, right?

''Pori pori ...... dependents for life. ...... pori pori.''

Don't make horrible declarations. You upper Engel's coefficient.

At any rate, avoid the table where Bertina is sitting and unveil the children's lunch.
When I put the children's lunch on the table, I heard a lot of 'wow', 'oh', and 'itadakimasu'. ...... Hey, someone hold Bertina down!

Ginette looks at me and the children's lunch alternately, her big eyes glittering.

'It's so cute ......!

I couldn't make out the second half of her voice. I guess she was that impressed. It's a little ...... over the top, though.

'Surely, this will be a big hit with the kids.'
'...... There are so many things to see, you'll never get bored.
'This, this, this is all for one person?It's unbeatable!
'Hmm ......, even the best grilled salmon might not be good against this ...... guy...'
'Delia-chan! I think this one is the winner in terms of children.

Estella and Magda are impressed, Loretta is upset for some reason, Delia has an incomprehensible rivalry, and Masha cuts her off.
It seems to have been generally well received.


In the midst of this, a grim-faced Imelda stepped forward in front of me through the crowd.

'I think I might have stopped growing at the age of nine!
'That's impossible!
'But I've never checked with anyone, and I can't completely deny that possibility!

How can you lie so brazenly? ...... No, it's 'might', so it's safe?Sure, you can't deny the possibility. ............ No, you can.

I'll tell you what, Imelda.

Well, let's just leave Imelda's outbursts to Estella.

'Are you a genius?
'...... Magda may have stopped at age nine.'
'Me too!
'Hey, Masha!What about me?

'I can't deny the possibility.
'Pori Pori ...... me too ...... Pori Pori ...... at least the possibility ...... Pori Pori'.

...... These guys ............ should all turn into frogs or something.

'All right!I'll let you taste it later!So don't try to rob the kids after that!
'Ha-ha-ha. There's no way we'd do that, Yashiro.
'...... Magda and the others are adults who can read the air.
'You can trust them, big brother!

...... Has there ever been a word more empty than this?

'And!This children's lunch is not yet complete.

As the waves recede, an eerie silence falls over the sunlit pavilion.

'It's so cute, but it's not finished yet?

A large bead of sweat ran down Ginette's cheek.
That's right, Jeannette.
This children's lunch is still incomplete, incomplete.
It doesn't have the ...... 'pull' yet!

'So, I need to talk to you guys. Well, that's why I asked you to come here. ......'

If we can get the cooperation of these people here, this children's lunch will be complete.

'This is just a prototype. It will only be used here, and if we can't get permission, it will be discarded immediately. So don't get mad, okay?'

With that, I laid out the items I'd made in advance on the table.

'What's this?

With Estella's voice, everyone let out a cry of surprise.
What was laid out there was a small flag with a square piece of paper attached to a toothpick.
Yes!A children's lunch wouldn't be complete without a flag on top of the pilaf!

'Isn't this the emblem of the ...... lords ......'?
'There's also the emblem of the Sea Fishing Guild.
'There's also a coat of arms for the river fishing guild.
'I also have the coat of arms of the lumberjack guild!
'Oh, um, Yashiro-san. What the hell is this ......?

I get a lot of stares from people who want me to explain.
It's usually more convincing if you actually do it.

So I thrust the flag with the lord's emblem on top of the pilaf.
At the moment, the children's lunch transformed into a complete body and began to radiate a dazzling and overwhelming presence.

'''''Oh! '''''

The soul of those present trembled, and the world resonated with it.
The voices that leaked out unconsciously were all low and thick, regardless of whether they were male or beautiful.

'It's wonderful, Yasiroro!It's like a dish in honor of the lord!

Estella was in tears, her whole face muscles relaxed in a grimace, as if she couldn't understand what was happening.
She must be swirling with such emotions that cannot be expressed in words.

'Ya, Yashiro-san!Would you please put up my flag there too?
'No, no!I want the flag of my river fishing guild!
'Damm it!I've already decided that the next one will be for the Sea Fishing Guild!

Imelda, Delia, and Masha are pushing and shoving each other with their respective flags.
Who will be the first to reach the pilaf?Only the victor will be able to raise his own banner to the top!...... You don't have to get so worked up about it. ............

I'm not sure what to say. I'm sure it will be a big hit if it looks like this!
'No, it's not like putting up a ...... flag is going to get you excited,' he said.

I looked over and saw Magda, Loretta, and Bertina working on something.

'...... This is Magda's coat of arms. It's a radical design based on the hunting guild's coat of arms, with an image of a tiger tribe.
'I'm going to write all of my many brothers and sisters!It will take a long time, but I'll do my best!
'I would like to have a children's lunch and cake set. Bertina' ......

Apparently, these guys want their own flag too.
I mean, Bertina's got a bit of Tanabata mixed in, don't you think?

'But which flag should I stick?

The children's lunch flag can either make a child's heart happy or send it to hell.
It is often underestimated, but it is a serious responsibility.

That feeling of loss when you think you like the Japanese flag, but it's a flag you've never seen before from a country you don't know. ...... The pilaf tasted like paper mache. ......

'I'll decide the order of stabbing. I don't care if the kid cries or not, I'm going to stab them in the order I decide.
'...... Yes!I'll do my best!

When I see the fierce battle that is currently unfolding in front of my eyes, I think ...... that perhaps I am about to step into an unbelievable realm .......

What an exaggeration!

'Hey, enough with the flags, someone taste the food'.

I don't care about '''''. '''''

Even Bertina is putting the flag before the food.
The flag of children's lunches: ...... You're really something, aren't you?

'So you guys. You'll allow us to use the flag, won't you?
'''''' Of course!So use this flag. '''''' Yes, sir!

Unanimous. Everyone agreed immediately.
I don't know. ......
I don't know if these guys can be this naive. ......
It's the emblem of the guild or clan, isn't it?

'Oh, uh, Yashiro-san!
What's that?
I'm not sure if you can make a flag for the sunlit pavilion or not!
'...... No, this store doesn't have a coat of arms or anything, right?'
'Huh. ............That's right. ............'

Even Jeannette, under the heat of the moment, is saying such things.
Maybe this will become a boom again.

'Well, let's see what we can come up with.
'Yes!I'm sure that Mr. Yashiro will make a wonderful coat of arms!

No, even if you trust me like that, ......

'......Yashiro is going to make a coat of arms for the sunlit pavilion ......?

Magda's muttering instantly silenced the store.
All of them folded their arms and pretended to be deep in thought.

'Since it's Yashiro, I'm sure he'll include some elements that will make it look like a sunlit pavilion or a ...... ginette-chan. ......'

What, Estella. You're casually raising the bar, aren't you?

''''''''' boobs! '''''''''
'You guys.........'
'Oh, my God!Yashiro-san, please repent!
'Why me?

It's a good thing I'm in trouble.
I think I'll hold off on the emblem for a while.

I'm not sure what to make of this, but I'm sure it's a good idea. It's a good idea to take some time off. I don't think that's a good idea just when you're about to invite the kids in. No. No way.

And so, with a definite response, the new menu of the Sunlit Pavilion was born.