118-Episode 101 Smiling Source

'Well, thank you very much for your help, Yashiro.

When lunch was over and the crowd had settled down a bit, Mo-Matt came to the sunny pavilion, wiping away his sweat.
It was just a few days ago that we were trapped in a heavy snowstorm, but today the weather is a little sweaty. It's even January. ...... Isn't this city trying to get rid of all living things?

'You're right, if we put lime on the fields, the food will grow better. Look at the asparagus, they've grown so big.'
'What do you mean, lime?

Ginette says, peering at me as she brings the water to the mormat. It's okay, he doesn't need water. He's just dropping by for a visit and doesn't want to eat.

'I don't know what you're talking about, but ...... you know what calcium and magnesium are, right?'
'No, I don't.'

He answered immediately with a nice smile. So you don't know ...... from that point on. Then, even if I tell you slaked lime or bituminous lime, it will only confuse you more.

'No, no. Since the heavy rains, I've noticed that my crops have been growing worse than usual. I've been wondering why, why, why, why.'

Mormat explains to Jeannette in a way that sounds like a celebrity who often tells ghost stories in the summer.
There are people who talk like this in other worlds too.

'Hey. I tried changing the amount of fertilizer and stuff, but it didn't work. ......'
'So that's how you got Yashiro-san?'
'Yeah. As a professional farmer, I thought it would be a good idea to ask an amateur to teach me. ...... Well, Yashiro is special. If you have any good ideas, let me know, and I'll make sure to produce good vegetables, that's what I'll do as a professional.
'That's true. Everyone is happy when they can produce lots of delicious vegetables.

All this talk of professionalism doesn't seem to be resonating with you, Momat.
To Jeannette, pride and stubbornness are trivial matters. He can learn from any opponent, no matter how insignificant. In that sense, he's a genius.
Well, that's where he can be taken advantage of.

'So I talked to Yashiro about it, and he said, "Try mixing a little lime into the soil.
'I've never even seen lime before.
'Well, to put it simply, it's a white powder. The kind you shouldn't put in your mouth.'
I thought, 'Oh, Yashiro's been talking about boobs and tits a lot lately, so he's gone crazy.

Who's talking about tits and tits and tits?

'You're a rude one, you crocodile.
'That's right, Mr. Mo-Mat. Mr. Yashiro's love for tits started from the beginning.
'No, that's not it!

Ginette giggles.
She's been making jokes like this lately. Isn't he being influenced too much by Estella and Magda?

'You've changed a lot, Jeannette.
'Is that so?
'Yeah, you're more beautiful than before.
'That's not true .......'
'That's because I've started wearing a bra. I guess it makes the lines look cleaner.'
'You're talking about my boobs!
'You're talking about boobs!

The 'talking about boobs' was in perfect unison. They were in perfect sync.
I wonder if there's a comedy school in this town.

'So, if you mix lime with it, vegetables will grow?
'Yes, that's right. I wonder if there was any nutrition in that stuff.
'No, it doesn't.'

Didn't this guy listen to my explanation at all?
If you mix too much of it in the soil under the mistaken impression that it's nutritious, it'll ruin your vegetables.

'Rain and other factors cause hydrogen ions to accumulate in the soil, making it acidic. Since most crops prefer neutral or slightly acidic soil, it is necessary to remove the accumulated hydrogen ions in order to return the soil to a good condition for crops. Lime is used as a method to do this, as I explained before.
'No,......, it's too hard to know what to do,.......'
'If I apply too much lime, will the vegetables stop growing?
'It seems that asparagus and spinach prefer alkaline soil.

Well, there's a limit to that, too.

'Are you sure you're using the right amount?It looks like the asparagus is growing super well.'
'No ......, no ............, I'm keeping it ......, yeah?'

I straighten my arm and point to Mormat.

''The genie's .......''
'I'm sorry!I mixed it up a little too much!

Totally ......

'That's why you're an amateur.'
'The positions have been reversed, Mr. Mo-Mat.'

'...... d*mn, this is embarrassing.'

Ginette giggled happily.
I feel like this kind of peaceful time is the charm of this place.

'I want to!

The lively voices of children echoed in the background. They are the kids of a group of mothers who are often seen these days.
They open the door of the sunny pavilion and enter the dining room with serious expressions, like a party of brave men challenging the boss's room at the deepest part of the dungeon.
Legendary weapons or rare equipment? ...... In such an atmosphere, the kids are clutching a flag with the emblem of the lord on it. No, they are equipped with it.

''You know, this flag, when you equip it, it accumulates power, and it's easy to get a winning ticket in a lottery!
''That's right!

The kids proudly tell me.
Ha-ha-ha, I see, I see.
Yeah, that's a lie.
What do they think they're doing? Of course not. That's why kids are so ...... stupid.

'All right, let's trample on your dreams!
'No, Yashiro-san!When you're a child, spells and jinxes like that are very important!It's like risking your life!

Well, that's true. I remember we used to do things like 'fall off the white line and die' very seriously.

Speaking of which, ......

I look at the promise ring wrapped around my left arm.
The Promise Ring was supposed to have been cut off on the day I entered high school, but somehow it was restored when I was reincarnated into this world, and it is still firmly attached to my left arm.
The five hundred yen coin hidden in my collar means that they've recreated the same equipment I had when I entered high school.

So, this promise ring is nothing but a silly spell, if I may say so.
But somehow, I still don't feel like removing it.
I guess that's why the kids are holding on to their lord's flag for dear life.

...... Oh dear. I can't help it.


I call Ginette and give her an earful.

'Make those kids think the spell was real.
'Does that mean I have to win all the lottery tickets?
'Don't be so blunt. It sounds like cheating.'
'Hmmm ......, yes. There's a difference between kindness and dishonesty, isn't there?

Hmm. There is no difference.
No matter how noble the idea, injustice is injustice.

Well, it's not so much a loss as a bonus toy in the hands of a bunch of kids.
But if those kids tell the world that the spell was real, those kids who believed in the spell will beg their parents and come back to eat children's lunch.
I call this "scattering bait".

A store that gives customers the impression that they can win a prize by occasionally giving out a jackpot will make more money than a store that is too stingy to give out a first prize.
This is exactly the reason why UFO catchers have pictures of the winners posted on the wall.

A group of mothers' friends arrive at the store a few minutes after the kids. As soon as they do, they drop their fists on their children who have entered the store without permission.
Mothers over here are powerful, as usual.

'Well, I'd better get back. Oh, by the way. You can use this asparagus if you like.
'Sure. I'll poke around in the uumaros.'
'Don't play with your food!Eat it properly!Boil it and eat it!
'No, let them eat how they want. ......'

Mormat, who had only come to report on the field, slunk out of the dining room.
...... He should eat something once in a while, too.

I'm not sure what to do.I'm not sure what to do.

At about the same time as Mormat was leaving, the strange voice of a child rang out.
The other two looked envious.
The other two men surrounded the kid with envious faces.

'Yeah!I love it!
'Did you get the spell?
'I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it, I got it.

...... Are you that happy?

'Well then, next person~. I wonder if I'll win this time?

Ginette talks to the next kid in a tone of voice that sounds like the sister of an educational program.
Perhaps because she knows she's going to win, her smiling face never stops.
Normally, her face is always on edge, as if to say, 'What if I don't get it? ...... In addition, she never says, 'Do you think I'll get it? I would never say that.

If I were a kid, I'd be convinced at this moment. If I were a kid, I'd be convinced at this moment, 'Oh, I'm not going to miss anything today.

I went to the group of moms and friends and secretly told them the truth so that they wouldn't find out from the happy kids.
If I tell them beforehand, they won't get the wrong idea.

'We're having a special New Year's service today, no surprises.
'Oh, is that so?
'I'm sorry, are you sure?
'Look, my girl. She's ridiculously happy. Thank you.'
'No, no. Thanks again.'

If you emphasize that it's a service, some stupid parents will say, 'Let my kid win too!It's not fair! It would prevent some idiot parents from attacking us later.
Now, it's your fault for not being there.

Since the group of moms all had a good time, they'll support the sunny side up. Cramers don't come to a place where there are many defenders, you know.

'Aaahhhh, there it is, there it is, there it is, there it is!
'Ee!That's not fair!Me too!

The other two drew the winning ticket, and the last remaining girl looked like she was about to cry.

'Then, let's do a spell with your sister, shall we?
'A spell?
'Let's ask the lord. Please let me draw a winning .......''
'Yes ......, Lord Ryoshu, let me draw a ............ spell .......'
'Well, do you think I'll win?

The young girl pulls the lever with an anxious face.
And, of course, the lord's flag comes tumbling down.


He shouts something I can't understand.
Monsters. ......

But the lord's flag has somehow become popular, hasn't it? At first, all I got was a disapproving look.

'Well, gentlemen. Let's give thanks to the lord. That way, you might be able to accumulate more power, right?

Ginette said something random. There's no such thing as power. What the hell is power anyway?
But maybe Jeannette really believes in it. That gratitude brings good luck.

''My lord.
''Thank you very much.''

Aren't you getting a little madamish?Zamasu?

''Then, I'll go prepare the food.

In the event that all of them hit the jackpot, the kids, who were at the height of their tension, were in a frenzy without even listening to their mother's restraint. ...... If this had been done in Japan, I might have lost my temper.
However, if there were no other customers at ...... the sunlit pavilion ............, this would be fine.


Isn't ...... awakening some kind of strange love for the city?
I wonder if this circle will expand and declare independence one day. ......

''Ooooh!What's ...... this?''

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
I'm not sure what to make of it.

'Yashiro, ...... what's going on?
'Oh, actually, .......'

I explained to them what had happened, and they nodded, 'I see.

'It's true that when someone else gets a lucky draw, you think, 'Maybe I'll get one too.
'And if you think you're the only one who didn't get it, you might get stubborn.
'That's a pattern of ...... spending a lot of money.'

Estella lets out a chuckle.
But when she sees the kids getting excited, she smiles again.

''Greetings, sir.''
''............ something,I feel good.''

'Then maybe you have the makings of a dictator.
'Wouldn't it be nice to have the support of the people?
'They're just kids.
'Isn't the support of an innocent child the most gratifying? That they genuinely like you.''

The Estella of today would approve of anything.
She's in a very good mood.
It's a far cry from before when she was pouting because the lord's flag was unpopular.

''Sorry to keep you waiting~''

Even on ......, their volume is always maxed out, isn't it? It's starting to hurt my ears.

'''Eat quietly or your toys will be confiscated'''

With a word from the mother, the kids' volume went down to min. No, zero.
That's extreme. ......

''It's pasta with meat sauce.''

Yeah. Pasta's coming out fine.

'Enjoy your meal.'

Ginette bows to her group of moms.
She looks at them and smiles.

'Welcome, Estella.'
'Hi. I think I'll have some pasta.
'How about some plain pasta?
'With meat sauce, please?

What, you want ...... sauce?
Well, I've never seen anyone who doesn't want it.

'So, how's the progress on the city gate?
'It's going well. The ground survey is done, and we're working on the foundation.

There's a risk of the gate collapsing if there's an underground water vein in the planned construction site.
However, since this is the place where the outer wall was originally built, the survey should have been done beforehand, so it seems that this time the survey was done again just to be safe.

'It's no good saying that the city gate is broken. Especially since there are vicious hexenbiests outside the 42nd district.

Tearing down the outer wall and building the city gate means that the monsters will have to be prevented from entering by human hands for the rest of their lives.

'Your vigilante group can be counted on, right?
'They're all very skilled and elite. If we were to participate in a martial arts tournament, we should all be able to qualify.''
'...... Okay.'
'...... Well, it's a peaceful city, the Forty-two districts.'

It's true, I've never seen a heavily armed soldier.

'I'll start training them gradually.
'Get Magda and Delia to train you.
'With those two, everyone will quit on the first day of .......'

Well, I'll probably run away, too.
They're way beyond the capabilities of humans.
Even if I were to stick to Delia's back and blow myself up, she'd be fine.
I'll die a dog's death......

'Well, I think it'll be finished in two months.

It's January now, so ...... by the end of February or the beginning of March, the city gates will be ready.
I can't wait.
When the gate is built, the road in front of the sunny pavilion will be ready. It'll be a great road.
Then we can turn our biggest handicap, our poor location, on its head. In fact, it will be the best place.

'Construction is going well, smooth sailing. It's a good omen for the new year. It's going to be a good year.
'Don't talk like an old woman. You don't even have tits that can sag.'
'What's it to you?Besides, it's better if they don't sag!

No, you.
If they sag, you can enjoy them in your own way. ......

I'm sorry for the wait.

Ginette, who is most likely to be pulled by gravity, arrives with Estella's pasta, which is impervious to the effects of gravity.
I wonder if the gravitational pull on these guys is really the same. ......

'As for me, I'm in a really good situation right now. I'm free from the tedious paperwork, and I feel fine. From here on, I'll be mainly monitoring and inspecting the construction site.

She must have done a lot of complicated and troublesome work in building the city gate, including various permits, applications, and laying the groundwork. Estella, freed from all of that, smiled brightly.

Estella's right, this year might be a good year for us.
What can I say, it's a good start.
I don't regret giving the kids a great service at all.
I feel like I've become more open-minded.

''Thank you for the food!

I heard the loud voices of the kids, and that was the signal for Jeannette to go to the table.

When they have finished eating, they take down the dishes and bring back a basket of toys.
At first, the toys were served with the food, but when it was pointed out that the children were distracted by the toys and did not eat their food, the toys were given later.

'If you want a toy, be a good boy and eat everything!

I think this mother is very good at disciplining her children.

'Now, choose one of each of these things you like.

A wax mold of clay in a bag. You are not allowed to touch it stubbornly.
Pick one by intuition and take it.

The kids follow the rules surprisingly well.
I wonder if they enjoy the rules as well, or if it is a result of their parents' discipline.
After much deliberation, they choose a toy and open the bag and are delighted.
I suppose so. A new model was added today.
I had a meeting with Becko to make a prototype while we were trapped in the snow.

'Mom!Can I go play with my toys?

Once they finished eating and got their toys, there was no reason for the kids to stay in the cafeteria.
Their playground is a little square nearby.

'Yes, yes. Go ahead.'
'You have to be back before dinner!
''Don't fight, get along!

There's no need for parents to keep an eye on them every time they play in the neighborhood.
If something happens, someone in the neighborhood will help you, just like in the old country.
That's the kind of town we have in the 42nd ward.

'See you later, onee-chan!
'See you later!
'See you!
'Hello!Everyone, please come again!

The kids waved at Jeannette, and she waved back in return.
And now, the kids all look at me at once.

''See you later, Nee-chan!
''See you later!
''Oh, see you!

............ Huh?What's this?

It's something like ...... now ............

'What's the matter, Yashiro?
'Huh?Oh, no, .......'

Now, there's something ...... that's bugging me ............!No way!

'Hey, Estella!
'What is it?
'Oh, I'll see you later,' sounds like 'crotch,' which is not a good thing to say to a bunch of kids!
'You're the only one who thinks like that!
'No, but!But 'crotch' to kids?
'Don't say 'crotch' or 'crotch'!

Estella gave me a chop.
My brain hurts ...... even though I've been thinking seriously about educating the youth ......

Well, it's not something to think about.
It's just a greeting.

It was a beautiful day outside.
The wind was blowing in and it felt good.

It's a perfect day for kids to play.

There is no reason for problems to occur on such a clear day.

It was supposed to be .............
Problems can come out of nowhere. ...... d*mn.