313-Stand by for Episode 225 Banquet

'Wake up and think, I am. My friend Yashiro.
'Anyway, who taught you?'

Early morning. I was asleep in my soft bed when I was woken up by Gilberta's flat, tasteless voice.
If you're going to make a joke like that, even if it's a lie, make it a little more s*xy. ...... Well, it's probably useless to tell Gilberta, but...

I'm not sure what to do. I want to eat with you, me, Lucia, and my friends, Yashiro and the others.
'Are Estella and the others already up?
'Probably not yet, I think. It's a little early, the time, now.'

Gilberta opened the curtains and said, ...... Wow, it's dark.

'...... what time is it?
'I think it's going to ring, in a couple of hours, the wake-up bell.
'Isn't it two o'clock?

It's not morning, not yet!

'I was told to wake you up at this time, Lucia-sama.
'Alright. Then let's go wake Lucia up too!
'I'll take care of it, I have a message for you. 'Approaching the bedroom is punishable by death,' Lucia-sama said.
'I'd like to question that lord for an hour if he can say that to Gilberta.

He even made Gilberta wake up early to harass me.

'I think you should be angry, you too. Once in a while.'
'I have no reason to be angry, I have. I'm happy to talk to you, my friend Yashiro, like this.
'............ Well, if it's okay with you, it's okay with me. ............ No, it's not okay. No.

In the end, it's still about blowing that lord away.
...... Shall we ban him from the banquet in District 42? He'll definitely want to come.

'Gilberta. I'd like to invite you alone to the party in District 42.
'No choice. I'll go with you, anchovy!

Boom!Lucia opens the door and enters the room.
Can't you make this place a little more secure?The smell of crime wafting from the master is unbelievable.

'After all, you were awake too?
'Hmph. I thought I'd take a look at you in your comical distress.
'You're wasting your energy on nothing.
'So, Hammaro-tan will be attending the 'banquet' in District 42, right?
'Of course he will. Besides, Hammaro will be there this time too.''
'What!Why didn't you tell me that earlier?

Lucia, the noblewoman, lord, and daughter-in-law who invaded my bedroom even though I didn't give her permission, climbed on my sleeping bed, ripped off the covers, and peeked under the bed with her hands on the floor. ...... Is this okay? I'm sure you'll agree.

I'm not sure what to do.Give it back!
'It's not yours!
'So it's Estella's room?d*mn you, Estella. A daughter out of wedlock is a disgrace to ...... the lord!
'Don't tell me you have a monopoly on the lord's lee.'

You're the one who's monopolizing the windward side of the lord.

Hammaro headed towards the church with Torbek's men in a large baggage carriage.
The only people who were allowed to ride in Lucia's carriage were me, Estella, Natalia, Umaro and Yamboldo.

We were first taken to the church in the 24th district, where we parted ways with Lucia.
At the church, I introduced Umaro and the others to Sophie and Sister Barbara, and asked for permission to introduce them to the people who would be coming.
I thought that Sophie would be reluctant, but as expected, she decided that it was necessary for this "banquet" and gave us permission without hesitation.
Not only that, he seemed to be cooperating in the preparations for the feast.

Perhaps it was because Umaro and the others were beastmen, or perhaps it was because Sophie herself had high hopes for the restoration of her relationship with Rebeka.
Whatever the reason, it was a relief that things had worked out amicably.

Just as we were discussing a certain layout and schedule, and making arrangements, the late arrival of the Torbek construction team arrived.
The kids were looking at the delivery of the luggage with eyes that were half nervous and half excited.
It seemed that they were not without fear of the situation where a large number of adults they didn't know were coming, but they seemed to be more excited about the upcoming event that they had never experienced before.

Even those little kids are excited, but Estella is ...... not even shaking.

'So, Hammaro will be staying in a tent at the church today.
'Why don't you tell me that first!Gilberta, get ready to leave now!
'I'm already asleep!
'That's more like it!
'What are you up to, you perverted lord?

I'm banned!
We have to ban him!
I forbid him to leave this house!

'I hope Milly's okay?
'Yes, she is!I wouldn't feel safe leaving her in the hands of the Flower Arrangement Guild!I'll still take her back!

'Oh, no. As long as the flower guild here is taking care of me, I'm fine!It's safer than being with you.

Millie apparently went through Lucia to meet with the flower guild here.
She had already greeted them at the time of the Nectar candy, but now she seemed to have made a real connection.
The flower guild in the 35th district hadn't seen much light because of the flower garden, but the production of the nectar candy had brought them into the limelight, and they had expanded their customer base from mostly humans to include beastmen and insects.
Gilberta told me that he has a very friendly feeling toward Miry.

He said he would help us again this time.
You'll be able to get flowers from the lord's flower garden and from the flower garden taken care of by the flower guild.
I'm sure Lucia is paying for it, though, .......

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it before.

...... I'm only going to give you a little service, though. I'm sure.

'Masha is coming too, this time for the party.
'Hmm?Oh, really?

What, this guy was so obsessed with Masha!

'What's wrong?Did you have a fight with Masha?
'No, I didn't. I'm not a child.

That's a pretty dry reaction for you, isn't it?
The old you would have said, 'Mwah!If Ma-tan is there, there's no reason for me not to go! You were about to go on a rampage and say ......

'Ma-tan seems to be obsessed with going to the 42nd district these days, so...'

It's a fight. ......
It's not a fight.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I think it's a good idea.If we're going to District Forty-two, why don't we just go through District Thirty-five!Pfft!

No, because that's too far. ......
I wonder if Masha is trying to make a practical use of the route.
I've talked with Masha before about a route that goes under the cliffs in District 30.
The salmon in the river in the forty-second district led me to the conclusion that the river must be connected to the sea. It was a plan that was difficult to realize, but it would be nice if it could be done. You can get all the sea fish you want. Well, well, well.

'Ma-tan would be happier rubbing her scales with me than looking at the face of an anchovy!
'Isn't that why we're being diverted?

Avoiding the danger zone is a basic rule in navigation.

''So, on a serious note, ......, what do you honestly think?''

Lucia's voice suddenly changed tone.
I responded seriously to her serious voice.

'I'd rather pinch your tits than rub your scales on them.
'What are you talking about with a serious face, you?
'I'm talking about boobs!
'Don't state the obvious out loud!

This guy has done a lot of things to himself, but when I talk about it, he denounces me. He's a terrible lord.

'Your plan to overturn BU is going well, isn't it?
'Oh, you mean that.

Lucia hadn't forgotten either.
I had feared that she had forgotten about it, since she always made jokes when we met.

'Well, I'm having a hard time ......'.
'Unreliable ....... Well, I don't think things are going to turn on a dime right now. ...... Hurry up, anchovy.'
'I intend to.

Anyway, today.
I'll do whatever it takes to get Donnis on our side.
There's no room for error at the feast.

'Hmm. If you know what you're doing, then fine. I'll put all the responsibility on your shoulders and you'll crawl to your death.'

Lucia smiles a warm, cynical smile.
So that's it. 'Good luck,' you mean?

'Well, if you're going to make me take responsibility, you're going to give me a reward if I do well, aren't you?
'What?Why do I have to let you touch me?

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
...... Why are you assuming that the reward I want is boobs, Kola?

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has a problem with this. ...... You're a man to be reckoned with.


''The ...... of spirits.''
'I'm growing!But don't try to judge the spirits!I'm a little nervous!

Don't call it 'growth' when it's only a margin of error.
You can't say that when you've got a couple of cups.

'...... and I thought Gilberta was pretty quiet, but ...... why is she sleeping in my bed?
'Munchy ...... smelly ...... friend of Yashiro's ...... smooching ......'.

Oh, there's another "sniffer girl" here: ......

'How can a little sleep transfer the smell of ...... you raw fish?
'Don't use an unfortunate metaphor.
'It's not 'which'. Now get Gilberta and get out of here. I'm still sleepy, you know.

'You're sniffing Gilberta's scent, ......' he said, pushing Gilberta out of the room to Lucia, who was making some noise.
This is a very active Regina,......, and I'm tired.
After breakfast, we'll go to the church and set up the stalls.
Yeah. I think I'll go to sleep now.
I'm going to go to sleep now. ...... I can't .................. smell anything, can I?I don't know.

Twenty-fourth Ward Church.

I'm not sure what to do.
'...... Please don't call me that, it's embarrassing.

Open the red iron gate, and the red-eyed Sophie comes out with her cheeks dyed red.
She's all red except for her hair.

'How's the preparation going?
'Yes. Everyone has been very kind and helpful, and everything is going well.

At Sophie's words, Estella and I looked at each other.

'Our gazes collide, our fingertips touch ......, and our lips overlap.
'Hey, can you not give me a weird monologue, Natalia?
'...... breasts that don't sway.'
'I'm going to stab you, aren't I?

They're a lively bunch, even in another ward.
Leaving the interesting duo alone, we too entered the church.

'Ah, Yashiro-san. The venue is almost ready.

Wumalo, wearing a tightly twisted headband, was in charge of the scene.

'Oh, you look like a real carpenter when you do that.
'I'm a real carpenter!

What?I thought you were a Magda believer!


As soon as we showed our faces, the kids swarmed around us.
All of them with nails and hammers in their hands.

'...... Did you let them help you?
'Yes. ...... Sister Barbara insisted.'

I see. So 'gentle guidance'.
It's not every day you get the chance to see a real person at work like this, even if you're doing vocational training.
It must have been a good experience for the kids if they were even allowed to experience it.

Since it's Umaro, I'm sure he didn't let them do anything that would really worry him, and there seems to be no delay in the work, so there should be no problem.

''Did you have fun?''
'''It was a lot of fun!
''You'll get hurt if you don't like carpentry work!

It's typical of Umaro not to say, ''I'm only giving you a very comfortable job.

''Thank you all for your help.
'''' Wow!You're beautiful! ''''
'...... Tsk.'

Even in the church, the paper seemed to be read, and Natalia was treated as a 'beauty'.
Sophie, for her part, seemed to be genuinely nervous in front of Natalia, trying to copy her mannerisms and the way she let her hair fall a little.
I realized that even the uptight Sophie was a girl.

'Mr. Hammaro, can't you show us where this is going?
'From here on, it's top secret!

At the place where the sheet is posted over there, Hammaro and a mantis-like kid with a strangely polite tone are having a shouting match.
...... Was that him, the one who was polite?

I'm not sure what to say.I want to see it!
'I want to see it!

The kids crowded in.

In the churchyard, a little farther away from the stall area.
It is completely blindfolded by a long stake and a large sheet made of hexenbiest leather.
Ham kids are guarding the area to prevent prying eyes.

A playground equipment will be set up in that corner.
The playground equipment is a surprise to be unveiled at the banquet. We can't let you see it.
Even Bertina doesn't know it exists.
Ginette and the others know that we're going to build the equipment, but only the people here know the whole story.
I hope they'll have a lot of fun at the show.

'Oh, ......'.

Sophie's ears twitched as she whispered, "Oh, .

'I see you've arrived.'

Sophie bows lightly and heads for the gate.
As I watch her go, I think.

'I see, you heard the ginette swaying.
'Because you're the only one who can hear it.

She looks away from Sophie, listening to Estella's voice.
Her steps are lighter than ever.

'Are you happy to see Bertina?
'I guess that's part of it.

Before I knew it, there was a dried up monkey next to Estella.

'Oh no, ...... I'm seeing things I shouldn't ...... see.'
'Mmmm, I'm alive and well.

Apparently, it's not some kind of earthbound spirit.
Oh, look closely, it's Sister Barbara.

'She's been looking forward to making new friends with the kids here.
'You mean the kids from the church?'
'Yes. Since last night, she's been chatting with those hamster kids over there. Kids are strong, after all. They get along with each other like it's nothing that we're worried about.

Their physical disadvantage is like nothing at all.
If you have a disadvantage, you accept it as such.
Kids have that kind of honesty. Children can accept things that are difficult for adults as if they are nothing.

I'd like them to learn from the adults with their stiffened heads.

And also, although they are nervous about meeting again after a long time, they are still happy. ...... ugh.'

Today, Sophie will be reunited with Rebekah.
It's been six years.
I'm anxious to see what will happen.

'How are the arrangements going?

I check with Natalia.

'The young lady is to go to the lord's mansion and bring Mr. Donati and Mr. Firman with her. I've already written to apologize for not being able to accompany you.
'Well, they have their own steward, so I'm sure we can leave that to them.

The steward and other servants over there are all Donnis lovers, so I'm sure they'll be happy to help.

'At the same time, I will go to the koji factory and bring Rebeka and the old lady there.
'Hey, Natalia.
'I beg your pardon. I'll take the hag.'
'Respectfully, that's not it!
'Miss Barr.
'You're Mr. Bertha, aren't you?

I wonder if these people have a disease that causes them to die if they don't have some comedy in them somewhere.
Barbara, the church hag, is giggling.

'Yashiro-sama, you will stay here and take charge of the overall production. No boobs, please.
'I'll have you do it completely without them, today!

Idiot, Estella.
I'm going to sprinkle in some moderation!

'...... Magda, first landing.
'Wow!It's a big place!

Ginette comes waving at us. Followed by Magda and Loretta, Masha on a cart with a water tank, and Delia pushing the cart.
From behind them--

'It's been a while, Sister Barbara.

Bertina walks up slowly.

'Sister, Sister ............'.

The dried-up hag spreads her hands shoulder-width apart and starts shaking.
'...... You're going to blow yourself up!

'Be, Bertina-san......'.

The old lady, who is likely to be called to the heavens soon if she exercises recklessly, runs to Bertina with the agility of a high-mobility fighter plane.
And when she takes Bertina's hand, her eyes moisten with emotion.

'Oh, I can't tell you how happy I am to see you again. ...... I'm glad to see you're doing well.
'Same to you, Barbara.'

No, no, no. You've changed, old lady.
She hasn't been that wrinkled since she was a kid.

'It's been six months, Miss Bertina.'
'Haven't we met recently?

You haven't changed a bit!

'Right after the new year, there was a church gathering.'

While stroking Barbara's hair, Bertina explains to us this strange situation.
Barbara is clinging to Bertina's waist, and Bertina is gently stroking her hair.

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

'The picture looks like a saint who's about to be dragged into a walker.
'Loretta. You're thinking worse than I am.

At best, I thought, 'Oh, Barbara's some kind of hybrid between a crying baby and a sandpiper? That's all I could think of.

I'm not sure if you've ever heard of this, but I'm sure you've heard of it.

Estella asks this question to Bertina, who is obsessed with the old woman crying.
Barbara would probably send Bertina some miso for free.
But ......

'I don't feel like I'm getting to know Barbara, because she's like a mother and daughter. We're family.'

Crying old woman, sobbing.
So, you said you were close to her?

'Yo, welcome, Sister Bertina. You're welcome!Oh, here's some miso from a good restaurant!

Sophie's bunny ears popped up. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.
...... It's you.

'Oh, Sophie. Did you change your hair a little?'
'Ha, yes!I saw a very beautiful woman, so I imitated her. ...... Is that weird?'
'No, sir. She's very pretty. You've become much more mature.''
'Hah!I'm so happy!
'Thanks. I'm the beauty they're talking about.'
'Hey, I'm in the middle of something here, so don't barge in, Natalia.'

Estella removes Natalia from ......, but it's not a good place to be.

'So, Jeannette.'
'And the kids?
'Oh, that's ......'.

Ginette looks behind her with a troubled smile on her face.
Near the exit of the forest, a group of kids were looking at us, frozen in place.

'...... In an unfamiliar place, with a lot of strangers, they seem to be a bit shy.'
'What do you mean by shyness? ...... The kids in this church are not shy and are fine .......'

In the event that you have any kind of questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at our own web site.
......I've never seen that before. I've never seen you guys so shy.

'What should we do?
'There's no point in forcibly dragging them in. ............ Hammaro~'
'Unexpected call!

I'll try fishing with our mutual friend, Hammaro.

I'm not sure what to do.

......, but the friends didn't show up.

'............ reclusive, lonely course, ......'
'Don't worry, Hammaro!We're all just a little nervous!We love you, Hammaro!
'Are you asking me back there?

Jeannette is consoling a depressed Hammaro.
Even Hammaro can't do it,......, is that it?

Well, it's a little early, but I don't want Jeannette and the others to be so worried about the kids that they can't concentrate on their preparations.

I take out a bamboo dragonfly from the bag on my hip.


Jeannette reacted sensitively, and moved away with Hammaro in her arms.

'Hmm?What's that?'

Estella is interested in the bamboo dragonfly.
Magda and Loretta knew about it because they had been quietly making them at the Sunlit Pavilion, but this was Estella's first time.

'Hey, you guys~!I'm going to do something interesting, so watch this!

I'm going to do something interesting for you guys to watch!' I said to the kids from both churches in an audible voice, and moved to an open area a little farther away from the stall area.
After confirming that the children's eyes were focused on him, he let out a loud "Beep!

''''' Whoa, whoa, whoa! '''''

It was the first time I had ever seen such a thing.

'Nee-chan, great!
'Yachiro, awesome!
'Let me do it!
'I want to do it!

It's okay for the kids ...... to crowd around with their sparkling eyes, but they're annoying, annoying, annoying. Some of them even hit me lightly, and in such cases, never!


It's best to let Jeannette handle these things.

'Well, let's play nicely with your new friends.
''''' Haaaaay! '''''
''Then, let's say 'hello' first.
'''Nice to meet you!

'''Yes!Nice to meet you...'''

Hand in hand, smiling at each other.
They've already become friends. What was with the shyness earlier?
He doesn't seem to have any special feelings for the guy with the missing arm or the girl with the severe burns on her face.
That's normal. Friends like that.

There are things you can do and things you can't do, it's the same with every kid.

No, not even adults.
Jeannette can't fool anybody like I can. On the other hand, I can't possibly lead such a noisy creature as Jeannette.
When I see you taming these kids, I really think about it. Ginette's a real piece of work. That's impressive.

'I'm impressed, Mr. Yashiro.'
'We're all friends now.'
'No, it's your achievement.'
'It's thanks to Mr. Yashiro's bamboo dragonfly.'
''No, you're the one who brought all the kids together .......''
'''Onii-chan, tell me!
'''Yachiro, lend me!
'''I'm hooked on my new toy!

Hammaro. I'm glad you're joining us.
It seems the hamsters we invited as part of Torbeck's store are now completely on the play side.
Oh well...

'Yes, sir!We've got enough for all of you!
'...... werecam, boiz & gurlz'
''''' Hahahaha! '''''

I've been preparing bamboo dragonflies for a while now, and Loretta and Magda are handing them to the kids.
Some of them try to fly it as soon as they get it, some of them show it off to their neighbors, but all of them seem to be happy with it.

For the ones without one arm and the blind ones, I specially prepared different toys.

'Here, this one's for you.

It is a toy with a string attached to the end of the handle and a cylindrical bamboo attached to the end of the string. When you hold the handle and shake it, the cylindrical part attached to the end rotates and makes a sound like a cicada. It is sometimes called a "cicada flute.

It's a toy with a simple mechanism: the part at the end of the handle where the string is tied is coated with pine resin, and the sound of the string rubbing is amplified by the bamboo tube attached to the end of the string with the capacity of a string telephone, making a sound like a cicada.
With this toy, you can play it with one hand and enjoy the sound even if you are blind.
It is as popular a traditional toy as the bamboo dragonfly.
Even little kids who can't fly a bamboo dragonfly can enjoy this one.

'Thank you!
'It makes a mysterious sound...'

Some of the children were attracted by the dry, squeaky voice of the bamboo cicada and came to us.

'Yashiro-san!Even with bamboo, I think I can do this well!

Ginette ...... said with enthusiasm, no, of course you can do it.

And while Assunto was coming with the ingredients, they were happy to see each other again, played with the new toys, Estella who said 'Hmmm, I'm good at this kind of thing~' hit her forehead with a bamboo dragonfly and cried 'Aaah! We spent some time doing various things.

The atmosphere was good.
The only thing left to do is to put the bait on the .......

Now, let's start the preparations at a rapid pace.