312-Preparation for Episode 224 Banquet THE Final

'Totally. Our work space is filling up fast.'

Imelda lets out a sigh when she sees the people I've brought with me.
A group of muscular men with blue beards that persistently grow even after shaving every morning. Maidens of the hardware guild. The maidens of the hardware guild.

'They're all puffed up, aren't they?
'Your lumberjacks are just fine.

Norma, on the other hand, looks at the lumberjacks waiting for her and sighs.
Well, you know.
There's a lot of muscle.

Countless muscles with big tits. Well, the conditions are the same. Both guilds.

'I just want to test the performance of my finished bearing. I'd like to borrow your space.'
'That's fine, but ......'.

After assembling and first testing the bearings at Norma's, we had come to the Woodcutter's Guild to test their performance and durability in combination with actual wood.
It would have been fine if Norma had been there, but the bearded maidens were all like, 'We want to see it too! We want to see it too!' and 'Betty in the bearing is as good as our daughter! and 'Betty the Bearing is as good as our daughter!' They came with us in a big huff. ...... What is Betty? Don't name her anything you want.
The wood storage area of the Lumberjack Guild's 42nd district branch is cramped thanks to this.
No, there's plenty of space, but the myriad of muscles crowding into my field of vision makes me feel hot and stuffy.
If this were Japan, and I were to file a lawsuit claiming that I had suffered mental anguish, I would win 100%.

'Yashiro, the installation is complete!
'Oh~!Then, combine it with that log over there.

The steel plate extending from the bearing is attached to the end of the log with thick screws, and another log is passed through the bearing ring.
The idea is to make a log that is combined like the letter "G" and rotate the bearing. We carefully inspected the bearings to see if they would work properly under a certain amount of weight and if they would break.
After all, this is something for kids to play with. There should be no danger. ...... Kids will play with it with all their might, which we do not expect. They can even wear out the shaft of a waterwheel.

This is why playground equipment is subjected to multiple inspections to ensure safety.

'Hmm~...... this log is heavy~.......'
'What's that creepy voice you're making, goliath?
'It's Gonsuke.

You usually carry a heavier steel plate.

'Because the weight of a log and a steel plate is different. If you're not used to it, it feels heavier.
'Even Norma?
'Not me, no.'
'But you won't help me, will you?
'It's not good to spoil them, you know.

Norma smokes a cigarette with grace.
It's been a while since I've seen Norma in a flue. ...... Don't make a fuss in the lumberyard.

'Oh, ......!

The log that Gonsuke lifted lost its balance and was about to fall ......, but a lumberjack quickly followed and supported it.

'That's dangerous. When you hold a log, you need to think about the weight ratio of the top, bottom, left and right of the log and apply force.
'Sorry, ......, sorry.
'No. It's difficult for an amateur. I'm sorry.

The lumberjack is easily carrying the log that Gonsuke was struggling with.

'...... Well, I'm glad you're not hurt.'
'What ......?
'What am I supposed to do with this guy?I'll help you, just give me some instructions.'
'Ha,........................ yes.'

What is this?
It's turning a fuzzy peach color over there!

'Oh no~, it looks like Gonsuke's ...... been shot through.'
'I didn't want to witness such a shocking image .......'
'But my guyus just broke up with his girlfriend.
'What's with the 'just', Imelda......'
'Well, it's not our place to interfere, is it?
'Yes, you're right. This is a matter between two people. Let's keep a gentle eye on them.'
'No, I'll leave it alone, but I won't watch over it.

You'll go blind looking at that thing.
If it's a choice between that or the sun, I'll gladly look directly at the sun.

A lumberjack named Gaius (a muscular man, of course) helps Gonsuke to put the logs into the bearings.
Their fingers touch each other on the way. Oops, ......, sorry,'' he said, his stomach acid refluxing, and then we were ready.
...... You don't need an endurance test anymore.
The bearing and the log are extremely durable if they didn't decay after being hit by that horrible thing next to them.

'Hmm. It looks like Gaius has a new girlfriend.

'Look closely, Imelda. Does that look like him to you?
'Mr. Yashiro. The most important thing in love is here.

Imelda presses her chest.

'Well, yes.
'It's not the breasts.
'It's the heart.

Almost at the same time.
Then say so from the beginning, it's confusing.

'But, if you're going to do this kind of work, shouldn't you have called Umaro-san?
'That's right. Non-professional work can be tricky even for us.
'It's not like we're going to build it up in earnest, so it'll be faster if we do this ourselves, right?

Besides, we've left Umaro and the others in charge of setting up the stalls and the playground equipment.
We don't have time to keep them busy with tests.

'They've got things to do over there.
'Stick to ...... Once again, Mr. Oumarro is the only one with a special slot.'
'The feeling of being trusted more than anyone else is annoying, that fox carpenter .......'

Oh no, an anti-Umaro alliance has been formed.
I told you not to compete with him.

'Why do you rely on Oumalo so much, Yashiro-san?
'Why, ......'
'Besides the technology, he's always talking about Umaro Umaro when he needs something.'
'Is that so?'
'Yes, that's right!
'That's what Regina said!'I'm making progress!
'Norma. Can you please erase that memory and that pharmacist right now?

But you're right, Umaro is easy to use.
He doesn't get angry when I'm selfish, he always gives me more than what I want, and if I go a little overboard, I just show him my magda and he's in a good mood.
And ......

If you lean on Norma or Imelda too much outside of your main job, ...... it will bother you a bit. It's like using a woman and then throwing her away when you're done with her.

It's okay that Umaro doesn't have breasts that shrink.
'If that's the logic, Estella-san won't have a problem either.'
'Maybe that's why. Estella and I often do the same things together.

In Estella's case, I'm the one being used, these days.
...... One day, I'll make her pay for everything.

'Yashiro, I've got it!

I'm not sure what to do with it.
You can hold it ...... with ease, can't you?

I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. ...... I'm sure it's a good idea. ......It's nice, isn't it? ......Yuck!
'You should go out with them now, guys.
I'm not sure what to say.I'm not sure what to do.'Oh, no, Yashiro!
'Oh, no!

'Oh! Gonsuke threw a log at me.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

...... Dangerous. I thought I was going to die. I mean, if it weren't for Norma, I'd be dead.
The log was stuck in the ground. And it's stuck in the ground!

'It seems durable enough.'
'That's not what you should be worried about right now. ......'

I'll take care of the Gonsuke sanction later, but first I'll thank Norma.
That was a close call. You saved my life.
I thank her wholeheartedly and sincerely.

'Norma's tits are so soft.'
'Don't you have anything else to say?

No, it was those soft cushions that kept me intact!
If it had been Estella, I might have broken all the bones in my body, you know?No, I'm sure I would have!

'Estella-san would have broken at least a few bones.
'Hey Imelda. Don't be so quick to say what I thought but never said.

So everyone was thinking the same thing in their heart.
That's great Estella. Your credibility is 100%.

'The post is nicely buried in the ground, so let's start the rotation test like this.

I take a log and spin the bearing pretty wildly.
Children's games are never elegant. If the bearing doesn't break after such rough handling, it is considered to be of OK quality.

'It's really ...... tough, isn't it?
'Yes,......, that's right,............, hmm.

It was interesting to see how lightly it spun, and the two girls continued to spin it enthusiastically together.
It's a log, but it's also a log to hold. It should be pretty heavy,......, but Norma, or even Imelda, is becoming more powerful.

'I'm sure Delia can break it,' she said.
'Yes, she can. I'll go get her.
'I'm not here to destroy it!

I'm not here to be destroyed.
We'll use it, later.

'Okay. Test's over. Remove it.'

We tested three bearings today.
We're going to make three playgrounds.

'Well then, tell that fox carpenter to 'make it tight'.
'And don't waste a single piece of our wood, please.

Norma and Imelda will be away this time.
I'm sure they'd like to go, but they can't all come with us.

'According to what I've heard, there will be a 'banquet' in District 42 later on.
'We'll enjoy ourselves to the fullest then, won't we?

I'm not the kind of person who wants to go.
She's an adult after all.

'I hope you get to eat the cotton candy soon. I'll be waiting.'
'Cotton candy?What's that?I've never heard that word before!
'It's Yashiro's idea of a fluffy, sweet treat.
'I want some!I want to eat it!Please make it right now!

Oh ...... Imelda is still a child.
And Norma. It wasn't my idea.

'Then take care of the 42nd district.'
'Yeah, I'll take care of it.
'Since I'm here, there's no problem at all.'

The two of them swayed with their chests outstretched.
Very nice!

'You guys are really good guys...'
'We're definitely talking about boobs.
'You're definitely talking about boobs.

I left the lumberjack guild with a cold stare on my back.

The time passed quickly, and it was the day before.
The bearing was finished, and Ginette had finished picking up the food to cook.
Since this morning, she has been ordering various ingredients in consultation with Assunto.

The atmosphere in the church was somewhat fidgety. They seemed unsettled by their first experience.
It was said that Nephrite and Paula would come to take care of the children on the day of the event, as it would be lonely without the older group.
Paula had been showing up at the church every now and then and voluntarily volunteered to help. She seems to be a surprisingly devout Alvistan.

And the sunlit pavilion...

'Magda ...... is big.
'......I thought it would be better to stand out'.

A huge sign saying "Closed Today" was put up.
It seems to be the work of Hamm's children. It was so huge that it covered the first floor and the sign on the roof.
At the bottom of the sign, there is a note that says, '*We are closed, but if you come to the 24th district, we will serve you something.
...... How much does our manager hate holidays?

Are you worried about the words "Open All Year Round" on the advertising T-shirts?
This is a great way to make sure that you do not get caught up in the judgments of the spirits. ...... There is no record of the conversation in the Conversation Record. I'm not sure what to make of that.
...... I don't think anyone is going to cast a "judgment of the spirits" on that.
If there is, I'll crush it with all my might.

It's a very powerful thing!This is an unquestionable day off!
'It's tomorrow, but it's a holiday.

Somewhat frightened, I added a note at the bottom of the big sign: 'From now on, the Sunlit Pavilion will be closed as needed.
It's not a lie that our business hours will change. And I've given proper notice. Now.

'Oh~......, this is also spectacular.'

I look up at the huge sign with my chest bowed, which has no Estella.
There is no unevenness even when viewed from the side. It's barrier-free.

'And now I have a rude thought, Yashiro. I need to talk to you.'
'Are you an esper?
'I can at least tell what Yashiro is thinking.'
'You can't read my mind that easily.'

'I can understand ...... Magda.'
'I can understand it in plenty of time.'

What ......?
You're the world's most powerful fraud, and my mind is ......?

'Umaro and the others, we're ready.'

They had stopped by Umaro's place before coming here.

'Are you ready to go?
'Yeah, we're ready to go.'

Me and Estella are going to ride ahead with Umaro and the others to set up the stalls and playground equipment in the church.
Since Umaro and the others would not be able to enter the church in the 24th district alone, we decided to accompany them.
Tonight we will stay at the church for the night.

We'll be camping in the garden, though.

'Where are Millie and Wendy?
'They should have arrived at District 35 by now.

Millie had gone to the 35th district yesterday.
She was going to look at the flowers and make a design for the decorations.
It seems that she can't just pick up the flowers and take them with her.
We had originally planned to go together, but we decided to go separately. He was very motivated. Well, that's good.

'Oh, Miss Estella.

Ginette came out of the store, looked up at the big sign and smiled.
Ginette likes flashy things too, surprisingly.

'Hello, Ginette. How are the food arrangements coming along?
'Yes, everything's fine. Mr. Assunto will be bringing it to the church in the 24th district tomorrow morning.

A delivery service.
That's nice and easy.

'Then, from my side, don't forget to bring the taiyaki molds and cotton candy containers.
'Yes, sir. ...... Hmm.'

Holding her mouth in her hands, Jeannette glanced at Magda and the others.

'Magda-san and Loretta-san are working very hard, so I'm sure they won't forget.

I want to show off my cotton candy and taiyaki in the show.
With that in mind, these two have been training hard.
The goal is Ginette quality.

Well, they haven't reached their goal yet, but they've reached the level where they can be presented to the audience.
It looks like their taiyaki will make its debut at the banquet.

I'll also remind them not to forget to prepare okonomiyaki and takoyaki.
I'm planning to set up a stall with a teppan over there, so just bring the ingredients and you're good to go. Just don't forget the homemade sauce.

'Yes, sir. I'll take care of it.

I'll be riding ahead, but Jeannette and the others will be leaving District 42 early in the morning.
We'll split up this evening.

'You're leaving already?I can make you a lunch if you want.
'Really?Then I'll ask you. Yashiro, you'll be okay for about twenty minutes, right?

It takes Jeannette about twenty minutes to make a lunch. And you know exactly what I'm talking about.

He's probably going to make lunches for the guys at Torbek's store too, so there will be a lot of them.
But when Jeannette says, "Let's have lunch," it's when she's prepped in advance.
She never leaves anyone waiting. He says 'even if it's for lunch' because he is well prepared and confident that he can prepare it quickly.

That's the reason for the 20 minutes.
Well, there's no need to be in such a hurry.

'Then, please. Estella, I need your help. I'll have Magda and Loretta remove the sign.'
'...... I just put it up.'
'It's such a great sign!
'The closing date is tomorrow. It's too early.'

Ginette and Estella disappear into the store, leaving the two to pout.

Now ......

'Are you sure about this, you two?
'...... Hmmmmmm. Of course.'
'We're going to do just fine. ...... Mmm-hmm.'

This time, I've asked these two for a secret mission.
I'm sure they'll do well.

It took a lot of effort to teach them under the watchful eye of Jeannette. ............ Well, you can look forward to the show.

So, I'm going to go help with the lunches,...... and just when I think I'm done.

I'm sure you'll be glad you did.

As soon as I thought I saw a carriage in the distance, Lucia jumped down from the carriage with such a shout and charged towards me with more speed than the carriage.


I was blown away by the full weight of her body.
I rolled over and crashed into the leg of a huge signboard.

Ooh ...... ouch.

'You!What the hell do you think you're doing?
'That's what I'm talking about, you bastard. ......'

Lucia looked down at me with a grimace.
'You, I'm going to smack you so hard your tits will swell up.

'Give me back my unlimited touch!

...... Oh, you mean that.

The words I taught Millie before were passed down word for word without error, and as I expected, she said, 'Okay!I'll tell her exactly what you said! Estella was so amused that she wrote a letter to Lucia and told it to Wendy as well.
In other words, if you let me use the flowers in the Garden in District 35, I'll give you all the tactile sensations you want (except that the tactile sensations are those of Wendy's father, Thibault! But the tentacles are those of Wendy's father, Tibor. And then, when the story was revealed, I rushed into the forty-second district in a rage.

'It's your fault for failing to check.
'You're the one who failed to check.

It seems like Lucia is about to transform into her final form and start emitting an aura of evil.
I'm scared.

'Yashiro~?What are you making a fuss about ............ or ......?

Estella came out of the store, but when she saw Lucia, who was furious, she quietly closed the door.

'Yes, yes!

But when Lucia called her name, she ran out.
That's right, that's right.
I was the one who suggested it, but it was Estella who did it, so she should be the one who gets angry.

'Get angry, Estella.'
'Yashiro put you up to this, didn't he!
You're just as guilty!

' Lucia raged, putting her own perversion on the shelf.
If you were a more decent person, I don't think this would have happened. ...... Well, let's not talk about this.

'...... Yashiro thinks that Lucia will be angry at him for shelving his unreasonable perversion.
In addition, he looks like he's thinking, 'If you were a more decent person, this wouldn't have happened.
'You guys are awesome!Or is my face that obvious?

You read the poker face of the strongest con artist so beautifully.

Oh, look at that.
Lucia said, 'This is my ...... true form! She's looking at me like she just did.

'Anchovy ...... Estella ......'.
'Oh, oh ......'.
'What is it, ......?
'I heard that tomorrow is the day for the 'banquet' in the 24th district?
'Well, well, .......'
'That's the plan,......?

You don't think Lucia is going to ask you to join her, do you?

''Then come to my mansion.''
''I'll listen to you defend yourself to the hilt.

......, that means...

''You're inviting Yashiro-san and Estella-san to come stay with you, aren't you?

Ginette, carrying a large lunch box, pops up.
It seems that the lunchbox is not yet ready.

'What are you talking about, Ginepoo!I just want to give these people a lecture!
'I was also worried about Yashiro-san and Estella-san sleeping in the tent. I'm sure they'll be safe in Lucia's house.
'Mu......mu...... is different.'
'Lucia-san. Please take care of the two of them. I'll prepare lunch for you too, Lucia.

It seems that Lucia can't maintain her anger in the face of Ginette.
...... To hold down a lord. You're a great guy.

You're a great guy. ...... I wonder if that's what he calls Jeannette.

'Hmm, hmm!Ginepoo's food is delicious. It's a tempting offer. You can thank Jinepu, both of you!I'll let you off with a sermon for your lunches!
'Hmm... Lucia-san, you must have been lonely.
''Ha, ha!What are you talking about, Jinepu?Even if it's you, I won't understand if you say random things!
'Hmph. I'm sorry.
'd*mn .................., you anchovy idiot!
'Why me?
'I can't help it. I can't be rude to Jeannette, and neither can Lucia.
'Don't throw up on me either.
'It's easier for you to throw up, isn't it?

I don't get it.

'Lucia-san. Is there anything you want me to put in my lunch?'

'Hammaro-tan, please!
'I said it's a side dish.
'Huh. ...... You don't seem to understand, anchovy ...... I can eat white rice with Hammarotan!
'Hey, Estella. Go call the vigilante.
'I'll give it some thought.

I'll look into it.' ...... You're so lazy.

'I can eat white rice in Milly, too!
'Magda. Can you go get Medora for me, please?'
'...... quickly.'
'Hey!How many times the vigilante's strength are you going to throw in?Is this a war of annihilation?
'It's the difference between my brother and Lucia.

Idiot, Loretta.
It's not a big difference between me and Lucia!...... Who's not much different from Lucia!

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.

Ginette smiled and walked into the store.

'Since it's such a good opportunity, shall we ask Lucia to take us for a ride in her carriage?
'Why are you being so selfish? You'll have to come on foot.
'It just so happens that you seem to be coming in a large carriage.'

If Gilberta wasn't even here and she came in such a large carriage, she must have planned to give us a ride from the start.

'When the lunch is ready, go to Umaro's place and take me to the church in the 24th district first.'
'Hmm... You can't help it. I'll do as you say, just this once, for the sake of Ginepoo's lunch.

In Lucia's own way, she probably wants to help the BU break down.
I can't think of a reason to move without going through all this trouble. ......

'You're just like Yashiro.'
'...... just like him'
'He's like a big brother.'

Who's just like Lucia?
And don't look so uncomfortable, Lucia. I'm the one!

Waiting for Ginette to finish her lunch, we set off in Lucia's carriage.
After all the preparations we've made, we're finally ready to start the party.
Once it begins, it will be over in the blink of an eye.

We must persuade Donnis to come to our side in that short amount of time.

As the carriage slowly made its way through the forty-second district, I re-focused my energy.