124-malice directed at episode 107

In a narrow carriage, Estella and I arrived at the 40th district.
...... It's really small. It's a far cry from the carriages of Demilly, the lord of the Fortieth Ward. My ass hurts.
Well, as you can imagine, I wouldn't complain in front of him after he gave me a ride.

It's so small. d*mn it.'
'...... Can you please stop sitting next to him and complaining in front of him?

The owner of the small carriage twitches his face next to mine.
It reminds me of the crowded trains in Japan, where you can touch each other's arms just by sitting normally like this, and it makes me uncomfortable.

Incidentally, Estella is sitting in a single seat across from me. Because the stairs to get into the carriage are stored inside the carriage, only three people can ride in the carriage.

Why didn't Pompeo sit over there? It would have been so much more pleasant to touch Estella's skin.
But the seat Estella is sitting in is the lower seat.
It's facing the opposite direction and close to the door. Well, I don't know about that. ......

'But it's uncomfortable!
'Then you should have sat on the other side!
'Huh?Why are you trying to touch Estella?Pervert!Pervert!You're a nipple freak!
'You're being disrespectful!I'm not sure if you've seen this, but I'm sure you've seen it.

...... Oh, he's right. ............ Wow. ......

'......Can you guys please stop talking about my breasts?

Estella's eyes glaze over as she pulls a knife from her pocket.
It's not good. I can't dodge in this small space. Yeah. Let's be quiet.

After that, we quietly rode in the carriage, were dropped off near the sugar factory, and parted ways with Pompeo.

'Aaah!It was so cramped!
'Shut up!

I shouted to the carriage as it drove away, and was rebuffed by Pompeo, who peeked out of the window. Huh, hell ears.

I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you.

Good friends?No way.
It is my belief that you will never be able to share your life with a milkless man.

'But it's a bit of a pain in the butt.
'Well, ......, that's not an option.'
'...... Why are you trying to pet me?'
'I'm just trying to be nice.'
'......I'm going to stab you, aren't I?'

Not at all. If you can't accept the kindness of others, you're ...... too narrow-minded to accept it. It's not like it's going to ...... decrease, cheapskate!

I'm sure you'll agree.I'm not sure what to say.

You'll be able to get a lot more than that.
When I turned around, I saw Percy, a raccoon-human with perfect makeup around his eyes.

'Hey, eye makeup.
'Did you come all this way to sell a fight, you ......?'

Percy's face scrunched up in a big way.
What the hell. I've come to see you, so you should be more sociable. This is why young people nowadays are so ......

I'm sure you're not the only one who's a pervert who gets s*xually aroused by the twitching faces of others.I'm not sure how many times I can make someone twitch.

I've been labeled something terrible.
You're just twitching on your own.
I'm just stating the facts honestly.

'So, what do you want?Do you suddenly need some sugar?'
'No, I just wanted to ask you something.
'I can't give you my sister's private information.
'You're the only one who wants to know that.
'And you can't tell me about Mr. Nefari!
'You're the only one who wants to know that too!I mean, do you have that much information on Neffely?

How much of a stalker is this guy?

'Then what is it?
'Have you seen anything unusual lately?
'Well, Nepheli-san was on ...... the other day.'
'I said I don't want any information about Nephrite!

He's taking his job seriously, isn't he?

'Have you seen any suspicious people around this factory, or had anything strange happen?Oh, and exclude anything related to Yashiro.

'Estella ...... that annotation, do you want it?

'You're making people sound like the source of all this craziness. ......

'Well, nothing much happened, huh?
'Not even a problem?'
'Oh, no. It's been pretty normal. It's business as usual.
'I see. ......'

Estella crosses her arms and gives me a serious look. She thought about it carefully and then said to me.

'I guess we'd better talk to the factory manager.
'Me, the manager!You're a pretty tough guy too, aren't you, red-haired girl?

Estella's words made Percy's face twitch.
Estella. ...... Are you some kind of pervert who gets s*xually aroused by people's twitching faces?

But Estella does have a point.

'Okay, let's go see Molly.
'Percy. I'm sorry to bother you.
'Hey, hey!Don't ignore me!I'm in charge here!I'm the one in charge!Hey!Listen to me!

We left the noisy Percy behind and walked into the factory.
What kind of person would come back from the outside when the factory is in operation? Most likely he went back to District 42 to stalk us. He smells like chicken. I'm sure of it.

Oh, sorry. Could you please stay away from pre-criminals?
'Who's a precriminal, man?

I wonder why Percy's following me. That's why he's so caring. ......

'Hey, you got a visitor?
'Hey, Molly. You're in my way.'
'Welcome, Yashiro. And Estella-san.'

Since the reopening of the sugar factory, I've had the chance to meet Molly several times. The smart Molly is well aware of us and has been friendly to us, saying that we owe her for the sugar factory. She's really a lovely girl.
When I was thinking that she had no particular animal features except for the triangular ears on her head, I noticed that she had paw pads on her palms. It's so soft and pliable that it's a bit addictive.

'Are you pawing me again today?
'Oh, Mr. Yashiro. That's s*xual harassment.

He warned me in a cute way.
I think this little bit of tallness is Molly's greatest charm.

'Hey, you!Can you please stop saying weird things to my sister?
I'm not sure what to say, but I think it's a good idea.
'Don't you dare say anything funny about me either!

He's got a lot of orders.

'Hey, you were at .............'
'That's terrible, Molly!
'Haha, you're the man in charge.'
'Shut up, you!

The sugar factory's all Molly's now. That's good. Now you can go to the poultry farm and adopt a son-in-law without any worries.

'So, Molly. Can I ask you something?'
'Yes, what is it?
'Has anything strange or troubling happened to you lately?

Molly tilted her head and thought about Estella's question.

'............ brother, can you work for me?
'Yeah, that's not what I meant. ......'

It wouldn't be the first time.

'Also, you smell like chicken.
'Oh, hey, Molly!...... Don't say anything that could be misinterpreted. I'm not doing anything lewd like that.

There's no such thing as a misunderstanding.
It's most likely because you've been hiding behind the chicken coop.

'But, well, ...... maybe you'll get used to the scent sooner or later, ...... that is, if you get a girlfriend or something!I'm sorry.I'm so embarrassed!
You're aware of this, your brother.
'I'm sorry I'm such an embarrassing brother.

Ignore the embarrassed Percy and get to the point.

'Are you a suspicious person?
'Yes, I am. Have you seen them?Except for Yashiro and Percy.'
'So, come on, Estella. Do you need that note?

My plea was brushed off.
This guy, when did he learn such advanced through-skills ......

'I can't think of anything in particular. Currently, the factory is operating without problems, materials are in stable supply, products are sold at reasonable prices, and there is no ...... interference from anyone.

No problem at all, huh.
Estella and I look at each other.
Estella seems to be thinking the same thing as I am. ...... I need more information.

'Do you want to visit the anteater brothers?

I asked Estella, and Molly interrupted me with a small hand up.

'Oh, that's ...... after this.'

At that exact moment, there was a visitor at the factory.

'Hey, guys!It's a beautiful day!I'm feeling very well!
'Me too!I had a really good apple pie yesterday.'

Neck and Tic. They're the anteater brothers of a farmer who produces sugar radishes.

'Oh no!Look at this, Neck!
'Wow!I just saw something amazing too, Tic!
'Isn't that the ...... ladybug over there, assuming my eyes and memory aren't ...... going crazy?
'Oh!That's exactly what I was thinking right now. Apparently, you and I are both quite normal. I was a little worried because I've been working so hard for the past few days, but it seems that the apple pie I've been eating every morning has been keeping us in a normal state.
'Oh, you're absolutely right. Apple pie is really a wonderful food. By the way, did you know?There are two kinds of apple pie.
'What?Two kinds?What do you mean by that?
'Apart from the apple pie we often eat, there's a new kind of apple pie in District 42.
'Wow, that's interesting. I'd love to try it.
'Then I know just the person for you.
'Oh, come on, that's not very nice. How could you keep such hot information from me until now?You're too bad for him, Tic.
'Don't be so mad at me, Neck. I'm sorry. I was out of my mind at the time. I should've told you right away. You're absolutely right.
'No, that's enough. Anyway, who is this person, anyway?
'That's the ladybug over there at ......!
'Whoa!How are you doing, ladybug?
'It's too long!

What are you two lazily chatting about?

''Ladybug-san. Please let me have a new apple pie. Please.''
''Are you guys still eating apple cutlets? ......''

''The apple pie they're talking about is just whole apples dipped in batter and deep fried, it's not very tasty.

'Shouldn't you have taught Pompeo to make apple pie before tarting?
'No, no. They'll never go for luxury anyway. No matter how much money they make, they're not going to stop living in poverty.

The number of farmers producing sugar radishes in the forty and forty-two districts is increasing exponentially. Many farmers are flocking to this new foodstuff with the promise of profit.
The anteater brothers are at the center of the sugar radish concession.
The anteater brothers have a monopoly on the seeds and know-how of how to grow high quality sugar radish. ......, but... They are either sycophantic or else they are downright stupid, and they have tried to spread their concessions to others.
If Demilly, the lord of the 40th district, hadn't been careful and stopped the spread of the rights, the price of sugar radish would have plummeted and the market would have been destroyed by now.

If profits do not increase, the number of farmers who produce sugar radishes will decrease and the yield will fall.
It is necessary, to a certain extent, to have a system in which profits are concentrated in certain areas.

So, the anteater brothers, who must have made a lot of money by collecting profits, ...... are still living in a ramshackle house that looks like it will blow up in the face of the wind, and they don't seem to be living a life of luxury.
You can find a lot of people who are interested in this. ...... for Magda.

'All right!I'll feed you next time!''
''Yay!My treat!''
''Pay up, you rich brothers!

What a mess. I'd like to ask the world if it's okay to have two crazy people like this as the head of sugar radish.

'Hey, guys. Can I ask you a question?
'Oh, sure. Fortunately, we're in a very good mood.
'Ask me one or two questions. Oh, but no more than three, okay?Otherwise, we won't have time to eat apple pie.'
'Hey, Chick!Nice joke!
'Thanks, Neck!
'Can I ask you a question, ......?'

Estella is already looking tired.
You're gonna need more endurance if you're gonna mess with them. Patience, patience.

'Have you seen any strange people lately?Except for Yashiro and Percy and you.'

You've finally included the person I'm asking in your exclusion list.

'I've seen a lot of strange people, but probably not the kind of people you're asking about.
'No, I haven't. Not unique people, but suspicious people, I suppose.
'By the way, I heard that there are stalkers in the 42nd district these days.
That's a big deal, isn't it?
'Oh, that's because it's about your 'benefactor'.

I wonder how much the stalker rumor is spreading.
Don't scare Nephrite too much, Percy.

'That would be ......'.

Estella's eyes stare at me.
Yes, I'm sure she is.

After all, she's after the cake from District 42.

From the testimony of Otmar, the idiot reptile, I expected the target to be a cake, but I couldn't deny the possibility that the target was a 'sugar cake'.
If the aristocrats were involved, the anteater brothers and Percy's factory, which produced the "poor man's sugar," would have been damaged. However, this was not the case.

This suggests that the target is purely the cakes of District 42.
This should completely eliminate the nobleman as a suspect.

'It looks like there's no more information we can get from the Forty District.
'That's right. We can't go to a racketeer's hangout to gather information.

It would be quicker if we could get an eyewitness account of the person who asked Ottmar to do the job, but ...... I don't think the ruffians will cooperate. It's a matter that could come back to haunt them.
If we're not careful, we'll be surrounded and beaten to a pulp.

'Well, let's go to Luxury and ask them to send a carriage.
'...... Are you going to give me a ride home?
'Of course. I don't care how many trips you have to make.'

The recipe for the tart was agreed upon after the whole mess was cleared up.
Then we'll have to take what we can get.

I said goodbye to Percy and the others and headed for luxury.
The sewage system in the 40th district had been cleaned, and the roads had been leveled as well as the soil that had been dug up. The bumpy roads that used to be so difficult to walk on are no longer there.

'This has become a nice town,' he said.
'There's still room for improvement, though.
'Haha. I think Yashiro might be a good ruler.
'Please don't. I don't want to be in a position where I'm forced to be responsible for everything.
'If that's what you think, then you'd better reduce the burden on me. You're always asking me to do the impossible. ......'
'What are you talking about? Isn't it a lord's job to be forced to do things he can't do?
'............ Well, that's true, but...'

I'm not sure what to say.
My acting lord seems to be very tired.

'If it's so hard for you, why don't you just throw it to someone else?
'Who's going to take over for me? ...... That's not ............!
'Hmm?What is it?

Estella stopped suddenly .
She rolls her eyes and stares at me.
'...... What the hell?

'............ Nah, it's nothing. Forget it.'

She mumbles and stalks past me. I'm not sure if you've seen this before.

...... What the hell?

If the work is too hard, just tell someone else to do it. ............?
Estella is the daughter of a lord, and the only people who can do the job are her parents, who are also lords. But her parents are sick and can't do it.
The only other person you can entrust your work to is your ...... future son-in-law. I'm not sure.

.................. So why did you look at my face, turn red, and then walk away as if you were running away...? ...

'......, I don't get it.'

I'm not sure why, but my voice was also slightly upset as I muttered that.
...... d*mn it. I don't get it. ...... d*mn.

Without saying a word, I walked as fast as if I were in a walking race and arrived at the luxury store.
There was a line of elegant ladies in front of the store.
It was as popular as ever.

'Oh, ......'.
'Over there: ......'

When we got to the side of the store, some of the ladies in the line looked at us. ...... None of them were friendly.

'...... What the hell. You can look at a person's face and whisper ...... badly.'

When I look at you, you look away.
What the hell is ...... this?

'Yashiro, let's just go around the back.'
'Yeah, right.

We'll talk to Pompeo and get him to lend us a carriage for a quick ride.
I was about to go around to the back of the store when ......

'Are you here for reconnaissance?
'I'm here to steal the secret of the cake.

I heard those words.

What the hell are these people talking about?
Why do I have to steal Pompeo's technology?
In the first place, the cake here is made by me ......


That's when I heard a voice calling me in the distance.
That voice was Loretta.

I looked over and saw Loretta running towards me at great speed.
Her brothers and sisters are all so fast that it makes me sick.

'What's the matter, Loretta?

When Loretta came right in front of me, she put her hands on her knees and moved her shoulders up and down violently to catch her breath.

The ...... sunlit pavilion is?

I'm not sure what to make of it.The manager is in trouble!

Magda's out hunting today and she's not home.
So Ginette is the only one in the sunlit pavilion now. ......

'All right!I'll go and negotiate with Mr. Pompeo to make arrangements for you as soon as possible!

Estella runs off in a panic.
While Estella was waiting for her to return, I tried to ask Loretta for more information. ......

'Oh my God, I heard something happened to you.
'Oh, really. That's terrible.
'This is not the time to be here, is it?

I'm not saying all of them are there.
But there are definitely a few people who are directing their malice towards us.

'...... big brother............ what is this?It's kind of scary.

You can find a lot of people who are looking for the best way to get the most out of their life.

The malice directed at me.
But I don't know exactly what it is.

...... That's not good.
Oh yeah, ...... I totally forgot about that possibility.

'Yashiro!I've got a carriage for you!'

He took Estella, who had returned, and quickly left.
The carriage will be stopping some distance away.

'Yashiro, what's wrong?
'Big brother, your face scares me.
''......, we may not be able to catch the culprit this time.''

I tell Estella and Loretta, who are both rolling their eyes, the name of the troublesome enemy.
Perhaps, the enemy this time is ......

'It's a collection of unconscious malice.
''Unconscious'' ......?What do you mean?
'It means ...... 'envy'.

'It's cheeky of the 42nd district to sell the same cake as Luxury!

Such motives were far from profit and loss.
It's a much simpler, and therefore much worse, emotion than Paula's repulsion.

If that's the cause, we'll never find out who did it.
There is no connection between us.
The other side got to know us on their own, took it upon themselves to antagonize us, and attacked ...... us directly.

The suspect is a person who looks down on the lowest class of the 42nd district, including the luxury regulars.

The only action we can take is to ...... fight back.

The big breakthrough of the 42nd district has been noticed ...... and seems to have caught the nose.