289-Episode 201 Spiritual Palm

'In short, Mr. Donati will have no worries if Mr. Filman agrees to be his successor, and if he keeps his feet on the ground and studies hard for his lordship.

That's why Donis always has a stern look on his face with wrinkles between his brows.
It's also the reason why he is reluctant to cooperate with District 42, saying that he doesn't have time.

'Mr. Donati...... 'Yeah, that's too much trouble, I'll just use Donis'...... Oh well, thanks. Donis.
'...... Hey, Yashiro. What are you talking about by yourself?
'Well, it's fine. You can call me Donnis or DD or whatever you want, just tell me the rest.'

Donnis, interested in what I had to say, agreed to tolerate a little rudeness.
It's good to be able to talk to each other without reservation. This special feeling makes it easier to get good terms.

So, feel free.

'DD!Who's an old man, d*mn it!

d*mn it!
I'm too visually impaired to go to ......!
GG would have been more appropriate!

'Anyway. I'll take care of Filman.'
'You think you can convince him?

I nodded my head confidently.

'You're either confident or you're not!

You don't know that until you talk to him!
Well, I have a pretty good idea why Filman is avoiding Donnis, and it's easy enough to give him advice on adolescent love.
But I still don't know if he'll become my lord once his problems are solved.
So, I can't reply carelessly.

'But there is no doubt that we can break the current stalemate.
'Does that mean that, in the worst case, it could get worse?

That's right.
If we touch it badly, it could get irreparably complicated. There is a danger of that.
Human emotions are vague, stubborn, and difficult to deal with, for which there is no manual or strategy.
Donnis is cautious because he knows that.

And that's why I'm going to destroy it.

'It's hard to say without a good reason to trust you.

I'm not rejecting you.
It's a sign of a heart that wants to hang on to the hope that maybe I can make a breakthrough.

'As long as you have a good reason to trust me, right?

With a thoughtful smile, I begin to move slowly.
I take a deliberate detour around the table, slowly, slowly approaching Donnis.
As I walked past, some of the servants involuntarily stepped aside.
Their thoughtful smiles and slow, confident steps gave off an air of unidentified dignity. And this kind of wasteful behavior has the effect of attracting the gaze of everyone present, and the fact that everyone is paying attention to me gives me a certain prestige.
I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of people who are interested in you.

'Donnis......, look me in the eye.'

I stand in front of Donnis, who is still sitting in his chair, and look into his face. I'm going to ...... look at him, but my gaze wanders to his hairline.
You'll be able to see one on the top of his head.

I'm not sure what to say.
I'm not sure what to make of that.
'It's your fault for wearing your hair like a joke in a serious atmosphere!
'Whose hairstyle is a joke?

If you wear your hair like that in a serious atmosphere, it's even funnier!
You'll be very popular in Japan. But before you do, I suggest you grow a chibi beard.

I'm sure you'll be very popular in Japan.It's 'chi'.
'I know, I know, just get it back, chi!

Take a deep breath and put on a solemn atmosphere once again.
This is the 'aura of divine descent' (named after me) that I wore when I dealt in a bit of spiritual products in the past. It is a technique that only works on certain people, as wearing it gives a strange credibility to the falsehoods that come out of your mouth.

'Now I'm going to read your mind: ......'
'Read your mind ......?'

Donnis frowned as he said it in a quiet, hushed voice.

'Nonsense. There's no way you can do that.'
'Quietly ............ I see a woman, ...... and a rather beautiful one at that. ...... 'I see ...... strong feelings for her.'

Donnis's eyes widened as if to say, 'What?

I'm sure you'll be able to tell from the conversation we've had so far that you're in love with Mahr.

'How do you know about ......?
'...... 'know'?I know .............''

It's a great way to get people involved in your business. That's the basis of deception.

I mean...

Every man has at least one woman he's in love with, and the woman he's in love with is 'beautiful', 'nice', and 'wonderful' to him. If you say these things in a reasonable manner, it is unlikely that you will miss the mark.
If you want to add more insurance, don't limit yourself to romantic love, but keep it to expressions like 'special woman', which will cover your mother and your grandmother who was kind to you.

There is no man who has not encountered a 'special woman' in his life. Even if there is, it's harder to find one, and such men tend not to believe in spiritual events.
The odds of being wrong are in the tens of thousands.

Donnis's case is even more straightforward.
That's because he has prior information.

But Donnis doesn't know that I've got advance information. That's the point.

Every time I say something, Donnis is surprised. "How do you know? How do you know? How do you know?
All I have to do is say something that applies to everyone, based on the information I know. After that, the other side will think 'this is real' on its own.

'...... That woman is 'special' ...... to you.

Donnis gasps.
'Well, I suppose so.
You've been in love with her for most of your sixty years of life.

Even if you don't tell anyone about it, it must be an important part of your heart.
No one can lie to their own heart.

In particular, this way of listening without asking for an answer has the effect of encouraging the other person to ask himself or herself questions, and there is no need to lie to oneself when asking oneself questions. If you are too stubborn to lie to yourself, your thoughts will be more clearly imprinted on your brain and heart.
As a 'special being'.

'Who are you, ......?

Donnis seems to be honest with himself.

After a few moments of staring at me in a daze, Donis gulped and ordered his servants to leave the room.
I'm ordering you not to enter the dining room until I call you.

You haven't told your servants about your unrequited love, have you?

After all the servants, including the old butler, have left, I will reveal Donnis's secret once again.

'The fact that all the servants are men is because of that special woman .......'
'...... can you even find out such a thing?

Yeah. You're easy to understand, you know.
I'm sure the use of the word 'for' instead of 'because of' touched Donnis' heart.
He's always trying to be a gentleman.
He keeps his mind to himself and completes everything within himself.
Underneath it all, he is full of 'consideration for others' and doesn't want to cause any trouble.

'It was an old love affair that I didn't tell anyone about and kept locked away in my heart. ......'
'...... old?'
'Oh ......, it's a fragile love story that ended decades ago. ............'

He had no one he could talk to about his love life.
That's why it's so complicated.
The expressions 'old love' and 'ephemeral love stories' are the best evidence of this.

And they think they are 'cool'.
Otherwise, it would be impossible for her to keep her unrequited love alive until she reaches this age.

...... d*mn. All the old men in this world are so sentimental.

It's a parade of old men of the maiden type.

The old maiden in front of me is telling a lie.

'It's not the 'old' ......, is it?

He's trying to cut the cord, and failing.
Donnis's expression tightened for a moment. 'It's a sign that I'm nervous.

'............ 'Even now,' ...... you like her, don't you?'

Donnis didn't answer.
Do you think it would bother them if you admitted it here?
Or is it that she can't easily reveal the feelings she's been hiding? ......

'............There are times when even you miss.'

Donnis says quietly.
This is the feeling that lies behind his words.

Everything this man said was right and he's saying it now. But I, a gentleman, dare to reveal the exact opposite of my feelings. ............ I'm cool. ......

Yeah. This old man is a complete believer in spirituality. You'd be surprised how much he believes in it.
I don't know what it is, but it's pretty cool. ...... even though he has wavy hair.

Perhaps this old man also has the unique "BU" DNA of being easily influenced.
He's been completely taken in by the atmosphere.

Only dictators or people who take a strong and hard-line attitude toward the outside world sometimes have spiritual idols as a stronghold in their hearts.
The more heroic they are, the more likely they are to carry their own experiences.

They tend to be addicted to mysterious experiences that have no answers. Such a stubborn, single-minded person.

'My love for ...... has been dead for decades. It's hard to even remember.'
'Okay, ......, that's fine too ............, just'.

The old man is so intoxicated with himself that I adjust my tone.
It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time.

'...... I don't know if the other woman's feelings are already over .............

Donnis stops moving.
Come on, I'll tell you. I'll tell you just what you want to hear, in a way that doesn't lie and sounds very sweet. ......

'...... A woman well suited to the windowsill. ............ She always sits at the window with a quiet smile on her face, looking into the distance... ......... all the time looking into the distance. ...... something in the ............ distance.'

Donnis's hands begin to tremble slightly.

'...... windowsill.................. ah, yes. It's true, that man ...... used to stand by the window ...... and stare into the distance. ......'

Holding his trembling hand, Donis unravels an old memory.

A woman standing at a window.
A fleeting gaze into the distance. ......

'I wonder what she sees now ............ in her eyes?'

Hearing my words, a few tears appear in Donis' eyes. ............ Her nose widens, and the air is sucked in with a slightly rough sound. ...... ...... bites his lips ...... cheeks shake slightly ...... a single hair on the top of his head shakes softly... ......... Pfft!

Desperately trying to hold back the blowing, I give Donnis the last word.

'If you feel up to it, you can write a ............ letter to me. ...... I'll think about whether to deliver it or not later.
'An undeliverable letter. ............ Hmm. I'll give it a try when I feel like it.

Donnis, smiling.
One hair, touch.


Having reached my limit, I turn around and face Donnis with my back to him.
I turn around and turn my back on Donnis. Then I leave quietly, trying not to make a sound.
As I did when I first arrived, I took the long way around and slowly made my way to Estella and the others.

When I finally reached my original position, Estella gave me a light fist bump on my midsection.

'How dare you say such a plausible thing in such a plausible way. ...... I'm afraid of you.'

I'm afraid of you,' whispered Estella in an extremely hushed voice, her cheeks almost touching.
She wants to give me a hard time so that I don't find out about my deception. All right, I'm in.
I'll whisper back at the same volume.

'I'm not lying. I can read the mind of a first love boy like Donnis and Mahr is still at the window looking into the distance. The 42nd district is in the distance, though it doesn't contain any romantic elements.

I'm just giving you the information to make it sound plausible.
The rest is just Donnis beautifying himself, getting drunk on his own past, and causing his own misunderstanding.

'Totally ......,' said Estella, shaking her head with a sigh.
Her soft hair brushes my cheek a few times.

'That being said, the way you just spoke ...... is disgusting, so don't do it again.'

Estella, having run out of things to say, sends me such sarcasm instead of sarcasm.
That's why such things sound like 'pretending'. Like 'don't push it'.
So I'm going to play along with the 'pretense'.

'...... one hair ............ touch'.

A loud bang sounded in my ear.
He blew it out with all his might, this guy. Spit flew all over my cheeks and ears.

'Phew!Whoo-hoo!...... Yashiiro~!
'Wait, Estella. That anger is called taking it out on me. It's probably not my fault.

If you want to assign blame, you should blame your overly rich imagination.

...... and, well... While you are doing all this, Donis is kind of immersed in his own world, staring blankly into space.
If you put a big tall old clock next to him, you'd think he'd never move again.

'............It may be too early to wither ......'.

This is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment. The corners of his mouth lift up to form a grinning expression.

'If you retire, you might be able to become ...... a tea drinking buddy. ............'

The old man seems to have found hope for the future.
This should give him more strength to deal with the mess in front of him.
At the very least, he won't be happy about the stalemate.

Now, come on. Come on, get on my bandwagon.

'Hmm, ...... is good.'

After much thought, Donnis nodded with a stern voice.

'If Filman clearly agrees to take over as lord and changes his current frivolous attitude, then I will do my best to side with the 42nd district.
'Hmm. A man does not have two words.

Donnis said clearly.
It's not that this man is careless, it's that he's not afraid of being judged by the spirits. He is not afraid of being judged by the spirits. He is confident and confident in what he says.
He does not make mistakes in his promises. That's his character.

'This will make the negotiations much easier.

There is a glimmer of hope in Estella's eyes.

But first, we have to solve the problem of the Filman.

'Yashiro. You have a secret plan to convince Mr. Filman, right?'
'There is no such thing as a secret plan.'

I mean, it's still an unknown.

'I'll make an effort.

I'm up for it. You know what that means, don't you?

'...... Yeah. You have good eyes.'

Estella looked into my face and nodded vigorously.

'I'm counting on you, Yashiro.'

Then she slaps me on the back.
...... It hurts.

You'll be able to find a lot of people who are interested in this sort of thing.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll be able to figure it out.

'Yashiro-sama, Estella-sama'.

As we exchanged glances, Natalia quietly walked in between us.
She lifts her glasses and says in a business-like tone.

''You've accumulated 10,000 flirting points, would you like to exchange them for a prize?
''What are flirting points?

Estella and I both shouted at the sudden mystery of the system.
Natalia continued to give us an explanation in a matter-of-fact, clerical tone.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'd like to know what you think. Then, I reached 10,000 points in such a short time.
'We're not that lovey-dovey, are we?I mean, we're not really lovey-dovey!
'Cheek to cheek, whispering in each other's ear - 2000 lovemaking points x 3 times (single hair excluded)'
'd*mn, that's why you sound so sleazy!
'Take the trouble to look into each other's face, look into each other's eyes, and understand each other--1500 lovemaking points.
'Oh, that was ...... trying to find out Yashiro's true intentions.'
'I'm relying on you, Kyaha*' and body touch - 2500 lovemaking points!
'I didn't say "Kyaha", I swear!
'By the way, if you have 10,000 points, you can build a memorial wax statue of our love in the big square.
'Don't do it, never!If I detect any suspicious activity, I'll have Becko grounded for a year, okay?

Natalia seemed to be in a very bad mood.
She's been completely left out of the loop this time. She's always upset when she doesn't stand out, isn't she? The trend is more pronounced after the information paper.

'...... hmm?

While I was watching the two of them playing, Natalia stared at me.
She looked a little unhappy and seemed to want to say something. ............

'Master Yashiro'.

She calls out my name, and hurriedly puts one foot in front of the other.

'I'm uncomfortable.
'I've seen that before!

It's been popular in this town too?
No, of course not!

This is an original gag that was created when Norma and I were drinking at home.
'......What kind of flow did you use to create your original gag? ............'

I'm not sure what to make of it.I'm not sure what to make of it.
I mean, call me, too.

Estella is a bit far away complaining about it. I feel like she's staring at me. ...... That's what I call taking it out on her. Tell that to Natalia. I mean, I'm kind of in the middle of this.

"Young man.

Donnis calls me with a serious look on his face, as if our troubles had never happened.

'What is your name, my dear?

This could be taken as the first step toward friendship.
It's a sign that Donnis is interested in me, that he's approaching me, that he's opening up to me.

So I too, with a friendly smile, will say my name.

'Oba Yashiro...'
'Everyone calls me "Yashippi".
'I'm not called that!

I'm not called that!'' Natalia says, snatching the words out of people's mouths and saying unnecessary things.
This guy really doesn't do anything worthwhile when he's left idle!
Come back, Natalia, when you were a good waiter!

'I see. ...... palm spick and span.
'No, I'm not!

This old man doesn't listen to people either.

'Take care of Fillman for me, will you?

Rising from his chair, Donnis folds his back.
The lord of the 24th district has bowed to an ordinary citizen from who knows where.

Estella is dumbfounded.

Natalia also did not open her mouth, but watched how it went.

Raising his head, Donnis twisted his mouth into a slightly embarrassed expression and said something like.

'I don't know what that thing is thinking. I'd like to be able to understand it,......, but again, maybe it's because we're too different in age, or maybe it's because we don't have enough blood,............, but it's not going to work.
'I think I'll be fine.'

In the event that you've got any questions about the way to use this site, please contact us.

'I'm not as old as you, Demilly, but I respect you and want to be an understanding person.
'...... I see. Demilly is a lucky man. To be trusted by someone like you.'

The two lords smile at each other, thinking of their mutual acquaintance.
At the end of the conversation, Donnis let out a few words.

'I envy you, ......, you bald man.'
'You too.
'Master Yashiro. It's a bit unfair for you to say the words that everyone in this room is trying so hard to hold back.
'Natalia. You're lecturing in the wrong direction.

Natalia's misguided lecture to Estella made Donis's single hair stand on end.

'Come on, let's continue with lunch. No formalities. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Donis, who has been called 'stubborn old man' by many, is smiling serenely.
As Estella said, if we can get this guy on our side, it will be much easier to interfere with the BU. I'll do whatever I can to win him over.

Two tasks.

To make Filman's love come true.
And to overthrow Donnis's notion of the subhuman.

The question of succession will be answered naturally when you have resolved these issues.

Now, which one should I start with? ......