165-144th episode: Sunrise-tei at that time

Private room.
It's a private space where only I exist.
No one is allowed to violate this sanctuary. ......

I'm not sure what to say.How long are you staying in here?

Noise is intruding on my sanctuary. ......
But I will not be disturbed by that. As long as I'm in this sanctuary, I'm invincible. ......

The door to the sanctuary was opened. ...... Ah, is it open?

The door to the sanctuary was opened.

'Don't open the door when people are in the bathroom.
'Oh, no!The glare!It's too bright, big brother!

I was holed up in the bathroom for an hour, scrubbing the toilet bowl hard, when Loretta burst in.

'I thought you had a stomach ache and were holed up in there. ...... Were you cleaning?
'Oh!If you clean the toilet, you will become beautiful!
'............ I have no idea what you mean?

'Well, of course you don't.

'No matter how busy the store is, I don't want to be occupied in the bathroom for an hour.
'What, the toilet?You can go. I'm polishing the toilet bowl so as not to disturb you.'
'You're in my way!You're in the way a lot, you know that?
'Are you trying to monopolize the toilet?
'That's how toilets are usually used!And you're the one who's been occupying it until now.

He really doesn't know anything about anything.
How important is the cleanliness of the water area in a restaurant? ...... How much do you think the cleanliness of that area will change the impression you give to customers? ......

I am. I want the toilet bowl to shine so brightly that my eyeballs are crushed the moment I walk in!
'Don't do it, sir!I want you to stop with all your might!

I was forcibly taken out by Loretta, who didn't understand the importance of the water area.
Ore, my mission ...... my dream ......!

'Oh, Yashiro-san. Have you finished cleaning?Thank you for your hard work.
'Hey, what!It's no big deal!Oh, that's right!Now let's go weed the garden!Yeah, let's do that!See you!'

I shook off Loretta's arm and rushed out into the garden.

'............ Huh. No. ......'

After what happened this morning, I can't look Ginette in the face properly: ......

After listening to the old man ...... talk about Ginette's past, ...... I couldn't help but hug her.

'Oh, ............ what have I done ......'.

I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that. If he had made a witty joke, he would have been able to treat her normally. ......

'Haaaaaa............ grass, I'd rather ......'

It's no use thinking about it.
Time will take care of this.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.
A while ago, she would make a lonely face if I tried to go somewhere, but lately she hasn't shown any anxiety about being alone.
This is after the tournament.

............ Don't tell me you found love at the tournament ............... ...?

'Yeah, no.'

No, no. It's not possible. There's no way.
What makes you think that?
'Because I don't approve of it, that's why!

Yashiro. You're unusual. Are you working?

I hear a familiar voice and look up.
Old lady Mum was standing there with a wrinkled face like a dried plum.

'Seeing you makes me want to eat some freshly cooked white rice.
'Oh my God, is that so?Mm-hmm.

No amount of sarcasm or cynicism will work with this old lady. In a sense, she is the most positive person. In other words, she is like a lump of good will that absorbs and sublimates any malice.
............ Buddha in the flesh?

'Can I worship him?
'Oh, no. I think it's a little early to pick him up.

...... This old lady seems to turn every bad word into small talk.

'Jeannette's in there.'
'Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Hey, Yashiro.'

The old woman who was about to enter the dining room clapped her hands and turned around to look at me.

'Coffee jelly, can we get a 'take-out'?
'...... "takeout"?'
'Yes, yes, that's it. Can't we?

If it's take-out, you'll have to pack it in a lunch box. ......

'I can't do that at the moment.

I'll think about it in the future, but not now. We don't have such a service.
We don't do that kind of service. Making exceptions can be tricky.
You could lose quality, or worse, get food poisoning. ......

Oh, my God. ...... so ....... Well, it can't be helped, can it? I'm sorry I asked you such a strange question.

The old woman, who was depressed for a moment, regained her good mood as she breathed in and walked into the dining room in a happy mood.
...... Something is bothering me.
I got up and at the right time I happened to say, 'Oh, Yashiro. I'm here to eat! I wiped the dirt from my hands with Umaro's clothes and walked into the cafeteria.

'Hey!What are you doing all of a sudden?
'Hey, Umaro. Were you there?
'Unconscious?You're unconsciously treating me like this?

He's screaming something, but I guess there's no need to worry about it.
Because it's Umaro.

'Ginette. Hello.
'Oh, Grandma Mum!Hello!

As usual, Jeannette looks happy when she sees the old lady.
I wonder if it's a blessing?

'Is it okay if I have the usual tea?
'Oh, it's different today...'
'Actually, I came to get some medicine.
'M, M, Grandma, what's wrong with you?

Ginette's face changed, and she ran up to the old lady.
She puts her hand on her shoulder and looks at her face.

'Oh, no. It's not me. It's not me.'
'Oh, ...... you're not, ...... thank God.'

She let out a sigh of relief, but immediately asked the old lady with a worried expression.

'Is there anyone who is not feeling well?
'Yes. Ginette, do you remember Zelmar?You know, with the stern face?

Zelmar. I've never heard that name before.

'Yes. I remember him. Your grandfather and I used to ...... have fights.'
'Yes, yes. You were always arguing with Grandpa in the sun, that Zelmar.'

Apparently he knows him.
Which means that Zelmar must be an old man too.

'That thing ...... has a fever, and it won't ...... go down at all.
'Oh no,......?

Jeannette's face turns pale.
Well, if he knew the old lady or the old man, he must be an important old man to Jeannette. He must be worried about him. ...... Or perhaps the number of old men and old women has increased so much that it's hard to tell which one is which. ......

'Is it so ...... bad that you can't walk?
'Ummm . No, I'm not. Even this morning, he came all the way to my place to tell me to make him some porridge and to come and take care of him. I live across the street and he came all the way. I'm fine. ......

Then I guess it's okay to leave him alone.
Is the old man in love with this woman?I don't want to see ............ a sagging love story.

I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on," he said. ......After the old man passed away, she became very stubborn and said she didn't want to come here. ......'
'......I see. ............'
'Oh, ......Oh, ......I'm sorry. I'm ...... oh ......'

"I don't want to come here.
Those words must have stung Jeannette.
It must be hard to be rejected by an old acquaintance of the old man.
Well, I haven't seen him since I've been here. I guess he's been avoiding me for a long time.

'But I'm relieved to hear it's not too bad. Please give her some medicine. Then go to ...................'

She starts to say something, then stops. Then he opened his mouth again and the words that came out were: ......

'Tell him to take care of himself.

...... Perhaps it was something different from what he had initially tried to say.
This is just a guess, but the first words Ginette tried to say were.

"Please come back to the Sunlit Pavilion.

That's what she must have wanted to say.
I can read that much just by looking at her face, as I have a qualification equivalent to the Ginette Test Level 1.

d*mn it. I can't help it.

'Old lady. That ......, what was it, ...... 'extinction'?'
'Are you talking about Zelmar?Yashiro-chan.'
'Oh, yeah, that dying old man.'
'Yashiro-san: ......'

Ginette gives him a slightly angry look.
...... No, inappropriate gags, on the contrary?The effect of lightening the atmosphere was ...... bad. I won't say it again.

'How's Zelmar's condition?
'His condition?...... Well, he said he had a fever.
'How high is it?'
'Well ......, I didn't hear that much.'
'Hmm ......, that's a problem.'

I crossed my arms.
Of course, I'm not doing this to bully this old lady.

I'm not doing this to bully the old lady, of course, but to check her appetite, her stomach, her headache, her nausea, her dehydration,......, and other things before I prescribe her medicine.

I'm going to say something plausible.

'Is that so?Well, ...... I should have listened more carefully.
'No, no, no. Thanks to you informing me, I can take the next step. Good job, old lady!
''Gojyonu'?What's that? It's hilarious.

What's hikara? ......

'Um, Mr. Yashiro. Then, what will ...... happen to Zelmar-san?'
'Hmm?Are you worried?'
'Yes. That is, of course. He was a dear friend of ...... Grandfather's.'

A former regular who no longer showed up at the store.
It must have been hard for Jeannette to ask him to come, even though she was concerned about him.

And now, as too much time has passed, he can't even go to see her casually.
Even though they live in the same 42nd district, Jeannette hasn't seen this old man called Zelmar for a long time.

You're so worried about him just because you heard that he's not feeling well.


'I see. Then get ready right away.'
'We're going to see that Zermatt.

--I'll force him out.
Rather than worrying about it for the rest of your life and keeping an anxious look on your face, it's better to make it clear, even if you have to bother them.
Self-satisfaction?Yeah, that's right!
Kindness is only beneficial to the recipient. It's okay for the doer to have a little merit too.

If someone I didn't want to meet did the same thing to me, I'd kick his ass without question.
It's a small kindness, a big deal.

'But, isn't that ...... annoying?Maybe Mr. Zelmar doesn't want to see me. ......'
'That's not true, Jeannette.'

As if to dispel Jeannette's fears, the old lady patted Jeannette on the arm.

'You know, that thing always asks me about you, don't you?She asks if the store is doing well, and she asks if you are working too hard.
'So it was ......, was it?

The old lady's words made Jeannette roll her eyes.

From what I've heard, they kind of drifted apart and lost an excuse to see each other.

Well, Ginette's grandfather, and Zelmar's friend, is gone now. I can understand why it's hard to see him.

'Jeannette. It's the responsibility of the Sunken Pavilion to take care of the medicine. If there are patients who can't come here, we have to make house calls. Don't you agree?

Taking advantage of Jeannette's inability to leave the weak alone, she poses a nasty question.
It's a question with consequences, not a 'no'.

'......, isn't it?

Jeannette nodded a little, but still looked up a little uneasy.

'Don't worry. If Zelmar says to you, 'What are you doing here, go home! If Zelmar says to you, 'What are you doing here, go home!' I will stop him immediately.
'No, please don't do that.

Why not?Even I can beat the old man, right?

'Oh, but ...... what about the store?
'Leave it to Magda and Loretta.'

I said, standing between the two grown up employees.
I put my hand on their shoulders and say clearly.

'They're already full-fledged. You can trust them.'
'Hee-hee!My big brother has accepted me!This is a big deal!
'...... I'm certainly ...... a little bit happy'.

Loretta and Magda are very happy and confident.

'Leave it to me, manager!I'll take care of all the customers for you!
'...... Magda will maneuver Loretta and Umaro to get through this.
'Haaan!I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

Hearing the reliable announcement and the pervert's shout, he turned his gaze to Jeannette.

'That's right, that's right.
'...... everyone.'

Ginette looked ticklish, but very happy, and bowed deeply.

'Well, gentlemen. Please take care of me while I'm away.'

'Yes, sir!
'Leave it to me at .......'
'I'll do my best, too!

No, Umaro. I want you to finish the city gates and the city streets as soon as you can. See?

'Um, Yashiro-san.
'Thank you, sir.

Ginette bows her head.
Come on, it's early.

'Wait until I get the medicine to Zelmar.
'Oh, yes, of course. I'll see you later.'

Ginette says happily, and heads for the medicine chest.


As Jeannette goes, the old lady calls out to me.

'Are you going to keep her with you all the time?

......A straightforward question that's hard to answer. ............

'...... God only knows, right?
'Oh, I see. 'Oh, yes. That's a relief.'

Relieved by what, the old lady patted her chest, which had completely shriveled up.

'I'm glad to hear it on this day.

The old lady smiles her usual smile.
I can tell by her words and the faintly special atmosphere she gives off.
Although she doesn't dare to say it, she also remembers the date of Ginette's grandfather's death.

'Mr. Yashiro, I'm ready.
'Then let's go.

I wanted the old lady to come with me, but she couldn't because she had work to do.
Ginette seemed to know the place, so the two of them decided to go to Zelmar's house.

Zelmal's house was a rickety wooden one-story building, single-story but long and horizontal, like a house and a workshop.
The location was across the main street, much further away, near Regina's house.

'So why don't we just go to Regina's?
'......Then maybe Regina-san is ......'.

Ginette clammed up, as if she was about to say something very difficult to say.
At that moment.

'Who the hell are you to barge into my house?

A shrill voice came from behind him.

'Oh, .......'
'Oh ......, you .......'

The ginette looked back at him and the old man in front of her, wrinkled like a dried grape, both rolled their eyes.

'Ginette . This guy is ......?'
'Yes .......'
'Are they dried grapes?'
'No, sir!It's Mr. Zelmar!

He gave me a very surprised look.
I thought it was nothing to be so surprised about.

'Oh, it's ...... Mr. Zelmar. It's been a while.
'Oh ...... Oh. You look good.'
'Yes. Thanks to you.'
'Well, ...... well, ............ well.'

The old man looks uncomfortable, his gaze wandering.

'It's not cute at all when the old man squirms.
'What's with you, you rude little shit?

You yell at me all the time.
Are you really sick?

'Hey, Mr. Zermatt. This is Mr. Obayashi, he's working with me at the Sunken Pavilion.
'Oh, ............, you're Oba. ......'

...... I felt like I had been called a 'big idiot', and I was a bit annoyed.

'You seem to be standing out in a lot of ways.
'As you can see, he's very handsome.
'I was much more handsome in my youth!

Handsome. ......
What's with the old man? Do you hate to lose?

'You ...... didn't do anything strange to that girl, did you?
'Who's the girl?You should at least call her by her name, old man.'
'Who's the old man?
'I'm still young!I'm still too young for this ............ stuff!
'Mr. Zelmar!

The old man was so excited that he started to choke, and Jeannette ran over to him and rubbed his back.

'Ah!It's okay!I'm sorry to make you do that to Grandpa Sun's grandson!

But the old man quickly pulls away from the ginette.

'What are you so shy about, old man? You're too old for this.
''Baka, baka!It's not right for a man and a woman who haven't even tied the knot to touch each other!

Is there such a thing as an engagement ...... in this world?

'You know, old man. In this day and age, it's only natural for people to touch each other's hands and tits.
'You can't have boobs!...... ha!I don't know what you're talking about.

The 'tits' comment now would be self-destructive.

'Little shit ...... you!
'Wait a minute, don't look at me like I'm a soldier in wartime, old man.

He raises his fist and presses down on the old man's trembling arm.
And,......, it's pretty hot.

'Old man, you've got a fever, why are you walking around? Go home and sleep.
'Hmph!If you stay indoors with a fever, the virus will lick you!

There are not many people for whom the word 'virus' is so unfitting.
Please try not to use horizontal letters. It's too uncomfortable.

'Grandma Mum sent me here to check on you today. Isn't it unmanly of you to worry about the old lady and Jeannette, and still be pushy?'
'What the hell?
'If you're a man, you should hold on to this moment, quickly cure the disease, and give the women peace of mind.
'............ You little shit, you're talking out of your ass. ............ All right. Come on. Up you go.

This is exactly what I thought this type of old man would be unable to resist when told like this.
It's a good thing he's so easy to deal with.

The old man's house was simple, with only the bare necessities.

'What do you do now, old man?
'I don't have a job. ...... I'm long retired.'

I guess there is a retirement system in this town too. ...... I'm sure he can still work, this old man.

'Is Grandma Mum retiring late because she's self-employed?
'Yes. My grandfather was in the store until the end of his life.

The old man of Zelmar frowned at Ginette's words.
'The last time' seems to have stung a little.

'Oh ...... sorry'.
'Oh, no, ............ don't worry about it.'

Jeannette also noticed this, and the air began to grow a little sad.
'Oh, I hate this atmosphere.

'Then let's start the examination. Old man, stick out your tongue.
'Ba-ba, you idiot!You can't expose your pants in front of a woman!
It's not 'down', it's 'tongue'!And don't say 'pants'!

I'm not sure if it's the same here,......, or if it's the same underwear and tongue,......, but it's the forced translation magic.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.
You can give him a fever reducer or something. If it gets worse, get Regina to help you.
...... Oh, I see. I know what Jeannette was about to say.

If this old man comes as a guest, Regina might collapse. She's going to get yelled at a lot.

'Well, if you have an appetite, can I make you something?
'No. I don't care.'

The old man firmly refused Jeannette's offer.

'I see. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to intrude.'
'No, I'm not ...... asking a woman who hasn't even paid her dues to cook for me.'
'No, old man. You asked old lady Mum for porridge, didn't you?'
'What?How do you know about that?
'No, I asked Grandma Mum.'
'No, no!No, no, no!There's no deep meaning!

The old man denied it, his face turning red, then pulled the covers over his head and hid.
...... Don't be so pure-hearted, you wrinkled, scabby old man.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.
'Actually, it's ...... been a long time.'

The ginette paid attention to the old man wrapped in the futon and whispered in his ear.

'For a long time, my grandfather and I used to fight over Grandma Mum.
'Stop ...... this jibber-jabber romantic comedy, it's not funny.'
'In the end, it was never settled, and neither of them have been in a relationship until now.'

What,......, then what?

'Could it be that these guys are ............ unmarried?'
'Yes. My grandfather was also unmarried.

......How many decades of crushes have you guys ...... been having?

'Ginette, make him some porridge or rice porridge.
'Yeah, ...... too.'
'No, thanks. I'll allow it.'
'Yes, sir!'

Ginette replied happily, and ran to the kitchen.

''...... You're being selfish. In someone's house. ......'

Like a specter that has taken up residence in an old house, the old man glared at us from the futon with only his face showing.

'If you have a problem with it, fix it with your mind. Get well and then come to the Sunken Pavilion. Then I'll listen to you.'
'Hmm ...... now ............'

The old man muttered.

'You can't go to ...... now. I couldn't go ...... for a long time since the old man in the sunshine died. Even when that girl was in trouble, I couldn't ............ go to the sunny pavilion with my head down.'

Oh, that's too much trouble. I'm a very troublesome old man.

'Old man. He stinks.
'Who stinks?
'Sorry, I didn't say it right. You're a pain in the ass.'

I haven't been there in a long time, so it's hard to go.
It's hard to call Ginette because she hasn't come for a long time.
In fact, the old man wants to go and the ginette wants him to come.
However, the old man has twisted even that simple feeling into a theory and continues to stubbornly refuse.

'I'll pay for that medicine at the Sunshine Pavilion.
'What the hell?
'I don't have the fine stuff right now.

'...... is a smooth talker.'

Well, I hope you've given up now. ......

'Oh, um, Mr. Zelmal.'

Ginette, who I thought was on her way to the kitchen, was standing right there.

'Mumm, I heard from your grandmother. She wants to try the coffee jelly.'
'......U............ no, that's ......'.
'Would you like to come and try it?Even if it's just once, it's fine.
'We have a lot of coffee beans. We have a lot of coffee beans. Even though we put coffee on the menu, not many people drink it,......, and it would be a shame to have a surplus,.......

Ginette has changed.
She has gained the strength to carry out her will,......, even if she has to use some cowardly methods.
When you move people, there is a responsibility that comes with it. Without fear of that responsibility, Ginette is trying to move people.

'............ Um, okay. If that's the case,......, so be it.

And they've done a great job of it.

'I'll call Orkio, Bobba, and Frodo, and we'll see each other soon.
'Yes, sir. I'll be waiting.
'....... I'm going to bed. When the porridge is ready, leave it with me.
'Yes, sir. Good night. Mr. Zelmar.

The people the old man named must have been regular customers of the old Sun Moon Pavilion.
They must have wanted to show their faces at ...... but couldn't.

I'm not sure. Don't go down without permission and don't step over the medicine bill.
I'm sure you're right.I'm sure you'll be fine without me worrying about you.

The old man swears and pulls the covers over his head.

'...... It's only by chance that she came to see me on this day. ...... I'll be there.

That's all he said, and the old man began to fall asleep early.
The old man is fast asleep.

We left that day and waited for the old man and his friends to come to the sunny pavilion.

Two days later.
Still no sign of the old men.

'Is your cold lingering?
'I think so. I've been so healthy that I don't think I'll be able to beat the virus.
'That's true.

The voice that replied was also somewhat weak.

'Could it be that ...... you don't like me ............?'
'No, I don't.'

I can assure you of that.

'......You've made your point.'
'Of course I did. What did old lady Mum and old man Zelmar call your grandfather?
'Well, ............ 'Sunny Grandpa' .......'
'They're close in age, aren't they?
'Yes. I heard that Mr. Zelmar and my grandfather were the same age.

Then it's confirmed.

'Do you know why Zelmar's old man and Grandma Mum are calling him 'sunny old man' when he's the same age as you ......?
'Eh, ...... that ............ I'm sorry, I don't know.'
'It's because you're here.

Even in ordinary families, when a child is born, people call each other 'Papa' and 'Mama'. When you have a younger brother or sister, they call you 'big brother' or 'big sister'.

'You were the center. This sunny pavilion.

From your point of view, you're the grandfather, so the name 'sunny old man' has taken root, the old man here.

'...... I'm ............?
'Well, don't worry, you'll get ......'.

Before I could finish, the door of the sunlit pavilion was opened and four old men with wrinkled faces like shriveled tangerines came into the store.

'Mr. Zelmar, Mr. Orkio, Mr. Bobba, and Mr. Frodo!
'I'm here too, little Jeannette.'
'Grandma Mum!

The four wrinkled old men were followed by a wrinkled old woman, raising the wrinkle rate in the store.

The ginette was so happy to see the five of them that she was about to cry, and she led them to their seats.

'Oh, you're looking good!
'What a waste of a place for a sunny old man.
'It's been a long time since I've had a cup of coffee. I'm looking forward to it.
'That little girl has become such a great .............'
'You idiot. What are you crying about? What are you crying about, old man?

'Well, gentlemen. Please make yourselves at home.

The old men were a bit awkward at first, but gradually they settled down and began to reminisce.

Ginette brought coffee.
The old men were curious about the coffee jelly being served.
Occasionally, a joke is made by an old man who does not understand the point at all. And they're pretty funny.

I thought, "Oh ...... this is it .............

I was alone, watching the circle of old men from a distance.
The interior has changed, but this is exactly what Jeannette was talking about, the "sunlit pavilion" of those days.

An old man with a loud voice spat out a swear word, and the people around him laughed it off.
Ginette is also laughing happily.
A place where people naturally gather, talk about stupid things, and smile together.
That's the Sundaari-tei.

What you see in front of you now is ...... a sunny pavilion that I don't know.
The scenery that Jeannette saw every day when she was a child: ......
The sunny pavilion that Jeannette had hoped for in the past: ......

It took a long time, but ...... the scenery of that time has come back ............

I clutched the 20Rb in my pocket that I have been carrying around with me for some time now.
That's 20Rb for the stir-fried scraps of vegetables I ran away with.
If I return this to Jeannette, ...... I'll be ............ really ...... ......

'Mr. Yashiro.'

Suddenly, Ginette calls out to me.

'Would you like to join us, Mr. Yashiro, for some coffee jelly?

She invites me into the circle.
To the sunny pavilion of those days. ......

'Ah, ......'

I gently let go of the 20Rb in my hand.

'I'm coming'.

I was a little bit happy at this time,......, that I was invited into the world of Jeannette, which I didn't know, and I was kind of happy.

Maybe I was just being jealous like a kid, but ............

I guess I didn't like the fact that there was no place for me to stand next to Jeannette, past or not.

I joined the circle of old men with bad mouths, and I swore as much as they did.
When they talked back, I would reply with quibbles. When they say this, I say that, and when they say that, I say that back.
So I stood next to the ...... ginette.

Ah, d*mn it ............, why do I feel so at home in ...... this place.