316-Episode 228 Arrived the lord... and...

'Welcome to the 24th District Church'.

Donis and Filman were greeted by the entire Sunshine Pavilion.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you can do to help.
...... Loretta. I'm not sure how long it's been since I've had my makeup done.Before Estella went to pick her up, right? In that short amount of time, beside the emotional reunion of Rebekah and Sophie, she asked for it? He's quite a guy, really.

If you're not sure what you're looking for, you can always try to find it on the internet. But if you bring Sophie with you, she might harm Filman when they meet.
Barbara is ......
If I were Donnis, and this was my first visit to this church. If I opened the heavy iron door and saw Barbara standing there, ...... I would scream and run.
There's also a dense forest behind you.
I left Barbara behind as well, as it would be bad for my heart.

So, here are the members of the Sundaari Pavilion.
These guys are used to being greeted, and more importantly, they look gorgeous.
In fact, the area where Jeannette and the others are is brightly colored.

'Wow, this is beautiful.

These words spilled out of Donis's mouth as if he couldn't help it.
However, it seems that the 'beautiful' she was referring to was not the beautiful employees of the Sunlit Pavilion, but rather the flower arrangement that Milly had created.

Donnis and his friends were greeted by the beautiful flowers of the flower garden in the 35th district.
A small flower garden was born there, with decorations that were full of presence.
Although it was not possible to fill the road to the venue with flowers, the loose and rapid decorations made up for the shortage and made it seem as if they had done so on purpose.
Millie has good taste.
If you raise her well, she has the qualities to become a first-rate con artist. Her sense of making things that are not there seem to be there will surely make her unique in the world of fraud.

'Please try this one first.

At Ginette's words, Magda and Loretta offer nectar from the garden.
The nectar, served in a flower cup, is like a welcome drink.

'This is a magnificent taste.
'Yes, yes. It's very good.'

Donis, who didn't drink, seemed to have a sweet tooth and seemed to like the nectar very much.
On the other hand, Philman's expression was dull. ...... Does it bother you so much that he accepted a drink offered to him by a woman? Don't give me that guilt-ridden look, you sulky boy.

You're a sulky boy. ....... I'm glad you're here.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea for me to go to the gym, but I'm sure it's a good idea for you.
I came to see how the flowers I had decorated would look.

'Nice work, Millie. You've made a great first impression.'
'Heh heh ...... I'm glad.'

A large ladybug sways on top of Millie's head as she smiles tantalizingly.

'Well, I'll show you around again. Mr. Donnerty.'

Ginette and the others step aside, and Estella leads Donnis and Firman. Natalia is in the hall.
Ginette and the others see them off, plus they are in charge of closing the door.

'Well, we'd better get back.
'Mmm. Let's get ready for the next one.

Before Donnis and the others enter the woods, Millie and I leave.

When we returned to the yard, we found the kids all lined up around Bertina.
A long piece of paper was being held and unfolded by the kids in the line.
The paper read, "Welcome!My lord. It's an honor to meet you. When did you make that thing?

'Hmm. My children wanted to do something for you.

So, it seems that Bertina made this suggestion, and the kids worked together to make it.
Nice idea.
It must be nice to be welcomed by kids, especially when you are a lord.

'Oh, this is...'

Donnis came through the forest and broke his stance when he was welcomed by the kids.
He doesn't seem to hate kids. In fact, he may even like them a little. His face shows that kind of joy.
...... I'd like to believe that you don't have a crush on one of these nine-year-old girls.
............ No, right?

It's been a long time since I've received such a warm welcome. Thank you.

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your vacation.
Donnis nodded his head at the delighted kids, but for a brief moment, his eyebrows raised.
Perhaps he had some thoughts about the injured beastman children.
He must have known that the church protected and supported them, but it was not often that they actually met.
Barbara confirmed that this was the first time for Donis to visit this church.
Whenever there is a problem, Barbara is summoned to the lord's mansion.

That's in contrast to some lords who come to the church every morning to ask for food.

Well, considering the significance of this church, I understand that we can't let outsiders in without permission.

'These are some energetic kids, aren't they?
'Yes, they are. Cheerfulness is one of their specialties.

That's what Bertina said.
Donnis looked a little surprised, but when he saw Bertina smiling, he muttered, 'I see.

'So, Mr. Donati. And Mr. Fillman. I invite you to sit down.'

Estella, not Natalia, escorted Donis and the others.
I guess that's how special she wants to be.

A large wooden table set out in the garden.
Eight chairs are arranged on it.
These are the seats for Donis and Filman, Rebekah and Bertha, Estella and Bertina, Sophie and Barbara. The rest of us would have a standing party. A separate table will be set up and food will be served there. Even though ......, Bertina is not going to sit on a chair, but will have a picnic with the kids. In other words, they will be eating and drinking on rugs on the ground.
Whatever style you like, you can do it.

'So, Mr. Yashiro. I'll bring you some food.'
'Oh. Hammy, let's get to work.
'''' Hahaha!

Hammurabi rushed into the kitchen with all hands in the air.
He's happy to be working since he's had some free time after helping Umaro.

The three members of the sunlit pavilion and Delia join him in bringing out the food.
Natalia and I stay by Estella's side in case of emergency.
Masha has placed her own water tank by the table and is churning the water inside.

'Oh, you're from the Sea Fishing Guild?
'Yes~☆ Nice to meet you, DD-san. I've always heard rumors about you from my sister Lucia~'
'M...... so, ...... please take care of me.'

Donnis is puzzled by Marcia's casual response.
DD is the first to use the name of a close friend,....... Marcia's pretty in-depth, isn't she? I'll just call her by her name.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on.

I've always been jealous of the 35th district. I've always envied the 35th district for their close relationship with the sea fishing guild.
'Don't worry~☆ If you get along with Yashiro-kun, you'll be the one that others will envy. Right, Yashiro-kun?
'Don't throw such a reckless request irresponsibly.
'So, you're trusted, huh, Yashippi?
''Stop calling me that, I'll call you Chororin.

I heard 'puff' all at once from here and there.
When I looked around, Estella, Masha, Umaro, Loretta, and even Bertina were holding their mouths and shaking their shoulders.
Oh, so everyone was wondering about it.

'Yashiro,............, today is an important ...... day,....... ......!

Estella glared at me while desperately trying to hold back her laughter.

You know.
I'm not sure what you mean by that.
That's just a kind of hairstyle. Curly hair, long hair, single hair. There's nothing wrong with it.
It's just that you think you're not allowed to touch them.
In other words, you're just like these kids.
They think that because they are injured, they should not be touched. As a result, they act as if they are touching something.
But that's hard on the kids.
You could call it a vicious sense of justice.

They want to be treated as normal.
You saw their faces when they got together with the kids from District 42 and made a fuss. That's what the kids here want.

'That's why I'm going to actively tweak the single hair!
'You're the most vicious!
'I'm just trying to bring a smile to the world.
'You're so vain!I don't think it's a good idea to use ...... a sensitive subject as a laughing stock.
'Delicate story ......?Are you talking about Cholarin?
'Shut up!What's that?

The kids were laughing and the air was very light.
However, Donnis is ...... looking very scary .......

'No, what. I know some noblemen in the 29th district.

Donnis gives a faint reaction.

'I told him about Donnis, and he seemed to enjoy it very much.

Oh, you're trying to keep your face expressionless, but you can't keep the grin off your face. The edges of your mouth are quivering.

'When I told her about my haircut, she smiled her best smile yet. Of course, it was a genuine smile with no malicious intent. Well, if you know her character, you don't need to tell everyone.'

--And then he glanced at Donnis.
Wow, you look really happy.
If you know her character, it will stimulate your pride that you know her best.
It's obvious that they will take it upon themselves to be more positive than necessary.

'Well, you know. I'm somewhat confident about this hairstyle myself. I've always believed that individuality should be seen as an advantage, yes.

You had confidence .......

'Well,......, you gave me a nice smile,............, when you talked about me,....... ............'

I thought about it as I chewed on it, sullenly. In a tranquil atmosphere reminiscent of the depths of the years that have passed, a drop of vermillion spreads like color on the face of Donis.
It was as if a centuries-old tree had sprouted a new bud. It made Donnis feel a breath of youthful emotion in his heart.

'...... Mmmph!

A single hair that let out a breath that ruined such dignity and emotion.

'You can call me Chorin!
'Mr. Donnerty!That's as good as it gets!'

Estella does her best to stop Donnis from standing up excitedly.
Then she glares at me lightly.
What? You've only softened the atmosphere!

'My lord'.

Barbara walks up to Donis and bows deeply.

'Thank you, sir.
'Hmm?What are you talking about, Sister?
'Character is an advantage...'

Barbara smiles as if she is speaking for all of us, with the kids at her back.

'I'm sure your words will be a great help to them in the future.

It's something that all the kids here have.
Injuries and illnesses that make them different from others, different from the norm, are considered 'individuality' and are affirmed. Maybe that's what these people are most happy about.

It's not that they're not normal.
It's just that they're a little unique.

'I'm proud that you are the Lord of District 24.

Barbara bows her head again.
Donnis, knowing that his unintentional words had encouraged Barbara and the kids, laughed, his deep wrinkles appearing more clearly.

'It's the same for us. I'm proud to have a sister like you in my life.

Oh, that unintentionally created a nice atmosphere.
Hey, I'm pretty good, aren't I?

'Hmph!You're right on target!
'Yashiro ......, you can't trust that.

I'm sure you'd like to give me a complaint, but I can't come on too strong because of the result.
Well, luck is part of the skill. You should revere it.

'And then...'

Donnis turns to face me.
He's probably trying to maintain his dignity, but his eyes show that he's in a good mood.

'What about the craftsmen from the Koji Workshop?I heard he was going to be there.

Filman stiffened at Donis's words.
This one's nervousness is clearly visible on his face. I was expecting him to be more excited and exuberant, but it seems that his nervousness is getting the better of him.

'Right now, I'm at the church.

Estella said, slurring her words.

At the moment, Rebekah, Bertha, and Sophie are inside the church.
As Philman's footsteps approached, Rebeka grew more and more nervous, and just before she was about to go meet him with the Sunshine Pavilion team, she said, 'Muah!I can't!I'm so embarrassed! She ran away to the church.
When Sophie saw her sister, she smiled and started to kill her. So I put them in isolation together.
I'm sure Bertha is looking out for them.

Now for the big moment.

'Estella ......'

I call Estella in a whisper and give her an earful so that Donnis doesn't hear.

'Can you do that for me?'
'Yes. I'll try to buy you some time. Can we eat the food?'
'I'll be serving Mapo Tofu later, so eat in moderation.
'Okay. How about ...... sweet sake?
'That can wait.

'Well, then, ...... let's get the kids to help us.'

We're going to separate Donnis from Filman.
Or rather, I'm going to kidnap Filman.

From the circumstantial evidence, Filman and Riveka have feelings for each other.
But that's just a speculation based on the situation. We need to determine that first.
And then we need to confirm their intentions.
If they don't intend to be together in the future, there's no point in introducing them to Donis.

So the first step is to get Filman to confess.

I'll let Estella buy you some time.
It will delay the start of the banquet a bit, but she should be able to entertain him without making him feel uncomfortable.

'Well, then, lure Mr. Filman out successfully.'

Estella pats me on the shoulder and heads for Donnis.
Secret talk over.
Let the mission begin.

'Mr. Donnerty. Actually, I have another gift for you from the kids.'
'Oh, for me?That would be nice.'

Estella brings this up to Donnis, but the kids are all over the place. Ad-libbing.
I don't think they've heard of that. Now, what do you want me to do?

'Guys. Why don't you show the lord the bamboo dragonfly you just practiced with?'
'Well. That's a great idea.''

Bertina agreed with Estella's words.
She turns to the kids crowded around her and speaks softly to them as if to tell them her best plan.

'If you can fly it well, they will be very happy. Come on, everyone. Let's show them the results of your practice.

Bertina gave the kids a good ride and followed Estella.
The kids each took out a bamboo dragonfly from their pockets and spread out into the garden.

'Well, well, well. I can't wait to see what's going to happen.

Donnis' eyes are kind as he looks at the kids.
She must really like the kid. I'd like to believe he's not after ............ nine-year-old girls.

As the kids spread out in the yard, Estella gives him a wink.
It seems to be a signal for you to do the same.
Then, I'd better lure Filman out.

'Hmm?What's the matter, Filman? You look like you've got an itch in your spine to see a church chapel. I'm getting an itch in my spine to see a church chapel!
'Didn't you find anything else, Yashiro?

Estella hurriedly covered her mouth.
You idiot. Shut up. What are you going to do if I find out?

'What is it, Fillman? Is your spine giving you the creeps?'
'Huh?Oh~...... no, what can I say, ......'
'Hmm. Don't be shy about having a bowel movement. I thought you were being strangely quiet earlier, but ...... that's what you mean.''

Donnis is nodding his head knowingly.
Filmmann, on the other hand, is puzzled.

'Don't give Yashippi any trouble. Just go there.'
'What?...... huh?'

Filman looks at me, looks at Donnis, looks at me, and freezes.
Apparently,' Donnis said, 'Filman was having a stomachache and his speech was slower. It seems that Donnis made the mistake of thinking that I noticed this and casually tried to take him out. ......

You'll be able to find out more about the best way to get the most out of your wedding.

I'm not sure what to make of it.
Well, if that's the case, I'll take advantage of it.

'Fillman. Follow me.'
'No, no, but I'm .......'
'I'll take you somewhere nice.'

He puts his hands on his head. Bunny ears, bouncing.

'Oh ......'.

Filmmann, sensing this, looks at Donnis with more panic than necessary, looks at me, looks at Donnis, looks at me and puts his finger on his mouth, 'Shhh! and put his finger to his mouth.
This guy's behavior is getting more suspicious.

'So, now, Uncle Donis. I'm going to leave you alone for a while.

'Mmm. There's no need to hurry.'
'Yes, sir. Then let's go to ......, Yashiro-san.'

He comes running up to me, rubbing his body against mine.
It's close, it's close!
What the hell is that?

'I'm ...... nervous, I'm nervous, I'm nervous, I'm nervous.
'Looks like you are. Just stick close to me and stop shaking. It's hard to walk.'
'I can't have you squeezing my hand, .......'
'Don't be silly. Ask Riveka.'
'No, you can't ask me to do something so shameful!

Don't ask me to do that embarrassing thing.
...... It's not a shame.

I walked into the church so fast that I left Philman behind.

'Oh, Yashiro!Please wait!Please don't leave me alone!I'm so nervous!

The church in District 24 was built very differently from District 42.
Perhaps because there were many adults living here, it was more fully equipped as a residential facility.
On the opposite side of the passage leading to the chapel, there is a lobby and even a lounge.
Hotel ...... No, it looks like a pension.

There is a kitchen on the other side of the lobby, where Ginette and her friends are probably finishing up the dishes right now.
But I have to go to the chapel now. That's where Rebekah is.

'Mr. Yashiro.

As I was heading for the chapel, a voice called out to me from the lobby. The voice came from Ginette.

'Can I help you to the chapel?
'Oh, yes. Are you there?'
'We're all set. We're just waiting for Yashiro's signal.
'How's the tofu?
'Yes. It was very good.'
'No, I wanted to ask if the cooking was affected. ...... Did you eat it?'
'Ha, ha. ...... Well, I tasted it!You can't cook well if you don't know how it tastes!
'............ mother's influence?
'Oh, you know, I can never ............ argue with such a thing, with my heart.

Let's hope that Ginette doesn't turn into Bertina.
Well, if Ginette tasted it and said it was good, then there's no problem.
The mapo tofu looks promising too.

'By the way, ......, what the hell is Mr. Filman doing?

Filman clung to my waist and kept his face down the whole time I was talking to Jeannette.
I'd love to ask him what he's doing. And I want to punch him in the face regardless of whether his answer is good or bad.

I'd like to know what he's doing, and I'd like to punch him regardless of whether his answer is good or bad.

Wow, what's this guy. It's scary.

'So you're restraining yourself from looking at her tits?
'No!How can that be?I'm going to sue you for defamation in a court of law!
'Huh. ...... defamation......'

Jeannette looks like she's about to cry.
What he really meant was, 'I would never commit such a shameful act!Please refrain from making disgraceful and misleading statements in front of Rebecca! That's the point.
It does not mean that liking Jeannette's breasts is dishonorable.

'Don't worry about it, Jeannette. I'll stare at them for you.'
'Please repent.

He said with a smile like, 'That's not what I meant.

'Oh, big brother!I was in the right place!

Loretta came out of the kitchen and ran up to me with her hands raised.
Oh, I have a bad feeling again.

'The manager's not in his seat right now, so I'll take this opportunity to ask him where he's hiding the steamer .......You're here, manager?
'Um, what's a steamer basket, ......?
'No, it's nothing!It's probably just my imagination!

I'm pretty sure I didn't see Jeannette here, Loretta.
Do you have a disease that requires you to give hints on a regular basis?

'Loretta ......, you'll be punished later.
'Ha-ha-ha-ha ...... I've done it ......'

Holding her own mouth in her hands, Loretta shrugs.

'It's not a ...... steamer, it's a jyoro. Millie was looking for it earlier.

When Loretta is in trouble, Magda appears.
But honestly, it's painful.
Even the natural Queen Ginette wouldn't mishear the words 'seiro' and 'jororo'.

--I was thinking...

'Oh, so it's ruyu-ro. I misheard it as 'steamer'.

...... I guess I still underestimated Jeannette.
You're amazing. You've never heard the word 'doubt' before, have you?

'...... By the way, it's true that Milly is looking for Ruyudu.
'I see. Then I'll ask Sophie about it later.

Magda adds in a voice that only I can hear.
It was a good cover-up.

'...... So, Yashiro. What's that waistcoat?
'Oh, this?It's a terminal symptom of a certain disease.

With the addition of the girls, Filman tightened his guard even more and tried to sneak into my clothes. Now I've got my head stuck in my clothes. Haha. Makes you want to kill, right?

'Are you a man who likes men?
'No, I don't. Don't worry.
'There's no ...... Yashiro, but they're .......'
'No, I don't.'

He just likes one girl in particular to an unusual degree.
It's too abnormal.

'I'm about to meet a certain girl in the chapel.
'...... Mmm, I smell love.'
'This is something I must follow!

Why are you guys even coming?
When I turned my gaze to Ginette to do something about it,......, I saw her sparkling eyes.
I remember that Ginette also likes other people's love,.......

'If you're done with your preparations, you can come with me.
'I'm done!
'I'm coming!
'I'm going to ......

I gave up and decided to take her with me, since she was biting at me so hard.
At any rate, Jeannette seems to be enjoying it.
I'll let you watch it if you want.

'Come on, you clinging little bastard. Pull yourself together. I'm behind that door.'
'Behind this door, ......?

At my words, Filman straightens up and stares straight at the door. But even after he left my waist, he still grabbed the hem of my dress. ...... Don't be naive.

'Be prepared'.

I give him a poke with my elbow and he staggers away from me.
I let out a deep breath, and then Filman stands in front of the door.
Open this door and you'll find Riveca.

Come on, let's go get it over with.

Filmmann grasps his hands tightly in nervousness.
I'll open the door.

Three steps back, Ginette and the others are watching what's going on.

I put my hand on the doorknob and slowly open it.
There is a dry ...... sound, and the air of the chapel begins to leak out. There is a faint scent of wood, carpet and candles in the air.

The door leads to the side of the chapel.
It is not the main gate, so you have to exit from a place like this.
Passing through a row of wooden benches, we enter the central aisle of the chapel. This is the aisle that is called the 'aisle' at weddings. A red carpet is laid out from the entrance to the altar at the back of the front.

'Ah ......'.

Filman let out an involuntary squeal.
At the end of the aisle, in front of the altar, stood Rebeka.
I'm not sure if she heard the faint sound of Filman's voice, but her ears perked up.

If ...... this isn't Philman's love interest, it's the end of the line.
It's not even funny.
Oh no. ...... I'm getting a little nervous.
The air in the chapel is tense, and breathing feels a little difficult.

Behind me, Ginette and the others are also gasping for air.
Even Loretta, who talks a lot, doesn't say a word.

In front of the altar is Rebekah.
And beside the altar, against the wall, is Bertha and Sophie, who wears an aura of murderous intent.
...... The air in this place is tense because of him, isn't it?

I'm not sure what to make of it.

Last time, Rebekah didn't recognize the Filmmakers, but not this time.
I told her in advance that the Whispering Prince was coming. I'm sure she knows it's him. ...... I hope you're right.

No, seriously, what if he's not?
Anyway, I want him to confess quickly and tell me the answer. There's nothing I can do about this. It's not good for my mental health to have to wait.

If I can get through this, then I can do whatever I want.
So, if you can get through this, ......

You should have just confessed your love to him, but he was too busy admiring you to make any move.
It doesn't have to be a confession at this point. If Filman says even a single word, there should be a change in Rebeka's face. Read it and you'll know the answer.
Now, say something, Philman!

I'm not sure what you're talking about.

I'm not sure what you're talking about, but I'm not sure what you're talking about.

I'm not sure what to say.Talk!

I will confiscate your notebook and pen immediately!
Important things like this should be communicated in one's own mouth, in one's own words!
So even if you look at me with such resentment, I won't give you back your notebook!

'Show me some guts, Filman!

I walk up to him and whisper to him.
All you have to do is say 'I love you'. If you don't show your man here, when will you show your man?
But Filmmann is stubborn.
He opens and closes his mouth, but no sound comes out.

You're a slacker!

'You've been thinking about Rebekah for a long time, haven't you?Why don't you just tell her how you feel?

Clenching his teeth, Firman shook his head.

'This is no time to be shy!

He shook his head even harder.

'It doesn't matter if you're nervous, bad at it, ugly, whatever!Go tell them how you feel!

Filman still shakes his head.

'Why can't you say it?
'Because today's Rebeka-san is even cuter than ever!

Rebeka exploded.

Oh, thank goodness.
It seems I was right about the whispering prince, Filman.