179-Later Tan 735 District

At the fortieth district, Javier rented a large carriage and we set out for the thirty-fifth district.

'Ugh ......, my head feels so lonely ......'.

Ginette is holding the top of her own head and feeling sad.
It's not that it's thinning.

The lavender pseudo-tentacles that she had worn on her head just before changing to this carriage had shriveled and she had removed them.
She must be feeling a little sad because the thing that was there just now is gone.

'Millie's going to turn it into a dried flower, so don't be so disappointed.
'That's true, but ......'.
'It's better than letting it die like that, right?

Seeing the wilted lavender, Millie offered.
She said she would make them into dried flowers and bring them to the Sunken Pavilion later.

'...... Yes. That's right.'

After some thought, Ginette smiled sadly but firmly.

'I'm a little sad, but I can bear it if I think I've got something to look forward to first.

The next time Millie brings me lavender, he'll be overjoyed.
Just like when I made him a pseudo-tentacle.

'Twice the joy in one flower. That's a good deal.'
'Indeed. If you put it that way, it is. Mmm-hmm.'

Ginette's downcast expression completely disappeared and she turned her gaze out the window.
She gazed happily at the drifting scenery.
I looked not out the window but up at the ceiling. I slumped down and leaned against the backrest. ...... Ah, this feeling of weakness feels good.
The seats in this carriage are very comfortable.
Combined with the comfortable rocking, it induces drowsiness.

Right now, it's just me, Ginette, Estella, and Theron and Wendy in the carriage.
Imelda had business at her parents' house, and Milly went back to her work as soon as she arrived in the 40th district.
Natalia stayed at Javier's house to guard Estella's carriage. Since she would be using the carriage on her return trip, she would be left there for a while.
I can't just leave her to look after the horses there, can I?

So we changed to the big carriage and sat in the comfortable seats.
Javier had lent us a large, very stable carriage that could hold eight people. It was a luxurious experience, as if we were renting out a carriage.
As you would expect from the Lumberjack Guild, the beautiful wood-grained body of the carriage is refined to an artistic level, and the performance is perfect. This is how you want to use your money.

'Oh, ......, maybe I'll start a lumberjack guild.

I was so comfortable in the carriage that I was lounging around in the seat, and a lot of idle chatter fell out of my mouth.
However, Ginette, who overheard it with a keen ear, grabbed my arm in a panic.

'Oh, um,......, Yashi, Yashiro-san,......, um,......, Yashiro-san has a sunny pavilion... ...um,......'

I'm sure you'll be able to understand what I mean. I can't help it.
The big, half-crying eyes stare at me.

'No,......, I'm kidding, right?
'Are you sure?I'm ...... glad.

If you really thought that I was going to quit the sunshine pavilion and become a lumberjack, Ginette looks relieved.
No, of course not.

'I thought you and Imelda had talked about that in the carriage. ......'

I couldn't help but tilt my head at the words that must have been uttered almost unconsciously.
With Imelda?
That kind of ............ is no way.

Did you think that I was going to marry Imelda and take over the lumberjack guild?
No!That's impossible!
Why would I join the nobility?
The nobles are the dupes of the swindlers and should not be allowed to have any in their family!Rich people are always a target for crooks. It's a pain in the ass.

...... scammers, huh.

To tell you the truth, I'm not so sure about that part.
For me, being an impostor is not just a "profession", it's almost a "way of life". It's impossible to pretend that all of that is not there, ...... no matter what you think.

I don't want to take the initiative in scamming anyone and everyone to line my pockets. But that doesn't mean I'm not a scammer anymore.
Because that would be irresponsible.

I've been a cheater and probably always will be a rotten cheater at my core.

Until I can face him and forgive myself one day, ............ I'm sure I'll remain a cheater.


That's why.

Well, you know, ...... I can't quit the sunny pavilion or get another job. ...... There's no one more gullible than Jeannette, and she's still worth using. There's no one more gullible than Jeannette, and she's still worth using, so...

I'm not going to leave Ginette's side just yet.

Just for my own good, that's all.
There's no such thing as too firm a foundation. The more stable the ground, the bigger things you can build on it. Yeah, yeah.

'Let's see, ....... Ginette.

'............ because that's not how it works.'
'To ......?Oh. ............Yes.'

The pause was too long, and the tempo of the conversation was slowing down.
In the event that you have any kind of questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at our own web site.
...... Is it my assumption that she looks just a little bit happy?

I am somewhat embarrassed.
But it's even more embarrassing when people realize you're embarrassed.
So I chose to make a little joke, albeit a little self-deprecating, to make the situation disappear.

'You know. It doesn't suit me to be a nobleman, does it?Right, Estella?
'I don't think so...'

............ Huh?

'Of course not. If you were to imitate a nobleman, it would be a gag!I was expecting a reaction like this.

I was expecting a reaction like this: ......
Contrary to my expectations, Estella gave me a denial. It's also an immediate answer. Just a little grumpy.

Why not?
What ......?
I'm," "noble," "unsuitable," ...... "Hey, Estella," ..................

'There's not a word in there that reminds me of poor breasts!
I'm not sure what you're complaining about, but I have no idea what you're complaining about!

That's funny.
The only time Estella gets cranky is when I tweak her tits. ......

'If you're a hero, I'm sure you'll make a fine nobleman.
'Yes. I think so too.'

Wendy and Theron, who are sitting diagonally across from me, look at me and say something like that.
They seem to think they're giving me a compliment. ...... They don't know how to deny others, and their brains are warm and fuzzy with high probability. Well, that's not very helpful.

'Hero-sama has grace and dignity, and above all, his charisma that attracts many people is unrivaled. If you are like him, I'm sure your vassals will gladly devote their lives to you.
'It's too much for me to offer my vassal's life. Am I an evil god?

It's not a sacrifice.
Theron's exaggerated praise is disgusting. What you're praising is the false dignity of an impostor to make himself look bigger.
That's what all scammers do.
Really, all the people in this world will be scammed if you take them to ...... Japan.

'You say so, hero, but ......, I have a sudden thought.

In the event that you're in a position to make a purchase, you'll be able to get the most out of it. I'm not sure.

It's also a big ...... deal.
You can't make a better city than the Central District, where you can use the authority of royalty to suck up unlimited wealth from all the districts. Nothing makes you feel more superior than spending other people's money.
If you eat at a sushi restaurant without a price tag, you'll be cold and won't know what it tastes like, but if it's someone else's treat, you can enjoy it to the fullest. That's how it is.

In other words, you can't surpass the luxury of royalty through hard work.
After all, royalty has money coming in even when they sleep.
Oh, I envy you.

'Maybe I'll start a royal family.
'You know, ...... that's not something you can just start, right?

Ginette reacts differently than she did at the Woodcutter's Guild.
She doesn't seem to be in a hurry when it's obvious that she's joking.

'Well, that's that!

On the other hand.
There's a woman who screams at the top of her lungs. It's Egrella, a.k.a. .......

'It's Estella!

In an instant, her somewhat buoyant expression is blown away. However, Estella soon became restless and fidgety again.
She is looking at me with a faint smile, as if expecting something.

'In fact, what do you think?
'What's what?'
'So, if ...... Ya, Yashiro, becomes a lord ............, or rather, if he becomes a lord, then... ...that ............ so!If Yashiro is the lord, do you think the 42nd district will be a good city?

This guy changed the question in the middle of something?

It's hard to answer ....... ............ There are also gynets. I'm not sure if you'll be able to take a gag as a gag.
I'm not sure what to say. ......

I'm not going to be a lord.

'What if it happens?
'Even if it does, you can't do what you can't do.
'............ I see.'

Estella's buoyant expression disappears from her face.
So, it's not something you should take so seriously. ......

'If I become a lord, ............ the whole family will have very poor breasts!
'Who are the poor breasts?
'In order to break the curse of the lord's family, Estella, you must get a son-in-law with big tits!
'What's a son-in-law with big tits?
'If you look for one, you might find one, right?A guy with I-cups?
'Even if there is, I don't want it!

Estella stubbornly refused. ...... This means that the curse of the gutted girl on the lord's family will continue for a while yet. ......
Estella will have to give birth to a son, and he will have to marry a girl with huge breasts. ...... However, there is a possibility that the gouge gene will exceed the breasts gene. ......... ...

'For now, let's hope for the grandchildren's generation!
I'm not sure what to make of that.

When Estella's indomitable spirit was shown, the carriage slowly slowed down.

'As if to deny all of Estella's enthusiasm, the horse's legs have slowed down.
'It's none of my business!We've just arrived at our destination, right?

As if to prove that Estella was right, the door of the stationary carriage was opened from the outside.
The person who opened the door was not Javier's cousin ......, but a woman in a neat uniform that I had never seen before. There was an emblem of some kind embroidered on her chest.
Obviously, she was a member of the nobility.

'I'm an aide to Lucia Suarez, Lord of the Thirty-fifth District. Don't be rude.

I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that.
...... If I'm the first to be warned, does that mean I'm the one most likely to make a mess?I don't like that.

You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of them.
Her brown skin is eye-catching. Unlike the oriental atmosphere of Osina, the cook of the 41st district, it is more healthy,......, or to put it simply, it gives the impression of strength.
You'll be able to find a lot more than just a few of these in the marketplace. The tits were ...... so overhanging that I wanted to ...... say thank you. Probably F cups!

'I heard from Mr. Javier, the story. Welcome to the Thirty-fifth Ward. I hope you enjoy yourself to the fullest, I do.'

For a moment, I thought he was being formal, but he was just speaking slang.
I'm glad you're having so much fun.
What do you mean by "having fun"? ......

'Thanks for the welcome, Gilberta.
'Hmm. I'm glad to see you again after so long, I am. Now that I'm a lord, I'll have more opportunities to meet you. I'm sure we'll see more of each other in the future.
'I look forward to working with you in that capacity.
'Mmm. I'm sure you will, my master, and of course I will.

The brown beauty who greeted me seemed to be named Gilberta. What a harsh name. Well, I guess it suits her. ......
However, listening to their conversation, I feel that it's not quite the same.

'Hey, Estella. This katakana girl here is a part of the lord's entourage, and you are the lord, right?Why isn't the other side using honorifics?It looks like we're equals, right?
'Gilberta is Lucia's favorite. So it's better not to make waves. Besides, I don't care about such things.

There's a limit to how much you don't care. ...... If you're too frank with everyone, you'll get licked. You need to tighten up where you can.
......But it's better not to make waves.

'...... Are you afraid of this Lucia?
'As much as I'd like to force you to shut up right now, yes.'

It seems that the lord of the thirty-fifth district is such a scary person that he should not be allowed to say that he is scared.
I'll be careful not to say anything I don't like.
With that in mind, we got out of the carriage as we were urged.

'Anyway, let's say hello.
'Don't be rude.

As we disembarked from the carriage, I muttered to myself, and Estella said to me as if she was giving me a nudge.
I think you're pushing it too far. ...... Am I that untrustworthy?

I'm not sure what to make of it.
'...... what is it?'

I'm not sure what to make of that.
It's a pretty intimidating face. It's like a ...... mass of caution, or rather, it's radiating a deadly energy in all directions.
As a protector of the lord, such an attitude may be the right one.
Nevertheless, ......

'Fearsome face'.

'That's rough!

Estella tugged roughly on my collar as I expressed my honest opinion. It strangled my neck and I stopped breathing. For about a second. I almost couldn't say anything after that.

'...... (You don't say 'oops' to a woman you've never met before!Look at you!You're lightly dented!

When I looked at Gilberta, her thin lips were pouting and she was looking diagonally down.
Oh, it's true. It's a little dented.

'...... (Follow me!(Follow me! Hurry!)'

Follow me at ......

'You have magnificent tits.
'You've been a little rough around the edges!

No, we've never met before. The only thing I could find to compliment her on at a glance was that.

'But you know, Estella. Isn't it rude to meet a woman and immediately call her 'beautiful' or 'nice'?It seems frivolous to me. So, don't just say what you think is good about the person you're talking to. ......'
'There aren't many things more rude than 'magnificent tits'!
'It's true, you do have magnificent tits!
'Don't point at my tits!

Throughout this exchange with Estella, Gilberta stared at me with the sharp eyes of a soldier.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll do it.
...... Are you angry?

'Your tits are stunning, my ......?

Gilberta said quietly, then clenched her fists.

'You did it, I think!
'Are you happy?

At Gilberta's reply, Estella couldn't help but poke her head in.
Come on, Estella. Don't be rude.

But he's so elusive. He doesn't have much of an expression, but that doesn't mean he doesn't change at all. ......

'Hey, Estella.
'What is it?'
I'm not sure what to make of that.
'...... I'll tell Natalia exactly what you said.'

Oops. ...... I think I've unintentionally started a fire.
I feel like I'm always pulling the wool over my eyes when it comes to lords. I'll be careful with .......

'Many of you here, it's nice to meet you. Greetings, I am.'

Then Gilberta turned to us and gave us a polite bow.

'Gilberta Eckert, I am. I work for Lucia-sama as the head waiter.

A head waiter is like Natalia in terms of position.
It's not as if the lords of this world ignore everything from family history and accomplishments to gender and take their favorites into their inner circle,......, but I'm sure they don't choose people based on preference or drunkenness. I think he is trustworthy enough as a bodyguard.
That's what Natalia is.

'Gilberta. I would like to say a few words to Lucia, can you arrange a meeting?I would also like to thank you for taking care of the carriage.

Estella offered a friendly smile, and Gilberta turned her sharp gaze to us.

I'm not sure what to say.
You will find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.

'...... are you all human ......?'

We couldn't utter a word in response to the sudden question.
'Humans' - if such a word comes up, then ......

Unintentionally, my gaze fell on Wendy. Estella seemed to be trying not to look at her, but Ginette and Theron seemed to have 'caught' her as I had.

Wendy is wearing her usual hat.
It's not uncommon for people to take off their hats in District 42 and expose their antennae,......, but today they are wearing their hats straight and with a lot of care. I think he is consciously doing so because he is leaving the 42nd district.

When I asked him if he wanted to say hello, he replied, 'Are you all 'human' or ......?

In other words, the beastmen and insects are not even allowed to meet?
Not to the lord ...... of this district, the nobleman.

'I'm afraid I'm too busy to meet with you, Lucia. Don't worry, the carriage. I'll protect you when you ask me to, make sure you do.'
'I see. ....... It's been a long time since I've seen you,......, but, well, it can't be helped. I'll ask you to look after the carriage then.'
'Please do. I'll do it, I promise.

I'll take care of it.

It's the kind of posture that makes you look super strong in martial arts.

However,......, I was refused a meeting.

A faint feeling of discomfort settled in the pit of my stomach.
I don't know if the "busy" thing is true or not, but ...... it sounded like a message that said, "If you don't meet certain conditions, we won't allow you to see him.

I'm not sure if this Lucia is the kind of person who can impose conditions on people.
It's ............ good.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to try. I thought it was .........

I'm sorry.

I'm not sure if Gilberta sensed my grumpiness, but she suddenly said she was sorry.
Her sharp gaze never wavered as she stared at me.

'I know how you feel, my dear. But there's no malice intended, Lady Lucia. Of course, neither do I.'

Gilberta's eyes, which had turned slightly sad, told me that there was a reason why she couldn't stop.
And then her head was bowed quietly.

'Please, understand me, titty people.
'Who's the titty man?

I couldn't help but poke my head in.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
What kind of recognition do you have for me?

'Eh, "who" is ...... Yashiro, you're the only one, right?
'Shut up, titty man.'

I'll give Estella a nice nickname for saying something she doesn't need with a serious face.
Keep your fists clenched against your careless comments.

'I have a secret meeting planned for today, Lucia-sama. I can't let outsiders see that situation.

............ Hmm?

'No, I'm not allowed to talk to you?
'What are you talking about?
'Isn't 'secret meeting' something you're not supposed to tell anyone about?
'.............................. Huh?

You just noticed that!Gilberta stiffens with a look of --.
'...... Ah, here's another one of those stupid girls.

'...... Guided Interrogation'.
'It's totally your own fault.'

I didn't say a word to you.

'Really, screw up, I'm ...... knackered.'

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.
And then he swung his fist down ............ at my head.

I'm not sure what to do.

I pulled my head back as quickly as I could, and the fist flew right past my nose.
A layer of compressed air caressed my face, momentarily choking me. There was a slight ringing in my ears, and after the arm had passed, I heard a terrifying '...... Go! There was a terrible sound.

'...... knocking, don't run away, titty man.'
'Why me, why me!If you fail, you'll be knocked on your head!It's not just 'knocking', you know!"Ngo gashisssss! It's the power to make a sound that shouldn't be made!
'If you shock the brain, ...... will disappear.'
'What's that?
'The memory?
'Don't tilt your head in a cute way and say horrible things!

What an outrage.
He tried to pretend that his scandal didn't exist by erasing the memories of the other party.
She's a horrible ......, horrible, stupid girl.
You can't see any malice in her face now. You'll be able to see that she's really thinking that this is the best way to go.

'Oh, um, ...... I'll forget what you just said, so can you please stop being so rough with me?

Ginette gently grabbed my arm and appealed to Gilberta.
Her thin voice trembles slightly, and her hand is tightly gripping my arm. Perhaps she is a little scared. Even so,......, this is probably a sign that she's trying to protect me.

In fact, Gilberta's gaze has shifted from me to Jeannette.
The hawk-like sharpness of her eyes catches the rabbit-like softness of the ginette.
That sharp gaze suddenly lowered.

'............ titty people.'

Gilberta muttered, staring at the huge breasts.

Good job to both of them!

'There are two people with boobs ......'.
I'm not sure what to say.I'm not one of them, you know?

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.
...... At that time, for some reason, I felt an unreasonable anger saying, 'It's all Yashiro's fault! I'm not convinced. ............

'Hmm. I understand, I... I remember the names, all of you.'

Gilberta nodded, looking at each face in turn as if checking it out.
Then she points to me and Ginette in that order.

'Yashiro the boob. Ginnette with tits.
'Can you please stop remembering it that way!

Gilberta's finger descends quickly, lightly ignoring Ginette's teary-eyed plea.

'Ginette's tits.
'Please don't do that!

I think this is exactly the kind of guy that ......

'Estella the tit'.
'Is that a declaration of war, Gilberta?

I'm not sure what to make of that. When the truth is pointed out to her, she turns pale.
She's a troublemaker who causes trouble wherever she goes.

While she was talking with Gilberta, the rather strange head waiter, Javier's carriage was being carried away by the attendants.
Nearby stood a magnificent mansion, instantly recognizable as the residence of a lord.
It is a building of dignity and dignity with a slightly hard image.

Since the 35th district is a port town close to the sea, I thought the streets would be more cheerful, but ...... they give me the impression of strict discipline.
The brick streets lined up in a neat and orderly fashion may give you that impression.

It seems that the lord's mansion is usually built in a place slightly off the main street. ...... Well, the lord's mansion is not a tourist attraction, and if it were built along the main street, it would cause some problems, so it is only natural... ...The lord's mansion in District 35, as usual, stands in a quiet place.

Now we're going to pass through the main street to get to Wendy's parents' house. Well, I'm a little curious to see what the streets look like.
The calm bustle of the 42nd district is not bad, but there is something exciting about the hustle and bustle of a big city like this.
Maybe it's the blood of the Japanese people, the festival people, that makes me excited.

Well, I hate crowds, but I have no problem looking at them from a distance.

'Well then, let's get going.

Estella, who had been confirming the delivery of the carriage with Gilberta, called out to us at the end of our conversation.
It's a day trip, so we can't relax too much.
Even though it's only a few hours each way, we don't want to stay up too late. It would affect us tomorrow.

I'd like to meet Wendy's parents and, if possible, get them to attend the wedding.
If that goes well, I'd like to say hello to the lords of the thirty-five districts as well, but ...... the time is unpredictable.
Anyway, it's best to act quickly.

'Well, Wendy. Can you show me around?'
'Yes, sir. I'm a little nervous about ......, but ......'

Wendy sparks lightly.
Thinking of her family, she felt a little down. ...... Family relations are not so good. ............

'This is an interesting phenomenon ...... I think it's interesting, I'

The crackling Wendy seemed to have caught Gilberta's attention.
Her gaze, which had been sharp and pointed, widened into a round look.

'Oh,......, I'm sorry.

You can find a lot of things that you can do to make your life easier.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sorry.

'Boobs are usually you'.
's ...... sorry, it's kind of ...... normal.

I'm not sure.
I'm sure you've heard of it.
In this case, the one who should apologize is Gilberta.

'You remind me of a person I saw this morning, I...'

Gilberta begins to describe the person she saw, using her hands.

'She was the first woman to arrive in the morning on the coach from the 42nd district, and she was a little bigger than ...... her, with upturned breasts that crackled.
'What?Regina is in this city?
'How can you identify someone just by their boobs?

Estella shouts in surprise at my surprise.
No, I just thought that Regina would be a little bigger than Wendy and more upturned.

But it's highly unlikely that my guess is correct.
Because there's no way that Regina, a severe recluse with a history of shyness, would come to a ward this far away.

She must be someone else.

'The woman was dressed just like that, I remember.

Gilberta points at Wendy, 'like that'.
Wendy's clothes are all black, as usual, to keep out the sun.
A soft skirt and a simple shirt. On top of that, she wears a soft-looking stole. And a large-brimmed hat and parasol. That's what Wendy is wearing now. ...... A woman who dresses like this?

'......Are you sure it's Regina?
'No, no way. ......'

In response to Gilberta's words, Ginette and Estella looked at each other.
If you only connect the information, you will get a picture of a person who is as close to Regina as possible.
However, it's hard to believe that Regina would come to such a distant place all by herself. ......

In the end, we settled on the idea that it was a different person with a similar look and feel, and we started walking towards Wendy's parents' house.
We parted ways with Gilberta and headed for the main road.
Now, just one more alleyway and you're on the main street. ......

'It's so bad ............ I don't know these people. ...... I'm so nervous ...... ......I'm starting to feel sick. ............'

I found ...... Regina.

'I can't believe this ......'
'Totally, ...... really, it's not ...... human technology to be able to identify a person just by their boobs.'
'No, that's not important!It's just that anyone can do it.
'It's impossible for anyone but you!

A motorcycle enthusiast can tell the make and model of a motorcycle just by the sound of the engine, and a sommelier can tell the origin of a wine just by its smell!
If you watch your tits carefully, you can do this in a matter of minutes!

You should be more surprised that Regina is out there!

'...... hmm?.............................. ...... Ahhhh!'

The five of us were frozen in place, and Regina sensed our presence and looked back at us.
Then, her half-crying face turned into a dazzling smile, as if she had found hope.

'We've missed you so much, ourselves~!

Regina came running at a great speed and jumped at me with the same momentum.
The scent coming from her swaying hair was a distinctly chemical smell. ...... Yes, it was definitely Regina.

I think she was really scared of being alone. Regina, trembling and half-crying, embraced Estella and me with a strength she had never shown before, and then continued to restrain us for more than ten minutes.