178-Later, in the six-carriage story,

The day after we talked about going to see Wendy's parents.
We are now riding in Estella's carriage to the 40th district.
The rattling carriage makes me feel a little sick. The performance of the carriage is not very good. In addition, the carriage that Estella has is small and has low horsepower.

'It's too small!
'If you have a problem, why don't you run and follow me?

It seems that the horse that pulls this carriage is a horse that Estella is very attached to, having witnessed its birth and given it a name.
She talks to him every day and takes good care of him.

'It is true that the carriage is small and the horse power is low. But this horse is filled with my love, dreams, and hopes!
'The Big Tits?
'I wouldn't name it that!
'Yashiro-sama. It's 'I want to be a big tit!
'I see, it's full of dreams and hopes.'
'It's not even that kind of name!

However, no matter how much love and care you put into raising a horse, a slow horse is a slow horse.
So, he asked Javier to lend him a good carriage.
Javier's house has a three-horse carriage.

'I got Javier's permission yesterday. Imelda has also kindly agreed to help us.

I couldn't help but feel resentful at Natalia's explanation.

'Then, if you had rented a carriage yesterday, wouldn't you have been able to leave in a good one from the beginning?
'If anything happens to the famous horse owned by Javier-sama, ............ the forty-two districts will go bankrupt, right?'
'...... such an exaggeration.'

Natalia smiles at me with a fierce expression on her face, making me break out in a sweat.
No, I understand that horses are expensive, but ...... do you have a horse that good?I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that.

'Your father's love for horses is more than a hobby, he's a horse owner. He devotes his life to crossbreeding various breeds to create the best thoroughbred.

Imelda, who is sitting next to me, says something like that.

'What?Isn't a horse owner just a guy who pays money and says, 'Good luck making money.
'A horse owner is a person who owns a horse. Some people hire trainers, and some people train their own horses.

I only have an image of horse owners, but it seems that horse owners here are those who raise horses for carriage and riding. I think they call them 'breeders' or something like that.
...... I've never been involved in a horse owner scam, so I don't have much knowledge about horses. I guess I should have done it.

'Mr. Javier's horses have a good reputation among enthusiasts. But I can't buy or sell them because I'm not a member of the Livestock Guild. It seems that lovers are shedding tears of blood every day.

Estella talked about this following the horse owner's explanation.
I thought there was a livestock guild. I guess it's milk and wool, but to what extent is it included? I guess meat is part of it.
And horses for wagons, of course.

'If I don't buy and sell, can I raise them myself?
'What are you talking about? There are chickens in the sunny pavilion, too.
'Oh, ......, you treat them the same way.

Chickens and horses seem to be quite different, but ...... the rules say they're the same.

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site. It is possible to give it as a gift,......, though.
'I see. ...... So you're getting the nobles and other powerful guilds to do you a favor?'
'Well, I'm sure it's not zero.'
'That's disgusting!He's a nasty old man, that bearded man!
'Please don't insult my parents!Even if he is indeed a disgusting old man!
'No, Imelda ......, you've affirmed it yourself .......'
'And even if he is a pedophile and an unmitigated pervert!
'It's getting worse, it's getting worse!

Imelda is heating up, and Estella is quieting her down.

At the moment, this four-seater carriage is occupied by me, Estella, Natalia and Imelda. Estella is sitting in the upper seat facing the direction of travel, and Imelda is sitting across from her. Next to Estella is Natalia.

And in the other carriage running just behind our carriage are Ginette, Theron and Wendy.
These are the only two carriages Estella can provide, and she also has the business of the Sunshine Pavilion to attend to.

"...... Loretta. You're on your own now,......, and there's nothing more to teach you.
You have nothing more to teach me," she said, "but you want to leave me alone!You can't do that, you have to stay with Magda!

--After such an exchange, I asked Magda and Loretta to stay behind this time.

This is all Estella's fault, as she only has a poor carriage.

'...... d*mn it. If Estella had big tits, this wouldn't be ...... happening.'
'What does it matter?Even if I had big tits, the grade of my carriage wouldn't go up!

'Then you'll have poor breasts for the rest of your life!
'No thanks!............ Who's got tits?

Me, Natalia, and Imelda stare at Estella as she flails about in the cramped carriage with a '......What the hell is wrong with her?

'What? I just realized that with this group of people, I'm really away from home, aren't I?

Or rather, to begin with, ......

If Javier has such a good horse, he should have used Imelda's carriage.

In Imelda's house, there must have been a fancy carriage made by Yamboldo.
She should have let the good horse that Javier raised pull it.

'My carriage is for my use only.
'Don't be stingy.
'Besides, those carriages are designed to look good, not to travel fast. The wheels will come off if the speed exceeds that of a horse taking a leisurely stroll.
'Isn't it defective?

What a mess.
You've sacrificed the most important thing, durability, in order to meet your customer's unreasonable demands. ...... In a way, the idea of Umaro may be the exact opposite.
I think Umaro would put function first and design second.

'I said I don't mind that. I don't have anything urgent to do anyway. If you need me, my carriage will pick you up from my parents' house.

What a lady's way of thinking. ......
It's like the guy who goes on vacation empty-handed and says, 'Why don't I just buy something there? He's as wild as the guy who goes on vacation empty-handed and says, 'Why don't you just buy something there? He's too manly.

'Can we make it as a branch of the Woodcutter's Guild with such a meager carriage?
'We have a branch near the gate, so we don't have any particular need for a carriage. Guests from far away can come in their own carriages.'

Well, I suppose that's true, but ......

'Imelda's place doesn't have many horses, does it?
'We don't need them.

Imelda replied to Estella's words in a tone of voice as if it was obvious.
No, no, no, you need them.

'If it's a lumberjack guild, don't they carry heavy logs or something?
'We don't need someone who is no stronger than a horse in the lumberjack guild.

In other words, don't rely on a horse to carry you. ......
I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will work for you. The beastmen are really tough. ......

That's why we couldn't use Imelda's carriage and we had to share Estella's carriage to get to Javier's house.
Imelda had to go back to her parents' house by chance, so she decided to accompany us.
In return for letting her talk to Javier, she is letting him ride with her.

He said it was just a matter of time, but I guess he wanted to enjoy a short trip while chatting with ...... me. He's a lonely man, after all.

After that, we continued chatting without much content, and the carriage was still rattling and shaking for more than ten minutes.
Suddenly, Natalia, who was sitting closest to the door, opened her eyes. Her eyes widened.

'The sensor for beautiful girls is responding!
'You have such a sensor?

Estella's eyes widened at the hidden talent of her head maid.
Ignoring her, Natalia suddenly opens the door.

'What ......?Aha!

Then, with her arms outstretched, she ran out of the house.

'What the hell are you doing?
'Stop the carriage!

He jumped out of the running carriage with a 'fly high! I couldn't help but shout in surprise as Natalia jumped out of the carriage.
Idiot!There was a fool!
Estella instructed the guard to bring the carriage to a sudden stop.
She got out of the carriage and walked back to the road, where Natalia had captured her lovely prey.

'......a......mi,miri,did I do something wrong?What's this?

I'm not sure what to do.
Natalia loves her with a suspicious smile on her face. She is definitely a criminal.

'What are you doing, you pervert?
'I beg your pardon!Who's Yashiro-sama's kin?
'You're the one who's being rude!

Of course I want to hold Milly in my arms and rub her fluffy hair!I'd love to hold her and rub her fluffy hair, but I'm trying so hard to hold back every day!

I'm jealous of you!Give me a minute!
'....... I see there are no rude people here.
'...... Instead, you have two perverts.'

Estella and Imelda came in late and gave me a cold stare. '...... I beg your pardon. Who is Natalia's kin?

'Oh, ladybugs, are you ...... going out?

The smile returned to Milly's face, as if she was relieved to know that there was no hostility.

She is still being held by Natalia, but she doesn't seem to mind.
...... It's okay if you're not hostile. I see. ............

'Hey, Yashiro. It's not really a topic I need to talk about right now, but ...... I just bought a new knife.
'Oh, I'm glad you asked now.

I'll let you do the test cutting elsewhere.

'Um, Yashiro-san!What the hell happened?

When this carriage suddenly stopped, the following carriage carrying Ginette and the others stopped as well.
Ginette gets out of the carriage and comes running towards us.

'No, what. Millie caught a pervert.'
'No, it's more like Millie's been caught by our pervert. ......'

When she finished explaining the situation, Jeannette giggled hilariously, and Millie protested, her cheeks puffed out a little, 'Don't laugh at me!

Theron and Wendy joined us and told Milly what we were up to.
Then Millie's eyes lit up with twinkling stars and she said, 'Nice!Nice! she repeated.
Girls love this kind of story, don't they? They are all talking about love.
...... Next to her, Theron, who is going to see her parents for the first time, has a tense expression on his face, as if he is about to die, but no one cares about that. ...... Well, that's the way it is, isn't it?

'Millie-san. Are you going out today?

When I'm done talking, Ginette asks Millie.
She's not pulling the usual big cart, just a large basket hanging on her shoulder.

'Hmm. Today, I'm going to deliver flowers to the 40th district.
'Millie always travels far, doesn't she?Isn't there one in the Forty District, the Flower Arrangement Guild?
'Yes, there is. But there are people who say, 'Miri is good'.

I'm not sure what to say.
I'm sure you're not a bastard, are you?
If some bastard from who knows where is appointing Millie to bring him flowers, I have to do everything in my power to defeat that undesirable bastard.

'The old lady of the Kotentou people of Himekame says that Miri's flowers are the most beautiful.

Milly giggles.
I see. Grandma. I'm glad. Good, good, good.
It almost turned into an all-out war between District 40 and District 42.

'It's a bit far, so this is all I have for today.

He shows us a large basket.
The basket was big enough to hold an Akita dog. Of course, the contents were not dogs, but flowers.

'If that's all you're carrying, wouldn't it be easier to use a carriage?

I asked inadvertently.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.

...... Oh, you mean that.

I'm sure you'll agree. It's a good thing you're going into business. It's better to make a profit of at least 1Rb. It's cheaper to walk than to ride in a carriage.
'Yeah, ......?Hmm. I guess so.'

I can't shake the feeling that it's too late, and Millie accepted my clumsy follow-up with a smile.
I was really careless. ......

Millie is a bug person.
Although there are few of them left, they used to be a discriminatory race.
She might be thinking that she might offend someone by riding in a carriage,.......
Maybe Millie herself has had a bad experience in the past,.......

It's probably very uncomfortable for Millie to ride in a carriage with a large number of people. ...... Ah. I'm going to be self-loathing for a while.

It's a beautiful color. What kind of flower is it?'
'Oh, it's lavender. It smells good.'
'It really does.

Ginette and Milly. Their smiling voices softened the turbulent air.
I was patted on the back by Estella.
I glanced at her face and she seemed to be consoling me, saying, 'Well, it happens sometimes.

'Miss Milly. If you are going to the forty districts, please use Estella's carriage.
'Yes, ...... also .......'

At Natalia's invitation, Milly gave a hesitant look.

Wendy walked up to her and lifted up the large-brimmed hat she always wore. Then two antennae peeked out from there.

'Come ride in the same carriage with us. See?
'...... Miss Wendy.'

Wendy's affectionate smile made Millie look a little happy, but also a little hesitant, a complicated expression.
The antennae on her head twitch and shake.

Hmm ......

'If you've come up with something, isn't this your chance to make up for it?

Estella whispers, detecting the slightest movement of my facial muscles.
...... Shut up. Don't look so hard. I'll charge you a fee.

Oh, I like that.

Good. Estella, give me some money.'
'How much do you want?
'...... stingy.
'I'm not sure why it's so funny to hear you say that.

The stingy Estella laughed at me as I held out my hand with a pure heart. Mmm ....... He's a jerk. I don't understand how you can ask for money to get an allowance. ...... I don't understand it at all.
It's because you don't spend money that I have to spend money. ...... At all.

'Miry. Can you sell me some of those flowers?
'Yeah, sure.

There are many small flowers on the tip of a long thin stem. The flowers, which look like catnip from a distance, have a very familiar scent.
...... Ah, reminds me of a toilet. It's the kind of scent that makes the water blue just by placing it there.

So I buy two of these lavender plants.
When you hold the lower part of the stem, the weight of the flower at the tip will cause it to flex naturally, and the stem will curve gently.

The base of the stalk can be slightly modified to create a ......

'A present.'

With that, I inserted two strands of lavender into the top of Ginette's head and secured them with a hair clip.

'Ah ......'
'Wow. ......'

Millie exclaimed in surprise, and Ginette looked somewhat pleased.
On Ginette's head, two lavender strands seem to be sprouting like antennae.

'You're matching, Miss Milly. Miss Wendy.'
'.................. Hmm.'
'Mmmm, yes.'

The three girls with antennae look at each other and smile.

'Miss Milly. If you don't mind, why don't you join us for a chat to the 40th district?

Ginette smiles at Milly as she gently reaches out her hand.
After showing a slight sign of thinking, Millie nodded her head as if a little embarrassed.

I'm not sure what to say. Can I join you?
'Oh, yeah. Of course. It's a shame you can't ride in the carriage with me.

He asks Estella, the owner, and then bows to Ginette, Wendy, and Theron.

'So, ......, take care.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'd like to know what you think.
...... Honestly, I'm relieved.

'So, let's get going.

Estella took control of the situation with her hand.
We don't have much time to relax either. We need to borrow a carriage from Javier and head for the 35th district. After all, it's the farthest district on the diagonal of the 42nd.

'See you later, Yashiro-san.
'See you, ladybug. See you later~'

Hand in hand, Ginette and Milly got into the carriage.
They looked at each other and chuckled, like two sisters who are close.
As I watched them, Wendy suddenly stood in front of me and quietly bowed her head.
When she looked up, she had a soft smile on her face.

Stop it. That's not what I meant.

Feeling somewhat embarrassed, I looked away from Wendy and sought refuge in the face of Theron, who was standing nearby.
The carefree, handsome man looked at me with a dumbfounded 'What is it? He tilted his head with a dumbfounded expression like, 'What is it?

'Hang in there. Out of the group.'
'What?I'm the only one with no antennae, aren't I?I'm starting to feel really lonely!What should I do, Hero-sama?

Leaving Theron dazed and confused, I moved on and got into the carriage I was riding in.
When Natalia finally got in and the door closed, a huge sigh escaped from me as if to let out a heavy feeling in my chest.

'Well, it can't be helped, can it?

Imelda said with a cool face in the seat next to me.
When we looked at each other, I felt a little angry. I felt as if she was telling me that I was worrying too much.

'...... It's a pretty deep-rooted problem, isn't it?
'We are not in a position to say that we don't care.

Discrimination is invisible, but it leaves its fingerprints all over you.
Loretta said that the person who discriminates is the one who will always care,......, but that's not the only reason,......, in fact.

I should have been more careful.
I should have been more aware.

I've seen Millie many times outside of District 42. We even went to the fortieth district together.
At that time, I knew that she had never used a carriage.
He knew that Millie had never used a carriage.

'The only people Millie lets in are saintly kind people like Ginette and Bertina, or perverts like Regina who are out of the human race. ......'

'The only thing left is for me ...... to be a nice guy who is a reliable older brother .......'
'You seem to be rather comfortable, Yashiro. I'm sorry for worrying you.

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it.
Whenever ...... people are talking about something serious, ......

'And you're about as gutted as a human being can be ......'.
'Natalia. Would you mind pushing that little mouth of yours out the door?'

Even if you don't mean to, you're somehow aware of it.
There's no way anyone else can do anything about such a nasty thing. ......

Just vaguely ......

I'm not sure if there's anything I can do about it,......, but it was smoldering in the back of my mind.