64-Episode 59 is here.

'I'm Imelda Javier, your new hostess for today. It's a pleasure to meet you.

It's early in the morning and the idiot is talking nonsense.

'...... Ginette~, salt~'
'Please don't turn me away, sir!

It was the day before yesterday that the lumberjack guild was inspected.
They made a lot of noise until midnight, and stayed at the accommodation prepared by Torbeck Engineering, and it was around noon yesterday that the members of the Woodcutter's Guild left.

And this morning.
Imelda, the young lady of the Woodcutter's Guild, is standing right in front of me.
And she's saying something I don't understand.

'...... Ginette~, Pepper~'
I'm not sure what to do.You're going to make me medium rare on a hot griddle!

I'm still tired from the day before yesterday, and I still feel a little sleepy.
I can't get my head around it.

'Well, ...... it's been decided that there will be a branch of the Woodcutter's Guild in District 42, right?
'Yes, that's right. It's no exaggeration to say that it was made possible by my voice, you know?

No, it was your voice that almost got it rejected in the first place.

'I'll take care of the branch myself, so please think of yourself as being on a big ship.
'Even if it's big, I'm not sure if it's made of mud. ......'
'It's steel!
'Then it's going to sink.'
'It's .................. light, it's steel.'
'I'm rather worried about the opposite.

If you board a ship piloted by a young lady who speaks with such vigor, you can be sure that it will capsize before it leaves the harbor. If it's a big ship, we'll have a hard time escaping.

'Or rather, ......, you should go talk to the lord about such things.
'What are you talking about?Your actions and words have moved my heart, you know?Of course you're the one in charge, aren't you?

No, no, no.
The person in charge and the person who acted are two different things.
Even in a factory, it's the workers who make things but it's the boss who takes responsibility.
It's my rule to throw all the responsibility here to Estella. I can't stand it when you bring it to me.

Do you want me to use the ...... answering machine?

'Oh, I'm sorry. I just realized that Obayashi is in the process of being taken in. You'll have to come back later.'
'Then who are you?

Crap, ...... is too much trouble.

'Good morning!Huh?Isn't that Javier-san and his daughter?

And then Umaro came in for breakfast.
You've come to the right place!You're a former resident of the 40th district, don't you know each other?Say something nice and turn him away.

'Oh, you've come to the right place. Mr. Torbek, that inn you stayed at the other day, it's going to be a branch of the Lumberjack Guild, so vacate it.
'Oh, dear.
'It was quite comfortable. It needs a few improvements, but I think it's ...... up to snuff.'
'Mr. Yashiro, what's this guy saying?
'Don't ask me. You've known her longer than I have.
'I've never been with a woman in my life!

Oh, come to think of it, he hasn't seen Imelda's face once. He's talking to her through me.

'Anyway, as for the place and stuff, your father and my lord should discuss and decide. There's nothing we can do about it.'

The location of the Lumberjack Guild branch is almost fixed, though.
We've set aside a large plot of land near the sewage treatment plant. We're planning to build a branch building there, a dormitory for the guild members, and a wood processing and storage facility.
Incidentally, Imelda is talking about an inn in New Town, so her request will not be met.

'Then, where am I supposed to sleep from today!
'Go home!You're within walking distance!
'I don't have a home to go back to!
'No, there is, isn't there?There's a big house in the 40th district!

What is this girl talking about?

'Anyway, I have nothing to do with it, so I'll have some food.
'Oh, come on, Oumalo!

...... Hey, you got away, didn't you?

'What's all the fuss in the morning?
'Oh!Estella!You've come to the right place!

'Oh, my, you're ......'.
'What?What, why Imelda?'
'Estella, come here for a minute.'

I take Estella and get away from Imelda.

'She's saying she's going to live here from today.
'What?What are you going to do with the house?
'He wants me to give him a place to stay in New Town.
'Who's going to allow you to do that?
'...... that young lady, isn't it?

Apparently, Estella hasn't been consulted either.
I'm sure the lady hasn't told her father either at this rate.

'Do something about it with the lord's authority.
'You see, I'm the lord's 'representative', I don't have the right to make decisions. It's my father who makes the decisions.
'Then go get my father.
'My father is too sick to go out.
'Then take me to my father.
'Then let's see you move that young lady out of that place first.

Are you the rest of the world?

'Anyway, the situation can't be moved by her alone. If the guild leader, Mr. Javier, was here, it would be a different story. ......'
'I'm here, I'm here!
'Mr. Javier?

Suddenly a huge voice came down on me and I turned around to see Javier standing behind Imelda.

'Oh, Father!What are you doing here?

Seeing that Imelda was also surprised, she must have sneaked out.

'I received this letter in my room. 'I'm going to the Sunken Pavilion. Please don't look for me.''
'You already told me where you're going!

Don't look for me, that's the problem!
What do you mean, 'Why are you here? What?They'll come!

'From what I can read in this text: ...... Imelda, you want to live here?
'That's right, father!

I don't know how you can read that from a sentence like that: ......

'Reform requires quick action!Fast and fast!Fast and strong!Forcefully!
'But, Imelda. We have a lot of preparations to make. From the selection of a squire, to the handover, to the .......'
I'll be fine!I'll be living on my own!

Shall I conclude?
Absolutely not. I'll bet on it.

'Absolutely impossible, isn't it?

Perhaps because of the noise caused by Javier's appearance, Umaro has come to the entrance again and is watching the situation.
If you think it's impossible too, then it's not a good bet.

'Imelda. I can't let you live alone, can I?How are you going to eat?'

....... Imelda points at me.

'...... Don't point at me, will you?
'So, where do you sleep?

...... swoosh. And she points to Umaro.

'......Please don't plug me in.'
'What if you're in danger!What if a bad guy comes on to me?


'That's why you shouldn't have pointed at me.

After all, he can't do anything on his own, can he?

'You're determined, aren't you ......'

Hey, Javier?
How do you come to that conclusion with the way things are going?
It's a completely spur-of-the-moment action.
Give him a few slaps and take him home.

'I understand!I'll live here too!
I'll live here too!' 'Just go home, you guys!
'I'll live here and go to the stall!
'You're here for your sister, aren't you?

d*mn. ...... If only they weren't from the Woodcutter's Guild, I'd ban them from the 42nd District. ......

'Hey, guys. Why don't we have dinner first?

Ginette comes over to us as we're making noise in the store.

'Okay, Jeannette. Javier will buy us all a daily set meal.'
'Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
'Oh, hey, wait a minute!
'Thanks for the food, Javier!
'I'd like to join you, Mr. Javier.
'It's part of being a patriarch, father.'
'...... generous. Generosity is important.
'Thank you, Mr. Javier!
I'll eat!
'Thank you!
'Javier is a good man!
'Oh, my sisters are so cute!Okay, that's enough!He's buying for everyone here!

That's rich. He's got a lot of money.
...... The same type of person as Umaro. ............ Memo.

That's how we ended up eating breakfast in a rather large group.
My brothers and sisters were in the kitchen. They were preparing a food stall.
By the way, we employees of the Sunlit Pavilion have been eating at the church, but if it's ...... on us, we can't help but eat!Eating with other people's money is something else.

I'm not sure what to say.It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter!It doesn't matter if it's ten or twenty!

I don't think there is any problem, since he is showing his own manliness.

'Anyway, I've decided to live in that inn and take charge of the Lumberjack Guild branch here in the 42nd district.
'You're saying ......?
'I'm sorry. My daughter has the cutest face in the world, but she doesn't always listen when I tell her to.
'Why are you so quick to brag about your family, you idiot?
'When she was a little girl, she was so cute that no matter where you put her, not to mention in her eyes, it didn't hurt, it even felt good.
'Don't look at my daughter like that, you f*cking pedophile!

What can I say, he's the head of a great guild that has influence over the entire district, and yet he's able to abuse her with impunity. Javier doesn't look too uncomfortable either, so maybe he's just an old man who likes to be frank.

'Well, it would be best if I could come here and lead the charge, but I can't leave my home base unattended, as you know. I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.
'......, that's right, the head of the organization.
'I don't hear anything. ...... Other is other, we are our own.

Both based in the same forty districts, both heads of large, well known organizations. I wonder why they think so differently.

'...... daily set meal, waiting'
'Aaahhh!Magda-tan, you're a real angel!
'Whoa, whoa, whoa!You're so cute today, little sister!

...... They look so much alike, these guys.
What?I'm sure you've heard of it.

'Are you listening to me, gentlemen?

Suddenly, Imelda stands up screaming.
She's really angry.

'Yes, I'm listening.
'Then tell me what you were talking about!
'You were talking about the head temple of the Vine Sect, right?
'No, I wasn't talking about that!
'Hey, can you tell me more about that head temple later?
'Father, please shut up!

The father is angry with his daughter, and he is drooling in resignation. ...... weak.

I've heard that the Woodcutter's Guild branch is going to be built near that sewage treatment plant.

If you've heard that, then your source is ............
He looked at Estella and bowed towards her with his hands clasped together.
It seems that I offended her by saying something unnecessary. ...... I wonder if it will get complicated, again.

'Newtown was a lovely place, full of lights!In comparison, the area around the sewage treatment plant is ............'.

They don't seem to think that the New Town they praise as a nice place is the place they hated as a 'slum' a few days ago.

'It's a place that will be developed in the future. It should be dark now, right?'
'That's nonsense!

I'd like to send you a check, cash on delivery.

'It's not too late to ............ work on the place where I'm going to live, Mr. Torbek!

'I'm sorry, sir!Right now, we're mainly working on the sewage system for the forty districts, so we'll take care of that later. ......'
'I don't want to hear your excuses!
'.................. Um, why are you angry with me?

Nodding, Umaro, who had finally begun to question the unreasonableness of the situation, looked at me as if to ask.
I don't know either. I don't know, either. The reason he's angry is because he's not doing what I want.

'I don't like the dark, sir.

I don't either.

'If you live alone and it's dark at night, you'll ............ be in trouble. 'A lot of things.
'You can't go to the bathroom at night, can you?
'Please don't say it so clearly!
'...... like Yashiro.'
'Yes, sir. I'm with my brother.

Hey, hey, hey. You don't have to tell me that now, do you?
I mean, I'm not afraid of flush toilets anymore!If you don't use the toilet outside, it's still half as scary indoors.
............ Oh, I see.

'Oh, by the way, I thought I was going to show you the toilet.
I'm sure you've heard that story before.

Yes, yes. I was being serious, but he misunderstood me and punched me on the cheek. ...... at all.

'Let's have a look.
'Your meal is on its way, sir!
'It won't take long. It's right there.'
'What ............ are you doing indoors?
'Yeah. Come here for a minute.'

I get up and walk over to the toilet.
Imelda, with a surprised look on her face, follows me to the bathroom.
Javier and Loretta's brothers and sisters are also coming.
And for some reason, Estella and Umaro also arrived. ...... You've seen this many times.

'Is there a bathroom over there?I don't smell it at all.
You don't have to. It's just the way it's built.

I opened the door, and Imelda and Javier peered inside as if they were competing with each other.

'Well, ......'.
'Wow, ...... that's beautiful.'

Imelda and Javier seemed to be surprised by the appearance.
Her body was pure white and shining. The refreshing scent of pomanders with a hint of fragrance.
It was a space that truly embodied the word clean.

Pomander is a kind of insect repellent air freshener made by sprinkling spices on citrus fruits.
Smell and bugs. It is an excellent product that prevents the two major natural enemies of the cafeteria at once.

'How do you use it?
'Do you want to try it?
'I'm not going to show you!
'No, I won't!

What kind of pervert am I?
After explaining that the door closes and that it is designed to prevent sound from leaking out, I give him a quick lecture on how to use it. After that, I'll give you a quick lecture on how to use it. After all, the Japanese style is the standard in this world. This must be the first time for you to sit on the toilet seat and do your business.

'Are you sure you're okay?
'Yeah. You'll understand how great it is once you use it.'
'So, would you please leave ........................?

So, we left the bathroom and waited in front of the exit.
There was a ............ strange silence around us.
Mostly, the boys are getting restless and looking in the opposite direction to avoid eye contact with anyone.

'...... Why are you waiting in front of the bathroom?Why don't you go back to your seat?
'No, it's just ...... something ............, you know?
'Yeah, it's just something!
'Yes, sort of!Somehow!
'...... you guys.'

Estella's gaze hits the freezing point.
It's cold, it's cold, Estella.
No, I'm not. If I retreat at ............ this point, it'll be like, 'Hey, did you think of something weird? I'm not sure what you mean by that.
That's why we need to get out of this situation.
That's what all of us boys have in common.

'I'm sorry!

At that moment, a strong voice echoed in the sunlit pavilion.

It's Becko.
I called him over today to give him a proper report on the success of his food samples.

Just in time, let's get him involved.

'Becko!Hey!Come here for a minute!
'A little. What's going on, all gathered here like that?
'We're preparing to receive an important person.
'Mm-hmm, an important person, that it is.
'So you, when someone comes out of this door, welcome them with a big round of applause.
'Yes, I understand!I will give you a sincere and heartfelt applause, that I will!

And just as we were getting ready, the door opened quietly.


Crackle, crackle, crackle, crackle!

'What's that?Why the applause?I'm so embarrassed!I'm so embarrassed!
'............ They're all idiots!

But now we boys have saved face. Let's call it good.

'So, how did it go?
'It's wonderful!I didn't know you could install a bathroom indoors.

Apparently, he liked it very much.
If I had shown him this at the beginning, would he have been able to proceed with the chapter a little more comfortably? ............ No, it's probably because he's no longer prejudiced against the 42nd district that he's come to admire it so openly.
Once you admit it, you can be honest about it.
The stubborn young lady is really a tsundere, isn't she?

'With this, you won't be afraid of going to the bathroom at night, will you?
'I'm not afraid of those things!

............ You're so naive, you know that?

'Anyway, I've already decided where to build the Lumberjack Guild. Wouldn't it be most efficient to build it near the city gate?
'There are higher priorities than efficiency.
'What's that?
'Whether or not it's suitable for me!

Wow, ......, this face without a shred of hesitation.
He's really saying this. ...... She's a pain.

When I look at her, I try to put the blame on her father for making a lot of mistakes in her education policy. ......

'Hmm. You're right.

...... and shook her head in a stupid manner.
I've never heard of the head of an organization being a yes man.

I've never heard of the head of an organization being a yes man. 'The farther away from the city gates, the more wood you have to carry before processing, right?

And after processing, we'll have to carry the sawdust to the sewage treatment plant.

'In all likelihood, it's best to build it near the city gate.
'Then we can just change the location of the city gate.

He's ...... such a jerk. ......

'That's right. You haven't built the city gate yet, have you?If that's the case, why don't you just move the gate a bit? It's a simple solution.
'No, you can't!
'Oh, why not?
'Well, there's an agricultural guild field in ...... Momat. So we can't build a road.'
'Then I'll buy that field from the Woodcutter's Guild.

You rich bastard!

'Then we'll get less and prices will go up .......'
'Then we can turn the land where the Lumberjack Guild will be built into a field.
'...... distance.
'We can just send someone to work as a peasant.

Why does this guy have a mind that goes in all sorts of nasty directions? ......

'Anyway, what's wrong is wrong!The location of the city gates and the Lumberjack Guild can't be changed now!Hey, Estella!
'Hmm, I don't know.I think we can do it if we talk to Mormat and get his approval.


You can't do this!
We can't change the location of the city gate or the lumberjack guild!
Otherwise, the route of the ............ highway will change!

Suppose you go straight south from Newtown and build a city gate on the nearest outer wall. Then, the route from New Town to the gate and the main street will be developed as a street.
Then, the ............ road would not pass in front of the Sunken Pavilion!
That's not good enough!

There is a big difference in the number of customers between the stores along the street and the ones on the other side of the street.

I'm now working on widening the road between the main street and the church, so that the believers can go to the church more easily. And since that road leads to the new city gate that is to be built, let's make it a big road too. That's what he's saying.

But if they change the location of the gate, ......
But if they change the location of the city gates, it will be obvious that they will say, "The city road is the first priority, the pilgrimage road to the church will come next time!
And in the 42nd district, road maintenance is not a major project that is done often. And in this 42nd district, road maintenance is not a big deal.
For me, the pillow word "incidentally" is more important than anything else.

The road must be built to cross the forty-two districts.
A road that runs through the forty-two wards, connecting the city gate to the new town, will not make any profit.

A single project will benefit everyone around it. That is the ideal of public works.
Projects that are built for one purpose only often fall into disuse without achieving the desired results!
A recreational facility for employees is a perfect example. They are usually unused and deserted.

Public works can be successful only if many people use them!

I can't let you put it off!
Do you know how hard I've been working?

I've been working so hard just to build the city gates and get the road in front of the Sunken Pavilion!
I've been trying to get the trade value back down to a reasonable level with the peddler's guild, but we ended up being the only ones taking a hit, so I've been trying to come up with a way to get back up and running, and that's how I came up with this road plan!

We'll never let you get in our way. ......

'............ All right, all right.

Let's go all the way. ......

'I'll give you a special gift: ......'

You selfish little girl. ............

'I'll give you a special gift for the lumberjack guild site. I'll give you the best presentation so that you'll think, 'I really want to live here!

I've already decided. I'm not giving up one step.
I'm going to build the city gate near the sewage treatment plant, and I'm going to set up the city gate there.
And I'm going to pave the road from the gate to the main street to perfection and make the best city street ever!

'That sounds interesting.
'Yeah, it'll definitely be interesting. Be prepared.'
'Yes, I'll 'look forward to it'.

The sparks flew, and I ended up entertaining this selfish young lady the best I could.
.................. Are there sparks flying?I'm not sure what to make of it.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure you'll do fine. You can move in after you've completed all the formalities.'
'That's true. I'll give you a little more time. In the meantime, do your best to come up with something that will amuse me.'

Imelda says with a mixture of provocative eyes and a smile like a child before a field trip.
You're in trouble with a troublesome guy. ......

I'm going to go home, then. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with that. ......

Imelda ate the daily set meal with graceful gestures. As I watched her face, I was thinking about my next move. I couldn't bring myself to eat with her.

A few hours had passed since Imelda and Javier had left.
The sky had turned red, and there were only a few hours left of business today.
After the lively morning meal, the number of customers was sparse. ...... Although the number of customers had increased compared to the beginning, ...... I really felt that we had to improve.

'Mr. Yashiro, would you like some tea?
'Hmm?Oh, thank you.

Ginette offered me a cup of tea as I pondered.
Magda and Loretta are not at the stall at the moment, as they are on their way to help.
It's no use staying in the store if there are no customers coming.
As usual, the majority of the income of the restaurant comes from the food stalls, so we have no choice but to let them do their best there for now.

The main restaurant of the Sunlit Pavilion is so bored that the two of us can run it alone.

'No customers are coming to .......'
'But there are a lot more than before.
'...... "than before", hey ......'.

If by 'before' you mean when I first came here, then yes, I suppose that's true. In those days, it was better to have two customers a day.

'Why don't you start sculpting, Yashiro-san?
'Yes. I'd be very happy if you could learn from Mr. Bekko and make something to liven up the store.'
'............ You're being absurd.'
'Is that so?I have a feeling that Mr. Yashiro will do whatever he wants.

Well, I'm sure you could if you wanted to. ...... I'm confident in my dexterity.
But now is not the time to do that.

Oh, by the way, Becko came here and immediately said, "I have a feeling I can make something new, that I can! He went back to his house.
...... You're not going to carve Imelda in the toilet, are you?

Well, that's why we're alone.
Ginette hasn't gone back to the kitchen, she's been sitting across from me.
Probably because she's worried about me.
I notice that Jeannette is always, very casually, the closest to me.

Even if you notice such a thing, it's not ...... right to say 'thank you'.
So I don't really say anything.
I am sure that Ginette does not expect anything from me.

This interval is the distance between me and Jeannette.

It's a little ...... comfortable, I think.

I felt as if the poison that had been bothering me had been drained from my mind, and I suddenly wanted to talk about nothing.
Anything. I just wanted to talk about something trivial.
Since it was a good opportunity, I decided to ask him what I had always wanted to ask.

'Ginette, you know what?
'Yes, what is it?
'Don't you want to go out somewhere or something?
'Out, sir?

Ginette tilted her head and turned her big eyes to me.

'You've been here all day, working all day, right?Do you ever take a break?

This guy once looked at me enviously as I went out of the 42nd district.
I suppose that's true. I go into the kitchen early in the morning to make donations, stay in the cafeteria all day long during the day, clean up when I'm done, and go to bed early.
In the meantime, he does all the housework, so he doesn't have time to go out and play.

Is he satisfied with that?

'I'm happy to meet all kinds of people in this store, and it's fun.

I'm happy and having fun. ............ Are you satisfied with that?

I stare at Jeannette's face.
I don't think he's lying.
But he seems to be straining himself.

Maybe one day you can take a day off from the store and go have some fun. ......, I think, but Ginette probably doesn't want to take the day off.
Then, you can't just ask someone to guard the store and go to ............. Ginette is the only one who can make the food at the Sunlit Pavilion taste good.
Even if you ask someone to guard the restaurant, the only way is to provide leftovers.
That can't be called keeping the restaurant open.
It's like a stall.

Someday, I'd like to give him a chance to relax.

'Speaking of relaxation.

Ginette claps her hands together and smiles cheerfully.
I wonder how many people know this face of hers.
If this smile is sent out to the public, the number of his fans will increase dramatically. Magda and Loretta might not be able to compete with him.
By nature, he is not good at public appearances. ...... He is not shy, but he is not bossy either. It is a stance of three steps back.

Sometimes Jeannette looks as if she wants to be listened to.
It's just like the face she's making at me right now.
I've always liked that look.

So, let's listen to it.

'Candles are wonderful, aren't they?
'............ Are you talking about my wax statue?
'No. They're lovely and lovely too, but we're talking about something else now.

Let's be clear, that wax statue is not pretty at all.
There's something wrong with her sensibility.

'It's a candle on the front.
'The candles out front?
'They were set up in the garden to brighten up the sunlit pavilion when I was with the inspection team.
'Oh, that. It was a great help at that time. People feel safer when they can clearly see their destination in the dark.
'It was Magda's idea, though.

He smiled and poked the tip of his tongue out.
At times like this, this guy really seems to enjoy laughing.

'When I stare at the flame of a candle, it seems to calm me down.
'Seeing something that moves erratically, like a flame, makes us feel calm.
'So, why don't we light it up a little here and now?
'Mr. Yashiro, you seem to be a little tired.

With that, Ginette stood up and went to the counter.
He brings a small candle from there. Is it the one that Bekko left for him?It is small enough to fit in the palm of his hand and is the color of honey.

'It smells so good when you light it.

She said happily and lit the candle.

The candlelight flickers on the table.

A soft, pale light spreads in the dimly lit restaurant.
Ginette and I sit across from the candles, facing each other. Our shadows sway on the walls and floor, illuminated by the candlelight.

'It's beautiful.

The smile she gave me was full of encouragement.
She told me to cheer up. Don't let little things bother you. It's not a word, but a stronger emotion that appeals to me.

...... This guy.

They're so careless that they don't even give me time to care. ......

I kind of want to take him out of his mind.
It could be a trip, it could be anything. Take a break from work and go to a place where you can play without thinking. ............

'Yashiro-san is ......'

Ginette whispered as she watched the candles flicker quietly.

'You've been working hard to make the Sunlit Pavilion thrive, haven't you?
'Well, I promised you ............, didn't I?
'You remembered me, didn't you?
'Of course. ...... I'm the one who said it.'
'...... Well, yes. But I'm glad.'

Jeannette giggled, and I don't know if it was because of that, but the flames flickered a little.

'Thanks to you, Yashiro-san, the Sunken Pavilion has been receiving more and more customers than ever before.
'Compared to when the old man was here, how is it?'
'...... it's ............'
'Then it's not quite there yet. The Sunken Pavilion can still thrive.'

I don't think I've yet seen this guy's true, overflowing smile from the bottom of his stomach.
Maybe I'll be able to see it when this restaurant returns to and surpasses the Sunshine Pavilion of my grandfather's time. --and I'm thinking to myself.

'It's strange, isn't it ......?
'When Yashiro-san says so, ......'

............ Ah.

'I have a feeling that's really going to happen.'

............The flickering flame is red.
So it's probably okay.

As frustrating as it was, Ginette's smile looked so cute. ......
I'm sure she hasn't noticed that I've uncharacteristically dyed my cheeks.

d*mn. ...... You're not in middle school. What a joke. ............ What a joke.

It must be that.
It's the candle.
The flame of the candle, the scent of the honey, the clear flickering shadows, ...... that kind of unusual atmosphere makes my heart beat strangely.
It's like that.
It's like when you go to a festival in junior high school and see the girls in your class in yukata. And if it's at night, and you're illuminated by the red glow of a bare bulb, it's even more exciting. ..................

.................. festival?It's a different atmosphere than usual,...................

'...... hmm'.
'......?What's wrong, Mr. Yashiro?
'It might be worth a try. ......'

Now we just need to see how many people we can recruit to help .......'

'Ginette, I need your help with something.'
'Yes, sir. Anything you need.

So, how many ............ times have you told me not to make such careless remarks in this city where the Judgment of the Spirits is held? I'm sure you've only said it in front of me.

'We're going to have a festival.
'...... Festival?

It doesn't matter what the reason is.
For now, we can use ...... to give thanks to the spirit gods.

The festival will be held at the site of the current road.
We will set up stalls, light up the darkness of the night with candles and torches, and offer prayers to the spirit gods in an oriental atmosphere.
The devotees of the church of the spirits are moved by the sight, couples are in a romantic mood at the beautiful sight of the darkness of the night mixed with the red of the flames, kids are foolishly having fun, and we merchants make a lot of money from the night stalls.

And the streets where the festival is held are given meaning and become 'special streets' for the residents.
I also liked the streets where the festival was held a little more than other places. 'Oh, they're having a festival here,' I thought.

I'll get the people on my side if I have to. If we can make people think that this is the only place to go on the road, we've done it.
And if we can create that impression by lighting up the city with flames, Imelda won't be able to argue with us about the darkness.

If that is the case, we should involve all the residents in the city.
The whole forty-two wards will be up in arms!


Suddenly, Jeannette let out a laugh.

'What's wrong?'
'No, ......, Yashiro-san was making that face again.'

The face that Jeannette refers to is probably the one that she heard when she had the water boiled in the church before.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea. ...... I'm not aware of that, though.

'Don't make assumptions and judgments like that. Things can go wrong. No, it's more likely than not. ...... has just happened to work out so far.'
'Is that so?'

He looks at me with his beady eyes and narrows them again.

'Well, I'll be looking forward to seeing if it works.

...... Huh.

Jesus. ............

That's the face you make when you're sure it's going to work.

And when you make that face, ......
For what it's worth, I'll be the one running around. Ahh, it's too much, it's too depressing.

But at the same time, when I see that face, I feel like I can do my best, which is strange.