65-Episode 60 New Initiative

'I think that would be so great'.

The next day.
After breakfast at the church, Ginette and I told Bertina about a plan we'd come up with yesterday.
We're going to hold an event in honor of the spirit gods on the street that stretches from the main street to the church.
Of course, Estella is here now, listening to the conversation with me.

'There is such a thing in the lore of the spirit gods - the spirit gods who once descended to the human world are ......'.

It's a long story, so I'll summarize it by saying that a spirit god once came down to the human world and gave lights to people who were scared at night.

'As a result, there are days a few times a year when the daytime hours are longer.

Well, that would be the summer solstice.
In this world where the seasons are so random, the solstice doesn't come at a fixed time.
But I guess the principle is the same as the solstice.
...... Isn't this planet in this world wobbling on its axis and not settled?
............ I'm not even sure if this is a planet in the first place.

I'm not sure if this is a planet or not in the first place,' he said, 'so how about we all give thanks for the sun's blessings and return the lights to the spirit gods?
'Lights are coming to the church from the east and west of the city?That sounds like a wonderful event.

Perhaps imagining the scene, Bertina smiled, as if she were in a painting,

At night, a procession with lit candles would march from east to west simultaneously toward the church.
Yes. East and west.
With the church at the center, the procession would come from the east, where the main street was, and from the west, where the city gate was to be built - southwest, to be exact - and meet in front of the church.
Otherwise, the festival will be held only in the area between the main street and the church.
...... This festival is held halfly to persuade Imelda. It would be meaningless if the planned construction site of the Lumberjack Guild branch was not greatly enlivened.
So we decided that the procession would go to the church from the east and west.

'Will there be candles lit all along the road along this section?

Estella said, looking at the map I had drawn of the planned route.

'It's a long way, but can you prepare that many candles?
'I'll ask Becko for help. He said he had a large surplus, so we should be able to manage.'
'Hmmm ......, but if we hold such a festival, the budget will be ............'

Estella, who has been talking about money a lot lately, wrinkled her brow again.

'You only talk about money or breasts.
'Shut up!I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it................... You're not talking about your breasts, are you?

You don't have to say it.
I know what you're talking about.
Don't worry about it alone. I'm always here for you. ...... with a half smile.

'Money's no problem. I'll get some sponsorship.'

'In layman's terms, it's like sponsorship.

'We'll ask stores and guilds in the forty-two districts to invest in us. Of course, we'll give you something in return.

First, carve the names of the companies on the candlesticks that line the streets.
The more money you pay, the more companies will be lined up. The publicity effect is outstanding.

The more money you pay, the more your company name will be lined up.Trubec Construction Company" - something like that.

At festivals in Japan, names are put on lanterns and displayed at shrines. Well, those lanterns have a strong meaning of contribution and offering to the community.

'But, do you think that much money can be raised just by advertising?
'The Spiritual Church should also collect donations. Religion has the power to loosen the purse strings of its followers.'
'Yashiro-san ......, that doesn't sound good .......'

Ginette, a devout Alvistan, lets out a chuckle.
But it's true.
If you don't have faith, you wouldn't pay 500,000 for a suspicious vase.

Oh, the goods for live concerts might be the same kind. It's like an offering to your favorite artist when you pay a good price for something that is 'cheaper than this if you think about it.

'Also, this guy is my biggest source of income, and I'm thinking of opening a ...... store.'
'A stall ......?Is that like a food stall?

Estella, who had a good head on her shoulders, got the answer almost right.
What's different about a food stall is that it doesn't move.

'We ask the restaurant owners to come and sell their food. Eat good food, have a drink, and watch the beautiful procession of lights. ............ This is going to be a lot of fun.

Even if the price is a little expensive, you can't help but buy something in the atmosphere of the festival.
Even those who don't usually eat a lot of powdered food end up going to several restaurants for takoyaki, okonomiyaki, Hiroshima-yaki, etc. That's the magic of festivals.

I think it's very wonderful!

Bertina was biting at a very fast pace.
It's almost ......!It's annoying!I'm drooling!

'If it's a festival for the spirit gods, it means that the church people will be given those foods for free, is that correct?
'You're dead wrong!How convenient an interpretation are you making?

'Doesn't that count as a donation!
'If you want to eat, you'll have to pay!

I don't think he can eat that much, though, since he's responsible for receiving the lights that are gathered during the festival.

'It's very sad that he can't eat even though he has ................... ......'
'Oh, God!Don't be sulky!'

If Bertina bends her head here, the festival itself might be canceled.
I can't help it!She's a real pain in the ass!
It's just this once!

'I'll give you free food only during the festival if it's from the Sunlit Pavilion!
'Ah, may the Spirit God bless you, ......'

The spirit gods would be very angry if they were used to pay for food, wouldn't they?


Next to me, Jeannette lets out a laugh.

'What is it?
'No, ...... anything.'
'You're curious.'
'Don't you get it, Yashiro?

Estella winks at me while Jeannette looks uncomfortable.

'That's the thing. Despite what you say, Yashiro is pretty sweet. Hey, Jeannette.

Estella says with a knowing look, and Jeannette agrees.
...... Keh, I'm not spoiling you.

It's not that I'm spoiling you, it's just that you look like a father who cares for his children.

Ginette says happily.
I had goosebumps all over my body.
Who's the father? ......

'So, let's beg your father for a day of festivities, shall we?
'Don't do that, ageless elf.

You're older than me for sure.

Anyway, we've gotten the approval of the church, the main organizer of the festival.
Now we just need to get sponsors and gather people.

We need to ...... "prepare".

We need to practice the people who will be marching with candles, inform the people in this town who will be setting up a stall for the first time about how to prevent problems and accidents from happening, and lecture them about manners and etiquette so that the festival will run smoothly.

The festival will go more smoothly if there are rules and regulations in place.
It is also a good idea to organize a committee and let them get used to the festival. If we do this, we may be able to have festivals several times a year. Hopefully, we will be able to attract visitors from outside the district. It's not ......, but it would be nice to have an influx of people and money in the district.

'Estella. Can you give me a list of the major players?I want to negotiate directly with them and get them on the executive committee.'
'The wording is as crude as ever, but ...... well, I think you're on the right track. I'm sure you're right about that. If you can get someone who can speak up in advance, you can prevent a lot of trouble later on.
'We'll send Jeannette.

The ginette stood up with a strange voice.

'Ya, aren't you Yashiro-san?
'I'm going to take over as the executive committee chairman. I'm going to take on the role of organizing committee chairman, but it might be a bit awkward if I'm both the organizing committee chairman and the representative of the sunny pavilion, right?

The location of the festival is near the Sun Goddess Pavilion. It's not hard to imagine people complaining that it's unfair.
That's why I'm Jeannette.
I'm only giving my opinion as the 'executive committee chairman'. There will be times when I will have to force a decision.
In such cases, if you are dissatisfied with Sunlit Pavilion, this gynette will respond to ............. Well, most people will be distracted by it.
Because it's a ginette.
Even if someone complains, he will just 'pout' and say 'wow' and 'I'm in trouble'. Who can maintain anger in front of him?

'Wow, I don't know if I can handle such a big role ......'.
'I don't represent the city. You're a representative of the Sunlit Pavilion. It's fine to act as usual.
'Really, is that so?
'Oh. Just smile like you always do and make your boobs 'puff' once every ten minutes or so.'
'If that's the case, ............ I don't always do that!

This is a small wish of mine that it would be nice if you always did that.

'I would like to ask you, Mormat, to represent the west side of the 42nd district, and Estella, to represent the east side.
I'd like you to represent the west side of the 42nd district. If both sides can agree on a certain level of opinions first, we can reduce unnecessary friction. I understand. I'll take care of it.

She understands what I'm trying to do without any explanation. Estella is really quick-witted. ...... I think you're burning calories there, so you're not getting enough nutrition for your breasts.

'And I'd like Loretta to join me as a Newtown representative.'

'Doesn't New Town count as the west side?'
'That's because it's newly built. I'm hoping to use this opportunity to wipe out the past and make it a new landmark. There's also an inn that Imelda likes, and if we can turn it into a tourist attraction, we can increase the tax revenue.
'I see. So you're respecting the honor of those who have had a say in the past, but also letting the new wind blow.
'This festival itself has just been born. Neither the old nor the new will work alone. It's important to blend them well.

A city with only old-fashioned craftsmen will fall into disuse.
However, it does not mean that everything should be changed to be new and convenient.
We must respect the past and sublimate it into new technology.
That is what culture is all about.

'Becko and Umaro will be working at full capacity, so I'm going to ask Magda and her sisters, the Vine Peta Sisters, to support their activities as a cheering squad.
'...... What's with that disgusting name?
'What's that, Estella? Do you want to join?
'I don't want to join!
'There are certain strict regulations to join, and if you don't pass them, you'll pass .................., Estella!
'Don't say that while looking at my chest!

Well, Estella has a lot of work to do, so she doesn't have time to support others.
Estella will join us as a second term student when we need to leverage her.
Should we write a theme song for the ............ festival?
No, but I don't have a guitar. I guess I'll give up this time.

'It's getting really important, isn't it?

Ginette, who had witnessed the moment when the project sprouted, looked puzzled at the accelerating expansion of the project.
The period between the planning and preparation stages is usually like this.
It is difficult to determine how much of what you want to do you can do and how much you can discard, though this depends on experience. However, once you get into the swing of things, the project accelerates at a rapid pace and you can run through it without stopping.
The real work begins when you can cover the limits of your physical strength with your energy. This is not yet the end. It will accelerate more and more.

I will make this festival a success.
It's not going to take more than a little bit of excitement to convince Imelda.

There must be an unshakable 'fun' that appeals to her intuition, or she will not be convinced.
The forty-two wards I had looked down upon. But it has transformed far beyond my imagination, and I feel elated to have had my sense of values shaken. It was with such tension that I stayed at Umaro's top-quality inn.
The synergistic effect of all these factors must have given it an unbelievably high rating.

We need to surpass that rating. We have to surpass it.

We can't do this half-heartedly.
We have to go all the way.

And convince Imelda to build a branch of the Lumberjack Guild and a city gate to the southwest of the city.
Only then can the road be built.

All for my own good!

I'm a firm believer.
When I say I'll do it, I do it.

I'm gonna make this festival a success and make a lot of money!
You'll see!I'll be gobbling it up!I won't be able to stop laughing!

'Hey, Yashiro-san is really burning up!I'm not sure what to do.
'...... I don't know, when Yashiro makes this kind of face, it seems like there's something behind it. ............'
'That's not true. I'm sure that Yashiro is acting out of a single minded desire to make this 42nd district a better place.
'Yashiro is ......?
'Perhaps!He realized how wonderful and precious the spirit gods are and opened his eyes as an Alvistan ......!
'That's not possible. No. That's not going to happen, Ginette.

Estella has a lot to say, but she's mostly right, so I won't argue with her.
Hmm. I've only been thinking about getting the road in front of the sunken pavilion from the beginning.
Pasta's starting to sell too.
My plan usually works. Haha, talent scares me. Hmm...

Mr. Yashiro. If there's anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Ginette pushes me closer, looking as if she believes in some strange misconception.
She folded her hands in front of her chest as if she were worshipping me.

I'll help you in any way I can!

This defenceless face ...... Estella had said that she only showed this smile in front of those close to her.
...... You're close.

Then maybe I'll ask her sometime.

In fact, I've always dreamed of going to a festival with a girl.

I wonder if he'll go out with me if I say so.

Yeah, that's right.
I'd like to make some corrections to my earlier thoughts.
I said that I was only thinking about building a road in front of the sunlit pavilion. ......

Ginette, whose business does not allow her to travel far, even within the 42nd district.
So, if you want to bring something fun closer to him, he can have fun too. ......
Such a scheme was certainly smoldering in the corner of my mind. I can't deny that.

So, please don't 'only' pass the street in front of the sunny pavilion.

'Well then, let's go around to the people who might be willing to join the committee.
'Ah. Ginette. Me and Loretta are leaving, will the store be okay?'
'Yes. Your sisters will be helping us, so we should be able to manage. Magda doesn't have any hunting today.

That's good.
The whole town will be busy between now and the festival.
It's going to be a problem for Jeannette and the others, but I'm sure ...... will be fine.
I'm sure that Ginette will call the busyness 'fun' as well.

Isn't it fun to be busy before a school festival?
It's the same.
This is one of the few opportunities to experience the fun of staying at school at night, and staying up all night to prepare for the festival.

Since it's a good opportunity, I'm going to enjoy it too.
Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to take on the troublesome task of being the head of the organizing committee.

'Alright!I'll run around as fast as I can from now until the festival!
'I hope in moderation.
'I'm looking forward to the ............ festival to show our gratitude to the spirit gods.
'Hey, there's an honest to goodness elf.
'The festival to show gratitude to the spirit gods...'
'You can't fool me by saying it twice, can you?
'I'm really looking forward to the festival to show my gratitude to the spirit gods.
'...... What if I tell you that the stalls are still closed?
'It's canceled.
'The spirit gods are losing out to food!
'You can't ...... have sisters anymore, can you?

In the event that you've got any questions regarding where by and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the web site.
I laughed along with her, and our project got underway.

I was so excited about the big project that was about to begin that I ............ forgot to mention it.

I explained the current situation by comparing it to a school festival. ............
It's not just fun in the school at night. ......

When there is no school festival, you will only hear rumors about it. ......

You don't have to trace it all the way back to ............

I was caught in the middle of the preparations for the festival: ......

Ghostly disturbances are a joke. ......