129-Episode 112 Ear-ear disease caused by a sense of w...

'Mu ~~~~~~~~~ ah ah ah ah ah ah ............!

There's a seal in the sunny pavilion. No, it's Estella.
She lies prostrate on the table, shakes her body occasionally, and cries 'muaa'.
She has become an annoying creature.

'No reply~!

We were trying to make an appointment with the head of the hunting guild, the lord of the forty-first district where the hunting guild's headquarters was located.
In order to do so, he sent a letter to the lord of the 41st district, but ...... he did not receive a reply.

'Three letters, three letters!Sending three letters and not receiving a single one back is nothing short of diplomatic rudeness!That's why he's so unattractive!

Estella is furious.
She's like a seal on the shore, acting threateningly.

'Well, calm down, Goma-chan.
'Who the hell is Goma-chan?

He pats her on the head to calm her down.
Estella seemed to have calmed down a bit, although she looked unhappy.

'...... Yashiro.'
'Hmm?What's up, Magda?'

As I was comforting Estella, who was sitting in a corner of the sunlit pavilion, Magda came over to us with a fruit tart.

'...... The manager told me to take it. ...... to Goma-chan.'
'It's not Goma-chan!

I'm not a fan of this kind of thing, but I'm not a fan of this kind of thing.
It's cheap, your mood ......

Therefore, Jeannette and the others are too busy serving customers to deal with Estella.

Well, it's easier to talk to her that way.

'Ah. That's right, Magda. '
'...... what?'
'Have you ever seen a guild leader of a hunting guild?'
'...... Negative. A hunting guild is a large organization with a very vertical society. It's not every day you get the chance to meet someone higher than your immediate superior.

It's a vertical society,......, yes.

'......, but I've heard rumors.'
'What kind of guy is he?'
'......When you meet a bear on a mountain road, ............ it pretends to be dead.'
'A bear!

Is this the kind of guy that wild animals instinctively fear?

'...... also known as "Medora the Roaring Thunder"'

'Roaring Thunder' is ...... another disturbing name.

'...... No. It's a monster," is the general opinion of those who have actually seen her. Some of them lost their eyesight when they saw him.
'What kind of monster is that, ......?

Well, it's probably just a muscular old man anyway. ...... Let's not get our hopes up at all.

'...... arms are as big as Magda's waist'.

............ Too big?I don't know.

'Gorilla people?
'...... I'm pretty sure it's ............ ferret people.'

The ferret I know isn't a stout creature like that.
There must be some mistake.

'...... I've heard he's a terrible man, merciless to those he doesn't like.'

In my brain, I can easily imagine the boss of some gang instructing his men to harass a store that doesn't listen to him.
A strong vertical society ...... I see.

'Thank you. You can go back to work.'
'............ Jee'.
'............Yes, yes. Come on.'

I beckoned and Magda clung to my waist.
I fluffed his ears and he let out his usual 'Mmmmm! She let out a gasp.
I feel like I'm getting into a strange habit of spoiling her lately.

'...... maybe'.
'......If you do the same thing to the guild leader, you'll be ............ erased.'
'......I won't do that. ............'

I'm not sure who's going to be wagging their stiff ears at me.

I'm not sure if you've heard of it or not, but I have.
As soon as she entered the restaurant, she spotted Estella and walked straight towards her.

'I knew you were here, Goma-chan.
'Where did you get that information?It's not possible, is it?

Estella protests vehemently, but ...... common sense is not good enough for Natalia. There's nothing she doesn't know about Estella.

I'm not sure if you've heard of it, but I'm sure you've heard of it. ...... It doesn't matter.

I'm not sure what you're talking about, but I think you're doing something very advanced. ...... Well, I don't really care about that.

'I finally received your reply.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.

'That man has always been like that, you know. He looks down on me and thinks I'm a fool.

He continued to complain as he unsealed the letter.

'Do you know him?

I ask Natalia, concerned for Estella who has started to read the letter.
'If it's about Estella, you can ask Natalia and she'll give you the answer.

'Yes, that's right. Your daughter and the current lord of the 41st district are close in age, so we've had many opportunities to see each other since we were young.
'Is the current lord of District 41 that young?
'His predecessor passed away early, and ...... his son, Ricardo, took over.

A lord at the same age as Estella. ...... I guess the weight of responsibility is different from Estella, the acting lord.

'He's been vivacious and unafraid since childhood, honest and foul-mouthed, thoughtless and impudent, full of malice, condescending to others, proud and proud, petty and insignificant, a wonderful lord.
'How dare you talk like that?

The second half of the sentence is a storm of abuse.

'You're no good because you're a woman,' 'You can't be a good lord,' and so on, bullying the young lady .......'

I'm sure you've heard of it. ......
I'm not sure what to make of that.

So Estella's natural competitive spirit made her into this boxy girl.
In order not to be outdone by the neighboring lord's son.

'I don't know how many times ...... I've been stopped from assassinating someone.
'I'm seriously afraid of you.'

I'm not plotting against you. And don't you dare tell anyone about it.

'If a lord's family doesn't have a baby boy, it's customary to get a son-in-law to take over the reigns of the family, but since he's the lord of ...... the 42nd district, he's not being looked at.
''Oh, that's good. It's a shame that Estella is wasted on such low-level idiots.

I don't know, ...... the thought of Estella being used as a tool in a political marriage makes me irresistibly angry.

'The surrounding nobles are also not keen on marrying the young lady as it would mean being incorporated into the Creamona family. If I'm going to be the lord of the 42nd district anyway, it would be better for my family to take over after the death of the Creamona family.''
'You don't want to talk about the name of Creamona?
''Since the image of 'Forty-two Wards = Crea Mona' has been completely attached to it. There are many foolish aristocrats who look down on us just because of our name.
'Even though your family is no more than a lord and a half-baked noble?
'It's because we're halfway there, sir. You don't want to take away the possibility that you can climb up to the top if you want to.''

In other words, the forty-second district is definitely looked down upon, and the trend is that it would be shameful for one of us to be adopted as a son-in-law and take over as lord?
Do they think that if they want to, they can take over the Central District?
Such people will probably remain in the middle of the road forever. ............ Don't underestimate the 42nd ward.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, please do not hesitate to contact us.
'She's smart. She's been getting clunkier lately.
'Oh?Aren't clunkers cute?'
'From your point of view, I guess so.'
'Miss, when you pinch her nose while she's sleeping, she makes a cute 'miiiiii' sound, you know?
'What are you talking about behind my back?

Estella, who has finished reading the letter, closes in on Natalia.
She bared her fangs as her cheeks flushed red.

'Embarrassed young lady, moe~'
'You're so annoying!

These guys, their hierarchical relationship is collapsing by the day. ......

'I'm not thinking about marriage, I'm... When your father retires, I'll be a great lord. The future of the Forty-two districts is secure.'

He shoves the letter back into my chest.

'Can I read it?
'You can throw it away. It's not that important.'

A cursory glance at the letter reveals that only the text appears to have been cut and pasted from some standard text, but the entire ...... letter is littered with detailed sarcasm.
The world has become more generous when the acting lord sends a letter directly to the lord. Or...
I envy you that you can visit me whenever you want, but I'm too busy to do that. Or.
It's a fool's errand to waste time, but when meeting an old acquaintance, it's a good idea to be the fool of your childhood. And so on. ...... This means that you don't approve of him as an acting lord and you can't have him, right?

'He's always been like that. He's always been like that. He'll get on your nerves if you're not careful. He's a nasty guy who can't keep his mouth shut.
'I see. ...... That's why the gatekeeper of District Forty-one looked down on the people of District Forty-two more than necessary.
'It's not just the gatekeepers. ...... It's the whole town.'

He sat down in a chair with Dokka and crossed his arms.
An aura of grumpiness rises from his body.

'That's a very different reaction from the demi-lie of the Forty District.
'Master Oji is a good man. He's someone I can respect both as a lord and as a human being.

Estella's expression brightens a little.
I wonder if this is also a result of her childhood.

'Demilly-sama is an old acquaintance of the current lord, and they are very close.
'That's what he said, I believe.
'Demilly-sama of the 40th district is generous and personable, and has always been someone who cares about my lord whenever something happens.

I imagine he's like a big brother you can rely on.
Nowadays, the 42nd district is full of life, but when I first arrived, it was in a terrible state.
He must have been consulted in many ways.

'On the other hand, District 41's Mr. Siegenthaler is ............!
'Easy to understand, you too.
'The previous lords were still able to talk. He was ...... hard to get to know, though.'
'But it is also true that the lord's condition deteriorated due to his association with Lord Siegenthaler.
'Your father is ............ weak to hit, you know.'

What, did he fall asleep from stress?
Well, anyway, I guess he's not a good match for District 41.

If you ask me, I've become more active with the Forty, but I can't get along with the Forty-One.
Basically, we use it only as a transit point. It's not a main street, but a small road used as a loophole for a few kilometers.

'Oh, I don't want to go to ............ ......'.
'No, we have to go, don't we?
'I know, I know. ...... I'm going. ......'

Estella the seal, again.

'Well, I'll go with you. See?'
'Nn............ please.'

You're so naive.
That's why you're in trouble.

It's certainly depressing to go to a place where you know you'll get a lot of grief. I can't just blow him off.
I hope the negotiations go well.

'So when do you want to meet?
'Three days from now.
'You're being very coy again.
'That's on purpose. I'm just harassing you to make you feel better. ......'
'That doesn't sound like you.'

Estella, who had been sulking, looked up at me.
'No, I know you don't like it, but...'

'I just think it's not like Estella to make judgmental comments about people.
'I didn't mean to say anything bad about ...................'

I was about to say something, but then I cut my words.
She looks like she's about to cry, and her mouth sticks out like a duck.

'............ I'm sorry. I'll be careful.
'No, I didn't mean to blame you, okay?

Oh, no. I'm sulking.
I'm sure Estella is aware of that.
But there are some people you just can't stand and you feel more negative emotions towards them than you should. It happens all the time. It happens to me too.

But it's a little painful to have it pointed out to you by .......
Somehow, I feel like 'everyone is blaming me'. ...... Hmm. I think I may have misspoke.

'Estella is... Estella is a better person, a kinder person, and she would smile all the time if she could. That's what I think she is.

Estella turns her head and refuses to make eye contact with me.
I continue without concern.

'But he also thinks about his people, he works hard, and he has a stronger sense of responsibility than anyone else. ...... That's why he gets impatient and makes little mistakes.
'But don't forget that.'

I put my hand on his head, brushing his fine red hair.

'No matter how hard it is, you're not alone. I don't know what you've been through, but you've got me now.

Until now, Estella had been hiding her true identity, and everyone had been struggling to cope on their own.
That must be exhausting. You must be exhausted.

'If the load on your back is impossibly heavy, just throw it away somewhere. If it's worth anything, I'll bring it back and keep it for you.'

I can't be arrogant enough to say I'll take half of it.
That's about it for now. ......

'...... Can't you even honestly say a word of encouragement, you?
'I'll be honest, I'll always be honest. I'll help you if it's worth money.'
'Well, I guess I'll try to smell like money from now on.

As she said this, Estella stretched her curled back.

'...... thanks'.
'No ...... sorry.'
'Nn ......'

The delicate atmosphere lightens a little.
Estella reflects on her blunder, I reflect on my own, and let bygones be bygones.

'My Lady, Master Yashiro.

After Estella and I have made our peace, Natalia quietly raises her hand.

''......, explode.''
''That's not what I meant!

The voices came together beautifully.
Yes, Estella and I seem to be on the same page.

''Um, Yashiro-san.''

Ginette is coming towards us.
I saw that the number of customers had decreased and there was a little more room to serve them.

'There's a customer here to see you.
'A customer?'

Ginette said, and I looked at the entrance and saw Pompeo.

'Hello!Mr. Yashiro!'
'...... tell him I'm not home.'
'I see you!I'm in full, full view!

d*mn. ...... I should have talked to you somewhere more private.

'What, at this busy time?
'Oh. Is there something in the works?'
'I've been waiting for three days for a visit to my lord.
'You don't seem to be busy, do you ......?

'Well, I suppose you could say that.

'And?What is it?
'I'm here to learn how to make pudding.'
'You're early!I just taught you how to make fruit tarts the other day.'

Even though I had promised to teach him after the mess was over, he barged in like now, and I reluctantly taught him ahead of schedule.
How many times can the same trick be used?

'Oh, I'd like to be taught too.

Ginette raises her hand in a reserved manner.
Come to think of it, I promised to teach Ginette as well, didn't I?

'Well, Jeannette. I'll teach you when we get the guests back.''
'What about me!
'Shut up. You've been watching.I'm busy teaching Jeannette.'
'Why don't you teach her with me!It'll save you a lot of time!

He's an annoying old man.
Luxury's regular customers call him 'calm and dandy'.What the hell is that?

'I can't help it. ......'

Well, I'll at least teach you the basic concept of pudding.

'Jeannette, look at your breasts.
'Your breasts ......?'
'Pompeo, look at Estella's breasts.'
'Oh, my breasts?
'Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go to ...... .......'
'Wait, wait, wait!What is this?What's going on?
'Listen, guys. Pudding is a food with that kind of texture.
'It's totally different here and there!I want to follow the example of the puffy one!
'...... Pompeo............ will now be okay?'

I don't like ...... wills that say 'I'd rather be plump' ......

'I can't help it. Then I'll tell you now. In return, you'll have to answer a few questions.'
'What's that?

Pompeo's eyes light up when he's told about the pudding.
Well, it's dangerous to make decisions based on information from only one direction. ......

'What are your impressions of District 41 and the hunting guild?

I thought it would be good to know what District 41 was like from the perspective of the district on the other side of District 42.

'Nothing in particular. I'm only interested in things that have an elegant feel to them. Well, I guess you could say that I'm ............ the kind of person ...... you don't want to get involved with.'
'I see. That's good to know.

It's true that they don't give a good impression.

The day ended with me teaching Ginette and Pompeo how to make pudding.
I'll have to have Jeannette master it before Pompeo does, and sell it at the Sunlit Pavilion soon.

By the way, some of the ladies from the forty wards came to eat the cake.
They all went home looking more delicious than before.
At any rate, it is safe to assume that the other side's malice is gone.

...... d*mn, one problem after another... ............

And three days later.
I went with Estella to meet the lord of the 41st district.