148-Episode 129 Let's make curry

It's a good idea to get some spices from Regina,......, and pay for them properly,....... I went back to the sunny pavilion and immediately started to make a prototype of the curry.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

In order to grind the spices into powder, you'll need Regina's yakken. So, I asked her to come along with a set of tools.

'Yashiro-san, we're ready.
'What's going to happen now?
'Are you making a potion, Yashiro?

Ginette and Estella, as well as Delia, joined me in making a prototype of the curry.
Magda and Loretta have gone to the branch store. If the curry turns out good, I'll have to feed them.
With all the preparations in place, I wrapped my arms around myself and got into the spirit. ...... Alright. I'll show you what I'm really made of!

Let's get started!

I ask Estella to peel and cut the vegetables, Ginette to wash the rice, and I begin to work on the garam masala base. Using Regina's scale, I measure out the spices and put them into a large wok-like frying pan.

Cumin seeds, coriander, chambaree, bay leaf, chili, fennel: ......
These spices are first lightly dry roasted. This is a simple process, but it is an important step that greatly affects the taste. Don't burn them, but make sure they are crispy. ......

--It reminds me of a book I read somewhere a long time ago.
It's not common to make curry from spices. It's usually a solid roux, or else you just heat up a retort and be done with it.
I never thought I'd do something like this.
Curry in another world ...... haha, where's the one?

'Oh, it smells good.
I'm not sure what to say.

In the beginning, Estella and Delia looked uneasy, but when the scent of spices began to rise, they began to show interest, and curiosity spread across their faces.
After the dry roasting was finished, while the spices were taking off the coarse heat, the onions prepared separately from the ingredients were fried until they turned candy brown.

'Um, Yashiro-san ......, is that burnt?
'It's fine. Candy-colored onions are a must.'
'Is that so? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt.
'No, no.'

Remove the dry-roasted spices from the fire to remove the heat.
Put the heat-reduced spices into Regina's medicine cabinet. When the spices are ground into a fine powder, garam masala, the base of curry, is ready, but this is hard work. The seeds and leaves of plants are difficult to grind into a powder. Cardamom and cloves are especially troublesome.
There is no such thing as a fancy mixer, so I push and pull the grinding wheel.
Regina, who's been watching me work, gently takes it out of my hand.

'Let me have it. I'll show you what a professional does.

She smiles triumphantly and begins to move YAKKEN with a familiar hand.
A light sound, different from the sound I made when I did it, resounded in the air. The movement is smooth, and the spices inside turn into powder as you watch. A savory smell spread along with it.

She's really good.
When I see her like this, I feel that she is a professional after all.

I don't have to worry about anything because Jeannette is cooking the meal.
I concentrate all my attention on the curry and start to finish it.

Saute the ginger and garlic in oil in a pan. When they become fragrant, add the meat and let it brown and become fragrant. After the vegetables have been cooked, add the candied onions. After that, add tomatoes in water, seasonings from around the world, and water. If you continue to simmer the soup, it will become a strong soup stock with the flavor of vegetables and meat.

'There you go!It's done!

Regina finished making the garam masala more quickly than I expected.
The resulting garam masala was a beautiful powder with no streaks or skins.

'You look like a pro.
'I didn't tell you, but I'm a professional. ...... Remember that.'

Regina clenched her fists and said with a slightly annoyed face.
So that's a non-negotiable part. All right, that's the part you're going to tweak.

When garam masala is added to the simmering pot, the aroma of curry spreads throughout the area. It is a rich aroma that appeals to your stomach through your nostrils. The curry will be complete when it is cooked.

'Yashiro-san. The rice is cooked.

When Jeannette opened the lid of the pot, the aroma of freshly cooked rice covered her face with steam.

'Oh, that smells delicious... ......'

Delia was pouting.
Estella is also looking at the curry with great interest.

'Yes, Yashiro-san. I've served the rice.'

Ginette fills a plate with rice and brings it to me.
The pearly white grains of rice shine like jewels, one by one.
Then, I pour the original curry blend on top.

'Now, the curry is complete!

What the hell is this?
You can get by with just the knowledge you read in books, can't you?
You can do it, surprisingly.

It's not quite thick enough, but it's definitely curry, and an irresistible aroma is spreading through the kitchen.

'Whoa!I can't stand this smell!Let's eat it!

Delia's eyes sparkled with excitement.

'A dish that uses so many spices like this ...... can't not be delicious, right?
'But these spices aren't used in Allbloom, so they're not all that expensive. In Bao Kri Air, we use them on a daily basis.
'Do they have this kind of food in Bao Kri Air?
'No, I've never seen anything like this before. Was it 'curry'?I can't wait to see what it tastes like.''

Regina licked her tongue.
It was strangely lustful and s*xy.

'You're unnecessarily erotic.
'What do you mean 'useless'?I'm erotic in moderation!
'You don't admit you're erotic, do you ......?

While saying this, everyone in the room is focused on the curry.
I can't wait to eat it too.

'Alright, let's go taste it!
'I've been waiting for you!
'Let's take it to the table first. A girl should behave herself.
'Oh, oh, I see. I see.'

Estella smartly restrained Delia who tried to insist on it.
Well, I think boys should behave too. I'll kick your ass if you don't.

They take it to the dining room, sit down, and all sing in unison.

''''' Itadakimasu! '''''

Stick the spoon into the curry, scoop it up, and bring it to your mouth.
The moment you put it in your mouth, the mellow aroma of the curry passes through your nostrils and gives you an unbearable feeling of happiness,.............


It came suddenly. ...... The tragedy is...

''''' spicy!

It hurts!No, it hurts!

I'm not sure what to say.I'm not sure what to say.

I couldn't help but let out a yell that sounded like the Salvation Army. The only difference between this and the Savior of the Century is that I'm the one who's been severely damaged.

'Hey, manager!Water!
'Oh, um, please wait a little while... ......'
'Ah, I'll get it!

Delia fainted in agony and called out to Jeannette for help, but Jeannette seemed to be too shocked to sit up. Estella then ran into the kitchen.
Oh no, I should have prepared some water before I ate.

'Come on, guys!Here's some water!

We flocked to the water like hell's pariahs.
I don't care about manners anymore!We tilt the jug and drink as if we were bathed in water.


Now I'm like someone who gets attacked by the Messiah of the End of the Century.

'......nnggg, nnggg, nnggg!............ Pfft!...... I thought I was going to die.'

Estella was the first to recover.

Delia was crying. She was so shocked that she turned into a toddler, saying 'karaayo~karaayo~......'.
Well, it's understandable. I was so shocked that I almost chickened out.
The destructive power of spices is amazing. It's like a direct hit to the brain.

'Why are you overreacting? It's delicious.

The only exception to this was Regina, who had an uncanny tolerance for spices.

'If you're okay, you could have gone to get some water or something.

Estella, tears welling up in her eyes, protested to Regina.

'It's not right. In my hometown, there is a proverb that says, 'Even if you are a parent, don't let your parents use you if you are not standing', and I can't break it.

That's even worse than 'If you're standing up, use your parents', which is ......

Yeah, ...... but I'm surprised.
After all, an amateur can't just do anything by imitating others. ......

'Oh,......Yashiro-san,............, is this the finished ......? I'm not sure.
'No, it's ...... complete, but I can't ...... do this. I can't eat it. ......'

It's a complete failure.
I wonder why?
Maybe the chili was hotter than I imagined. ...... No, maybe all the spices are more intense in many ways than I know.
No, maybe all the spices are more intense in many ways than I know.

The direction of the taste is not bad.
It's just that the spice's "aggressiveness" was too high. There's no such thing as "lingering hotness". This is just an eating weapon that is trying to destroy your taste buds.

It's a tragedy. ...... I didn't see this coming. ..................?It's a tragedy.

I'm not sure what to say.Apples and honey!

If the curry is too spicy, add some apples and honey to make it milder!
I can't really explain why it reminded me of 'Higeki', but I think with apples and honey, I can change 'Higeki' to 'Kangeki'!

'Let's go to Becko's later.
'Will honey do the trick?
'Yes!Then we'll ask Milly to go pick apples.

I think I saw an apple tree when I went to the forest before.
Oh, that's right. I have a date with Millie in the woods. This is just perfect.

'Eh~, I think this is fine. ......'

Regina finished her plate easily.
...... Well, there was a guy in Japan who liked curry tenfold.

'Let's make the base milder and let people choose how spicy they want it.
'Yes, ...... indeed, we can't let the children eat this.'

In Ginette's opinion, this curry is a new menu item for children's lunch.
Then it should be the sweetest of the sweet. The child will have a strange trauma.

'What should I do with ...... this?

Jeannette looked at the four plates of curry with only one bite eaten.

'I really can't eat four servings, can I?

I don't expect Regina to be a glutton.
But it's outrageous to throw them away. Ginette and I will not allow such an act.

'............Umaro to ......'
'Yashiro. You often choose that solution, but I think you're about to lose your temper.

My brilliant idea will be shut down by Estella.

'...... Gurururururu!

Delia, who had turned into an infant earlier, now turned wild and threatened Curry. It seems to have decided that it is an enemy.
...... There's no option but to force yourself to eat it.

Then ......
If it is too spicy to eat, the theory is to dilute it.

'I'll add cream and cheese to make a curry-flavored risotto.
'Oh, I think I can manage to eat that. ......'

Ginette says, peeking at her tingling tongue.
...... You look kind of cute, that face.

I'm not sure what to say. I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.

If you want, I'll do my best to eat it by myself.

'I don't mind with this group.
'I'm fine with it too.
'...... I'm fine too.
'............ Hey, are you okay with that because there's no portion for us?

No one is saying that, but Regina is sulking.
This guy is a lonely guy who likes to be alone. ...... I can't help it, I'll comfort him.

I can even lick the spoon that Regina used!
'You're such a pervert,......, I'm gonna hate you,......'

Yeah, d*mn it!You're a hard man to please!

'...... I'm home'.

Loretta and Magda came back much earlier than expected.

'What the hell?There's something that smells really good!
'...... interesting scent.'

Their eyes lit up at the smell of curry that filled the restaurant.

'That's not fair!You've been eating delicious food without telling us!I want to eat it too!

Did you say ......?

'It's no use. Loretta, here's my food, you can have it.'
'Can I?Woohoo!
'...... Where's Magda?
'Magda, when it's done right.'
'...... properly?'

Magda tilted her head and the stubborn Loretta exclaimed almost simultaneously.


That scream sounds like something you'd hear on a cliff.

'...... convinced. I realized how kind Yashiro is.'

This pain is too much for Magda.
Loretta?Well, she'll be fine.

'What do you think, Loretta? It's good, isn't it?In a different way.
'No, I wanted 'delicious' in a different way. ......'

Loretta stared at me with her tongue dipped in the water like a canine drinking water.
The fact that she has tears in her eyes is one of the moe points.

'Loretta, you've become so cute lately.
'Even if you say it at this time, I can only feel hostility!

I gave you a compliment.

'...... But I'd like to try a little ...... of it.'
'Oh, you idiot!Stop it, Magda!

Magda's curiosity was aroused by Loretta's overly amusing reaction, and before I could ...... stop her, she took a bite of the curry.

'............ I'm sorry.
'So I told you: ......'

There was no big reaction, but he was ...... crying.
I stroked her head and gave her some water.

After quietly drinking the water, he glared at Curry with tear-stained eyes and said, 'Shoo! He bared his fangs and threatened her. It's the same behavior as ...... Delia. ...... Is this a habit of the beastman race?

Anyway, I made risotto out of the leftover curry to cover up the spiciness and managed to finish it.
The risotto was rather popular, and there was even a suggestion to put it on the menu.
But we can't have curry flavor without curry!
Let's finish the curry first!

'Well, branch store, what's going on?
'...... We closed a little early to save on materials. Recently, the sales growth rate has been very high.'
'It's kind of hard when you can sell but can't.'
'But that may increase the number of customers who come to the sunny pavilion after the tournament is over.
'That would be great.

Ginette smiled at Loretta's information.
After all, eating good food makes you open-minded, doesn't it? If this had been while eating the murderous curry earlier, there would have been a lot of cursing.

'...... There is a man in the 41st district who eats a lot.

Magda sends me some information that I'm interested in.

'......A man with an amazing ......stomach who eats up all the food in the nearby stores and then goes into another store.'
'That guy is going to be a ...... strong opponent.'

I don't know if there's such a guy .......
You might want to check him out. ......

'Then, after cleaning up, let's all go to Becko's place.

It's past 3pm. The sun is still high.
We'll get some honey from Becko's place and save the apples for tomorrow.
Maybe I'll pick some rare flowers somewhere and ask Milly out on a date in the morning.
Then, I'll look for some flowers when I get back from Becco's place.

I made a rough plan for the future, but ...... I hadn't thought that I would get into a bit of trouble at Bekko's place later.