149-Episode 130 Honey

Becko's house was built on a small hill that could be seen as you walked toward New Town along a narrow path leading from the central square. It was like a hilltop overlooking the New Town.

'Wow, that's a nice view.

Delia's nose twitched as she looked down at New Town. Can you smell the wind?
...... Oh, Delia, that smells good. ...... kun kun.

I've been to this place a few times, but this is the first time for these guys.

I've visited a few times, but never with these guys. I had no idea.'

Loretta says as she walks beside Estella.

'Well, it's a road you'd never come to unless you had something to do.

This time Estella is leading the way here. ...... Because when I lead the way, it's like I know Becko, right?I'm trudging along a little further away.

Estella has visited here several times on behalf of the lord. ...... Was Bekko out as if he had timed it?
It seems that they did not know each other until they met at the sunny pavilion. ......

'Ooh!I want to do it too!
'...... You should ride this big wave.'

Seeing Delia shouting at the cliff, Loretta and Magda also imitate her.

'...... hey hey.'

...... No, Magda. I'm not sure if that's the right answer for you.

He asks Estella, looking at the noisy people.

'You know, if you knew this place, you could have figured out who did the wax statues, right?

Do you have any idea how long I've been looking for you?
Of course you can get beeswax in an apiary. I didn't know there was an apiary at the time, but Estella should have noticed it.

'Well, I'm not very familiar with ...... beeswax.'
'You use candles, right?
'No, we use lanterns. Also, Natalia prepared everything for us.

...... You don't know enough!

Well, I guess it can't be helped then.

'Mr. Yashiro. It's a nice place.

Ginette walks up to me just as I finish my story.
A soft breeze is blowing, and a faint scent of flowers is wafting in the air.

'This would be a great place to be if there weren't any Beckos living nearby.'
'Hmm ......, that's a bit harsh, isn't it?'

Ginette gives a troubled smile.
It's not terrible. The beautiful scenery and the hot, unpleasant Beckko make it a zero-sum game.

'I like it here!Hey, Yashiro!Let's bring lunch next time!

Delia seemed to like the high ground, and she smiled.
She peers over the cliff and squints at the wind swaying her bangs.

'Hmm~!It feels so good~!You really live in a nice place, don't you, Becko?
'My house is rather big too, that it is, even for you.
'...... You have a vast and beautiful flower-filled land.
'Um, gentlemen. If Mr. Bekko hears about this, he'll be very sad. ......'

A large old wooden house standing on a hill. It looks like the house of a landowner in the Edo period.
The large straw roof gives it an indescribable dignity.

'But isn't it too magnificent?
'Beekeeping is best suited to large areas of land. Also, it's better if there are no people living nearby.
'Are there any dangerous ones that can sting people?
'Becko's father said that safety is not a problem.

There's a father? ...... I've been here a few times, but I've never met him.
I always head straight for Bekko's studio.
I wonder what kind of pervert he is. ...... The chances of him not being a pervert are close to zero.

'Estella-san, do you even know Gozaru-san's father?
'Hmm?Oh. I've met him a few times.'
'Hmmm ......, I can't believe you know my parents' home in such a remote place, and that you even know their parents. ............ Huh!

Loretta noticed something and was surprised and frightened.
She looks at Estella with a slightly pale face.

'Could it be that you're ............ engaged?
'What?What, Estella, are you getting married?
'...... unexpected combination.'

'No, I'm not!There's no way I'm doing that!

Due to Loretta's misunderstanding, Estella was surrounded at great speed.
Delia's bite is insane. So you like to talk about ...... that kind of thing. ......

'Wait!I'm not going to do it!I don't do that!I'm not talking about that at all!

I'm sure you've heard of it, but I'm not sure if you've ever heard of it.

'...... Why don't you just pretend you were rejected?
'...... My pride will not allow me to do that.

When I whispered in his ear, he stared at me with very scary eyes.

'Oh, I thought it was lively, but ......'.

At that time, I heard a voice I knew well. ......'Oh, this is going to be troublesome,' I intuited.

'Gentlemen, what are you doing here?

Imelda was standing there, holding a parasol and giving off a slightly unhappy vibe.
Apparently, she had come out of Becco's house.


Delia and the three others heated up.

''Oh, that ...... thing, Yashiro-san, what, what, what, what should we do!
'Calm down, Jeannette. There's nothing to worry about.

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. ...... There is no way, and the selfish misunderstanding is accelerating.

'I can't believe that Estella and Imelda were competing for that Becco!
I'm not sure what to make of it.
You can find a lot more information on this site at .......

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can contact us at the following URL: .......
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that.

What are you doing?I'm getting some unpleasant looks from you.'
'Rarely do I feel the same as Imelda. That's enough, you guys!

Imelda and Estella stand side by side, glaring at Delia and the others.
They are unusually fighting together.

'Yashiro-san. What's this all about?'
'It's alleged that you and Estella are fighting over Becco .......'
'...... Can I take that as a declaration of war against the forty districts?
'No, no, wait!I'm a victim too!

It's Becko. You're sparking a war.

'Anyway, I've only been there a few times on business!
'I'm just here to pick up the food samples I requested from Mr. Bekko!

The two men are trying hard to defend their innocence.
...... Bekko. I pity you, boy.

'But we don't have any food samples, Imelda.
'That's because Mr. Bekko is ......'.

Imelda then shows a grim expression as she stares at the flower garden beyond the wooden house.

'It's because he was attacked by a nasty bee monster and almost died, so he couldn't receive it.

Bekko is dying?

'Oh, no. It was a waste of time for me to come all the way here to ......!

Imelda said and tried to leave quickly.

'No, no, no!Why are you trying to leave so smoothly?

Estella grabbed Imelda's arm as she walked away.
Estella grabs Imelda's arm as she walks away. Imelda replies with a clear face.

'What is it?
'Becco is dying, isn't he!
'Well,...... we've got two more days,...... no, half a day,......'

That's a rough estimate!

'Becco is in danger, right?Isn't there something you can do for him?
'Miss Estella . There's a saying in my city. 'Why me?
'No, I don't know if there is such a word!Let's help her!
'Estella-san ......, you're not seriously thinking about Bekko-san, are you?

Estella scratched her hair as her suspicions rekindled.

Well, judging from Imelda's reaction, "dying" may not be the right word, but it's not accurate.
If her life was really in danger, Imelda would have been more desperate. She may look like a pouting woman, but she is not the kind of woman who can leave people to die.

'Well, well, well. Well, well, well.'

A small old man with a round face appeared from a wooden house with a straw roof.

What do you do?
→ Magic
Run away.

'Yashiro B'yyyyim!
'What are you doing, Yashiro?
'My magic's not working!
'I didn't see anything!

Estella replied. '...... You don't know how to be playful.

'Hmmm... You're so unpredictable!You're Yashiro-dono, aren't you?

The old man looks at me and smiles.
I'm sure you'll be able to figure out what's going on here. ...... You've got a way of telling people what's going on, don't you, Bekko? I see. ...... Hmmm. ...... Remember that later.

'He looks just like the statue my son makes.

Oh, so that's how you knew his face.
And ...... it's annoying as hell, that ending.

'That's Carre Neveu, father of Becco. I hope you don't mind me saying so.
'Okay, I refuse!
'Well, me too!
'I agree with .......'
'Well, I'll turn it down too.
'Oh, hey, everyone!Kahle-san. I'm just kidding!You all like to joke!

Jeannette smiles at Kahle, the old man.
Stop it, it's a waste. What if there's less of something?

'By the way, Kahle. I was told that Bekko is dying. ......'

Estella asks Kahle with a mysterious look on her face.

'Oh, he's going to die, isn't he? I guess I'll just have to give up.

Kahle, on the other hand, laughs in a voice devoid of any sense of tension.
I'm starting to think that this guy is this kind of demon.

'Can you show me what's going on?
'Oh, please do. Please go around to the flower garden in the back.

Kale told us to go around the wooden house along the wall and step into the flower garden.

'Ah!Mr. Yashiro!You're all here!You've come to worry about me, that you have?

There was a large enclosure in the middle of the flower garden, and Becko was inside it.
On closer inspection, the enclosure was a cube-shaped mass of screens, surrounded on all sides by a fine mesh. It was a rather wide enclosure with a side length of about three meters.

And a great number of bees were buzzing around it.

'...... Wow.
'This is amazing .......'
'I don't want to go near ...... this.'
'......Each one of them has a certain amount of magic power. ............They are powerful enemies.'
'The numbers are troublesome. ...... Well, I don't think we'll lose.'
'What?I'm not sure what to say. You're going to fight?

I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do that. 'Magda, that was just preparation for the Red Moya.

'Kahle. How long has Becko been there?'
'Since noon the day before yesterday, sir. I accidentally touched the decoy enju.
'The decoy enju?
'It's a special kind of nectar that gives off a scent that lures the magical beast, the Enju-bee, that is currently surrounding my son.

It seems that a type of Japanese pagoda tree, called Hari Enjuju, which is used to make honey, attracts the magical beasts, the "Enju Bees", in an amazing way.
So Becko inadvertently touched the decoy enju, ......

'Did he get what he deserved?
'I'm not a good beekeeper.
'Oh, well. Well, I guess it can't be helped then.
'It's important to give up on the world!
'...... should try harder in the next life.
'Hey, guys!You're kidding, right?Right?

Ginette seems to be getting seriously nervous about these people giving up so quickly.
Don't worry. I'll help you.

'How do I get rid of the smell?
'The smell will naturally come off in three days. Or you can leave the bumblebee's territory, or go to .......'
'What's the range of the territory?
'A five meter radius, sir.
'That's too small!

I've heard that the radius of a honeybee's territory is about two kilometers, but ...... Enju-bee seems to be incredibly reluctant to go out. It seems that they prefer to get things done in the neighborhood. They are like reclusive monsters that only use the convenience stores in their neighborhood.

'Why don't you just run away as fast as you can?
'That's impossible, sir. Bumblebees can fly at 120 kilometers per hour.'
'That's useless!You have a range of five meters!
'When it smells the scent of decoy jujube, it will follow it everywhere.

...... It's so annoying.

'Are you sure you don't want us to get too close?
'The bumblebee is not interested in anything but the scent of decoy jade and people who are coming towards it. So if you let your son die, everyone will be happy.
'I'm not happy at all!Father, I want you to do something about it, that I do!
'Stay away from me, please!It's because I've been so busy making wax statues that I haven't been helping out with the work on a regular basis that I'm in this kind of trouble!You should reflect a little!

Instead of taking over the family business, Becko works as a waxworker and is apparently neglected by his father.

'Didn't your father use the money from that to buy expensive liquor and was in a good mood?

Apparently not even at .......

'At any rate, as long as we don't go out of that enclosure, we'll be safe, right?
'Very much so.
'So we just have to endure in there until tomorrow, the third day when we can get the smell .......'
'Yes, sir. I'll be patient!
'Even so, I'm hungry, and I'm about to lose consciousness, that I am. ......'

He said he couldn't eat because he was locked up. ...... That's why he said 'Bekko is dying.

'...... Magda has honey popcorn.'
'Oh!Ma, Mr. Magda!Please!Can you please give me that honey popcorn?That's right!

I bow to you. Becko made a sincere request.

'...... understood. I present to you.
'You have my gratitude, that you do, Mr. Magda!
'......, come and get it.'
'I'm sorry, that I can't do that for a bit, that I can't!

I mean, if that guy comes out, we're going to be in trouble too.

'Magda. Throw him over.
'...... can't reach it at this distance, that's for sure.

A light paper bag filled with popcorn. I don't think it'll fly five meters if I throw it.

'Or give up.'
'Mr. Yashiro!Please have some mercy!

Becko appealed with tears in his eyes. It's no use. ......

'Do you have a long stick or something?

I'll put it on a stick and give it to him.
I was thinking...

'...... Magda's going.
'What?Are you okay?'
'...... I'm fine. There are a lot of them, but they're not very strong.
'Well, if ...... Magda says she's fine, then ......'

If Magda says she's okay with it, then it's ...... okay to let her go?
Is Magda going to be in danger?For Bekko's sake?

'It's kind of a waste of time.'
'Yeah ...... I kind of feel that way too ......'
'Posthumous, that it is!

I know it's dangerous, but I ask Magda to help me.
I pray hard that he doesn't get hurt.

I'm not sure if there are any protective gears or not,......?

'......, I'm off.'

Jiri......, Magda took a step forward.
The bumblebees are swarming around the netting, showing no sign of caring about Magda.

Be careful, Magda ......, because the bumblebees are said to attack anyone who comes near them.
Magda took another step into the bumblebee's territory.
At that moment--

'Oh!Magda!It's dangerous!

Loretta's shout and my gaze caught the object at almost the same time, and I witnessed a bumblebee leaping in a straight line towards Magda.

The world slowed to a crawl, and I could clearly see the bumblebee's sharp stinger sticking out of its buttocks.
The little beast, no bigger than a thumb, pounced on Magda, its sharp stinger glaring...

'...... slow'

But Magda is the only one in the slow world who moves at the same speed as normal, or even slightly faster.
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea. The middle finger that was hooked on the thumb was vigorously flicked out with a deco-pin.

This was the moment when I witnessed Magda's strength once again.
A fast and powerful blow explodes.

But ......

I'm not sure what to do.

Immediately afterwards, Magda's stomach growled loudly and she gobbled up the popcorn in her hand.

'Aaah!My popcorn!My lifeline is gone!

Yeah. This is what happens when you use Red Moya: ......

'Magda, come back when you've eaten.'
'...... Copy that.'

He only lost one bee, so he only needed a serving of popcorn this time.
As Kahle had said, the bumblebee didn't even look at Magda as she left.

'Yah, Mr. Yashiro!
'Oh, okay, okay, okay!

Well, there is a way that we can probably manage.
'I don't like to go out far, so I'm going home...' If I can rely on that guy who left quickly by himself.

'Jeannette. Can you go back to the sunny pavilion now and make him a lunch box?
'Yes, sir. I'll leave it to you.'
'Then, Delia and Loretta, go help Ginette.
'Oh!I'll leave it to you!
'Yes, sir!

Then, I turn to the three remaining people and talk to them. There are some things I want these guys to prepare.

'Estella. Can you prepare a large, thick bag that can contain the Enju-bachi?'
'Hmmm ...... if it's soon ......'.
'I have a large, sturdy cloth bag in my mansion that I use to fill with sawdust.
'Okay!Then take care of it.'
'All right, sir. Magda, can you help me with the bags?'
'...... Yes, sir.'

Imelda and Magda walked together.

'Then Estella, you and Kalle get ready to make a fire.
'I saw it in Regina's medicine cabinet when I was there. Fragrant herbs for pest control.

Burn the herbs to create smoke and stop the bumblebees from moving.
All the stopping wasps are then put in a bag. You might be able to use them for .......

'Well, I'm off to Regina's!

I ran down the hill, through the main street, and opened the door of a familiar apothecary. ......

'Hey, Dusty!Would you like to have a snack with me~...... hmm?What is it?What's wrong with you?

He's still talking to dust.
I wish he could cure his mental illness with his own medicine.

I explained the situation and how it happened, and tried to get Regina to share some herbs to keep the bugs away. ......

'In that case, I have a recommendation for you!

Regina took out a handful of ............ namelee courser!
...... The way she took it out reminded me of a cat-shaped robot from the future world.

It's a useful item for getting rid of vermin and pests,' she said.

It is said that when the nem rexar is burned, smoke with a high hypnotic effect is generated.
Well, it's good for extermination.

It's called ......, which sounds like an elixir knockoff.

When I returned to the apiary, I immediately tried the nem rexar and found it to be very effective. ......

'...... Bekko is having a blast, isn't he?
'Well, it's impossible to avoid Becco from this position and get him to smoke.

I'll build a fire upwind and send the smoke up.
The noisy buzzing of wings ceased, and the hundreds of bumblebees that had been flying around dropped to the ground and stopped moving.

'Bag them while you can'.

Me and Estella, Magda and Imelda are stuffing the bumblebees into the bag.

'I'm not allowed to touch bugs!
'...... Do you think that's a dignified thing to say?

Correction. Imelda is of no use to me.
It seems that my need to be needed does not come into play in these situations.


Ginette and the others came back just as we finished capturing the bumblebee.
They had made a lunch box for us, but ...... the important one, Becko, was asleep.
It's a shame to let it go to waste. ......

'Leave it to me'.

Regina, who I brought along to make sure the nem rexar was safe to use, came in handy here as well.

'There's a member of the mint family that has a high stimulant effect. I squeezed out the extract and made a potion to wake you up, 'Smelly and bright-eyed X'!
'The name is enough to make you refuse to use it, it's a bad medicine.

I poured the mysterious potion into Bekko's mouth, where I could clearly imagine the result: ......

'Crap!It stinks, that it does!

...... and he jumped up with the reaction you'd expect.

'You, ......, should have a more surprising reaction.
I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.

In the event that you're in the market for a brand-new pair of shoes or boots, then you're in the right place. ...... This guy can eat a lot of food too, can't he?

I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that. I will repay this favor in some way, that I will!

At such words of Bekko, Ginette shakes her body a little.
Hmm?You can't do that, okay?I won't let you make a wax statue of me, okay?Don't get your hopes up, Jeannette.

'Well, I'm sorry you're all in trouble because of my son.
'Nah, I was just cleaning up the mess of some unprofessional beekeeper who couldn't do anything about bees, so don't worry about it.
'Not at all. I'm an embarrassing son.'
'No, I'm talking about you, aren't I?

You should have at least one way to keep the bees quiet for a situation like this. You should at least have protective gear.

'No, but!I'm not sure if any of them are my son's 'good guys' or not. ......
''''' That's not true.''
''I'm sorry I didn't live up to your ...... expectations.''

Estella, Magda, Delia, Loretta, and Imelda all answered immediately, and even Ginette denied it softly with a troubled smile.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Bekko's face caving in, but I ignored him.

'Anyway, can you share some honey with me?
'As much as my son's benefactor asks, yes.

With a smile, Kahle brought me an extra-large jar of honey.
With this much, we can use it for many things.

'Oh, and one more thing: ......'

I say, pointing to a field of flowers.

'Can I take some of those flowers?
'Yeah, no problem.

If I remember correctly, I've never seen some of the flowers here in a flower shop.
They're a bit inferior for ornamental purposes.
But if you make a bouquet with ...... the right colors, you'll have something just right.

I'll have an original bouquet for Millie tomorrow.