380-35th episode without additivesRace among customers

A race in your mind

It is a completely new event that the Executive Committee of the 42nd Ward Citizens' Athletic Meet has put all its efforts into bringing into the world.

It's not a race at all, it's simply a "scavenger hunt" based on the "scavenger hunt", modified a little bit, and it's a "communication race" that the guests can participate in.
Well, to put it simply, the organizing committee came up with the idea of a "borrowed item", but ...... "guts", "great treasure", "once-in-a-thousand-years supreme chicken egg", etc. were all mentioned, and eventually "umalo", "pompeo", "single hair", etc. were named. And then, when they started naming names like "Oumalo," "Pompeo," and "One Hair," I thought, 'Oh, this is no good.
In the first place, it was difficult to make people who did not know "scavenger hunt" understand what "moderate scavenger hunt" was.
The Magda's Scorecard, an item that no normal person can carry, was also listed. ...... They only selected items that they thought they could win.

And when I gave them some examples of "moderate borrowing", they said it was "boring". ...... It's okay to use "scissors" or "bottle opener" or "chair" or "bra with more than G cups". It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your time and money.
Even though it is .......

I'm not sure what to say. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

Estella made a good point.
You wouldn't bring a pair of scissors to watch a field day, would you? On the other hand, there aren't enough houses nearby to borrow them from .......

'So we'll just use bras. ......'
'You'll have to rethink it.
'No, you can use the one you're wearing now, okay?Then we'll have a variety of sizes, right?And then, 'Hey, is she a C or a D?Or is it a D? And then, after persistent negotiation, you get one and it's like, 'Wow, an E-cup, that's too bad!
'Come on, guys. Give me some ideas!Also, Yashiro, shut up.

As a result of this exchange, the "scavenger hunt" was abandoned.
It was only possible because it was held at school, a place where anything is possible.

--So, as a substitute for the "scavenger hunt," the "Race into the Customer" was created.
The rules are almost the same as in the scavenger hunt.
You draw a piece of paper in the middle of the course, and find the person written on it among the spectators to finish the race together.
By using "people" instead of "objects," the geographical disadvantage is solved.
When looking for the person, they call out, 'Is there a person among you? When looking for the person, you call out, 'Is there anyone among you?

Written on the paper are occupations and physical characteristics, such as 'someone taller than you' or 'a beautiful girl with kemo ears'. Other than that, there are those who have a bigger appetite than you, those who are close to you, and those whom you admire.

The reason why the word "more than you" is so prominent is that it is not influenced by subjectivity. Whether you think a man of 165cm is 'taller' or 'shorter' depends on the individual.
I'll include myself as a comparison.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for, but it's also a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for. ...... I've sneaked in a few "people with bigger boobs than me" into the mix,......, but if Jeannette pulls them out, you're out. There are no such people in the forty two districts.

By the way, if you find it absolutely impossible, you can report it to the executive committee and redraw it.
For example, ...... "people who are more normal than Loretta", "people who are more sick than Regina", "people who eat more than Bertina", and so on. It is possible to exchange items of such a high level of difficulty that you may be able to find them, but you will never be able to find them in such a short time.
Because the difficulty level is based on "you", there are differences in difficulty levels even for the same subject. This is a remedy for that.

'Are there any members of the Agricultural Guild among you?
'One of our customers is shorter than me, ......!There you are!

The race was proceeding smoothly with such shouting.

There were eight runners in the first race, two from each team. There are always two runners per team on the course.
If a team finishes with a runner who meets the conditions written on a piece of paper, that runner is dismissed and a new runner starts.
You can participate in the game as many times as you like and earn points as many times as you like.
Each time a player reaches the goal, one point is added to his score, and he can earn as many points as he wants within the time limit.

You can earn as many points as you want within the time limit.
You can even aim for an upset!...... Well, I'm sure your opponent will earn as many points as you do.

The person you bring in is supposed to be from the audience, but you can bring in people from your army or the enemy army.
...... has told us to try to involve spectators who cannot participate in the competition.
See, just watching is boring, right?
If you participate, you can have fun together. ...... If the guests of honor have fun, it will be easier to get money from them next time. ......

It's also announced to the audience at the event, and some of them are breathing hard enough to be seen.
So, for example, ......

For example, the lord next door who is rolling up his sleeves in the dignitary's seat.

'Hey, little sister of the ordinary girl in the sunny pavilion!You just glanced at me, didn't you?What was that?What did it say?Don't be shy just because I'm the lord. Tell me, I'll help you out!
'What ...... is that ............ 'someone younger than you' ......?
'Hey!Next, next!Oh, that one!That's right, you!Didn't you just look at me?You saw that, didn't you?

...... You're scaring me with your desperation, Ricardo.
I'm not going to be able to do it.

'Why don't you just ask Estella to join your team?
'Yeah, ...... we don't need it, so we'll give it to the white team.
'We don't want Ricardo and Geraci.

You're a big guy, but you're useless.
It's a bad debt.

'You were very unhappy about Lucia and Tracy joining us.

Natalia sent Ricardo information that she had not heard.

You can't even bow down and ask to be included, but when you're not, you complain that it's not fair. ...... You're a kid. Heh.

With a look of blatant mockery on his face.

'I even went to the trouble of sending out the invitations because I knew they would be noisy later. ...... What's wrong with you, Ricardo?
'Did you send out the invitations?'
'Yes. I asked Natalia to do it.'
'Yes. I sent a letter to her with a distant message of 'don't come', saying 'you must be busy, so please don't overdo it'.

Natalia is really a good head waiter who follows her lord's wishes to the letter.

While we were talking about this, the race was going well.

'Is there anyone among the customers who is stronger than me?

--And a young ham girl said something dangerous.
If you say something like that, that muscle lord will bite you immediately. ......

I'm not sure what to do.I'll help you with that!Don't be shy!I'm a lord, but I'm a lord who's kind and popular with the general public, so don't be shy!
'E...... that .......'

Ricardo, without being asked, climbed over the chair of the noble seat and pestered his sister.
My sister is frightened. ...... That's scary. If a scary stranger with bare muscles and a scary face is snorting at you.
Would you stop him?

But then a more muscular man grabbed Ricardo by the shoulders and stopped his progress.
It's Javier.

'Don't scare your sister!
'Are you trying to get in my way, Woodcutter's Guild?
'It's not a distraction, it's a protection!It is my duty to protect the little one from the thugs!
'Who's the thug?I'm just trying to help this kid!
'Your sister must finish the race hand in hand with me!
'You're the bad guy, aren't you?You drollicon!

It's a ...... dirty firework display of muscles glaring at each other, sparks flying.

'...... Hey, Estella.'
'Sorry, Yashiro. Don't talk to me now. ......'
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to try.Every single one of them.'
'So, don't talk to me. ......'

The battle between the lord of the 41st district (desperate to participate) and the guild leader of the woodcutter guild (desperate to hold hands with a young girl) was nullified by the appearance of the female hunter of the hunting guild sent by Medora.
All that was left was an atmosphere of 'that lord is too desperate ...... ppppppppp' and the tragic future of Javier, who was pale as he was beckoned by his own daughter who was participating in the race.
In Imelda's hand, she holds a piece of paper with the words, "Who wants to punch me in the face? ...... I didn't even know that was a subject. I'm sure you'll have a great time.

'If he fits the criteria, pick him, he's so annoying.

When I told Estella that, she shrugged and shook her head.

'Unfortunately, I have someone else in mind. Unless there's some misguided issue, there's a girl I'd like to convince to join the race.

He said, looking toward the first aid tent.
I want Teresa to be in the race. I can see it in your eyes.
Unless something really weird comes along, I'm sure we can work something out. Even if it's "someone who's been good to me" or "someone I care about".
You can't do it if the person is taller than you, though.

'Well... Shall I go ask her out?

Ginette, who was going to run next, came in front of us and extended a helping hand to the poor, unbearable, lonely lord.
You're really sweet, aren't you? Why can't you just leave him alone?

'Ginette, you don't have to take it easy, okay?
'No. I'm not trying to ......'
'Besides, Ginnette is too good for Ricardo!
'I don't think it's ...... a waste, is it?

Ginette is taking care of Ricardo. He's a man of compassion.
I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'm going to be able to do it. ...... I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do this, but I'm sure I'm going to be able to do it. ...... running,...... should be. But.

'Let's see, ...... among the customers ......'.
'Whoa!You're the manager of the Sunlit Pavilion!You're one of the few sensible people in District Forty-two. You know exactly who to turn to for help.Now, tell me your subject!I'll go with you!

'Is there anyone ............ who has ever spent the night with me at ......?
'............ Um, excuse me.'
'Oh, ...... no. Yeah, don't worry about it.

There's a strange atmosphere in the air.
That's what I thought.
'I stayed over with this guy! It's not like the lord can say that out in the open. ...... Or, if you lie about such things, I'll bury you. I'll bury you deep in the mountains in conspiracy with some hidden gynet fans, and then dig you up and sink you in the sea on another day.

'Uh, Sirach. Can you help me?
'Oh, yes. Ginette, you've been staying at my house.

Ginette found Sirach, who was watching the game from the general seats, and successfully completed her mission.
...... Who was it that put in such a sensitive subject? It's a dangerous question that could lead to a major scandal depending on who you ask.

'Hey, Yashiro. He's so annoying.

Delia comes over and cuts Ricardo off.
Lucia is 'sama', but Ricardo is 'he's so annoying', in your mind.

'It's kind of annoying, isn't it?
'He's scaring the little kids on my team.
'Hey, if someone comes up with a subject like that, I'll pick one. It'll be more peaceful that way.
'Hmm, ......, that's right. I don't know.

But, Millie. You don't have to feel sorry for her. He's just annoyingly loud, so I'm just picking him to shut him up.

'So guys, I'm really, really, really, really sorry, but please take care of that idiot.
'He's Estella's childhood friend.'
'Would you please stop it, Yashiro. It'll hurt my reputation too much.'

Estella is desperately trying to hide the fact.
I hate that. It's the beginning of ...... corrupt politics when those in power cover up the truth.

'Oh. It's my turn.

Paula's tail wags and she runs off.
The results of her dieting are evident in her lean legs, which look very healthy.
She seems to be concerned that she's thicker than Nepheli, but from a man's perspective, even Paula is too thin. She could be a little plumper.
Men like things that are puffy.
As proof of this, Paula's fans are looking at her from the cheering section of ......, although it is difficult to judge whether it is appropriate to say so.
Of course, it was a pornographic look that tainted the pure sports festival.

'What a bunch of old men looking at ...... the line of my calves with obscene eyes. Oh, no, no, no.'
'Yashiro. You're in the exact same category, aren't you?

Estella. That's a terrible libel. I'm not like those old men with a fetish for bare feet.
And I like tails!

'Let's see, ......'.

Paula takes up the subject and Ricardo prepares himself.

'Can any of you tell me ten things you like about me?
'Okay, I'm on it!The dog-eared shopkeeper!
'Yeah, can you say ...... properly?
'That's no problem. I'm a man who sees the best in others!
'Well, why don't you try and list some of my good points?
'Oh?Ah~...... well, ............ I like the flesh on your legs!'
's*xual harassment!You're a b*tc*!Skeevy!
'Wait!Wait!I thought I complimented you!'

Paula runs away from Ricardo, who has no sense of delicacy.
That's right. That's wise.
When you're asked to name a good thing, who's going to say 'the flesh on your legs'?

In the end, Paula dragged her father, who was selling hexenbiest frankfurters, to the finish line.
At the finish line, you have to make sure that you are really who you say you are.
In this case, we're going to ask them to actually say ten nice things about Paula. ...... Wow, that stupid parent can't stop talking about what's good about her daughter. It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.

'Well, I'll be next.'

Nepheli then saluted lightly and ran to the course.
What was that salute?Checking the distortion of the torsos?And why is Percy cowering on the ground?Oh, was that cute, just now?Heh.

'One of our customers~......'

Neffery unrolls the subject and says it out loud.

'Is there anyone who makes you want to hug me?
'Good, good, chicken girl!Normally, you'd have a different status, but I'll give you special permission just this once!

--and Ricardo started to emphasize his pecs. ...... What, what, that?I'm not sure what to say.I want to hug you! I'm not sure what to make of that.
And Percy next to me begins to emit a tremendous killing spirit. ...... This guy is going to risk his life to stop me if it comes to that.

'Come on, chicken girl!Come and jump into my chest!
'No, thank you .......'

Neffery rejects her with a straight face.
When a girl is deeply offended, her face loses its expression. ......

I'm not sure what to say. Percy is rolling around on his stomach in glee. He's pointing and laughing at the lords of the other districts.

'Wow!That's so cute!Can you help us?'

Nepheli spotted a mother with her child in the audience and carried her baby to the finish line. Is that guy a bundle of girl power? He's just like an honor student in a boy's magazine, as usual.

'Well then, I'll go next.

Norma steps out onto the track, her healthy gym uniform exuding an aura of nighttime glamour.
The line of her buttocks has reached the realm of art. The line is so good that it could be made into a tourist attraction.
Let's worship ............. I'll worship it.

'Let's see, ......'.

In the event that you have any questions regarding where and how to use the site, please do not hesitate to contact us. The men in the audience were getting excited. They're too desperate, aren't they?

I'm not sure if any of you have more than 1 million rb in assets.

The men who had been standing in front of me fell silent. Silence.
No, well, ...... I don't know how you feel, but ......

'Norma. This is not the place to look for a marriage partner. ...... I know how you feel.
'No, it's not!It's written in the book.And I'm not looking for money from a guy. ............ What do you mean, 'I know how you feel'?

Norma was coming at me like a maniac.
Oh no!Let's get out of here!

If your assets are over 1 million rb, Ricardo fits the bill.
In the end, Ricardo did not come forward.
You see, the atmosphere would have given the impression that 'the lord is going to buy that beauty with money,......, whispering.
I'm sorry. ...... Norma's unconscious desperation oozing from within must have made it so. ............

I'm not sure what to say.I'll be waiting for you!
'I'm sorry!I'll give you a hint!If it's Neck and Tic, there won't be an atmosphere like that!It's got to be them.Or Marle!'
'...... I guess so. I'll go ask Ma'ulu for you then.

Norma tucked her wandering flue into the trough and headed for the dais.
She thought that if she took ...... Neck and Tic with her, they would think she was 'cajoling a younger man'. I'm sure he thought that if he took Neck and Tic, they'd think he was 'cajoling a younger man'. ...... It's a difficult age, Norma.

And what a pull.

'...... Magda is going.

Magda takes off, her presence and footsteps muffled.
Looking at him again, he looks like a ninja. Even if you follow him with your eyes, you might lose him.
If he gets serious, he'll be scattered immediately.

He runs lightly and pulls out a piece of paper without hesitation.
Then he turns around and gives you a thumbs-up.

Apparently, I've won a prize that will allow me to take Ricardo with me. That's Magda. She's the kind of beastly girl who never misses a beat.

'...... among the guests'.

She said in a flat voice, standing right in front of Ricardo with her chest out.

Ricardo sensed this and smiled, looking like a warrior on the verge of battle.

'...... Who wants to get down on their knees and be stepped on by Magda?'
'Regina!What kind of subject did you put in there?

I can't be sure, but I'm pretty sure that's why I'm blaming the poor guy.
And Ricardo, who seemed to want to participate by any means necessary, turned away from .......

Well, once you reach the finish line, you'll have to go through the "confirmation process".
You can't do that in full view of the public.

'It seems that your father has saved your life.

Once Imelda finishes, she returns to the waiting line and comes to us.
...... I agree. If it had been her sister or Cheryl who drew the challenge, Javier would have been happy to come forward.
I'm glad today is not the anniversary of Javier's death.

'HEY, Chick!Did you hear that?
'Off course, Neck!
''Magda, please!''
''Hey, somebody go stop those perverted anteater brothers over there.''
''Yes, sir!I order you to leave the district!I'll be trampled instead!
'I'm sorry. I'll add the fox here!

In the end, Magda led the anteater brothers to the finish line and returned without stepping on any perverts, telling the committee members that '......'s desire to be stepped on is real'.
That's true. There is no need to give such a service for free.
What a disappointment, those anteater brothers are!

'Ugh...... sorry, Magda-chan...... Neck and Tic......'
'...... No need for Millie to apologize. It's all because Magda is a little devil.

I'm not sure if that's the right response, but I'm going to have to make the Regina case unconditionally interchangeable from now on.

'Alright!Now it's my turn!

Delia stretched out her arm muscles and ran out of the room with great vigor.
As soon as she drew the subject, she gave us a thumbs-up, just like Magda.

'Hey, you~!I'll choose one for you, so come with me!
'Hey, Oba!You've got to learn how to talk to your lord!

Why are you telling me this? Tell Estella.
And Delia, she's quite decent.
She shows respect to those who need it. Lament your lack of respect, reflect, repent.

You know what?You don't want to join?Then I'll find someone else.
'Hey, ......, just say what you have to say.
'Someone who can withstand my all-out punching'!
'Don't be absurd, beastmen!

d*mn it. Did Ricardo know about Delia's power?
He should've tried hitting me once.

'Okkidama naka~, who can hold Cheryl!
'Yes!Yes, yes!Old man Javier will hold her for you~!
'That's just fine, Miss Delia. Take that muscle over there and go. I'll take full responsibility.'
'I see. Javier. Nice to meet you!
'Wait a minute!You're just as powerful as Medora and Magda, aren't you?
''Hahaha!I'm not that much of a monster, as you can see.
I'm not sure what to do.

I've heard that that old man, if he fought with all his might, would be as powerful as Medora. ...... Have you grown old, Javier?

And then, at the finish line, the "confirmation process".

'Well, here we go!
'No, no, no, no!

I couldn't help but cover my ears.

It was a dull sound. ......

But as expected of a lumberjack hero!Even after taking Delia's blow, he said, 'Ouch!What is this, it hurts so much! He only made a fuss.
A normal person's skull would have been crushed or disappeared on a cellular level.

You haven't lost your edge yet, hero lumberjack!
Hey!Nice hitting!


Delia comes running back with a glittering face.

'Your dad's awesome!I gave it all I had, but it didn't work at all!
'No, you were in agony, weren't you?
'This is so cool, your dad!
'He was trying so hard to hold the little girl, though, wasn't he?
'Hey, can I borrow you again sometime?I want you to be my kumite partner!
'Then I'm all yours.
'Wait a minute, Imelda!Don't make a terrible contract without permission!

Javier seems to have gained some respect in a weird way.
Delia looks happy. Her dad was definitely strong, maybe she remembers him.
Mm-hmm. Let him have his fun.
Delia is an adult and won't fall prey to Javier's poison.
She's safe!

I'm sure you'll be glad to know that I'm not the only one who's a fan of your work. I'm not sure what to make of that. ......

I'm not sure what to make of that.

'If the subject doesn't apply to Teresa, I'll choose it for you.

I'm not sure if it's the responsibility of a childhood friend, but she says it with a sigh.
Teresa or Ricardo.
Estella seems to be planning to take one of them to the finish line.
Well, unless it's a very strange subject, it's one or the other.

Well... I'd better get going too.

I line up at the starting line with Estella.
We'll start as soon as the rest of our team returns.

'I'll take Teresa, you take Ricardo.
'Yeah, let's reverse the .......'
'The sooner the better.'

Estella runs off as quickly as she can.
The blue team finishes ahead of us by a whisker.
I'm right behind her.

Right in front of me, Estella picks up a piece of paper in the middle of the course, checks inside, and freezes.
She stiffened so much that I could clearly see it from behind.
What the hell kind of subject did she get?

When I caught up with Estella and looked into her hand, I saw that she had written a truly exquisite question.

"People with bigger boobs than you.

'Yashiro ......, you're the one who wrote such a title.'
'It's true that I wrote the title, but ...... I screwed up. If Estella draws it, it will be clear no matter who she takes ......!
I'm not sure what to do.
'Take Ricardo with you.'
'I'm not losing to that thing!
'No, no, no, I don't get it.'
'I know!'

Estella bites me, clutching a piece of paper on the subject.
But Ricardo, who is obviously talking about himself right in front of me, but doesn't know what is being said because he doesn't know the subject, interrupts me.

'What the hell are you talking about?You said that you are not defeated by me, but I am not defeated by Estella!
'See, he seems confident too.'
If Ricardo were to win this match by mistake, the lords of the 42nd and 41st districts would lose their dignity at that moment, and the destruction of the ...... districts would occur.

Well, it's true that both the female lord who loses to the male lord in a titty size contest and the male lord who challenges the female lord in a titty size contest would be laughed at.
Dignity would be wiped out in an instant.
I don't know if that would be enough to destroy them.

'Interesting, if you insist, I'll accept the challenge!Let's settle it black and white at the finish line!

And while Ricardo is excited about finding a way to participate in the competition, Estella is...

It's not funny at all. ............ Shut up for a minute.

--You can find a lot more information on the web.
This is a great way to make sure that you are getting the most out of your time with your family and friends.

'Then it can't be helped.

I said with a gentle smile to Estella, who had guessed an exquisitely interesting subject.

'I'll take care of Ricardo, you let Teresa join.
'I can't do that either, that's why I'm worried!

You're a girl, so don't worry about it~.
It could be a pretty good match.
Well, you'll probably lose miserably in a few years, though.

'I demand a redraw!
'You idiot!The redo is only for 'difficult to complete in this short time'!You can't apply it to a lucky subject like this!

'What's so lucky about that?
'Isn't the whole human race in this category!
'Who's the number one flat-chested human being?

Estella was frustrated with her unprecedentedly lucky card.
Forgetting about Teresa and Ricardo, she looks around frantically.
You'll be able to find a lot of people who have a lot of money to spend.

'...... Hey, Estella. You can't just stare at the tits of the people who came to cheer you on.
I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'll be able to do it.

Estella is looking for a good pair of tits with her eyes.
You can't say anything about Regina anymore, you know. I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do it.

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've.

I'm sure you'll be happy to know that I'm not the only one who can't wait to get started.
Oh, I see.
You're the kind of guy who likes to enjoy tits alone. We're the same, me and you. Pfft.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
It's no use, I'll choose you.

'Ricardo. Very reluctantly, I've found the perfect subject for you. Will you come with me?'

When I said this in front of him, Ricardo looked a little surprised.

'It's ...... kind of creepy that you're asking so honestly.
'If you don't like it, fine. I'll find someone else.
'Wait a minute!You're perfect for me, right?Just say it. I'm willing to listen.

You're desperate.
How badly do you want to be a part of this?
I'll let you in, then. ...... Oh dear.

Shrugging my shoulders, I thrust the piece of paper I had drawn at Ricardo.
Hold it at eye level so that the words are easy to read.
Ricardo reads aloud the words on the paper.

''People who respect and admire me: ......''
'Come on, Ricardo!Come with me!'
'You've got to be kidding me!Who would admire you?
'I don't care. ...... then, Gerasie.'
'No, thank you, you idiot!

I hear there are a lot of foul-mouthed aristocrats sitting in the guests' seats.
That's right. People were nice enough to invite you.

Fine then.
Just sit there and watch.
That's the kind of character you guys have. ......

'The lonely lord who is not invited by anyone ...... pppp!

You'll be laughed at as ......

''What are you guys doing, you ...... at all?''

On the way to escape from the two lords who were shouting at him with scary faces, he heard Donis' disgusted voice.
You should give the inexperienced young lords a hard time. Don't you love it when you tell the young ones things like, 'When I was young, ......'.
It's a good lesson for kids like Ricardo and Geraci.
I'm not going to do it, though.

You know that ...... Obayashi is that kind of guy. Don't get pissed off every time. This is why young people these days are so ...... when I was young. ......!

Covering my ears to the old man's long talk, which had started as expected, I left the place.
--But my destination is right next door.

I left the dignitary's seat and came to the first aid tent.

There, I found Wuerer being pampered by Barbara and Teresa.
You're squishy, Barbara. Teresa's still calmer than you. Pull yourself together, sister.

'Do you have a minute?
'Yes. Hero!'

When I called out to her, Wuerer straightened up and her eyes began to sparkle.

'Our family naturally respects and admires you, Hero-sama!We will accompany you wherever you go if you ask us to!
'Oh, no, ......, I don't need that kind of heavy .......'

I don't need any real respect.
I don't know why they respect me,......, but they respect me,.............

'Hey, Teresa.'
'......, huh?'

Teresa replied in a dumb voice, as if she hadn't expected to be called by name.

'Do you like me?

I squatted down in front of Teresa and looked her in the eye - and then she grabbed me by the neck and forced me to stand up. To Barbara.

'...... Hero, if you ............ touch Teresa, I'll ...... break all your joints backwards. What?

Scary, scary, scary!
I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not.
It's something you should never do to a live person!

'I'll show you Teresa's smile, you be quiet.

You can't appease Barbara, who has a face like Hannya,............, with me.

'Yes. Barbara. You're a smart girl, so let's listen to what the heroes have to say.
'Smart ......?Is that Aashi?
'Yes. If you can be quiet, you're very smart.'
'Yay!I got a compliment!

No, 'if you behave yourself' means you haven't been praised yet.

Wuerer calms Barbara down, and I crouch down in front of Teresa again.
She stares at me blankly with her big eyes, and I ask her slowly.

'Do you know what respect is?
'You know, ......, that you like your sister?
'Well, something like that.'

Barbara's feelings towards Delia were undoubtedly one of respect.
If you ask a little kid like Teresa, it's like 'I like you a lot'.
So, in a broader sense, if you feel close to her and like her, it would not be an exaggeration to say that you already respect her. For a kid as young as Teresa.

'So, if you like me, will you come with me?
'I'm ............, aren't I?

The smart Teresa realized something and looked like she was going to cry a little, anxiety mixed with the hope that she was right.
Don't cry, don't cry.
Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry. ...... unless you're too brazen like your stupid sister.

'I want you to run with me and finish the race with me. ...... Can you do that?'

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one.
It's the 'okay' gesture that kids sometimes make. It's a gesture that kids sometimes make. She's worried about not having a guardian's permission.

And Barbara, the guardian...

'Teresa alone?It's too dangerous!

...... Read the air, dumbass sister.

'Don't worry, Barbara. The heroes are with me.'
'Then Aashi will go with you!

I'll stop this sister's rampage.
I'm sure she'll be a pain in the ass when she gets here.

'Hmm. So you respect me, huh?'
'Don't be silly!The only person Aashi respects is Miss!
'Then stay there and watch.'
'But Teresa is ......!
'So, stay there, cheer her on, and watch over her.'

I keep my eyes a little more serious to silence the fussing Barbara.

'With your support, Teresa can do anything. Because she can, can't she?Teresa's your sister, your pride and joy.'

I know you're worried.
But if you keep overprotecting her, you're gonna stunt her growth.
You, too, need to cut her some slack.

'Hey, Barbara. It's Teresa's first field day. Let's support her as best we can. We're family.
'Family ............, you're coming too, right?
'Of course!

Wuerer took Barbara's hand and gave her a look towards me.
I'm sure you'll be able to understand what I'm trying to say. I hope he's easier to talk to than Yap Lock.

'Ugh,......, but I'm worried about you,......'.
'Well, let's let Teresa decide.'

Wuerer walks up to Teresa and puts his hand on her plump cheek.

'What do you want to do, Teresa-chan?Do you want to run with the heroes?'
'Ah ...... ah, ha ......'.

Teresa glances over at Barbara.

'Do you want to participate in the field day?

But at Wuerer's words, his face turned downward.
Then, with his head down, he muttered.

'......I want to go out,............'.

After saying this, he looks up at Barbara with an anxious look on his face.
She was worried that he might get angry ...... and hate her.

'I see. If that's what Teresa wants to do,......, hero, make sure you protect her.'

She's still my sister.
She must have seen Teresa's face and understood exactly what Teresa meant.
Barbara finally broke down.

'Now, I'm going to ask you one more time, Teresa.

We have to follow the rules, you know.

'Do you like me?
'Yes, I do!

Teresa jumped on my neck.
'Nuh-uh!Get off me, hero!' I dodged Barbara's attempt to jump on me and quickly left the tent with Teresa since she seemed to be annoying me.

It's faster to carry her to the finish line,......, but it's a good idea.

When I entered the ground, I put Teresa down.
In the event that you're just cheering, you're going to be on a large field, so Wuerer had Teresa wear athletic shoes. They're not as nice as sneakers, but they're the kind of shoes that most kids in this town wear.
I think they'll work.

'Alright, Teresa. Let's run!'

I took Teresa's hand and slowly pulled her along, and she giggled and nodded with all her might.


Then I slowly ran the distance to the goal, matching Teresa's speed.
The waiter, who was a member of the organizing committee, thoughtfully waited for me with the goal tape.
I took the opportunity to let Teresa go first and let her cut the tape.
Then, Teresa's face turned bright red and she showed her best smile.

Many adults were struck by her smile.

Teresa couldn't stop her joy and jumped up and down on the spot.
The tension went up and up and up until it finally exploded.
She came running to me and hugged me with the same momentum.


I've been exposed for a while, hugged with all my might. ...... I should have let Estella play this role.

Yes, Estella was forcibly dragging the reluctant Regina to the goal.
That's one of your own players. ......

...... You know, he ran so fast that he left Loretta behind, and then he said, 'How about that!I'm sure you'll agree. This is a great way to make sure that you don't have to worry about your own health.

All of them are probably having too much fun at the field day,......, and that's a shame.