46-Episode 44 Meeting on a Rainy Day

The children were all sleeping peacefully, as if the special medicine had taken effect.
They hadn't slept at all last night because of the pain, so let them sleep for now.
The matrons have gone to the kitchen to prepare a meal that will be easy on the stomachs of the children, in case they wake up at any time.
The breakfast donation is off today.

Outside the window, it is still raining so hard that you cannot see more than a meter ahead.

'What should we do about the store today? ......'

Ginette said, looking out the window.
Emotionally, she probably wants to stay with the children and take care of them.
On the other hand, if you leave the store empty and a customer should come in, you're probably thinking .......

I'll tell you one thing.

There won't be any customers.

Even with the rain yesterday, there were no customers.
There's no way they'll show up today when the rain gets even heavier.
Even Umaro wouldn't come in this rain.
No, in fact, if he came to the 42nd district in the rain with the sole intention of seeing Magda, I would be a little disappointed.
That would indeed be too desperate and creepy.

'...... Don't worry. I've got it all under control.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.

'...... I put a sign up when I came back a while ago.

Magda had just returned to the sunlit pavilion to get a change of clothes for me.
It was dawn, and she went alone in the heavy rain.
...... This was partly because Estella, Regina, and Bertina had strongly told me that it was not good for a naked man to be in the church.

So, Magda returned to the sunlit pavilion and took various actions, apparently thinking that it was a good opportunity.
First of all, he put up a sign at the entrance saying, "If you need anything, please come to the church (meals are available).
...... I hope the sign hasn't been torn by the rain or blown away by the wind.

And Magda was coming with her stall.
Most of the stalls consisted of a box with a lid, and he brought a variety of foodstuffs in it. Popcorn sets and various food items. And a medium-sized water bottle filled with filtered water. This would have been about 10 liters.

It must have weighed a lot, but that's Magda. With his uncanny human strength, he easily pulled the cart back. Moreover, he was holding an umbrella in one hand.

'You're a good girl, you know what you're doing.
'...... You should praise her.

Magda did such a good job that I've been holding her on my lap and patting her on the head ever since. Just to be clear, this is Magda's request, not my hobby.

'I really appreciate that you brought me some drinking water.

Bertina bowed deeply to Magda.
It must be hard for the children if they can't drink water after their symptoms have settled down.

There is a large water bottle in the church, in which water for daily use is stored.
However, these are used for bathing and washing, not for drinking.
The water in the bottles cannot be replaced because the top priority is to stockpile water. When the water is low, it is poured back in.
Drinking water was not stockpiled because there is a well in the garden.

This rain has damaged the well.

It must have never occurred to them that the water from the well would be more contaminated than the water they had stored in a bottle for domestic use.

Or perhaps we need to rethink this system of storing water for domestic use in water bottles.
Even though we don't drink it, it is still a bit unsanitary to use it for washing dishes and bathing.
Overall, water reform will be necessary.

Right now, we're having a discussion in the common room.
Regina is taking care of the kids. However, there is nothing much to do since everyone is asleep. She seems to be making medicines in the children's room, just to keep an eye on them.

Regina seemed to be really happy to have the spices.
However, she did not ask where it came from.
She just said, 'Maybe it's because you've been doing it all day.

So, what we are discussing is: ......

'It's a blow that the well was damaged. From now on, it will be difficult to get drinking water as well as water for cooking.
'In addition to eating and drinking, it is also difficult to wash your face, brush your teeth, wash dishes and laundry.
'...... No bathing either.'

Following Estella's lead, Ginette and Magda also pointed out problems.
'As long as sewage has been mixed in, water from the well cannot be used for anything that comes in contact with the human body, directly or indirectly.

'In other words, you can't use the water itself,......,' he said, 'I'm in trouble.

...... Hey.
It doesn't look serious at all.
But Bertina has been nursing the children since they collapsed, without sleep or rest, and without food. It would be good for them to take sugar to recover their strength and energy.

'I guess I'll just have to bring water from the Sunken Pavilion in this rain. ......'

Estella gives a difficult look at the most recent problem.
Well, that's true, too. ......

'The situation may not stop here.
'...... What do you mean, what do you mean?Are you saying there's more to it?

The tension in Estella's face was palpable.
You don't seem to be aware of it, so I'll tell you.

'If heavy rains and overflowing rivers are the cause, similar phenomena could occur here and there. That's right, ...... all over the city, all at the same time.'


Like Estella, Jeannette also has a startled expression on her face.
Magda must have been surprised too, because she looked into my face.

'We need to secure safe drinking water, but before that, we need to educate the people about water. Those who believe that 'water from a well is safe' will definitely make the same mistake.
'It's true that I've never thought about the safety of water before. ...... If it's cloudy, I can't drink it.
'Disease-causing bacteria are invisible to the eye. It is possible for water to be clear and colorless and still be covered in pathogens.
'Oh, um, Yashiro-san,......, what will happen if you drink it,......?'

Ginette asked with an anxious look on her face. I'm not trying to make you anxious, but you need to have a sense of urgency. I'm not going to hide the fact, I'm going to tell you clearly.

'In the worst case, you could lose your life.
'............ Oh no.'

Ginette's eyes welled up in exasperation.
Someone's life could be in danger. The mere thought of it must make Jeannette ache in her heart.

'Yashiro ......, is there anything we can do?'

Estella's voice did not sound relaxed.
Her eyes stared at me with urgency.
It's a pestering look.

I don't like that kind of look.
No matter how much they expect me to do, I can only do what I can do. I'm not a hero or a savior or anything. I'm just a con artist. I'm just an ordinary human being who's good at talking and deceiving people.
If you make me your last hope, I'm no match for you.
It is possible that your last hope will be extinguished without you being able to do anything about it.

......, but in other words, this is what it means, isn't it?

I can do it if I can.

'I'll mass produce the filtration system in the sunny pavilion as soon as possible.

If they owe me money, I'm sure they'll benefit me eventually.
If you need my knowledge, fine, I'll show you all I can.

'The structure is quite simple. The materials used are inexpensive and can be found anywhere. You just need a few tricks and knowledge to make it. ...... I know what I'm talking about.'
'Yes, ...... the water was very clean after passing through that filtration system.'
'With the ...... thing, the water is safe?'
'No, it's not enough. Filtration doesn't kill bacteria. There is a possibility that sewage is flowing into the water, so you need to sterilize it thoroughly.'
'Boiling, right?
'Yes. Most bacteria are killed by boiling water. If Regina has carbonic acid, that'll work too. Bacteria are weak against acid.
'Ya, Yashiro, wait a minute!

While all the members of the Sunlit Pavilion who knew the contents of the filtration device were talking, Estella put a stop to it.

'Are you saying that the filtration device ...... will teach us its technology ......?'
'That's what I'm saying.'
'No. ...... but .............'

Maybe Estella is trying to say.
'Are you sure you want to release such a great technology for free? And.
Well, if it's worth money, then so be it. ......

'This is an emergency. I know that there are some things that are more important than money.
'...... Mr. Yashiro.'

Ginette gently touches my sleeve.
Having lost her grandfather-in-law, Jeannette must have experienced the grief, fear and subsequent loneliness of having someone she cared about go out of her reach again.

That's not something you want to ...... experience over and over again, is it?

'Estella, this technology is in your hands. I'll give you the rights and you can help me exercise my lordly power to the fullest.'
'That was, indeed, a ............ no, it was an emergency. All right. I'll make it my responsibility to push through your demands.

In the meantime, Ginette, Magda, Bertina and the others may not know ...... about Estella's condition. I'm not going to say anything, I'm just going to talk to you as a conduit.
I don't have any obligation to keep it a secret, but I don't think it's right for other people to blab about things that she hasn't told them. If the need arises, I will tell you myself.

'First of all, I want all available personnel to go around the houses of the residents and warn them about the water. At that time, check to see if anyone is sick, and tell them that we will hold a training session to ensure water safety. It would be nice if we could build a few filtration systems before the workshop, but time is of the essence, so ...... arrange for one to be placed in each street as soon as possible. Also, I don't want inferior products to be sold by amateurs, so I'd like you to manufacture them in bulk. I'll cooperate with you in that case.
'...... Yashiro. You are .............'

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

'...... You've changed a bit, haven't you?

What are you talking about, this guy?
It's not possible.
I'll always be me.

'Well . We're going to provide you with historic technology that will save precious lives. I can't wait to see what I'll get in return...'
'Hmmm... ......'

Estella giggled.
If you're laughing in a situation like this, your heart must be dry as a bone.
If you were a politician, you'd be slammed by the opposition for that alone. Be careful when you run for office.

'If you want something in return, ask your lord for it. I'm sure he'll give you something great.'
'Yes, I will.'

You're trying to tell me that it suits you better to talk like this?
I know.
Besides, you know.
If there's a rash of incidents like the one that happened last night in this church. The economy goes into a tailspin.
It'll be a wake everywhere. After all, that Bertina was so exhausted she forgot to eat.

Imagine that kind of gloomy atmosphere spreading throughout the city.
We won't have time to eat popcorn. Then we won't be able to talk about revenge on the mobile vendors.
If we don't do something, we're gonna ruin this whole thing!

So we do it.
I'm doing it for me.
But, by the way, 'Oh, Yashiro, you're so nice!I want to pinch you with my big tits! If there are any perks lying around that will make you think, 'Oh, I want to pinch her with my big tits!
I'm good at pretending to be a good person.

'Come on, everyone, act now!For the sake of the people of the city!For the smiles of tomorrow!
'No, you're lying if you go that far.
'...... new religion'

Hey, Magda.
Don't say a word.
Who'd want to ............ such a thing? No, it could be worth a fortune.

'Yashiro. Your eyes look like gold coins.'
'Are you serious?You'd have a fortune if you took it out.'
'...... You're being sarcastic.'
'I know.

'I know,' he said, 'but over here, we call moneychangers with gold coins in their eyes.
Sounds like a compliment to me.

'I'm sorry, sir!

I heard a familiar voice coming from the entrance of the church, mixed with the sound of the pouring rain.
This voice is ......

'Yes, I'm back. .................. Por Por Por Por.
'No, don't eat, come out!
'I'll go. Sister must be tired.'
'I'm sorry, Jeannette. I'll take care of it. ............ Pop, Pop, Pop.'

No, no, no.
Apparently, if you feed this sister, she'll stop moving.
We'll have to be careful from now on.

'Sorry to disturb you.

Estella sits up when she sees the visitor's face.
That must have been a surprise.
After all, the one who had collapsed with a high fever last night had come to a church far away from the house in this heavy rain.

'Shouldn't he be sleeping?
'But when I heard that the ...... young lady had spent the night with a man, I couldn't stand still and ......'.
'Can you please stop misleading me!We were just in the same building!
'No, miss. This is a man who says to me, who is weak from a cold, 'Open your mouth and stick out your tongue', while touching my cheek, at such close range!'
'Can you please stop using misleading expressions!I'm just examining your cold!

What, I want to go illegally dump this walking human bomber ...... in the heavy rain.

'Really, you are so reckless .......'

Estella walks over to Natalia and asks her to take care of herself.
In the meantime, Ginette takes Natalia's wet cloak and goes to hang it up.
Then Magda hid under the table. I wonder if it's ....... I wonder if some wild intuition is setting off alarm bells for Natalia.

Natalia's posture was crisp, but her cheeks still felt a little red.

'You still have a fever, don't you?Take it easy and sit down.'
'Don't worry about it.
'It bothers me when you're standing. Just sit down.'

'...... When you're nice to me, I suddenly feel like spoiling you. Please refrain from doing so.

Oh ...... oh?
Is that a complaint?
I feel like I'm just being deluded. ......

'All right. Let's sit down. But please don't treat me like a sick person.'
'All right.
'But make sure you touch your forehead to see if you have a fever. It's a rather good thing.'
'Your desire to be pampered is coming on strong, boy.

Natalia, the super maid who takes perfect care of her master, learned to be pampered during yesterday's examination.
And you're getting a taste of it.
I'm not sure if I've opened a box that I shouldn't have opened,.......

'Could you please either eat or talk to me!
'I chose 'eat', you sister!

Perhaps Bertina knew Natalia.
She wanted to make sure of that, but ...... regrettably. I guess her appetite got the better of her.
Now go eat your popcorn.

'......, and that's why we're talking about installing a filtration system in the territory.

While I was watching Bertina chomping on popcorn like a squirrel, Estella and Natalia had already shared the information.
I'm sure you're as thorough as you're supposed to be.

'I understand the general situation.
'I understand the situation in general.
'...... What are you trying to say, Yashiro?'

No, because you have small breasts, but you have large breasts. ............There were two knives aimed at us.

'Let's talk about the filtration system!

I managed to get through this phase by changing the subject.
That's me. I'm the poster child for brain play.

'Then, as soon as we finish talking about the filtration system, I'll ask you to explain what you just said.

You're not fooling me!
By the way, I don't remember anyone ever calling me the 'poster child for brain play', just because I called myself that.

'Anyway, ...... will explain the simple mechanism and how to make a filtration system.

I'll start by describing a filtration system made of pebbles, sand, charcoal, and fine cloth.
In short, the system removes impurities from the water by letting the water pass through them one by one, starting with the larger particles.

'Gathering materials is going to be difficult ...... in this rain, sand and other materials will be difficult.

Natalia had a good point.
It would take a very large filtration system to supply all the inhabitants. Gathering the materials is the bottleneck.

'We should go around to each household and ask them to provide us with charcoal. If you collect the wood before it turns to ashes, you can collect a certain amount.
'The Church will also prepare some.

In response to Natalia's suggestion, Bertina offered to do so.
The kitchen of the church has a high ceiling and a large furnace. It would be a good place to make charcoal. The wood used to boil the water for the baths and the wood that the matron is currently using for cooking can be used immediately.

The rest is sand. ......

'I'm sorry, please!

While I was puzzling over the materials, I heard a familiar voice coming from the doorway.
This voice was Loretta.
She had come to work in the heavy rain and found the store closed, and must have come here after seeing Magda's sign.

'I forgot all about ...... Loretta.'
'I'm sorry about that.

The customers may not come, but the employees do.
I forgot about that.
Somehow, I thought everyone was already there.

'Well, it's raining hard. Oh, good morning, everyone!

Loretta was brought into the common room by the matron. Her upper half of her body does not seem to be soaked, perhaps because she had brought an umbrella.
With a cheerful greeting and a dazzling smile,......, she turned away.

I'm not sure what to say.I'm not sure why you're all looking away!What, did I do something wrong?

No, it's not your fault. There's nothing wrong with you. It's just that you didn't have much presence at .......

'Sis, you wiped me!
'I got it!

Two hamsters walked into the common room, their whole bodies fluffed up.
They seemed to be her brothers who had volunteered to accompany Loretta.
They've come to ask if there's any work for them to do.

'Ms. Loretta. We're sorry to see you here, but we're not going to open the store today.

'Is that so? Well, with this rain, we probably won't get any customers, right?

The brothers nodded.
Next to them, Loretta looks out the window.

'............ Huh?That person is .......'

At Loretta's words, we all turned our gaze out the window.
Due to the heavy rain, visibility was poor and we could not see anyone clearly.
We couldn't, but ...... that must be him.

'...... What?'
'............The duck is here.'

Almost at the same time Magda tilted her head, the voice that had become so familiar to her came out.

'I'm sorry, Susu!

It's Umaro.
...... Did he walk all the way to the forty-second district in this torrential rain just to see Magda?
............ I'm going to pull it ............

'Magda. Go get a towel and give it to Umaro right now. I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
'...... got it'.

Magda, a great actress with a good head on her shoulders. Let's go.
As soon as Magda left the common room, 'Muhaaa!Magda! as soon as she leaves the common room.
...... Why doesn't he just move to the 42nd district already?

'...... Oh, no, what should I do?
'Leave it to me!I'll do whatever you want!

And so the duck was caught, just as I had hoped.
Ginette looked a little annoyed, but the others looked like they were in agreement. As you can see, there is no one who doesn't understand the position of Umaro.

Wiping his body with the towel Magda handed him, Umaro entered the common room with a satisfied expression.

''Welcome, Umaro. I've been waiting for you to come.''

Perhaps reading my thoughts, Estella said the exact same thing at the exact same time as I did.
...... You're good, you.

'...... Ah~............ what will they make me make anyway?

I'm glad to see that Umaro himself understands his place in the world.
Don't worry, I won't do anything wrong.
It's charity. I'm sure the lord will pay handsomely. It'll be a good story to tell before the heavy rains put you out of work.
So, well, ............, work like a horse and rider. See?

And so, with all the actors in place, we set about the big project of saving the 42nd district.