37-Episode 35 Unexpected Pitfall?

I love turtles...

It was only at the beginning that I was able to get carried away.
Removing the seaweed entangled in the net was a time-consuming task.
In addition, we had to take on the task of repairing the meshes, which were fraying in places, and the burden was quite heavy.
I could have finished it in a day, but I couldn't spend a whole day on this work now.

'What's the matter, Magda? You just ate a meal.'
'You want me to play with you?Sorry, I'm busy right now. I'll see you later at .......'
'Ouch!Hey, don't jump on me!Don't bite, don't bite!

My current task - repairing the nets and nursing Magda, a playmate named .......

'Excuse me, Yashiro-san!I need you to serve me for a moment!I can't stay away from the fried food!'
'...... yeah ......'.

Additional duties--customer service.

'Okay, Magda. I'm going out to the store, so go back to your room.'
'It's not a 'nyah'. Come on, get away from me.

Magda clung to my back, refusing to leave. ...... I wonder what I should do.

'Yashiro-san!A customer is waiting for you!
'Oh, yes, yes!

I don't have a choice. I'll take him.

'Here, Magda. Put the collar on. And don't lift your tail. They'll see your butt.'

Magda's activity has been increasing lately. Regina told me that her injuries are almost healed. That's a good thing, but ...... he's been moving around so much that we can't do anything about it.
Even if you lock him in his room, he will come out on his own.
He doesn't go out alone anymore, but when he goes out in front of others, he gets a little excited and it can be dangerous.
So I had no choice but to put a leash on his collar.
Literally, I have to hold the reins tightly.
...... collar on a little girl, ............ I think I'm doing something wrong.

This is not the time to be saying that.
I rushed out to the store.

'Ah!Isn't that Magda?

Waiting for me were Umaro and the other members of Torbeck's construction company.

'Why don't you guys go to ...... and order yourselves?
'We're customers, remember?
'All right, all right. Just take down those plates and clean up the table.'
'You don't understand, do you?

Thunder rumbled in the distance.
Magda shudders and clings to my leg.

'Mwah~!Scared Magda, you're so cute~!
'Gross. As a punishment, clean up the dishes.
'So, why?
'Look, Magda says 'clean up' too.
'I'll clean it up!

Umaro piled up the plates left on the empty table and carried them to the kitchen.

'Whaaaaat?Why are you doing this, Umaro?
'Oh, don't worry about it. I'll leave it here.

Such a conversation could be heard from the kitchen.

The rain clouds were closing in on the 42nd district again.
Delia had gone to work for the river fishing guild today. They are not fishing, but strengthening the banks along the river in preparation for the heavy rains that are likely to come again.
The river fishing guild is also responsible for the maintenance and management of the river area.

Estella seemed to be busy, and finally she didn't even show up for breakfast.
I remember Bertina asked me to reinforce the church. ...... She wants me to put boards on the windows before the rain comes. I don't have time for that,............ but as long as Ginette is around, I'm sure I'll have to do it eventually.

In the event that you have any questions concerning where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for and what you can do to help.In the event that you're not sure what you're looking for, you'll be able to find a lot more information on the web.

That's why I'm so busy that I need Umaro's help.
Whoever is standing, use Umaro.
No time for Umaro.
No time for Oumalo to warm his seat.
That's the situation. So hang in there, Oumalo.

Tie the leash to a post and let Magda play in the corner of the dining room.
He takes orders, brings in the food, takes down the empty plates, and cleans the tables while the crowd is enjoying Magda's playful rolling of the small empty barrels.

'Yashiro-san, you're very efficient.
'We don't have much time. You'll just have to make do with what you have. You should learn from me and become a full-fledged waiter soon.'
'No, I won't become one!I'm a customer!

I don't care if you're a customer or not. I'm busy, so help me.
I'll give you some honey popcorn later. A couple of kernels.

Oh, by the way. I remember Delia saying, 'I can't help you today, I'll pay for it when I'm done, popcorn! I can't help you today, so I'll pay for some popcorn when I'm done. ...... d*mn, I have to make honey popcorn too. ......

Magda was in charge of the popcorn. ......

'Nya~!Nya nya nya!Nya~!''
'''Haaaa ............ kawaii~n~ ......'''

And, because of this, I only make it once in the morning now.
It's popcorn for when Magda runs away. There's also enough to give to Delia and ...... thinking about it, I think the only people eating honey popcorn these days are the people who work at the store.
It's a hot-selling product that we came up with, but it's not very well known.
It will not sell well unless it is advertised more extensively. In the first place, since people are not familiar with popcorn, it is inevitable that there are no customers who want to buy it.
But we don't have the time to advertise or make popcorn now.
d*mn, what a waste ......!

In addition, it seems that the rainy season will end after the next heavy rain, and then Delia will go back to work for the river fishing guild. There are only a few days left to help out at the sunny pavilion.
We can't rely on Estella and Regina either. ...... Even if Magda is back to normal, it's still a little tough. ......
Ideally, I would like to have an environment where I can focus on my work at the garbage collection guild and Ginette can focus on cooking and housework. Magda is limited in what she can do even if she returns to normal. What Magda can't do is what makes her attractive. As long as there are customers who like it, we can't let her work too hard. A little customer service and popcorn are the most he can do. In other words, Magda's main job is hunting, so we can't ask her to stay at the store all the time.

I think we need at least one more waitress.
Then there's the promotion of honey popcorn and the development of new customers. ............ But that also requires manpower. ...... But the store can't afford that many employees. ............ Oh, I need two bodies.

'I wish I had another one. ......'
'Wait!I'm not sure what you're talking about.Please give me a break!

Who's the bad omen, you bastard.

'Umaro. I recommend the vegetable stew set meal today.
'I wish you'd let me choose for myself once in a while!

And so the lunchtime, which had been so hectic even though there were not so many customers, was over.
I had some time to spare, and I would have liked to repair the nets, but I had to go and get Magda's medicine. I'd rather go out before it starts to rain.
Worst case scenario, the netting can be mended in my room, and it won't matter if it's in the middle of the night. It's just that ...... I won't be able to sleep.

So I left Magda with Jeannette and headed to Regina's store.

'Oh, you're here, yourself!You've come to the right place. I've been thinking of using my spare time to work on some creative work... How about you, would you like to be the main character's model?There's nothing wrong with that. A prince from a neighboring country, a strong mercenary, or a suspiciously handsome sorcerer will be interested in you. ......'

--And Regina was blabbering on about things she hadn't even heard of, but I'll skip that because it was a stupid story.
At any rate, the source of the putrid odor has been destroyed.

You can find a lot more information on this website at ...... I hope he won't be the first BL writer in this town.
I'm not sure if this is a good idea, but I'm sure it's a good idea. .................. Do you think this town already has something like that?
........................ It's good to think about it. It's useless.

The time was evening. The end of the day bell was a long time ago, so it must be around six o'clock in the evening now.
People who seemed to have finished their work were coming and going with satisfied expressions, as if they had accomplished something.
There are several bars lining the main street. They must be going there.

'Get out!Don't come back!

It was in front of a certain bar in the middle of the main street that I heard such an angry voice.
It was the same bar I had stopped at before, the one with the cute dog-eared waitress.

'Wait a minute, sir!If I get kicked out of here, I'll be in real trouble!
'Shut up, shut up!I can't keep a guy like you in my store!Just go home!
'Then, at least give me a paycheck for my work. ......'
'Go home!

The two girls arguing were both wearing aprons, and one of them was a dog-eared waitress I'd seen before.
The other was a girl I had never seen before. The other is a girl I've never seen before, but since they're wearing the same clothes, they must be employees of the store. ...... will be forced to quit soon, though.

'Hmm?Oh, you're that guy from back then!

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.
...... Why don't you just leave me alone?

'How did you remember me? You've only been here once.
'Well, you're the only one who's ever done anything like that. I'll remember.'

By 'that,' I assume you mean hitting Goffredo.
Oh, so it was memorable. ...... I hope Goffredo forgot about it. ......

'You're looking rather shabby today. What happened to your old one?

'The last one,' he said, 'was probably a high school blazer. In this town, it looks like the clothes of an aristocrat.

'I just changed into clothes that fit my height.
'Ha-ha-ha!I know what you mean. When you go out on the town for the first time, you tend to dress up more than necessary. I see, that's the result of your hard work, isn't it?

You've been misunderstood somehow, but there's no problem if you leave it as it is.
It's more convenient for people to think that a poor man was forcing himself to wear expensive clothes than for rich people to think that a poor man was wearing ...... them.

'Oh, brother, are you some kind of famous person?I'm sure he's a little flamboyant, if you ask me.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure it's a good idea.
...... Hmm. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that you like. ............

I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but I'm sure you've seen it.I don't know.

Irritating ......

While pointing at my nose, the female clerk (who is scheduled to be fired soon) is bursting with a big smug face.

'You're still here, aren't you?

The dog-eared clerk bared his fangs, and the female clerk (who seemed to have already been fired) hid herself behind my back.

'She's been talking like this for a long time, hasn't she!You're getting in the way of my work, really!
'No, no, no!I was just trying to build a friendly relationship with the customer and make them a customer. ...... I was doing it for a good cause.
'Then what was that?You took away the customer's sausage!That was also a good idea!
'No~, the customer said, "I want to feed it to Loretta-chan~", so I just gave it to her as part of my service. ......'
'That's what you get for looking at me like you want something!
'Because the food here is delicious!Yo!All Bloom's number one famous cook!

A girl apparently named Loretta (who speaks fluently) spotted the dog-eared owner watching from the entrance of the store and shouted towards him.

'Even if you use sycophancy against my father, I won't keep you here anymore!Go home!Don't even come as a guest!
'Oh no~...... I loved your sausages~...... what am I going to look forward to tomorrow......'
'I don't know!
'The sausages here are the best in the world!When you take a bite, the texture of the crispy, flaky skin, followed by the fragrant, rich flavor of the meat juices, spreads throughout your mouth, and the aroma that passes through your nose is as fragrant and appetizing as a paradise on earth. But before I could take my second bite, I gulped down a beer!--As I gulped down the beer, all the tiredness of the day vanished at once, and I was enveloped in a feeling of happiness that made me grateful to the God of Spirits for having been born in this world.After the sizzling carbonation runs through the back of my throat, I bite into the sausage again, but what I want you to pay attention to is the cross-sectional view of the sausage I just bit off!The juices that had slowly overflowed from the depths of the sausage during the past few tens of seconds were glistening there like jewels. ...... I wanted to look at it more, but my stomach was growling, so I couldn't bear it and bit into it!--I'd like to look at it even more, but my stomach is growling. ......
'Shut up!

The dog-eared shopkeeper shouted, and Loretta (how can you keep talking without biting, that's a kind of talent. ...... I might want some of that) shrugged her shoulders.

'All that chattering is why I can't get any work done!I've gotten a lot more work done since you've been here!
'Is it my fault?
'It's because all you do is talk and don't work!
'But the customers all seemed to be enjoying themselves...'
'Even if the customers are happy, we can't stand it!Anyway, you can't hire us anymore!You'll have to look elsewhere!Hmph!

The dog-eared shopkeeper flapped his dog-ears softly and turned around.

'Oh, my God!There's a customer in trouble!

The dog-eared shopkeeper must have noticed it for the first time when he turned around and screamed at the sight of the overflowing customers.

'Dad, I'm sorry!I'll be right back!
'Hey, dog-eared shopkeeper.

He stopped the dog-eared clerk who was about to run away.
The dog-eared clerk turns around and, with an impatient look on his face, says back in a snarky tone.

'I have a name, Paula, don't I?
'Then Paula. Are you sure you're firing this guy?'
'Huh!Why are you asking me that?I was going to leave it in the dark and come back to work tomorrow!

No, that's impossible.

'You're really fired!Don't ever come back!
'It's ...... your brother's fault. ...... I hate you. ......'

No, no, no. It's not my fault.

'Is it Paula's decision?What about the owner's decision?'
'No!My dad's too soft on the girls, so I have to be strict with him. By the owner's daughter's authority, he's fired!
'Well, ...... I'm sorry to hear that.
'Are you such a ...... person ............ that you're a douchebag?'

You idiot. There aren't many gentlemen as gentle as me.

'Oh, that's right!Give me back my uniform!
'Oh no!If I take off my clothes here, I won't be able to get married!Ah, if I do, will you feed me here for the rest of my life?

Oh no, I stepped on a mine.

'I'll give you those clothes as payment, don't ever show your face again!

Paula, the dog-eared shopkeeper, bared her fangs.
Loretta shrank back and held on as the angry voice passed her by.

She walked back to the store with a clatter of her feet.
The store really was overflowing with customers.

'Huh ......, I could help you ......'.

Loretta slumps to the ground, her shoulders slumping.
She looks utterly devastated. There's a big difference from the time when she was chattering away merrily.

'Really, I'm sorry to hear that. ......'
'Mmmm ......, if you feel sorry for me, please introduce me to some work!I have a lot of hungry brothers and sisters who need a lot of money.
'Who's taking pity on you?
'What?Because your brother said, 'I'm sorry for your loss. ......'

I did say that. 'I'm sorry for your loss.'
But you know what?

'It's that dog-eared shopkeeper I pity.
'Mr. Paula, sir?

He doesn't realize it.
He doesn't realize that the store is currently overflowing with customers who have come here because of what they've heard.

Well, it's a good location. I guess they've been getting customers without doing anything special.
I just dropped in because the store happened to be in a good location.
I didn't choose this store because of its location.

But the people who are crowded in the store now are all people who wanted to go there.
They were lured by the publicity.

They heard the big commercial that Loretta here put up right in front of the store.

'You're looking for a job, aren't you?
'Whoa!Whoa, whoa, whoa!Can you find me a job at ......?

Hmm. You have good instincts.

Just by listening to her conversation with Paula, I discovered several advantages of this Loretta.
First of all, she is a good talker.
It is a kind of talent to be able to talk about mere beer and sausage in such an expressive way. And he did it with no words. And he did it without a script.
Another advantage is that he has a good voice.
His voice is very audible. Many passersby turned to look at her, and Paula said she was 'always talking' because Loretta's voice was so audible.

A voice that reaches your eardrums and stays in your memory. This is something you can't get by trying.
And then there's this friendliness and intuition.
He knows with his senses what you want and what you're trying to do.
It's not normal for a customer to want to 'feed' you his sausage. But if it were Loretta, he would want to try it. That's what Loretta makes you do. Regardless of whether she knows it or not.
I'd say she's a good spoilsport.

And that pampering is very important in advertising.

Just saying, "The food here is delicious! The effect of advertising is negligible.
However, if you can make people think, "If this guy says so, I might as well try it," the effect will be multiplied many times over.

This is the reason why TV commercials use celebrities with high sensitivity.

Those of you who were here or happened to pass by and heard the commotion must have thought.
'This sausage is so good that this stupid kid is crazy about it. It must be irresistibly delicious. It's not about logic or theory, it's simply because it's so good that this stupid kid is raving about it.

In a gourmet report, it is more likely to look tasty if a celebrity with a nice smile and a bit of an out-of-the-way image exaggerates a little, than if an intelligent intellectual explains logically why the food is tasty.

It's really a pity ...... to let go of such a useful talent.

'Yes, sir!
'I'll explain the salary and working conditions later. ......'

I'll explain the pay and working conditions later, but for now, I'll just give Loretta my hand and say.

'Would you like to work for us?

Loretta's eyes, looking up at me, are getting bigger and bigger.
They sparkle and shine like scattering stars, and then waver for a moment.
She gulped heavily, then grabbed my hand with both hands as if to hang on, as if to make sure I wouldn't miss it, and said in a clear voice.

'Yes!I'm looking forward to working with you!

After Delia, I recruited her again at my own discretion. ......
I'm sure Jeannette won't say no.
But I think I should apologize for my selfishness. There's a big difference between a word and no word.
Well, I'll talk about it when I get home. ......

'Loretta, I'm expecting a lot from you.
'Yes, sir!I'll leave it to you!

Loretta holds her chest tightly.
You don't even know what you're going to do yet, but you seem to be very confident.
But I'm sure she'll do fine.
After all, the way she describes her customer service is very similar to my ideal customer service.
Increase customer satisfaction to get more repeat customers. The ideal is to make the customer feel that they are special.
This guy's sense of smell to find out what they want and his friendly and sweet personality are the strongest weapons.
And above all, ......

The staff at the Sundaari-tei are just right to be as stupid as this.