36-Episode 34 Transactions with the Sea Fishing Guild

'Oh ...... those ............ that ...... vice guild leader of the sea fishing guild. I'm ...... Calvin,......'

Through the door of the sunny pavilion, the green slimy fellow who appeared, betraying the expectations of all of us, introduced himself as Calvin.

'You're a half-fish, aren't you?
'No, I'm a ...... mermaid,...... but I'm still ............ something, sorry.'

'Hey!Calvin!You're still as slippery as ever.'
You're carrying Masha again today?That's a lot of work.'
'Oh, ...... well, well, well. ............ Delia-sama, ...... Estella-sama. ............It's been a while since I've seen you. ......I'm sorry about something. ......'
'Don't apologize.
'No need to apologize.'

Delia and Estella are having a conversation with Calvin.

'Are you guys acquainted with this half-fish who looks like a 'moving wakame'?'
'Calvin is a mermaid, Yashiro.'
'Calvin is a mermaid, Yashiro.'

It was pointed out in unison.
But she doesn't look anything like the mermaid I know. ...... Her skin feels completely wakame. ...... Is this something I have to agree with?

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll understand.

The half-fish apologized to me.
He doesn't seem to be a bad half-fish.

'Actually, I'm waiting for Masha-sama at the ...... front tank. ...... If someone could lend me a hand, I'd appreciate it. ...... something, I'm sorry. ......'
'Well, I'll go with you.

Delia said, and she and Calvin walked out.
And then.

'Oh my God!What, Delia?You're so cute!What?You're working here dressed like this?Oh my god, she's so cute!

I could hear a lot of squealing coming from outside.
...... He seems like a noisy guy.
The mermaids in this world are the half-fish in Japan,......, so there is no hope for them at all. I'll punch you if you come out wearing a scallop shell or something. It's not you! I'll hit you.


As I look at the entrance with an apprehensive look, wondering what kind of monster will enter the store, Estella gives me a cold stare.

'...... Don't let them ruffle your feathers.'

...... You. I'm not going to ruffle any feathers by looking at a green, slimy woman, am I?

'And you seem to like Neffery a lot.

Who the hell gave her that chicken face?
He reminds me of Kinjiro, the chicken we used to keep in the schoolyard when I was in elementary school. I was a member of the breeding committee.

'Hey, don't be rude!I'm borrowing this dress!Don't get it too wet.'
'Yay!I'll carry you like a princess!

I'm not sure what to do.
...... Ginette's uniform is going to get soggy if it's not washed soon.

'Yashiro~!Please open that chair!

Delia says from behind the door, only her neck peeking out.
You don't have to make me sit at the back of the room, why don't you sit at the front? It will save you the trouble of cleaning the ...... slime.

But he's the guild leader of the Sea Fishing Guild. We should treat him politely.
For the sake of the deal.
I'd like to get a small supply of sea fish.
We may not be able to make a meal out of it, but we'd like to deal in high quality ingredients. In case of emergencies.
If there's any left over, I'll eat it, no problem.

I slowly pull out a chair and with an elegant hand lead the way, 'This way, please.

'Let's go, then.

A mermaid who sounds like she has a screw loose in her head appears.
I couldn't help but gasp at the sight of her as she entered the store, carried in a princess's arms by Delia, as gracefully as if she were swimming through the air.

There she was, the very mermaid from the storybook.
The lower half of her body was fish, but from the waist up was human. What's more, she was an incredibly beautiful woman.
Her eyes were droopy and calm, and there was a weeping mole on the side of her face. Her gently curved mouth is squeezed like a spoiled child, giving a glimpse of the cuteness of a young girl in the midst of her adult s*x appeal.
In the event that you have a lot of time, you may want to take a look at a few of these. She has big tits. It's a great way to make sure that you're getting the most out of your vacation.
She has an innocent elegance, but her power is king size.
These rambunctious breasts are covered with only two scallops. One on each side, of course, it's impossible to cover them all with scallops!
From side to side, from underneath, and from the cleavage, her ample breasts are peeking out.

'Ahhh, it's Estella!

The mermaid Masha in Delia's arms fluttered and waved cutely when she spotted Estella.

'You come to play inland like this again,......, have a little awareness as a mermaid,......'
'But, Delia-chan said you were doing something interesting, so I wanted to see it...'

It's a sweet voice with a lisp and a nasal edge that melts the brain of anyone who hears it.
By the way, did Estella get permission to catch fish in the sea? To catch fish in the sea, you need to know a fisherman. To get on a boat, to borrow tools.
You mentioned something about having such an acquaintance before.

'Hey, Estella. So this is the guy you were talking about?'

Estella nodded slowly in response to my question, though she made a blatantly disgusted face.

'Yes, that's right. This is my friend Masha, the head of the Sea Fishing Guild.
'Why didn't you introduce me to these tits earlier?
'Because I could see that kind of reaction coming!

d*mn you, Estella!
It is an unforgivable sin to monopolize boobs!
In Japan, it's a crime that can result in jail time.

'Sorry, Jeannette!Do you have a minute?
'Yes, yes, yes!What can I do for you?
'Put on some light clothes and line up next to me!
'No, thank you!
'In my country, there is a tradition called 'breastfeeding'. ......!
'Please repent!

d*mn it, why?
I just want them to stand side by side for a minute!
I just want to look at it from the side!

'Just calm down a little, Yashiro.
'Just a glance is all I need!It's not every day that you get such a big one!
'...... I'll stab you?
'Oh ......, I feel like I'm suddenly awake, Estella. Now, put away your dagger.'

You can't fight back any longer with a knife in your neck.
...... This guy's quickness is on the level of an assassin, isn't it?Do you come from a family like that?Estella ...... terrible child!

I'm sure you'll have a great time.

Masha looks up at me as if she is peering into my face.
Her melting eyes are strangely s*xy.

'Let's shake hands as a sign of our closeness~'

In a relaxed tone, she offers her hand to me.
Her white fish-like fingers are arranged and presented to me.

'Ah... That's right. It's nice to meet you, too.

As I was about to grab her hand, Masha suddenly spread her hand wide.


Between Masha's fingers, there was a clear, thin watermark. In fact, they were translucent, and I could see faintly beyond them.

'giggle...... are you surprised?

The prank worked!
--Marcia giggles, as if to say, 'I'm not surprised. But, ......
To be honest, the sound effect of 'Ta-da! I'm not really surprised about the water scraping because I was so focused on the old-fashioned sound effect of the 'ta-da! Before that, I saw Calvin's waterspout: ......

But it's a good idea to establish a friendly relationship with the head of the Sea Fishing Guild.
You need to talk to him. Talk, generation.
Yes, this is entertainment.
Shame on you, Obayashi. I'm here to get you some fish!

Whoa!I'm stunned!

Raise your hands in the air and look surprised.

The ............ silence hurt my ears.
I'm not sure what to say.
The ...... stomach hurts.


And in the silence, Masha let out a cute little popping sound.

'Pfffff............ what's that?

It's a result of being in tune with you!

'You're funny, you~. Your name is ............ Yashiro-kun, right?Yes. I remembered it.

I wipe the tears from the corners of my eyes with my finger.

Then he smiles softly and holds out his hand again.

'Once again, I'm Masha Ashley, head of the Sea Fishing Guild. Nice to meet you.
'I'm Obayashi.

I take Masha's hand and we shake hands.
It's not slippery. Rather slippery.

I shake her slippery hand and make an offer to Masha.

'Actually, I run something called the Garbage Collection Guild ......'.
'Oh, yeah, I know. I hear you're getting into the groove.'
'So, I also have a deal with the Sea Fishing Guild: ......'
'Sorry, I can't do that...'

He's so impatient!

'The peddler's guild put a lot of pressure on me. ...... Well, there's the whole district guild's relationship with each other, and we all have lower bodies like this. ......'

I'm not sure what to make of that.

'...... We don't want our dealings with the peddlers guild to be strained.
'Well,......, so be it.
In the event that you're looking for the best way to get the most out of your business, you'll want to take a look at the following.

In this city, making a clear statement is more than just being given the benefit of the doubt. It will be recorded in the Conversation Record, and you can even use it to trigger the Judgment of the Spirits.
If you have clearly pressured them not to sell. You can see the seriousness of the peddlers' guild.
As long as they have a relationship, the Seafaring Guild can't ignore them.

d*mn it. Now I can't get them to sell me any more sea fish. ......
Maybe you can get them as a favor,......, but if you do it too often, you'll get noticed again.
You're ahead of the game. ......

'But it's true that I like you, Yashiro-kun, so let's be friends~'
'Ah. I hope so.

However, it doesn't mean that my hope is completely cut off.
You have to keep making contacts.

'Okay, next. You too, manager~'

Masha let go of my hand, and this time she held out her hand toward Jeannette.
Ginette wiped her hands on her apron in a panic and reached out her arm to take Masha's hand.

'There's an opening!

At that moment, Masha's hand passed through Ginette's arm and reached for Ginette's chest, ...... grabbing it without hesitation!

I'm not sure what to say.

Jeannette screamed and crouched down, holding her chest.

I'm not sure what to do.You're so hot!
'Stop it, you idiot!

Delia pokes the back of Masha's head.


Masha puts her hands on her head and gives Delia a look of frustration.
...... I can go easy on you, Delia. I'm so glad my head didn't blow off the moment I poked it.
There's not a girl in the world with a long face who wouldn't throw a new face at you with exquisite control. You've got to take care of your neck.

'You know, if you have a big one like that hanging around, it's like it's asking to be touched, isn't it?

Is that so?

'Ginette, would you like to shake hands with me?
'Please repent!

I guess not.
If you use that theory, you can touch Masha, too. Delia too,......, but let's not touch Delia. The second shot is ...... too much for my shoulders to handle. I feel like I'm still reeling from the shock of the last one,.......

'I'm sorry~. Please don't hate me and be nice to me, okay?'
'Ah, yes. That is, of course.'

Ginette smiles at Masha, though her cheeks are stained.
If you look so sweet, you'll get rubbed again.

'Masha. If you play a trick on me, I'll take you back to the sea.
'Haha. Sorry, sorry. It's been a while since I've been inland, so I'm excited.'

Masha scratches her head.
She doesn't seem to get out of the water very often.
Well, my lower body is a fish. .................. Hmm?

'Oh ............ legs ............ legs... ......... legs............ hahaha......'

'There was a green slimy pervert lying on the floor of the store.
It was ...... Calvin.

'Oh, I'm sorry. Calvin, isn't that creepy?'
'Yeah, in two ways.'

The inherent weirdness of the slime and the acquired weirdness of the huffing and puffing.

'Don't curse too much~'

Masha gives me such advice, an honest man.
Are you trying to defend your guild mates?

'Cursing makes him happy.
'I swear I'll never curse again.

I can't stand to be pleased by this creep.

'Oh,......, that's horrible,......, no, it's okay, it's creepy,......, I'm sorry... ...'

It's kind of hard to get involved with the negativity. ......

'Calvin has an extreme leg fetish.
'A leg fetish?
'I guess he just wants what he can't have. Most of the girls in our family don't have legs.'
'Ah, ......, so...'
'On rare occasions, there are girls who are human on the bottom half and fish from the waist up.
'What's that, gross!
'But it's so s*xy!You're hiding it with .......
'No, I don't think it's s*xy when you whisper it to me, you weird creature!

I imagined a human lower body growing out of the body of a sardine, and I almost reverse-engineered my morning meal. And a single scallop ............ on the bare bottom half, yeah, not s*xy at all!

I'm not sure what to say, but I'm going to say it. ......... I'm sorry!

Yeah. Apologize for that, for all I'm worth.
It's creepy.

'Oh, the ...... manager!

Suddenly, a crawling half-fish approached Jeannette in a weird way.

'I'm going to eat the set meal here, so could you please ...... step on it, ...... preferably with your feet raw...' ...!
'But, I'm sorry, we don't offer that kind of service!
'Then, ...... I'll order two set meals!
'I'm sorry, sir!
'Well, ...... then, five ......!
'Are you sorry, you pervert!

I kick the half-fishman in the side of the head with my foot.
I kicked the half-fish in the side of the head with such force that it left a clear footprint on his profile.

Don't you dare mess with Jeannette!
I'll kick your ass.
...... I already kicked your ass.

'Oh, ............ something, I'm sorry ............'.

You've finally come to your senses.

'Even a man's foot feels a little ...... nice,' I thought. ...... I'm sorry about that. ......'
'You're out!

That's a red card.
A customer who disturbs the morals of the store will be forcibly ejected!

You'll find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.
In front of the store, there was a cart with a huge water tank, so I threw him into the tank.
Perhaps Masha had come here by entering the tank.
Now, the half-fish is floating in and out of the tank like a limpet with a slightly ecstatic expression on its face.
It's rare for a marine creature to be so unhealthy.

'............?What's this?

I looked into the cart and discovered something strange.
No, the thing itself is not strange or anything, but ...... why did you bring this thing?
And in such a state ......?

'Hey, Marsha.
'What's with the netting?

The cart was loaded with a large net.
It was a net with seaweed entwined in it.

'Oh, yes. I almost forgot... Can you bring it here for me, please?

Oh, ......, you're going to use me as a joke?
You've got some nerve.
I don't care what happens to you, Marsha. It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has a problem with this.
There's no absolute difference in status in the world. If you take away the framework set by human beings, everyone is in the same situation and standing on the same ground.
That's why people who try to use others as their chins will end up getting hurt themselves. Are you ready for that?Hmm, then fine!

'Umaro, grab your net and follow me!
'...... Mr. Yashiro. People who try to use others as their jaws will be hurt someday, you know?

How dare you!
People in this world are divided into two groups, those who use and those who are used!
You should know your place!

'So, what is this?

The net that had soaked Umaro's entire body with the smell of rocky seaweed was placed haphazardly on the floor.
The more I look at it, the more I realize it's just a net.
I can't think of any reason why it would be brought all the way from the ocean to a place like this.

'Oh, no, not again. ......'

But Delia frowned when she saw the net.
Did Delia have something to do with this?

'O~ne~gai~i~!We're not that good with our hands because we all have waders!

Masha complains with tears in her eyes as she spreads her hands out in front of her, showing off her waders. It's more like she's begging for .......
I'd buy a bag if someone asked me to buy a bag with a face like that. ......

'Yashiro. I think it's better for you to get a grip on your face before your muscles can't grow back.

Estella gives me a cold stare.
If you want to be a badass, you should at least show off your pheromones and beg for it. A stiff armed with logic won't be popular. Even though you have the disadvantage of being scantily clad, ......

It's not like I have time to waste either!You can see that!I'm working, I'm working!
'Oh, no~. With all the rain we've been having lately, I thought for sure Delia would be free, so I came all the way here to see her!
'It's too much trouble to get seaweed!
'Hey, Delia. I need a minute.''

Delia is trying to shake off Masha. It looks like she's just playing with him, but Delia seems to be really bothered by it.
Is that what this is?

'Are you asking me to remove the seaweed caught in this net?
'Yes, that's right. There are a lot of seaweeds living in the sea around here, and they get caught in the nets all the time. They regularly bring them to me and ask me to remove them.
'What are you going to do with the seaweed after you remove it?
'Hmm?Of course you're going to throw it away.

Throw them away?Are you saying you're going to throw these seaweeds away as garbage?Are you serious?

'You're not going to eat them? What a waste!
'No matter how hungry I am, I won't eat these weed-like things!Yashiro, you'd better moderate your eating habits or you'll go hungry.

Oh my god, ...... don't these people know how delicious seaweed is?
It's true that there are only a few countries other than Japan that eat seaweed. The other world was also in the one that doesn't eat seaweed. ......

I'm not sure what to do, but I'd like to know what you think. It's hard to get rid of seaweed that gets caught in small places when it's attached to a water scoop. I always give you fish as a thank you, so why not?
'I like salmon, you know!I don't eat horse mackerels or sardines!
'You shouldn't be picky!
'Hey, you two!Can you give us a minute?

This is ...... good!

'Marsha, Delia!Can you give this job to the Garbage Collection Guild?
'Job ......?
'But I can't pay for it, can I?
'No!I don't need the money. Instead, can you give me the same reward that you gave Delia?
'The same reward ............ is for fish?'

You can't 'buy' fish from the Sea Fishing Guild.
Then why don't we just get it as a 'reward'!

'I have a roommate who eats a lot of fish, so if you give me a little more, I'll be so excited that I'll even repair the nets.
'Are you good with your hands, Yashiro?
'Very handy. The lace on Jeannette's pants was unraveling, so I secretly mended it the other day, and I'm still so handy that Jeannette hasn't even noticed!
'You've been doing that?No, no, when did you do that?Already!It's a good thing that I'm not the only one who has done this. ............ Oh, no!

It's a great way to make sure you're getting the most out of your money.

'Well, I guess I'll ask you then!


'Then can you bring it to me every two to three weeks?In the meantime, I'll clean the nets you left with me before.'
'So you'll bring me the nets you've used and bring back the cleaned nets~'
'That's how it works.
'It's very helpful to always have a clean net ready~'

Masha smiled with a satisfied smile on her face.
We ask them to bring the nets they have used for two weeks and clean them in the next two weeks. Then, they exchange the used nets with the clean ones and repeat the process endlessly.

It's like a cleaning equipment leasing company.
With this contract, the Sea Fishing Guild will always have clean nets.

'How about it?'
'Very well. We have a deal!

I firmly grasped Masha's hand, and the contract was completed.

And before I could let go of her hand, Masha leaned in close and whispered in my ear.

'I'm willing to give you a certain amount of fish.

That's a nice offer.
He was willing to supply us with fish under the eyes of the peddlers' guild.

'As long as we don't get noticed by the peddler's guild, please.
'I'll take care of it!
'And then...'

I've got something important to tell you.

'I'll take care of the trash caught in the net.
'Yeah. Please.'
'So, don't forget to pick up the fish, okay?I'm not a confident connoisseur, so there's a very good chance I'll end up destroying even the best fish.
'Connoisseur ......?'

Thinking for a moment, Masha opened her mouth and said, 'Ahh! Masha thought for a moment, then opened her mouth and shouted.

'If we need a quantity that might attract the attention of the peddler's guild, we might accidentally forget to take a large catch of fish out of the net~'
'Well, even if that happens, I'll just solemnly 'dispose' of them.
'Yeah, yeah. Then, the rights of the objects caught in the net will be transferred to Yashiro-kun while the net is being repaired.
'That's very kind of you. Then, I'll take care of this net right away.
'Yes!Nice to meet you!

After exchanging such a conversation with Masha, I headed for the courtyard, carrying the net that was thrown on the floor.
In the courtyard, there is a large space, water, and a tub.
...... Hmmm.


I shouted.
Of course you did.
After all, I'd gotten what I'd always wanted. And I've got the right to it.
If I don't scream for joy here, when will I scream for joy?

'...... I've finally got it. ............ Kelp!And Wakame!

This net is covered with seaweed.
There's wakame, seaweed, and even ogonori. If you do it right, you might even be able to make your own original nori.
The most important thing is the kombu!
Now we can make soup stock!

That's what I was really after.

Fish from the sea are not bad. But their rarity makes them pricey.
Then it would be difficult to sell them at the Sunshine Pavilion.
The sea fish should only serve to attract customers.

But kelp, this one is different.
Dashi goes well with all kinds of things, including soups, simmered dishes, and rolled eggs.
And it is also the soup stock that determines the taste of the dish.
In this city, dashi is usually made from meat. It is rich in flavor and has the power to captivate the palate. However, if you continue to eat it, it will inevitably become heavy.
However, the light yet flavorful broth of kombu dashi is perfect for regular consumption.
It is a dish that is inconspicuous but should be kept close by. It is perfect for such a dish.
It is the kind of dish that you want to eat every day, and it is the kind of taste that we should aim for at Hidamari-tei.

The moment I saw this net, I thought. 'I really want this kelp and wakame! I thought.
Seaweed could have been purchased by the Garbage Collection Guild.
After all, the peddler's guild was telling us not to sell fish. Seaweed is out of scope.

However, seaweed in this world is worthless "garbage".

The idea behind the establishment of the Garbage Collection Guild was to pay for garbage that no one would buy, but there is no need to pay for things that ...... people throw away because they don't want them.
It is not necessary to pay for things that people throw away. Then it's free.
Plus, there's the "reward" of sea fish.
I could get both a lot of seaweed and sea fish for nothing.

I can't help but scream!

Now I can drink wakame miso soup!
After freshly cooked white rice, I've regained another Japanese heart!

Miso soup with wakame is the soul of the Japanese people!Wakame is the best!

Is this by any chance that?
Was it because Delia's school uniform looked just like the pants-less sister in the Japanese national cartoon?
Is that why Wakame came to me?

If so, we should give her credit for that.

'Delia's panting is the best!

The moment I shouted, I heard a strange voice behind me.

...... No, that's not good timing. ...... I'd say it's perfect timing. ......... ...

I looked back fearfully and saw ............ Delia.
On the other side were Ginette and Estella. ......

'Ya, Yashiro......'

Delia's face is turning redder than I've ever seen it before.

'Ya, ...... different ............ this is that ...... thing... It's ......... good, in a way.'
I'm not sure what to say.

I'm not going to be able to do that.
Wouldn't that be a shove, or even a slap?
There will be no goo, goo is ......

Delia ran away with a bright red face. But I was like, 'Wait! I'm not sure what to say. But I don't have time for such leisurely lines. If you open your mouth, you will cry. ...... It hurts. Anyway, it hurts. ............ Oh no, I'm going to cry.

It was at this time that a hand reached out to me as I crouched.
When I looked up, I saw that it was also Jeannette's. ............ Ah, you're really kind. Ginette is the only one who is kind to me at times like this. ......

'Mr. Yashiro. Please ...... repent.'

He grabbed me by the wrist and took me straight to the church.
As it was the time when the store was closing down,......, I was kept in the confessional of the church for an hour.

I'm not sure, but I think ...... Mr. Yashiro is in the final stages of something,' Bertina said, looking at me as if she were looking at a disappointed child. .

...... disapproving. That's a real complaint.