473-Episode 275 is a series of famous people.

In the morning, when I woke up.

'Hey, Yashiro!You look like a sloppy sleeper. Ha-ha-ha!
'Good morning, darling. Your sleeping face was beautiful. ......

My vision was filled with Javier and Medora.
What a day.

'What is this, a nightmare? I'll sleep again and wake up to a beautiful girl with big tits. Good night.
'What are you talking about, sleepyhead?If you don't wake up soon, the two of you will be sleeping together.

I hear Estella's voice from behind the two giant bodies.
If Estella's here, she should at least be up for you to wake up from your sleep.

'I've used up all my energy today. I'm going to ...... sleep.'
'You're early, you're using it up. The wake-up bell just rang, remember?

In other words, the sun hasn't even risen yet.
I'd like to tell you that you shouldn't show such a shocking image that would drain the viewer's strength and lifespan so early in the morning.
Also, I would like you to stop calling the bell that rings early in the morning when the sun has not yet risen 'the waking bell'.

'I guess only Jeannette is awakened by the wake-up bell.
'That's not true. Farming guilds, river fishing guilds, flower guilds, and peddling guilds are up early. Even Natalia is up at this hour.
'You're not awake, are you?
'I'm up at ...... sometimes.

'I only get up early when there's an event. Are you in elementary school?

'Don't complain, just get up, Yashiro. Because a beautiful girl with big tits came to wake me up just like you wanted.
'Don't split us up.

I'm all about big tits and beautiful girls, that's my ideal!

'Stop it, Javier!It's embarrassing to be a beautiful girl in front of your darling!
'Wait a minute, Medora-san!I'm not sure what to do with it, but I'm sure it'll be fine.

I'm sure you're right.

'Medora and Javier's muscles blocked me, I haven't seen Estella's figure once since I woke up, what, you have big tits today?
It's not possible!...... I'm sad to say it myself ......!

It was too noisy, so I gave up and crawled out of bed.
It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're going to be doing in the future.

You guys are bulkier than a bed.
I've been working out.I'm working out!

Apparently, the little sarcasm had reached Javier's ears as praise.
I like you, man. You seem to be enjoying life.
You don't seem to have days when you wake up in the morning and say, 'Oh, I'm so tired ...... I don't want to get up today.

So, Estella. Did I do something to you to make you resent me?
'I didn't come here to punish you.

Yeah, ......, if it's not punishment, why wake me up in such a stomach-churning way?

'Well, if you're not aware of it, I'll make a list of all your misdeeds and rudeness next time.
'What, what?A bust-up?Don't do that, it's a reckless challenge.'
'Yes, add one more item to the list.'

He pinched me in the side.

Hey, stop it.
The tickle was worse than the pain and I almost made a weird noise.
It's a top secret that I'm weak in the side, you know?

'What's going on today?
'What are you talking about? Today is the groundbreaking ceremony for the port.

Oh, that's right.
After the mochi pounding ceremony in the 35th district, the feud between the carpenters of the 35th district and Torbeck Construction Company disappeared.
It seemed that there was a feud, but in fact there was not.

Well, if you actually come into contact with that carefree, carefree, carefree Umaro, there is no reason for a conflict.
Surprisingly, Oumalo may be the closest to Jeannette.
If he sees someone in trouble, he can't leave them alone, and even if they do something terrible, he laughs and forgives them. Well, unlike Jeannette, I do whine a lot. And complaining.

In that way, I'm different.
I've yet to reach the level of Jeannette.

'Umaro, you're still a long way from big tits.
'I'm not close, not even a step.'
'No, I'm talking about Umaro.
'I'm talking about Umaro too.

Oh, really?
I thought it was a self-report.

'Even though it's early in the morning, you guys are as close as ever...'
'My darling and I are no slouches either, though. Hey~ Darling*'
'Javier Barrier!
'Stop it!I can't block this up!
'You guys have been getting along well since this morning, haven't you, Mr. Javier?
'I'm not as bad as you, though!
'...... That's right.'

Estella has become a pain in the ass and has abandoned the proper response.
She does show that side of her every now and then.

'Gentlemen. Has Yashiro-san woken up yet?

Ginette peeks through the door into my room.
I wanted to see that smile first thing in the morning.

'Oh, Yashiro. Big tits, beautiful girl, beautiful girl with big tits.'
'Don't do that, Javier. I'm not a beautiful girl. ......!
'No, sir, Medora-san!

He slipped past the three boisterous authority figures in the other room and made his way to Ginette.

'Are there a lot of them down there, by any chance?
'Yes. Miss Demilly, Miss Lucia and Miss Donis are here to see you.'
'You're early, .......'
'They're having a meeting.

No, Estella and Lucia are just here for the food.
Donnis is probably hoping to see Mahrul in his earpiece in the chilly early morning hours.
I didn't call you, not this early in the morning.

'Well, I'll come down after I change, so send everyone away.
'Mm-hmm. You're joking too much, Yashiro-san.'

'I'm sorry to say that you're looking at me with a 'you don't think so~' look, but can you seriously turn them away?
The groundbreaking ceremony starts at sunrise, okay?
It's too early to come.
School kids can't wait for their field trip.
All those school kids?

'Then I'll help you change your clothes. ...... yuck☆'
'Do you want me to really strip naked for you ......?
'If you do, I'll take responsibility and marry you.
'I'm the victim here!

Estella's outrageous theory makes me dizzy.
Marrying Medora to take the blame? ...... How many years in prison is that?

'Oh, Mr. Yashiro. There was a beautiful outfit sent by Ukrines for today's ceremony.
'Am I going to be made to wear a tuxedo again?
'Is this the outfit from Imelda's party?That was lovely.

Oh, really?
I think I'll wear that then. If it's popular with girls.
And if I write 'Free Hug' on it, beautiful women will line up to mug me.

'Okay, I'll wear a tuxedo!
'Put on your Uclines costume. They want to make it the formal attire for men at these ceremonies.

And I'm to be the billboard?
So you're offering me free of charge, including the cost of advertising?
You're very clever, Ukrines.

I'm sure you'll love it.

I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I'm not the only one who has a problem with this.
I know only the top stars of female operas or male idol groups who wear such costumes.

'This kind of thing is for nobles to wear. ......'

It looks like something some duke would wear in an otherworldly fantasy anime.
Lots of buttons and strings and flaps!
There's no way I'd look good in something like this. ......

I think I'd rather wear a tuxedo.

'Can I wear a tuxedo?
'No, there'll be a lot of nobles here today. Let's compete with them, shall we?
'I'm a commoner, aren't I?
'Well, well. I'm also looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
'You're just being funny, aren't you?
'You want to see it too, don't you, Jeannette?
'Yes. I'm sure you'll look great in it.

You're being irresponsible.

Listen, calm down and think it over, okay?

While everyone else is wearing normal clothes, I'm the only one wearing a glittery prince style.
I'll float!
Fluffy, fluffy, fluffy, I'm flying away!
'You don't look good on me, but I'm floating'?I'm jealous.

'You've been dressing us up in bathing suits and yukatas and everything. Why don't you put yourself in that position for a change!
'You've refused all kinds of unreasonable outfits without question. Like a naked apron.'
'Of course not!There's no way I can show my naked apron to anyone.
'This prince look is similar, isn't it?
'No, it's not. It will look good on you.'
Do you think I'd trust you if you said that with a half smile?
'Okay, okay, let's do this!

Estella says with the eyes of a woman who's thinking about the wrong thing.

'I'll let you choose between this outfit or the one Medora recommended!
'I'm more interested in the naked apron!I don't mean to be a prude, though!Oh no!

I can't see any reason why it wouldn't be.
A man's naked apron has no value whatsoever!There's no demand for it anywhere!
I mean, that's a loincloth!It's almost a loincloth!

'Estella ......, remember?
'It's not my fault. But yes, it is...'

Estella poked me in the chest with a look of utter joy on her face.

'If it looks good on you, I'll give you a hearty pat on the back.
'Do you have any ......?

If it doesn't look good on you, I'm sure you'll give me a laugh.

The day of the groundbreaking ceremony for the port began in a depressing mood.

'Hey, Oba!I'm here!
'You should be honored that I'm here, Oba Yashiro.

I poked my head out onto the floor and saw Ricardo and Gerrardy.

'Jeannette. What's more I haven't heard?'
'I see you're all looking forward to the groundbreaking ceremony.'

Even if that's the case, I think it's coming too soon. ......
Besides, why are we gathering at the sunlit pavilion in the first place?

'Why don't we just meet at Estella's place?
'Because I can't serve a good breakfast at my place. Either way, we were supposed to come to the Sunken Pavilion.
'Hire a chef!Don't be stingy with your money!
'I'll be stingy!You're going to do a lot of crazy things in the future, aren't you?No matter how much money you have, it won't be enough. ......'

You're getting a good return on your investment.
At least enough to break even.

'I'm sorry, Yashippi. I'm sorry for barging in with my sisters so early in the morning.
'Did Ma'ru come too?
'Yes. I heard there was a new dish, so I was looking forward to it.
'...... Which one are you talking about?
'Is there that much?
'The ones that Ma'ru doesn't seem to know about are ...... chive dumplings, oyako-don, isobeyaki, sesame mochi sticks, gohei-mochi, and then there's the fluffy egg omelet rice.'
'Well, well, well!They all look delicious. Which one is the best?'
'All of Ginette's dishes are delicious.'
'Oh, no!

Ginette let out a strange sound, and when she looked back at me, she smiled shyly, '...... hehe'.
No, don't be shy with such a happy face. It's contagious.

He clears his throat and turns to Mael.
I wonder what Ma'ulu came here to talk about.
I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure it's a good idea. It's just that he's never been a lord before.

'Obeyashiro, zenzai, zenzai!There's something called zenzai, isn't there?That's what we're serving.'

My brother is revealing his hand before I can even say anything.
If you give out information about what you want so easily, he will use it as bait to negotiate with you.
Look at that, Ma'ulu's face is disgusted. He's got a look in his eyes that says he needs a refresher course. I'm sorry.

'Hello, Oba-kun. I'm sorry to barge in on you this morning.
'Huh?Is the sun already up?
'Hahaha, I knew you would say that.

Demilly no longer even smiles at the usual teasing. The head is shining again today.

'...... "Lords of Brilliance"'.
'Can you please stop?I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.Especially when it comes from you!
'That's nice, Oji-sama. It's a nice name.
'You have a lovely smile that longs for a companion, Estella. You've never been such a bad girl. Wake up. You've been poisoned by Ooba.

The Lords of Smiles beckoning the Lords of Brilliance to drag them to hell.
It's a picture of hell.

'Hello, Yashippi, good morning. It's a beautiful morning, like the breath of a goddess.
'Don't send me a poetic greeting just because Merle's here, Donnis.

I've never felt the breath of a goddess.

'Hey, anchovy. Where's your costume?Why don't you come in?

Lucia poked me in the shoulder with a grin.
...... You didn't put that there, did you?

I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do that.

It's not like dressing for a coming-of-age ceremony, it's enough to put it on right before the show.
Even the top stars of female operas don't change their clothes until about thirty minutes before the show.

'I mean, you guys, ......, should greet Estella, not me!

Why do you all keep coming straight to me?
Especially Ricardo, Geraci, and Mahr. You guys haven't greeted Estella yet.
Estella's the hostess, remember?It's not me!

'By the way, what happened to the waiters?
'I'll be here.'
'I'm here, me too, in the back, my friend Yashiro's.'
'Oh, you scared me!

Natalia and Gilberta stood tightly together behind her.

'They're standing so tightly together, but at a perfect distance that they don't even touch each other softly!
'You haven't wavered since this morning, have you, Yashiro-sama?
I'm relieved. I'm relieved to see that my friend Yashiro seems to be doing well.

But I can't see any other serving masters besides the two familiar ones.
I can't find Inez from Gerasie's, Cindy from Mahr's, or the old butler from Donis' and Ricardo's.

'No, I just thought it would be a nuisance if so many people showed up so early in the morning. They'll be here before the ceremony. We have preparations to make.'
'Then why didn't you come at that time?

Gellarcy says, 'How's that for smart? How's that?
In fact, I'd have been happier if you hadn't come and Inez had. I'm sure the onigiri you eat while looking at the E-cup beauty is very tasty.

'What an old man rate. ......'

Javier's here but Imelda's not. I'm sure you'll have a great time.
...... Oh, right.
Imelda is also the type to cut corners when she has to.

'Then, I'll prepare your breakfast.
'Wait, Jeannette!If you retreat to the kitchen, the boob index on the floor will drop significantly!
'Let me help you, I'm your friend, Ginette.'
'So do I.'
'Wait, wait, wait!If Gilberta and Natalia are gone, there will only be ripe tits left!
'What are you going to say to Medora and Mahr?

I'm not going to be able to do anything about it.
I'm not sure what to say, but I'm sure you'll be able to get an average score in the 42nd tit rank!

'Don't worry, Yashiro-sama. Even if we're gone, Estella-sama will be there!
'Do you know the word "burned out"?
'Okay, Yashiro. Why don't we go outside for a minute and talk in private?
'I'm sure you're suggesting that the average value of your boobs will go up if you're alone with them, but there's no ...... change!
I'm not a fan of this kind of thing.

Before I could say ......, Estella pinched my nose, so I couldn't say it. Stop it, you can't train your ears and nose.

Ginette is on her way to the kitchen with the head waiter.
Ah, he's really gone. The air seems to have hardened.

'Well then, let's have a meeting while we wait for our delicious breakfast.

Medora took me in her arms and moved to a table near the center of the room, and with me in her arms, she turned the tables around and attached them to each other, quickly creating a seating area for sixteen people with four tables connected. Yes, with me in her arms.

'My darling, here's your p*n*s.
'What, why are you next to a demon ......?

Medora sits me down in a chair and takes the liberty of sitting next to me.
I want to be next to Jeannette and Natalia. They give me more and more of their deliciously portioned food.

'Then I'll sit next to you on the other side.
'Ugh, I'm sandwiched between two demons.

Javier sits down on the other side.
What's with the pressure?
My oxygen is getting a little thin, isn't it?
What's that?Are you sure your muscles are breathing?Muscle respiration?Even amphibians only breathe through their skin.

'Seats are free, right? If you don't hurry, we'll be late for the church donation.
'What, does that sister have priority over all the lords and guild leaders here?

That's amazing, Bertina.
The power of the church is amazing~.

'Everyone, please feel free to sit down. I'd like to make this a useful place for those of us who know each other well, without regard to hierarchy.'
'Yes, you're right. It would be foolish to engage in a vain competition here.
'You're right, DD. The Sunlit Pavilion is a place where smiles bloom. Let's all be frank.'
'...... Your smile is lovely.'

I'm sure you'll be able to understand why I'm here.
I'm not sure what to make of that. ...... And Donis?I'm not sure if you've heard of this, but I'm sure you've heard of it.

'Hmm. There's nothing more trivial than putting on airs in front of anchovies. Anchovy, feel free to serve me whenever you like.
'Tell Gilberta. No, do it yourself.

In your case, I can't help but think that you should hide your true self a bit more.

'Miz Erin. Come with me.
'Well, thank you, DD. You are indeed a gentleman, no matter how old you are.'
'Mm-hmm. As a ...... man, you deserve it.'

Donnis is pulling out a chair and escorting Mahr.
The top of his bare head is boiling red. If you heat it up too much, you'll lose a hair.

'Come in, Master.
'Oh, I'm sorry Estella. I was going to escort you.'
'No way. Mister Oji is very important to me.'
'Oh, he's so cute!My daughter (kind of existence) is so cute!

Come on, Estella.
There are so many strong characters. Don't ruin a relatively decent demilly.

After that, Estella urged the lords to take their seats, and she sat down directly in front of me.

'Wow, we're under siege.'
'Don't treat people like walls.

You'd feel that way if you were surrounded by muscles, muscles, cliffs.
There's a lot of pressure, a lot of pressure.

It's really not enough to have boobs... When I was thinking that, boobs came from the other side.

'Estella-sama, good morning!I couldn't wait to meet Estella-sama, so I came to see her even though it was this early in the morning. ...... You guys are cheating!

I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I think it's a good idea.

I thought I'd be the first to arrive, but I've missed the boat big time.
If you're not sure what to do, you can always ask for help.
I'm sure you'll be able to find something that will help you. ...... The lords of this city are restless, aren't they?

'First, we will begin the ceremony in the square in front of the city gate.

Estella begins to explain to the lords in attendance.

The square in front of the city gate is rather large.
It's large enough that when I played a lumberjack game with Javier, the lumberjacks from the forty and forty-two districts didn't feel cramped.
This is the main gate used by lumberjacks. It was made so that even if a large number of huge trees were brought in, there would be no traffic jam.

'The venue was built yesterday by Torbek's construction company.

I'm using ...... again.
It's about time Umaro said something like, "I'd like to be able to give you three pets! If you don't want that right, you can give it to me.
If you don't want that right, you can give it to me.

'As long as it was made by Torbeck Engineering, there should be no problem.
'I suppose so. It's a venue where other lords besides the ones here will be coming. We don't want anything to go wrong. I'm sure they'll be fine.

Lucia and Mahrul say with even greater emphasis.
They want to make sure that the other lords here know that Torbeck Engineering is a good organization for the construction of the port.
If the lords here are unanimous in their belief that Torbek is fine, they can shut down any concerns or complaints from the lords who are not here.
Needless to say, though, the people here are all familiar with the capabilities of Torbek Engineering.

'The ceremony in the square in front of the city gate will be a simple one. After that, we will leave the city gates and the Lumberjack Guild will give a demonstration there. Mr. Javier.'
'Ah. I'll explain it from here.'

Estella asks Javier to speak and he spreads his arms out to get everyone's attention.
...... Don't spread your arms next to me, it's too small.
You should have poked Medora in the side of the head.

'Medora, Javier is trying to get at your side boob.
'What do you think you're doing in front of my darling, you animal?
'No more horrible jokes!
'Yashiro, don't interrupt me.'

I was disturbed by a big arm stretching out in front of me.

'Gosh. Ah~, pull yourself together. We've been clearing the forest outside the city gate little by little since last year. It's pretty clear now, and the first time you see it, you'll be surprised.

I never go outside the city gate so I've never seen it.
I've only heard that they're clearing the forest.

'There's a big tree in front of the city gate, left there on purpose.

Right in front of the city gate - though it's about 50 meters away - they left a tree there.
The reason for this is to make it easier for monsters to run into the gate, and also to use it as a demonstration.

'I'm going to cut down that big tree and open the way to the port.

The road between the city gate and the port is almost complete except for that one big tree.
It is said that after this, bricks will be laid along with the construction of the port, but that is still a long way off.
The bricks will be made of stone, which hexenbiests dislike, to keep them away.
In addition, we will cover both sides of the path with walls. Of course, the walls will be made of the same stone that hexenbiests hate.
It will not be roofed, so it is not absolutely safe, but Medora said that it will be quite effective.

In addition, there will be hunting guilds and guard posts at the port and along the road leading to it.
Aside from the guards of the forty-two districts, people from the hunting guild will be taking turns to watch over us, so we can rest assured.
They may not have faces or brains, but they have good strength. In that respect, they are trustworthy.

'When the road opens, we'll head for the planned port with those who wish to go there.
'Then I'll explain it from here!

As she said this, Medora spread out her arms to attract attention.
So, arms!There's a big one stretching out in front of me. in front of me!

'Javier, Medora's going for your side boob.
'You're dazzled by my pecs.'
'Darling, you're terrible. Of course I'd rather stroke my darling's soft skin than touch this bearded man's pectoral muscles!Oh no, what are you talking about, darling's s*x!
'Whoa, that's dangerous!

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm going to do it.
The evacuation drills I'd been forced to do since elementary school came in handy. I was able to slide down from my chair and get under the table in an instant.
After all, evacuation drills can save your life if you take them seriously.

'Yashiro. Don't interrupt me!

When I crawled off the table, Estella was glaring at me with a scary look on her face.
Her hair was in a mess, as if she had been hit by a gust of wind generated by Medora's big swing.

'Ah~, dear. Let me get back to the story.

Watching as I sat down, Medora resumed her story.

'The road to the port is still incomplete. Or rather, nothing is done. We're going to take measures to keep the monsters away as soon as possible, but until that's done, we're going to send some of our young people to help.

Medora exchanged glances with Estella, and Estella nodded her head.
There must have been a contract signed between the two.

'So, well, there will probably be a few strong-looking people roaming around the 42nd district for a while, but they won't do any harm if they don't mess with us. Well, please get along with them.

The street in front of the sunlit pavilion will be traversed by men with bad guys' faces. ......

'I'm afraid we'll lose the female customers.
'Don't worry, darling. I'm going to be there every day just in case something happens. I might come to see you from time to time. Aha!

'Oh, what a shame. It's been decided that the male customers will also leave. ......'

It's going to be a slow day until the construction is finished, this store.

'We're on track to get all the hexenbiest repelling stones we need. You can rest assured.

I'm not sure what to do, but I'm sure I'm not the only one.

And then...

Oh, she's staring at me.
I'll look away.

I've been recommended by the heads of the three major guilds of hunters, lumberjacks, and sea fishermen, as well as the lord of the 35th district, who contributes to the city with goods and profits from the port.

Outside the 42nd district is the deepest part of the forest.
The threat of hexenbiests is far greater than in other areas.
That's why we're trying to take all possible precautions, even to the point of excess.
I managed to get it by mobilizing all my available connections.

'Since the Hexenbiest Repellent Stone is managed by the royal family, we were saved by the cooperation of Medora, Mr. Javier and Lucia. And of course, Masha.

Estella expresses her gratitude to her best friend, who is not here now.
The stone that the stonemasons process to keep away hexenbiests is said to be under the control of the royal family.
Otherwise, they might mass produce the Hexenbiest Repellent Stone and build a new city outside of this city.
In order not to create something that could be a threat to yourself, you have to focus on such things.

Also, if you let them run free, the peddlers' guild may monopolize the wealth.
Hexenbiest repelling stones are indispensable for the outer wall. If they monopolize it, it is obvious that we will have to listen to their unreasonable demands.

'I would like to express my gratitude to BU for their support of this project. I'll say it again at the ceremony, but I'd like to thank Mr. Donati and Mr. Mahrul, the initiators, here and now. Thank you very much. You've been very helpful.
'Oh dear. It's okay. A port in District Forty-two will enrich District Twenty-nine, and most importantly, it will give me more pleasure.'
'That's right. Now I can clearly say that it is important to work hand in hand and cooperate with each other to create benefits for both of us, instead of restraining each other because we are from different districts. No need to thank me, Ms. Clairmona.
'That's great, DD. That's great thinking. Let's join hands and work together to build a better city.
'Uh-huh!Hand in hand!
'Yeah, hand in hand, yeah.'

Donnis' desire to hold hands with Ma'ru is pushed to the forefront.
I'm sure Ma'ulu is trying to do the same, but ...... Ma'ulu is not so easy to deal with, Donis.
I'm not sure what to make of that.

In the event that you've got any questions regarding where and how to use the internet, you can call us at the web site.

Even though it's called a groundbreaking ceremony, the lord's greetings and the introduction of guests have already been done, so we'll just do a few ceremonial things and be done with it.
Estella, Umaro and the others who were involved pushed shovels into the soil of the planned construction site, which had been lightly dug up and softened.
Then they would say, 'Construction has begun.

'When it's done, we'll quickly retreat. Even though the hunting guild will be there, we don't want anything to happen to them.
'Ah, in that kind of situation, there's always at least one person who does something unnecessary and gets hurt.
'If you are aware of it, be very careful, Yashiro.
'That's right, Ricardo.'
'You idiot, I'm not going to get hurt. It's likely that Erin will get excited and get hurt.
'What?Don't be silly, Siegenthaler!I'm not a child, you know.

I'm not a child,' said Gellar Sea, baring his fangs.

'How dare you, you cotton candy lover.
You're not a child just because you like cotton candy, Obeyashiro!

No, no good adult would ever choose cotton candy as their favorite food.
The first person to purchase a cotton candy bowl from the Hardware Guild was Gerasie.

'Gentlemen, have you finished your conversation?May I bring you some food?'
'Oh, that's fine, Ginette. Don't worry about me. Keep bringing them.'

Estella prioritized Ginette's food over the lord and the guild leader.
Is it safe to have her at the top, District 42?
I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of people who'd like to have a look at it.
There are a lot of people who can be caught by Jeannette's food and a lot of people who can be broken by banning Jeannette's food.

Ginette, you ...... are still a cheat, aren't you?

'By the way, what's up with that frivolous sea fisherman?

Medora says, looking around at the others.

'Masha is scheduled to enter District Forty-two about two hours before the ceremony.
'Hmm. You're taking your time. It's a shame that the head of the Seafaring Guild, who will benefit the most, is late to the party when so many people are here.

It seems that Medora doesn't get along well with Masha.
I remember he had a little fight with her before.

Well, I'm sure there are a fair number of homos*xuals who don't like Masha's type.
She doesn't seem to particularly care about that kind of jeering from the same s*x.

'She needs someone to help her move, so she can't be reckless with her personal feelings. I'm sure she'd like to be here sooner rather than later.
'If it was Masha, she might have wanted to stay the night.
'It's not 'might', Jeannette. She was very insistent. I had a hard time stopping her.'

Estella is getting frustrated.
Did she really want to go ahead?

'I'm busy today too, I can't spend all my time on Masha.
'Well, I don't want the security to be too thin.

What Estella did not say, Demilly understood and put into words.

It's not like Masha is a child, so leaving her alone isn't going to help.
As long as she has a tank of seawater, she won't die, and she'll be fine even if left alone for a night or two.
It is said that mermaids can live for a whole day on land, and they are quite tough.

But they can't move fast on land.
If they were to be attacked by thugs, it would be impossible for them to escape.

'A new port is a more revolutionary event than the birth of a new city gate. Even those who seem to agree with you, there is no way to know what they are thinking deep down. ......'

Lucia said in a quiet voice, her eyes sharpening.

'If there is someone who wants to stop the construction of the port, the first target would be Ma-tan.
'The Sea Fishing Guild has taken the lead, and we and Medora have agreed with them. You can't help but think that if you're going to destroy them, you'd better go fishing in the sea.
'Hmm!If it was my hunting guild or your lumberjack guild that was leading the charge, I wouldn't be behind any opponent.
'I'm not so sure we would. Well, don't say that, Medora. That's probably why they kept the Sea Fishing Guild out of the Forty-Two until the last minute.
'I know. Estella's decision was wise.

Lucia's words were echoed by Javier and Medora.

With so many guests, the resources available to Masha would be less than usual.
We can't devote so much time to Masha that we neglect the others.

Medora, Javier, Natalia, and Gilberta may be safe in this circle, but they all have their own priorities, and they are not Masha's protectors.

If I were a thug, I would try to create chaos in the crowd and use the opportunity to harm Masha.
Knowing this, Natalia would not tolerate it.

Not that I agree with Lucia's line, but it is possible that some of these people are not happy about the construction of the port in District 42.
To deny the possibility is to be a peace-loving easy-going person or a fool who can't see what's going on around him.
Estella is probably planning to invite Masha when the preparations for the ceremony are complete and she is lighter.
By that time, Magda and Delia would be fully prepared and the guards of the hunting guild would be in place.

For today alone, they will devote themselves to Masha's protection.
Too tightly.
They'll be so overtly protective that the thugs will think, 'Oh, this is impossible.

Obvious security can be a deterrent to some extent.

Medora knows this.
So why did he bother to say such an obvious thing?

'Well, if that's the reason, I can't help it.

I guess he was trying to explain to the others here.
He wanted to make sure that the people here knew the reason for the absence of the head of the Sea Fishing Guild before the nobles, who didn't understand the situation, started making a fuss.
It would have smelled like an excuse if I had explained it after the commotion had started.

If the people here would take the role of explaining the reason, it could be calmed down before it reaches Masha's ears.

And one more thing.

'I'll make sure to escort you to the ceremony where the darlings will be. Well, I'll watch that mermaid while I'm at it. Just in case. She's a real pain in the ass.
'It's more than reassuring to have Medora-san watching over us.
'Well, I'm sorry if I got pissed off and twisted that little head of hers.
'Hahaha ......, no one can stop that, so please restrain yourself as much as possible.
'I can't make any promises. I don't get along with that woman.

Medora said with a wicked smile, but it was nothing more than a declaration to protect Masha.
If there were any opponents to the construction of the port, they might be reluctant or give up, thinking that they could not touch Masha whom Medora had declared to protect.
It would be suicide to antagonize Medora.

We've known each of these people individually, and we know their personalities, so we've established a reasonable level of trust.
But there are others, like Medora and Merle, Javier and Donis, who do not.
I guess these checks and balances are necessary.

They are friendly to us, but not to our acquaintances. --Some of them might be.

And even we don't know them down to the bottom of their hearts.
Ma'ul is a particularly unpredictable person.
Ma'ul would be convinced even if you told him that all the past friendship was just an act and a ploy to turn the tables on him at the last minute.

There's no end to my suspicions.
Therefore, it is best to draw a line somewhere and settle down in a relationship of 'I can trust you for now'.

By putting it into words, you imply to those present, 'Are you sure about that? If there is no objection, then you can say, "Yes.
If there are no objections, it means that they agree that there is no problem with that understanding this time.

In other words, 'Masha will not be harmed' - that was the common understanding of everyone present.

We can't afford to stumble before the construction of the port begins.

Ginette, who had been standing at the end of the table with a worried look on her face, relaxed her expression and let out a sigh of relief, probably sensing that the atmosphere had become calmer.

I'm not next door, so I couldn't explain to you what they're up to.
Don't worry about it. You'll be fine.

'I'll protect that mermaid this time. ...... But darling!Be careful with that mermaid.

Medora turned her body toward me.
It was scarier than any haunted house.

'That frivolous mermaid, when she sees a man, she talks to him in a sweet voice and tries to win him over. My darling is sometimes vulnerable to that kind of blatant eroticism, so I'm worried about her.
'Um, Medora. As a good friend, I can assure you that Masha would never do such a thing to a man.'
'Hmm. She won't even let me, a woman, poke her tits.'
'I'd like you to shut up a bit, Miss Lucia.
'It's true that you've got a smile on your face that people like, but you haven't done anything to make them feel like there's more to you than that.

After Estella's defense, Javier, who seems to have a lot of opportunities to meet with other guild leaders, defends Masha.
Hmm?Lucia's opinion is worthless, so ignore it.

'That's because you're an old man. Every time she sees you, she raises her arms like this, shakes her tits and waves her hands to show off to you!Shaking her tits like this!
'd*mn!I'm not sure if I should bite my teeth and say I'm only enjoying 40% of it, or if I should bemoan my karma and say I'm enjoying 40% of it with Medora.
'Ginette, make an appointment for the confessional.
'Yes, sir. You'll have to repent later. ...... Oh, Yashiro.

You don't understand the pain I'm going through, Estella.
You don't understand, do you?
I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but it's a good idea.Is it a bug? It's a bug!' A sense of urgency and despair.
The sadness of men's nature is that their bodies move in the spur of the moment, even when they would never do so in normal times!
There is romance in pants. Men are the creatures that are intensely attracted to them.
This sad attraction of men to underpants is called "Romancing Saga".

'It's a ceremony, and that mermaid will be dressed in formal wear. Then she'll be the first to come to you and shake her tits.
'Oh, I'm looking forward to it now!
'Ginette-chan. Do you think we can borrow the confessional until the last minute for the ceremony?
'I'll consult with the sisters.'

Stop it.
If you do that, I'll skip the ceremony and take a nap.

'I'll keep an eye on that mermaid all day today and protect you from her poisonous fangs.

'Keep an eye on Masha all day today--'

'Yes, darling.
'Masha is a dear friend of mine, too.'
'Yes, yes, just a friend!I know, just a friend!
'So, thank you.'
'To ......?'

Medora had declared.
She would protect Masha. No one else, but Medora herself.
With Medora keeping an eye on her all day, there's no greater peace of mind.

'I'm counting on you.'
'...... Hmm. I'm not going to let you get in the way of the business Darling is working on.'

Medora turned her head away and said this, her cheeks blushing very honestly under the guise of being disobedient.
A reliable bodyguard. I'm sure he'll be fine no matter what happens.

It's best if nothing happens.